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RE: New Forest River service policy for dealers

While I appreciate that Forest River wants to be timely informed of repair issues, I think the dealers have a legitimate beef when they can't get the repair parts needed. It seems like both sides need to work together on this. The end goal is to have satisfied owners but that will take teamwork between FR and the dealers. And to be quite blunt, some of the problems dealers have to contend with should have never made it out of the manufacturing facility. A little more QC on the front end would be a definite plus.
jrs1871 05/22/17 06:15am General RVing Issues
RE: experience with unlocked Verizon phones

I am aware of the SIM card requirement. A friend bought one of the Motorola phones and I put my SIM card into her phone and it worked just fine. So I knew the phone would work, I just wasn't sure how Verizon handled a phone switch if they didn't sell it. Thanks for the replies. It gave ma a couple of more things to think about before I pull the trigger.
jrs1871 05/22/17 05:57am Technology Corner
RE: experience with unlocked Verizon phones

Maybe I should have phrased my question a little differently. I wondered if I can buy an unlocked Verizon phone and continue to use it on my Verizon plan, just not have a contract. I have no problem with Verizon, I just would rather not be under contract anymore. I am somewhat considering at Motorola Moto 4G.
jrs1871 05/21/17 02:56pm Technology Corner
experience with unlocked Verizon phones

My current phone is in its death throes and my Verizon contract has expired so I looking at the unlocked Verizon phones. Now before you start talking about Track Phone, etc., where we live Verizon is the only carrier that gives some semblance of reliable service and also works well when we are on the road. We can't get AT&T or Sprint service at home. So I am pretty much stuck with Verizon, which I really don't have a problem with except I dislike the contract part. Since you now pay nearly full load for a replacement phone even when you are on contract, I figured I might as well pay the full phone price and skip the contract. I will stick with an Android phone probably but just thought I would get others thoughts.
jrs1871 05/20/17 07:34am Technology Corner
RE: Newbie question, should have asked this first.

Personally, I would never buy an RV sight unseen. What looks good/workable in the pics turns out to be not so good. It took us over a year to find the model we were looking for within reasonable driving distance. But it was well worth the wait. I know you are anxious to get into a bigger unit, but take your time and do your homework. It will pay off in the end.
jrs1871 04/23/17 05:05pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Newbie question, should have asked this first.

Don't feel too tied down to having a dealer for the particular trailer that you select close by. Find the one you like at the price you feel is right for you. If no local dealer or the local dealer drags their feet about taking care of you warranty problems, look for an independent RV tech. Virtually all manufacturers will let an independent tech take care of issues as long as you get pre- authorization. Think full timers. Rarely are they close to where they purchased their rig when repairs are needed. And unfortunately many times the independent tech does a much better job than a dealer. After all their livelihood depends on how good they do since they don't have a sales side for income.
jrs1871 04/23/17 05:46am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Given your knowledge, would you do it again?

Each of us has different priorities on how we spend our money. I am of the camp that if you feel it is time to upgrade your rig, then you don't need to seek justification from others. Both sides have presented valid points in this post. You know what your current unit is capable of and you have the bugs worked out. It isn't to the point that it is costing a ton of money to maintain it. On the other hand there are a few things that you would like to have in a rig that your current rig is not capable of. And I am not talking just bling but valid considerations. When we decided to upgrade, we didn't jump into it blindly. Our previous rig was solid, served our needs and was not causing problems. But we wanted a couple of things that were not financially justified to add to it. Namely we wanted dual pane windows and the level up system. No way we could justify adding those to a 10 year old trailer. So we upgraded and have not regretted it one bit. And we have been fortunate not to have any major problems with our new rig. It should serve our needs for 10 years or what ever time frame until we decide we no longer want to RV. So I guess the whole point of all this rambling is that if you would like to upgrade and are in a position to do so, go for it.
jrs1871 04/21/17 06:33am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Is our truck sufficient

One reply midway through this thread really hits at the crux of the problem. "The dealer said sure your truck will pull it." Well virtually any full size truck out there will pull it. Even a 1500 would pull it. But pulling it is the least of the important criteria. Handling and stopping are far more critical. I think this is where many new buyers get side tracked; they concentrate on pulling and do not consider, at least critically, the other criteria. So now the original poster has some homework to do and based on those results decide if a stouter truck is required. I know it is small consolation, but he is not the first and he won't be the last that has faced this dilemma. About once a month someone starts a new thread asking the same question.
jrs1871 04/13/17 06:19am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Through upstate NY to Maine

We are not going into Canada. Just skirt along the border on hwys. 37 and 11 if they are decent roads.
jrs1871 03/27/17 12:09pm Roads and Routes
Through upstate NY to Maine

We are headed to an RV rally near Bangor, Maine in August. We are leaving Goshen, IN August 12 and don't have to be in Maine until the 20th. This will be our first trip to that neck of the woods. We will be at Niagra Falls on Aug. 13 and 14. From there I think we would like to go up by the St. Lawrence seaway, across the northern edge, down highway 2 to Burlington, VT and then across on 2 till we hit I95. I realize that most of this will be done on two lane roads and we don't have a problem with that but prefer US highways if possible. We will be pulling a 34 ft. 5th wheel. What are some must see attractions there and how do we get there. Since we also have to get back from Maine, and we prefer not to take the same roads coming and going, suggestions for a return route are appreciated.
jrs1871 03/27/17 09:08am Roads and Routes
RE: Kansas City Question

Well you are in luck. One of their last store openings was a man cave for the guys to while away the time while the wife shops. I guess it could go the other way as I have seen quite a few male quilters there browsing and buying fabric. But the man cave has easy chairs, TV's, vending machines and I believe a pool table. So he won't have to cool his heels in the vehicle while you shop. When I go to Hamilton, I plan to spend the day or till my money runs out which ever comes first.:):) Love Missouri Star Quilt Company.
jrs1871 03/21/17 06:57am Roads and Routes
RE: Going through Fort Worth

We did the 281 route on the way down last fall. True it is not much longer mileage wise but time wise it was about three hours longer. As much as it pains me, we will probably just bite the bullet and stay on I35. The road will be nice when it is done but in the mean time......
jrs1871 03/11/17 05:21pm Roads and Routes
Going through Fort Worth

Well it is nearly time to head north again. The most direct route for us it up I35. But I35 through Fort Worth has had major construction delays last spring and this fall. Is that still a problem? If so we are considering I35 up to I20, west to I820 and around to the north side. Is that practical, is there a better way or should we just bite the bullet and stay on I35.
jrs1871 03/11/17 05:38am Roads and Routes
RE: 2004 Cardinal - total electrical failure

You may also want to check for a bad GFI outlet. On our Cedar Creek the GFI outlet in the bathroom shuts down the entire rig, even the convertor. I don't know if that age of Cardinal is wired the same way but it is an easy thing to check.
jrs1871 01/31/17 06:37am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Power/Furnance failure

You may also want to check that the GFI outlet is good. When they go bad, they tend to cause other things to not work. On our trailer, the GFI outlet in the bathroom shuts down the entire trailer. And since the factory installed GFI's are low bid items, they tend to go bad frequently. If you push the reset button and it pops off again promptly, that is a good indicator that the GFI is bad. Get a replacement at Lowes, Home Depot or and hardware store. Make sure you get the same amp rating as the one that is bad, typically 20 amp.
jrs1871 01/31/17 06:33am Fifth-Wheels
RE: nuevo progresso

Not sure but some were open on Christmas day so I would speculate that some will also be open New Years day. If you are looking for a specific one you may or may not be in luck.
jrs1871 12/29/16 05:44am Snowbirds
RE: Cleaning/Laundry Question

It is sweat that makes them turn yellow. I just read a living green tip that said to remove the yellow to wash them in very hot water with one cup laundry soap, one cup of dishwasher soap and one cup of borax. I haven't tried this so I don't know if it really works. But I am going to wash the pillows and see what happens. At the worst, I will have to pitch them and buy new ones which is what I do anyway.
jrs1871 12/28/16 05:20am Around the Campfire
RE: Short high line fifth wheel?

You have that right; it is really hard to find a better quality fifth wheel in the shorter lengths. Cedar Creek had a 30RL (34 LOA) in their line in 2012 and 2013 but discontinued it. They said they did not sell enough of them. But I see a lot of posts from folks looking for the smaller units. We got that model and love it but we had a terrible time finding one on a dealer's lot so we could actually see it. I didn't want to buy from a brochure only. I think the CC Silverback still has some of the shorter lengths. They are a good unit with good factory support but I don't know if you consider that high end.
jrs1871 12/17/16 04:30am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Cedar Creek and quality control??

Welcome to the world of RVs across the board. You will find similar types of issues on some units from any of the brands, economy models to luxury units. Cedar Creek is no better nor no worse than any of the others. The design of elements of the systems, such as your water lines or the placement of electrical wiring, leaves you shaking your head. Common sense tells you that is not a good design. But they do it anyway. Why? Time and money. I have always felt that the folks that design these units should be required to live in them for a month using them as we do. Use them in full hookups and in dry camping venues. Cook all your meals, watch the telly, use the bathroom facilities, etc. Just maybe they would figure out that what looks good at first glance isn't worth a tinkers dam in use.
jrs1871 11/27/16 05:55am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Cedar Creek Owners

While some parks do arbitrarily enforce a 10 year old limit, many will accept an older rig that is in good shape. I have seen 10 year old rigs look much nicer than 5 year old rigs because the owners really take care of them. That being said, the CC is considered the higher of the two lines. Basic construction is the same but the CC comes with a few more items as standard instead of options. We opted for the CC because of the standard features after putting the pencil to the paper to see what adding those items to the SB would cost. The CC came out cheaper in the long run. But only you can decide what are the must haves and what are negotiable.
jrs1871 10/18/16 11:11am Fifth-Wheels
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