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RE: First Road Trip San Jose, CA to Austin, TX

If you are really stressed for time the trip works. However, we just returned from San Jose to Los Angeles, a long boring 5+ hour drive. At least 2 more hours to Indio. Personally, I'd try San Jose to the Magic Mountain area of Valencia. Travel Village RV park or Castaic RV park. Then another long day to Blythe, there is a very nice Blythe KOA on the river. Then Tucson. I haven't been there for years. Next stop would be Deming NM. Stop at Tombstone. Haven't made it to Austin yet, but hope to get there this summer, or next. We did spend a couple of nights in Juarez in a nice park, but we were very uncomfortable with the neighborhood even though we were in a caravan. I'd plan on just driving through quickly...JMHO. Have a great and successful trip.
kalynzoo 10/19/14 12:00pm Roads and Routes
RE: Let's see how long it takes

Interesting post. Thank you for completing the story, otherwise it would have been just another GS bashing. I really am pleased to see that appropriate service was delivered. I will be getting my new MH this week and it comes with one year of CoachNet. I still have 2.5 years left on my GSERS. Considering the poor experience I had with CN I will continue my GS even though the services are duplicated. Actually with my RV general insurance and my additional extended warranty I have 4 phone numbers I can use for roadside assistance. With any good luck I will never have to use any. Happy Trails.
kalynzoo 10/19/14 11:36am Good Sam Roadside Assistance
RE: Importance of Providing Cable TV

My personal feelings: I (we) enjoy access to cable TV and it reflects in our evaluation of a campground to others. My wife and I are not serious TV watchers, even at home. Our motorhome does not have satellite, by choice, and over the last 10 years I don't think I raised the stick antenna a dozen time. Some parks truly do not need cable, as their proximity to a city permits multiple channels over the air. When we are only staying for an overnight cable is not an issue. However, if we are traveling and reach a destination for a week long stay cable is a lovely addition to the vacation. KOA Santa Cruz does not (did not?) offer cable, and we found our week stay with the grandkids a bit problematic as a result. Great campground, but if we return with the kids we will borrow a sat-receiver. Having just purchased a new motorhome, I was annoyed to find that I needed to have 4 TV's, or special order the new rig. Really, 4 TVs. Since this appears to be the new norm for mid and higher end coaches I would think that a new RV Resort park, hoping for more than transient stays of a week or more, would offer cable to at least numerous sites. Personally again: I would not object to a "small" fee for cable and/or WiFi: However, I would expect the service to be exceptional! JMHO, good luck on your venture.
kalynzoo 10/19/14 11:26am Technology Corner
RE: Hwy 1 in Ca

NO! Steep cliffs, shear drop, narrow 2 lane twisty highway without shoulders. Breathtaking beautiful. Make it a day drive in the car! Really!
kalynzoo 10/18/14 10:05am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Dinghy brake options?

I'm very pleased with my readybrake using my demo tow bar. I'm having the cable attached to my new toad.
kalynzoo 10/17/14 10:21pm Dinghy Towing
RE: A toyota sienna toad

Thanks for the comments. I still plan on the Remco pump. The way depreciation seems to work it will be cost effective to convert the Sienna rather than the 30 to 40K for a new fully equipped van. Besides, we really like the Sienna. Dolly towing was great when I was young, but gets hard on the back and knees with age. The plan is to have hitch/auto shop install the Remco, the baseplate, the light wires, and the ReadyBrake cable. The shop doesn't think I need a hot line to the battery, but the new Allegro Red catalog notes a hot line in the tow plug, so I may add it anyway. I was really just wondering if anyone else was towing the Sienna. Thank all, Gary
kalynzoo 10/17/14 09:38pm Dinghy Towing
A toyota sienna toad

Now that I purchased an Allegro Red I want to tow my 2005 Toyota Sienna LX as a flat tow. Remco makes the transmission pump, I have the new cable for the ReadyBrake, and I believe I will have R&E Racing in Lancaster make it all go together. Since the Toyota manual give no clue: Do any of you tow the Sienna? Besides putting the key in AUX do you pull a fuse? Should I put a hot line in to keep the battery charged? My previous toad is/was a Saturn Vue, and all the information was in the manual. R&E doesn't think I will have a battery problem. Just looking for a second opinion. Thanks,Gary
kalynzoo 10/16/14 09:32pm Dinghy Towing
A toyota sienna toad

This topic has been moved to another forum. You can read it here: 28010674
kalynzoo 10/16/14 09:32pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Thinking Diesel. Am I biting off more than I can chew?

In my gas RV I carry a rather complete tool box of wrenches, pliers, etc. Most I have never used, but I have loaned them to other RVers on occasion. My most used tools are the hammer for tent stakes, ax to cut kindling off fire logs, and the trusty allen wrench needed to tighten the mirrors. Basically if it is not a really simple fix I call for help. Sure, I replaced the shower valve, and fixed the sticky lock, but under the hood, forget it. I have just purchased my first diesel, I don't even have possession yet, but the least important thing on my mind is engine maintenance. For just like the past 35 years of RVing, it will be handled by a mechanic. Happy Trails.
kalynzoo 10/15/14 09:12pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Not on Toll Highways

Interesting thread. I know that many private roadways require contracted companies to supply assistance to the nearest facility. But it brings up a thought: Many Indian reservations also have contracted service. While in Monument Valley on the beautiful, fantastic, dirt road I wondered who would come to save me or the others on the roadway when we got stuck in a pothole. Can't blame GS, Coachnet, or AAA for this.
kalynzoo 10/15/14 11:12am Good Sam Roadside Assistance
RE: Pomona RV Show - First Impressions?

Much better than the previous years. There appeared to be many more RVs than the last few years. The tent had a greater number of booths, nothing that I needed, but a great improvement over the last few years. In discussions with a few sales people they seemed happy that sales seemed to be up from previous years.
kalynzoo 10/13/14 06:23pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Manslaughter charges for improper towing equipment.

Sounds about right. Gross negligence which resulted in gross criminal negligence. It is conceivable that the driver did not know the weight of the load, but compounding the error with other errors becomes unforgivable. I'd be disqualified from that jury for sure. JMHO
kalynzoo 10/13/14 10:34am General RVing Issues
RE: Remco instillation in Los Angeles

Remco does list distributors, but I question the expertise of a hitch shop to attach a transmission lube pump. I really don't know what is involved, but I know as a woodworker I would not attempt the project.
kalynzoo 10/12/14 03:52pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Overwhelmed with choices of motorhomes

Rather than narrowing down the brand of major well known manufacturers how about narrowing down your anticipated use and the floor plans. We just purchased our Next motorhome and some of our requirements were: Must have passenger windows on both sides, we often travel with grandkids and when we say look at the buffalo they should be able to find a set and look. We insisted on a booth dinette, as again with grandchildren they need to be in a firm seat and maybe seatbelted while traveling and coloring or reading. Just these two requirements greatly narrowed the field of available rigs. Play the game and see what you come up with. I final choice ended up being an Allegro by Tiffin. This even though we loved and still enjoy our Winnebago Adventurer. Would I purchase another Winnebago product, Absolutely. But the floor plans this year didn't meet my demands. I owned a Southwind, no complaints. We kept our Holiday Rambler for 12 years, great RV (now a different company). Think less about the brand than your needs. JMHO
kalynzoo 10/12/14 03:50pm Class A Motorhomes
Remco instillation in Los Angeles

I am the now the owner of an Allegro Red. The next step is to be able to tow my 2009 Sienna Van. Have any of you in the SoCal, Los Angeles, San Fernando Valley area dealt with a shop you would recommend for this work? Any comments on towing the Sienna? Thanks in advance. Gary
kalynzoo 10/12/14 11:14am Class A Motorhomes
RE: New to RVing with our dogs

Many private RV campgrounds that we have visited have pet restrictions, either by choice or because of insurance requirements. Most common are a 2 dog limit and/or weight limit of 20 pounds. Many also restrict breeds. I have been to parks with limits that have allowed guests with show dogs, often exceeding the weight or number limit. It would be wise to travel with a camping directory, like the Good Sam, Trailer Life, or some other book. Also cross reference with RVparkreviews.com and with the campground website. And always call ahead and make your reservations with full disclosure. Happy Trails.
kalynzoo 10/11/14 09:54am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Thinking of getting an RV - lots of questions

Wow you are new to RVing. But that's OK, we were all new at one time or another and we all had similar questions. I started some 35 years ago with a 28ft Class C. The term Class C comes from the construction, it is a "cut away" from a truck body. It in no way defines a level of superiority to a Class A, for the right motorhome is determined by your individual need. The Class C usually permits a Queen size bed in the rear and a Queen or double over the cab. Additionally the couch or dinette can be made into a smaller bed. Many motorhomes are now being presented with a table and chair instead of a dinette. Personally I like the dinette, remember it would be rather unsafe to sit in a freestanding chair without a seatbelt while traveling. I am in the process of purchasing a new RV now, some did not have the dinette I wanted. My research shows that a custom dinette of your choice can be fabricated by the many custom shops that advertise in RV magazines for about $3500. Just putting out some numbers for you. Better made (reads more expensive) RVs tend to have more insulation. Even so the roof air in an RV will keep you really cool just about anyplace (except Las Vegas in the Summer). At 30ft or less one a/c unit is customary, larger rigs will have two a/c units. In a full hookup campground you can plug in and run your electricity all the time. We have often been to places where we have run our generator all daylight hours since we were not plugged in. The generator is rated for continuous use, but the oil level needs to be checked periodically. Propane is usually used as a heating fuel, cooktop, heater, water heater. Since we like warm weather camping a tank will last us for a year or more, as we plug in for electric water heating, and only use our 20 gal of propane for cooking. Get Motorhome magazine and see if any of your friends get FMCA magazine or check FMCA (Family Motor Coach Association) on line. Also go to some of the many RV shows sponsored by the dealers in your are. When you decide to purchase, since it is a big ticket item, it is just like purchasing a car...or even a house. Prices are negotiable, but personally I don't like to haggle either, negotiation is something a little different. The dealer needs to make money, that is his business and he supports an employee base. I need to get a far price. Given research and an understanding of what you can afford I think an agreement can be accomplished without too much anguish. Good luck, and keep asking questions.
kalynzoo 10/09/14 05:15pm Beginning RVing
RE: Who provides service ?

I took my Holiday Rambler with a 454 to Desert GMC for warranty service. They have large truck motorhome bays. Since it was warranty service they had to call the local Chevy dealer and offer them the job first. This was many years ago, and GM has since been reorganized. But try a GMC truck dealer.
kalynzoo 10/08/14 12:02pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: pet fees?

Pet fees are common. Sadly, many pet owners feel that their pet's poop is too good to pick up. Parks put out pet bags, they maintain dog runs, some go as far has having you sign a waver that if your pet poops and you don't pick it up you will be charged a fine or be evicted. Still, even at the nicest parks you can often find dog poop that has not yet been policed. Therefore, the park must give an employee the lovely job of picking up poop, they must fill the poop bag holders, rake the runs, and maintain extra liability insurance since they allow dogs on the property. Guess that is why we pay extra for each animal. JMHO
kalynzoo 10/06/14 11:34pm General RVing Issues
RE: Pulling breaker when towing.

In my Saturn pulling the fuse isolates most of the systems that would draw down the car battery. Before I installed an extension to a remote fuse under the dash I would occasional be lazy and not pull the fuse for short trips. True, there was no problem as the battery could easily handle the one or two hour draw. However, once, either because the battery was weak or I left the radio on or whatever, I stopped to find the car battery "dead". After that experience I made the fuse extension and ran it to the dash. I see in the RV magazines that you can now purchase a similar product with a switch. I just shorted out a 30amp fuse, soldered an appropriate wire to the test points on the fuse, put the wires through the firewall of the car, and placed a new 30amp fuse in line. Jerry Built but it works for me. Happy Trails.
kalynzoo 10/05/14 12:43pm Dinghy Towing
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