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RE: CG wifi or Cell hotspot for privacy

JMHO: There is no privacy. It is only paranoia if it isn't true. Just don't post or publish anything you don't want to be made public. By using a secure WiFi network you are making access more difficult, but on the other end the store, the intermediary, the bank, etc, are being hacked regularly. Get into the habit of checking your online accounts regularly/daily.
kalynzoo 02/15/17 11:43am Technology Corner
RE: Coachnet

I received a better price from Good Sam for a 3 year contract. Both Coach Net and Good Sam use contract service providers. Service will only be as good as the location and the provider. We were left on our own by CoachNet, which is why we have Good Sam. In my opinion your paying for a phone tree, so price matters.
kalynzoo 02/15/17 11:10am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Yesterdays Puerto Penasco Border Crossing

When we went 2 weeks ago the agent, very young kid, asked to look inside. Didn't check papers, dog certificate, anything. Just wanted to peer inside all thee RVs. Very polite, no hassle.
kalynzoo 02/14/17 09:30pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Puerto Penesco

While spending a week at The Reef 2 weeks ago we watch a crew repaint 3 Motorhomes, I believe they had a few more in the que. they were doing excellent work.
kalynzoo 02/14/17 09:26pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Locked keys in the trailer

I too keep a door and ignition key in a non-locking compartment, hidden and secure. We were at the beach with the family and friends when on of the children must have pressed on the lock before leaving the coach. Shortly thereafter we found we were locked out. As luck would have it, the bathroom window was ajar, and we were able to shove one of the children up and through the window to open the door. Glad GS came to your rescue. It is always nice to read a positive post.
kalynzoo 02/12/17 06:14pm Good Sam Roadside Assistance
RE: Extended Warranties (Again)

Just remember, whatever warranty you choose, you must follow all the rules. Prior authorization is a must. You probably cannot do any of the work yourself.
kalynzoo 02/11/17 10:42am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Extended Warranties (Again)

Wholesale warranties has an excellent reputation as an RV company. They have been a fixture at many RV rallies and shows. When I had a warranty problem, and they were the agent, they went out of their way to make sure everything was completed to my satisfaction. Helped make the claim, followed up, called me regularly to make sure the work was progressing. I could not have been a happier camper (well maybe if it didn't break in the first place). I won't try to compare the to companies, since I have no experience with GS warranty.
kalynzoo 02/11/17 10:41am Class A Motorhomes
RE: 101 northern Ca.

Actually, Benbow Valley KOA RV park outside of Garberville is really lovely. Used to be a private resort, then became a KOA, but there is still a high class restaurant at Benbow Valley Inn, and an adjacent golf course giving the KOA privelages.
kalynzoo 02/09/17 04:38pm Roads and Routes
RE: Caming World 21 Days Free Camping : Yeah, Right!

It's not just Camping World. Many dealerships will off trial memberships at local or chain resorts with your purchase. It's advertising, and for some good will. If you go to RV shows, or Rallies, you will also find membership campgrounds offering all types of promo programs to try a campground. Again, for some it is wonderful, for others, not so much. I bet getting you to use the freebee by a certain date is similar to the first 50 callers getting something special. Don't throw the certificate away, if you want, call them this summer when you want to travel and ask that they honor the certificate for a free visit. I sort of think they will. Naturally you will need to take the tour and have a 90 minute presentation about the wonders of membership. Again, for some this is great, obviously, because there are so many membership parks, for others, it is just not the right thing. Enjoy your new RV, and Happy Trails.
kalynzoo 02/09/17 01:16pm Beginning RVing
RE: Anyone else not full timing because of the grand kids?

Yes. Although we both enjoy travel and would travel more our lifestyle is based around a close family and extended family group. Even a 3 month trip to Alaska would have us missing too many family events, grandchildren events, etc. Although I do not question those who enjoy full timing, the concept is so foreign as to be unimaginable for us.
kalynzoo 02/08/17 10:29am General RVing Issues
RE: Inverter ?

If you travel a distance during the day and like to stop for a snack or lunch at a rest area an inverter, even a small inverter is nice. A small inverter on a line with heavy enough wire can work a toaster oven or a coffee pot, or run the TV while on the road for the kids/grandkids.
kalynzoo 02/07/17 10:17am Tech Issues
RE: SoCal attractions and HWY1 help...

For San Diego our family favorite, for more years than I can remember, has always been Campland On The Bay. Large, rustic campground with family, children activities planned all day long. Enclosed, with only one road in or out makes it a great place to let the kids run off by themselves. Many playgrounds, lovely bay beach, boat rentals, bike rentals. We try to get there almost every year, previously with the kids, not with kids and grandkids. San Diego KOA is also a gem in the KOA group. Our first choice has always been Campland. There are a few parks near Disneyland. All offer shuttle service. None are much to talk about. Just clean parking lots with hookups. It is expected that you wake up early, head to the park, stay till late, and come back to sleep. There is no end to LA traffic. Either head out after 10am before 2pm or stay for dinner and leave after 8pm, and you will still hit traffic. Take any road, a bit out of the way, to catch the 210. Up the 57, or 5 to the 605, or if your lucky you can stay on the 5. Your goal is to get to the 118 North. The 118 with go through Simi and turn and become the 26. The 26 will reach the 101 in Thousand Oaks near Oxnard. The head up the 101. You may hit traffic between Oxnard and Ventura, then it will open up as you drive by the Ocean until Santa Barbara, where it will be congested through the small city. Then wide open again. In Buelton, near Solvang, on the 101 is Flying Flags RV Resort. Wonderful place to stop. Large grassy sites, big playground, nice pool, children friendly. Walking distance from FlyingFlags is a little whole in the wall restaurant, Ethel's I think, grey building across the street from the Windmill. Fantastic food, historic, been there for ages, great for breakfast or dinner. If you want to stay on the 101 then Santa Cruz KOA is a great stop. Otherwise you head east on 46 to pick up the 5. Not much to look forward to on the 5. Happy Trails.
kalynzoo 02/05/17 01:51pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: I-5 Northbound from Los Angeles to Paso Robles

X what Bear wrote. Drive that way at least 5x a year with the rig visiting friends, even more often when the kids went to SacState. It's a nice road, it is an easy drive...it is not a fun drive. The ups are long as are the downs. Just watch your speed carefully, don't rush, and all will be fine: I assume your truck is in good condition. If you are not in a rush, highway 101 is an easier, leveler, but possibly slower drive due to traffic. Take the 118 through Simi and it becomes the 23 as it turns through Thousand Oaks. It meets the 101 and you drive through traffic in Oxnard. The drive takes you on the freeway through Ventura and Santa Barbara, very scenic, but it can be congested in Santa Barbara. Then wide open again with one short climb heading into Beulton. If your making a long trip of it an overnight at Flying Flags in Beulton is great, and the little gray shack type restaurant on the corner is historic and great. Then on to Paso. Even if you can't make a long trip of it, the 101 is an easier drive. Happy Trails.
kalynzoo 02/01/17 02:43pm Roads and Routes
Just returned from Puerto Penasco

Returned home today after a week at Puerto Penasco and a few days in Tombstone. Great trip, the road from Lukeville to Puerto Penasco is indeed a "No Hassle" zone. Mexican border inspection was cursory, with a very young man with weak English asking politely to inspect the interior. Took all of one minute. We stayed at The Reef. WARNING: as much as I enjoyed The Reef, large sites, level, friendly, we had a problem with the electricity. The voltage at the post is 137volts on each leg. This may be universal in the town. The result was the Transfer switch/surge guard in the Tiffin would not accept any shore power. Could not use 50amp, 30amp or 15amp. Our friends had no problem. Other people in the park said they bypassed the transfer switch or jammed the transfer circuit closed. I was not so brave. We camped with our generator in use part of the day and on battery in the evening. Later in the week we used our emergency battery hot charger to keep the batteries charged without the generator. Anyway, it worked and we had a great time. Weather was a bit windy and cool, I think next year we will try to late March or April. Mexico is lovely. The people are all friendly. There were no Pemex protests, there was no discussion of border closers or walls. Everyone accepted US dollars, or credit cards. We had dinner one night at The Wreck at the Reef. Excellent, not cheap, but well worth the fare. Happy Trails.
kalynzoo 01/31/17 05:21pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: buying at an rv show

We purchased twice from an RV show, although the sale was completed a few days later at the dealership. If you find what you want it seems like a good idea. Just understand that the sales staff is usually very professional, but many travel from location to location, working on a modified commission program, so they are very intent of closing the sale. They don't want you to think about it for a week and then go to the dealer, as the commission may be lost. So purchasing at the RV show may offer some highly motivated deals. But it has to be the right RV for you. Happy Trails.
kalynzoo 01/20/17 02:05pm Travel Trailers
RE: Durango to Zion

Do make a stop an Monument Valley. It is beautiful, awe inspiring, just magnificent. Gouldings RV is the only game in town. Really a nice full hookup RV park, fantastic view, lots of dust. The road there is an easy drive, two lane with no traffic. We went by way of Mexican Hat Rock. Gouldings has fuel, small town stores, and a rather good restaurant at the top. Don't miss John Wayne's cabin used for several movie shoots, up by the office and restaurant. Monument Valley is well worth a days stop. You can take one of the many tours with Indian guides, booked at the RV office, or if you have a high clearance toad you can drive it yourself, there is still a fee. We drove a Saturn Vue. The rutted dirt path through Monument Valley reservation area is best travelled very slowly, like 5 to 10 mph as it is potted, rutted, and covered with boulders. Still, we loved it. Happy Trails.
kalynzoo 01/19/17 06:22pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Camping with dog breeds considered dangerous

Whether the rule is silly or not is not the issue. Either for insurance reasons or because of the campground's owners rules, there is a pet limitation. I've seen limitations on pets over 20lbs, and breed limitations. You will not be welcome in these campgrounds and if spotted you may be asked or forced to leave. Taking you well trained dog is great, it just means you will have to do some extra research and/or make phone calls to make sure you are welcome. Happy Trails
kalynzoo 01/19/17 09:02am RV Pet Stop
Puerto Penasco question

Heading to Puerto Penasco Saturday the 21st for a week. Staying at the Reef. Any new road conditions we should be aware of? Do I need pesos for anything, like fees along the way? Thank's all. PM me if you want me to bring anything down.
kalynzoo 01/16/17 10:44am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: rotten egg smell

I sort of like We Cant Wait's method, except we use PineSol instead of bleach. A cup or so of PineSol poured down the sinks, a few ounces in each sink and shower. Then run fresh water to fill the grey tank...DO NOT GO FOR A WALK, don't ask. Stick around and watch the gauges to reach a full tank. Since you can't go for a drive, let it sit for a couple of hours...now you can go for that walk. Then flush the grey. Most of the odor is probably from fats stuck in the traps, these break down into butyric acid and similar stuff, some might be from the tank. Just for the heck of it, check your batteries, they can be exhausting gasses, but I doubt it since it happens when you dump, Also check the back of the propane frig, if you see yellow powder you have a problem, and the smell is the Ammonia gasses from the coolant, again, probably not, but check anyway. Oh, one more thing...make sure somebody has not set up a nest in the grey water vent pipe on top of the coach. A nest, or leafy trash will block the air flow and cause the vapors to back up. Good Luck.
kalynzoo 01/15/17 05:53pm Tech Issues
RE: Monument Valley, Antelope Slot Canyon

Goulding campground has excellent tours that you can book on arrival. If you have a high clearance vehicle you can drive the same route yourself for the cost of park admission, I think $20, not sure. We drove the route in our Saturn Vue without problem, however the dirt route is heavily pitted, lots of large rocks, deep holes, and ruts. We passed some low profile cars, like Corollas, trying the road, I have no idea if they made it, but I'm sure the wear was extensive. I loved Monument Valley, so reach in history and culture. Enjoy.
kalynzoo 01/12/17 09:10pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
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