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RE: Help with picking an insurance carrier

I have National General on our truck and car through Good Sam. Be careful...we are in a battle with them right now. Our brand new car was backed into in a parking lot and the person left...we have a $3,500 repair with a $500 deductible. They are refusing to pay for a new fender which is buckled...they want to repair it and we are standing our ground. Will NOT except a shoddy repair on a car I've made two payments on!! Needless to say when this is over we will be looking for a different insurance carrier for our vehicles.
kakampers 07/21/14 08:33am Full-time RVing
RE: Unlimited streaming wifi??

With these Millenicom devices, can you use an external high gain antenna like the Wilson? I would like to get data when in remote locations out of range of a traditional little cell phone antenna. Millenicom uses Verizon usually the 4GLTE Jetpack...I use one and I have a Wilson wireless booster which will connect to the external high gain antenna...works great!
kakampers 07/21/14 06:45am Full-time RVing
RE: Chronic Condition

Our son , who has suffered his entire life with allergies...started using OTC Nasacort. Within less than a week it has eliminated ALL of his symptoms, which were often quite severe. His wife had to cut grass because he couldn't take it. It blocks the allergens from entering the system through the nasal passage, which is how most people suffer from allergies. DH and I both suffer from seasonal/regional allergies...usually start with them once we get into TX...amazingly it has done the same for us. Have been in TX a month now and not one symptom.
kakampers 07/20/14 11:10am Full-time RVing
RE: Bubbling Toilet

Since the black tank level indicator is notoriously inaccurate I often use the "bubbling" method to know when it needs emptying. X2...has worked for us for years....
kakampers 07/19/14 06:40am Fifth-Wheels
RE: deeded rv property

We own a lot with a coach house in Retama Village which is located in Mission, TX. It is a beautiful gated, 55+ community and our HOA dues take care of all the landscaping and grass cutting. The lot has underground irrigation....so it's lock and leave and it can be rented out if you choose. We love it!
kakampers 07/15/14 06:58pm Full-time RVing
RE: Keystone RV & Thor Industries

I went from a tent trailer to this. The PDI lasted all of 30 minutes The PDI (Pre-Delivery Inspection) is done by the mechanic before the RV is presented to the customer. This is when all of these defects should have been discovered by the dealer. The process where the customer and dealer go through the coach before taking delivery is called the Walk-Through, not a PDI. Don't confuse semantics. Call it what you want. A wise owner/buyer will take their time and slowly and methodically check out the entire RV before driving it off the lot. I agree...our dealer gave us a technician, who was told to stay with us and do nothing else. He spent 9 hours with us as we simultaneously went through the unit section by section and moved our stuff from one unit to the other. He checked every single water connection, had the basement wall down and checked everything and installed a brass backflow valve on the water heater we had purchased. He repaired every minor problem we found and even moved my stained glass window from one unit to the other for me. Due to this detailed PDI we have had no issues with our rig that could have been found during this process...can't blame anyone for the failed ceiling fan which died several months later... Needless to say we would definitely buy from this dealer again...this is the way a walk thru/PDI should be performed.
kakampers 07/14/14 06:42am General RVing Issues
RE: Replacement Door Contacts for Norcold Fridge 1210

WOW...this is odd! Just this morning I discovered the same issue on our Norcold 1210. I noticed it because I saw some brown substance around the top button on the door frame. Closer inspection revealed the plastic had burned and was partially melting. The metal button was actually HOT to the touch...NOT GOOD!! Discovered the same info you did in the service manual and Norcold was NO help whatsoever. They tried to say there was something wrong with the electrical wiring in my coach...they were clueless. It is obvious that when these pins do not make proper contact they cause a heating issues at the contact point. They wanted me to pay to have my coach checked out for electrical issues. Think it won't be long and I will be installing a residential unit...will NEVER own another Norcold
kakampers 07/11/14 01:15pm Tech Issues
RE: Intellijack Heads Up

Rumor? He states this is an e-mail HE received??
kakampers 07/11/14 08:47am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Establishing a Domicile

This is exactly why we as fulltimers keep moving, making sure to not over stay our welcome in any one state. We own an RV lot in Texas and make sure we pay attention to their residency requirements also....not hard to do if you are NOT trying to cheat the system....
kakampers 07/10/14 02:15am Full-time RVing
RE: Power Protection..Why So Few Have If Really Needed?

I guess I have overkill. We're using the hard-wired Progressive EMS and an Autoformer, when needed. We've been to several campgrounds where the Autoformer has had to kick in and get the power back to livable levels. JT X2...
kakampers 07/08/14 10:31pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Which one?

This Full Timer can attest that the Landmark is in fact a TRUE fulltiming rig, regardless of what others, who have never lived in one think....
kakampers 07/08/14 03:22pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Which one?

I think the Redwood is a good choice too, but stay away from those dark colored exteriors. It may look good but is hell in summer trying to keep cool. We have a dark, fullbody paint Landmark, sitting in the Texas heat. No problem whatsoever keeping it at 70 degrees. OP...Landmark is in the midst of a major overhaul...might want hold off a little...the new changes are really fantastic!!
kakampers 07/07/14 08:42pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Houseless

Welcome to the club! I always say houseless...we have a wonderful home on wheels!
kakampers 07/06/14 06:49pm Full-time RVing
RE: Is it worth the washer and dryer?

Wife has a Whirlpool washer and a Whirlpool dryer in ours. I wouldn't want it to ever come down to a decision of whether she could keep those or me!!!! LOL! X2...DH would be gone first...LOVE my Whirlpools!!
kakampers 07/05/14 07:07am Full-time RVing
RE: Sun Shade

Had one on previous unit...was like a pulldown roller shade but on the outside...got it at camping world...you could touch the glass on the inside and feel the appreciable difference in temp with and without. Well worth the investment. ...
kakampers 07/05/14 06:55am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Someone help please...Progressive Industries EMS-HW50C

You will always be confused when talking to someone that knows very little about the product or RVs. Just because he works at an RV place does not mean he knows what he is talking about. Although I could see customers removing the EMS so they can stop getting bothered by the power cutting out. :R If he does install the EMS I would ask to see what, where and how he will be doing the install. Agree with all of the above! 1. Find it hard to believe anyone (as the repair person states) would remove something that has saved their RV (as well as their wallet) from expensive damage and repairs - unless they are very, very uninformed..:? 2. Why would any repair person have a negative opinion of a device which obviously would have prevented the damage *YOU* incurred?..:? Consequently -IMO- the ability and credibility of the repair person is very much in doubt..:( IMO - I would be looking for a different repair person - even if it was 200 miles away. Hope it all works out to your satisfaction. ~ X2....find a different service tech....
kakampers 07/04/14 06:40am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Satelite Tv Fulltiming

We have a DTV Genie system with HD DVR in our unit, and it was installed by a Direct TV installer...if I'm not mistaken it is basically the same system as the Dish Hopper system...no problem in several years of dragging it around the country.
kakampers 07/02/14 06:08pm Full-time RVing
RE: RV life expectancy

as with many if not most things, the quality of construction/components coupled with the quality of care given over time are critical .... the more components are used, the quicker they age .... we picked ours up on Halloween Day of 2005 .... it has been in use for 6 - 8 months a year every since .... both AC's, the frig, central vac, washer, dryer (twice), springs, shocks, spring hangers, all three slide motors, couch, both recliners, entertainment center (twice), fireplace remote (three times), Fantastic Fan, door lock, generator auto switching control, kitchen and bathroom water fixtures, and several sets of tires have all been replaced .... other components have been repaired .... many mods have been added, the most expensive of which is a Bigfoot Auto Leveling system .... the camper itself was ruggedly built and continues to perform well .... in short, if you start out with a well built camper, are willing to take care of it, and replace components as needed, it can last you a long, long time Jim Actually, in pushing ten years fulltiming, we find that the everyday use of appliances, etc., actually makes them last longer. Have never replaced the fridge, A/C's, water heater, etc....and that includes six of those years in one unit. Everything was still working perfectly, and because we took care of regular maintenance, inside and out, that 2008 Bighorn was like new when its was traded for our current unit...would still have it but wanted a different floorplan.
kakampers 07/02/14 05:58pm General RVing Issues
RE: Coast to Coast...No Thanks.

Ocean Canyon Properties was only mentioned at the beginning of the sales presentation. The sales staff stressed this was membership in Coast to Coast. They also stressed that when we joined C2C we would also get a 10% discount at the many Good Sam parks. When I told them I was already a member of Good Sams they took a $1000.00 off the price. BTW, the starting price was $21,000.00 before they started adding on discounts. Near the end presentation when I mentioned that camping only costs me $8.00 to $12.00 a night at COE parks with my America the Beautiful card they told me that due to government budget problems all the COE parks and state parks would be sold to private interests over the next few years. Wow! I found the tour of the park and the sales presentation very entertaining. Then their sales staff needs better training....Old Biscuit was correct. The $13k and $495 annual dues was to purchase a membership at the park. You MUST have a membership in an affiliated park to join CtoC....which has separate dues of $89... Most do not understand that there are two parts to "campground membership"...you have the property owners (the park) and the affiliate (CtoC, AOR, ROD, etc.) that connects the parks in their "system"...you pay upfront cost in both and annual dues to both...
kakampers 07/02/14 01:09pm General RVing Issues
RE: Complete Electrical failure on DRV MS 2011

Seems to be a rash of failing transfer switches on many of the forums lately...
kakampers 06/26/14 02:59pm Fifth-Wheels
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