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RE: Pittsburgh Parks

UPDATE Well, we settled on Rose Point Park Campground in Newcastle. Look like large sites and it's just 35 minutes from Pittsburgh. Thanks, again. jor
joraz 08/19/15 11:10am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Towing a 2000 Subaru Outback

We used to tow a 99. Now tow a 2008. Just put it in neutral and put the key in the accessory position and off you go. jor
joraz 08/13/15 06:17pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Pittsburgh Parks

Hey, guys. OP here. Thanks very much for all of these suggestions. My wife is researching them now. Several good possibilities. Of course, there's always the fallback of cbshoestring's grassy area which I understand is ours for a bottle of Kalua and a six pack of Bud. Thanks again to all. jor
joraz 08/11/15 05:08pm Class A Motorhomes
Pittsburgh Parks

We're going to visit our daughter in Pittsburgh in September. I've read there are issues around there with narrow roads and low bridges. Anyhow, I'm looking for recommendations on places to park the rig (40 footer and toad). We don't need to park real near to her house. She lives in the North Shore area near Allegheny General Hospital. Thanks. jor
joraz 08/09/15 01:43pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Big FMCA Rally Advice

Thanks to all. Just signed up. We decided to stay on site and have a 30 amp spot reserved. We'll take the "arrive early" advice too. We're looking forward to this as it really takes us out of our comfort zone. Have always avoided large gatherings and never been in that part of the country. Thanks again for all the input. jor
joraz 07/17/15 06:16pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Typical Data Usage

Thanks to all. We're going to go with the 10 gigs for now and see what happens. We can always kick it up later. I hope we never get up into Sato's data territory; I'd have to go back to work! jor
joraz 07/17/15 08:25am Technology Corner
Big FMCA Rally Advice

We've never been to one of these but I think we will head up to Wisconsin to check out the one coming up at the end of the month. We are in a 40 footer with toad. I've got a few questions directed toward FMCA rally veterans: 1. They offer dry camp, 30 amp and 50 amp. No prob dry camping for us but what do you prefer? 2. Anyone stay outside the rally and buy day passes? 3. Any prob leaving a well behaved dog in coach when attending seminars? 4. Any prob getting toad out on demand? 5. How about the seminars? Are they usually full? Any other advice? Thanks. jor
joraz 07/17/15 08:22am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Typical Data Usage

So far it sounds as though 10 gigs will do the trick. Thanks. Where we live no internet is available except by cell or satellite. Regarding this statement, are you using your cell phone for internet access at home? This is something we were thinking about too as we don't know where we'll eventually end up. Thanks. jor
joraz 07/14/15 09:11am Technology Corner
Typical Data Usage

We recently (2 weeks ago) sold our house and find ourselves in our RV so I guess we are full timing. I'm looking for recommendations on what Verizon data plan to use. Here's our deal: * 2 of us in a motorhome with 2 iPads, 2iPhones and 2 Air laptops. * Using iPhone hotspot as a router with Sleek and antenna when necessary. * Subscribe to online NYTimes and Wash Post. * Family blogging * Usual email, texting and browsing. * iPhone as a GPS occasionally. * No video streaming (watch local news & DVDs). When we were doing regular RVing (had a home to return to) we maintained a 6 gig plan and it worked out OK. We upped it to 10 gigs now but don't have enough experience to know if that's enough. Just lookin' for a little advice. jor
joraz 07/14/15 08:19am Technology Corner
RE: Recommend Lounge Chair

Cabella's. I will check them out. Thanks jor
joraz 06/20/15 01:09pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Recommend Lounge Chair

Checked out Lafuma and Faulkner. Look good but both are almost as heavy as the one I've got. In looking around I came across the Ergolounger (about $170). Nice and light at only 12 pounds! Anyone tried it? Thanks. jor
joraz 06/19/15 08:31pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Why do we need such a big windshield???

I've had both large and smaller windows. I like em' both! Our present coach is 20 years old with narrow windshields. Different strokes... jor http://i102.photobucket.com/albums/m105/joroiga/windshield_zpsxtowswam.jpg
joraz 06/19/15 03:21pm Class A Motorhomes
Recommend Lounge Chair

I've got a lounge that we bought from Camping World a few years ago. I've never liked it as it seems uncomfortable, unwieldy and heavy. Anyone have a recommendation for a nice light and comfortable stowable lounge chair? I'm thinking something along the lines of ZipDee chairs which are simple, light and of excellent quality. Thanks. jor
joraz 06/19/15 11:15am Class A Motorhomes
RE: How many of you simply don't bother with hookups?

I usually don't connect water - just use it to fill my tank. Don't normally connect to sewer either - just dump before we leave the site. I always hook up to power though. Of course, you need power if you are going to run your air conditioner and it's silly ro draw down your batteries with your microwave if you have power available. Interesting question. jor
joraz 06/04/15 04:53pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: VPN software?

I use OpenVPN. Many domestic and foreign servers and always adding more. $9.95 per month - month to month. jor
joraz 03/18/15 09:47pm Technology Corner
RE: Bulk-Absorption Charging Voltage

UPDATE from OP Well, I finally got to the RV today (painting my house). Anyhow, as you will recall I was concerned that my 130 amp charger wasn't providing the necessary amperage to my two 8Ds. My Trimetric indicated it was only hitting them with 50 amps or so even when the batts were 30% discharged. Anyhow, I ran the microwave and other stuff today with the inverter and reduced the batts state of charge to 89%. Then I plugged in. The Trimetric showed 50+ amps. Then I put an ammeter on the charger and noted over 100 amps. Same at the batteries. So... it looks like my whole problem is with my meter. Have to do more checking now. I'm pretty certain I have it all wired correctly but you know how that goes. It will probably end up to be user error. I'll post when I have the solution. jor
joraz 03/17/15 06:57pm Tech Issues
RE: Bulk-Absorption Charging Voltage

Try powering the charger with shore power, on 70% batteries, to compare. It may be a combination of things... poor line power, old charger, chronically undercharged batteries, under-wired, etc. I will do that. I've printed out a bunch of the comments and am going to get into it in a week or so. Right now, it's the house getting all my attention! Thanks. jor
joraz 03/05/15 06:58pm Tech Issues
RE: Bulk-Absorption Charging Voltage

OP here. I'm back home now but won't be able to address this for a week or so. Anyhow, I've noted a number of comments for my reference and I appreciate all of this great input. I wanted to reply to a few things that have been brought up. JRNY: I have a remote panel with dip switches. Power sharing is off. I set it for wet-cold as this is the closest profile to my Concord AGMs. These batts are about one year old and have never been discharged below 50%. BEND & OTHERS: It's supposed to deliver the full rated current in bulk. I hadn't noticed the timer function determining when it goes to Acceptance (absorption). MEXICO: Yes, they are AGMs. SALVO: I will do as you suggest. Discharge to 50% and take readings at charger and batts. SMK: The inverter works great. Never thought of just adding a charger. Probably save me a bunch of money. Good idea. Anyhow, when I get to this I will relight this post and update with what I have found. I plugged it in when I got home Sunday. The Trimetric indicates it now has a 95% charge and is only accepting point one amps. Thought it would be 100% after driving for five hours. One more thing. Another guy on another forum has a similar rig to mine and also has the Freedom 25. He sees over 100 amps in bulk. Thanks again to all for great comments. jor
joraz 03/03/15 04:44pm Tech Issues
RE: Bulk-Absorption Charging Voltage

OP here. After around three hours the charging rate dropped down to float (13.4v) at 5.6a and 88% charge. Size of Wires: The wiring is three ot. Condition of Wires: All connections are clean, shiny and tight. I check that regularly; 3 Stage Time: I understand it takes a long time to get these babies fully charged; Verify with Hand Held: Jrny, thanks for the arithmetic. From reading all the posts it does sound like this charger is doing the job correctly but not putting out enough amps. Anyhow, we will be home this afternoon and I can do some tests. I will double check connections. Here's what I plan to do. Is it a good approach? 1. Plug in to my 50 amp outlet (should already be 100% charged when we get home though); 2. Set the Trimetric. 3. Equalize the Concords (this charger will put out an equalizing charge with a change in the dip switches although I've never done it). 4. Unplug and put big loads on the batts (microwave) and draw them down 30% or so; 5. Plug back in and take a bunch of measurements with a multimeter and of course, check the Trimetric. Anyhow, if I need to I can buy a Magnum to replace this one if it's failing. Thanks for comments (keep them coming) and I'll post results. jor
joraz 02/28/15 08:20am Tech Issues
RE: Bulk-Absorption Charging Voltage

So if you are already at reduced amps at 70% it means you have a fairly high charging rate and are already on the tapering curve (caused by reducing battery acceptance as SOC rises) This is pretty interesting. Thanks. right now, after like 2 1/2 hours, I am seeing 14.2v and 27.5 amps and 85% battery charge. I have to check out now. Thank you all for your input. Next time I get on, I'll check my post and I will follow up with whatever I find out. Thanks. jor
joraz 02/27/15 05:18pm Tech Issues
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