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RE: Michelin M/S-2 LT's

And when NOT towing, I run 65 in the front and 50 in the rear. At 45, my TPM system keeps going off and it's annoying. I already had the Ford dealer reprogram so that I could do 50 without the low tire pressure alerts. I should have asked them to set it lower.
kwlincoln 09/25/15 10:45pm Towing
RE: Michelin M/S-2 LT's

I know a bit about this. I WAS running the same tires as you on my F350. The tires came with a 70K warranty and I only got about 35 out of them. Discount Tires gave me rebate on the difference of my actual miles vs the warranty miles. Enough to drop my cost $123 on each tire. Michelin is aware their warranty is overstated. Because of this, Michelin has stopped production of the LTX M/S 2 tires and will not be making them anymore. They have been replaced by Defender LTX M/S with a 50,000 mile tread life warranty. They both have virtually identical tread patterns. Despite the Defender having a lower tread life, they have modified the rubber compound to make it wear longer that the 70,000 mile warranty LTX M/S 2. So as of 2 weeks ago, I now have the Defender and you wouldn't know the difference by looking at them. I would swear that the rubber is a little harder and the tires don't grip as much. Could be my imagination, but they did make the rubber compound longer lasting after all.
kwlincoln 09/25/15 10:42pm Towing
RE: WDH? Casita 17

Some research is in order before you blindly go adding a WD hitch. You need to read the manual and find out if the manufacturer prohibits the use of a WD hitch. Some lighter trailer tongues will bend with a WD hitch. Another thing you need to know is the tongue weight of the trailer vs. the ratings of your truck's receiver. Most likely your truck will have a receiver that requires a WD hitch when the tongue weight exceeds 500lbs. If the trailer's tongue weight exceeds 500lbs, AND the trailer manufacturer supports the use of a WD hitch, then you should use a WD hitch. Absolutely correct on all points.
kwlincoln 09/25/15 10:23pm Towing
RE: New Tow Rig Ordered!

This is a serious question. Why order a 2016 when they are doing a completely new truck from the ground up next year? The fact is the truck is the same platform since 1999 and the changes should be great with the new truck. It's not a new "ground up" truck next year, but supposed to be lots of changes. Aluminum body, new look, 10 speed transmission (likely), but the engine will be the same. Hopefully they improve the brakes.
kwlincoln 08/29/15 03:56pm Tow Vehicles
RE: New Tow Rig Ordered!

I'm picking up a brand new LOADED 2015 F350 Platinum tomorrow for $54K. The 2015 is identical to the 2016 except bigger discounts. It was worth it to trade in my 2012 F350 King Ranch for a trade in value of $41Kish (to be determined) with 70K miles and get the improved truck and start over.
kwlincoln 08/28/15 10:17pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Need Suggestions on getting a tow vehicle

Want 25 mpg? Keep the car, and buy a tent X2 I think it's time to adjust the expectations.
kwlincoln 08/19/15 10:31pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Generator question

What? You can't run an engine while driving on the road. I don't want to do anything that might harm the generator. Thanks though, for you valuable input. Relax! Just kidding around.
kwlincoln 08/06/15 08:12pm Toy Haulers
RE: Generator question

What? You can't run an engine while driving on the road.
kwlincoln 08/05/15 10:27pm Toy Haulers
RE: Am I ready to rock?

And having "squat" on your truck is not a bad thing. People here have no idea what they are talking about. You don't want to have your front wheels scale lighter hitched than unhitched (underloaded). Your truck is designed to take a load. Put a load on, it squats. That's what they do.
kwlincoln 06/06/15 09:06pm Towing
RE: Am I ready to rock?

Cross your chains (X). I think it is the law in most states.
kwlincoln 06/06/15 09:03pm Towing
RE: 2016 F-150 Option

I know how to drive a stick shift even though I've driven automatics for decades. I view this as the same kind of thing, even though I know how to back up a trailer, if this can do it for me, why not? No no. If you use technology to make your life easier, it makes you lazy or dumb or something. Apparently. ... says people who randomly are taking a stand on THIS selected technology to say it is unnecessary/silly.
kwlincoln 05/23/15 04:48pm Tow Vehicles
RE: 2016 F-150 Option

Wow. Some of you guys can be asses with your comments. I'd put a paycheck that I can back a trailer better than 99% of you, including backing tandems, but still... To disparage people because they made technology to make something easier is childish. I assume none of you hotshots use calculators, TV remote controls, backup cameras, microwaves, smart phones, GPS's, etc etc. If you need to use those, its because your part of a dumbed down society and shouldn't come out of your house. Grow up.
kwlincoln 05/23/15 04:31pm Tow Vehicles
RE: reese type hitch vs air hitch

Wow. Seems like most people replying don't have a clue what you're asking but feel the need to spout off anyway. I use an airsafe hitch. I have a 2012 F350 and a bumper pull toy hauler with a heavy hitch weight. It works well and does take a lot of bounce out. Works even better if you don't use distribution bars. A lot better. For me, I have to use the weight distribution bars but I don't put much tension on them to let the truck carry a little more weight. That allows the trailer weight to take some of the stiffness out of the springs and unbinds the airsafe hitch to work more freely.
kwlincoln 04/16/15 03:01pm Towing
RE: 2013 Ford Diesel

I have the 2012. The air conditioner condenser went out a few weeks ago. Replaced with my extended warranty. The dealer said it was the only one they've ever seen with this problem. Other than that, it has been a fantastic truck. My 2006 6.0 was a &%$# lemon. So glad I went back to Ford for my 2012. I'd buy the 2015 in a heartbeat if I needed one. Fortunately I plan to be driving my 2012 for years and years to come.
kwlincoln 03/21/15 04:58pm Tow Vehicles
RE: First time travel trailer towing question

GOOD GRIEF!! I need to stop reading some of these threads because it annoys the hell out of me on how quick people invoke the "no price too high for safety" nonsense when the situation isn't a matter of safety at all. IT'S ONLY A 3000 POUND TRAILER!! - You DON'T need a WDH! Sway bar - definitely. The WDH basically lifts weight off the rear axels of your truck and transfers weight to your trailer and to your steering front axle of your truck. Even if your tongue weight is 500 lbs (and I doubt it is that much), your p/u can handle that just fine and will likely give you a better ride and more traction on your drive axle, and most importantly, not enough to affect your steering axle weights. Here's why you DON'T want to use a WDH... As I said above, it transfers weight back to your trailer axle which is only a single axle and the weakest link in your set up. The trailer tires are smaller and lighter duty than your truck tires because it is such a small trailer. Sending more weight increases the heat on them, wear on them, and the suspension on the trailer is significantly less strong than your truck suspension. You increase your chances of tire failure by putting more weight on them.
kwlincoln 11/24/14 06:11pm Towing
RE: towing a small trailer

I think a rack on the back of your 5th wheel would make more sense. https://images3.campingworld.com/CampingWorld/images/products/6000/325x325/66676n.gif already tried that it ended badly "ended badly"? Then you did it wrong! This would be significantly less troublesome than another trailer. This is your best solution. Get a better rack. Get a welder to make a custom one. And BTW, of course you don't "intend" to back up with 2 trailers. None of us do, but you will eventually get stuck somewhere and have to. Not to mention many campsites will have to be backed into. A second trailer is the last resort.
kwlincoln 11/16/14 09:06pm Towing
RE: Tow vehicle fuel tank size

I had the F250 shortbed crew cab. Upgraded to the F350 longbed crew in 2012. The two vehicles drive almost identical. You will enjoy the longer wheelbase pulling that big trailer. I have the 39 gallon tank and added a 60 gallon in-bed reserve. I wouldn't do it any other way. Also worth noting I live in Houston and it is my daily driver. I'm in and out of parking garages, parking lots, heavy traffic. Granted, I'm fairly proficient behind the wheel, but still there is not that much difference in the two bed sizes. Test drive them both and see for yourself.
kwlincoln 10/27/14 09:52pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Diesel Question...

If you want to buy Ford, get the 7.3. We made the mistake and bought first year 6.4 (paid top dollar) and then ended up spending an additional 10K in cash and our warranty company paying 19K to replace the motor. If you have the option to get an extended warranty through your bank or credit union, go with Route66/ACS. They will take care of you 100%. I can't recommend them enough and have the receipts to prove it! Good luck! Really? They want this to be a truck that will last for years and you are recommending they buy a 12-20 year old truck? Good thing the advice is free.
kwlincoln 10/22/14 09:03pm Tow Vehicles
RE: need tires for my toy hauler.

Michelins are great tires. I run Maxxis on mine because the first set worked out so well and had no issues. Most people have had great luck with them. I think the Michelins are one of the best and I think they are also pretty expensive.
kwlincoln 10/21/14 05:15pm Toy Haulers
RE: Diesels...Ford vs GMC vs Dodge

Ford - Because I said so.
kwlincoln 10/19/14 09:07pm Tow Vehicles
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