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RE: Failing to Declare a Firearm at Canadian Border Crossings

Their country, their laws. Canada does not have the 2nd Amendment, so most current arguments do not apply. Travel safe, and if you are going to visit someone in their home respect their values and beliefs. JMHO
kalynzoo 07/04/15 01:03pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: roadside assistance ???

Sorry, but CoachNet couldn't find a service provider for me in Washington on highway 101 on a weekday. Probably for the same reason, low payment schedule. None of the ERS networks, in my opinion, are worth much, but when they do help all is good. Just be ready to "find your own way home" when they bug out on you. JMHO
kalynzoo 07/04/15 12:51pm Good Sam Roadside Assistance
RE: How long in Zion and Bryce

It's been years since we visited Bryce, but it is on our list for sooner rather than later. If your staying at Ruby's they used to have a Rodeo on a weekly schedule. It was fun. Years ago we did the walking thing down to the ruins with the ranger, that is no longer an option for either of us, but it is a large park with many historical sites, so a couple of days of touring could certainly be entertaining.
kalynzoo 07/03/15 03:49pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Good Sam road side assistance

Thanks for posting your positive experience. We read so many negative threads and it is nice to know someone else, besides myself, has been satisfied. Happy Trails
kalynzoo 07/03/15 10:47am General RVing Issues
RE: decent CG suggestions on east side of LA area?

Los Angeles is not an RV friendly county, as cost of land and various restrictions make developing a park prohibitive. Therefore, to be close to Disneyland you will have to pay. If you are willing to drive for 30 min to 90 min depending on traffic you can find some decent parks. But by national standards they are still very expensive for what is offered. Out my way you have Castaic RV park, Travel Village RV in Valencia by Magic Mountain and perhaps Acton KOA. All will be about 90 minutes from Disneyland, as little as 45 minutes if your lucky, but don't count on that. For one day at Disney all are OK, if your going to do the Parkhopper thing and visit both parks over two days staying close in does have advantages. Also parking at Disney is $20/car and there is limited RV parking (not to mention horrible LA traffic in an RV). You can walk or shuttle to Disney from the local RV parks. The closest RV park to Disney is about a mile walk (not a straight line because of the highway)and you get very little besides a cleaning parking lot with hookups in a close location.
kalynzoo 07/01/15 11:01pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Leak on the roof...can I really do this myself?

Call a mobile RV technician. Call the local campgrounds in the area and ask if they have references for mobile techs. Then have them come out and fix it. If you don't usually go up on the roof DON'T. I know that I am no longer capable of getting up on my roof, so I won't. Even if the repair is simple the cost can and probably will be too great.
kalynzoo 07/01/15 09:37pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Consignment...Seller won't budge off of asking price.

The seller knows what she wants. More power to her. She doesn't want to play games, she didn't start at some ridiculous price planning to work her way down. If you really like it, and it is worth the asking price, purchase it. Otherwise, keep looking. Happy Trails.
kalynzoo 07/01/15 09:33pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Good Sam Club gone bad

Some would say they are doing you a favor by reminding you of a renew opportunity to the previous free trial. Personally I find it is just over-exposure which has created an insensitivity. We have Good Sam Roadside Assistance, (just because I think I should have at least one brand). We receive almost daily (exaggeration) GS mailing, so they are thrown out without opening along with the rest of the unsolicited advertising we get. Just please remember to recycle.:)
kalynzoo 07/01/15 05:11pm General RVing Issues
RE: Ready Brake

I've used the ReadyBrake for about 4 years, excellent product. Easy to hook up, trouble free, good customer support. I had the box type previously and found the box cumbersome and it would wear down the toad battery. ReadyBrake does not affect the battery, as you are using the toad braking. I did order a new cable this summer as it was showing some weathering, replacing the cable was easy as it just slipped back into the sleeve all the way to the brake peddle. I had it installed by a auto technician as I was afraid to drill through the fire wall in the Saturn...everything was just so close together.
kalynzoo 07/01/15 11:12am Dinghy Towing
RE: No propane or Dump station?

I'll be interested in CWs response, but I will bet it is because of California State and local regulations. Firezone, distance from neighbors, fuel zoning, waste management rules, etc.
kalynzoo 06/30/15 11:01am Camping World Service and Installation
RE: Best route from Anaheim, CA to San Diego?

From Anaheim you really don't have much choice, your 1/3 there. Either the 5 or the 405. Coming back you can take the 215 North to the 15 and hopefully miss most of the traffic and road construction, (but it has traffic too). Just plan on a long slow drive, it the traffic is light you can be pleasantly surprised.
kalynzoo 06/28/15 11:29am Roads and Routes
RE: Price for 2016 motorhome

I purchased a 2015 Tiffin on it's way to the 2015 RV show in Pomona discounted 25%. There were lots of reasons for the discount (none of them being family) just they couldn't complete the previous deal (they crashed the coach before delivery). Anyway 25% appears to be a good feel good number. I won't disparage Thor, but after long careful inspection and research I purchased Tiffin.
kalynzoo 06/28/15 10:35am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Insurance Co hasn't settled claim

As noted above, insurance companies and extended warranty companies don't fix things or send parts, they authorize and pay for service. Safety first: If the ill fitting windshield represents a safety hazard (probably does since this protects you from flying objects while driving) get it repaired, even if it means at your expense, but document everything. Contact your insurance/warranty company and tell them of your problem with the repair (send an e-mail or fax along with the phone call and also send a written letter). Call and hard copy the repair facility telling them of the danger they placed you in and ask for the appropriate refund (remedy). Write a letter to Good Sam Action Line. (Why not) And Good Luck. I have no legal experience, I am just giving you suggestions as to how I would handle the situation. It may take months to get satisfaction, and you may never be compensated for the poor work. But safety first.
kalynzoo 06/24/15 10:28am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Roadside assistance?

Best? Neither, but in a roadside emergency (or just a breakdown) both will respond quickly to your call. Both will try to dispatch a local independent contractor, and both will call emergency first responders for a "Emergency". But both have countless complaints, either because they couldn't find a contractor close to your location, or because the contractor was incompetent in dealing with RVs. Personally, I had a problem with Coachnet unable to send someone out, they tried to give technical assistance over the phone, but all that amounted to was reading the directions to me (I had the direction book in my hand, and I can read). AAA clearly states in the contract that many locations do not offer RV (especially big RV) service and you will be on your own, you can "try" to get reimbursement is approved. Currently I have Good Sam. I have no complaint, but clearly others do. Pick one, hope you never use it, and enjoy Happy Trails.
kalynzoo 06/23/15 10:05pm Class A Motorhomes

Yeah, about that! I'm not standing up for Good Sam, heaven forbid, but it is not always their fault. They sell roadside assistance but it is contracted out. When I called for a flat tire on the car (easy right) I was told it would be 90minutes to respond. I decided to start changing the tire myself, (Saturn, small car) and had the job completed in no time. Called and cancelled the service. The tow truck called a few minutes later, he had not been informed of the cancellation, and we talked (nice guy). When I was told the ETA I was also given the service providers phone number...from that point on I should have called the service provider directly. When I first called for service I should have called the provider to verify the time, (not 90 min only about 30 min). When in the future, heaven forbid, I have to call ERS again I will immediately call the service provider given and verify time and their ability to provide the needed service. It's a learning experience. When a few years ago I did call Good Sam for a HWH jack problem they specifically searched for a provider for hydraulics, it was going to be a few hours before the truck service could arrive in Indio on a Sunday, and luckily other at the fairgrounds came to assist and got me on the road. I again cancelled the service with sufficient time to keep all happy. ERS, from all major providers is just that, emergency assistance, a single phone number to get help eventually, or to call local Emergency first responders if needed. There are plenty of horror stories about the bad service from CoachNet and AAA. Just my input. I do hope GS will follow up on your complaint and fix an obvious customer relations problem. And I hope they fix it soon as I just renewed my GS...hope I never have to use it. Happy Trails.
kalynzoo 06/23/15 10:41am Good Sam Roadside Assistance
RE: Camping World Sucks

I wouldn't bother with cw. Just cal your credit card company, explain the situation and dispute any charges from them. Yup, fastest way and it will get you results.
kalynzoo 06/22/15 02:55pm Camping World Accessories
RE: from La ,anahaim go grand canyon doubts

I have always felt the trip is just part of the fun and vacation. It is possible to drive to the Grand Canyon in one shift, but not for me. You could just take I-40 stopping around Needles then on to the Canyon. My choice, which we have followed many times, is the first night in Las Vegas, then down highway 93 to the 40 and basecamp in Williams Arizona. One advantage is with a brand new rig you will be overnighting in Las Vegas, a city with many RV service businesses. Hopefully your new rig will be problem free and ready for the road, but things happen. On our maiden trip the hot water would not come on, it turned out the water-heater was unplugged. But it is better to diagnose in a city rather than a small town. Then basecamp in Williams. We really like the Circle of Pines KOA in Williams. Indoor heated pool, large sites, quiet, family friendly, perfect. Do not miss Bearazona drive through animal park in Williams. Fun for adults and children alike. If you have little ones the Deer Park petting zoo is also a worthwhile trip. If you have a moment on the way, take the turnoff to Seligman, just to drive through the rather historic antique town (very small short town) and just of the I-40 with easy re-entry. Have fun, and Happy Trails.
kalynzoo 06/21/15 02:16pm Roads and Routes
RE: Looking to Purchase 1st Motorhome / Looking for some Help

Have someone who really knows RVs look over the prospects. Even if it costs a few buck get a mobile RV tech or just a good friend who has RVed for many years look at the rigs with you. Low mileage can mean that it was parked at the beach for months on end, used occasionally, has rubber rot, roof rot, a generator that has never been exercised, etc. High mileage may have been gentile treated, well cared for, and a good purchased. Or then again, maybe not. Good Luck
kalynzoo 06/20/15 07:38pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Camping at 10,000ft.

Water boils at a lower temperature so things cook strange. HYDRATE...dehydration at altitude is a major concern. When we were at Estes park (a few times) even the dog got sick! The body compensates for the altitude by increasing production of red blood cells permitting increased oxygen transmission. Foods that promote red blood cells would not be a bad idea, personal diet permitting. Enjoy the beautiful country, the clear sky, the stars, everything! Happy Trails.
kalynzoo 06/20/15 07:29pm Class C Motorhomes
Tire monitor saved my trip

Thank goodness for Tire Protector USA (tireprotectorusa.com) as they saved me on this last trip. Leaving Sacramento I apparently miss-installed my braking system. About 5 miles down the road from the RV park my Tire Protector started screaming, and at first I didn’t know what was making noise. The display showed my towd front tires at 185 degrees. I pulled over to check and found smoke coming off both front wheels. I had been driving with my brakes depressed. I unhooked the brake system, gave it a few minutes for the smoke to clear, and went onward with our vacation. I don’t think it did any major damage to the brakes of the Saturn, but I will have them checked next week. On the way home from 7-Feathers I saw another motorhome, which I recognized from our last stop, on the side of the road, and I pulled over to offer assistance. They had just lost the toad front tire, which had completely come off the rim. I guess another driver had flagged them to pull over as they were towing the toad on the rim, throwing sparks. They did not have a tire monitoring system. All went well, they called Good Sam who came out with the needed assistance. We left them with a road cone and the assurance that help was on the way. Anyway, Tire Protector, as with other tire monitors are not perfect. They give strange beeps, sometimes lose contact, and have a learning curve. But I do think this one saved be a bunch of money and a lot of lost vacation time. Happy Trails.
kalynzoo 06/19/15 08:38pm Class A Motorhomes
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