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RE: Who's going to Yellowstone in 2015

Yes, the Game and Fish just had to relocate a Grizzly down by Pinedale, which is a lot further away from Yellowstone than Cody. Also, be very careful around the animals, there have been four people injured by Bison because they were getting too close. The last one was a 68 year-old lady who tried to get around a Bison on a trail. You know, the Bison travel at their own pace and there's no good reason to try and hurry them along.
jalichty 07/03/15 07:48pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: chaining a yamaha and honda generator?

I talked to a dealer one time when they were having a sale on Yahamas and they told me it couldn't be done. So, I didn't.
jalichty 06/28/15 01:57pm Tech Issues
RE: Wooldridge Boats

We saw one up at Jackson Lake this last weekend with a jet outboard. Didn't think it was a jet since it was an outboard, but upon further inspection on shore, it sure as heck was. Looked like quite a boat with lots of room to fish. Didn't really talk to the guy about the boat though.
jalichty 06/26/15 02:57pm Around the Campfire
RE: Moving up 1/2 to 3/4 ton

Towing our Jayco HT 26.5 RLS and our 19' Crestliner, we get around 12 mpg and just got back from about a 350 mile round trip with just our boat and got about 14 mpg. Last spring we took a 3,800 mile trip, about 3,500 towing the FW and averaged 11.9 mpg for the whole trip, to Idaho, Nevada, California and back up through Utah to Wyoming. When driving 70 unloaded we have gotten anywhere from 17-19 mpg on the highway. Now, this pales in comparison to our hybrid which gets 35-40 consistently driving 70 and 35 consistently when driving on the interstates at 75-80. Our DA combo crew-cab weighs around 8,000 pounds fully fueled and ready to go. The D/A combo gets about 40% better mileage in town and about 50% better mileage towing than did our old 454 Vortex back in 2002 before we sold it to get out first diesel, we're now on our third after the middle one, a 2011 Dodge 2500 with a six-speed manual turned out not to be the bet choice for us, after nine months of ownership, for various reasons. Having said all that, I would hazard a guess that your towing mileage will be less than 10 but unloaded you will get closer to 18-19 on the highway and 12-14 in town.
jalichty 06/14/15 07:30am Tow Vehicles
RE: Yeti Coolers

Read a story the other day that compared coolers, including the Yeti and a Coleman Extreme among others and they determined the Coleman Extreme was the best bang for the buck and held the ice for almost as long as the Yeti. they really liked the Yeti for its "bear resistance". So, I guess, if I am going to be somewhere where the bears are going to be getting into my cooler inside my fifth-wheel or truck, then I'll have to buy a Yeti.
jalichty 06/11/15 08:57am Around the Campfire
RE: Hardwood flooring stores...?

Jagtech is painting Lumber Liquidators with a pretty broad brush, the problems are with some laminates that were imported from China if I remember correctly and Lumber Liquidators is no longer selling that laminate. We bough natural Hickory from Lumber Liquidators(LL), having looked at Home Depot and Menards personally and Lowes on-line and found that LL was much lower in price for the same or better quality. Comparing to local dealers, the Hickory was over 50% less expensive. We had it professionally installed and the installer couldn't stop talking about how good looking it was and how good the quality was. He threw away three small pieces while installing and, after the fact, replaced three other small pieces. We used around 900 square feet and probably threw away or replace less than three square feet. We had planned on about 5% wastage, but ended up with over 50 square feet in boxes being stored for later use in replacement or perhaps putting in another room. I would heartily recommend LL to anyone.
jalichty 06/10/15 04:36pm Around the Campfire
RE: Tax question

If you were to sell the land on an installment sale basis, you certainly could pay the tax as the payments come in, and it makes no difference as to the term, two years to 30 years. There is an election to take the gains all in one year if a person wishes to do so. No accountant can spread the gains over any time if you get all the money at one time. And, the tax rules do not just change as if whim.
jalichty 06/05/15 08:09am Around the Campfire
RE: Tax question

I would say that you are out of luck, there is no way you can add the forgone interest to your land basis on a personal asset. If it were "business" or "investment" property, you might have had a chance, but not now. Developers can elect to add interest to the basis for future deduction against gains, but not on a personal piece of property. Sorry about that. However, if you could prove, someway or other, that it was an investment piece of property, you could consider trying to do a Sec. 1031 tax-deferred exchange on the property, but that's only if you can convince yourself and your accountant that it was investment property. If you can make that leap, then you could to the tax-deferred exchange into either business property or other investment property. I would suggest you contact your accountant and give him this hypothetical and see what he says.
jalichty 06/03/15 10:49pm Around the Campfire
RE: Honda 2000 generator tote / case...

I guess I don't have enough stuff in the forward compartment of my FW as I am able to get both of my Hondas in that area. I know, it's under the bedroom, but we take them out when we get parked so they are not there when we are in the FW. I really can't put them on the back of the FW since I have a boat hooked there most of the time we are going somewhere.
jalichty 06/03/15 10:39pm Tech Issues
RE: Purchasing from a distant dealer

Sometimes the service from the selling dealer isn't too good either. We had to take our FW back to the selling dealer a couple of times for a warranty issue and then took it back for some just plain work and the trailer was there for about three weeks. Now, we made an appointment so they could work on it when we got it there, but no luck. I have had better luck getting work done timely at a non-selling dealer about 25 miles away rather than the 150 miles at the selling dealer.
jalichty 06/02/15 08:17am Fifth-Wheels
RE: 2014 Silverado 2500HD MPG

I do believe you will get between 8 and 10 mpg. We tow a Jayco HT 26.5 RLS and a 19 Crestliner with our 2012 D/A crew cab GMC 2500HD and get, generally close to 12 on the highway. We took the FW only on a 3,500 mile trip last spring to Idaho, Nevada, Yosemite and Sequoia National Parks, Palm Desert, Zion and Salt Lake City and then home and got 12 mpg over the whole trip. But diesels will get better mileage pulling the same loads and that's why I say between 8 and 10. Our old 454 Vortec would get 8 mpg and our old diesel pulling the same loads would get around 12, approximately 50% greater mpg.
jalichty 06/01/15 02:21pm Tow Vehicles
RE: New for 2015. " infoslideoutsweep.com"

I don't see any prices on the site. Is this available and, if so, at what price. Like the idea, might do away with the thought of putting slide awnings on my FW.
jalichty 06/01/15 08:47am General RVing Issues
RE: Yellowstone 2016 Vacation

We have now camped in both Colter Bay and Gros Ventre campgrounds, we don't use the RV park as we don't really want to pay $55+ for a camp spot with hookups compared to about $12 a night for "dry" camping, if you have the Senior Pass. The RV Park will not honor the Senior Pass. We live about three hours from the Colter Bay campground and usually get there around 9:30 -10:00 and have never had trouble getting a spot, except for June last year when the larger side of the campground was closed for water line work. checkout time is 11:00 am so getting there around 9:30-10:00 has gotten us a spot that we want almost every time. We then went to Gros Ventre and had a nice time. My personal opinion is that Colter Bay is prettier and much closer to the lake and most of the things you want to see in Grand Teton. We go to Colter Bay with our FW and boat and we fish a lot, it's a lot closer to Jackson Lake, like right on the shore almost, compared to Gros Ventre so we like it more for that. From Gros Ventre, it's about a 45 minute drive to Colter Bay and the marina. We did see some great wildlife, moose and mountain sheep that we normally don't see at Colter Bay, so that was a plus. If you don't have to take a shower every day, four or five days in the "dry" campground is very doable and enjoyable. Whatever you do, make sure you take the cruise boat on Jackson Lake, maybe even the lunch or dinner cruise, it's something you will not regret. Then, also go to Jenny Lake and try to get over to Hidden Falls and Inspiration Point, they are working on the trails there this year. Also get to the Craig Thomas Visitor Center in Moose and then take the Moose/Wilson Road and go to the newest part of Grand Teton, the Laurence(sp) Rockefeller Reserve and Phelps Lake where they had their compound. They have totally taken it back to nature and you cannot tell there were over 30 buildings around Phelps Lake. Great easy hike and wonderful scenery. Whatever you decide, take your time, see a lot and have a great time.
jalichty 06/01/15 08:44am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: 2015 silverado employee discount

Consumers Report and AARP both have vehicle buying programs that promise good deals. In my case, I took a look at both places and there were no places close to me, within 300 miles that participated in the programs so they were pretty useless to me. If you are in the vicinity where dealers participate in the program, it might be worthwhile to take a look, at least for comparison purposes.
jalichty 06/01/15 08:29am Tow Vehicles
RE: Yellowstone 2016 Vacation

X2 on Jim Shoe's comments. I have always said that Yellowstone is spectacular due to it's features and Grand Teton is magnificent due to its beauty. We live about three hours, dragging our FW and boat, from Colter Bay Campground in Grand Teton and make the trip about three times during the summer to fish and sightsee. Some people will call me cheap, but Leek's Pizza Restaurant is where we celebrate our anniversary, and have for about the last 15 years or so. Good pizza and beer and the view from the deck facing the lake and mountains is simply to die for.
jalichty 05/30/15 08:43am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Campgrounds around Reno, NV and SLC UT?

Mountain Shadows is one we stayed at last year on a trip we took. Very nice place, nice folks, reasonable price and FHUs. If you are taking a 3,000 mile trip, it's not that far off the interstate, but we did have to look for it, but found it quite easily.
jalichty 05/29/15 12:17pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: First Timer To Yellowstone

Hope you are taking a tode along as driving the motorhome in the Park will be a bit of a challenge. However, you should have great time in Yellowstone in September as the crowds will be a bit thinner but the animals will still be hanging around and all the features will be accessible. It's a very big place and you need to take some time to soak it all in, don't try to see it all in one day. If you come up through Colorado, come up I-25 to Cheyenne, take a left on I-80 through Laramie and to Rawlins where you take a right to Muddy Gap and then left to Lander. After that, go north out of Lander to Dubois, over Togwotee Pass where you glimpse the Tetons in all their grandeur as you come to Togwotee Lodge and then on to Moran Junction to enter from the South entrance. Drive about 45 miles to the South Entrance to Yellowstone. Don't know if you have any reservations, but I believe you will be able to find accommodations most places in the Park, if you don't need full hook-ups. By the way, you might consider taking a couple of days in Grand Teton to look at some of the prettiest scenery in our United States with Jackson and Jenny Lakes, the Tetons thrusting up right out of the lakes going to the sky. Have a great trip
jalichty 05/28/15 08:12am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Must see in KC?

The Great Arabia riverboat museum is a place I would suggest. At least that's what I think the name is, at least Great Arabia is in the name. It's in downtown KC and very easy to get to. We went there about a year and a half ago with a friend and found it to be interesting. The history is more interesting than the displays but it's worth the time to see it.
jalichty 05/28/15 08:03am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Yellowstone in early August?

If you don't mind driving 30-40 miles, drop down to Colter Bay on Jackson Lake and "dry" camp at the campground. It's about 40 miles, more or less, from Colter Bay to the South entrance and about 20 miles past Lewis Canyon and Lake to get to the junction for Lake or Old Faithful. We do that quite a bit as we tow our FW and boat to Jackson Lake, park in Colter Bay Campground and fish. Then, if we are a little tired of fishing then we may go to Yellowstone for a day trip. It's not too bad, but folks on here will tell you to go to West Yellowstone because it's a shorter drive into the Park, and it is, but I don't think it's anymore convenient than Colter Bay. If Colter Bay is too far, might try for Grant Village, it's in the Park close to the junction I noted above and has "dry" camping on a first come/first served basis I believe. If you get there sometime mid-morning, you probably shouldn't have a problem getting a spot in August, same at Colter Bay.
jalichty 05/24/15 07:26pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: "Next Trailer" - all about the kitchen

Jayco has a rear kitchen in the HT line that would be less than the 32' you are looking for and they come with an arctic package of insulation and the underneath is fully covered and all the holes are plugged, at least on mine. I'm thinking the Eagle line also has a rear kitchen model, but it may be over the 32' limit you noted above. There is a ton of counter space in those rear kitchen FWs but the Jayco ones I was looking at didn't have the two chairs up front by the entry door, at the time, and that was a no go. That picture from SH would appear to be the ideal rear kitchen set-up with the two chairs for the entertainment and the big rear window, but it's probably around 38' long.
jalichty 05/24/15 09:19am Fifth-Wheels
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