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RE: I am at lost. Another bad luck with my TV

Lots of Ford owners carry that kit with them and do it on the side of the road. After a couple, it shouldn't take much more than 20 minutes. You might want to carry a couple of coils with you too! Absolute BS.. Just because you are a "Dodge Guy" it doesn't give YOU the right to spout of this kind of GARBAGE.. Did you notice what he drives? LOL Here is a little history for you. I worked at Doehler-Jarvis and we did the RD work on their at the time new alum heads. Our Engineering Department told Ford they should add steel thread inserts to the spark plug openings. Their response was the inserts were not needed and if there was a failure it would happen well outside the warranty period. Gotta love those bean counters! BTW the cost of adding the system to the casting process was about $180,000 per die, the cost of the insert itself was $0.03 each or $0.12 per head! How much does it cost to fix Ford's inept engineering? Again you have to love the Bean Counters and it's the same at EVERY company no mater the product! Don You beat me to it Dodgeboy. I guess the user name was enough to make him not even look at the picture and see the big RED ford.... I drove fords for years (w/5.4 & v10s) and replaced them as they puked out plugs. :) As a rule it was 2-4 years. I bought a Ram the last time (4 1/2 years ago) and haven't lost a plug yet - it's a diesel. :)
larry_kruzan 05/18/15 03:23am Tow Vehicles
RE: Questions about DRW tire pressure

I can second the HF digital thermometer. I've been using one for several years too and have found it one of the best tools in my truck. When towing, every time I get out of the truck I check the tires and hubs. It has saved me one major problem on the road and is a fast way to check for a slightly low tire - A couple pounds will warm up the tires a few degrees - long before a tire will "look" low.
larry_kruzan 05/14/15 04:45pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Questions about DRW tire pressure

I ran 80 front all the time 45 rear solo and 60 loaded with 5K pin on my 11 RAM LongHorn Dually. At 40K the tires looked great. Only rotated fronts side to side. My 15 I am running 80 front all the time 40 unloaded and 60 loaded rears. Pic of MS2's at 40K. http://i.imgur.com/6CRCVLXl.jpg I'm tire shopping for my dually right now. Due to your obliviously great life I think I'll give Michelin MS2's a try this time. I ran them on my vans a few years ago and had great service, but I've but the dually IS a lot different.
larry_kruzan 05/14/15 08:53am Tow Vehicles
RE: I am at lost. Another bad luck with my TV

You have to also look at how you are going to use the truck. If you camp locally, say 100-200 miles from home, you're going get a fair amount of life and fun after you get the little things the other owner ignored fixed. And they are things you will want fixed for the sake of your family and sanity. But, if you plan to take "The Grand Tour" and tow around all 50 states like we do, I'd think about something newer. You also need to look at the towing rating for your truck. Those older trucks did not have the same towing capacity as the newer trucks. Our trailer weighs in at 9900lbs when it's ready for the road (which is the weight that matters, not the sticker weight) and I'm pulling it with a diesel 1 ton dually. It's a bit over kill, but I can pull in the mountains or in the keys and not need to retune anything. My last gasser got 4.5MPG towing from Las Vegas to Reno and 11MPG towing in Florida - now I regularly see 13mpg+ while towing. Now I'm not trying to start anything with the folks who claim to tow a 16,000 5ver with a VW. I'm just saying that you might want to check it out completely - a half ton truck is not what too many think they are. Each time we pull out of Salt Lake City I'm running 60mph passing 1/2 ton trucks with campers on the hitch that are over heated and steam blowing from the radiator or puking tranny fluid all over the shoulder.
larry_kruzan 05/14/15 08:37am Tow Vehicles
RE: Some sort of list to see all towing information for TV?

Just about any 1/2 truck with a V8 will handle that light load. Use a quality hitch, weight distributing (wrong name but somebody will correct me - brain spaced tonight).
larry_kruzan 03/04/15 05:34pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Cold (Fridid) Weather Start Diesel?????

I own a 2011 Ram and after sitting for over a month, it started at 5 degrees a couple weeks ago. I did plug in the engine heater for about a half hour before my starting test, but as cold as things were I doubt it made much difference. It had been not started due to a illness and frankly I was surprised after such a long time sitting the batteries were still up and while it turned slower than normal, it started with just a turn or two. The question you ask about additives is the one that might generate the most debate. I only add something if the temps are consistently around 10 degrees or lower. After my truck started I did add a dose of Power Service to the tank, but the fuel the truck started on was untreated. The Ram owners manual states that adding things like Power Service are un nessrary with todays fuels. I'm too busy to research this as completely as I'd like, so I err by adding a small amount when we reach the extreme limits of our cold weather. Not looking for any debate either. This is just what I do and it works for me.
larry_kruzan 01/28/15 09:32am Tow Vehicles
RE: 2015 F250 super cab, 6.7 diesel w/3.31 locking axle

10-12 towing and 15 when not. But YMMV. :)
larry_kruzan 07/26/14 11:12pm Tow Vehicles
RE: 2011 Ram brake issue?

If you have one of those cool Harbor Freight IR thermometers ($25 on sale) that EVERY RVer should own, check your caliber & rotor temps and take real numbers in with you, in addition to "sounds" that very often can't be reproduced. If they plug the temps into their computer, it will tell them to change the caliber. Give them the answers they need to find the problem we all know exists.
larry_kruzan 07/26/14 12:42am Tow Vehicles
RE: muffler tape

Go with a after market pipe. I bought the whole system in 5" diameter for $300. I think a full set of 4" pipes from turbo back was $250.
larry_kruzan 07/25/14 06:13pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Horror Stories

We have a young family in our church who started their deputation travels around the country raising the support they would need on the mission field. As they were getting ready they needed a 5ver to haul for their family and a truck to haul it. He asked me one day about things to avoid and I told him to not walk away from a truck that had the 6.0 in it - run from it. They had a person in a dealership offer them a "deal" on a 05(?) truck and a pretty nice 5ver bunkhouse. This time he didn't ask me, he knew what I'd already told him. In short he bought the combo and an "extended warranty" on the truck, thinking that it would cover things if it blew up. After three months on the road the motor puked just 75 miles away at a local church. His extended warranty did Help" with the overhaul but it still cost him $3500 out of pocket. I suggested that he take it to a local shop that bullet proofs the 6.0, but he had lots of meetings to get to and decided that he needed to get on the road. 7 months and 60k miles later the motor puked again in Montana in the middle of winter. The warranty company stepped up and covered all but $2000 this time and he was back on the road for 13 months in Omaha Ne, the motor puked again. This time with no warranty and facing a $12k bill at a ford dealership, he elected to trade it all in on a Explorer that he would be able to drive for the last month of his time on the road. Three major pukes in two years of full time RVing. I believe you can never argue a idea with a man who has experience. Our young friends have experience - I wonder what they think of a 6.0 now???
larry_kruzan 07/04/14 07:57pm Tow Vehicles
RE: 2016 Ford Superduty - Aluminium

I see a ecoboost option in the Ford Transit this year. The Transit is the new van option that looks like a sprinter. Towing cap. is only 5k, so that's a bummer. If they bring it over to the heavy duty side of the house, it will need more intestinal fortitude. A few days back you could "build and price" but that's not working right now for some reason. It seems like I was "building" a one ton, but I've been looking at a lot of them, so maybe not. A one ton with a 5k limit seems pretty lame.
larry_kruzan 06/18/14 03:58pm Tow Vehicles
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