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RE: Keystone owners heads up

We have a similar problem on our trailer. Although we caught it before the floor rotted, you can still see water stains on the slide floor. We have recaulked it regularly since new. But it would flex and break loose the caulking almost immediately. We had a tech work on it while at FROG. He said that type of trim is notorious for leaking and the screws holding it on from the bottom are not catching like they should. He took out the old screws and put in 3" screws to get back into the framing. Time will tell if that takes care of the problem. But we just got home from a 5,000 mile trip and the caulking is intact. So the longer screws might be something to consider when you replace the floor.
jrs1871 09/13/17 06:05am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Brake connection warning on 2010 Chevy

Thanks for the replies. After we got to our destination, I did a little more sleuthing to track down possible culprits. Putting a multimeter on the 7 pin plug showed that there was full voltage to the trailer brakes and no breaks in the wires. Closer inspection of the 7 pin connector revealed there was a little slop in the slots. So I used a small flat bladed screwdriver and bent the contacts out to make better contact. Also I trimmed down an emory board and ran it up and down in each of the slots to clean off any buildup. Finally, I sprayed contact cleaner into the trailer plug and put dielectric grease on the truck connector. It all worked as we have not gotten a warning in over 1000 miles on a wide range of roads.
jrs1871 09/04/17 04:08am Tow Vehicles
RE: Think you can go fast while towing?

We saw a very similar wreck on I95 in Maine this week. We were traveling our normal 62-63 when a pickup pulling an airstream type bumper pull flew by us in the left lane. Not 5 minutes later he lost control and flipped the trailer. The truck did stay upright but I imagine the frame was twisted. You could see the tire marks where the trailer went onto the right shoulder, across both lanes and then flipped with the truck headed north in the southbound lane. Luckily we could get by on the right shoulder while they were awaiting the emergency vehicles. Friends that were traveling behind us sat in a traffic jam for over an hour while they cleaned up the mess. It did appear that he had a weight distribution hitch on the truck but I am not positive.
jrs1871 09/04/17 03:56am General RVing Issues
Brake connection warning on 2010 Chevy

We tow with a 2010 Chevy Duramax using the onboard brake controller. On the last two trips we have gotten intermitment warnings to check the trailer wiring connection. But each time we checked, the trailer brake, turn and clearance lights are working. This has happened on both rough and smooth highways so I don't think road surface is causing the warning. I have used electronic cleaner on the 7 pin connector but that also doesn't seem to be a problem. And I checked the wire connections at the axles and they appear to be tight. So I am thinking the problem may be with the truck. But I am not sure where to start looking.
jrs1871 08/23/17 08:19am Tow Vehicles
RE: Cleaning bug residue

For the quick cleaning of bugs when on the road, we use Turtle Wax bug and tar remover. It does a good job and doesn't take off the wax. The trick is to not let them get baked on; then the job becomes much harder. But dryer sheets, bug remover or whatever method you prefer still requires a little elbow grease. The trick is to minimize the elbow grease as much as possible. LOL
jrs1871 07/27/17 05:46am General RVing Issues
RE: First extended trip with 5th wheel

Those hills on 281 can be long and the extended pull while not steep will cause your transmission to shift down. Eleven MPG is actually pretty good but it might go up just a bit if your speed dropped a couple of MPH. We get our best mileage at 62-63 MPH. Just saying.
jrs1871 07/23/17 06:11am Fifth-Wheels
Windows 10 laptop very slow

I bought a new Dell laptop that came preloaded with windows 10. I hated the windows 10 interface so I downloaded a free program called Classic Shell that makes it look like windows 7 even it is still running windows 10. The problem is it runs slower than molasses and I have not loaded any programs except my antivirus program. RAM after the initial bootup is fine. But it shows the CPU running at 95%+ all the time. I can't find anything that should be making the CPU run like that. Suggestions or should I take it back and have Staples tech look at it?
jrs1871 07/22/17 06:05am Technology Corner
RE: Oven to Cooktop Conversion

We replaced the stove top/oven unit with a cooktop only. Then we built two drawers to fit in the space formerly occupied by the oven. This is where I store my pots and pans. And with the drawers, it is easy to get to what you need.
jrs1871 07/15/17 06:54am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: battery charging inconsistently

The battery could be going bad or the converter could be on its last legs. I would tend to believe it is the converter if it is OEM. The OEM converters are borderline at best. To check, you might take your battery to an auto parts store and have them test it. If it checks out OK, it is your converter. If you need to replace your converter, look for a smart converter with a higher amp rating than the OEM.
jrs1871 07/02/17 07:31am Fifth-Wheels
RE: New Sierra 5th wheel question

It could be that your tank handles are mislabeled. It wouldn't be the first time that has happened. You may need to experiment a little to determine specifically which handle goes to which tank.
jrs1871 06/26/17 05:07am Fifth-Wheels
RE: every week its something

Like Dutchmen Sport said you could be in a no reception area. If you have a smart phone, there are a couple of apps that show what TV channels you should be able to get and what direction they come from. As for a problem coming up every time you turn around, that is part and parcel of the RVing lifestyle. Things get shook loose/disconnected or just break. If you were dragging your stick and brick down the highway, you would have similar problems.
jrs1871 06/23/17 05:48am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Slide Out

On our old trailer with hydraulic slides, there was a fitting on the end of the hydraulic pump that would take a socket. You could retract or extend the slide by using a drill and socket. So, look on the end of your hydraulic pump. It probably has some sort of covering over it. I think on ours the covering just peeled off.
jrs1871 06/20/17 01:30pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Kansas City to Goshen, In.

Tatest, I agree about not going through downtown Logansport. We did one time and the time it took to make those corners and through the residential area was more than what it takes to do the US24 bypass. Also, I didn't think the route through town was that well marked. We made it through OK but there was a couple of tense moments when we thought we had taken the wrong turn.
jrs1871 06/18/17 06:37am Roads and Routes
RE: Toilet bowl doesn't hold water

NMDriver, if it was me I wouldn't put cooking oil in there while in storage. I would think the oil would get rancid and very smelly if it set very long. We put RV antifreeze in our toilet when storing it. The antifreeze doesn't evaporate like water and won't get smelly over time. JMHO
jrs1871 06/15/17 06:15am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Kansas City to Goshen, In.

We have been to Goshen several times and we take your second route, almost. We take US36 across Missouri, I72 and I57 across Illinois, then US 24 across to US 31, north to US 6, east on US 6, then IN 15 into Goshen. We have taken 421 north from US 24 but find the roads to be a little better by taking 31. There is no really straight forward way to get to Goshen if you want to avoid the Chicago area. And we definitely want to avoid that area. As far as driving it in one day it is doable if you knock off a few miles that first evening. We drive from about 100 miles southwest of KC to just north of Champaign/Urbana the first day and into Goshen the second.
jrs1871 06/11/17 05:53am Roads and Routes
RE: New Forest River service policy for dealers

While I appreciate that Forest River wants to be timely informed of repair issues, I think the dealers have a legitimate beef when they can't get the repair parts needed. It seems like both sides need to work together on this. The end goal is to have satisfied owners but that will take teamwork between FR and the dealers. And to be quite blunt, some of the problems dealers have to contend with should have never made it out of the manufacturing facility. A little more QC on the front end would be a definite plus.
jrs1871 05/22/17 06:15am General RVing Issues
RE: experience with unlocked Verizon phones

I am aware of the SIM card requirement. A friend bought one of the Motorola phones and I put my SIM card into her phone and it worked just fine. So I knew the phone would work, I just wasn't sure how Verizon handled a phone switch if they didn't sell it. Thanks for the replies. It gave ma a couple of more things to think about before I pull the trigger.
jrs1871 05/22/17 05:57am Technology Corner
RE: experience with unlocked Verizon phones

Maybe I should have phrased my question a little differently. I wondered if I can buy an unlocked Verizon phone and continue to use it on my Verizon plan, just not have a contract. I have no problem with Verizon, I just would rather not be under contract anymore. I am somewhat considering at Motorola Moto 4G.
jrs1871 05/21/17 02:56pm Technology Corner
experience with unlocked Verizon phones

My current phone is in its death throes and my Verizon contract has expired so I looking at the unlocked Verizon phones. Now before you start talking about Track Phone, etc., where we live Verizon is the only carrier that gives some semblance of reliable service and also works well when we are on the road. We can't get AT&T or Sprint service at home. So I am pretty much stuck with Verizon, which I really don't have a problem with except I dislike the contract part. Since you now pay nearly full load for a replacement phone even when you are on contract, I figured I might as well pay the full phone price and skip the contract. I will stick with an Android phone probably but just thought I would get others thoughts.
jrs1871 05/20/17 07:34am Technology Corner
RE: Newbie question, should have asked this first.

Personally, I would never buy an RV sight unseen. What looks good/workable in the pics turns out to be not so good. It took us over a year to find the model we were looking for within reasonable driving distance. But it was well worth the wait. I know you are anxious to get into a bigger unit, but take your time and do your homework. It will pay off in the end.
jrs1871 04/23/17 05:05pm Fifth-Wheels
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