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RE: Tire checking frustration

X3 on Tireman solid metal extenders. Had ours installed back in 2007 and since then checking pressures, adding air is now just so easy. Agreed...do it and don't look back! It makes it SO much easier, you can mount TPMS sensors on them without worry and they don't leak... just make sure whoever installs them follows the directions! The installation instructions are not difficult, they just must be followed....
johnwalkerpa1 05/23/15 07:09am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Weber BBQ mod

I did the same thing...work great...in addition, I added a quick connect to the original weber regulator...that way I can easily use the 1 pound cylinders if I want to take the grill farther away from the RV.
johnwalkerpa1 05/22/15 06:36am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Prius Camper

The back of a Prius is very soft. Just a load of groceries causes it to sag some. Unless they do something to the suspension, it's way too heavy. I was wondering about that....if I recall they have an absurdly low carrying capacity...barely enough for 4 people...four skinny people!
johnwalkerpa1 05/19/15 12:34pm General RVing Issues
RE: Trip Planning: The Perfect Family Trip 2016!

Hello everyone! I've been a bit distracted over the last few weeks. I haven't made any reservations for this trip yet. Should I be nervous yet? If your trip were for THIS summer, yes, but you still have some time for 2016.
johnwalkerpa1 05/18/15 04:34pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: What's Going On with Skagway RV Sites?

Finally got a reply back from Pullen Creek today....from a reservation request I had made via their web site on February 1! Of course, it was too late...we had already given up and made alternate plans after numerous attempts to call them. But, for those still looking, it sounds like Pullen Creek has finally come back from the missing. Of course I know that many of these campgrounds are closed in the winter and the owner/operators are often not on site...but you would think someone would be able to answer email (even once a week) in the off season. Or at the very least put a message on the answering machine and web site saying that they won't be responding until May 1 or whenever...at least we'd know that they are still in business..
johnwalkerpa1 05/07/15 09:41am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Rental as long term strategy?

Looking at it from a purely financial standpoint, I suspect that renting makes more sense for many of us, especially if buying new. For those who use their RVs 3-4 months or more per year, it would seem likely that owning makes more sense financially. However, the bigger issue is how important it is to be able to personalize and customize it to your liking. You have almost zero ability to do that with a rental and unlimited options with owning.
johnwalkerpa1 05/07/15 09:20am Class C Motorhomes
RE: What's Going On with Skagway RV Sites?

From several conversations I've had with folks in Skagway (some tourists, some local), I think the long and short of it is that campgrounds, RVs and motel rooms are just not high on the priority list there. The cruise ship passengers are the moneymakers and all of them go back to the ship to sleep. It's obvious there is a need for more (and better quality too!) campgrounds in/around Skagway, but I suspect that its just not worth the cost of creating them,...too little return on investment there compared to what you can make off the ship passengers..
johnwalkerpa1 04/21/15 08:39am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: What's Going On with Skagway RV Sites?

We have the same dilemma. We had tickets to ride the White Pass and Yukon and had planned to spend several days in Skagway. Have been trying to get a campground reservation since February at Pullen Creek but no answer. Finally gave up and called Garden City....too late..they are full on our days in Aug as well. Between that and the uncertainty with the ferry, we decided to ditch Skagway altogether and stay longer in Haines. Disappointed, but not a huge loss as we have been to Skagway and ridden the train before. We could still take the fast ferry over for a day(I assume that won't be cut too), if we change our mind.
johnwalkerpa1 04/16/15 10:02am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Slimline Console for the Ford E450 sources?

I'm trying to find another source besides Winnebago dealers for the Flint Grey Slimline Console. Frankly, they're way too pricey to buy from them. Part #147623-01-01-A Flint Grey color. Anyone knowing of some stock availability, please share your information here. Occasionally they'll show up on ebay but I haven't seen any there for a while. I am looking for one as well, but in tan.
johnwalkerpa1 03/27/15 07:17am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Blue Ridge Pkwy

We've done it several times...a few end-to-end trips and some shorter stretches. In a 32 foot class C and never a bit of problem with the road. Last year we did a stretch of Skyline Drive in mid-October.....crazy busy......I had badly underestimated how many people were interested in fall leaf watching! That was the only time I didn't enjoy it...trees were beautiful but so many people had the road and all the turnoffs packed...made it tricky to find enough room to stop. Compared to mid-October, the place is deserted in July and August...
johnwalkerpa1 03/17/15 08:43am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Bathroom Fan Not Working

Coming in late so perhaps problem is solved... But, one other idea...Some fans have moisture sensors that will shut it down if they think its raining...
johnwalkerpa1 03/17/15 08:26am Beginning RVing
RE: Roll Call Alaska 2015

Personally I would avoid the Seward area over the 4th of July weekend, if anyone was planning on heading there. That is the weekend that Seward has their annual Mountain Marathon and folks come from all over Alaska (and the world) to run up and back down the mountain. The campgrounds are an absolute zoo, and the local entertainment has been shown on Alaska State Troopers! Just a little personal opinion from an Alaskan who enjoys the outdoors. X2. While I am not from there, I made the mistake of being in Seward over the 4th a few years back. Reminded me of a drunken college party weekend. Not my thing :) I have been in Seward several other times NOT over the 4th and it's normally a great place...just avoid the a few days around the 4th!
johnwalkerpa1 02/10/15 06:38am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Lake Louise - Bus or shuttles?

Thanks everyone for the feedback. It sounds like I should be ok just driving our RV to the different sites. Maybe I was just there at a particularly busy time a few years back. Then parking was packed everywhere and RVs were circling endlessly looking for spots at both Lake Louise and Moraine Lake. But, from what I am hearing that may be the exception rather than the rule? I think to put things more in our favor, we'll also try to get to each spot early in the morning to beat the "10-4" crowds too. Thanks!
johnwalkerpa1 02/06/15 07:34pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
Lake Louise - Bus or shuttles?

As part of a longer trip, we plan to take a week or so in the Canadian Rockies this summer. We've been there before but not in the RV. This time we'll be in our 30 foot class C, without a toad. While I don't mind driving the RV around, the last time I was there, parking at the popular spots was hard to find for a car, much less an RV. The bus works well around Banff. Is there anything similar (bus, shuttle etc.) around the Lake Louise area? My main interest is something that would go between the Lake Louise Trailer Campground and Lake Louise ( both the town and the lake itself) and Moraine Lake. Thanks!
johnwalkerpa1 02/05/15 07:41pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Water too hot during Navy shower

Thanks as usual everyone for your responses. Always nice to get seasoned food for thought so to speak. I don't think my water heater is adjustable. Just checked. I wish it were that easy! So to those of you who "upgraded" to the oxygenic style shower head. The product claims to dribble water while water is restricted thus avoiding a hot or cold blast of water when one turns the flow restrictor off during a Navy shower. Is this reality? If so, this seems to solve my issue for about $30 if it works as advertised. Yes, the oxygenic shower head works as advertised with the dribble and does solve the issue. If you are trying to be ultra conservative with water use, you could argue it wastes some water that way. But, not much. And its uses less to begin with. Even better, though, is it gives the feeling of greater flow and pressure even while using less water. One of the best (and cheapest!)upgrades we made.
johnwalkerpa1 02/04/15 11:35am Beginning RVing
RE: Anchorage Motorhome Rentals

Ditto again on Great Alaskan. Rented from them twice and not a single issue. Also, the prices are surprisingly good when you consider what all is included that costs extra at other places.
johnwalkerpa1 01/02/15 08:50am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Made A Mistake

Agree with the others. If you are going to make payments, don't make them on that one!!!....you can do much, much better for that amount of money...in fact for just a little more you can get into a lot of new ones...
johnwalkerpa1 11/20/14 10:06am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Winterization

I "winterized" our Pleasure Way Pursuit yesterday. I drained the water tank down to about 8 gal. and poured 3 gal. of RV anti freeze into the tank. Then I ran all the sink faucets both hot and cold, and the shower, also running both hot and cold water until a steady stream of pink water showed. I flushed the toilet a number of times to put the dilute solution into the black water tank. I did not drain the hot water heater but since I ran the hot water faucets, there is at least some anti freeze in it. I figure I ran about 8 gal. of the diluted anti freeze thru the outlets. Of course this would not work in Calgary or Minneapolis but we live near Houston, TX and 25ยบ F would be a hard freeze for us. Did I do any good or did I waste my time and money? I would especially like to hear opinions from other RV owners that live on the Gulf coast where the climate is similar to ours. What to you do? I will appreciate any feedback. My only concern would be if the antifreeze was too diluted to be effective. I've seen some brands of the "pink stuff" that will still get slushy but not expand (much). With too much water in the mix, will it get solid? I don't know. Of course, as you say, the area you are in plays a large role. Around here it can get below 0, 25 just means we switch from short to long sleeves :)
johnwalkerpa1 11/18/14 10:54am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Is the Forest River 3010DS a relatively new model?

I love the floorplan...tons of counter space!! But, it was more than we would like to spend, so tried to find an older model of it, but did not see any older models in our price range. Is this pretty new? I thinks its been around for a couple of years..back to 2012 at least. We took delivery of a model year 2015 in May. We do like the floorplan. Have had the normal new RV bumps to work through but overall very pleased so far. When we were looking, we also did not find many used 3010DS models. There are a few 2012-2014's out there but the asking prices were too high and offers fell on deaf ears...for about 10K more than a 2012 we were able to get into a new one thru RVdirect. Beware that RVdirect is good for price, not for service...We went in with our eyes open on that front and it worked for us...for some people it has not...
johnwalkerpa1 11/14/14 01:29pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Bathroom wall

Can I add this? If so, is there a rule on how long the screws can be? I just would not want the screws to come through the outside of the RV. Let me answer your question directly - NO. I have one of these and can tell that it will put a significant prying load on the walls of your trailer that can only be resisted by lag bolts through the walls with backing plates. Sure you don't want to do that. I mount mine on the ladder at the back of the trailer as it was intended for. Trailer walls are not strong enough for anything other than light loads. Add to that the fact that this is not a static structure - it moves and bounces down the road, and puts dynamic loads on the attachment locations. I am sure you can see where I am going with this. I agree. We also have one of those units and they are great...BUT...with several wet towels on there, it is very heavy. We put ours on the rear ladder...Works great as long as the weather is suitable and we are not in one of those campgrounds that has a "no laundry hanging outside" rules.
johnwalkerpa1 10/28/14 06:47am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
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