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RE: first trip out in the new trailer

It seems to me that I read a post a while back about placement of the overflow tube on some trailers can create a syphon effect. Thus it just wasn't the surplus that was coming out. I believe this was solved by rerouting the overflow tube to raise it up so it didn't act as a syphon. Maybe someone else can chime in and give you a more specific answer.
jrs1871 04/14/14 12:36pm General RVing Issues
RE: The Tax Man

I think what you will find is that there is a lot of misinformation or lack of understanding the statutes out there when trying to figure out the correct meaning of weight when tagging your truck and RV. At least that is what we just went through in Kansas. Our truck empty weight per the title is 7420. Our new trailer GVWR is 14220 although our actual loaded weight when we hit the road is just under 12000 (verified by scales). When we went to correct how our truck was taxed (the original title said it was a car), they said we needed a 16-20M tag which covers the GCWR and they wanted $291 just for the tag with property tax on top of that. I knew that wasn't the way our previous truck and fifth wheel was tagged and the weights were nearly identical. So I checked the statute and it states the trucks tag must cover the truck and the towed trailer except RV's for personal use only are limited to 12,000 pounds total. Well it seems most motor vehicle and appraiser's offices miss that little sub section of the statute. I even called the state dept. of motor vehicles and the gal I talked to was not aware of that sub section. Long story short, I took a copy of the statute with me when we renewed the tags and MV agreed and reduced the tag to 12,000. The appraiser's office still insisted it needed to be 16-20M. We now keep a copy of that statute in the truck so in the likelihood (probably pretty rare) that we are ever stopped for a weight check, we have the proof of why it is tagged the way it is. We are also on pretty firm ground because that truck never tows anything except the trailer. That might be where the original poster came under the other tagging provisions because he said he pulled other trailers. In KS, if you pull other trailers, agricultural or commercial, you fall under the heavier weight requirements.
jrs1871 04/07/14 07:43am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Chief Mountain Highway

I'm not sure were you are coming from but if you are coming up the east side of Glacier National Park, MT 49 between US 2 and US 89 is NOT a road to take. There are signs on the south end warning you about low clearances; I am not sure about the north end. And US 89 from Browning to ST. Mary is crooked as a goat trail. Nor a problem to tow but a lot of 35 MPH curves.
jrs1871 04/05/14 09:29am Roads and Routes
US 24 across IN and IL?

We are planning our trip back from Elkart, IN later this summer and we are looking at US 24 from Logansport, IN across to I55 in Illinois. We would take I55 south to US 136 and then pick up US 24 on into Quincy. We are just looking a route that is not all interstate but that is decent. Are there any hiccups to that route that you are aware of. I realize that you go through some smaller towns but it didn't look like that would be a huge problem.
jrs1871 04/05/14 09:22am Roads and Routes
RE: RV Parky is now FREE for everybody (Android and iOS)

We used this ap on our trip last summer and were quite pleased with it. I found it to be accurate in most instances. The times it was off on a park, I figured it was the result of a recent change that just hadn't been programmed into it yet. I am using this in conjunction with other park reviews in planning this summer's trip.
jrs1871 03/24/14 05:51am Technology Corner
RE: Route south to north info

Just came up I35 and there is a lot of construction from Georgetown to Waco on I35. And it looks from the scope of the project that the construction will last 3 to 4 years. Will be nice when done but for now it is a major PIA especially when you toss in some really aggressive drivers. We will be taking 281 from San Antonio to Jacksboro next year. We don't care for 77 although it is a scenic drive for the most part. JMHO.
jrs1871 03/16/14 07:24am Snowbirds
RE: Daytona National Anthem - Sorry performance

It seems to me that the professional singers try to bring their own special touch to the song, however ever horrible the end result might be. Some of the best renditions I have heard have been from the guy next door or the gal down the street that have a good voice and sing the song the way it is written, with feeling and without trying to make it something it is not. I too would like to smack the folks that don't have the courtesy or the brains to be respectful when the song is performed.
jrs1871 02/26/14 03:58pm Around the Campfire
Stopping auto run facebook videos on android phone

Maybe it is just me, but I am seeing more and more auto run facebook videos that eat into my data total. I really don't care to view most of them. I have a Samsung S3 running android 4.3. So far I haven't found a way to stop those auto run videos. Any suggestions?
jrs1871 02/26/14 03:48pm Technology Corner
RE: The snowbird crowd is ageing

I was not talking about COE parks. I was talking about commercial RV parks. Yes, I know the jerks that you are referring to and they definitely know how to work the system. One would think that the reservation system could have a flag for a stay longer than 14 days in the same park even if it is a different site. And I realize that the walk up sites are often held for friends even though it is not allowed. For these reasons, we seldom stay in a COE park anymore.
jrs1871 01/27/14 03:45pm Snowbirds
RE: The snowbird crowd is ageing

It is interesting to read about the new snowbirds that want to be spontaneous in their travel but don't like that they get put in the less desirable spots. Well guess what, those folks that stay there for two or three months or more over the winter season are the folks that enable the park owner to pay the bills. The overnighters, or weekly visitors are not a reliable source of income. The owner does not know if they will be there are not. Accordingly, those willing to make a longer term stay commitment are going to get the more desireable spots. This is nothing different than we have noticed in some parks during our summer travels. The seasonal sites have the better shade trees, wider spaces, etc. Do we feel slighted? No, we don't expect the park owner to save the prime spots for us when we will only be there a few nights. It is not all about us. We are just pleased there are parks out there in the areas we visit. If we are really unhappy about the accomodations, we just mark that park off the list of those we would return to.
jrs1871 01/27/14 06:40am Snowbirds
RE: Eliminate Underlined HYPERLINKS For Every Fourth Word?

Do a search for "removing annoying programs" in technology. I inadvertently got a present of the programs that cause those hyperlinks when I was updating another program. posed the question and got the way to fix them. I finally got rid of them using the instructions for removing jfs.ticket.net. For what its worth, I use firefox with adblocker, noscript and ghostery and still managed to get those PIAs.
jrs1871 01/20/14 05:07am Technology Corner
RE: Wait to complain or wait to hear from dealer first

In my experience, most RV repair facilities want to do a good job and do it timely but they tend to over promise. Throw in delays in ordering or getting parts from the manufacturer and the situation can go down hill quickly. Case in point. We had to take our trailer in for warranty work last summer. We made the appointment six weeks ahead of time, to fit into our travel schedule, and to give them plenty of time to get all the needed parts. I emailed them periodically during that six weeks with a few other minor matters that cropped up. They told us that the repairs would take a full day. Well we showed up at the appointed time on the scheduled day and they took the trailer into the shop. We went sight seeing, etc. for the entire day and came back just before closing time expecting to have the work done. Wrong. Two and one half days later they finished most of the stuff on the list and we left. After noon on the second day, hubby started quizzing them about when they would be done. A couple of things that needed fixed but weren't critical to our use of the trailer were not done because it would have taken another day but they were scheduled to do an out of town service call. That was a Friday which meant we would have been there over the weekend and they would have gotten back to it on Monday. The problem, local and I presume long time customers, showed up at the repair facility and they would stop work on our trailer and take care of the drop in. Needless to say, we would give the repair place high marks for the quality of the work completed because it was done well and right but we could not say the same about timeliness. So the gist of all this is be nice but be persistent. Give tham a reasonable amount of time, realizing that you are not the only customer, and then start putting on pressure where ever you think is necessary.
jrs1871 01/09/14 06:57am General RVing Issues
RE: removing annoying program

Thanks shakyjay. Those removal instructions went further that what I was able to find. For those that questioned, I am using Windows 7 pro, SP 1. When I tried to do an uninstall program from the control panel and also through ASC uninstall programs, neither were listed in the installed programs. But it looks like these instructions may just be what I needed. Thanks again. FWIW I am very careful when updating programs, I try to unclick all that unneeded and unwanted garbage that they piggyback in there but somehow I missed these two. It seems like this type of piggybacking is getting worse.
jrs1871 01/06/14 09:06am Technology Corner
removing annoying program

Somehow I got two very annoying programs inadvertently loaded onto my computer. I presume they arrived when I tried to update Adobe Flash Player. The programs are jsf.jsticket.net and fastonlinefinder.com. Both are ad type programs and are a PIA. I googled how to delete them and it said to do an uninstall program. Unfortunately when I go to my list of programs, they do not show up. I even tried listing hidden files and no luck. So I presume they are piggybacked onto to something else. I downloaded Junk Removal Tool and it got rid of some other unwanted******but not these two. Any suggesting on what else I might try to get rid of them?
jrs1871 01/06/14 06:45am Technology Corner
RE: 4% rule for retirement

There is a lot of good information and some misconception in this thread. But there are things that really stood out for me. One, you are far better prepared for retirement if you started investing early on (even in small amounts) and continued to invest through the ups and downs of the markets. Two, every one has different risk tolerances so what is acceptable for one may make someone else uncomfortable. The 4% rule is a general guide but is not for everybody. We started investing in 1971 with $25 per month which in some months was very hard to come by. But we did it through automatic withdrawal so that we would not be tempted to skip it some months. We gradually upped the amounts as our financial situation improved. We have weathered some very significant down turns (1994, 2002, 2008) and have seen our investments recoup the losses and grow to greater amounts. Our portfolio is comprised of several different types of investments and we consult with our advisor at least a couple of times of years to rebalance as necessary. We have both pre tax and after tax accounts and will now be taking RMD's from the pre tax accounts. We never took a withdrawal from our investments to buy the car, boat, etc like I had so many of my clients do over the years. It is our retirement money, not just another savings account. We have been blessed but the older we get, the more concern we have about outliving our money. Do we think that we have a workable plan for our retirement finances. Yes but that could all go out the window in short order. We will just take care of the stuff we can control and deal with the rest of it if we have to, when we have to.
jrs1871 11/26/13 06:16am Around the Campfire
RE: suggestions for Black Hills to Elkhart, IN

Not totally opposed to using interstates but you get a much better view of the country using US and good state highways. I was really looking for points of interest that would warrant an over night stay or even two or three in a particular area. I have looked at the tourism websites for the states but am interested in personal experiences. Unfortunately what the tourism dept. promotes gets a little over blown at times. I did look up the scenic byway drives in SD and Iowa. But while the SD site lists the Native American scenic byway, it doesn't show the highways that comprise that byway. So kind of hard to evaluate the route when you can't figure out what it is.
jrs1871 11/26/13 05:47am Roads and Routes
RE: I 80 Nebraska ???

Those are called borrow pits. They "borrowed" the dirt to build the interstate and shallow ponds along the road way are the result. They are not uncommon in the midwest along I 35 in Kansas, I70 and I80. I am sure there are probably some along other interstates but I am only familiar with these.
jrs1871 11/25/13 10:03am Roads and Routes
suggestions for Black Hills to Elkhart, IN

I am planning a group trek for a group of folks towing fifth wheels this summer from the Black Hills area to Elkhart, Indiana. We prefer to not use interstates when an acceptable alternative exists. Also daily travel should be 200 to 300 mile range. We have approximately two weeks allotted for the trip so there is plenty of time to stop and visit points of interest. We don't want to go through Chicago so will be swinging south to avoid that area. Any suggestions for roads, exceptional campgrounds and points of interest would be appreciated. Thanks for your suggestions.
jrs1871 11/25/13 10:00am Roads and Routes
RE: Quickbooks or Quicken

Quick Books is a double entry system while Quicken is a single entry system. From an accounting perspective, the double entry system is more reliable and produces better reports. Your accountant will normally prefer QB. I would recommend staying with QB since you are already using it.
jrs1871 11/09/13 06:22am Around the Campfire
RE: I just have to say it one more time

It isn't just the extra light that I like. I always felt closed in with the outside door closed. And like cpaulsen noted, you can remove any part of it to let in some fresh air. Our new trailer came with the "soft" storm door panels. It will be interesting to see if they hold up as well as the ones made from Lexan or plexiglass. I do know that the clips that they used to attach it to the door aren't worth a dang. Four have broken already. We replaced them with window clips that we got at the local hardware. Unfortunately the ones we bought aren't offset like the original ones were so they stick out a little. I am still looking for the offset clips but the replacement ones are doing the job so there is no big rush to find them.
jrs1871 10/30/13 06:22am Fifth-Wheels
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