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RE: White vs. trailers with color

We are approaching our third summer in the Texas heat and sun with this full body paint Landmark. With occasional washing and one waxing the paint on this still looks brand new...in addition, we have no problem whatsoever keeping this rig just as cool and comfortable as our previous "white" fivers with decals...full body paint is the only way to go!! http://i236.photobucket.com/albums/ff162/kakampers/2ce98b84-f4f9-4c4c-92f7-f0ca0cf551a9.jpg That is what I like to hear. We ordered full body paint on MS on order. I was concerned about the darker colors but Alicia at RR almost insisted on a 3rd AC unit so we went with her advice. Your combo looks very nice! Thanks! I think the cream colored roof and white a/c units help keep it cool...but we've had no issue even with temps around 100 keeping it around 78 inside. BTW...that's our old truck.. We now have a burgandy 2015 Chevy...:) Just noticed the pic of what your new one will look like! Nice... Same colors as ours! You will love full body paint!
kakampers 03/29/15 10:58am Fifth-Wheels
RE: White vs. trailers with color

We are approaching our third summer in the Texas heat and sun with this full body paint Landmark. With occasional washing and one waxing the paint on this still looks brand new...in addition, we have no problem whatsoever keeping this rig just as cool and comfortable as our previous "white" fivers with decals...full body paint is the only way to go!! http://i236.photobucket.com/albums/ff162/kakampers/2ce98b84-f4f9-4c4c-92f7-f0ca0cf551a9.jpg
kakampers 03/27/15 01:50pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Excel Closing Its Doors

Recreational vehicles are all a matter of what trade off's can you live with. When trading our 2001 Newmar we narrowed our search to DRV and Heartland. Many models including Excel, Lifestyle, Redwood and Nuwa's all were considered and passed on for various reason's (serious quality gaps, weird layouts, weirder interior decoration colour scheme's). Final decision was again a trade off decision. How strong was the investment climate to earn investment returns and how much saved retirement capital were we comfortable liquidating to pay down a large portion of our purchase versus how quickly would investment returns grow our nest egg back before retirement in 2 years. In the end a skeptical lack of confidence in the markets and a decision to postpone selling our S&B lead us to purchase the Heartland over the DRV. Overall I am quite satisfied with the HL Landmark. It will never be on par with our old Newmar. Is it comparable to the Nuwa, Excel, Lifestyle, Redwood, absolutely! It is a step down from the DRV product's in build design (frame and walls), weight, cost, available customization's and a few options. From what I saw in numerous factory tours build quality of all the brands I have mentioned can be hit and miss even with the DRV. As I see it money no object the New Horizon is and has been the cream of the crop. But you better be ready to purchase a F450 as a minimum for a TV and plan on spending another 175K for the trailer. For serious well-heeled fulltimer's sack I hope New Horizons continue to produce unit's for many years to come. Perhaps then if something happened to my Heartland Landmark in the future I might be able to afford and find a used New Horizon. Thank You! For a long time I thought I was the only one who felt this way...we made the exact same decision, and do not regret one bit buying our Heartland Landmark over the DRV and all the others that you listed. We too carefully looked at each one and came to the same conclusion...however, if something happened to my Landmark I think I would be looking toward Forks RV...
kakampers 03/24/15 07:10pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Excel Closing Its Doors

And we need to see what Thor has in the wings for DRV. Ken Nothing negative yet. In talking to the DRV folks, nothing has changed except for the backroom operations - personnel, payroll, accounts receivable and accounts payable, which moved from Howe to Elkhart. All the engineering and operational personnel as well as management remain the same. They said that the deep pockets of Thor are actually benefitting them at this point as the Thor suits came to Howe and asked, what do you need that you don't have to be better, and Thor opened their checkbooks for improvements to and expansion of the Howe facility. Time will eventually tell, but I wouldn't have any concern purchasing a DRV just because of the ownership change as of this 5 minutes. Hopefully Thor understands what they bought and are trying not to screw it up by Thor-izing DRV. With the closing of Excel, that's pretty much the end of the road for the Hitchhiker brand, I suppose, so (as Excel management stated in their announcement) the options these manufacturers face is to be big enough to reach critical mass or die - Excel couldn't do it. DRV apparently has, though we may not be thrilled about the purchaser. Some of these newer startups - the clock is ticking; let's see what happens when they burn through their startup capital. Rusty This is exactly the same thing that Heartland has experienced since their acquisition by Thor over four years ago. They have been able to expand and improve dramatically...and actually it's Heartland who now owns DRV. DRV should be left alone except for the administrative end of the business and now have the funds to do what they want to do...win, win for all involved...IMHO.
kakampers 03/21/15 02:41pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Excel Closing Its Doors

Yes...and if I'm not mistaken, Excel was building the "new" NUWA units, so now NUWA is also gone again...
kakampers 03/20/15 12:35pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: RV Owner Questions

We have been in our 2013 Landmark since December 2012...prior unit was a Bighorn and we full timed in it for more than six years. We waited to buy the Landmark until we could get exactly what we wanted...even added Mor Ryde IS and disc brakes...the plan is for this to be our last coach and so far I've not seen anything that would change my mind.
kakampers 03/19/15 05:08am General RVing Issues
RE: Most reliable 5th wheels

There isn't a single RV made that will be trouble free...some might come close, but none will have zero issues.
kakampers 03/16/15 11:54pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: heat pump

We have dual heat pumps too...the best feature is the auto setting...we set the temp where we want it and the auto setting decides which is needed, A/C, heat pump or furnace...keeps our rig comfortable no matter what the outside temps do...
kakampers 03/12/15 01:17pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Hydraulic slides and leveling

Our 2008 Bighorn had one switch inside to move all slides, one at a time, in a specific order. However at the pump we had valves where we could isolate each slide so we could move which slide we wanted individually...our Landmark has a switch for each slide inside the coach...we like the individual switches better. Makes it easier if I need to get to something while one the road..I can move which slide I need only.
kakampers 03/04/15 06:58pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: FIRST TIME using 6 point leveling

Yes...we have lifted one side using manual to change a blowout, and we used it to replace all 4 tires and wheels in a campground, one side at a time.
kakampers 03/04/15 06:47pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: FIRST TIME using 6 point leveling

We have had 6 point Level Up since 2009...not one issue and I've have never heard of anyone's fiver dropping down on it's landing gear...not to say it couldn't, but have never heard of it...
kakampers 03/04/15 02:12am Fifth-Wheels
RE: frozen sewer hose and water line

Have always left grey open...no problem in over 30 years...to each his own.
kakampers 02/22/15 05:13pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Traveling With the Propane On

I know Mac the Fire Guy...did many shows with him when we vended. I have all the respect in the world for him...However, I still run with my propane on. Have seen enough rolled trailers in my lifetime to realize the emergency shutoff valves work...not one of those trailers ever exploded or even caught fire....
kakampers 02/22/15 05:09pm General RVing Issues
RE: frozen sewer hose and water line

I haven't had water all day because my line must have froze and so after lugging jugs of water back and forth in order to do dishes I notice my sewer hose is now frozen. Any advice on what to do would be greatly appreciated. WHY are you leaving your black tank sewer blade OPEN? Whether you are just RV'ing or 'living' in your RV you leave the black tank closed. Let it fill to 3/4 and then dump. The reason your sewer hose is frozen is because there is waste just sitting it in, now frozen. Waste needs WATER to move. That also means there is most likely a mountain of poop in your black tank also. Leave black tank closed when 3/4 fill dump. That water takes all of it out and completely down the sewer hookup. NOTHING should be in your sewer lines. Frozen water line: In freezing temps you need to: Disconnect water hose from spigot and your RV. then Drain the water hose. That way come morning when the temps rise you just reconnect the hose and you are back in business. Where did the op say the black tank valve is open? OP, is it your hose that is froze up, water spiqot or is it froze inside the camper. If in camper, you can turn furnace up or put a heater in basement to help it warm up faster. As far as the sewer hose, make sure you have a good drop angle from camper to sewer outlet. To unthaw, put hot water down hose to thaw out. The OP stated that his sewer hose is now froze.. The assumption was made that the black valve was left open.,. I think if I were camping in this cold , I would assure that my sewer tube had proper pitch to drain... The ONLY ways his sewer tube froze would be that a valve was left open ,AND-OR improper drainage on the sewer tube.. I would get the heaters and or hair dryer out.. I too would be concerned to move it too much while froze..... x2 Here is a picture of a neighbor camper who pulled in for a long weekend with 6 people. I tried to help him by telling him NOT to leave the black tank open when I first saw the hose filling up. This is what he had to deal with when it came time to leave. That hose is packed solid with poop because there is no water to move it along into the dump, Like there would have been had he left the black tank 'closed' and dumped when 3/4 full. http://i59.tinypic.com/dn1w75.jpg Would the same thing not have happened if they left the grey tank open. The op said they were washing dishes by hauling water in. The water from washing dishes goes into the grey tank. So back to how do you know it was the black tank left open. In a word, yes...happened to my neighbor..left grey water open but hose had virtually no pitch....entire sewer hose froze. Again, no where did OP say he left black tank open...said they were doing dishes...
kakampers 02/22/15 04:49pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Full body paint....worth it?

Full body paint is actually well worth it....no more black streaks that won't come off. No more faded fiberglass walls....keep it washed and waxed and it stays as nice and shiny as my car and truck with paint and clearcoat.
kakampers 02/15/15 05:08pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Sweetheart Rally XIV, Kerrville, TX Feb. 11 - 16, 2015

Anybody there yet? Our site is open and we're pulling inTonight!
kakampers 02/08/15 03:39pm Rallies, Shows and Gatherings
RE: Sweetheart Rally XIV, Kerrville, TX Feb. 11 - 16, 2015

We've never had the right timing to make this rally, this year however everything has aligned (our job shut down unexpectedly :)) and we just signed up to attend!! Really looking forward to it!!
kakampers 01/27/15 02:41am Rallies, Shows and Gatherings
RE: Crowds in the Keys ?

Quartzsite and Key West are both destinations that everyone should visit at least once!! We love Quartzsite for boondocking and just chilling...Key West is my destination of choice any time I can manage to make it there...absolutely love everything about Key West!!
kakampers 01/27/15 01:42am General RVing Issues
RE: electric blankets ??

Dual controlled heated mattress pad was the best $70 we ever spent...as for heated blankets catching fire...the night my next door neighbor's apartment was gutted by a fire from her heated blanket, was the most terrifying experience of my life. Had her cat not woke her up, she would not have survived.
kakampers 01/24/15 02:59am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Pulled the trigger,2105 Ram crew 3500,hitch install question

Just bought 2015 Ram crew cab 3500, 6.7, SB, Laramie. wanted to thank everyone for there advice on what size truck to get... Its much appreciated. would like advice on the pros/cons of installing a under bed hitch my self. any thoughts, concerns ETC.... I'm very mechanically inclined so that's not a issue... i have not read much on anyone installing the hitch them self's so curious on opinions i will more then likely go with slider under bed mount in the 20K area Thanks I think the hitch is already there just needs a stinger & Ball. Their Ad says STANDARD 18,000-LB CLASS V TRAILER TOW HITCH This refers to the regular trailer hitch on the back to tow a travel trailer...he's talking about a fifth wheel hitch which is not included.
kakampers 01/24/15 02:47am Fifth-Wheels
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