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RE: Do you ever use the step well cover

80,000 miles and only put down to vacuum. Never ever used.
hershey 01/20/15 08:35am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Considering Diesel A - 275 hp Cummins questions?

I have the same engine, but rated at 260 hp, a 2001 Cummins. 36' Expedition. I have nearly 80,000 miles and tow a Suzuki Grand Viagra, 3100 lbs. 47 of the 48 states and overall fuel mileage of 9.22 mpg. We full time and it gets regular care and feeding. I'm not the first to the top of the hill, but I'm the last one at the fuel pump. Its really very adequate for the task. Sweet spot for travel is 62 mph. It will easily cruise at 70 if I'm in a hurry.
hershey 01/20/15 08:33am Class A Motorhomes
RE: new belts on diesel motor squeaking

I had my belts replaced on my Cummin's engine. Fan came apart so I too thought PM of belts and hoses was a good idea at that time. I can't believe the problem finding the right belts for my engine. Cummin's had a number, didn't fit at all...Freightliner had numbers and only one of the two fit. The other belt was finally found by trial and error. No belt should squeal on installation. Only two reasons, a bad bearing on the altenator or idler pulley(s) or AC or the wrong belt used. Actually a third, the belt was not adjusted properly..
hershey 01/19/15 07:27pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Dale Earnhardt Jr worth $300 Million !

It would be very hard for someone to say anything bad about Mark Martin. He set the standard for nice guy. Maybe being such a nice guy is what prevents some who are talented drivers from achieving the championships that other do. But, Jimmy Johnson hasn't had a problem with winning and being a nice guy so there goes my theory out the window.
hershey 01/19/15 01:10pm Around the Campfire
RE: Tips for reducing set-up time?

.. only an idiot drives around with the glass tray inside the microwave, because a big bump could make the tray whack the door hard enough to open, sending the tray flying out to smash into a million pieces.I am that idiot, because there's no way my MW door is coming open from the inside. It has latches.It pretty well defines a persons demeanor when they have to stoop to name calling when anyone has a difference of opinion or does something a different way. I've never heard of anyone removing their tray from a microwave for travel. As a matter of fact, ours usually has a part of a loaf of bread in it for travel and snacks.
hershey 01/19/15 01:07pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: this is a serious tech question

Hee hee...to the OP, you thought that your question would be an easy reply...Two pages of: clockwise.
hershey 01/17/15 01:35pm Tech Issues
RE: A full costco cart and a smart car.

Now thats what I'm talkin' about - Somebody finally got it right.
hershey 01/15/15 10:05pm Around the Campfire
RE: Dale Earnhardt Jr worth $300 Million !

But he doesn't have an Assassin for a girlfriend :)
hershey 01/15/15 10:03pm Around the Campfire
RE: Ceiling fan direction.....CW or CCW ?

Sorry but I can't believe I've read every response to this thread....I really can't believe I've responded to it. Most fun I've had in days.
hershey 01/15/15 09:55pm Around the Campfire
RE: At My Witts End

Its a very well known fact that the rear radiator on a Cummin's engine will plug up. Mind did at 30,000 miles. This is not all that hard to see if you can do your own PM on it. Find a car wash that the rear of the MH will fit into. Saturate the radiator with Simple Green. Use the power wash to flush the gook out of the radiator. Make sure you keep the spray directed directly into the fins and don't bend them. If you can, get under and spray the engine side of the radiator also but don't get close to the fins with the nozzle so you don't bend them. Then make sure the slobber tube has a hose connected to it and routed down and under the radiator.
hershey 01/14/15 08:08pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Air Compressor airing Class A 19.5 tires

Having a diesel pusher motorhome I just carry a 50 ft. air hose with an air chuck.I did as you suggested for 8 years of fulltimeing. It does work, but its really an act in futility and patience. I didn't buy a compressor because I didn't want to give up the room and the weight of the unit. After two years with the Kobalt unit, I kick myself in the rear for not getting one 8 years before that. So much easier and useful for other tasks. But your right, the MH compressor will work but takes patience and a learning curve.
hershey 01/14/15 05:56pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Bathroom stench after flush and chemicals

Does the toilet hold water between flushes? If it doesn't, then the odor will seep upwards and cause the bathroom to smell. And for goodness sakes, quit using chemicals. Your just adding yet another smell to the tank. 10 years of fulltime and never used any chemicals. Only time we ever get a smell is when the toilet seal fails to hold water in the toilet. Then its time to add some vinegar to the toilet and let sit, it removes the calcium.
hershey 01/13/15 09:46pm General RVing Issues
RE: Tips for reducing set-up time?

I think that perhaps your husbands check list is the bigger part of the problem. I'd be interesting in seeing it...I'm bettin' that we can do a better job of helping cut down the setup and return to travel for you. The more I think about it the more I just can't see any way one could spend that much time in setting up. A friend of ours takes about a half hour to setup and return to travel but he has two satellite antennas on tripods, and several tubs of sewing stuff tht his wife carries, extra tables get setup inside the RV for sewing etc. Table cloths, chairs and extra tables for the outside.
hershey 01/13/15 02:22pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Road hazard coverage

Suggest for road hazard I strongly suggest Coach-Net. Very economical and very professional and won't stop communicating with you until you are on the hook and on the way to a repair facility that they have already made an appointment for you. Like all road hazard providers, they have to deal with the wrecker service(s) that are available in your area. I've had two experiences and the tow service both times was outstanding.
hershey 01/12/15 07:13pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Tips for reducing set-up time?

I can see no way one can spend that much time setting up and then returning to travel. If I'm overnighting in a park I pull into the site, engage the jacks to level, walk outside and check the shorepower and connection and plug in. Hook up a hose for water and that just can't take over 10 to 15 minutes top. I never hook up the sewer for an overnight stay. Hooking up the sewer is another 3 to 5 minutes, I use a sewer solution setup which is much faster than a stinky slinky. But even the slinky is not a big deal unless you insist on putting the little tressel to hold it off the ground. Going back to travel is even faster, 10 minutes tops. That said, I'm not all that agile on my feet and so others can do the same much quicker than I. Now if you spending days in a site, the amount of stuff you pull out for comfort will add to the time. Lawn chairs, awning lights, leds for the ground, patio cover, folding table, bar-b-q, propane bottle, bikes, lighted palm trees, potted plants all take a lot of time and many feel that they need all of those homey things for their experience...after 10 years of fulltime, I have a bar-b-q, ground cloth, two lawn chairs.
hershey 01/12/15 07:08pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Would you buy a 200k miles Pusher?

We all agree that high mileage on a diesel is not something to worry about but...the external components of that diesel are not going to last that long at all. Fuel pump at 80,000 miles.... 95 mile tow and $545.00 to repair Fan and fan pillow block, belts, hoses and AC compressor destroyed by the fan coming apart at 82,000 miles......7 mile tow and $2920.00 to repair. Internal engine is purring like a kitten.
hershey 01/12/15 06:59pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Air Compressor airing Class A 19.5 tires

When choosing an air compressor you have to first consider 1) what is the max air pressure I need to achieve in the tire 2) what size tank should I get? 3) what is the recovery time for the compressor? To pump up a tire to 100 psi, I would suggest a compressor that would be able to pump up to 125 psi, minimum I would suggest a tank size of 2 gallons minimum cfm of 2.5. Of the above, the higher cfm at a higher pressure is the key to the recovery time in use. Most cheaper compressors recovery at 90 psi is much lower than 2.6 so as you get close to the 100 psi in the tire, the compressor will labor to achieve that last 10 lbs or so. The Kobalt that the OP mentioned meets and exceeds all of my suggestions.
hershey 01/12/15 06:52pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Air Compressor airing Class A 19.5 tires

Very good choice. The one thing that makes that unit a better choice than similar units is the 2.6 cfm at 90 lbs. Very good recovery at high pressure. I have used mine for several years and I did a lot of research on units of similar size before choosing this one.
hershey 01/12/15 01:54pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Is it the People or the the Places?

After 10 years of Full timing, we don't stray much off the same route every year. WY to NM to CA and back. About 4,000 miles a year. We've been to 47 states and enjoyed that but its got to be the people we have and still meet and keep in contact with. How else can a person have so many friends from every part of the US? Hoping for another 10 years.
hershey 01/11/15 08:20pm General RVing Issues
RE: When did the eu2000's become so hard to start

My Honda is now 10 years old and for years it was used pretty regularly. It always started with one or two pulls. Lately, it gets started once a year and it takes perhaps 5 to 10 tugs on the rope. (I know, I know, you gotta exercise them every month, but I don't) I do add Seafoam to the fuel and top off the tank at the end of every use period and run it for a bit before shutdown. I think that Seafoam is the best antibiotic you can find for an engine.
hershey 01/11/15 10:19am Tech Issues
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