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RE: best rv for Yellowstone/ Glacier National park in spring

Just returned from a vacation which included a week at West Yellowstone. Our troop included my wife and myself, two 5 year old grandchildren, my daughter and son-in-law all in our 39ft MH. Fantastic trip. We stayed at the KOA West Yellowstone, which is about 6 miles from the park entrance. Lovely RV park, and I chose it because they allow tents outside the MH. As luck would have it, it rained every evening, and we decided to all sleep inside, but it was still a good choice as it is a lovely RV park. We traveled with another couple who traveled in their rig. Therefore we rented a 15 passenger van from BIG SKY Rentals in West Yellowstone. This turned out to be a wonderful plan, as we could see everything and pull into all the turnouts without concern. They also rent smaller vans and cars. Very Nice people to deal with. As for what size RV is best: Bigger RVs sleep people more comfortably. But a large RV just will not fit into the turnouts and pullouts. Many years ago, like 30 or 35, we traveled Yellowstone in a 28foot C, I remember that we could not fit into many of the turnouts back then...and the roads have not changed. Hope this helps with your planning. Have fun
kalynzoo 09/01/14 11:15am Beginning RVing
RE: Extended Warranties

Call or contact Wholesalewarranties.com They offer a selection of warranties with various degrees of coverage. I have one of their products, and it has paid a few rather expensive claims. You must understand that warranties do not cover everything, and you must follow their rules to the letter...Wholesale warranties acted as my agent and helped me follow all the rules. You must get prior authorization for repairs, and you do not get reimbursed for repairs you make yourself. For me, it pays to have an extended warranty, as if gives me peace of mind for major repairs...like basement a/c, hydraulic jacks, and a transmission...all covered over the years on different rigs. Happy Trails.
kalynzoo 08/31/14 05:05pm Travel Trailers
RE: Thor Fourwinds V10

The Ford V10 performs fine in the mountains of Southern California...Grapevine, Cajon Pass. Let me expand a bit on that: I could tow my previous SouthWind and 3000lb toad over these mountains at 50mph...if I lost momentum I could regain about 45 mph on the real steep grades. However, just because they stick a 5000lb hitch on the RV that does not mean it will perform or be safe with that load. Check the Gross Vehicle Combined Weight Rating, and subtract the actual weight of the motorhome. It will give you a better idea of what can be towed.
kalynzoo 08/27/14 05:53pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: What type of RV is best suited for a wheelchair?

I believe Winnebago has a department to assist ADA need. A mid entry like the adventure is a thought. Also Newmar can modify a mid entry.
kalynzoo 08/25/14 09:38pm RVing with Disabilities and General Health Issues
RE: Restringing day night shade..help

We've repaired two sets, not hard, just time consuming and it is best with two sets of hands. In our mh you do not have to remove the valance, but the screws are hard to find on top. Good luck
kalynzoo 08/25/14 08:47am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Schedule 2 drug and Full Timing

For better or worse (I will not take sides on this one) the DEA and many State Boards are now actively prosecuting doctors and pharmacist with questionable writing and dispensing practices. Note: I wrote questionable...that means even if the practice is legitimate it will cost a fortune to defend in court. In California the state DOJ has taken over punishment of physicians from the Board of Medical Examiners. Even major chains, such as CVS and Walgreens have paid millions in fines for filling questionable prescriptions from "medication mills." Yes, life as a pharmacist has really changed since I started in 1970.
kalynzoo 08/24/14 09:08am RVing with Disabilities and General Health Issues
RE: Dreaded Norcold NO CO error - Looking for help diagnosing

Make sure the battery the frig draws from is at 12.5v, not just 12v. In my Norcold 1200 the NoCo could only be user reset once, then a tech had to short out the board to reset. Good Luck.
kalynzoo 08/24/14 08:57am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Covering cars when towing

I have a cover from Coastal Covers, now called coastlinervandoffroad.com/. It has been used for 10 years now, and is easy to put on. However, I either rinse down the car before I put on the cover or don't use it. I am afraid that sand and dirt on the car will be abrasive. Actually, I stopped washing it down all the time a few years ago, as the Saturn is less than shiny now anyway. But when it was new (newer) I did keep it clean. Happy Trails.
kalynzoo 08/23/14 10:24pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Precool Norcold frig using 110 house power

I'm not an expert, but I will offer a first reply until others (experts) jump in. LO-DC denotes that your 12v batteries are low. 12v is not enough, my Norcold will act weird at less then 12.5volts. Pre-cooling is a great idea, we always do, but then we almost always keep the rig plugged in. Your house batteries will/should charge now that your plugged in. Some older motorhomes (my 2005 Adventurer) do not charge the engine battery unless you install a trickle charger after market. I did. In some MHs the frig is tied into the engine battery...in that case the engine battery must be charged above 12.5v to clear the LO-DC code. As long as you don't get the feared NO-CO code you should be alright. NO-CO can only be cleared by the user ONCE, then the frig shuts down and a tech must reboot. Good luck, hope this helps, it comes from experience, not expertise.
kalynzoo 08/23/14 03:56pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Schedule 2 drug and Full Timing

I just received this long (12 minute) YouTube from the California State Board of Pharmacy. It sort of explains why it will be much harder to fill out of state prescriptions for needed medication. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jdeQ0GeJjAM&feature=youtu.be This is my first attempt at making a link, hope it works for you. Red Flag
kalynzoo 08/23/14 11:30am RVing with Disabilities and General Health Issues
RE: Schedule 2 drug and Full Timing

Your physician may write post-dated prescription for you to take along and have filled each month. However: (This is a very big however) if the pharmacist is not comfortable filling a post-dated prescription since continuing medical care is not indicated by the out-of-state prescription, the prescription will be refused. if the doctor writes say four Rxs that are dated 3 months apart, and the patient goes into the pharmacy and hands in a current one, why would the pharmacist automatically think they were post dated? bumpy Scenario: you hand me a prescription with good dating written by a doctor in Ohio. Since I have no knowledge of you or the doctor I will/must call the doctor and verify the prescription. I will be told the doctor wrote the prescription last month for your travel. Now I must decide if I want to take FULL responsibility that the medication is for legitimate medical use. The stores I occasional substitute at would reject the prescription. sorry.
kalynzoo 08/23/14 09:37am RVing with Disabilities and General Health Issues
RE: Yellowstone RV suggestions

Just returned from a week at West Yellowstone KOA. Lovely campground. Full hookup and full service...pool, coffee shop, small restaurant , activities, wifi, cable , etc. six miles from park entrance.we had a premium site with wooden swing, concrete patio, and new concrete round patio table and bench. Lovely. If you need any service in West Yellowstone I recommend Big Sky. They really helped us out of a jam. happy Trails.
kalynzoo 08/23/14 09:29am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Schedule 2 drug and Full Timing

When I first read the new regulations I knew that nobody in the vacation and RV industry had been contacted regarding the significant inconvenience which would befall real people. Class II prescriptions cannot be transmitted electronically, which means no fax, no e-script: ONLY a hard written or typed prescription on federally approved tamper proof paper, with all designated information included. Even then, the pharmacist is held to a high standard of knowing or verifying the doctor and/or knowing or verifying the patient. Your physician may write post-dated prescription for you to take along and have filled each month. However: (This is a very big however) if the pharmacist is not comfortable filling a post-dated prescription since continuing medical care is not indicated by the out-of-state prescription, the prescription will be refused. If the first pharmacy receiving the prescription makes marks on the prescription (like filling in the address, date, ask allergies, etc) the next pharmacy to receive the prescription will/must address the problem of why the first pharmacy refused the prescription. I am sure you can begin to see the significant problem that this new DEA regulation will impose upon RVers and other travelers who are away from their base for more than a month at a time. It was mentioned in a previous response that refills are limited to not more than 180 days. Although this is technically true, most insurance companies will cover no more than 30 days. Additionally, it is highly unlikely that a pharmacy will fill even a valid prescription for a Class II medication for 180 days. To do so will red flag the pharmacy for either a State Board audit, or a DEA visit, or BOTH. California has a CURES program where ALL controlled substance prescriptions must be sent to a central computer where the prescribing habits of physicians can be reviewed and use by patients (noted by address and date of birth) are tabulated. Every state has a similar program, but it is controlled by each state individually. At this time I do not have an answer to this dilemma, only a doom and gloom scenario. Gary Kalyn, Registered Pharmacist, Retired.
kalynzoo 08/22/14 09:34pm RVing with Disabilities and General Health Issues
RE: Rt 180 Flagstaff to Grand Canyon Village

Nice drive. One lane each direction, but an easy drive.
kalynzoo 08/22/14 07:19pm Roads and Routes
RE: Towing through Eisenhower Tunnel

On my first trip through I was told by many to unhitch and have the car follow the MH which had a 454 engine. There was really no need. On subsequent trips with motorhomes, all gas, I just towed all the way without a problem.
kalynzoo 08/21/14 06:54pm Towing
RE: Motor home plugged into house

I just use a couple of house fans plugged into the 110. At first I set them on a timer, but I now just keep them going 24/7 to circulate the air. I leave the roof vent partially open. The fans were inexpensive and seem to do the job.
kalynzoo 08/21/14 06:51pm General RVing Issues
Anyone toad a Sienna

We hope to purchase a DP in the next month or so to replace our Adventurer. One intent is to pull a small van. We own a really nice 2009 Sienna, so that would be our first choice. It probably won't match the paint on a new coach, but I can live with that. Plan is to add a Remco transmission pump and tow flat. Has anyone accomplished this? Do you still need to pull a fuse to keep the battery up? Any pros or cons would be greatly appreciated. Who installed the Remco, a hitch store or an auto mechanic? Thanks in advance
kalynzoo 08/21/14 06:47pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Are my turn signals invisible?

There are always a few bad apples and sadly Mr.Mark seems to have met one. Almost all the time I have found truckers respectful when I am on the open highway. I leave space for them, they leave space for me. I make it a point to hold back and open a space when lanes merge...whether in my RV or car. As for the turn signals, I just don't know what it is with people, maybe they just get involved in looking at "that big house driving down the road". I had one little red car hit me with the right side mirror because she was looking at the RV and turned the wheel along with her head.
kalynzoo 08/21/14 09:24am Class A Motorhomes
RE: why a class c over a class a ?

The overhead bed is a great advantage. The floor plans of many Cs seem to fit the vacationing family better than the A. However, with our bionic knees my wife and I find it exceptionally difficult to move from the cab to the body of the RV. Therefore, we will stick with the A.
kalynzoo 08/19/14 08:38pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: RV park near Vacaville or Winters Caifornia

We've stayed at VineyardRVpark.com numerous times. We will be there again in late September, as we have good friends who live in Vacaville. Most of the park is older and rustic, with lots of trees, easy access, and good clean hookups. There is a newer section which is fully paved, but all spots are backins in that section and you give up the trees. Enjoy
kalynzoo 08/19/14 05:34pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
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