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RE: Do you let your TV warm up before towing?

Here is something else to think about, You start your engine and WARM it up- but you don't warm up the rest of your DRIVE TRAIN until you start to roll the rig---RIGHT?????????? so warm them all up together just don't hog on it full boor for a few miles.
just me 10/29/14 07:54am Tow Vehicles
RE: Do you let your TV warm up before towing?

With all these suggestions and solutions being offered as to HOW an individual treats his diesel engine, it shows me that there is only a few that has read there owners manual. First: a diesel engine will not warm up as a gas engine does by Idling. They are considered an air pump. Air in-air out. No baffle or butterfly in the throttle air inlet. Second: by doing so, the motor oil will become diluted by unburned fuel making its way to the crank case. Not good for the engine. Ford says that 10% is ok. Third: Start the engine, Bringing up the oil pressure and let it circulate for a minute to get the lube going, drive at a slow pace and moderately to bring the engine up to temp before driving normally with it. Your engine will get warmer faster while under load. The older Ford Diesels injection pumps were crank case oil driven, an other reason that Ford recommended there oil additive to fortify the oil against oil break down. Not an expert here, just relaying what I have gleamed over the years on how things work. Its your engine do what you will, But I won't. High idle plus exhaust brake set will help. Newer ones will up-idle after a few minutes. Some have this set up in the ECM'S. Check your OWNERS manual.
just me 10/27/14 07:41am Tow Vehicles
RE: Two more questions on Yellowstone

Early June is good. Animals are still down low areas. Make reservations early for the dates you want. week ends not to worry yet. IF you can't get the dates you want through the reservation system call FB directly and the rangers can tell you if they have what you want. The reservation system is a little slow. When you go to these places you step back in time and leave the Media home. If you want the weather, they post it in the office for a couple days at a time. And you will want to be out to see nature at its best. It can be cool, and IT MIGHT SNOW @ that time of year. Enjoy!!!!!!!!!!
just me 10/23/14 08:29am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Didn't Believe about the Chinese Tires

Marbles article is a good start. I read that its recommend to spin/rotate the tire on the axle by jacking up each tire on a towable, when it is going to sit for an extended period of time by 50%, to avoid flat spotting, and the extra stress placed on the side walls. Also tires will last a lot longer if the rig is used more often and the tires are brought up to operating temperatures to keep the rubber compounds flexible and happy. And an other thing I read, it is recommended to over in-flate the tires 10# over cold inflation spec. to help fight the flat spotting thing, when its going to sit for a period of time. Or just remove the tires completely and block up the rig.
just me 10/22/14 07:42am Travel Trailers
Getting all the water out of the water heater

When you drain your water heater, and get ready to winterize your rig, do you remove ALL the water out of the water heater? There is usually about 1/2 gal or so left in it. There will not be any damage to the water heater if not drained because there is room for the ice to expand. Hence the question, is it worth while to get all the water out? Or it was never considered?
just me 10/19/14 07:50am Tech Issues
RE: Ordering 2015 ram 3500

With the manual trans there also is reduction of horse power and torque and if you do the 5500 this also applies to these trucks be it manual or auto trans. Depends if you want all the gusto that is available. Guys that were manual guys, bought new ones went for(did)the autos (Asin) and didn't look back. Its your choice. Enjoy your new ride.
just me 10/17/14 07:05am Truck Campers
RE: Locked inside by entry assist handle

We stopped for a potty break, wife went first, she went back to the truck, shut the door and the HANDLE over it. I tried to exit, no go, she could not hear me yelling. Good thing my rig has TWO doors on it. Later we had a good laugh. OP I can see where your coming from.
just me 10/12/14 07:12am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Before a trip should I turn off the water of my house?

Put RV anti freeze in the "P" traps like you do in the RV. Does it stay there?I don't really know. If It does evaporate it would be slower. And it has a oily base. Should last long enough for your return. Turn off the water valve to the house as you do to the RV when leaving for a length of time.I do. Witnessed to many flooded trailers with the water left on.
just me 10/11/14 07:49am Beginning RVing
RE: fireplace

I have one thats smiler and I opened the glass front so it gets a little more air and it helped. actually I removed the glass for the time I had it on. Just not enough air gets to the blower. I think that it recirculates the air and heats it more. Try that and see if it helps.
just me 09/15/14 06:41am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Rand Mcnally 7725 lm

Use your back up copies that are printed in a booklet on the area your interested in. And maybe the solar flairs that happened had an impact. But your happy now right?
just me 09/15/14 06:34am Technology Corner
RE: Pin box is rubbing on hitch

Does the hitch require air? Looked at Etrailers line up and did not see a hitch like yours but all had a air valve stem on the top of the hitch.
just me 08/27/14 08:02am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Can't find Calgon powder

I use the white king brand water softner powder, like it better. White King is cheaper and most grocery stores should have it. But looks like there is alternatives. Calgon is expensive cause of the name and is most recognized by the public. I also add a cup of low sudsing dish washer powder.
just me 08/27/14 07:40am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Stopped at weight station ROUND 2-Need advice

Best advice I ever received was to make adjustments to the your rig level. You will have to put more tension on the bars to do this. this in turn will help with the BIG rig passing you when you get the sway you refer to. In my city we have a hitch manufacture (PARDS) and he said to measure the wheel wells (both) to the top of the tires, and make them equal measurements. Also to avoid the push pull, give a little distance between you and the sway maker, Hug the outside line more. Next suggestion, buy a 5th wheel.
just me 08/26/14 08:32am Tow Vehicles
RE: Where is "level" determined on a fifth wheel?

I guess I must be a little different I can walk into my rig and tell if its off level.Its like looking at a picture when its off kilter hanging on the wall. But, I use the out side levels side to side to start, then out side front to rear. Then I double check the fridge bottom shelf, then the others that are mentioned, the bath door, fridge door, and I even check the water in the BOTTOM of the toilet. Eventually. This is another check of a level one can use. i know, just weird. But you use what you have. I don't use the long level on the floor, camp with a few who do. Takes them longer than me, and I'm slow.
just me 08/25/14 07:23am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Towing through Eisenhower Tunnel

What about turning off the gas tanks? on the trailer should he do that? Maybe because of there being a tunnel and it is law to turn them OFF. RIGHT? I do just out of because its the rules one Should (must) follow. Your in a hole and you don't want a big BANG!!
just me 08/22/14 09:31am Towing
RE: Do Ice Cubes in the Black Tank Really Work?

Harbor Freight has an inspection camera with a flexible tip Harbor Freight. I got one on sale years ago and on some RVs you can see part of the tank walls with it. Clay don't tell me you inspect the tank with the inspection camera just make sure its clean with the scope--do you? I realize that a newbie would open both drains at the same time not realizing the consequences, but learning from this mistake. Advice to the newbie, add a couple gallons of water and keep the SHIP a float. Sorry clay, I had to ask. I just rinse till the water is clear about three times. And i do the Murphy treatment-- to be sure.
just me 08/19/14 03:57pm General RVing Issues
RE: Do Ice Cubes in the Black Tank Really Work?

Well as I stated on his site, fitrvjames Round ice is not going to do anything, it needs the corners of a cube to scrape and remove, and his truck bed was a bit small for a bigger tank to really get the slosh going. Good try though, to much time on his hands to do this kind of experiment. Question for those who was able to check the inside of your tank, How on earth did you do it? Was it clear as James tank? maybe a colon scope???? (colonoscapy)
just me 08/19/14 01:47pm General RVing Issues
RE: First service Eco Diesel

Mopar filters are FLEETGAURD with the Mopar label. Fleetgaurd is a branch of Cummins. As for filters for the new Eco-engine in the Ram 1500 Geno's garage has them both, fuel and oil. Not sure of the manufacture. Plus they are also stocking after market products and accessories for the new trucks. All the filters for new trucks are expensive. and of course you want the best for proper filtration. (Not affiliated with Geno's)
just me 08/19/14 01:08pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Crock Pot while Boondocking?

Being in AZ why not try SOLAR cooking? Seen it done down there a few years back and very effective. The other alternative is Dutch oven. You save power and it just might take as long, and its more enjoyable, if your able to have brickets
just me 08/19/14 07:24am Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: 2014 Toilet will not "swirl" the water

(Hint) use brush to SWIRL.
just me 08/12/14 03:16pm General RVing Issues
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