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RE: Question about a rain gauge vs. empty tuna can

I'm amazed at the difference in how several people can assess the simple problem, which isn't a problem at all. For years we had a professional rain gauge in an open space in our back yard. It was about the size of a grapefruit juice can and the top was a funnel with about a 4" top and tapered down to a one inch cylinder. The increments on the one inch cylinder was read as inches but an inch of rain would fill the cylinder up to about a 3 or 4 inch depth. That allowed one to see a better estimate of the rain fall.
hershey 10/24/14 08:58pm Around the Campfire
RE: Shine On Polish for your Rv

The only wax I've ever had a problem with was NuFinish. Only on the application and buffing out. I couldn't get the wax off once applied. Light coats or heavy coats the same result. Never had a problem with other waxes, mostly Meguire products before.
hershey 10/22/14 01:22pm General RVing Issues
RE: ISB 300 Power loss / Turbo Failure

The easiest thing to check first is: The 1" hose that runs under the intake manifold from the bottom front of the intake manifold and back to the air compressor. I had the same symptoms you described and a forum member gave me the same tip. My hole in the hose was at the bottom of the hose right where it connects to the air compressor just as it was described to me. A new hose is $43.00 from Cummins' or an 18" hose from NAPA about $10 bucks. Which hose would that be? Where exactly is it connected? Inlet or intercooler maybe? Its located below the intake manifold and connects to the intake manifold right at the bottom front. It makes a 90 degree bend towards the rear of the engine (radiator side) and connects to the air compressor. Very easy to see from the top. Run your hand over the hose all the way around it from one end to the other and you might find a hole in it like I did. Mine was on the bottom of the hose right at the air compressor connection. 15 minute job to replace.
hershey 10/22/14 12:16pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: ISB 300 Power loss / Turbo Failure

The easiest thing to check first is: The 1" hose that runs under the intake manifold from the bottom front of the intake manifold and back to the air compressor. I had the same symptoms you described and a forum member gave me the same tip. My hole in the hose was at the bottom of the hose right where it connects to the air compressor just as it was described to me. A new hose is $43.00 from Cummins' or an 18" hose from NAPA about $10 bucks.
hershey 10/21/14 04:24pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Got some road hazard damage today. Pics

Years ago I had a built in torque wrench...its max torque was 200 lbs. Now my built in torque wrench is probably down to about a 30 lb max torque. :(
hershey 10/16/14 12:42pm General RVing Issues
RE: losing coolant, no visible leak

A new radiator cap is the first and easiest and cheapest thing you can start with. As mentioned above.
hershey 10/16/14 12:32pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Anti-spammer suggestion

Replying to a spam is the worse thing you can do. First, a spammer on a forum doesn't have your email address.....yet. But when you feel the urge (and believe me, I've had the urge) to give them a piece of your mind, that just either verifies your address is accurate or adds your email address to their spam list and third, they sell your email address to other spammers. Control the urge, I moderate the Face Book Group page "All About RVing" and even there, spammers are a problem. We never approve a suspicious new member but even then, some are smarter than the average chicken and they do sneak in...shortlived but it happens.
hershey 10/16/14 12:27pm Around the Campfire
RE: Another reason NOT to use the "Water Thief"

Is this worse?I don't worry too much about cross contamination of the water systems but I worry about idiots like this. Now this is CROSS CONTAMINATION.
hershey 10/13/14 09:46am General RVing Issues
RE: Sudden drop on MPG causes?

You have something drastically wrong. Forget the tire pressure and easy stuff. Have a professional mechanic take a look at it. Probably a good tuneup will provide the mechanic with the facts you need to diagnose the real problem and fix it.
hershey 10/12/14 05:51pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Saving $5.00 Bills

We have saved our change for years in my sock drawer in our MH. The drawer was about to fail so we gathered all the change and put it in a bag. It probably weighted in at about 30 lbs. All our friends guessed at the value...everything from $400 to $800 dollars. Took it to the bank and it was only $276.00. There was a lot of pennies in it that messed up the count.
hershey 10/11/14 08:17pm Around the Campfire
RE: Bumper sticker !

Someday finally got here.
hershey 10/08/14 03:59pm Around the Campfire
RE: Craiglist buyers...scratching my head...

When you sell by Craigslist, you have to leave yourself some wiggle room. People think that because its Craigslist, there is built in wiggle room. I put 6 - 7 year old 22" tires from my MH on Craigs list for free, had about 1/2 or better thread. A rancher called me and absolutely wanted them for his hay wagons and wanted to see them. He came over an hym-hawed around kicking the dirt with his toe trying to make up his mind if they were worth his loading them up or not. I finally asked him if he was waiting for me to say "I'll pay you to take them?" He looked at me suddenly and said, "how much would you pay?" I told him to take a hike, they would go to the dump before I'd give them to him. Then he wanted them and I got bull headed and refused to give them to him. As it turned out, I did have to pay a disposal fee to get rid of them. Not the first time my hard headed approach cost me :)
hershey 10/05/14 04:54pm Around the Campfire
RE: Bumper sticker !

Lead me not into temptation...O heck, who am I kidding, Follow me, I know a shortcut.
hershey 10/05/14 04:41pm Around the Campfire
How did I get a halo?

Just noticed that I have a Good Sam red head with halo on my avatar. My garbage collector can verify that I keep him employed by the amount of Good Sam ...er....stuff I keep receiving in the mail and toss. I certainly wouldn't join. Wonder how I qualify for the GS Halo?
hershey 10/02/14 06:56pm Around the Campfire
RE: Yackity Yack

Don't think I use the term "Hearing Aid" anywhere in my post. I have a hearing loss from training students in small airplanes without a headset. I just avoid phones. :S Sorry peaches....I hear you loud and clear and I'll shutup.
hershey 10/02/14 06:51pm General RVing Issues
RE: Yackity Yack

I didn't read all 4 pages of this thread. I agree that it was terribly rude and I don't do that. Actually, I can't think of anything to say on a phone for that long. I have a hard time keeping up a conversation in person for that long. That being said when on a cell phone I do talk LOUD. It encourages the other person to talk loud also and I can't hear on cell phones. I'm not sure if it's the small ear piece or the fact that the sound is digital. I have the volume on my cell phone turned all the way up and I still have a hard time hearing it unless I'm in a quiet place. On my old home phones that have a cord and a receiver that is built in a cone shape so you can actually put it to your ear I have no problem. But, a cell phone? Forget it. Might as well be using 2 tin cans with a piece of string between. I have the exact same problem. Found out that the speaker phone function works well as far as hearing. If the call is in public my wife answers the phone. If your wife can hear over the phone you cannot, reckon you need a hearing test? :SThats a knee-jerk assumption. A hearing aid is not a hearing cure. Its an aid that has sevear limitations. I have found that the IPhone has given me the best solution to hearing and understanding people on the phone. But some people just have a pitch in their voice that makes them impossible to hear properly. Not their fault, but its so frustrating to get a phone call and have to continually ask people to repeat until they get frustrated and hang up or say, I'll tell your wife later. I know that the programing of the hearing aid is also a big factor. Believe me when I say, its not a science at all. I have had professional exams and tuning and my best hearing device came from a friend who gave me his old hearing aids, tuned to his needs, when he got new ones. They have given me the best all around hearing aid.
hershey 10/02/14 11:01am General RVing Issues
RE: Michael Waltrip on Dancing with the Stars !

Just goes to show ya'......if it were Dale Jr on Dancing with The Starts, he could win it with a leg in a cast. Isn't it great that all the NASCAR fans are coming together to keep Michael dancing????
hershey 09/30/14 06:43pm Around the Campfire
RE: Replace Workhorse W-22 fuel pump @ 26,000 miles?

Heres my experience with Workhorse chassis and fuel pumps. We ran a fleet of Workhorse chassis step vans. One unit had a long history of fuel pump failures. It was an out of town vehicle with a regular route around NM. The pump would fail in one particular town each time. Started to blame the driver being in camp with a local garage and claiming the replacement and splitting the cost of replacement....turns out, this driver always planned a fuel stop in this town and was always nearly empty. Found out that the pumps need a quantity of fuel to keep it cool. When you run on near empty, the pump can overheat and fail. Moral???? Don't let your tank get below a quarter tank if you have a Workhorse chassis.
hershey 09/30/14 01:18pm Tech Issues
RE: Yackity Yack

The OP thinks he had a problem???? He had a problem???? That was my mother-in-law talking to me........I HAD THE PROBLEM. :) :)
hershey 09/29/14 05:57pm General RVing Issues
RE: Yackity Yack

I understand the irritation of the situation and I wouldn't be able to use the self restraint that you possess but: it took 13 1/2 years to find this uncomfortable situation.....it'll pass and life will go on. It could be worse....ie; wind chimes??? yapping dog(s)????? bikes with plastic training wheels up and down the road????? herd of drunks arguing and fighting???? need I go on :) :) :)
hershey 09/29/14 11:13am General RVing Issues
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