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RE: Toy hauler choices. Opinions needed.

.... I'm glad I did, I have heard from people how good quality the cyclones were, but I have to disagree. I went to National RV Detroit and must say they had a huge selection, but almost all the 2016 cyclones had visible production issues visible. I was actually happy that I made the trip before ordering. Anyways after may different trips to different RV dealers we decided the best QUALITY and workmanship was from Grand Designs Momentum. I felt the next runner up was the Fuzion. We ended up ordering a Momentum 388M with options we wanted and got a awesome deal at Vermont Country Campers, as they blew the other dealers out of the water on price. MSRP was almost $93,984 and we got it for low $60's. If you haven't check out the quality of the Momentum's I recommend you do. Sounds like you did well. Smart choice of what to buy and what not to buy.
lawnspecialties 08/28/15 05:19pm Toy Haulers
RE: New Tow Rig Ordered!

Couple of things I don't see but they may be included in the package. 1. Remote start. That may be in one of those Lariat packages. I love that. 2. What rear end is in it? Mine has a 3.55. Great fuel economy but pulls like a freight train. 3. Good call on the floor mats. Every Lariat I've owned, I had to go back and get the Ford mud mats. The one I have now came with it. They fit perfectly, look great, and are a must if you have dirty shoes.
lawnspecialties 08/28/15 09:33am Tow Vehicles
RE: Fuel Tank F250

Only problem I had with mine was the fuel gauge "thing" was off. Not sure why but the first time I got down to "21 miles until empty", I ran out of fuel on I-85 doing 70 mph pulling my 20' enclosed trailer on a Sunday night 100 miles from home. Amazingly, Ford paid for the tow to the nearest dealer since the truck was still in the 3/36 warranty. I even told them why it happened but they said I was still covered.
lawnspecialties 08/27/15 05:32pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Home Built Toy hauler using pop-up camper

Where we race, there are a couple of families that do that. I'm assuming you're going to secure a pop-up to the trailer and use the left over trailer space for the toys.
lawnspecialties 08/27/15 05:16am Toy Haulers
RE: Bad Gramer

I usually proof read my posts before I submit. Punctuation is a peeve of mine. But sometimes I don't. Then sure enOUGH i'LL HIT ANOTHER KEY BY MISTAKE AND NOT EVEN REALIZE WHAT i DID.
lawnspecialties 08/26/15 07:06pm Around the Campfire
RE: Fuel Tank F250

I did a Titan by myself years ago on my '09 F350. It took a little while but was worth it. Now I just put auxiliary tanks in the bed. Just had this one put in my 350 earlier this week. Now a fill-up gets me over 120 gallons. Looks sharp and I still get a shallow tool box. Northern Tool
lawnspecialties 08/26/15 02:19pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Toy hauler choices. Opinions needed.

My .02 worth. XLR or Fuzion. We're former Cyclone owners. Will never do that again, even if it means we camp in a tent. Quality and manufacturer support of the XLRs and Fuzions seem far better. As for garage, you gotta go 12'. If you're hauling ATVs, many are close to 6' long. That means 2 can go in back to back. If only 10', you gotta park them sideways which can be a hassle.
lawnspecialties 08/26/15 02:15pm Toy Haulers
RE: Fort Wilderness Campground

My advice for kfp673 is don't go to Disney that week. The parks often shut down for capacity. Lines are long. You'll get to ride about 5 things per day. We have been twice in "off peak" times and that was busy enough. We had friends go one time during this week. They said they went to Epcot and at 10:00 am, the Fast Passes to Soarin' said come back at 8:30 pm. When they returned at 8:30, the Fast Pass line was 30 minutes long and the regular line said there was a 200 minute wait. Disney's awesome but that would take the fun out of it real fast.
lawnspecialties 08/26/15 10:57am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Fort Wilderness Campground

Hello All, Anyone know any tricks to getting a site this late in the year for The week after Christmas? I've been checking the site a few times a week for the past month or so and there are no openings. I know many people book this trip a year in advance but trying to see if we can sneak in a trip. Let me know if you have any suggestions. Thanks! Between Christmas and New Years is the most crowded time of year. Your only hope is probably trying every day and hoping someone cancels. As much as I love Disneyworld, I don't think we'll ever go that time of year. When Magic Kingdom gets so crowded that they stop allowing people in the gate at noon, you know its crazy.
lawnspecialties 08/26/15 06:08am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Why do passing trucks suck instead of blow?

You're not alone. It is weird but if you're not prepared, it feels like it could pull you in. :)
lawnspecialties 08/26/15 06:04am Towing
RE: New F350 and first trip

I used the cruise with my 2011 F450 all the time pulling the Cyclone. But I was worried about my new F350 with the 3.55 rear end. Even for our lighter Work & Play. Not a problem at all. Its a much more relaxing drive towing the camper. I set it on around 66-67 mph and we just roll along. The 6.7 is one sweet motor.
lawnspecialties 08/25/15 07:35am Tow Vehicles
RE: Bed Orientation Pros & Cons

I would think whichever way gave me the most floorspace in the bedroom would work for me. I've had three N/S and one E/W. Wasn't a big deal but the E/W did have some nice room in there for getting dressed, etc.
lawnspecialties 08/25/15 07:32am Toy Haulers
RE: This site shares some unbelievable images - Devils Tower

Back in 1996, Hurricane Fran came through central NC hard. Power was out for days everywhere. That's the only real time I've ever seen the night sky look similar to the pic.
lawnspecialties 08/22/15 06:30pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Forest River 19RR Grey Wolf Cherokee...MINE!

Welcome to the club! Congrats. Change that signature. :B
lawnspecialties 08/22/15 06:25pm Toy Haulers
RE: Hurricane DANNY

Guess I'll cancel pulling the Work & Play to Puerto Rico this Sunday.
lawnspecialties 08/21/15 08:24am Around the Campfire
RE: A story of 6 blown tires.

Here we go again. :S One of my Towmax tires tore up the side of our Cyclone. Tread separation. I swapped the entire set out and used the best four tires on one of my landscape trailers. Although far less weight than a camper, they started separating treads shortly afterwards. Like your tire guy, Heartland tried their best to convince me the Towmax tires were great and they'd never heard of anything like that happening before.
lawnspecialties 08/20/15 02:56pm Toy Haulers
RE: Tan

This what light grey looks like. A black truck sets it off nicely against the all black trim and fittings on the TT. :) A black truck sure is a really bad choice for keeping clean tho. :( I am of the opinion that our light grey TT is the nicest TT in the CG. Just my opinion but I'm sticking to it... http://i594.photobucket.com/albums/tt26/zippyfiat/005%20640x487.jpg height=200 width=280 I have some toy haulers that were grey with black trucks. Beautiful set-ups.
lawnspecialties 08/19/15 05:13pm General RVing Issues
RE: You had close call, scary moment, or accident, towing?

Back in 2011, we had owned our new Cyclone just over a month. We were headed to Henderson's NCMP. Two lane road with light traffic. I came over a hill about the same time an oncoming ambulance came over the hill ahead of us with lights and sirens going. Well, the minivan in front of us full of migrant workers didn't know what to do so they hit the brakes and pulled half way off the road. When I got on the brakes, this was the first time the Cyclone's brakes failed: 29,000 lbs. going downhill. Will I swerve into the path of the ambulance to go around the minivan or do I just hit the minivan full of people? I floor the brakes on the F450 and they're doing all they can but again, we're going downhill with 29,000 lbs. and no camper brakes at all. By God's grace, I'm able to slow down enough to give the ambulance time to pass and I have just enough room to swerve around the minivan.
lawnspecialties 08/19/15 10:05am Towing
RE: Anyone towing with mild lift kit and larger tires?

Quite a few folks at our quad races pull campers with lifted trucks. I've heard of no issues at all. Of course, they all pretty much have to stick with TTs and no 5ers. I've heard good things from the Nittos. Good tread life and good E rating weights. Just don't forget the rims. If you plan to stay true to your GVWR numbers, make sure you're aftermarket wheels are up to the task. Many are not when it comes to E ratings.
lawnspecialties 08/19/15 09:56am Tow Vehicles
RE: Tan

OK. I was just curious. Yes, I've seen the Winnebago line. A dealer near the house carries them and they would line them up by the road. But I am really surprised at all the brown camper models. I have a silver truck so to me, I will be the odd man for our next camper purchase and probably stick with white. As for the full body paint, I like some of them. But only as long as I can keep it stored in the shade. I have a friend who used to have a black Work & Play. Then after about a year or so, it was black on one side and grey on the other.
lawnspecialties 08/19/15 09:33am General RVing Issues
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