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RE: Rocky Point

Thanks, I know 50 amp is not needed and I can do nicely with 30. Just wanted to make sure the residential frig would be safe.
kalynzoo 07/03/16 05:39pm RVing in Mexico and South America
Rocky Point

It's been at least 8 years since our last trip to Puerto Penasco. I think our small group is finally ready to return. We used to stay at Playa Bonita. I ready a recent review saying the electric was questionable and the pool was closed. Is it still as nice? Any comments? We thinking Feb or March. Thanks.
kalynzoo 07/02/16 10:52am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Your thoughts on a 2013 Newmar Dutch Star 4318

We looked loving at the Dutch Star before we decided on the Allegro. Beautiful coach, but for us there were two significant faults. We found the cabinets on the drivers side to be small, probably close to useless (in our mind). The major fault was that when the slides were retracted my wife and I found it very difficult to maneuver to the back (going to frig or toilet). With bad knees and ankles the unlevel floor and the tightness of the walkway were a major factor. But indeed, the Newmar Dutch Star is a lovely coach.
kalynzoo 06/24/16 01:23pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Towable Car

My understanding is that all three are not towable as they come from the factory. Contact Remco (RemcoIndustries.com) to see if they can be made towable. A towdolly is always an option, I used one for 25 years, when I changed cars more often then RVs. There are many threads on the subject on RV.net. Also Motorhome Magazine and the FMCA magazine (Family Motor Coach Association) annual publish towing guides around Dec or Jan. Both have archives. Happy Trails
kalynzoo 06/23/16 11:29am Class C Motorhomes
RE: have you seen THIS floorplan?

You might look at the Tiffin QBA in the Breeze or Allegro
kalynzoo 06/21/16 10:25pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Questions about Good Sams roadside assistance..

Not all regions have AAA RV coverage. If you are in a region without an RV contract you will have to pay for the tow and then request "reasonable reimbursement". AAA is great for cars in cities. On the highway they will tow you to a "safe location" and then may return within 3 hours to tow you to a repair facility. It happened to my son. Towed to a rest area, then later towed about 60 miles to the Chevy facility for the new car. Of course it was not Saturday after 5pm so the Chevy dealer could not look at the problem until Monday. We cancelled AAA.
kalynzoo 06/21/16 10:18pm Good Sam Roadside Assistance
RE: so is 29 ft the cutoff for not towing a toad ?

There are just so many places where a car fits fine but even a small RV will have a problem fitting in. Sure you can tour Yellowstone in a 28ft RV, but many turnouts only fit 2 or 3 cars, so you may not find a place to stop and stare. Similarly you could take a small RV on some beautiful twisty curvy scenic roads, but there is so much more to see when your eyes are not stuck ahead of you with the RV. Big cities can be a real pain even in a small RV. And the list goes on and on and on. Perhaps with a 28fter (our first motorhome was a 28ft Establishment Class C...loved it) you can plan your vacations without a toad. But keep in mind, in many locations you may opt to rent a car for a few days and leave the RV at basecamp. Do consider also: you make basecamp, level the rig, put out the slides, hook up everything (perhaps focus the dish...not our thing), now you want to see a nighttime event in town, at the ranger station, nearby, so you must unhook, stow your gear, bring in the slides, and drive off for a few hours, only to repeat each step in reverse. Just saying...Happpy Trails.
kalynzoo 06/21/16 06:24pm Beginning RVing
RE: when boondocking do you bring a weapon ?

This topic has been approached many times in many ways. First, consider that your RV may be considered a home, at least the self contained living area behind the cockpit is a home, so traveling with a firearm becomes a little different than traveling with a firearm in your car. Then, every state has its own laws regarding firearms. Stories coming out of New Jersey about guests being charged in the state are scary. Similar stories in New York City. Then you may want to consider that a firearm stored for a boondocking emergency will only appear in an emergency. You will then have to defend yourself to law enforcement and the court system, but you will be around to work on that defense. There are many good books regarding state wide transport of firearms. The NRA is an excellent source of information. Perhaps, the information you receive of this website could be considered less than perfect. Including my little contribution. Happy Trails, and be safe.
kalynzoo 06/20/16 07:42pm Beginning RVing
RE: Buy A Tire or No Help

I believe all three RV assistance companies say they will put on your available spare, or they will contact a company who will sell you a new tire at your expense. You can expect nothing more that emergency roadside repair (using a crowbar to yank off a bumper), changing a tire, or towing. JMHO
kalynzoo 06/20/16 01:12pm Good Sam Roadside Assistance
RE: HELP!...What can I do to keep fridge cold and food safe?

In all our previous MHs we had Norcold or Dometic RV refrigerators. Summers in SoCal and Las Vegas did create a significant problem for keeping things cold. Ice cream was out of the question. The little battery fans were useless. Personally, I don't have the self control to keep the frig closed until absolutely necessary, and know in advance what I want and where it is. Just not me. We did try to cool things before putting them in the frig. Whenever possible freeze things before putting them in the frig. Put six bottles of water in the freezer, then move them to the frig. Since you can't use the freezer for ice cream you may have room. I was told (though I don't know if I believe) that an RV frig should keep things 40 degrees below ambient temperature. Well, in Las Vegas 110 is real possible, so where does that leave you. Try to find a spot where the frig is not on the East or West getting direct sun. Really perishable foods, like that BLT with mayo might do better in an ice chest with a block of ice. I know, doesn't sound right for an investment like a motorhome or TT, but it is really all the technology will handle. Happy Trails.
kalynzoo 06/18/16 09:24pm Tech Issues
RE: Toad questions...

Had a 2005 Saturn. I made a fuse disconnect by shorting out the fuse, soldering leads to the test points on the blown fuse, and running a line into the cab with a pullable fuse. Could have used a switch, but this worked. If you have a hot line coming from the MH in the umbilical you could run a trickle charge to the toad battery and not bother with the fuse. I towed a few times on short trips, less than 2 hours, without pulling the fuse and never had a problem. If you don't pull the fuse and it gets dark outside the sensors will turn on the headlights and the battery will draw down rather quickly...don't ask me how I know. Happy Trails.
kalynzoo 06/16/16 11:08pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Ok does the Winnebago have the best roof system

My last motorhome was a Winnebago Adventurer. It served me well for 11 years, and I can't complain about the construction. As for the add for the roof, they show that the roof will support the weight of a second motorhome placed on top...I have no intention of placing a second motorhome on the roof. So, whatever.
kalynzoo 06/16/16 09:25pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Need a Newer Toad - 7 passenger SUV - Commander orExplorer

Very happy with my 2015 Ford Explorer. Weighs in at 4700lb, tows beautifully, seats 7 comfortably, supper easy hookup. Put in Aux and go. I do have a trickle line in the umbilical, but is was available in the MH so I used it. I understand (perhaps incorrectly) that the 2016 model wants you to disconnect the battery. I have no idea what that would do to system memories, such as driver favorite seat position, radio, clock, etc.
kalynzoo 06/16/16 04:29pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Do you carry fire wood in a storage bin?

My adult kids enjoy a family fire when the families head out camping together. On these trips we often load up a basket (big basket) with firewood and stuff it in the bay. The wood is either used or offered to others when we leave. Personally, if we are with a small group, I'd just as soon purchase a bundle of wood at the office. No, termites are not really a big problem at my base, but I wouldn't use the rig for long term storage.
kalynzoo 06/16/16 04:24pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Need some advice/help PRETTY QUICK Please

Since you will probably be using park water for flushing you can expect contamination of the water lines to the sinks, unless you stay off the water supply entirely. I would suggest that you chlorinate your fresh water tank after the trip, following the guidelines for sanitizing your tank. It is also possible that the warning if non-biological, such as lead or chemical contamination of the water supply. Again, a complete flushing of the RV water supply when the trip is over seems like a reasonable precaution.
kalynzoo 06/16/16 02:54pm General RVing Issues
RE: Interesting customer service attitude

I had basement air in my Adventurer. During the 11 years I had the rig I had to have the a/c serviced twice. Both times the mobile technician I used was able to accomplish the repairs, he was a/c certified (whatever that means). Coleman was no longer supporting basement a/c then, and Winnebago had announced that it was no longer offering basement a/c. I was told then that most parts were available through a/c repair people, so I shouldn't worry. The problem is that to service the basement a/c the technician must drop this rather heavy unit to the ground, on my Adventurer this required the motorhome be raised on it's jacks and then a motorcycle jack was used to bring the a/c down and pull it out. Really a rather big job, probably why many shops don't want that business. during conversations with the technician I asked what would happen if he couldn't handle the repairs. One option would be to put 2 roof top a/c units on the rig. He said the labor would not be horrible as the existing circuits could be used, the weight of the basement a/c would be gone, and I'd get extra storage. It was an option, not a great one, but at least I knew I would not have to rely on open windows. Good Luck, and Happy Trails.
kalynzoo 06/16/16 01:19pm General RVing Issues
RE: Extended Warranties

I have always appreciated the peace of mind an extended warranty offers. I have had a few claims, and the size of the claims have helped balance the expense of the warranty. I have not really kept track of who is winning this race. Contact the folks at Wholesalewarranties.com. Steve and his crew will give you honest low pressure answers to you warranty questions, and the prices they offer are very competitive. JMHO on this. As for extended warranties as a class: You MUST follow all the rules in the contract. Claims must be made promptly, no work can be authorized or started prior to the claim approval. Many policies (mine) permit diagnosis naturally, and emergency repairs not to exceed $300 prior to approval. My experience is that approval, or rejection for additional information, is usually pretty prompt, on weekdays. During my two experiences with what I would consider major claims while with Wholesale Warranties went very smoothly. WW acted as my agent, I had to file the claim, but they helped me compile the required data, then they called me regularly to make sure the claim and repair were going smoothly. On the claim for my hydraulic jack failure the warranty company was not responding to the shops request to repair all 4 jacks because of damage when the one jack failed. WW spoke with the warranty company's CEO on my behalf and the claim was authorized. So there is my humble opinion. Happy Trails.
kalynzoo 06/11/16 11:28pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: GoodSam vs AAA

Good Sam, AAA, CoachNet and others offered by insurance contract with providers to give assistance on the highways and biways. The service will be as good or as bad as the contracted provider. AAA as independent regions, if you need RV coverage in the wrong region you may be asked to pay up front and apply for "reasonable reimbursement." AAA will tow you of the road to a safe location, and then has up to 3 hours to re-tow you to a repair facility. (Happened to my family, since the re-tow was after 5pm on a Saturday to a small town, we lost a full day waiting for the shop to open Monday.) There are plenty of threads on this site regarding problems with Good Sam and CoachNet. Personally I have used Good Sam twice and have been pleased. I previously used CoachNet once and felt abandoned on a major highway. I just renewed my Good Sam for three years and received a discounted price. Good Sam does cover any car you are driving, just like AAA you must be present to use the service. Hope this helps your decision process. Happy Trails.
kalynzoo 06/11/16 10:17pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Young family thinking about a travel trailer...

Some 40 plus years ago we purchased our first RV. I owned a store so vacations were few and far between, but we took extended weekends, and since we were active in both Girl Scouts and Boys Scouts we used the RV to join scouting weekends and act as a base...this gave us the ability to camp comfortably and bring the younger children. Even though we never used any of our RVs to the extent I would have liked, I never regret the investment and the RV vacation lifestyle. We traveled with our children, we visited the western USA, we had fun. RVing is not cost effective, not by a longshot. You have the initial cost, the upkeep, and camping fees, which seem to be ever increasing. But how else can you vacation with the kids, the dog, and maybe a few friends (yours and the kids). We have a lifetime of great memories and I trust many more to come. Happy Trails.
kalynzoo 06/10/16 09:45pm Family Camping
RE: Which detergent To use in Splendide washing machine

When we had the Spendide we ordered and used the Splendide detergent. It only took about a tablespoonful per load, and lasted forever.
kalynzoo 06/10/16 08:07pm Fifth-Wheels
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