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RE: Camping with dog breeds considered dangerous

Whether the rule is silly or not is not the issue. Either for insurance reasons or because of the campground's owners rules, there is a pet limitation. I've seen limitations on pets over 20lbs, and breed limitations. You will not be welcome in these campgrounds and if spotted you may be asked or forced to leave. Taking you well trained dog is great, it just means you will have to do some extra research and/or make phone calls to make sure you are welcome. Happy Trails
kalynzoo 01/19/17 09:02am RV Pet Stop
Puerto Penasco question

Heading to Puerto Penasco Saturday the 21st for a week. Staying at the Reef. Any new road conditions we should be aware of? Do I need pesos for anything, like fees along the way? Thank's all. PM me if you want me to bring anything down.
kalynzoo 01/16/17 10:44am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: rotten egg smell

I sort of like We Cant Wait's method, except we use PineSol instead of bleach. A cup or so of PineSol poured down the sinks, a few ounces in each sink and shower. Then run fresh water to fill the grey tank...DO NOT GO FOR A WALK, don't ask. Stick around and watch the gauges to reach a full tank. Since you can't go for a drive, let it sit for a couple of hours...now you can go for that walk. Then flush the grey. Most of the odor is probably from fats stuck in the traps, these break down into butyric acid and similar stuff, some might be from the tank. Just for the heck of it, check your batteries, they can be exhausting gasses, but I doubt it since it happens when you dump, Also check the back of the propane frig, if you see yellow powder you have a problem, and the smell is the Ammonia gasses from the coolant, again, probably not, but check anyway. Oh, one more thing...make sure somebody has not set up a nest in the grey water vent pipe on top of the coach. A nest, or leafy trash will block the air flow and cause the vapors to back up. Good Luck.
kalynzoo 01/15/17 05:53pm Tech Issues
RE: Monument Valley, Antelope Slot Canyon

Goulding campground has excellent tours that you can book on arrival. If you have a high clearance vehicle you can drive the same route yourself for the cost of park admission, I think $20, not sure. We drove the route in our Saturn Vue without problem, however the dirt route is heavily pitted, lots of large rocks, deep holes, and ruts. We passed some low profile cars, like Corollas, trying the road, I have no idea if they made it, but I'm sure the wear was extensive. I loved Monument Valley, so reach in history and culture. Enjoy.
kalynzoo 01/12/17 09:10pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Difficult but serious question

With all do respect, I think you might be biting off more than you chew. A 25ft TT does have its limitation. Camping has its difficulties for those who have not anticipated the stress, such as walking to central facilities in the weather, using steps without handrails, and the closeness of the toilet facilities in the rig...to name just a few. I understand accommodating good friends make one want to try even the most difficult situation. Perhaps a joint weekend at a hotel at a destination resort, like a casino, might be a good trial run. Out where we live there are also many lovely RV parks with adjoining hotel/motel facilities. Perhaps a campground and a motel room would be a good first try. Best of luck to you, I applaud your good intentions.
kalynzoo 01/12/17 09:05pm General RVing Issues
RE: Looking to buy Allegro 36LA Opinions Please

Very happy with our Allegro Red. The company, Tiffin, is very consumer responsive. We had very few problems with our new coach. Wish I could say no problems, but that just is not the industry standard. Every MH I have ever owned came with problems. This one had few, and Tiffin responded immediately. (Arm rest broke, fabric peeled) Tiffin's response was faster and more direct than the dealers. E-mails are responded to on the next business day. I needed instructions on the sound system and windshield wipers...really, I couldn't figure them out) Our lifestyle has us vacation traveling to full hookup RV parks. I find, on pre-trips, that the frig runs about 8 to 12 hours on batteries, without restricting other power draws. If I were to drycamp I would probably limit frig door openings, and turn off most other power draws. But if drycamping is your game, probably best to stick with propane type frig, or add a bunch of batteries and solar. I run my residential frig 24/7 as an extra frig against the house. Works great. Enjoy, and Happy Trails.
kalynzoo 01/11/17 10:31am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Triple A versus Good Sam

As noted above: Read the AAA RV coverage, it is posted periodically in the AAA magazine, which one of my children receives. RV coverage is only in areas with an RV service contract. If you are not in such an area you must arrange your own RV service and pay out of pocket. Then submit your receipts for "reasonable reimbursement", whatever that means. Personally, roadside assistance is a necessary evil, like insurance. You pay, and you hope that you never need to use it. Reading some of the many negative comments regarding all three roadside assistance companies (including my comments) I have come to the opinion that should I be so unlucky to need assistance I will call (in my case Good Sam) and if I don't get the response I want I will call a service on my own, like Freighliner, or a local Big Rig tow, and just pay the big bucks. I won't sit on the roadside for 24 hours while some phone operator tries to find help. JMHO Lets hope we never need roadside assistance.
kalynzoo 01/10/17 07:17pm Good Sam Roadside Assistance
RE: Tow dolly vs trailering

I used a Demco KarKaddy II dolly for 25 years without a problem. It was great because we towed different cars over the years with only a couple of different RVs. You cannot/shouldn't back with a tow dolly. We now tow flat, as it is easier on the old bones, and we don't change vehicles as often. You still cannot/shouldn't back with four down. About that Cooper: I don't think it will tow flat, it may be to close to the ground to go up on a dolly. Give Demco and Acme a call and see what they say about restrictions. Good luck in your search.
kalynzoo 01/09/17 11:33am Tow Vehicles
RE: Thank You to Camping World

Every store is as good as it's people, and they do have good people. Thanks for sharing.
kalynzoo 01/08/17 08:56pm Good Sam Club
RE: Monument Valley and Redwood Forest in April

Also, depending on what your towing, you don't need to take the tour of Monument Valley. Although I am sure the tour is very informative, and you get to ride on the open bed trucks. We decided to take the car, a Saturn Vue, on the dirt road of the tour (if you can call the rut and pockmarked dirt path a road) Had a blast traveling the day with friends. Stopped, saw the sights, felt the spirits of the mountains, it was really a fun day. We did see a couple of people trying to make the drive in their Corolla type cars...don't know what ever became of them, but you can easily loose an oil pan on the road. The 2wd Saturn took the roads fine. It would be a fun jeep drive. It still costs $20 to enter the Indian lands. Well worth it. Enjoy
kalynzoo 01/06/17 08:52pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Monument Valley and Redwood Forest in April

In Monument Valley your only real camping choice is Goulding's RV. Really very nice, nice restaurant, and Monument Valley is really indescribable. You will be glad you went. For the Redwoods, I really like Benbow Valley KOA. It is a lovely campground near Garberville. This is the part of the Redwoods you might remember from childhood Disney productions. Drive thru tree, Trees of Mystery, Redwood mobile home, etc. The weather at both locations is rather unpredictable. It could be dry warm and beautiful, it can be wet. You might even get a dusting of snow at Monument Valley. But I got to tell you the weather will be better than Wisconsin. Enjoy.
kalynzoo 01/06/17 01:27pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Front Hood Hinge

I did have that problem with one hinge on my previous Adventurer. I used Liquid Solder two part epoxy. The repair lasted the 8 years or so until I traded in the coach.
kalynzoo 01/06/17 11:43am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Puerto Penasco and fuel protests?

Thank you, we'll be there in 2 weeks. PM me if you need catfood from the states, will be at the Reef on the 22nd.
kalynzoo 01/05/17 08:39pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Yosemite RVing

Also recommend Mariposa/Yosemite KOA. It is about 30 minutes from the South park entrance, but the entire drive in is similar to the park itself. The KOA has all the amenities expected, indoor pool, full hookups, and level clean sites. We've stayed a few times. The indoor pool is a treat if April turns out to be a cold month. Enjoy.
kalynzoo 01/05/17 05:58pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
Puerto Penasco and fuel protests?

Heading to Rocky Point, The Reef, in 15 days. Obviously won't need to make a fuel stop while in Mexico, but wondering from those in town: Is there any problem from the fuel protest? Is propane still available? Thanks, and save me some shrimp.
kalynzoo 01/05/17 05:36pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Typical Class C GAS mileage

Guessing your looking at the Ford V10 or an older GM: I would estimate anticipated MPG at 8 to 10mpg. Lots of variables to consider. Driving over the Western mountains you will be lucky to get close to 8mpg. Your driving a shoebox, so a good wind will keep your numbers down. If you can hold your speed to the rig's sweet spot, perhaps 55 to 60mph all the better. Too many try to keep up with the cars, and 70, 75, 80mph will just eat up your fuel. A light weight 24ft motorhome will/should get better mileage than a 28 to 30fter fully loaded for a trip. Add a tow car? Since you want a large water and waste tank, consider that water weighs 8.35lbs per gallon. The more weight the rig is carrying the less mpg you can expect. Yes, you want a generator. The slide really makes the RV more comfortable. Personally, levelers are a must, you will probably find HWH hydraulics on most coaches. I don't think you will find electric levelers on 28ft RVs or larger. Water and waste: There are many places to properly dump waste, RV fuel stops, State rest areas, central dump stations at campgrounds, and many private campgrounds will permit you to use the dump for a fee. If you really plan to stay off the grid for an extended trip you can also purchase a rolling blue waste tank, and transfer your waste to a portable tank and roll it to a toilet facility at a park. Happy Trails.
kalynzoo 01/03/17 06:02pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Dining plan or not at Disney

Went to Disney World this summer with one of my daughters, her husband and the twins (7years). Had a blast, came home totally exhausted. Took a couple of months to recover. Anyway, she had vacationed their before and signed us all up for a dinning plan, 2 meals and snacks each day. It was well worth the investment as food is rather expensive if purchased on the spot. Two meals meant dinner and usually a brunch and snacks permitted drinks and stuff at the parks. You get electronic bracelets that track your purchases and forward overages to your credit card. Purchases can be delivered to your location at the end of the day, so you need not carry stuff around. DO GET THE PHOTO PASS. All around the parks are photographers and with the photo pass added to your bracelet the pictures are uploaded to your cell instantly, and you can upload to your computer for 30 days. You can also order prints. The people at Disney have made a science of separating guests from their money in the painless manor possible. Have a wonderful time. Don't feed the alligators (never smile at a crocodile). If you have time, take a drive to the NASA Kennedy Space Center. Wonderful day long tour. Happy Trails. PS: if you intend dinners with characters you better make reservations well in advance. My daughter also made fast-pass reservations for the special rides the boys wanted. Especially the Star-Wars training camp. Without fast-pass it would be almost impossible to get a spot on stage. Again, Happy Trails.
kalynzoo 01/02/17 10:44pm General RVing Issues
RE: Glad I bought the ole extended warranty

Call your extended warranty provider. File a claim. Call a mobile technician, you may have to pay the mobile tech service fee. Make sure you get PRIOR AUTHORIZATION before any work is done, other than the original assessment. Many extended warranty companies will give you a list of authorized providers if you have a question of who to call. Just follow ALL the rules on your policy. As for other suggestions: The generator may have TWO circuit breaker switches, make sure both switches are ok.
kalynzoo 01/02/17 10:31pm Toy Haulers
RE: New GS Rdside Card

I think you can print in from on-line
kalynzoo 01/02/17 10:24pm Good Sam Roadside Assistance
RE: Flat Tow or Dolly Tow

I used a dolly for 25 years, and have towed 4 down for the last 15+ years. Looking at the list of towable new cars and the restrictions, I may end up with a dolly again at some point in time. To your question: Many vans have a hard time on dollies as the front fender panels hit the dolly. (quite a few past threads on the topic). I looked into a dolly for the new rig and thought about towing the Sienna. At that time only the ACME dolly said it was compatible with a van. Just something to look at as you make your decision.
kalynzoo 01/01/17 09:01pm Class A Motorhomes
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