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RE: slideout beam repair

well I had the time and the garage available to do repair on the beam. The 14 foot beam was rotted out from the upper gutter screws leaking for some time. I have few pics but will take more as I am replacing section of ceiling with thin plywood panel and I replaced entire sidewall with wood paneling. I removed the slider complete and the floor was good however the pantry closet external wall was shot. I also reinforced the roof beams and made braces for more strength. https://lh6.googleusercontent.com/-x6fhknQn86M/VL1wU4UhsfI/AAAAAAAAEUM/4gc6yvG1owY/s512/20150119_155954.jpg width=400 https://lh4.googleusercontent.com/-50_eismaLAI/VL1its1YUJI/AAAAAAAAETg/24J_RHkHX-o/s640/20150119_150156.jpg width=400 https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-5DnllbtdvHE/VL1iq1YKLpI/AAAAAAAAETU/Maxs2u7bw3M/s640/20150119_150145.jpg width=400 https://lh5.googleusercontent.com/-V22fxaJMYoA/VL1QiiNR9xI/AAAAAAAAESQ/b0PUh7sEAD4/s640/20150119_134423.jpg width=400 https://lh6.googleusercontent.com/-DnoYcrq6yOY/VL1QPg-utkI/AAAAAAAAEXM/2f-lavzIFWc/s512/20150119_134308.jpg width=400 https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-LS0W_2zAlyE/VL1QK97-UzI/AAAAAAAAEXE/orr13BOMQdY/s512/20150119_134210.jpg width=400 https://lh5.googleusercontent.com/-Gz3TY8X1fpU/VL0pN58A0bI/AAAAAAAAEW8/AqCw_rWp3xk/s800/20150119_105634.jpg width=400 https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-fozCd24jLH0/VL_RuPynL3I/AAAAAAAAEV4/AQvOlPy87JI/s512/20150121_112002.jpg width=400 https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-xlKWY1CA9gA/VL_Qn_dgVaI/AAAAAAAAEX0/HoQcWisjsjA/s512/20150121_111522.jpg width=400 https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-v6vdGXnbnXc/VMD8O1qrflI/AAAAAAAAEWM/wU9CeGTe4vk/s640/20150122_083348.jpg width=400 https://lh4.googleusercontent.com/-NUm5oOWyzgc/VMD8ZpppCwI/AAAAAAAAEWw/rUOcfhkTnMI/s640/20150122_083423.jpg width=400
jasult 01/25/15 05:33pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Your Rig

my 1999 f350 and fifth wheeler https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-NGpwKO1XkFQ/U8BaUQzlcZI/AAAAAAAADmQ/LY69gNmXXsw/w769-h577-no/20140711_174214.jpg width=500
jasult 11/01/14 06:35am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Bicycle Rack on 5th wheel rear 2'' hitch

You need a heavy bumper mounted to frame and it will work I made my own to carry my generator and other things and after 5 years no problems at all. https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-WCQTP4etvN0/TF9DloV8D-I/AAAAAAAAD5c/IXRVFz5E1tw/w640-h480-no/DSC01244.JPG width=400 https://lh4.googleusercontent.com/-kpn6HOU7Tzg/Tg9HtFHCToI/AAAAAAAADk4/gAFU6TtyyFM/w769-h577-no/genny%2Brack.jpg width=400 https://lh4.googleusercontent.com/-y0HFQwcO0ew/Tg9HtAbYdeI/AAAAAAAADlI/89828QQy1Pc/w769-h577-no/genny%2Brack2.jpg width=400
jasult 09/03/14 01:40am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Bicycle carrier front of truck or pin box. (Updated W/pics)

what I fabbed up https://lh5.googleusercontent.com/-NLt0L3w5SDQ/UQ2IUvg0hjI/AAAAAAAACRE/n-HOmg_EX2o/w640-h480-no/003.JPG width=500 https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-SiyTi2Eeg20/TUVLKMOcGHI/AAAAAAAABok/0nj3RNJ0Xh0/w640-h480-no/DSC01383.JPG width=500
jasult 08/10/14 01:47pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: slideout beam repair

the roof has not sagged but I will not use it any more until I repair.
jasult 07/20/14 02:02pm Fifth-Wheels
slideout beam repair

yep - after years of trouble free rv ing we will be removing my 14 foot superslide to replace the beam above it. I resealed roof twice since i owned it but looks like water got in the gutter screws and did the damage. The last few outings the wall above the slide which is the beam started to move a bit and upon inspecting I can tell the beam is rotten. I own equipment and have access to large building to do repairs. When I start I will take pics. This is on my 95 Fleetwood Wilderness fiver. The rest of rv seams good
jasult 07/20/14 01:49pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Anyone mount a geny to the hitch?

That sounds good but you must consider the size. How big is it? The genny is Champiion 3500/4000 and the cooler with ice and drinks at least 60 pounds https://lh4.googleusercontent.com/-y0HFQwcO0ew/Tg9HtAbYdeI/AAAAAAAAB5Q/YeE5ZE2JOoU/w769-h577-no/genny+rack2.jpg width=540
jasult 06/28/14 07:15am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Anyone mount a geny to the hitch?

Yup, if done with right welder,or fab shop this is a simple and reliable project that will last for years. I do all my welding and repairs in excavating business and this project is just common sense. Bolt and weld and done. The ones that broke were not done correct.
jasult 06/28/14 01:43am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Anyone mount a geny to the hitch?

But when done right, it works and does last for years https://lh6.googleusercontent.com/-mQ-1ws-WGvw/ThGUwDjzkrI/AAAAAAAAB6A/TTHgq0VWGdQ/w640-h480-no/DSC01670.JPG width=400 https://lh4.googleusercontent.com/-y0HFQwcO0ew/Tg9HtAbYdeI/AAAAAAAAB5Q/YeE5ZE2JOoU/w769-h577-no/genny+rack2.jpg width=400
jasult 06/27/14 01:24am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Anyone mount a geny to the hitch?

I fabbed up my own heavy bumper just for the genny. Click here for pics
jasult 06/26/14 01:19am Fifth-Wheels
RE: What Dash Cam would you buy and why

I too have the G1W from Estore 009 on Ebay and love it. ~$52. Fits between my rear view mirror and the windshield on my car, wide view lens, great picture quality. Another happy G1w user and also bought from Estore 009 on Ebay
jasult 06/12/14 04:11pm Tech Issues
RE: Splitting Firewood.

I have best of both worlds. I heat my 4 bedroom colonial with wood here in Jersey. I bring my own wood when rving. I cut down trees in my excavating work and get paid to dispose of them so I modified this 2 ram log splitter by adding the second splitter on top of the bottom one. Monster logs are split from in cab using bottom 30 ton ram. Then smaller splits are loaded on top ram with 4 way to split to my size. https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-4mbYgmdGtBY/UTUfcyWwbgI/AAAAAAAACVk/kIPMl6B6Pd4/w600-h450-no/Splitter+006.jpg width=500 https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-_ZR_BrX7PxI/USiWi6r5FWI/AAAAAAAACTI/tbmgQ2QFZ1s/w769-h577-no/20130222_141037_resized.jpg width=500 https://lh6.googleusercontent.com/-3VTSDyFEWMk/USiXk0uUmYI/AAAAAAAACTc/-KGHG_6zJ4I/w769-h577-no/20130222_141042_resized.jpg width=500
jasult 06/10/14 06:09pm General RVing Issues
RE: reese quick install bracket kit

update I got the reese parts this friday after a rough waiting. Reese only had 2 left in country. I installed yesterday https://lh4.googleusercontent.com/-KvLsxvddfnQ/U4tJkTHXpkI/AAAAAAAADc8/X6GOPysG92g/w769-h577-no/20140601_113739 width=400 https://lh6.googleusercontent.com/-xEEWGzZYVZ4/U4tJjHMuQoI/AAAAAAAADc0/3R3Rj6KLGV8/w769-h577-no/20140601_113802 width=400
jasult 06/01/14 06:41pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Adding an extension to my fiver

this is what I did on my fiver clicky
jasult 05/30/14 05:37pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: RVs Parks for Long Term vs "Campground" RV Parks

I use rvparksreview to find parks in an area and then click on their own web site link to get the rates and discounts. Works fast for me if i know what part of that state I will be looking at
jasult 05/28/14 02:45pm Beginning RVing
RE: RVs Parks for Long Term vs "Campground" RV Parks

Welcome to site. Most rv parks offer long term for discounted price. Many people here use rvparkreviews.com I use it alot to check new places and rates
jasult 05/27/14 05:43pm Beginning RVing
RE: New Ram Mega 3500 DRW 4wd, old 5er....

I just picked up a ford 99 f350 drw and it too was too high. It had 4 inch blocks under springs from factory and I simply removed the 4 inch and replaced with 2 inch blocks and now matches height of my 96 f250. Ford had offered customers a free conversion because too many people complained that rear was too high for fifth wheel applications. I did not wand my fleetwood trailer any higher than it sits now https://lh4.googleusercontent.com/-DUPQltCHSyc/U4MRInXylzI/AAAAAAAADas/sWrscnHAMrU/s400-no/spring+block.jpg width=400
jasult 05/26/14 03:54am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Electric Water Heater

To heat water real quick you can used both gas and electric. agreed ;)
jasult 05/23/14 06:43am Tech Issues
RE: So where will you be???

Working but at home on fiver and the yard chores. I don't like the holiday highways :E
jasult 05/23/14 04:12am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Electric Water Heater

What year is your RV? On the older models like my Fleetwood fiver, I have to manually go out and light the pilot light for my propane side of water heater to light. You should have auto pilot lighter if newer model that works when you turn on the propane side of water heater. Mine has both electric and propane and I only use propane side for most part. Many rv parks don't like or don't allow electric water heater unless you have metered electric
jasult 05/23/14 03:37am Tech Issues
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