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I am looking for a nice campground that also has cabins or rooms available relatively close to Edmonton. We need 30amp elec and water (sewer nice but not required). The cabin/room is for travelling companions who don't have an RV. Thanks! Edit: This is for next summer...not looking to head north this time of year ;)
johnwalkerpa1 10/24/14 09:39am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Delaware for kids?

The campground at Delaware Seashore State Park is a decent place to stay. Nothing special about the campground itself but the key is the location. One of the few places that you can walk to the beach (about 1/4 mile) from the campsite. Also decent fishing from the shore walk.
johnwalkerpa1 10/07/14 10:13am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Convert a Class C to a Class B+?

Until I read the thread started by DeadeyeLefty I hadn't dared to post this as a possible mod. However if he can build an RV from scratch it might be as reasonable to do this kind of mod. My wife and I are elderly and want to do some travelling economically. We can afford to go to motels for the most part and would probably stay overnight in the rig only if stuck on the road after dark. By day we'd have cooking facilities to save on meals, have a potty, etc. The two of us would not need the cabover bed. My thought is to get a small rig that needs roof work, remove the cabover and lower the roof on the rest of the unit. The cabover would be replaced with a streamlined fairing which with the reduced height should improve fuel economy. I'd appreciate feedback! 36rascal You could but its probably going to be cheaper to buy one that is already the way you want it. Of course there are not nearly as many used ones out there without the cabover bunk so it will take more searching.
johnwalkerpa1 10/07/14 10:03am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Chicago-Alaska in April?

Don't do it. As others have said, roads may be icy and possibly snow covered in areas, and virtually nothing will be open. April and May is when the snow melts, flooding tends to occur, and everything is muddy. Plus, the new RV you'd be picking up in Chicago will NOT have winter tires on it. Despite what they say, "all season" tires are really three-season tires, and are not good on snow or ice. Coming from a desert climate, you presumably don't have experience driving on slippery surfaces, and RVs are very lumbering vehicles. The best times to visit Alaska are June and July, and then March if you want to do some winter activities. If you really want to see Alaska during your April window, consider instead taking the Alaska State Ferry up from Bellingham, Washington (no need to bring a car), or fly up. Thank you. We have decided not to go ahead with it. It was a combination of the risk and my husband's boss preference that we take our vacation in August-September. Taking an RV in August is way out of our budget, so right now the plan is just to have a nice thorough road trip in the West Coast (again!) There's always plenty to see and do, and we have a bunch of National Parks to return to. Alaska slips between our fingers once more! Some day though, I'm sure we'll get there! Have you considered flying to Anchorage and renting the RV there for say 3 weeks? Once you pass about mid-August some of the rental places consider it "shoulder season" and rates come down a good bit. But even at full rates, it would be far cheaper than doing the much longer rental up and back. You'd miss much of the Alaskan Highway and BC and the Yukon of course, but you'd still have a nice trip and get to see Alaska.
johnwalkerpa1 09/17/14 10:07am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Full-Timing...what's your opinion...

I love the RV lifestyle but I also like being at home. For me, about 2 months is my limit to be on the road. Its the best of both worlds although, admittedly, it would be cheaper to pick one or the other. But, for now, as long as we can, we'll do some of each.
johnwalkerpa1 09/12/14 09:05am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Sunseeker House Batteries not charging

My friend has a 2012 Forest River Sunseeker Model 2860DS that doesn't seem to be charging the two 12v house batteries when plugged into shore power. There is a large rotary switch next to the battery compartment that has: "Blue Sea System Single Circuit 6006" printed on it and it has an "ON" and "OFF" position. I assume this is the disconnect switch. When I switch it to "ON" the batteries are being charged with about 14v, or so, but will NOT go into a float charge when the batteries are brought back up to full charge. It just keeps charging away to the point to where the electrolyte starts boiling. When I first checked this, after my friend noticed that water was dripping on the ground below the batteries, I check and found all battery cells were full to the absolute top of both batteries. I removed a bunch of electrolyte out (abut 48 ozs) so that the level is down about half way to the cells. Does this unit have a 3-stage converter/charger on it....or just a single that is manually operated? Never heard of such a thing. Any and all info will be greatly appreciated. thanks Ron Forest River just started using progressive 3 stage converters as a rolling change on the early 2015 models of the Sunseeker. So, the 2012 almost certainly has a single stage cheapo converter unless it was switched out after market. I'd switch it out..its not that expensive and not hard to do on the new ones (2014-2015 models) but I haven't see a 2012.
johnwalkerpa1 09/12/14 07:49am Class C Motorhomes
RE: I'm in a quandry, and I don't know where to start.

I don't really think the RV solution is the answer to your problem. Its not the most efficient way to live. There are other root problems to solve first which have been well covered by others. One suggestion I would have is this....if your job is such that you can travel and still work, why not consider moving to a new permanent home? If you have equity and can sell your house, maybe you can start over with a clean slate and build things up while solving root financial problems. There are many places far cheaper to live than San Diego and that might give you the extra advantage you need to get a fresh start. Try to avoid bankruptcy at all costs though if you hope to make a fresh start and make progress.
johnwalkerpa1 09/09/14 09:45am Beginning RVing
RE: Help needed 2015 Forester 3171 dead (anti theft activated)

Wow about the computer failing. She is at the Ford dealership and they have verified this is not a chipped key. (Didn't look like one) So looks like we are back to a key problem. I was wondering about that...I have a 2015 Forest River Sunseeker on a 2014 E450 chassis. The keys are NOT chipped on mine. I have spare copies I had made at Wal-Mart that work fine.
johnwalkerpa1 09/09/14 09:27am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Keep loaded or UNLOAD

I am just wondering.......is it best for springs, shocks and general overall 'health' of coach to unload the storage bays totally-to reduce weight constantly being enforced? I have always left mine in a "ready to roll" mode, but mind wanders sometimes... Always loaded...the only things I take out between trips are: 1. Perishables 2. Any food or toiletries that could attract mice or ants, etc 3. Clothing/bedding that needs washed.. All else stays in..
johnwalkerpa1 07/30/14 11:10am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Diesel Motorhome

One thing my next coach will not have is oak. Wondering why that is...just out of curiosity. Mike, is it the color of the oak? Generally, I've always seen oak in lighter shades. Personally, I like a deeper stained wood like cherry or walnut but oak is certainly a nice wood. Mark X2 my next coach will have darker cherry or walnut. I ripped out all our oak at home and replaced with cherry I couldent stand looking at it anymore. I prefer dark wood like cherry or walnut as well. But......I opted for maple in my coach....after looking at both, the darker woods just made the interior too, well...dark! So, I compromised...nice maple but its lighter..
johnwalkerpa1 07/30/14 11:07am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Power conditioner at koa campground

Hello all. We're staying at a koa in Seattle Tacoma. Running the a/c and microwave simultaneously makes the $250 power conditioner turn off. Upon inspection, the power level shows 109 or 105 volts and goes from 15 amps to 25 amps on the display. The maintenance guy said bypass the conditioner because their system is fused and they've been getting this all summer. Needless to say, I'm hesitant to take his word for it. Opinions anyone? Thanks. B I wouldn't take his advice...your surge protector is doing what it should......he is making excuses for low voltage at the pedestal....if it shows 105-109,its low....and it may be even lower when its trying to run things and cuts out.
johnwalkerpa1 07/30/14 05:47am Beginning RVing
RE: Rest Areas in Pa.

Don't know where the right place to post this is so I'll try here. Can one overnight in a Pa. highway rest area? Thinking in the Hazleton area. Technically (i.e legally), no. In reality, yes. I actually talked to state troopers about this. They said the rule will only be enforced if abused and that they would much sooner have someone pull off than to fall asleep at the wheel.
johnwalkerpa1 07/27/14 08:03am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: PA Advice Needed

We hope to travel to Lancaster in October. We'd like to make Lancaster our base camp and take day trips from there going to Hershey and Gettysburg. Also to Philadelphia if possible . Are there bus tours we might could use to take us to Philadelphia? We will be traveling from Birmingham, AL. Any suggestions or advice would be very much appreciated. October is usually a nice time to be in this area...crisp nights but (usually!) warm days and fewer crowds in the tourist areas. Just a couple of general suggestions... 1. Not sure what you want to see in Hershey but by October, Hersheypark will be on a reduced schedule and won't be open every day. Most of the other Hershey attractions will be open each day, but maybe shorter hours than during the summer.. 2. Landis Valley Museum near Lancaster has an number of Harvest activities in the fall and is a nice place to visit anytime. 3. There probably are bus trips to Phila but its very easy to take the train from Lancaster to Phila, then hop the subway for about a 10 min ride and you can be right in the midst of the historical area. Easy day trip.
johnwalkerpa1 07/21/14 08:54am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: tired to dance, new RV coming Sunseeker 3010

Damn, the one im looking at have the stupid window..... you also mentionned class c leak prone :-( anything to look at to avoid this , beside the window of course ? Are you sure that the one you are looking at is a 2014 model year? I am almost sure the front window on the cabover was removed before then. But, I could be wrong...wouldn't be the first time :)
johnwalkerpa1 07/21/14 07:51am Class C Motorhomes
RE: ADA compliant sites

campgrounds DO NOT have to provide ADA compliant sites or facilities I don't know if this is true or not but from observation there are many that are not. In my home state, campgrounds in state parks typically ARE compliant where some private parks are not and some are. Not sure if that is the difference or not. Of course, I have not visited ALL campgrounds so this is from a limited sample size :)
johnwalkerpa1 07/18/14 07:31pm Beginning RVing
RE: Insurance pay for plugging into the wrong power sorce?

Buddy of mine just purchased a new to them motor home. Went to look at it and the said the micro wave went up in smoke. They had plugged into their garage plug in the was wired for a 220 welder. Oops! When I explained it to them I said turn it into your insurance company. He said he wouldn't feel right about that. I said it's was an accident because it was not something you did knowing it was wrong. Any thoughts on this? Also how much damage did it do? Really couldn't answer that. I would just tell the insurance company the truth about what happened then let them decide if its covered or not....Nothing to lose, the worst they can say is "no". And, with full disclosure, if they do say 'yes', then his conscience can be clear...
johnwalkerpa1 07/15/14 06:08am General RVing Issues
RE: Smokey Moutians Dinner show

Smokey Mountains - Dixie Stampede or Hatfield & McCoy dinner show? DD10 & DS 13 thanks they are both good, but in our group the kids liked the Dixie Stampede better.
johnwalkerpa1 07/08/14 10:48am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Hershey park campground train

I read all about the train which is why I selected a spot furthest from it. But man, it comes just about every 45 minutes!!! Does it ever stop? We are only here tonight and tomorrow night, but that is one busy rail line! Yes, there is a lot of traffic on that line...the good news is that they (at least as far as I can recall) rarely blow the horns right there...that is what will make me jump at night :)
johnwalkerpa1 07/08/14 10:44am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: No spare tire with rim?

Make sure that you have a secure, out of the way, mounting for the spare wheel and tire. A loose 200 lb spare can do some damage in a sudden stop. In many situations it is not safe/doable for the ill-equipped owner to change RV tires. Good point, but we are talking about E450 size tires, not semi trucks. These spare tire/wheel assemblies are only about 50 pounds. I would say that if one can handle changing a tire on a full size pickup then they should be able to change a class C motorhome tire without much difficulty. Yep...the only difference is you need a little bigger jack...
johnwalkerpa1 07/01/14 12:24pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: No spare tire with rim?

Carry spare. But ERS can do the work. While I watch. X2 on the ERS, I will change it if I have to but not by choice. JMO Yes, that is my plan as well. If I am in a hurry or somewhere without easy access to make the phone call I have changed them myself but otherwise I watch...
johnwalkerpa1 07/01/14 08:12am Class C Motorhomes
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