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RE: Alcan Hwy Alaska Cell service?

I don't know if it's still an extra charge in Canada, but years ago the charge was outrageous. It depends on your plan. I have a Verizon plan that includes Canada and Mexico at no additional charge but plans vary widely.
johnwalkerpa1 01/18/17 07:49am Technology Corner
RE: Alcan Hwy Alaska Cell service?

What works best along the Alcan Highway? Verizon? AT&T? T-Mobile? A friend is going up there for a Willy's Jeep event. On our 2015 trip, we had both Verizon and ATT phones. They both worked around some of the towns but there are long stretches where nothing has service. We didn't really use them much so I can't tell you exactly where each one worked best. But, I can tell you that you shouldn't depend on having service in many places.
johnwalkerpa1 01/14/17 09:29am Technology Corner
RE: Typical Class C GAS mileage

All, I am interested in what your true Class C gas mileage history has been. Also, any advice/guidance on our plan is appreciated. Thank you in advance, Joe T. There are many variables but (for that length Class C) experience has shown me that the following generally holds true: 1. Hope for 8 2. Don't be surprised at 6 at high speed or in the mountains. 3. Budget your gas expenses at 7 Sometimes you'll be pleasantly surprised on low speed, level trips and get 9-10 but not often. In my personal experience, weight (meaning fully loaded, full tanks and towing, versus running light) makes little difference....speed and terrain does...
johnwalkerpa1 01/11/17 09:58am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Current Fuel Costs in Canada (heading toward AK)?

What is the conversion for Canadian prices to U.S. prices? Today's bank rate is $1.00 US = $1.35 CND... You won't get that but could expect anywhere from $1.28 - $1.32 depending on many variables....where you do the exchange, cash, credit card, terms of credit card, etc, etc..
johnwalkerpa1 12/29/16 11:40am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: New rig, Winter camping, everything has gone wrong

If you were heating with electric heat pumps, that could be the problem. Heat pumps only work till about 40 degrees. Then they just blow cold air. Nothing wrong with them, that is how they work by design. Always keep propane when it's cold out. Dale I work for an HVAC manufacturer, we design heat pumps to operate down to minus 20f. I suspect those are bit more advanced than the $600-$1000 units that are popped on the top of most RVs :) As an aside, in good conditions I've been able to squeeze heat out of my RV heat pump down to 30 but that is about it...
johnwalkerpa1 12/29/16 11:32am Beginning RVing
RE: Rt 40 Alberta Canada?

We took it south on the way home from Alaska in 2015. Good road for the most part and nice scenery. Do be aware of the truck traffic...much more than we saw on the Alaskan Highway but its all relative. The thing to be aware of on this stretch of road is not so much the volume of truck traffic but of the many places where trucks are entering or leaving the highway...
johnwalkerpa1 11/29/16 08:52am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Water Pump

Nothing to add to the original question and answers, but a tip that could be helpful.. If you are ever in a situation where your campground water connection has very low pressure, you can improve it by turning on the pump even though you are connected to the campground water. Occasionally comes in handy.
johnwalkerpa1 11/23/16 10:01am Beginning RVing
RE: Winterizing - getting tires off the ground

I've never thought it was necessary but opinions vary on the subject. Sort of falls into the "can't hurt" but not enough benefit to motivate me! I always try to run mine at least a few times over the winter anyway.
johnwalkerpa1 11/23/16 09:55am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Flattest route to Denver

I'm curious about what % grades we're talking about in these different routes. It's all relative; none of it is "flat." As an Easterner I'd really like to know how steep those Rocky Mt. highways are. Does anyone know? -Speak My experience has been that the grades out west are not any steeper than the grades in the east...they are just longer. As a general rule, on interstates, the max grades are the same. On the secondary roads, some of the mountain grades in the east are actually steeper. Of course there are exceptions...
johnwalkerpa1 11/14/16 09:20am Roads and Routes
RE: Can I just empty water tanks instead of winterizing?

I live in Portland, where the average lows don't usually go below freezing, but you never know. In regards to winterizing, can't I just empty the water heater tank and fresh water tanks and leave it at that? Why do I need to put antifreeze in it? Since it doesn't get too cold where I live, can I get away with doing this? I've never winterized before, and I'd like to avoid doing it if possible. Maybe (probably) but all it takes is one unexpected cold snap and......well.....
johnwalkerpa1 11/04/16 12:19pm Beginning RVing
RE: Towing 2016 Silverado with golf cart??

I must admit that when I first read your subject, I had thoughts that you were asking about using your golf cart to tow your silverado :B
johnwalkerpa1 11/04/16 12:07pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: What would you do differently "next time"?

Only one thing....get a floorplan with a larger bathroom and shower. That is the only thing that keeps our rig from being ideal for our intended use. We were fully aware that the bathroom and shower was small and spent a lot of time talking about it. But we decided it was ok since everything else in the floorplan was perfect. And it is ok, but.......... Now, I am starting a remodel project on the bathroom to give more elbow room. It should work fine. However, there is no practical way to improve the shower.
johnwalkerpa1 10/20/16 12:24pm Beginning RVing
RE: Flat Tow 6 Passenger vehicles under 5,000 lbs

Does the Ford Flex need to be a manual transmission, or can an automatic be flat towed? For the past 4 model years, the automatics are fine. I've never looked farther back.
johnwalkerpa1 10/17/16 10:20am Dinghy Towing
RE: cleaning out black tank and toilet bowl

can i dump a half gallon of vinegar in black tank and let it sit overnite when i return home for a deodorant, then dump, or do yall have a better way to freshen tank. Also what do you clean the toilet bowl and also the cavity under the toilet before it goes in the tank. thanks AS for the cleaning, we use the same cleaners as at home. The only thing to avoid is any harsh abrasives (esp powders) as that messes up the seals. After dumping we will use our blank tank flush to get any extras out, although I probably only do this every 3rd time or so. Then, every time, once empty, I'll have someone hold the toilet flush open and count to 45. Count time may vary but in our unit that will put about 3-4 gallons in the tank to prime things! Finally, we do use the drop in deodorizer packets but to be honest, its really just to make our ladies happy ;) I don't think it really makes any difference if things are working correctly. As long as someone doesn't flush while the fan is on, we don't get any odor.
johnwalkerpa1 10/13/16 12:33pm Beginning RVing

I did the winterization on my travel trailer with the anti -freeze.One question I have is when I was running water out the faucets before the color turned pink wouldn't that first bit of water sit n the gray water tank and freeze It might but shouldn't matter as long as its just a little. The very last thing I do in the process is to dump extra antifreeze in all of my traps (sink and shower) and put a gallon down the toilet. I'm not so much worried about freezing in the waste tanks but in the traps and the valves at the waste tank drains. I like to leave my tanks a little wet anyway this works for all purposes. I use a little more antifreeze then absolutely necessary that way but its not that much and it simple and works...
johnwalkerpa1 10/13/16 12:21pm Beginning RVing
RE: Firearm deposit at border?

Kinda what I'm thinking...depending on what a gun store wants to charge to "clean". Gonna be a logistical issue..I want to hit Glacier NP on the way up or back, then through Bellingham WA and the coast in opposite direction. Then again, I should see what hurdles Canada puts me through to bring a Remington 870 20GA Youth model. A shotgun is simple as long as its a legal length barrel and has a traditional shoulder stock which yours does. Just get the forms ahead of time from the website and follow the instructions carefully. Its easy as long as you follow all the rules..
johnwalkerpa1 09/20/16 11:12am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Towing with a Minivan

So, if any of you tow a small travel trailer with a minivan, I would really like some feedback on this travel trailer before I purchase it. Thank you ! I towed a lightweight 17' Scamp travel trailer with a 2006 Toyota Siena six cyl Mini-van. The Scamp weighed in less than 2,000 pounds and the Sienna had a 3,500 tow rating. Here's what I learned. The Sienna could easily tow the Scamp but gas mileage dropped from 22mpg to around 14mpg (on the interstate). Going through the mountains, the engine RPMs stayed high going up, and the brakes got soft going down (electric brakes on the Scamp). The big problem was with front wheel drive. With the trailer on the rear hitch, it puts the weight is on the rear tires and takes it off the front tires, which means less traction on the front drive wheels. Pulling out of a steep wet driveway, the front tires would spin - meaning I had to be very careful going up hills. Also, even with the trailer brakes you could feel the trailer pushing the minivan when stopping. So yes, while it is possible to pull a travel trailer with a minivan, it won't be fun, it won't be safe, and it will put a lot of stress on the minivan brakes, transmission and engine. If in doubt, go to your local U-haul and rent a storage trailer. Put a thousand pounds of stuff in it, and take for a two hundred mile drive. This will give you a good idea of how well your minivan will do with a travel trailer. Bill I also had a 2006 Sienna and currently have a 2014 Sienna. That is an excellent assessment and mirror my experience nearly exactly. The 2006 towed a little better than the 2014, though, for reasons I can't quite explain. The heaviest trailer I have towed with either has been 3200 pounds. But, even with something much lighter (I have a 1500 pound boat/trailer and a 7' x 12' aluminum utility trailer that only weighs 450 pounds empty), the same issues exist. Even with the utility trailer empty , I experience a drop in mpg to 15 at 60-65 MPG, largely due (I suspect) to the large tailgate ramp catching the wind.....Slower speeds (45-50) offer some improvement. The boat on a wet launch ramp is a barrel of laughs too for the same reason you mention above with the front wheel drive!
johnwalkerpa1 08/08/16 11:45am Beginning RVing
RE: Towing with a Minivan

I have a 2006 Kia Sedona minivan. The towing limit is 3500lbs. I have already installed a hitch, electric brake controller and electrical hookups on the van. I still need to add the transmission and power steering cooler. I would like to purchase the KZ Sportsman Classic 19BH. The dry weight is 2,623 lbs. I will be traveling with my pet. I may have one other person traveling with me on some trips. I weigh 135lbs and my pet is 50lbs. The other person I will travel with is about 170lbs. I am going to add a sway controller as well. Do you think the minivan & travel trailer will work? The dealers all say yes but I would like to know if anyone else out there tows with a minivan. Please don't answer saying get another tow vehicle. That is not an option. I know you mean well but this is the vehicle I own & I love it. I cannot afford to buy another vehicle. So, if any of you tow a small travel trailer with a minivan, I would really like some feedback on this travel trailer before I purchase it. Thank you ! I don't like to discourage anyone from getting out there but I'm afraid you aren't going to enjoy the experience with the setup you mention. You might be able to just barely squeak by (maybe!) with your weights but your van will struggle and it will not be an enjoyable driving experience. I have had several mini vans and they are great as people movers but not as tow vehicles.
johnwalkerpa1 08/07/16 06:26pm Beginning RVing
RE: WiFi

Is it safe to assume that pretty much all RV campgrounds, both public and private, offer free WiFi. Obviously, we wouldn't expect WiFi in primitive areas. WiFi is important to us as it is our primary source of news and TV. No, I consider good wifi at a campground to be a pleasant surprise, not something I would ever depend on. I use my own cell plan for data and voice...And, while more reliable, its not a given either depending on where we are.. Using wifi (or cell) for TV is out of the question. You'd use way too much bandwidth on WIFI. While its possible to do it on your cell data plan under ideal conditions, the cost would be enormous...In the long run, it will be much cheaper to go with satellite...
johnwalkerpa1 08/03/16 11:34am Beginning RVing
RE: Am I correct or not?

I always wonder when I see people post costs for nightly stays....I rarely find campgrounds for $25 per night or hotels for $50 per night....well, at least not hotels I'd actually want to sleep in! Either I'm really bad at finding bargains or some of these figures are 15-20 years old ????
johnwalkerpa1 07/21/16 09:28pm Beginning RVing
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