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RE: New Model 33RES Cougar X-Lite

We are looking at the same floor plan, but in the Denali 287RE, rather than the Cougar RES. The Denali has a king size bed that the Cougar does not and a much larger carrying capacity. Here is the link: Clicky
kamp k 02/26/14 07:30pm Travel Trailers
RE: Coast to Coast resorts issue

Kamp-k check out Pennsylvania campgrounds on ctc they just about all have every weekend blocked our home CG is in Gettysburg we will also be staying there for most holidays and traveling around the east coast for about 3-4 weeks of vaca time the only thing I have to complain about would be that our home base when we joined last MAY didn't tell us about the blocked weekends never realized it till we got online about 30 days after the waiting period we new about the holidays. just a little a bummed about it we like to do a few weekends a year in between our week longs. we just have to drive further now. and C2C has added quite a few more CG's to the list even in New Jersey just can't see them on the site as of yet to tell if they are going to block weekends. heck we even got into 1 last year for the labor day weekend by accident so we were told when we got there. But they were most accommodating and we had the best time!! VA. has a lot of great CG's on the ctc network we will probably be spending a lot of time in your state. by the way we were at Shenandoah over labor day last year what a great place!!!! Hi Sarhvac1...I did look at Pennsylvania and do see what you mean about weekends being blocked out. Saw that on 3 different parks in your state. Like I said, I had never seen that before on any of the parks we've wanted to visit, but I had never looked at Pennsylvania before either. I can see how that could be frustrating as it limits the parks in your state that you could spend a weekend at. On the flip side, I have no idea how busy those parks happen to be on the weekends, but if I was a paying member at any of those parks and any of those parks happen to be my homepark, I would be highly upset if I wanted to come spend a weekend at my homepark and was told there were no sites available to me because they had to keep 5 sites available for C2C members, meaning I couldn't get in to my own homepark, but a C2C member could get into my homepark on that same weekend that I can't. Now that doesn't make sense either, does it? To me, there's a fine line there, but before we joined C2C we researched the C2C parks in our states as well as some out of state that we knew we would want to visit. We looked at the availability of these parks and which parks blocked out holidays and for how long were they blocked out. For example, my homepark blocks out the entire week before and after major holidays like Memorial Day, July 4th, and Labor Day, and C2C members can't come in during those entire weeks. Having camped at my homepark during these holidays, I know my homepark is 99% full those weeks, and again, I would have a major problem if I could not get a reservation at my own homepark during those weeks, but a C2C member could, when I am the one paying yearly dues at this park, not the C2C member. Having said all that, we've never really run into any major issues with the C2C parks we use, but admittedly someone else's experience with C2C may be different than mine simply based on geographical location. But it felt like most responses to this thread were more negative in nature, and I at least wanted to provide a positive example of how C2C has been a tremendous value for us considering the way we use it in conjunction with our homepark. And yes, you are right, Shenandoah Crossing is an outstanding resort, one of our favorites, in fact. We go there a couple of times every year, and will be making our first trip of the season there in April.
kamp k 02/22/14 09:27am General RVing Issues
RE: Coast to Coast, Mill Creek Resort issues

We stayed at Mill Creek under C2C last year in April for 6 nights. Could not make a reservation through C2C website either due to the "renovations" designation as well, but we called the resort directly and made our reservation. When we checked in, we presented our C2C membership card and the points were charged to our account by Mill Creek. Not the nicest park we've ever stayed at but considering the location and price, it was still worth it. Funny, I don't recall seeing any renovations being done at the time we were there, but the place could use some updating. Staff was very friendly though.
kamp k 02/21/14 07:55pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Coast to Coast resorts issue

We've been members of C2C since 2011, and just signed up for 4 more years (for the price of 3 years). We really have no complaints with C2C (as evident by the fact we just signed up for 4 more years) because if you know understand how to use C2C to your benefit, it IS a great cost saving method. No, you cannot get into most C2C affiliated campgrounds on major holidays, but anyone signing up for C2C knows that upfront, as that is clearly stated. For us, this works fine because we spend all major holidays at our home campground anyway. At our homepark we can stay for 14 consecutive nights, then we have to be offsite for 7 days, then we can come back onsite for 14 nights again. We use the C2C parks for those 7 days that we have to be offsite from our home park. For us, we camp the entire summer starting with Memorial Day weekend at our homepark, then after 2 weeks, we'll leave and go to a C2C park for a week or two (depending on which C2C park we go to) then we'll come back to our home park for 2 more weeks, then go to a C2C park for a week and so on. We do this for the entire summer, but spend Memorial Day, July 4th, and Labor Day holidays at our home park. In between those holidays, we travel to our favorite C2C parks, and yes we have a couple of favorites that we have never had a problem getting into during the past 3 years we've been camping this way. Also, I for one have never seen random weekends blocked out on C2C at the parks we looked at, unless it was a holiday week, but granted all of the parks we have been to have been on the east coast, so I can't say I've ever looked at C2C for a park in California or Texas for example. With the friends & family benefit that C2C offers, even my inlaws have been able to use my C2C membership a couple of times per year on their trips to Florida and Myrtle beach at $10 per night. I am in no way affiliated with C2C other than as a member for the past 3 years, but I can't help but feel like people that complain about it, either don't have the proper expectations or don't understand how C2C works. What I can say is this. Last year, my family camped a total of 65 nights between my homepark and various C2C parks, which last year consisted of 5 different C2C parks that we stayed at. After factoring in what it cost us to pay our homepark yearly dues, our C2C yearly dues, and to buy C2C points, those 65 nights cost us $19.66 per night (which included all taxes we paid as well), which is far cheaper than the average cost of any state park in my state or any other private campground that I've personally ever stayed at. Not trying to sway anyone's opinion as I have nothing to gain personally by doing so. Just offering a perspective on how and why C2C works for some families, particularly if C2C is used to supplement a homepark that one may already be a paying member of.
kamp k 02/21/14 06:48pm General RVing Issues
RE: Ford F250 -- 5.4 vs. V-10

I've owned two 5.4's and two V10's. There's no question that if you're looking at a 32' trailer, it's going to have some weight to it, and you will be much happier with the V10. Loved my 5.4 F150, but wouldn't have wanted to tow more than 7k with it.
kamp k 07/11/13 09:12pm Tow Vehicles
RE: So we picked up our TT tonight.

If you were taking video during the walk-thru, was any of the service tech's behavior captured on the video, even if it was just audio of his communication with you and your husband? If so, I'd be sure and share that video with the Sales manager and/or owner.
kamp k 06/19/13 08:38am Travel Trailers
RE: PCV flagpoles

I thought the intent of the forum was for discussion and commentary, apparently you disagree. On the contrary, I couldn't agree more. The topic of this thread is PVC Flagpoles, which is what I commented on originally, but I went back reread the additional posts, and I didn't see a post from you on PVC flagpoles, just a post about you wished the USA flag was larger and higher than the others, followed by a post about how it appears that I consider the USA flag no different than any other flag. Yeah, that's not offensive, especially coming from a complete stranger who doesn't know me from Adam. But, you apologized, and I accept that. No harm, no foul. The point I was making, was if you wanted to discuss how you wished that everyone who has a USA flag would have it be larger than their other flags, and it should fly higher than the other flags, then you should start your own thread on that topic. I think a reasonable person may take offense to what you were implying, whether intentionally or unintentionally implying it. This thread was about PVC flagpoles, and the two subjects are NOT related. That's all I am saying.
kamp k 06/12/13 01:11pm Travel Trailers
RE: PCV flagpoles

That's one of the great things about this country. YOU can fly YOUR flag(s) any way YOU want at YOUR campsite. We happen to have a plethora of flags, including American flags, that we change out depending on our mood, where we are, time of year, the holiday, etc. This was just one pic to show an example of our home-made flagpoles as it relates to the OP's original topic. Way to be critical sir. Nice job! I wasn't criticizing, I said "I wish". From the picture and your statement it appears that you consider the USA flag no different than any other in your collection of flags. Lots of good people have died so that flag can fly high over USA soil. It is NOT one of a plethora depending on mood. You are right, you can fly it any way you want. Those people died so you have that right also. And "I wish" people could just add meaningful comments related to the topic at hand on these forums, instead of trying to impose their personal point of view on everyone else and making broad, inaccurate assumptions based on a photo. You sir, know nothing about me or my family members that have lost their lives fighting for this great country of ours, yet from a photo, you seem to have concluded that I am somehow less patriotic than you, simply because my American flag was too small and not as prominent for YOUR liking. God forbid if someone posts a flagpole picture that doesn't include an American flag at all! I'm sure you'll be the first to post, "I sure wish you were flying a USA flag instead of that, It's 5 O'clock Somewhere flag." Again, my pic was simply in response to the OP's topic about FLAGPOLES, not a political statement requiring your commentary, personal beliefs, or "wishes". I fail to see how your comments have added any value to the topic of this thread.
kamp k 06/12/13 12:18pm Travel Trailers
RE: PCV flagpoles

I sure wish that USA flag was larger and higher than the others. Looks kind of sad and unimportant like that. That's one of the great things about this country. YOU can fly YOUR flag(s) any way YOU want at YOUR campsite. We happen to have a plethora of flags, including American flags, that we change out depending on our mood, where we are, time of year, the holiday, etc. This was just one pic to show an example of our home-made flagpoles as it relates to the OP's original topic. Way to be critical sir. Nice job!
kamp k 06/12/13 10:47am Travel Trailers
RE: PCV flagpoles

We made a large and small pvc flagpole and painted them. We didn't glue ours together, just use the elbow and T connectors. That way we can take the poles apart to store them when traveling. Cheap and easy to make! http://i1266.photobucket.com/albums/jj521/kampk/2008%20F350%20King%20Ranch/509_zps47b99289.jpg height=400 width=600
kamp k 06/11/13 04:24pm Travel Trailers
RE: Keystone Outback 210RS

We had an '07 Outback 21RS that we bought used in 2009 and used for 2 seasons before trading up to our current TT. We liked our 21RS and never had a single issue with it during the 2 years we owned it, but we wanted more space. The floorplan is not unique to the Outback, and several other manufacturers make the same model. We bought ours from a private seller for $12k in 2009 and traded it for $10500 in 2011. You may be able to possibly find an older one in the $5k range (not familiar with your local market). Our local CL currently has an '07 listed for $10500. As the previous poster mentioned, Outbackers.com is a good reference source to ask specific questions of Outback owners. Good luck in your search!
kamp k 05/28/13 12:29pm Travel Trailers
RE: It Was Tough But We Got Through It!

Don't worry, it'll get better. Errr, well maybe not in your case. Doesn't look like it gets any better than that!
kamp k 05/28/13 11:15am Travel Trailers
RE: This is why I bought an F-350!!

Kamp k... Very nice set up! I bet that v10 does not give you any problems on the road. We have very similar payload and tow ratings. I am not familiar with the 08's, do you have a 6 speed or 5 speed? If 6, can you stay in 6 gear? Thanks Modern Family. Our '08 has the 5 speed so I'm afraid I can't be any help on your locking out 6th gear question. Like your Laredo too. Sharp looking TT. Be safe out there!
kamp k 05/27/13 09:04pm Tow Vehicles
RE: This is why I bought an F-350!!

Sounds like a fun, relaxing trip, and that's a great reason to buy an F350! Nice looking combo and toys you got there. If gas mileage is your worst worry, when you can haul all of your toys, your family, supplies, and house on wheels, while feeling completely comfortable while in tow, then you're way ahead of the game in my book! Nothing better than feeling completely safe with your set up and not having to worry about payload overload, towing capacity, etc. Makes every trip a joy. That's the way I felt after we got our F350. Love it! Here's a pic of ours at work: http://i1266.photobucket.com/albums/jj521/kampk/2008%20F350%20King%20Ranch/IMG_2276.jpg height=480 width=640
kamp k 05/27/13 07:55pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Preferred Route from Va Beach to Myrtle Beach

Appreciate the replies. Thanks folks!
kamp k 05/20/13 08:58am Roads and Routes
Preferred Route from Va Beach to Myrtle Beach

Is taking 17 a better route to take? We took 95 last year over to 40, then down, but was thinking of taking 17 all the way down this year. Not familiar with 17 though. Anyone with experience traveling 17 that can tell me how this route is? Any construction or two lane roads, or is 17 primarily a 4 lane highway all the way down? TIA
kamp k 05/16/13 05:12pm Roads and Routes
RE: RV park in North Myrlte Beach,SC ??

We stayed at Briarcliffe RV Resort last year and had a good time. We used Coast to Coast, so it was only $10 per night, but not sure what the regular rate is offhand, but here is the link to the website if you wanted to review. http://www.briarcliffervresort.com/
kamp k 05/06/13 04:54pm Family Camping
RE: Just got a new travel trailer

Very nice looking TT. Congrats!
kamp k 05/04/13 04:21pm Travel Trailers
RE: Getting Expensive

Anyway, I found a beautiful Excursion with only 54,000 miles on it and we're going to pick it up this Saturday. We're trading in our 03 EB Expedition which I will miss very much. The Excursion is a 6.8L V10, and with that power, I will fill much more comfortable towing my family of 5, two dogs and all our gear 10 hrs a way to our camping destination. Congrats on the upgrade! Sounds like you found a sweet ride.
kamp k 05/03/13 06:41pm Travel Trailers
RE: TT Mystique

Echo others about being able to use the truck bed. We're able to haul our golf cart in the truck bed when we go camping.
kamp k 05/03/13 06:32pm Travel Trailers
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