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RE: 20 amp service question

Can you run one air conditioner when hooked up to a 20 amp service? Yes, easily as long as you don't also try to run the microwave, elec eater heater, hair dryer, etc. We easily run one AC with some lights and fans.
johnwalkerpa1 07/06/15 06:49am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Toronto to BC and Back again. Hints on Yellowstone area?

Unless you are really, really fond of motorcycles, you may want to avoid western South Dakota or eastern Wyoming in early August....Action from Sturgis can stretch out for quite a ways...
johnwalkerpa1 07/01/15 11:42am Roads and Routes
Old Fort Point Bridge (Jasper, Alberta)

Does anyone know if there are restrictions (weight, height, width), on the Old Fort Point Bridge just off of 93A near Jasper? I've been there before but always in a car and didn't pay attention...and my attempts to find the info online have all been dead-ends.... Thanks!
johnwalkerpa1 07/01/15 11:30am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Whitehorse, YT - RV Parking

The easiest day parking for RVs is at Shipyards Park, from where you can easily walk downtown or take the historic trolley. Shipyards is at the north end of Second Avenue, along the Yukon River. There are other spots, but Shipyards is where you will almost always find room. Canadian Tire was mentioned above - the lot is tight and they do not welcome RVs. Thanks! It sounds like this is our best bet. I found it on Google Earth and access looks easy as long as the lot is not full. And its right in the area we want to get to as well. Thanks!
johnwalkerpa1 06/29/15 06:46am RVing in Canada and Alaska
Whitehorse, YT - RV Parking

What are the options for RV parking in Whitehorse? We are in a 30-foot class C and toad-less. We want to visit the downtown/waterfront area. Is there any place reasonably close we can park for 1/2-full day...not overnight, just to tour the area on foot during the day?
johnwalkerpa1 06/27/15 08:00pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Seven People

We had the awning down, slide out, grill setup and generator running. Only thing missing was the pink flamingos 'cause I couldn't get the standing rod thru the asphalt. Next time you stay at Home Depot, pickup a Hammer Drill....that's what I use to drill holes for my pink flamingos at Wal-Mart :)
johnwalkerpa1 06/26/15 08:17am Family Camping
RE: Seven People

Well, in case anyone is wondering I have it all straightened out now. I found a different spot a couple of miles down the road that had an opening and I took it. I called and spoke with them on the phone and the issue of occupancy never even came up. Maybe the very nice lady I spoke with forgot to ask. I must confess, the thought of just registering at the first spot with six people did cross my mind. Like I mentioned before, I understand that "rules are rules" and I understand that it isn't my park and I don't get to make the rules. I guess in the end that's why I didn't spend any time arguing with them and just found a different spot that was more family friendly. We have had the experience of travelling with 7 or 8 people before. In my experience, if the group is a mother and father and dependent children (esp. younger children), many (but not all) will make an exception. Some won't and that's ok...I just ask up front so I know for sure. It is interesting that some have mentioned rental homes and the fair housing laws. I do own a rental property. I have also been discriminated against in a housing situation. About 10 years ago my wife and I (we had three kids then) were trying to rent a house. The landlord told our realtor point blank "We don't want to rent to you because your client has kids". This is a blatant violation of the fair housing law. Rather than rent to us the owner took the property off the market. I spent about 10 minutes being EXTREMELY upset about it. Then I decided that if the landlord really didn't want me in his house that much it was probably better that I didn't enter into a business relationship with him (or her). I am sure I'll be back on here over the next couple of weeks with more questions as our big trip is approaching (it is the second and third week of July). I'll also get back on here to let everyone know how it goes, and whether or not my wife and I can maintain our sanity with five children in 30 foot long box for eight days.
johnwalkerpa1 06/18/15 10:39am Family Camping
RE: Use Scangauge and Garmin on new Ford E-450?

We are buying a new 2016 Class C on the Ford chassis. I have been using scan gauge II and a Garmin Nuvi the past years in our 2004 Ford E-350. I think the new Ford has a built in tach, MPG and other functions but is missing the digital transmission temp, volts and engine temp on the scan gauge. The new MH will come with navigation, but will it be as good as my Garmin? Another issue with the scan gauge and Garmin is where to put them if I want to use them. There doesn't seem to be any room for attaching with velcro or suction plate. I have a 2015 but since the E450 hasn't changed (and likely won't again) since 2011 (I think), it should be the same. It does have a tach, engine temp, voltage, and oil P gauge, but none are digital. No tran temp and no MPG indicator. On my scangauge I keep tran temp, water temp (to be more precise than the dash gauge), MPG, and well, I forget the 4th one! For the tran temp, the x gauge lists 4 possibilities for the numbers...I had to use the 3rd one...first two didn't read. The Garmin will most likely be better than what is built in but that depends on what brand/model you get. the one built in mine is ok if you just want to search for a restaurant or such, but I like to put detailed trip plans in mine.. For mounting, I pulled out the little insert that covers the area high on the dash where the upfitter switches would go (I don't have them), reshaped it a bit with a dremel and mounted the scan gauge there. Then ran the cable behind the console. Of course, this won't work if you have upfitter switches. For the Garmin, I mounted it on top of the dash with an adhesive base mount and again routed the power cable under the dash and hardwired it to avoid dangling cords. Works well...My Garmin uses the newer mounts where the power cable plugs into the mount rather than directly to the GPS so I can remove it without unplugging each time which is handy
johnwalkerpa1 06/18/15 10:18am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Paying for two sites

Has anyone ever paid for two sites so they would be assured of some privacy or more room? At our favorite CG some of non electric sites are a bit close together so we will pay for two sites just wondering if anyone else does this. I have. We sometimes travel with 10 people and some campgrounds won't allow that many. So, I just pay for two sites side by side. We park the RV on one and the van on another and use both. I don't have a problem with that when required as we are using more of the facilities than the average group One other time we did reserve two sites even though we didn't need to....that was at Lake Louise Trailer Park in Bannf Nat Park. They have "dual" sites with shared hookups....they are very close and we didn't want our neighbors door 4 feet from our door
johnwalkerpa1 06/18/15 10:00am General RVing Issues
RE: question? can you get shocked from 12volt?

I accidently touched a screwdriver to both terminals of a car battery once...Didn't shock me (handle was plastic) but got my attention...sparks flew, knocked the screwdriver out of my hand and took a chunk out of the screwdriver...
johnwalkerpa1 06/16/15 09:47am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Ft Whaley C/G Ocean City, MD

anyone have any experience and/or comments on the above. its located just offshore from ocean city, md and connected with frontierland c/g? Its been a while but they are generally nice (but busy and active) campgrounds. Great place for the kids, maybe not so nice if you are looking for peace and quiet. One thing about all of the big OC area campgrounds...they are near impossible to get into on summer weekends...you might luck out but generally will need to book a year in advance. Mid-week is a little better....sometimes.
johnwalkerpa1 06/16/15 09:39am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Towing with a minivan

Unfortunately, mini-vans just aren't very good at towing and they are typically almost overweight just by filling up the seats with small people. Fill the seats with normal to large people and they are definitely overweight just with people :) I don't currently have a Chrysler van but do have a 2014 Toyota...great as a people mover but marginal at towing even though my trailers are way below the weight ratings. The wind resistance is what kills it even with light trailers... Example: 1. I have a 2000 pound boat that it tows ok although the slightest upgrade causes me to end up in third gear...Wind resistance is not too bad on this one. MPG drops from about 22 with just the van to 15 with the boat. 2. Also have an aluminum utility trailer that is only 380 pounds empty BUT it has a huge tailgate-ramp on the back that is about 50% open...that thing, even as light as it is, pulls like an anchor..MPG drops to 10 (yes 10!)...and yes, I did check and the wheels turn freely ;)
johnwalkerpa1 06/11/15 10:36am Beginning RVing
RE: Ford e450 tire pressure check and fill problems

The best on the market,that are the original,are Tire Man any others are Knock offs. Chuck is the original designer of these an he has been around for years. If you have any questions just give him a call, he is always happy to help. Agree 100%. Get them sooner rather than later and save yourself a ton of aggravation. Yes, there are cheaper solutions but this is a case where it pays to spend a little more to buy the best..
johnwalkerpa1 06/08/15 05:10pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: minnie winnie i found for sale

It doesn't look bad for a 73 but its way too much money. For about the same $$$, you can get something at least 20 years newer...
johnwalkerpa1 06/04/15 01:43pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Vent Covers or Not?

I highly recommend them... 1. They are inexpensive...and if you don't mind getting on the roof to install them, even cheaper 2. Ability to have vents/fans open in the rain 3. Ability to use the toilet fan in the rain (important!) 4. Extra protection for the relatively flimsy stock vent lids...Was in a bad hailstorm once and was really glad for that extra layer up there. Would have been a wet night otherwise..as it was for others at the campground.
johnwalkerpa1 06/02/15 10:46am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Valdez - Grocery Store?

Thanks everyone. I figured there had to be something there but couldn't locate anything obvious online. Thanks for the confirmation!
johnwalkerpa1 05/28/15 06:05pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
Valdez - Grocery Store?

Hi All.. I have had a surprisingly hard time finding this info online so thought I'd try here? Is there a grocery store in Valdez? I know there are some convenience stores with limited groceries. I'm not looking for a Super-Wal-Mart...just wondering if there is anything slightly larger than a convenience store/gas station type of place? Thanks!
johnwalkerpa1 05/28/15 10:31am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Tire checking frustration

X3 on Tireman solid metal extenders. Had ours installed back in 2007 and since then checking pressures, adding air is now just so easy. Agreed...do it and don't look back! It makes it SO much easier, you can mount TPMS sensors on them without worry and they don't leak... just make sure whoever installs them follows the directions! The installation instructions are not difficult, they just must be followed....
johnwalkerpa1 05/23/15 07:09am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Weber BBQ mod

I did the same thing...work great...in addition, I added a quick connect to the original weber regulator...that way I can easily use the 1 pound cylinders if I want to take the grill farther away from the RV.
johnwalkerpa1 05/22/15 06:36am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Prius Camper

The back of a Prius is very soft. Just a load of groceries causes it to sag some. Unless they do something to the suspension, it's way too heavy. I was wondering about that....if I recall they have an absurdly low carrying capacity...barely enough for 4 people...four skinny people!
johnwalkerpa1 05/19/15 12:34pm General RVing Issues
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