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RE: Ride quality when towing

Pick a trailer with a lighter tongue weight and use an airsafe hitch. They take a lot of shock out of the road bumps.
kwlincoln 05/13/16 11:48pm Towing
RE: Why are GM's 1500 and 2500HD roughly the same price?

:S After reading the responses, I agree with you completely. There's usually very good advice to be found on this page. Apparently not today.
kwlincoln 05/08/16 12:28pm Tow Vehicles
RE: truck bounces a lot

I also have a heavy TT TH. I added adjustable shocks to my truck, but more importantly, bought an Airsafe Class V hitch. Big difference. Look it up via Google. Worth considering. Still has bounce which you will never eliminate, but the hitch made a nice improvement.
kwlincoln 03/29/16 10:27pm Toy Haulers
RE: Backing

I run a heavy haul transportation company. These trailers are common in our field. You have a truck, "jeep" (the short trailer hitched to the truck), the lowboy trailer with a "stinger" on the back. The stinger has a pivot point on it, but when backing, they lock it straight with a hydraulic or manual pin. In essence, the whole rig pivots like pulling two trailers. Thus, to get it to go right, you steer right. Go left, steer left. Because it is a long trailer and the short jeep is up front, it's not as hard as you would think to an experience driver. Especially since he started with it straight and all he had to do was to keep it straight.
kwlincoln 03/24/16 06:49pm Towing
RE: Ford Front Wheel Drive weight towing

I pray he is joking about the fiesta towing comment.
kwlincoln 11/21/15 01:47pm Towing
RE: Need help What size should I buy?

Your numbers don't make any sense. I have a 26' bumper pull TH and it weighs <8,000 lbs light. Loaded, 13,000 lbs. My tongue weight can very from 750 to 1,200 lbs depending on whether I'm loaded up or not.
kwlincoln 10/25/15 03:12pm Towing
RE: WDH Really Needed?

To answer your question..... NO. Absolutely, positively NO you do not need a WDH. Sway control - better to have if, but if you load it tongue heavy, it isn't completely necessary either. I would use a sway control personally. Remember that half the function of a WDH is to put weight back on the trailer axles too. Trailer axles on your set up are the weakest link followed by lesser tires than what you have on your tow vehicle. You could actually increase your odds of an axle or tire failure by transferring weight to those smaller tires and axles.
kwlincoln 10/11/15 09:50am Towing
RE: Michelin M/S-2 LT's

And when NOT towing, I run 65 in the front and 50 in the rear. At 45, my TPM system keeps going off and it's annoying. I already had the Ford dealer reprogram so that I could do 50 without the low tire pressure alerts. I should have asked them to set it lower.
kwlincoln 09/25/15 10:45pm Towing
RE: Michelin M/S-2 LT's

I know a bit about this. I WAS running the same tires as you on my F350. The tires came with a 70K warranty and I only got about 35 out of them. Discount Tires gave me rebate on the difference of my actual miles vs the warranty miles. Enough to drop my cost $123 on each tire. Michelin is aware their warranty is overstated. Because of this, Michelin has stopped production of the LTX M/S 2 tires and will not be making them anymore. They have been replaced by Defender LTX M/S with a 50,000 mile tread life warranty. They both have virtually identical tread patterns. Despite the Defender having a lower tread life, they have modified the rubber compound to make it wear longer that the 70,000 mile warranty LTX M/S 2. So as of 2 weeks ago, I now have the Defender and you wouldn't know the difference by looking at them. I would swear that the rubber is a little harder and the tires don't grip as much. Could be my imagination, but they did make the rubber compound longer lasting after all.
kwlincoln 09/25/15 10:42pm Towing
RE: WDH? Casita 17

Some research is in order before you blindly go adding a WD hitch. You need to read the manual and find out if the manufacturer prohibits the use of a WD hitch. Some lighter trailer tongues will bend with a WD hitch. Another thing you need to know is the tongue weight of the trailer vs. the ratings of your truck's receiver. Most likely your truck will have a receiver that requires a WD hitch when the tongue weight exceeds 500lbs. If the trailer's tongue weight exceeds 500lbs, AND the trailer manufacturer supports the use of a WD hitch, then you should use a WD hitch. Absolutely correct on all points.
kwlincoln 09/25/15 10:23pm Towing
RE: New Tow Rig Ordered!

This is a serious question. Why order a 2016 when they are doing a completely new truck from the ground up next year? The fact is the truck is the same platform since 1999 and the changes should be great with the new truck. It's not a new "ground up" truck next year, but supposed to be lots of changes. Aluminum body, new look, 10 speed transmission (likely), but the engine will be the same. Hopefully they improve the brakes.
kwlincoln 08/29/15 03:56pm Tow Vehicles
RE: New Tow Rig Ordered!

I'm picking up a brand new LOADED 2015 F350 Platinum tomorrow for $54K. The 2015 is identical to the 2016 except bigger discounts. It was worth it to trade in my 2012 F350 King Ranch for a trade in value of $41Kish (to be determined) with 70K miles and get the improved truck and start over.
kwlincoln 08/28/15 10:17pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Need Suggestions on getting a tow vehicle

Want 25 mpg? Keep the car, and buy a tent X2 I think it's time to adjust the expectations.
kwlincoln 08/19/15 10:31pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Generator question

What? You can't run an engine while driving on the road. I don't want to do anything that might harm the generator. Thanks though, for you valuable input. Relax! Just kidding around.
kwlincoln 08/06/15 08:12pm Toy Haulers
RE: Generator question

What? You can't run an engine while driving on the road.
kwlincoln 08/05/15 10:27pm Toy Haulers
RE: Am I ready to rock?

And having "squat" on your truck is not a bad thing. People here have no idea what they are talking about. You don't want to have your front wheels scale lighter hitched than unhitched (underloaded). Your truck is designed to take a load. Put a load on, it squats. That's what they do.
kwlincoln 06/06/15 09:06pm Towing
RE: Am I ready to rock?

Cross your chains (X). I think it is the law in most states.
kwlincoln 06/06/15 09:03pm Towing
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