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RE: Cassette tapes!

I still have tapes, the only ones I miss playing are ones given to me that I don't even know who the artist is to look it up on Youtube. The other Obscure music I have on Tape is also on Youtube, with many live versions and much higher quality recordings than my old worn out tapes. google youtube to mp3 converter. Identify the banner ads which will proclaim DOWNLOAD in larger letters than the actual clicky for the actual mp3 dowlond clicky, and do not click on those. I have an old cassette player not much larger than the cassette itself. it runs on 4.5 volts DC. I have not tried it for years but I suspect the rubber bands driving the gears inside would not live very long were I to reemploy it.
landyacht318 06/24/17 12:41pm Tech Issues
RE: Got my new (used) batteries!! Now, how do I rejuvenate them?

While not personally familiar with the Megawatt, I do not need to constantly fiddle with voltage pot on my Meanwell if I do not want. I can set it to 14.7v and the battery terminals will be somewhat lower than this depending on how many amps are flowing and how depleted the battery is. When there are no dc loads on a charging battery, and the amperage increases to hold the same voltage, well Mex once said during teh screw31 thread, that this was the very beginnings of thermal runaway, and I stopped charging, or monitored heat build up closely when I saw this occur, on my old flooded battery. Never saw it on my AGM. While charging slows a lot at 13.6v, compared to 14.7v, rather than turning it on and off, if you've got shore power I'd set MW voltage to 13.6ish, and let it go when you do not want to have to monitor it and then goose it to 14.7 when you can be there to monitor amperage and temperature. 13.6v is not going to heat a AGM battery at 77f ambient. The Micropotentiometers provided with these powersupplies are not meant for constant adjustment. They are rated for only 25 or 50 cycles, and that is a Bourns brand( usually blue in color). Who knows what the cheaper orange ones are rated at. I hope the simple instructions as to how to replace the provided pot with a 10 turn upgraded pot can be published soon. I've done it on the cheapowatt, and my Meanwell. I removed electronic guts from casing to do so, but I think Mex has a method for accomplishing this without removing the guts to access underside. Removing the guts is pretty easy, but one should have new thermal grease for reassembly as the transistors using the casing as a heatsink.
landyacht318 06/22/17 11:49am Tech Issues
RE: Honda eu2000i 12v outlet for fan?

Perhaps a powerful 24v fan will work well: http://www.delta-fan.com/ They have some which are 252CFM at 24 volts, but likely louder than the Honda at 24v, but not at 17 volts. Delta fans seem to have pretty robust electronics. This is the 252cfm 120mm 12 volt version's internals: http://i557.photobucket.com/albums/ss15/wrcsixeight/20161012_162726_zpsxrswvnzl.jpg width=640
landyacht318 06/20/17 10:42pm Tech Issues
RE: Got my new (used) batteries!! Now, how do I rejuvenate them?

The unit I let the smoke out of, intentionally might I add, was the Etopxizu 23$ cheapowatt 30 amp power supply, which had NO overvoltage, overcurrent/overtemperature protections built in. The Megawatt has those protections built in, but I would certainly recommend increasing ventilation if hooking it to a depleted battery which can max it out for more than 5 minutes. When I say intentionally, I mean I got tired of twiddling the voltage pot to keep its amperage below 36.2 amps but up near that level, above which there would be some unnatural sounding buzzing occurring. I had by this time wired up an external potentiometer a better 60Mm fan, and had an Ammeter inline, so voltage twiddling was not the ordeal it is with the tiny 3 cent pot the unit came with, buut it was still enough that I said screw it, and set it to 14.9v unloaded, then hooked it to the well depleted screwy 31, and after 17 minutes of 38+ amps, the magic smoke escaped and I ordered the meanwell rsp-500-15 which has been fully charging my batteries, or floating them at the voltage I have chosen, ever since. And I disagree with a 24 hour resting voltage as dictating full. The screwy 31 has been off the charger for 48+ hours and is reading 12.92v, and 24 hours ago was at 12.94v. I know eventually it will settle to 12.78v, and this is with one cell that will never get above 1.265 SG. Battery temperature plays a huge part in how soon resting full charge voltage settles to what it should be. Use an Ammeter at absorption votlage to determine full, not a 24 hour resting voltage. Not without the battery temperature and previous experiences with that specific battery to compare to. The beauty of these adjustable voltage power supplies is that one can hold absorption voltage until those amps taper to the 'full' point. Once full is established by the ammeter at a temperature compensated absorption voltage, then one can watch the resting voltage fall, and take notes as to how quickly it fell to what it ultimately levelled out at, At that specific battery temperature, and then make future comparisons, on that specific battery.
landyacht318 06/18/17 02:03pm Tech Issues
RE: Got my new (used) batteries!! Now, how do I rejuvenate them?

how long and how thick are your DC cables from MW to battery? At 40 amps output from my meanwell there is a fair amount of voltage drop. I want the battery at 14.7, but setting the MW unloaded to 14.7 then hooking to depleted battery, well it takes a while for voltage to rise and when it does seem to top out, it stops at 14.4. Since i want 14.7 I teist my pot a bit more until batery voltage hits 14.7. When amps start tapering, there is less voltage drop and the voltage will climb above 14.7. Battery voltage needs to be read on battery terminals. Reading it on tyhe MW DC output will be higher when charging due to volatge drop. There is some stretchy copper when the amperage changes. After the first usage there should be no drifting of voltage. Set to 14.7v unloaded, then hook to battery terminals 29 amps will cause voltage drop, but as the battery fills voltage will climb to that 14.7v. I twist mine past 14.7v when loaded heavy only to get mine to 14.7v at max amperage ASAP, but I have to backpedal as the amps taper and voltage drop is lessened. 15.2v for an hour is not instant death of AGMS. continue. Since you are in no rush set MW unloaded to 14.7, and it should never go above that. Voltage drop will slow potential charging, but if time is no matter, then don;t stress seeing 14.7v at battery terminals instantly.
landyacht318 06/17/17 06:30pm Tech Issues
RE: Wal-Mart MEXICO No Stinky Bueno

I have a dodge transmission known for its petulance when any other fluid but ATF+3 and now, ATF+4 is used. After a bunch of torque converter clutch chatter an a run around from Aamco regarding their rebuild of it while still under warranty, back in '03 or so, I had a dodge dealer exchange all the fluid~12 quarts with ATF+3, and no more shuddering in lockup. NOt too long after this exchange with teh proper fluid, I had an electrical issue with overdrive and brought it back to Aamco. they wound up pan dropping and using 4 to 4.5 quarts of their bulk universal ATF. I nearly blew a gasket and started foaming at the mouth when they told me it is just as good with their special additive. But the shuddering did not return with the diltued atf+3, but I did drive X country, and dropped the pan, added a drain plug and did some more 4 quart exchanges twice over the next 6 months. The elextric issue I later figured out was the vehicle speed sensor, on the speedo cable. Several years later, I found all they did was clean the contacts. facepalm for not being wiser to the importance of electrical contact conditions much earlier in my life. Not sure how much capacity your Tx has, but 2 quarts of dexron in 8 total quarts of ATF+4, while not ideal, should not be instant death. My tx dipstick actually says dexron on it, and this was later defined to mean that topping up with Dexron was OK, which I find to be bull pucks, but so be it.. A drain pan in the plug makes dropping and replacing 4 quarts on mine, easy. And now I have a recently installed warm and fuzzy remote mount filter which should make future pan drops for the new filter in there, not necessary for quite some time. http://i557.photobucket.com/albums/ss15/wrcsixeight/20170609_122128_zpsnfrvv41q.jpg width=600 Now for some extra Neodymium Magnets to line the filter's exterior with.
landyacht318 06/14/17 07:44pm Tech Issues
RE: Wal-Mart MEXICO No Stinky Bueno

I just did a full transmission service. New steel cooler lines, new remote mount filter on those lines. Needed 6 quarts of ATF. My local Wally world only had 2 quarts of Supertech ATF+4 @ 4.79 each. I had to buy 4 more quarts of Valvolime ATF+4 at Napa for $7.59 each. oreilleys and pep boys had their house brands of ATF+4 for about 5.50. ATF+4 should all be the same regardless of labelling. but who really knows. https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/ol/B00DJ4FIMO
landyacht318 06/13/17 12:54pm Tech Issues
RE: They say 10 amps maximum, but....

Spending other people's money....... Priceless. Especially when they will tinker, experiment and have the tools knowledge interest and ability.
landyacht318 06/13/17 12:35pm Tech Issues
RE: AGMs and Inverter DC Voltage Sag -More Results

It should also be notes that BFL's AGM's do not have as low a resistance of many other AGM's at ~5 m OHM. https://www.wholesalesolar.com/cms/upg-ub-121000-agm-battery-specs-753736796.pdf A similar Sizer Odyssey/Northstar AGM has ~ 2.6m Ohm, a Lifeline AGM ~3.2M ohm. What i love about my Northstar is if it wants 100 alternator amps, it will gobble them up without worry. As far as state of charge, well an ammeter is a wonderful enlightening tool.
landyacht318 06/13/17 11:41am Tech Issues
RE: They say 10 amps maximum, but....

Which is why we need a guinea pig to test the thing and push it to its limits, as all we have otherwise, is assumptions.
landyacht318 06/13/17 11:31am Tech Issues
RE: They say 10 amps maximum, but....

Heck, my Etopxizu 30 amp cheapowatt would do 38 amps, and in the same size packaging. Granted it made a buzzing above 36.2 amps and had no self protections built in, requiring constant coltage pot twiddling, but still. If I was more flush and did not already have the Meanwell rsp-500-15's 40 amps, I would order and push this thing with a depleted battery to see what it could do. If it could do 480 watts at 14.7v, I would be seeking to add more heatsinking and ventilation. I love how they added the potentiometer, and that little connector right under it means that swapping to a higher quality 10 turn pot should be a cakewalk. So whose flush and in an experimental mood?
landyacht318 06/13/17 11:08am Tech Issues
They say 10 amps maximum, but....

But what if it Could do 480 watts at 14.7vDC? Perhaps all it needs it the required ventilation. Who will be the guinea pig? DROK Adjustable DC Power Voltage Converter AC 110V-220V to DC 0-48V Module Switching Power Supply Notice the nice easy to access potentiometer and voltmeter. https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/71mPDVUFFDL._SL1500_.jpg width=550
landyacht318 06/13/17 01:36am Tech Issues
RE: Got my new (used) batteries!! Now, how do I rejuvenate them?

Did I miss some manufacturer specs? Is there Fiamm documentation saying to limit current to 27 amps per 132Ah battery. Mex has scoffed at the upper amperage limits on some of the more budget friendly AGMS in previous threads. Not having experience with them well, perhaps we can get an refresher course on why limiting initial amperage to thirsty more budget friendly AGMS is to be adhered to strictly, or scoffed at as a warrarnty protection/ maximum profit recommendation. My opinion, is if they do not heat too excessively, get em to near the proper temperature compensated Absorption voltage Quickly at high amperage, and keep them there until amps taper to 0.5% of capacity or if the rate of battery temperature increase says this is not wise. The capable tool to achive this threshold, well, I got strong opinions in that area I do not need to reiterate. But when the Automatic charging source calls good enough, prematurely, well, that is a crime but there is no shortage of apologists for good enough or worse, 'just fine'.
landyacht318 06/11/17 12:28am Tech Issues
RE: Got my new (used) batteries!! Now, how do I rejuvenate them?

Instead of slapping a charger on them, at whatever state of charge that they are in, I would load each battery at 5 to 10 amps until it read 12.0 ish voltage under that load, than apply 20+ amps until 14.7v is reached, then hold until amps taper to 0.66a or so. Let rest 24 hours, check voltage. Draining the battery to ~50% then applying a higher charge rate for longer could be more effective than simply trying to top them up from where they now are. My Northstar AGM always responds much better after a high amp recharge from its most depleted state. I'll intentionally discharge it to 50%, or below, when I noticed performance sag, so I can give it 40 amps for longer before it attains absorption voltage. After the high amp recharge, subsequent full recharges, when I hold 14.7v until amps taper to 0.45 or less, take less time. The Northstar is a TPPL(thin plate pure lead) with no upper amperage limitations. Your Fiamms are designed different for a different purpose, but I would still not be afraid to feed them 30% of their rated capacity. But the two in the 12.6v range will not acccept this much current for more than a few seconds before attaining absorption voltage. Which is why my opinion is to discharge them to ~50% then feed them upto 30%, 30 amps per 100Ah of capacity, until 14.7v is reached and hold 14.7 until amps taper to 0.5% of capacity. After doing that then one can better judge their condition, and the initial discharge to 50% can also give indications as to their health, and yield a yardstick for later comparison to see if the conditioning had any effect.
landyacht318 06/10/17 01:14pm Tech Issues
RE: Left Lifeline Off Float For A Month...

Spin a voltage dial, watch the amps change. The amount of change and the numbers themselves, reveals to the observer, lots, and in time, takes the mystery out of it. Trends and tendencies get revealed much faster, and quick changes in voltage while watching an ammeter, can satisfy ones curiousity. Unexpected readings can indicate a lack of experience in that particular instance, general issues, or that perhaps that all is not 'just fine.' I am holding my battery at nearly 13.6v while powering loads, Bumped voltage back upto 14.7v at the twist of a dial, Expected to see amps quickly taper to 0.3. That didn't happen. It took 90 seconds instead of 15. I've noticed this before, when my float voltage while powering loads was less than 13.6v on this battery. Ok back to ~13.65v, listen to those fans slow with each CCW twist of the 3600 degree pot.
landyacht318 06/06/17 01:34am Tech Issues
RE: 50 amps for 30 bucks? Daaaang!

Nuclear cheapowatt. Long story short I had a 30 amp 22$ power supply. Rigged it with better ventilation and an external voltage potentiometer, but if I set voltage high enough so that it could produce more than 36.2 amps, it made a buzzing/clicking sound. Adjust voltage pot to keep amperage below 36.2, and all was well. Got sick of twiddling pot upwards in increments to keep amperage into depleted battery just below 36.2 amps as battery charged. So I set it unloaded to 14.7v, hooked it to a well depleted battery, and 17 minutes later of 36+ amps output, the magic smoke genie escaped. I then ordered the meanwell rsp-500-15 and have been releasing flatulence in the direction of automatic charging sources ever since and getting excellent service from a hard working TPPL AGM with all my manual adjustable voltage charging sources.
landyacht318 06/04/17 01:03pm Tech Issues
RE: Adjustable amperage for restoring AGMs?

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GC1jIKpC7Zw&list=UUoPqTkOluQsuu3RpGnxVwFw&index=17 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8_T1WhErEew&list=UUoPqTkOluQsuu3RpGnxVwFw&index=27 Those two videos should help your questions. Now as far as doing a constant 5% of current to 18 volts regularly as some sort of maintenance, rather than a hail mary attempt to revive highly abused batteries. Well you've read Lifeline's conditioning and restoration procedures. Odyssey AGM has their own procedure that requires a full discharge under a high load than no less than a 40% charge rate applied to 14.7 and held until amps taper to near zero. http://www.odysseybattery.com/documents/ODYSSEY_Battery_Reconditioning_Charge_Procedure.pdf Just monitor the battery for excessive temperature when you bring them over their normal absorption voltage. These procedures are not something you just initiate, then decide to goto bed.
landyacht318 06/04/17 02:06am Tech Issues
RE: Large batteries under rig?

I can fit 2 flooded group 27s in my under body battery box, longways, but might have to modify the handles somewhat to fit. I have an acess hatch to get at them from above. Mine was made from the garage door angle iron which has all the holes predrilled in them. I was originally planning on attaching some sort of retail tray and fasteners to frame, but my friend with the welder said we can make it for a fraction of the price with materials he had laying around, and weld it to the Van instead of bolting it. I think since you require a welder anyway, well most welders also can fabricate everything and might prefer to do that rather than trying to weld in something prepainted or which was designed to be bolted. The fabrication of everything route opens up more options in terms of mounting and location, in my opinion. With 4 of those batteries you might want 2 on each side to even out the weight distribution. I'd find the welder first, ask their opinion on mounting your AGMS on their sides for minimal ground clearance loss. Let they think about the design they would like to make. Do have them consider rocks lifted up and thrown by the front tires, and perhaps rear tires if one is trying to back up in gravel up a hill. One thing my thermocouple indicated to me when I installed it on my underbody battery is just how much engine heat goes under the van body when moving. Not sure what can realistically be done. I incorporated a heat shield as the exhaust pipe was 18 or so inches away, but the readings I got when driving were quite high, and dropped quickly when stopped. Prolonged driving could bake the batteries, and if high amp recharging via alternator could have them hotter than they would like to be
landyacht318 05/20/17 01:11pm Tech Issues
RE: Portable Solar being set up - Please check my plans

I would pass on the 'Battery Minder EZ Connector. Those 12v SAE connectors, in my experience heat up greatly and wear out quickly. I used both 10AWG and 18AWG SAE connectors in the past, and had many outright fail and others heat up to the stinky plastic arean at just 20 amps of current. I have removed ALL of them in favor of anderson powerpoles I'd use anderson 45 amp powerpoles with 10AWG. These are much more reliable and have much less resistance. Mine regularly pass 40 amps without issue or excessive heating. The 45's are not so easy to crimp without their special crimper. the 30 amp ones can be crimped with a simple dimple crimper but can only handle 12awg.
landyacht318 05/09/17 11:11pm Tech Issues
RE: 'Smart' charger fail.

Just fine is subjectable. If abusive over voltage, and then refusing to complete the task, falling 25% short, at anything other than float voltage is just fine for you, then so be it. I wasted a bunch of time trying to get it to do its job, and it wouldn't. I guess that would be just fine for you too Good luck with that
landyacht318 05/08/17 08:48pm Tech Issues
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