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RE: I keep throwing a fan belt

OF course check the alignment but I think I'd just go ahead and replace the pulley also and start fresh.
hershey 11/30/15 04:00pm Class A Motorhomes
NASCAR question - Jeff Gordon and Tony Stewart

Sorry, should have done more homework before posting this. Ignore.
hershey 11/30/15 01:05pm Around the Campfire
RE: Thousand Trails

TT has a huge number of different membership plans. Basically, you get to stay in a park for a couple weeks, maybe three and move to a new park or only leave the park for a week and return to repeat. You pay a huge amount of money to buy a first owner membership...thousands of dollars or buy one from a member who no longer has a need for pennies on the dollar. Dues are from a couple hundred dollars a year to several hundred dollars. Your stay at the TT park is free but some do charge a couple bucks a night for 50 amp service...not all, just some. If you are a fulltimer, buying a used membership can be a really beneficial plan for you, for the weekend/vacation RVer, its doubtful it will pay to have it. We fulltime and it is a life saver for us. We spend the entire winter in S CA for free, year after year. We do pay $260.00 for yearly dues. Bought the used membership for $500 about 8 years ago. Three weeks in a park, move to a new one for another 3 weeks and move to another etc....
hershey 11/27/15 02:12pm General RVing Issues
RE: Best method for maintaining engine batteries.

Any battery that is in good shape will easily hold its charge for over 6 months by just removing the cables. My '57 Ford in storage always starts twice a year with no trickle charger. My gas golf cart in storage for 7 months of the year always starts with no trickle charger. Of course the battery has to be in good shape to do that.
hershey 11/26/15 02:44pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: NASCAR Elimination Format

Now that the chase participants are in place, the race will be decided not by them so much, but more by their teammates. Blocking for their guy will play a big part of the event. Will a teammate actually take out a chase contender? Don't laugh or poo poo that idea, they can be taken out very easily and make it look like an accident. This will be the race of the season as it should be for for more than the simple reason of finding the winner.
hershey 11/20/15 05:59pm Around the Campfire
RE: O.K. guys and gals, here, I believe, is a new one...

Check where your charcoal filter used to be....I'm betting its gone, time for a new one.
hershey 11/20/15 01:32pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: The Last Ride of Jeff Gordon

Never was my favorite but I was in his crowd when he won. He certainly promoted the sport in the most positive manner. A really true champion. Not only a great driver, he could put several words together to make a sentence. Look forward to see what his next job will be.
hershey 11/18/15 09:01pm Around the Campfire
RE: Windows problems for a Mac user

Thanks for the replies. Yes, I guess I have fallen into the lala world of Mac and need for antivirus software. My Windows partition does not have any virus protection at all and I guess it proves "naturist"s theory about being infected in a matter of minutes :) I have only tried to access internet on Windows a half dozen times and now it is completely useless. Thanks for the info, I knew that Windows was a better OS than what I'm experiencing.
hershey 11/16/15 07:18pm Around the Campfire
RE: Is this damage worth reporting to Insurance?

You have a lot of damage. Thats what you pay the insurance company for year after year. Call em.
hershey 11/16/15 04:23pm Class A Motorhomes
Windows problems for a Mac user

Not trying to make this a windows/mac issue so please don't get off the topic. I have a Mac and the HD is partitioned so I can use Windows 7 if I choose. I have several programs that I like in Windows that aren't available in Mac. Now and then, I find the need to use Internet Explorer in Windows. For the life of me, I can't navigate to any site without being bombarded with popups and Window fix programs advertised. I know that there has to be something I'm doing wrong or something that will prevent the huge number of popups and adds that I'm getting making it completely unusable. I found a menu option to set the popups option to its optimum rate to eleminate them but it only makes it worse, I think. What am I missing. I don't get any popups or spam takeovers in the Mac OS and I know its apples and oranges.
hershey 11/16/15 11:09am Around the Campfire
RE: NASCAR Elimination Format

I used to be an avid NASCAR fan. Bumper stickers, flags etc. Now I just casually watch some of the race. It seems to me that the driver who accumulates the most points in all the races he/she races in should be the champion. I haven't even tried to figure out the new race format and I won't be wasting any time trying to. I'm glad that Jeff is in the final four. He can retire as a true champion in his chosen career. But so many obvious drivers are out of the chase that should be eligible...in my opinion.
hershey 11/16/15 11:01am Around the Campfire
RE: 10 y.o. DP expense budget

Interesting thread: The more I think about it the more I find myself asking the question? Why would I want to buy a MH that needs $10,000.00 to put back in reliable service? It would have to be a unique situation or unique MH. I'd be more inclined to find a nicer, well maintained, ready to travel MH and pay a few thousand dollars to the owner than a repairman or service tech, fill the tank and go RVing.
hershey 11/15/15 03:30pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: 10 y.o. DP expense budget

I don't think you can accurately come up with a reasonably accurate $ number. No two 10 year old DPs are alike. It would depend a lot on how it was taken care of the prior 10 year period. I'll try to give you a number that reflects my 14 year old DP and 80,000 miles of fulltiming. Regular service to the oil change intervals, some I did myself. As I get older, I have it done once a year. Appx $200. Repairs? One fuel pump and a 90 mile tow. Coachnet provided the tow free and the pump was $530.00 two years ago. Engine fan self destructed last year in AZ, 7 mile tow (again free) and $2930.00 for fan, AC compressor, belts, new radiator hoses, fan pillow block and bearings an installation. $310 four months later to have the fan removed, turned around the correct way and reinstalled to correct the overheating problem caused by the Willie Lumplump mechanics installation 4 months earlier. New tires 4 years ago, $2650.00. I know of no pending repair or PM needs going forward. I feel my chassis is sound and reliable at this time.
hershey 11/14/15 03:22pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Tow Bar Age, how old is too old ?

My Ox is about 14 years old and 11 of those years fulltiming. I occasionally pull be boot back and clean the shaft of rust and crud and add some white grease and pump it a few times. It again works just slicker than snot on a brass doorknob again.
hershey 11/12/15 05:43pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Drawer lock install

I found shock cord to be a much simpler solution. ;) https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-lNI-TBO4oZU/VP-GpMwkQCI/AAAAAAAAAK0/Of1qDR9oFqg/s576-Ic42/P1060367.jpg height=300 width=300 https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-xA_FoKh1UOE/VP-Gf0pBQmI/AAAAAAAAAKg/2ynXH-h2TJ8/s800-Ic42/P1060370.jpg height=300 width=300 https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-4jGqGs_zEBA/VP-Gx3J7x8I/AAAAAAAAALE/jLM69pOiNh8/s800-Ic42/P1060366.jpg height=300 width=300 https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-GH0W7p6N16w/VP-G6Je95OI/AAAAAAAAALc/KtNSBGNMRmE/s1000-Ic42/P1060670.jpg height=300 width=300You bet, thats a lot simpler. And with the colors available, much more attractive than bailing wire. :(
hershey 11/11/15 04:14pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Truth Or Consequences?

I have boondocked extensively in the past....not so much anymore. So I feel marginally qualified to say: The accuracy of a meter is really not critical for any RV function. The difference between 3/4 full black tank and almost full is meaningless. When it reaches that stage your next step is finding a place to dump. the difference between a meter showing 12.5 volts and another one that shows 12.4 is nothing to worry about. Most seasoned RV boondockers can judge the battery condition by the brightness of the lights :) My AC meter is off by about 3 volts when compared to my Fluke so I just do the math when I look at it. I'd rather spend my time worrying about whether or not the fish are biting...
hershey 11/10/15 03:37pm Tech Issues
RE: Truth Or Consequences?

DIY ammeter. Really useful if you plan to do much boondocking.Well that certainly summed it up nicely. :)
hershey 11/09/15 05:51pm Tech Issues
RE: Truth Or Consequences?

I hesitate to articulate for fear I may deviate from the true path of understanding so I must say I have no idea of what we're talking about. You gotta remember, there is a lot of farm boys that are now RVers. :)
hershey 11/09/15 03:48pm Tech Issues
RE: backing camper into garage with a driveway incline...help!

The winch thing should be the easy fix. And you don't have to winch it all the way to the wall....just winch it to the point that the wheels are on the level floor of the garage and just push it in the rest of the way. Course pulling the trailer out of the garage is going to present another challenge :)
hershey 11/08/15 07:33pm Folding Trailers
RE: From Windows to Mac--anyone done this?

There is a definite learning curve to go thru on a Mac from Windows. But....I feel its well worth it. Plus, if you have the need, you can easily partition the HD on the Mac and install Windows on it for those moments you just want a Winders fix :) BTW: My Mac is over 5 years old. I've upgraded (free) the OS several times and today have the latest and greatest offered by Mac and it still operates just like new. I could never get more than a couple years out of a Windows computer....laptop or desktop. Once you Mac, you won't go back.
hershey 11/08/15 09:31am Technology Corner
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