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I think that this will be too much trailer for your truck. We have a 2010 Chevy 2500 HD long bed, Duramax and the max pin weight is 3000 and max trailer weight is 13,300. Our 5th wheel weighs 12,280 loaded (no water) ready to roll and the pin weight is 2840. This setup pulls just fine, but I would not want to go any heavier. You can find a FW that will fit within the tow limits of your GMC, but it takes some looking and you need to know your tow specs. Now I will get flamed as someone will post that they pull what you are proposing with their 2500 SRW and have no problems. Be that as it may, we prefer to stay within our limits. I'd like the truck to last us a long time.
jrs1871 08/25/14 05:01am Fifth-Wheels
RE: I-435 from Liberty SE to Olathe KS?

We just came through 152 to west I435 last Sunday. There was no blockage although they had been doing some road work in the area. Maybe we were lucky or maybe you were unlucky but that is the route we normally take.
jrs1871 08/18/14 06:03am Roads and Routes
RE: I-435 from Liberty SE to Olathe KS?

Second taking 152 west at Liberty to west 435. Once you get past the two or three stop lights on the east end of 152 it is smooth sailing to 435. It doesn't seem that traffic on west 435 is as heavy as east 435 and it is shorter.
jrs1871 08/17/14 06:18am Roads and Routes
RE: anode rod

You might try cleaning the threads on the water heater with a small wire brush. Corrosion can build up enough to make it hard to thread the rod. When we store the RV for the winter, we clean the threads, put a light coat of vaseline on the threads, and then put a clean cloth loosely in the hole. This keeps bugs, etc out of the water heater and keeps the threads from corroding. When we reinstall the rod in the spring, we start it with our fingers, then tighten just enough to snug it with a socket. We also use a wrap of teflon tape on the rod.
jrs1871 07/15/14 06:07am General RVing Issues
RE: Insurance pay for plugging into the wrong power sorce?

A similar thing happened to us about 5 years ago. We plugged into a 30 amp circuit that had mistakenly been wired to 220. You are correct in that it fried more than the microwave. It fried all items with a circuit board, converter, refrigerator, 2 TV's, microwave, satellite receiver, etc. Our insurance covered the fridge, converter and microwave because they are "attached" to the RV. The TV's were on us. All told, the cost to replace everything was over $2,000. So with our $500 deductible and having to replace the TV's on our dime, we were out about $1,000. This little disaster did not raise our rates on our next renewal. When we got home from that trip we bought a Progressive Industries surge protector/low voltage unit and have used it religiously since. But so far, that has been the only surge that we have experienced. We have had shut downs for low voltage several times.
jrs1871 07/15/14 05:58am General RVing Issues
RE: Wichita to Custer National Battlefield

There a couple of roads in KS that you can take to get over to US 83. Take 83 to North Platte, NE. Holiday RV park there is a nice and easy in, easy out park. Take 83 north of there to 2 and take 2 west to 385. Roads are decent and the route is a scenic as it gets in the panhandle of NE.
jrs1871 07/14/14 05:28am Roads and Routes
RE: 50 amp Power Cord

When our trailer was new, it was difficult the first few times to get the cord lined up and seated properly. We put a little dielectric grease on the plug and that helped. We also marked, with a magic marker, where the little button on the side of the cord had to be for it to align correctly. Thankfully now that we have plugged and unplugged the cord many times, it is much easier.
jrs1871 07/07/14 05:47am General RVing Issues
RE: indoor insects.....OUCH!!!!!!

We have had good luck with no pest strips hung in the storage compartments. We get them at the farm store and get the generic brand as they are cheaper than the Home Defense brand. It was amazing how many dead critters we had in the compartments when we didn't think we had any problems. These strips are not a good idea for the living area while you are occupying the trailer. But you could put them out for a few days then air the trailer out before you use it.
jrs1871 06/13/14 05:26am General RVing Issues
RE: I-35 SW of Kansas City to NE of MKC problems?

If it were me, I would take I435 up to 152 then across to I35. That is the route we always take when we are catching I35 on the north side. I don't like downtown KC (I35) even in the car. You do run into 2 or 3 stop lights on 152 just west of I35 but the rest of it is 4 lane road, smooth sailing.
jrs1871 06/12/14 04:15pm Roads and Routes
RE: El Paso to Kansas City

I'm not sure of the mileage but we have done I25 to Springer and then east on US 56 to Marion, KS, east on KS 150 to US 50, US 50 to Emporia, then either I35 or I335/I70 to KC, depending of what part of KC you are headed to. It is good roads all the way and the grades around Santa Fe are not bad at all. We prefer US 56 to US 54 because there is not as much truck traffic and the road is/was in better condition. It is a super two and the slow downs for towns are not bad, actually kind of a nice break. There is a stretch between Springer and Clayton, NM (about 60 miles)with no fuel stops so you have to plan accordingly.
jrs1871 06/02/14 05:04am Roads and Routes
RE: Axle Alignment

Having been down this road, I can give you a quick check that will tell you if your axles are out of alignment. Measure from hub to hub on both sides. The measures should be virtually equal, maybe 1/8" difference but not 3/4" like our trailer was. Also take a level and measure each wheel vertically and horizontally. Again the measurements should be virtually equal. The vertical will probably be off of straight perpendicular but the difference on each of the wheels should be the same. We noticed the tire wear problem like you noted and that was when Lippert was having to replace a lot of axles. Our axles were OK but they were out of alignment by 3/4". That caused a lot of tire scrubbing when we were going down the road. Althought it was not that expensive (about $100 ten years ago), the manufacturer reimbursed us even though we were out of warranty by that time.
jrs1871 05/30/14 12:18pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: anode rod threads

We clean the threads every fall when we winterize by using the round wire brush used when soldering copper. Then we take a clean cloth, dab it liberally into vaseline, wipe the threads and then leave the cloth loosely in the hole over the winter. When we put the anode rod back in during our spring prep, it goes in smoothly. We also use teflon tape around the rod to help eliminate leaks.
jrs1871 05/29/14 07:42pm Tech Issues
RE: 2015 Bay Hill 295RL Problems

While we don't have the same brand that you do, we don't have any dealers within 300 miles of us that carry our brand. When we were at the factory last summer, which was planned in conjunction with a trip in that area, we asked for and received permission for our local independent RV repair place to perform any other warranty work that we might need. The factory only specified that any warranty issues have to be discussed with them prior to having the work completed. So you might get in touch with the factory, explain your situation and see if they will authorize a local shop to perform the needed repairs.
jrs1871 05/27/14 01:17pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Ohio Technical College Anybody know anything?

I don't know about Ohio Technical College but I do know that McPherson College, McPherson, KS has an antique car restoration program. Their graduates are highly recruited. They have even worked on Jay Leno's cars. And this is not a for profit school like those advertising on TV all the time. It is a private liberal arts college.
jrs1871 05/13/14 07:01am Around the Campfire
RE: Some peoples kids

It doesn't take much, or very big hail to damage those fins. Now that you have it straightened out, fix it so it won't happen again. Take the shroud off and put a piece of hailscreen over that opening. You can use pop rivets or screws to hold the screen in place. Reinstall the shroud and you are good to go. That sure beats straightening those fins again.
jrs1871 05/13/14 06:45am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Route 50 through Kansas

US 50 is a good road but it does carry a lot of truck traffic. However most of the road is a super two with passing lanes every few miles. Although not exactly a tourist attraction, you might find Greensburg interesting. The town was literally wiped out by an F5 tornado five years ago and it is/has been rebuilt using green technology. There are also many good mom & pop restaurants to stop at along the way. Just look to see where the cowboys are eating.
jrs1871 05/09/14 02:28pm Roads and Routes
RE: Surge Protectors. Do You Use One?

For several years, we did not use a surge protector. We did check the post with one of those lighted power testers before we plugged and we never had a problem. Then one day, we were late getting set up, we couldn't find the tester (because it did not get put back in its proper place) so we just plugged in. Never had a problem before so didn't figure we'd have one this time. Wrong. The 30 amp outlet was incorrectly wired as a 220. Well we kissed the converter, microwave, refrigerator control board, 2 TV's, satellite receiver and a fan goodbye from that little omission. Insurance, minus the deductible, covered the converter, microwave and refrigerator control board because they were "attached" to the RV. The rest of the stuff was on us. Expensive lession. We got the Progressive Industries EMS for that RV. When we traded RV's the first thing we did was install a hardwired PI EMS. Yes it was over $300 but it was still a lot cheaper than replacing all the other electronics. Do what you want, but we will never be without one.
jrs1871 05/09/14 08:18am General RVing Issues
RE: Keystone warranty frustration

I imagine it is not such a problem in the more populated states but sometimes out here in the wide open spaces, there is no dealer for a particular make of trailer close to you. I know that there is no dealer for our trailer in the state of Kansas. We traveled 6 hours when we bought it. Last summer we came back from a trip through Indiana to have some warranty issues fixed. But we also got assurances that we could use the local independent RV repair shop for other warranty matters that might arise as long as the factory was contacted prior to warranty repairs being made. If for some reason the local independent shop could not fix the problem, we would have no choice except to drive at least two hours to get repairs. And we live in eastern Kansas; it would be even more of an issue if we lived in western Kansas. But that is the way it is and sometimes you just have to do what you got to do.
jrs1871 05/09/14 08:07am General RVing Issues
RE: Just when your faith needs renewed......

Yes, it is situations like that that restore your faith in mankind. He was obviously in need, but he also recognized that there were others that were in worse straits than he was. I have had a couple of situations in the last few months that are along the same vein. Our small community runs a food pantry that is operated out of our church. On one of our distribution days, a lady showed up nearly at the end of our time. She came from the senior housing in her electric wheel chair because that is her only means of transportation. She had purposely waited to the end because she wanted to make sure that families of children got food. She needed help but she thought of others first. The second time was this last month. A family with several children had been coming to the pantry over the winter. Both he and his wife had lost their jobs and needed help getting by. He kept saying that when they got back on their feet, they would pay it back. In February when he came to get food, he asked the coordinator what he could do. The coordinator told him when they were in a better position, they could just donate some food to the pantry. I was working in April when he came bearing seven cases of fruit, vegetables, tuna and soup. He and his wife had both found work and they were just keeping their promise. Sure is different from the ones that come in to get food and then complain that the only meat you have that week is tuna or that they are tired of green beans.
jrs1871 05/04/14 07:01am Around the Campfire
RE: 5th wheel front living room makes and models

Cedar Creek makes a front living room model. I think it is the 38FL. It is a beautiful rig but I am not convinced I would like the front living room. Oh well that is what makes finding an RV great, there are lots of choices out there.
jrs1871 05/02/14 05:43am Fifth-Wheels
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