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RE: Newbie researching Class A.

I've had a 40', 36' and now a 34, all the same brand. Unlike the other posters I find the 34' to be a much different experience than the 40. On the highway the 34' handles about the same as the 40 with the exception of when fast moving semis blast by on my left. The 34' is buffeted a bit more than the 40. But where I really notice the difference is in parking and general maneuvering. The 34' is so much easier. I was really amazed at the difference that 6' in wheelbase makes. Also, on those really tight curvy roads I no longer worry about the back tires dragging over the center line. Just like driving a big pickup! I don't have near the storage capacity I had with the 40' but I never needed all that stuff anyhow! jor
joraz 08/19/17 05:35pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: New 06' Executive Owners... Ride Home

Aqua-hot is low on is it Boiler fluid? and I forgot to ask how it works. We had Aqua Hot on one or our rigs. It just used standard anti-freeze coolant. jor
joraz 06/26/17 05:10pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Newbie driver

I like that concept of thinking of your butt and tire as being in the same location. And to continue with the butt concept, another trick when turning is to wait until your but passes the curb and then begin your turn. That way you'll never drag the tires over the curb. jor
joraz 05/29/17 05:17pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Newbie driver

A lot of Class A drivers tend to drift to the right rather than stay in the middle of the lane. Some affix a paper dot or something to the bottom of the windshield in front of the driver to mark about where the center line should be. If he has this common problem, this will likely give him some relief. jor
joraz 05/28/17 02:11pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Linoleum sheet vs planks vs floating wood plank flooring?

In our last rig we used a product called Karndean. It is loose lay. i.e. you don't affix it to the floor. It's used in a lot of commercial applications. It's pricey but a great product. I'm going to do the same in our current rig. The photo makes the color look uneven. jor https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/7YMvjT8NoyfFaBfpmJ-UpzxY9fxamd6uyoK7ZRSQ3fVbOHipBK86xEsTNvga8jrrtoOykbFQZUJDvj7zuxP2-FD5bUc5Qw_Uw7Ot-p6X3sxeCq8zW89wqWFthZtjMaG9enPFDTw1F9ERlXj6xGZguELSvTol7011jG4mSfSN46pueiUpMtYrPxIOPGMDpQJeA4AHtUaBiH54sR9DFm3UYFUI5xVXqgTQMaT_PqCqLv52jas5zYq3nXg-bcyrJxBB7r-bP34NlVbRZhscuphMYvTc74yVv0G-LXpCUS5d285j6G3Ibe75xgrRF8PqBdcAQ6iMwR7v8WsvBgzBv5DfuWRFyc5NMqmk3gtvXs8TPwBI81R6MWmGsxWnzPD6RKo_Z26WARIwR2UoNNYTpImLqC2XKAXYtJ6-T8pdNeXd6o05dwd67fvkEajdr-CVq7yMgQr2ZN1BnLZayp55SdFmGcvqQfKvhUnFo_OJrLupRCTjeKaAujGs_T_5Kid3H-XtG-nXilzLjmQyEyIscLnua4Zri8NDBra8HZOJWNelhYjV7nKUQiw5G_I4eOTFpBYjfkv87fe5CnOLJHZ7ZAW4dwb2bCTS88661E2CWSyQ6j__N8DEgkAX=w982-h736-no
joraz 05/25/17 04:07pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Charger not Charging

I'm going with the Magnum 2812. Will order today (ouch!). Thanks to all. jor
joraz 01/23/17 10:51am Tech Issues
RE: Charger not Charging

If you have a battery temp sensor Don't have one. when my Trimetric went crazy Never even considered that! It certainly provides a possible solution to a once only event as the inverter works fine now. I have been connecting/disconnecting the batts several times (cutoff switches) and maybe that little guy reset. Anyhow, everything works fine except the charger so I'm going to bite the bullet and get another. I'll go with an inverter-charger rather than replacing just the converter as the box is 20 years old. Guess I'll get a Magnum. I need to do some research. The Freedom is a modified sine but I think I'll go with a pure sine. Expensive things; that's for sure. Any recommendations on what to get if not the Magnum? Thanks to all. jor
joraz 01/22/17 04:39pm Tech Issues
RE: Charger not Charging

I am just guessing of course, so IMO check the true state of those batteries. They look good. The rig has been unplugged (fear) and all batts disconnected for 14 hours. The coach batts are 12.8 and the start batts are 12.7. When I plug it in the charger does not come on. I changed the dip switch on the control panel so I could turn the charger on manually - still no go. I suppose I'll have to get another charger. The thing I was really worried about was the runaway amperage draw. I wasn't able to see the voltage drop as the Trimetric shows only one function at a time but the amps skyrocketed like there was a short circuit. When I tested it a second time, however, it operated properly. Thanks. jor
joraz 01/22/17 09:10am Tech Issues
RE: Charger not Charging

With your shaky battery situation, the DC voltage fell, your amps went way up, and the gen auto start voltage setting was hit. Gens run from the house batts, same as the inverter, so it is noteworthy that the gen even started with the batteries like that. Not sure I understand this. Both the coach and start batteries were fully charged. Before today, the charger was charging the house batts at about 13.3 - 13.4v and I have a Trik-L-Start to keep the new start batts charged too. BTW, the genny did not start; it was just turning over. I am doing some work on it and had the control box disconnected. First thing, check with your meter on the output terminals of the converter for 12 volt charging voltage. You should have 13.5 there. On the Freedom 20 inverter/charger there aren't any external terminals. The darn thing is in a compartment and it's hard to get at too It is definitely not even on - no humm. It sounds like I might have to pull it out of there. Re loose connections, I know the coach batts (2 8Ds) are good and tight but I will check all other connections closely tomorrow. Hadn't thought of just getting a charger. Anyhow, I'll check those connections and hope for more ideas too. Thanks. jor
joraz 01/21/17 09:01pm Tech Issues
Charger not Charging

Heart Interface Freedom 20 Inverter-Charger This is original equipment on a 97 class A. A month or so ago I noticed that the batteries were not being charged. I checked the breaker and reset the breakers on the charger, neither of which appeared to be thrown. Anyhow, I unplugged and plugged in a couple of times and the charger came on. All has been well (parked and plugged into a 30a box) until today. I noticed that the charger wasn't working. Everything else is fine (all outlets, microwave, etc.). Now for a bit of weirdness. I unplugged and tried the inverter with the microwave. I watched the amp draw from the batteries on my Trimetric. It moved up to 80, 90, 100, 125 (that's where it would normally stop) and just kept going. I didn't get it shut down until it had reached around 200 amps! Then the autostart on the generator engaged and tried to start. Anyhow, everything still worked fine and the inverter-charger was not hot on its exterior. I tried the inverter again (with my finger on the microwave stop button) and it operated normally. So... the charger has quit but everything else works when plugged in, when unplugged and when on the inverter. Do I need a new inverter-charger? Thanks. Just thought of another info item. The panel for the Freedom 20 was blinking an error code. The book says that indicates Thermal Shutdown and recommends cooling and cycling power switch. The error is not showing now; it indicates charging but is not. jor
joraz 01/21/17 03:01pm Tech Issues
Fleetguard Coolant EG vs. PG

97 Cummins 8.3 I bought this rig a few months back. It is running Fleetguard ES Compleat PG coolant. I am having a hard time locating any of this stuff. Everyone stocks EG. Can these be mixed? I intend to call Cummins too. As I understand it, the PG is supposed to be more environmentally friendly but otherwise has the same characteristics as the EG. Also, Cummins has been maintaining this rig and they have been installing a coolant filter with DCAs. I thought that ELC type coolant used just a blank filter rather than one with DCAs. Thanks. jor
joraz 01/14/17 03:04pm Class A Motorhomes
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