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RE: Dealer refusing to do Warranty work?

For all the people WHINING about the dealer not making " money " on warranty work, number one THEY SIGNED UP FOR THE DEALERSHIP , no one held a gun to their head. THEY NEGOTIATED all compensation deals with whomever they are dealers for, no one held a gun to their head during those negotiations. Now for the cry babies trying to blame the OP for buying an RV on the cheap from an out of state dealer - ARE YOU SERIOUS ?????? Let me explain this very slowly for you all. When I buy from dealer "A" from out of state and don't buy from my local dealer "B" GUESS WHAT, another guy bought an RV from Dealer "B" and gets it service from Dealer "A". Most RV's get service by other than their buying dealership because...WAIT FOR IT........RV'S are on the road all the time and hardly ever are at HOME BASE. So having another dealer service your rig is NOT unusual and should not be a foreign concept to all RV dealers. Furthermore none of us should be PUNISHED for having someone other than the purchasing dealer service our rigs, What the OP is going through is unconscionable and the offending dealer should be poster here and we should all contact him as a group and give him a piece of out mined. We should all vote with our wallets. As an industry we the people should put out foot down and let dealers, manufacturers and the government know we will not stand for this abuse. The manufacturer has teh power to pull the franchise from the offending dealer and should. Lastly if it was me, both Winnebago and the dealership would be in a law suite for making me waste my time at no fault of my own. Sorry but sometimes that what it takes for dealers and manufacturers to wake up and stop treating us buyers like a red headed cousin. They wine and dine us till we buy then forget we're alive once we sign the contract.
kendall69 04/14/14 07:00pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Should I change transmission and transaxle oil?

As a rule I change all fluids on my vehicle at 20K miles when I purchase them new, That includes tranny, rear end, etc etc. from then on Tranny every 30K, rear diff every 50K. Vehicle manufacturers will only out in fluids that meet min spec. I replace whatever they have with high end fluids and continue to use same throughout the vehicles life. Changing fluids often is cheap insurance.
kendall69 04/13/14 01:38pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: How great would this "B"?

Can't be soon enough for me. I own a Sprinter and it's been a good vehicle, but now it's getting up ion miles, I'm too afraid of hitting the road with it because of such limited service partners. With Ford you have service in every little town across America, very few if any Mercedes dealers in small towns, not to mention getting parts from Germany. I just can't wait to trade in my Sprinter for a Ford
kendall69 04/12/14 06:47pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
Leisure Travel first new product

This topic has been moved to another forum. You can read it here: 27626057
kendall69 04/01/14 11:13am Class B - Camping Van Conversions
Leisure Travel first new product

Travel Leisure new product
kendall69 04/01/14 11:13am Travel Trailers
RE: removing the shower holding tank

Wouldn't it be a lot easier to just weld a tire carrier of the back bumper or buy a bumper with a trailer hitch / tire carrier adapter? LINK
kendall69 03/30/14 08:43pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: DYI Custom Build estimate

In my opinion no matter what is done will be Jerry Rigged. Between your time and 15-20K plus the van that no one on earth will purchase when you're done with it - I would just buy something used. Here's an example; I bought a Huge class A 7 years old with 17K miles on it ( not a typo really 17K miles ) and I only paid 17K for it. I drove it for years and sold it for 25K. So go buy a used something that fits your needs for less that the van and conversion. It's cheaper to fix a few things on a used anything that convert. The plumbing and electrical will make you go crazy - not worth it. Right now I searched CL and found plenty of great buys for less than a conversion. Here's an example CHEAP RV
kendall69 03/26/14 11:42pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Mercedes-Benz Sprinter engine

Here's the ONE Source for 2007 oil specs from Mercedes. No other should be used, no matter what others say. LOW ASH 229.51 NEEDS TO BE USED. Oil Specs This is what I use and it's AMAZING. AMSOIL EUROPEAN CAR FORMULA 5W40
kendall69 03/24/14 10:38pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Best way to stop cabinet door rattle?

I used small strips of Velcro. Not only did it stop the rattle, but kept everything from opening up on corners etc. get the good stuff not the cheap stuff.
kendall69 03/24/14 10:28pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: I'm Questioning Power/Torque of Gas vs Diesel

The V-10 does have power but WHINES to beat the band while climbing, where as a diesel just purrrrrrrs as they climb. I'm not going to talk torque, ft, pound rpms , fuel economy etc, just the difference in the sound of the two engines. Diesels are so much smoother that gas. I remember the first time i ever drove a Diesel and I started to climb a hill- the engine never got any louder it just swallowed the hill and never bogged down of the rpm never increased. THAT is the day I understood why people buy diesels. Since then I only buy diesels.
kendall69 03/06/14 07:56pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Sprinter B

According to Dometic, the Cool Cat can cool the interior of the van to at least twenty degrees below the outside temperature. Around here it gets 120 degrees PLUS, so that means the coach would cool to a frigid 100 degrees - no thanks
kendall69 03/05/14 08:59pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Sprinter B

You wanna know about Sprinter Quality....here's on for sale LOOK AT THE MILEAGE, nearly ONE MILLION miles. Million Mile Sprinter
kendall69 03/04/14 02:31am Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Sprinter B

Does anyone know about a CARB retrofit on a 2006 T1N? Were CA. owners required to retrofit their diesel? What does it take to remove this? No need to retrofit.
kendall69 03/01/14 10:02pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: From a big B to a small C......observations

As a person who has done from a tent, to a class C, to a truck camper, truck camper again with a dually, to a class c, to a class A, i can say they all have advantages and all have HUGE disadvantages. Truck camper too difficult to load unload, too small. Class C good room inside,too big to drive around small towns. Class A WAY too big to drive way too scary passing, WAY too big to drive in small tows, Great interior room. It's been three years now trying to find my last great RV. I've driven a Sprinter van since 2007 and it goes anywhere and everywhere with great fuel mileage, that's why I'm thinking B at this time, but a nice size rest room is mandatory. Looks like the new Winnebago 70C ( NOT OUT YET ) is the ticket.
kendall69 02/26/14 02:13pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Sprinter B

I'm nearing 100K on my 2007 Sprinter and only problem was a injector went out covered under warranty. Changed out the shocks and the ride is better than most cars. So once to the dealer in 8 years 100K miles - I can live with that. Some guys on the Sprinter site are getting upwards of 800K miles on their Sprinters. I agree service can be scarce in some out of the way places. In every small town you have a Ford/Chevy dealer, but not Mercedes. I will say this it's been to the dealer less than the Fords and GMC's I've owned.
kendall69 02/25/14 02:30pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Dealer refusing to do Warranty work?

Let me add to the Delivery checklist. Number one bring a detailed check list - they on the the web. Next take your own test equipment with you of hire a house inspector. Test every electrical outlet with the cheapo home depot outlet testers. Bring a Digital thermometer to test the heat and air coming out all vents INCLUDING The dash board. My fist RV they went through the walk through, got to the Roof AC turned it on and said SEE IT WORKS, then moved on to other things. First night camping I HAD NO AIR - oh the fan blew, but the AC was dead. I bought several more RV's and I can tell you that the walk throughs took HOURS to complete and they fixed EVERYTHING before I signed off on the unit. My $3.00 digital thermometer comes in handy OFTEN. Once I needed the dash AC fixed on a Ford Chassis, the dealer called said "it's fixed" - I sat in the pick up area turned on the AC stuck the thermometer in the vent and the temp coming out was 80 degrees. I called the manager over and said " you call this FIXED" - he was speechless. I even use it at starbucks. I usually order my coffee at 180 degrees as I like it HOT. One time it just didn't feel HOT. I stuck my digital thermometer in and it read 150. I told the girl it wasn't 180, she looked at me like I was a piece of you know what. She argued YES IT IS. I dropped the digital thermometer in the coffee and it showed 150. I asked her WHAT DOES THAT SAY? - I shut her up and got my new cup at 180. My point is TRUST NO ONE, do your own due diligence, then you have no one to blame.
kendall69 02/15/14 05:51pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Let's talk about the new Ford Transit Van

I'll REALLY interested in the Ford. I have a Sprinter now which is a good vehicle , but one thing no one ever talks about is service. Dealerships are few and far between Sprinter. Not all Mercedes dealers will touch them. I have a Sprinter and must drive 100 miles for dealer service. I'm too afraid to hit the road with it as most small towns don't have a dealer but darn near every town has a Ford dealer.
kendall69 01/26/14 12:31am Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Sprinter Vans

I have a Sprinter ( 2007 ) have nearly 100K miles and seems to be running better than new if that's possible. Great fuel mileage ( diesel) only service issue was and injector that went out but covered under warranty. I change my own oil and fuel filters every 10-15K miles. (2) sets of brakes, (2) sets of tires.
kendall69 01/10/14 11:20pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: living without a generator

No reason to ever be without a gennie. I ran a Honda and it ran my AC, refer, etc. on a truck camper and never blew a fuse. I think it was 999.00 for a 20 amp Honda quiet model
kendall69 01/03/14 04:20am Class B - Camping Van Conversions
Merry Christmas to you all

Watch this it was FUN ... http://youtu.be/Iq28otvQIsI
kendall69 12/24/13 12:20pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
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