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RE: Leisure Travel Vans, need second opinion before purchase.

Kendall, you can't compare that PC box, that gets 9 to 12 mpg, drives like a truck, and has no where near the build quality, to a Class B. :h Not only can I compare but I did and selected the Ford over the Sprinter PC and they were both parked next to each other. Now for the "mileage" since I own both, a Sprinter chassis - that is the worst piece of junk ever produced, and a Ford that gets 9-12 mpg, that pretty much makes me an expert and you just an observer. Try doing a tad bit of research and you will see that the Sprinter chassis the the worst chassis ever produced for an RV. I just spent 2K last week and 10 days in the shop to clear an engine code, and that was the largest Mercedes dealer in Southern Ca. Heaven forbid I get an engine code while I'm in podunk Iowa, I would need to take up residency before my Sprinter would be released. and no extra underwear before you're over loaded in the Sprinter - I wasn't. My "great mileage" Sprinter was in the shop a half dozen times before it hit 10K miles, by gas guzzler just did 7,500 miles in a month and drove by every Ford dealership and never needed to stop. So let me ask you a question, what would losing 10 days in the shop do to a family vacation that is two weeks long? Wanna talk about carry weight now or would that embarrass the Sprinter too much, you know where the "truck" can carry 2,000 pound MORE than the Sprinter. You might be happy packing one pair of pants I'll save you and other the pages of internet search on how poor the quality of the Mercedes is, look it up yourself. Just know I actually OWN both chassis and you are nothing more than a spectator parroting talking points. As far as fuel economy I ran the numbers and yes the Sprinter gets better mpg and my Ford will get low mpg but the difference will easily be recovered and then passed with lower maintenance costs yearly. Also my 350 will be carrying and WHOLE LOT more that the Sprinter BOX, and I will never spend 10 days in the service department. Do you want to hear how I had to wait a month for a belt from Germany on my Sprinter, I could drive to Detroit and pick up a belt if I needed to for my Ford, and be home the next day. So go ahead parrot your " WE GET GREAT MPG'S" talking point till the cows come home, but the RV race is decided on service reliability and the Ford, Dodge, Chevy have Mercedes beat hands down. I'll always take reliability over MPG and I just spent 85K to prove it. See, I can compare the Sprinter over the gas guzzler and the Sprinter lost AGAIN.
kendall69 07/25/14 02:02am Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Leisure Travel Vans, need second opinion before purchase.

Before you purchase, give Phoenix Cruiser a hard look. I just did 7,500 miles since picking my unit up at the factory June 17th. You get factory pricing which I calculated saved me around 30K for a similar unit from other manufacturers. They bent over backwards as to my adding features like, jacks, solar, extra fans, bigger AC etc. in 30 years, I've owned a truck campers two class C's, a class A and this has been the best RV I've ever owned. The size is PERFECT and no need for a toad as it gets me everywhere I need to go. http://cssevents.com/photo.JPG
kendall69 07/24/14 10:52am Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Expense , money etc etc

My "rogh math" would be something like this 5000 miles in three weeks = 21 days, 5000 miles average 8 mpg 625 gallons 635 gallons $3.80 / gallon = $2,375.00 21 camp ground stays $40.00 / night = $840.00 21 days food, times (3) meals a day average $15.00 a meal = $945.00 Total cost 21 days not including maintenance, insurance, price of the RV, etc. $198.00 a day. My biggest concern after reading these type of posts since Al Gore invented the internet in the 90's is WHY. Why do people care how many MPG a vehicle gets or how much it costs to have fun RVing. Bottom line, you will never ever be able to justify MPG, and the price of Rving, NEVER. It's just a great fun thing to do with the family and no price can ever be placed on that. If you offered me one million dollars and said - you can not sit around a campfire deep in the forest with your family eating smores and hot dogs, I would tell them where to place that million dollars, and that place would hurt afterwards.
kendall69 07/21/14 04:25pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Air compressor

kendall69 07/20/14 11:03pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Tires - Again - Still - Yet

For me it's Michelins on everything. Last year I went to get my Michelins rotated ( every 7K miles ) for free, they had 40K miles on them still had plenty of tread, and were 5 years old. Dealer noticed some hair line cracks, called Michelin and they gave me $70.00 / tire credit on a new set. My tires get abused out here in the sun 24/7 with temps 120 plus every day in the summer. One last comparison. I had a new set of tires on a truck I bought, but I wanted the better ride of the Michelins so I switched them out. I took the "take offs" and put them in the truck, and handed the installer the Michelins. OH MY the difference in the weight was phenomenal between the two tires. The Michelins had what seemed like twice the rubber/weight of the ones that were on the rig. Go to a store and try lifting the Michelin RIB and feel the weight of those tires LT245/75R16 LT245/75R16 Load range E ....3042 lbs MAX LOAD.
kendall69 07/20/14 10:57pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Ford E350 V10 shifting

I have the same engine, same year, and I have had several V-10's. The one thing I've learned about the V-10, is they will pull at high RPM's all day long without an issue. I also have the same engine in a service utility truck I use with equal results in high RPM's. I've done the same mountains, and just came back from a three week cruise and a two day cruise yesterday through the mountains. I will add this, the V-10 performed a WHOLE LOT BETTER with a premium synthetic oil. I picked up my phoenix cruiser V-10 on June 17th, and today I just turned 7,500 miles. I used the break in oil for the first 7,000 miles and changed to a quality synthetic oil and words can not explain how different the engine runs now. Smoother, quieter, "seems to have more power quicker" and runs cooler. So, don't be afraid of using the RPM's to the max on these, they will take it and beg for more. One thing I do is change the oil much more often when I running RPM's for long periods as for me it seems the equivalent of running a rave car on the track, or a drag racer running full out. The other caveat is the weight of the coach and the weight of the jeep. I did have one Class C with a basement that I overloaded along with towing a HEAVY Jeep Rubicon. That was a 30 mph hill climb through the Rockies no matter what I did.
kendall69 07/18/14 10:17am Class C Motorhomes
RE: looking for a 2013 ERA 170A

Just beware of all the Sprinter problems before you buy. Do your research. I just had to spend 2K on my sprinter because of "dirty DPF". Having owned a Sprinter and having many problems and EXPENSIVE service issues, along with poor reliability, last month I bought a 2014 Ford based E350 gas guzzler. I'm more interested in reliability over saving fuel. Ya I get that the next 10 posters will say " I LOVE MY SPRINTER I'VE NEVER HAD A PROBLEM" ...well I was one of those "Sprinter lovers" till the repair bills topped 10K on my Sprinter, while at the same time I never spent a dime on my Ford F250 bought at the same time.
kendall69 07/15/14 05:13pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Class B Campsite Photos - Let's See Them!

kendall69 07/15/14 05:03pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: In Elkhart today, new Phoenix Cruiser owner.

The OP Phoenix Cruiser is certainly attractive. Congratulations. Not too wide either, I wonder about the comments re diesel problems. Havent had any myself. I DID have a V10 in my Winnebago Aspect. It went into limp mode soon after purchase due to defective throttle positioner valve(pse note), as it seems to be a problem. It was hard on gas and seemed to really rev highly on the Coquihalla mountain route, not climbing any faster than my little I-5 diesel Sprinter. I think that the PW maple cabinetry in my and other PWs is hard to beat for quality--Amish assemblers or not-- but I am pleased you are content with the quality of your MH. A lot of rvs nowadays are built with LAMINATE and otgher materials and they dont look good despite their fancy names. If i were buying a E350 I would consider the 'Cruiser as well as the PW Pursuit. Just my observations based on past experience. AL Here's the main reason Sprinter diesel vs. Ford V-10. Between Indiana and TN, I passed more than a dozen Ford dealerships, many right on the freeway . I have yet to see a Sprinter dealer. Same for me at home with my Sprinter, I have to go two hours for service. No doubt the Sprinter has better fuel mileage, but the V10 has AMAZING power on all the mountain hills I climbed this week, and service is always just around the corner. For me I want the security of service AND PARTS, over saving fuel dollars. If a Sprinter goes down and needs to be towed hundreds of miles and or wait for parts from Germany there goes the entire trip down the toilet. I needed to wait a month for a belt coming from Germany on my Sprinter from the dealer. I called a dealer in Germany and got it in a week. No thank you, I am so much more relaxed knowing a Ford dealer is close to me wherever I travel. I guess I am lucky here, Mercedes dealer services Sprinters and I have a dealer South of me some 30 miles and about the same distance North of me, both on Vancouver Island, BC. There are lots of Sprinters on the road here doing commercial work and MB even has special bays for servicing them. So far my PW has been bullet-proof. AL Be careful: Read here.... Sprinter
kendall69 07/12/14 12:06am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Why a small class C ?

It's all about maneuverability. I just did 5K on my small C and went to places I would never consider in a bigger C or a class A ( I had both bigger C's and class A ). My thoughts were always " if you're going to spend X amount on an RV get the biggest you can for the money. Well I did that and made a mistake, because I never could take it to many areas that I wanted to go. On this last trip I used the small C as a vacation car, a camper, a resting place when the wife and daughter went shopping, essentially it went everywhere. In the past I would go from RV spot to RV spot and that was it, then we were suck with no toad. The small C get me everywhere and I get to sleep in it to boot.
kendall69 07/11/14 06:49pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: What did you do to your Class C MH today???

Even though I only have 6K miles on it I took it in for an alignment, sure enough it was out. Alignment guy said bring it in with 3/4 tank full of water and 1/2 tank fuel and he aligned to those specs. I suggest everyone who buys a coach new drive straight to the alignment center or force the dealer to do it before you pick it up.
kendall69 07/11/14 01:38pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Is the difference noticable?

I own a Sprinter van and just purchased a 24' E350 Ford RV and the difference between the two is small as far as I'm concerned. The 24' Phoenix Cruiser drives as well as the Sprinter, still parks in one parking spot albeit a little longer, but then so is my sprinter in one parking spot. I wend with Ford because of the poor reliability with the Sprinter and lack of available service facilities across the USA. I'd rather spend more on fuel and less on service, so for me it comes out the same in the long run between the two and saving money. I just drove a HARD, HARD 5000 miles last moth and not one bit of trouble with the Ford. Power was exceptional, carry weight is unbelievable, room inside was great, no complaints.
kendall69 07/11/14 01:36pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: In Elkhart today, new Phoenix Cruiser owner.

Kendall69 what's the measurement of the clothes hanging closet from the top to the floor of the interior hanging space? I haven't forgotten, but I need to get over to where the RV is stored and I will take the measurement. I know it won't handle a LONG dress, I'm thinking from memory that my jacket hanging had about 6" to bottom, my wifes regular dress was fine. I'm thinking a long dress would hang in the shower where there is a ton of room. Another possible area would be right above the slide laying flat....if that helps. I don't know do women lay their clothes down of do they hang them all??? 40 years and I still can't figure them out.
kendall69 07/10/14 10:12pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: In Elkhart today, new Phoenix Cruiser owner.

........I would suggest you get a front end alignment before your next long trip. Almost all manufacturers recommend one after the first 4 or 5k miles with a new RV, being that the chassis was aligned at Ford with no weight on it. Maybe you can get a Ford warranty alignment, I did with our new Sprinter Well you were 100% correct. It was 2 degrees off. It ran straight but as the alignment guy said, make sure I had 1/2 - 3/4 tank of water and a 1/2 tank fuel. Sure enough it was off. I couldn't believe it, but he showed me the factory shims and showed me his adjustable shims he installed. Sure glad I did it. Now for a tire rotate. He explained, the manufacturer sets alignment to a cab and chassis ONLY, and when you drop a RV on that chassis it raises the front end and throws the tires out of alignment.
kendall69 07/09/14 05:52pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: In Elkhart today, new Phoenix Cruiser owner.

How was the comfort of the sofa bed? Did it sleep good? Any issues with feeling the gaps, lines, etc? Also, I've wondered how using the stove with the step down at door works out. One of our kids finished college last year and the other finished his Jr year. One or both will still spend a night/weekend camping with us although it is usually just the DW, myself and dog. So, hold on to that air mattress even after your daughter is off to college! I have to admit it's hard for me to find a problem with this set up. It's tough to respond as I love the set up for my style of use, and I'm sure other would prefer larger "typical" class C BIG COACH. The stove is not a problem where it is and for us we like to BBQ so we brought a lunchbox size BBQ, and use the stove for beans corn etc. For a quick snack we microwaved hot dogs. Solaire Grill The bed has a filler piece that fits in the gap at the feet, other than that the bed is made with the memory foam so once you " go out" the next thing you see is the sun coming up in the morning. We all started calling the couch/bed the " vortex" that would suck the life out of you. Any one of us that sat on it, we all soon fell asleep, as it was that comfortable. Once after a HUGE lunch all three of us fell into a "food coma", I fell asleep on the couch the wife and daughter fell sound asleep in the Euro chairs tilted back. We were surprised we were out for over an hour, and felt refreshed. It was 114 today and I tested the AC counting on the insulation factor they used as a sales tool. Passed with flying colors. I was comfortable inside while it was BRUTAL outside. I did see an interesting set up on the road, ADD A ROOM, when the daughter who now wants to bring her friends on a trip or two. http://www.carefreeofcolorado.com/carefree/products?action=product&productid=49&categoryid=32
kendall69 07/09/14 05:46pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: New 2.lL 4 cyl diesel engine offered in Mercedes sprinters

My argument is still the same with the Sprinter. Three words, Service, Service, Service. After driving 5K miles this month I saw only ONE Mercedes Sprinter dealer on my travels. I spotted dozens of Ford, Chevy, Chrysler dealers. I have a 2007 Sprinter that throws "codes" OFTEN, and every time it's throws a code, that's a trip to the dealer and a "diagnostic fee". Even owning a Sprinter getting " good fuel mileage" I just purchased a Ford E350 with the biggest V-10 on the planet. What you save on fuel with a Sprinter you lose in Service. I just drove a HARD 80 MPH plus for three weeks and not a single issue. When my Sprinter was new I was already to the dealer a half a dozen times within 5K miles. I know for a fact that the Sprinter would not be able to keep up with the traffic I was in going AGAINST monsoon winds in NM, with a speed limit of 80, because I have a 6% grade near me that my Sprinter will only make 40mph when the wind blows and it's an EMPTY VAN. Driving nearly 60 miles against those winds on a Sprinter RV would be embarrassingly slow. There's a lot more to RVing that saving fuel, and that is the ONLY thing the Sprinter has going for it, it lacks in reliability, power, service availability, GCWR, ( my GCRW has 3,250 lbs over the Sprinter with the same coach ) towing, etc. etc. Nope, for me I'll take less MPG all day long for the benefits of all the other things Chevy, Ford, Chrysler has to offer. I'm currently too afraid to drive my Sprinter more than 250 miles from my house for fear of it throwing a code and not being near service. Don't believe me....look at this High Price Service
kendall69 07/09/14 11:11am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Chassis Question

I just got a E350 on my Phoenix Cruiser and I think it handles like a RV sports car if there is such a thing. I've had (2) Truck campers, both on GMC 3500, one a SRW, the other a DRW. I've had (1) Class A, and (2) Class C on Ford E350 and E450 chassis and this Ford 2013 E350 chassis and V-10 is the sweetest combination I have ever driven on a 24' class C. I just drove it across the USA putting 5K miles on it, and most runs were over 700 miles a day, some nearly 1000 miles in a day.
kendall69 07/09/14 10:54am Class C Motorhomes
RE: In Elkhart today, new Phoenix Cruiser owner.

Here's the update. 5000 miles later visiting the East coast, hitting the Hurricane rains, camping at Disney world, Being the first in at Harry Potter Diagon Alley on the 5th, it opens on the 8th. I drove home straight through from Ocala Fl. to Baton Rouge, LA 620 Miles Baton Rouge to Houston, TX 271 miles Houston Tx, El Paso, TX 745 miles El Paso Tx , Palm Springs 697 miles. Driving those miles shows the comfort level of the RV. The circulation gets cut off to my legs in my Sprinter driving it just 120 miles to San Diego from my house. I never did feel exhausted after those long treks. I would stop have dinner, then shower, watch some TV then retire. Wake up have breakfast and do it all over again. Only stops were for fuel no lunch stops. The final report. Where else can you buy a new RV pack only a crescent wrench and screw driver, camp and drive 80 MPH plus for three weeks and never have a problem ? The RV was flawless. Today it's 114 degress, and yesterday it was 112 crossing the desert and the dash air was enough to cool the coach. Never needed the roof air. We did a mix of camp / hotel room and that was what I wanted this RV to be, a cruising vehicle with the option to camp. Never needed a toad, I was in some tight streets, camp grounds, shopping centers and never felt that BIG RV feel. I never did check MPG gallons because we all know what a big V-10 will do, but I did pass plenty of Sprinter style RV's that were chugging up some of the mountain roads we were on, and I know the Sprinter has a governor at 80 mph which is what the speed limit was in Texas. With the monsoon winds in TX and Arizona blowing against me the v-10 showed it's true colors and never skipped a beat. I never felt that slow down going up hill against the wind like I feel in my Sprinter, I had plenty of power to spare. Sure one trades off power for MPG, but I can say this the power was appreciated on this trip as it seems I was ALWAYS climbing hills. 90 degree temps outside with 90 percent humidity the roof AC kept it at 70 inside. I realized with three people ( one being a 17 yo girl with tons of shoes and clothes) in a RV designed for 2 that we never ever did fill up all the storage space. We stored food, electronics, clothes, shoes, etc. etc, and still had room for more. One problem - the screw came loose on the fantastic fan knob and fell out after many miles of rough road. Fixed in less than a minute. So I'm home now, I'll get an oil change and off to the beach this week end, maybe Yosemite if I can get in.
kendall69 07/08/14 01:05pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Why a small class C ?

One word - maneuverability. I had (2) BIG class C and one HUGE class A, and none can do what my current 24' unit can do. I was always in the arena of " if you spend X amount of money GET THE BIGGEST UNIT YOU CAN......well no more. I've already taken this unit to more places I would of never considered with the bigger units.
kendall69 07/02/14 06:08pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: In Elkhart today, new Phoenix Cruiser owner.

Time to show her in her element...... Since the 2400 is designed to sleep (2) people, I gambled on the floor space in front of the kitchen, and it paid off. Last night at camp the wife and I slept in the couch converted bed, and I used a blow up mattress in front of the kitchen aimed at the couch for my daughter. Worked perfect. Daughters only around for another year then off to college, so I didn't want to get a bigger rig for just one year of use with her. Found another creature comfort. I every C I have ever owned I was never able to adjust the driver seat to suit my needs. In this rig you can actually recline the drivers seat, there's that much room behind the seat to adjust for comfort. Great storage area if you don't recline for cases of bottled water. Did I mention this coach has an actual TUB. Samll tub but none the less a tub with a seat. Also considered if even more people want to camp, remove the two euro chairs by their quick release and you have another floor space for a sleeping bag. I think this area could also be used if you want to hauls a load to the beach, tents, umbrellas, boogie boards etc. http://cssevents.com/photo.JPG
kendall69 06/25/14 10:42am Class C Motorhomes
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