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RE: Filling screw holes in roof

3m 5200 is certainly good stuff, but people seem to think it is unable to be removed once applied. This is far from true. I;ve used a lot of it and removed a lot of it. Compared to regular caulk it is more difficult, but by no means impossible, adn in reality not all that difficult. Backing a potted screw out of it, is simple, once one gets access to the screw head. Couple seconds with a wire wheel and a dental pic. I think Naio's best option it the waterproof JB weld. Do your best to mix it properly, ratio wise, and completely and perhaps get a Q tip and some DNalcohol inside the threads.
landyacht318 08/08/17 12:00am Tech Issues
RE: Filling screw holes in roof

I use Epoxy to repair my polyester surfboards all the time with far better results than if I had used polyester laminating resin to saturate new cloth, and then sanding resin over the laminating resin. I have at least a dozen fairly major epoxy repairs on a polyester laminated surfboard, and it sees actual ocean, actual waves several times a week, as I am a surf bum who will die shortly after I can no longer ride waves. Polyester resins in surfboards are mainly kept as it is cheaper and more production friendly as the rate of cure can be better controlled in a wider range of ambient temperatures by how much catalyst is added. Epoxy usually have one hardener and the ratio cannot be changed to affect cure times. Also a lot of the contnuance of polyester resin use in surfboard building is resistance to change and that many surfboard laminators cannot be bothered to figure out how to laminate with epoxy when they are so attuned to breathing styrene. There is more to laminating with epoxy than spreading it with a squeegee. More finesse is required Time is money, Epoxy is superior in all but heat and UV resistance and price. What I would not do is try and use polyester on an Epoxy surfboard as adhesion could be an issue, and Polyester sometimes will NOT cure atop an Epoxy. Filling a couple screwholes in a fiberglass top, in comparison to repairing a major ding in s surfboard rail, is cakework, but the sun cure / Solarrez surfboard repair kits would be a pretty good solution. Better thn JB weld? well If I had to purchase a product just for this application, I'd buy JB weld. Just get the paint out of the screwholes, and this might require drilling the holes bigger.
landyacht318 08/07/17 12:00pm Tech Issues
RE: Filling screw holes in roof

The commonly available 5 minute or 1 hour epoxies are not really waterproof. I'd say for just a few screw holes use JB weld. Epoxy must be painted over, it is not UV resistant. Sometimes paint does not like to stick to epoxy, sand it and wipe it to remove any blush or shiny spots. I use a lot of 2 part epoxy, of the type for laminating surfboards. To thicken this epoxy I use wood flour, which is basically sanding dust I collect in my belt sander from a 120 grit belt. It turns the epoxy into various shades of brown depending on the wood the dust was colected from. One needs a lot more dust thean they would expect to use until the epoxy is about a peanut butter consistency. There are dozens of thixotropic agents one can add to epoxy to thicken it up, but wood flour/dust is free and more than effective enough for this task. One other possibility is mixing the epoxy, then waiting on it to start thickening, and then once gooey and thicker, mush it into the holes with a straight edge, but this can get messy with stringy epoxy leaving hairs from cup and straight edge. One also needs to saturate the fibers with unthickened epoxy first. If there is paint in the screw holes, I'd want that paint out of there first
landyacht318 08/07/17 10:58am Tech Issues
RE: Is it ok to put a Maxxair fan here?

That much sunlight getting through the fiberglass means the gelcoat is gone. I'd get some paint on the exterior as sunlight's UV light will deteriorate the fiberglass and the polyester resin used to saturate it. I use rustoleum topside yacht enamel at about 15$ a quart. It is many times better than their regular enamel, but Interlux yacht enamel is 25$ a quart and much better. Get some butyl rope for under the flange of the fan. Do properly prep the roof surface before adhering then screwing fan down. Degrease before painting, paint longevity is all about the prep work https://www.amazon.com/Second-Skin-Damplifier-Butyl-Rope/dp/B0155KELRW
landyacht318 08/06/17 11:16am Tech Issues
RE: Meanwell PS creates a load?

I just got around to clampmetering my Meanwell rsp-500-15 with it plugged into DC, No AC. I have two Noctua fans attached to DC outputs, so IF I have it hooked to DC, the fans spin. I use 45 amp anderson powerpoles toconnect/ disconnect. I also have a GTpower wattmeter inline, and another brighter easier to read voltmeter which also illuminate when hooked to DC. As far as I can tell, these are the only loads when I am plugged into DC with no AC. The 60mm Noctua nf-a6x25-flx is listed at 0.12 amp draw The 80mm NOctua Noctua NF-R8 is listed at 0.12 amp draw My clampmeter over the wires to these two fans is reading 0.24 amps The wattmeter draws 0.05 amps, not sure of the green voltmeter as its wire cannot be easily clamped, but I will assume it is somewhere between 0.04 and 0.001 amps Total draw according my my clampmeter is 0.33 amps. I know these clampmeters are generally not really accurate down this low, but I have done side by side testing before with other ammeters hooked inline on the circuit and found it fairly close at a single t10 LED at 0.08 amps draw. So as far as I can tell, the only loads when I plug in my meanwell rsp-500-15 to ~12vdcDC are my additional fans, wattmeter and voltmeter.
landyacht318 08/05/17 02:41am Tech Issues
RE: Rechargeable Lithium Bright Trouble (flood) Lamp?

I am going to get the Olight H2r headlamp. 2300 lumens available on a single provided 18650 battery. Also has 600 150 30 and 1 lumen modes. They have cool white and warm white versions. 89$ Mex, a lamp mounted on one's head is a zillion times better than aiming it in the general direction of where light is needed. Many ways to recharge 18650 batteries, and many headlamps with ridiculous amount of light for under 20$ Borduit on Amazon gets pretty stellar reviews. Get real 18650's though, Panasonic NCR 18650Bs once were top capacity but now are falling into the budget area as there are higher capacity models available.
landyacht318 08/04/17 08:58pm Tech Issues
RE: What is this under my van?

I believe it is a charcoal cannister for excess gas fumes. Smog related pollution control. I have a similar shaped one but the cylinder stands upright and is about 10 inches tall 4.5 inches diameter and has 3 different vaccuum lines attached to it, IIRC
landyacht318 08/04/17 08:23pm Tech Issues
RE: Sea Foam Home Brew (A Link)

I Know seafoam has an especially loyal following on this forum especially where generators are concerned. But I prefer any fuel system cleaner I employ to use PEA, poly ether amine. Originally developed by chevron for techron, PEA smells fishy and is said to claan carbon deposits without leaving any of its own. Gumout with Regane employs a healthy dose of PEA Redline SL-1 Berryans 3M Techron concentrate CRC GTP, are but a few products available with healthy doses of PEA. Seafoam, well I get enough alcohol in my gasahol that i will not intentionally add even more. I have used the Seafoam deep creep, injecting it into a vaccuum line as I drove for the smoke show and short lived smoother idle and a lazy o2 sensor soon after. BUt I'll stick to the PEA FSC once a year before an oil change. If concerned with carbon in combustion cambers I'll mist the distilled water into the intake trick. Some people use TC-w3 at 2 oz per 10 gallons in their fuel and claim that their piston crowns are spotless.
landyacht318 07/29/17 09:32pm Tech Issues
RE: 100A DC Switchable Surface Mount Circuit Breaker Link

I have a 140 amp circuit breaker on my direct alternator to battery feed. It popped after about 5 minutes of 65 to 90 amps then a few seconds at about 110 amps. I am surprised it popping did not take out my alternator. I also have a 30 amp lever type circuit breaker on my Solar which will max out at 13 amps. The breaker gets warm to the touch, registers warmer by several degrees on my UR temp gun, and drops 0.2v across it IIRC. I bet an IR thermal imaging camera would prevent people from using breakers instead of fuses on circuits where minimum resistance is desirable. I'm never buying any budget wire protection devices again and will be removing those I currently, pun intended, and unwisely, employ.
landyacht318 07/23/17 10:42pm Tech Issues
RE: Does anyone know how many amps an Fantastic Fan pulls?

PWM motor speed controllers should be 21KHZ or higher, to keep them from Audibly Whining ( to humans) at reduced speeds. A PWM motor speed controller should allow infinite speeds upto the max.
landyacht318 07/18/17 09:53pm Tech Issues
RE: Does anyone know how many amps an Fantastic Fan pulls?

They should all be exactly the same as RV manufacturers all use thick wiring of the same exact length for a precisely known amount of voltage drop and all RV batteries will have the same voltage always. As if. Also, the amount of dust build up on the blades makes a difference in amp draw. My computer muffin fans, I was surprised to find that a dusty impeller reduces amp draw. Not surprising is that a clean fan moves more air, but it also makes more noise, as it is spinning faster. Restrictions, like a dusty screen behind the impeller also increases noise, greatly reduces efficacy, and uses slightly less amperage, in my experience. Higher voltage and higher speeds means more amp draw on muffin fan motors, in my experience. Don't know about fantastik. Measure voltage at fan, not battery. Or just argue and shake your fist at the sky
landyacht318 07/18/17 11:52am Tech Issues
RE: Meanwell PS creates a load?

My RSP-500-15 has two additional fans which run whenever it remains connected to DC, so I unplug the 45 amp anderson powerpole. After unplugging both AC and then DC, the fans remain on for a second before somethng clicks and they shut off. The overvoltage protection likely consumes some juice. I'll try and remember to bust out the clampmeter and test parasitic load. when hooked to DC, not AC
landyacht318 07/15/17 11:14am Tech Issues
RE: USB Charger Stand (Making My Own) ?

I only own one USB source that is powered by AC, the rest are directly from 12vdc. Seems a DC battery as a buffer would be better than trusting mexican hertz and voltage. You mad e the borg tolerant of Mex electricity surges correct? Keeping lithium batteries full always is not so great for them, best to keep in the 20 to 80% range if what I read on them can be believed. My favorite USB source is a Blueseas 12vdc direct charger. That and a short quality cable. But All I really charge via USB is my S4 mini. Its first battery spent a lot of time being treated like lead acid. Topped up constantly. it did not fare so well. Have a 'duracell' replacement. I don't often leave it at or near 100%.
landyacht318 07/14/17 12:40pm Tech Issues
RE: A Fumbling I Will Go MEGAWATT. Photobucket To Dropbos

So the additional external potentiometer is in parallel with the original. micro pot. Do you set the micro pot to max resistance or to minimum resistance or does it not matter. Appreciate the photos, Since Photobucket did their money grab regarding thrid party hosting, I deleted my account and many hundreds of photos stored there, and raise a giant middle finger towards them. On the Cheapowatt, AND my Meanwell, I completely removed the original micro potentiometer and soldered wires to where the original pot once resided.
landyacht318 07/06/17 10:15pm Tech Issues
RE: Refrigerator Not As Cold As It Ought To Be

The Noctua NF-f12 fan is 120MM, ~53CFM and draws only 0.05 amps at 12v, and has a 6 year warranty. With that little of an amp draw, I would personally not even bother with a snap switch, just turn it on in hot weather or on initial cool down. I've had one on my compressor fridge's condenser since october 2012. I disagree that a high CFM fan is needed for this application. But if 53CFM is not a high enough number, Noctua sells higher rpm 'industrial' versions of their best fans that are also IP 65 or IP67 rated, and are even more efficient, in terms of air moved for amps consumed. The 120MM computer fan offerings are vast, with huge performance differences, in terms of CFM, static pressure, noise, and amp draw.
landyacht318 07/05/17 03:49pm Tech Issues
RE: Most "Effective" Front Door Mat?

I bought the 32$ ( then) version at 32x24". Well worth it, imo. There are cheaper thinner versions, I linked the one I purchased rather than trying to squeeze a flatulent aztec for you. Home despot has a recycled rubber mat I like too for about 10$, but it does not clean ones feet as well. Requires more effort to wipe ones feet where the fingers require little to none. It still had the stinky rubber smell until UV light and dawn dishsoap broke down the mold release agents.
landyacht318 07/04/17 01:22pm Tech Issues
RE: Most "Effective" Front Door Mat?

https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/914E7dethjL._SL1500_.jpg width=600 Heavy Duty Fingertip Scraper Entrance Mat mine works better than anything else I've tried. Mine is about 3/4 to 7/8 thick. Kind of heavy, kind of stinky when it first arrived. Stink is long gone. can't see any wear. Each fingertip still intact. https://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss?url=search-alias%3Dlawngarden&field-keywords=Crown+MASR42BK+
landyacht318 07/04/17 10:34am Tech Issues
RE: How many amps does this stereo amp use per hour??

I have a sony Explode head unit. Un amplified. You know just an 89$ replacement stereo that is about 5 years old It claims 52x4 watts output. and sounds surprisingly good powering two kenwood 6x9s, even though they are underdriven. At near max volume but below distortion levels, when playing reggae, which is heavy on the bass, I will see abou 9 amps draw. perhaps this is an average, with the bass thumps drawing more juice briefly. This level of volume is obnoxious for anybody within the range of a well thrown baseball. But for simple listening of Country music at volumes that are not going to cause neighbors 10 yards, or even 100 yards awayto curse you and your ancestors siblings, pets and relatives, I highly doubt you are going to come close to anywhere near the 600 watt rating. I suspect at comfortable volume, you will not be drawing any more than 5 amps at 12.6vDc. The wattage rating on stereos is marketing, rarely actual consumption, and if it does approximate max consumption, it is the abolsute maximum it is capable of, at max volume and only when driving a deep bass note. Crack a cold one, bring up some Townes Van Zandt's version of dead flowers, ort Blaze Foley's 'clay pigeons' and don't worry about the Stereo's amp draw unless you are only running one group 24 battery that is 4 years old and never saw a true full charge in any of that lifespan. Leaving 3 incandescent bulbs on inside likely consumes more battery power.
landyacht318 07/03/17 11:30pm Tech Issues
RE: Integral LED CHIP/DRIVER Fascinating

cut and paste on smartphone can be done. hold down finger on Address bar or 2 seconds or so, cut copy options will present themselves. To paste do the same in empty address bar. NOw highlghting only portions of text not in address bar actually wanted. Phone throwing orbital fury. Tunguska was not a comet, but my last fartsmone launched into orbit after trying to highight text, returned back through a wormhole that increased its mass a million fold and made a beeline for Siberia. Nikola predicted its return, and pretended to aim A device to help the arctic explorers, but all along it was my fartsmone that entered orbit all because highlighting text to cut and paste proved an impossible task. And now you know the truth.
landyacht318 07/03/17 10:05pm Tech Issues
RE: Why can't I get a TRUE Deep cycle battery anymore?

When i firt got my Northtar, I was only using it as a starting battery, and could not get its resting voltage above 13v, as Northstar states is the full charged OCV. After one deep cycle and a recharge to full at high amperage it rested at 13.06v forever after when fully charged, and had that extra insane amount of engine cranking grunt which I found shocking. to get the most from thesse batteries, My experience is a deep cycle and high amp recharge to full to break them in to full potential, and then if deeply cycled again, it really appreciates the high amp recharge. They say 14.46 Vabs at 77F. I use 14.7v and hold it until amps taper to 0.4 or less. Low and slow solar only recharges, are not so good for these. They need the high amp recharge from a well depleted state every so many cycles, in my experience.
landyacht318 07/01/17 02:40pm Tech Issues
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