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RE: How far would you travel for a deal?

It's all about the math. After you figure travel expense, time, inconvenience factor etc. it either works or it doesn't. Example: If a MY is 10 cheaper across Country and it costs 10K to get it then it's a wash. Now for caveat. Lets say you live in Ca. and there is a deal in NY and it costs you the same amount to buy in NY as in CA. The advantage would be you buy in NY and get to travel back home and see the Country, and you ONLY have to drive across the Country ONCE - not twice ( back and forth ) Sorta what I did, I live in Ca., I purchased in Indiana, shipped all my camping gear to the hotel in Indiana, bought the RV and drove ONE WAY across the USA. So for me it saved me a week in drive time and many hundreds of dollars in fuel. So it was actually a WIN for me to buy across Country.
kendall69 11/23/14 11:12am Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Cool Class B Sprinter Rims

Take a look at these - great price http://www.ebay.com/itm/Borbet-16x7-Bolt-pattern-5-130-lot-of-6-Sprinter-van-Mercedes-Benz-/111449793614
kendall69 11/06/14 09:20pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Putting MH insurance "to sleep"???

I do it every six months, only pay for 1/2 a year on three of my vehicles. Sort of a gamble if someone breaks in and damages them or a fire breaks out, but a gamble I'm willing to take. Been doing it for over 20 years. Insurance companies hate me but who cares, because I hate paying them for full coverage when I don't drive them. I also do take them off with the state as inoperative during those six months.
kendall69 11/03/14 11:12am Class C Motorhomes
American Ingenuity

From the I've seen it all file
kendall69 11/01/14 06:46pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: What did you do to your Class C MH today???

DITTO.....Ran the generator and the engine to distribute the fuel stabilizer and to exercise the genny. Try and do it every few weeks.
kendall69 10/29/14 02:58am Class C Motorhomes
RE: UK citizen- Wants to buy an RV in Canada & sell on in USA..?

Not a problem I called a dealer in Canada when the dollar was good and had an RV store drive down an RV delivered to my door. I drove it for two years and sold it no problem. Second one I purchased a Class C from a Canadian in California. Had Canadian plates and metric MPH gauges. When I went to register it in the USA they said I needed an Import document. Went down got the document, I think it was free showing origin. Because it was a FORD chassis the original origin was USA so no import duties. One mistake I did make is not make the owner get a smog certificate. Found out he removed the catalytic converter and that cost me $1000.00 to have one put on. Lesson learned.
kendall69 10/29/14 02:56am Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Anyone Add A 3rd 12V Socket In Their Ford Dash Here?

An easier solution is a 3' up 6' extension cord with a male and female socket on it them you can put a tri tap ( three outlet ) connection. Then you can use three devises 3' - 6' away from the outlet. Most truck stops have them ..or AMAZON http://www.amazon.com/RoadPro-RP-203EC-Extension-Cigarette-Lighter/dp/B000Z0HVHA/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1413658092&sr=8-1&keywords=auto+cigarette+extension http://www.amazon.com/Car-Charger-Cigarette-Lighter-Duplicator/dp/B004VBA4R8/ref=sr_1_5?ie=UTF8&qid=1413658030&sr=8-5&keywords=auto+cigarette+extension http://www.amazon.com/Dual-USB-Charger-3-1Amp-15-5W/dp/B00CD0JBZK/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1413658133&sr=8-3&keywords=auto+cigarette+usb
kendall69 10/18/14 12:47pm Class C Motorhomes

Looks like things will finally happen with all the Sprinter Roof Leaks. Please tell me again how great Mercedes Products are. I own a LEAKER Special, and Mercedes wants ME to pay THOUSANDS to fix their design flaws and faulty workmanship Sprinter Roof Leaks
kendall69 10/15/14 11:51am Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: In Elkhart today, new Phoenix Cruiser owner.

Here is a photo, for recline function. Recline knob After spending $2,000.00 on my Sprinter to find / fix an engine code in Aug, I drove a whole 1000 miles before the AC compressor went out, and guess what it just happens to be $2,200.00 to fix. Sprinter people dump your Sprinter before the warranty runs out as the repairs will cripple you. Here's another '"HAPPY" Sprinter owner. My gas Guzzler has crossed the USA and I have yet to spend a dime on repairs, or a day waiting for parts. Every time I read yet another Sprinter Horror story I smile and it confirms I made the right decision going with a dependable gas guzzler over a "leave you stranded" fuel saver. RVing is a place where dependability and no down time is FAR FAR FAR more important than saving MPG...IMHO Need some help. Stuck in Albuquerque.
kendall69 10/11/14 03:45pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Would you buy a 86k rig ?

My answer is no way. It's all about TRUST on the road. I don't care how well someone took care of a vehicle, you as the next owner needs TRUST. I purchased a immaculate Class A with only 17K miles on it. It was about 7 years old but looks like it came off the showroom floor. Old couple only used for two long trips, so I bought it. After replacing all hoses, all belts, tires, all fluids etc to make me fee comfortable for a long trip, I hit the road. First trip the main drain to the grey water broke at the top of the tank, I was quoted 5K to fix it because of where it was. I fixed it on my own by cutting a chunk of floor out. Next trip another PVC pipe broke under the sink, in a bad place not easily accessible. Final trip the fuel pump went out inside the tank. Well that was it for me, I sold it the day I got home, and never looked back. If you can't trust something then it's gotta go and with older of high mileage vehicles you never know what will pop up next. The only caveat, is f you have plenty of time and money to constantly fix your rig, then go for it, For me I want to spend what little free time I have ENJOYING myself not sitting in dealer waiting rooms, in motels waiting for parts, or on the side of the road waiting for tows. I know buying anything news SUX, but the warranty is worth it and the trust level is up there. Do new vehicles also break down, sure they do, but like I said it's all about TRUST, and generally you can trust some new over something used any day of the week.
kendall69 10/09/14 03:16am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Ford Transit Van

Thank you FORD, now we can all dump out Sprinters. Here's another happy customer, wasting 10 days for parts on a NEW SPRINTER. Sprinter FAIL
kendall69 10/06/14 11:31pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: New 2.lL 4 cyl diesel engine offered in Mercedes sprinters

map40 My proof is I own both a 2007 Sprinter and a 2014 E350. I did the math on the last 7,500 miles on both vehicles Ford V-10 WINS hands down. The surprise repair bill of my Sprinter and the 10 days in the shop and the 10 day car rental if I would have spent if I was away from home would have totaled $2,000 actual repair bill, $1000.00 hotel room, $400.00 rental car, $1,000 in added meals cost comes to a whopping $4,400.00 PLUS the fuel charge for the sprinter $7,500.00 miles. Not to mention if I only had a two week vacation I would have spent 10 days of that 14 day vacation in a motel in East Nowhere. Don't shoot the messenger Sprinter drivers, but the Sprinter RV would have cost me $0.77 a mile for the last 7,500 miles while the GAS GUZZLING E350 cost me only $0.40 a mile for the last 7,500 miles. I didn't spend a dime in service only fuel costs, now add repair, meals, room etc the Sprinter LOSES. So if the Sprinter RV owners were honest with the real hard cost of ownership/ repairs/ breakdowns, then it's Obvious the GAS GUZZLING Ford E350 half the cost of the Sprinter to operate in this example.
kendall69 09/20/14 05:34pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Sprinter Reliability

Dang. This is not a competition. The anti-Sprinter crowd sure is sounding over-exercised and venomous. We're talking about machines, not egos. If you have, or had one, share your experience regarding reliability, and would you purchase one again. That's all the OP is asking about. If you haven't owned one, maybe you should just stand down. My Sprinter was great until the service bills became endless. The last $2,000.00 non budgeted unexpected repair bill was the straw that broke the camels back. Being an advocate AGAINST the Sprinter is so the average Joe will look at both sides of the Sprinter and make an educated decision. There was not enough info out there on the USA model before I purchased mine. Had I read the stories of "reliability" here I would never purchased the Sprinter. Sure you get the few maybe many that have great success, but there are way too many ongoing issues with the Sprinter that should make people take notice. For me now just turning 100K miles with plenty of dealer visits, and months of down time sitting in the service bay waiting for repairs, the numbers don't lie. Now it's all about trust. I simply DO NOT trust the Sprinter to go more than 100 miles from home or a dealer. I purchased five vehicles at the same time (2) Hino Big Box trucks, (1) Jeep Commander, (1) Ford F250, (1) Sprinter. The have the same or more mileage, the Ford, The Jeep, The Sprinter- the Sprinter was the only vehicle of the the 5 that I spent the most money on and the most dealer time. Actually I spent more on the Sprinter than the other four combined in the last 7 years. Again number don't lie.
kendall69 09/13/14 11:19pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Sprinter Reliability

What I love about the Sprinter fans is they NEVER EVER calculate the high maintenance costs and deduct that from their fuel mileage costs. Simple things like twice as much designer oil at $8-$12.00 a quart. Fuel filter every 10K miles $60.00 - $200.00. Clear engine codes $95-$125.00 ea. time. Injector replacement $1,200 - $2,000. ERG valve replacement OFTEN - $500.00. I have BOTH vehicle a 2007 Sprinter and a 2014 E350, both drove $7,500 miles. Ford never went to the dealer. Sprinter needed 2K in labor to clear a code and 10 days in the shop. Sorry Sprinter people, but I will take poor fuel mileage all day long over high maintenance costs and loss of vehicle for weeks on end. The Sprinter is a VACATION KILLER. If your retired, then that's OK because you can afford to spend 10 days in a motel while they figure out what's wrong with your vehicle. For the average guy that has 2 weeks vacation - losing 10 days in the shop is a VACATION KILLER. Add a couple of kids on that trip and your life would be a living H double hockey sticks. In July I had the choice of buying a new Sprinter MH or a Ford E250 - I went with the E30 and have never been happier. I'm not the ONLY one that thinks Sprinter don't hold up.....http://www.trucktrend.com/features/news/2014/1409_charter_communications_purchases_800_2015_ford_transit_vans/ Fedex is already going Promaster
kendall69 09/11/14 06:48pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Sprinter Reliability

Sprinters are not reliable. They have major emission problems, I just spent 2K on a Sprinter to clear a code and 10 days in the shop. That's just one of the many horror stories. I had to wait a month for a belt. My roof leaked ( NOT A RV EITHER ) fixed twice by dealer and still leaks. Parts a crazy expensive, and the worst thing the Sprinter has going for it is the LACK OF QUALIFIED technicians, and the lack of dealerships. I drove 7500 miles and only saw one Sprinter dealership, while I passed dozens of domestic dealers. Buy one if you want to sell it before the warranty is us, and live and stay within 25 miles of a dealer, then they're GREAT - OH and if you can live without your vehicle for weeks at a time. $200.00 for fuel filter Get educated here and see thread after thread of PROBLEMS. Very few accolades.
kendall69 08/13/14 12:11am Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Why don't dealers want to order for customer request??

Why buy from a dealer when you can buy direct from the manufacturer. I did saved thousands and they bent over backwards to make custom changes THAT I LOVE. I added solar, two vets, upgraded AC, dark windows, levelers, etc. and all my additions were just what I wanted AND NEEDED. Talk to Earl: Earl Robbins Sales Manager – Phoenix USA, Inc. (877) 754-8535
kendall69 08/09/14 11:30pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: My 2009 is now a 2008 according to California DMV

I came "this close" to that happening to me. The DMV guy gave me the paperwork to "check over" and I caught them making it a 2013 rather than a 2014. I said sorry it's a 2014 NOT a 2013, he said the Vehicle is a 2013, I said YES but the RV is a 2014...he made the change while I stood there. WHEW, because i hear it's miserable changing it after you walk out.
kendall69 08/03/14 06:46pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Sprinter Service B Maintenance

I have a 2012 MB ERA Sprinter RV. Have close to 25,000 miles and am about to get a Service B as per schedule. I am a bit shocked that the local MB dealer would want a minimum $800, and perhaps more than $1000, if the fuel filter and water separator needs to be replaced. I spoke to a non-MB mechanic and he said that he could do the Service B for $250, other than replacing the fuel filter and separator. He didn't think the vehicle, at 25000 miles, would require the fuel filter and water separator be replaced. Could anyone comment as to whether or not they believe the fuel filter and water separator should be replaced? Does anyone have any comments as to the the MB Service B maintenance schedule ? Thanks! Paul Ford had THE WORKS for $29.00 - for essentially THE EXACT SAME THING Mercedes wants $800.00. This is what I've been saying since I got my 2007 Sprinter. You MAY save some fuel dollars buy in the LONG RUN you will be paying more that an RV running a V-10 gas engine in repair costs VS service costs. I just spent 2K from a MB dealer to clear a "code" and they kept it for 10 days. All you fan boys that love your Sprinter will rue the day.
kendall69 08/03/14 06:42pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: GM Duramax -vs- Ford Powerstroke DIESEL

Ford has issues with it's 6.0, the 7.3 was bullet proof so I went GM. I had two Duramax Diesels and they both overheated. One was a 04, other an 05, that was it for me. Especially when I took it in for service and the service manage actually had the stones to tell me over heating on a diesel is " NORMAL" When I called GM to complain they said they never heard of the problem, even though they already had dozens of buy backs. I Switched to Sprinter diesel and now I have nothing but problems with Mercedes Sprinter. I've had it now with diesels and just bought a 2014 Ford V-10 and have never been happier.
kendall69 07/29/14 11:02am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Leisure Travel Vans, need second opinion before purchase.

Kendall, you can't compare that PC box, that gets 9 to 12 mpg, drives like a truck, and has no where near the build quality, to a Class B. :h Not only can I compare but I did and selected the Ford over the Sprinter PC and they were both parked next to each other. Now for the "mileage" since I own both, a Sprinter chassis - that is the worst piece of junk ever produced, and a Ford that gets 9-12 mpg, that pretty much makes me an expert and you just an observer. Try doing a tad bit of research and you will see that the Sprinter chassis the the worst chassis ever produced for an RV. I just spent 2K last week and 10 days in the shop to clear an engine code, and that was the largest Mercedes dealer in Southern Ca. Heaven forbid I get an engine code while I'm in podunk Iowa, I would need to take up residency before my Sprinter would be released. and no extra underwear before you're over loaded in the Sprinter - I wasn't. My "great mileage" Sprinter was in the shop a half dozen times before it hit 10K miles, by gas guzzler just did 7,500 miles in a month and drove by every Ford dealership and never needed to stop. So let me ask you a question, what would losing 10 days in the shop do to a family vacation that is two weeks long? Wanna talk about carry weight now or would that embarrass the Sprinter too much, you know where the "truck" can carry 2,000 pound MORE than the Sprinter. You might be happy packing one pair of pants I'll save you and other the pages of internet search on how poor the quality of the Mercedes is, look it up yourself. Just know I actually OWN both chassis and you are nothing more than a spectator parroting talking points. As far as fuel economy I ran the numbers and yes the Sprinter gets better mpg and my Ford will get low mpg but the difference will easily be recovered and then passed with lower maintenance costs yearly. Also my 350 will be carrying and WHOLE LOT more that the Sprinter BOX, and I will never spend 10 days in the service department. Do you want to hear how I had to wait a month for a belt from Germany on my Sprinter, I could drive to Detroit and pick up a belt if I needed to for my Ford, and be home the next day. So go ahead parrot your " WE GET GREAT MPG'S" talking point till the cows come home, but the RV race is decided on service reliability and the Ford, Dodge, Chevy have Mercedes beat hands down. I'll always take reliability over MPG and I just spent 85K to prove it. See, I can compare the Sprinter over the gas guzzler and the Sprinter lost AGAIN.
kendall69 07/25/14 02:02am Class B - Camping Van Conversions
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