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RE: PA Advice Needed

We hope to travel to Lancaster in October. We'd like to make Lancaster our base camp and take day trips from there going to Hershey and Gettysburg. Also to Philadelphia if possible . Are there bus tours we might could use to take us to Philadelphia? We will be traveling from Birmingham, AL. Any suggestions or advice would be very much appreciated. October is usually a nice time to be in this area...crisp nights but (usually!) warm days and fewer crowds in the tourist areas. Just a couple of general suggestions... 1. Not sure what you want to see in Hershey but by October, Hersheypark will be on a reduced schedule and won't be open every day. Most of the other Hershey attractions will be open each day, but maybe shorter hours than during the summer.. 2. Landis Valley Museum near Lancaster has an number of Harvest activities in the fall and is a nice place to visit anytime. 3. There probably are bus trips to Phila but its very easy to take the train from Lancaster to Phila, then hop the subway for about a 10 min ride and you can be right in the midst of the historical area. Easy day trip.
johnwalkerpa1 07/21/14 08:54am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: tired to dance, new RV coming Sunseeker 3010

Damn, the one im looking at have the stupid window..... you also mentionned class c leak prone :-( anything to look at to avoid this , beside the window of course ? Are you sure that the one you are looking at is a 2014 model year? I am almost sure the front window on the cabover was removed before then. But, I could be wrong...wouldn't be the first time :)
johnwalkerpa1 07/21/14 07:51am Class C Motorhomes
RE: ADA compliant sites

campgrounds DO NOT have to provide ADA compliant sites or facilities I don't know if this is true or not but from observation there are many that are not. In my home state, campgrounds in state parks typically ARE compliant where some private parks are not and some are. Not sure if that is the difference or not. Of course, I have not visited ALL campgrounds so this is from a limited sample size :)
johnwalkerpa1 07/18/14 07:31pm Beginning RVing
RE: Insurance pay for plugging into the wrong power sorce?

Buddy of mine just purchased a new to them motor home. Went to look at it and the said the micro wave went up in smoke. They had plugged into their garage plug in the was wired for a 220 welder. Oops! When I explained it to them I said turn it into your insurance company. He said he wouldn't feel right about that. I said it's was an accident because it was not something you did knowing it was wrong. Any thoughts on this? Also how much damage did it do? Really couldn't answer that. I would just tell the insurance company the truth about what happened then let them decide if its covered or not....Nothing to lose, the worst they can say is "no". And, with full disclosure, if they do say 'yes', then his conscience can be clear...
johnwalkerpa1 07/15/14 06:08am General RVing Issues
RE: Smokey Moutians Dinner show

Smokey Mountains - Dixie Stampede or Hatfield & McCoy dinner show? DD10 & DS 13 thanks they are both good, but in our group the kids liked the Dixie Stampede better.
johnwalkerpa1 07/08/14 10:48am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Hershey park campground train

I read all about the train which is why I selected a spot furthest from it. But man, it comes just about every 45 minutes!!! Does it ever stop? We are only here tonight and tomorrow night, but that is one busy rail line! Yes, there is a lot of traffic on that line...the good news is that they (at least as far as I can recall) rarely blow the horns right there...that is what will make me jump at night :)
johnwalkerpa1 07/08/14 10:44am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: No spare tire with rim?

Make sure that you have a secure, out of the way, mounting for the spare wheel and tire. A loose 200 lb spare can do some damage in a sudden stop. In many situations it is not safe/doable for the ill-equipped owner to change RV tires. Good point, but we are talking about E450 size tires, not semi trucks. These spare tire/wheel assemblies are only about 50 pounds. I would say that if one can handle changing a tire on a full size pickup then they should be able to change a class C motorhome tire without much difficulty. Yep...the only difference is you need a little bigger jack...
johnwalkerpa1 07/01/14 12:24pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: No spare tire with rim?

Carry spare. But ERS can do the work. While I watch. X2 on the ERS, I will change it if I have to but not by choice. JMO Yes, that is my plan as well. If I am in a hurry or somewhere without easy access to make the phone call I have changed them myself but otherwise I watch...
johnwalkerpa1 07/01/14 08:12am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Washer and Dryer use?

If you have a washer dryer combo in your MH do you use everyday laundry detergent in it? Do you use a liquid fabric softener in it. Just want to make sure everything is ok going into the tanks. I bought bathroom tissue today, put some in some water and gave it a shake or two. Does not look like it is what I want. Thanks I don't have a washer/dryer but for toilet paper, we have found that Angelsoft is a good compromise as follows: 1. "Works well" before flushing 2. Breaks down quickly after flushing 3. Inexpensive compared to the specialty types
johnwalkerpa1 06/10/14 08:04am Beginning RVing
RE: Going it alone--and female

Could it have been a wolverine? I think I'd sooner take my chances with a grizzly than a wolverine....
johnwalkerpa1 05/29/14 12:21pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Sales Tax / Registration Question

As long as your temporary/transit tags will be valid long enough, wait until you get to Florida to register/pay. If they expire before that time, you will need to make other arrangements.
johnwalkerpa1 05/29/14 06:12am Beginning RVing
RE: Diesel vs. LP Generator

OP here. We’re looking to buy our first MH. We find a number of them with acceptable floor plans. Some have Diesel generators; some have LP. I’m trying to decide if the difference between the two is enough to influence our decision on which coach to buy. I’m inclined to prefer Diesel for the generator, since we dry camp/boondock a lot. But in the past that has usually been in cooler weather, so running the AC would probably not often be a big factor. Trying to decide if I should rule out the MHs with LP generators. Or if I should prefer LP for some reason that has not occurred to me. Either way, we will be using LP for cooking, etc., since we dry camp/boondock a lot. In my experience, cooking, heating water and running furnace doesn't take too much LP. I'm afraid that feeding a generator with LP could get to be a problem when boondocking. Thanks again, Wayne Personally, I would rule out the LP generators mostly due to the fuel tank sizes. Using the large diesel tank gives you much longer run times while saving your propane for other uses. Those on the sprinter chassis have smaller diesel tanks but others are nice sized.
johnwalkerpa1 05/21/14 10:02am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Diesel vs. LP Generator

I have always believed generators need to be run monthly not for the engines sake but for the generator windings to be kept functional. If that's true the fuel wouldn't make a difference. Propane may be cleanner fuel but I would think it would go through fuel pretty quickly especially with a limited supply that Rvs have on board. A pita to deal with. Yes, that is true. While propane will reduce (not eliminate) many of the fuel problems with a generator, it still needs to be run on a routine basis to drive out moisture and avoid issues with the electrical parts...
johnwalkerpa1 05/21/14 09:43am Class A Motorhomes
RE: DirecTv Prices Soaring

Unless the pricing goes way, way down and they use sponsors for the bulk of their income instead of the viewer, there will be no satellite in a short time. Streaming is the new plan mixed with digital broadcast, is the better plan. Maybe, but there are many areas where high speed internet is either not available at all or only available via mobile broadband...and that 5GB per month on the standard plans won't get you much video!
johnwalkerpa1 05/13/14 10:04am Technology Corner
RE: Homer/Seward for 4th of July?

Looks like the RV park question is covered. ...but I'd offer a thought on the general concept. I like Seward and Homer...often drive to Seward for the day and fly to Homer for the weekend....but I wouldn't go to either of them over the 4th of July unless: a) you were looking for a party weekend without much peace and quiet; and b) you had early and guaranteed reservations. Seward, IMNSHO, becomes a zoo over the 4th of July. Homer does as well, but to a slightly lesser degree. X2... In a past life I spent several years in Seward over the 4th and it was not for me. But, its all in what floats your boat. I don't like crowds or parties. And I have nothing against the occasional drink but I don't like drunks. :) But, if you DO like the party scene, you might have a great time.
johnwalkerpa1 04/18/14 06:04pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: We're looking at this one..

It looks nice from the few pictures they list. I would ask for a bunch more pictures so you can see more detail. However, the price is too high for a 1998. I would try for well under 10K. The new tires are a plus.
johnwalkerpa1 04/08/14 06:49am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Final decision - Forest River Forester-2251LE

Thanks all for the replies. Please correct me if I am wrong . I am new to RVing and I have been looking for almost 2 months. The only 28+ feet I found for under $50K is the Coachmen Freelander 28QB . The quality of this model appears to be lower than the quality of Forest River products. No, you are on the right track! The number of new 28+ footers under $50K will be mighty rare! Opinions vary on quality, but personally I do agree with you that the Forest River products are better than Coachmen. And aside from quality, you typically get a little more bang for the buck when you compare features in an apples to apples comparison..
johnwalkerpa1 04/06/14 06:34pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Extra Gas in a Can

A 10-11 gas tank is very small even for a car so I am not sure what RV you have that would only have that size tank? But, if it really is that small, yes you might have some challenges. It all depends, though, on where you are heading. In the lower 48 there are only a handful of places where gas stations are farther apart than 50 miles. I would not carry any gas inside your RV. If you need to carry it you'll need to get some kind of exterior rack. Even if your RV says not to tow, you can probably still have a hitch mounted that would take a 1 1/2 or 2" bar and put a hitch carrier of some type. That wouldn't add that much weight and is not like actually towing something. If you do this, get one of the higher-quality metal jerry cans (think of the kind you used to see on the back of jeeps) that are designed for this use, and they are safe enough....outside...
johnwalkerpa1 04/06/14 06:23pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: How to keep dog bone dry (electrical)

As long as they are in good condition and plugged in tightly, you don't need to keep them dry. They are exterior devices. The only thing I do is make sure that the actual metal parts of the plug are dry before you plug it in. Of course, if at all possible, avoid plugging them in when it's actually raining but once they are plugged in, no worries...
johnwalkerpa1 04/03/14 12:17pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Help For Grand Canyon

Not to generate this discussion ONCE AGAIN but you only see about 10% of the Grand Canyon at the North Rim and a long drive to get there. True enough....I much prefer the north rim BUT, I have already been to the south rim many times. For someone who is a first time visitor, the south rim is where to go.
johnwalkerpa1 04/01/14 11:20am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
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