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RE: How to get rid of bats

Just be careful. Barney Fife said bats can fly and get into your hair. Then they lay their eggs and you go crazy. Just saying.
lawnspecialties 05/28/16 09:27am Around the Campfire
RE: Post that do not stick to subject

I used to watch Chips. Ponch was cool. But I never liked Fish. Never been a fan of Abe Vigoda.
lawnspecialties 05/28/16 09:24am Around the Campfire
RE: Bigger tires? Where do they make a difference

You're only as strong as your weakest link. If the tires you have now are stronger than what you previously had, you're still at your GAWR. It they're weaker than what you had, you may be weaker if that's the weakest point.
lawnspecialties 05/26/16 05:42pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Ocean Lakes at Myrtle Beach, SC Update?

I'm no facebooker but I see they have the website "construction cam". It definitely looks ready to go. Construction Cam
lawnspecialties 05/26/16 02:49pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions

Hey moman1. Just for kicks, now start a new thread and title it, "Should I get a Ford or a Ram dually?" :B
lawnspecialties 05/26/16 07:10am Toy Haulers

Wow. I guess this site is getting almost as bad as Facebook with people just making stupid comments and not being helpful. Didn't used to be this way. For those that provided insight and your experiences, thank you. You were a big help. To the others that have only provide snide comments that only infuriate and incite sarcasm towards a serious topic asked by a person genuinely looking for information as a new person to toy haulers, get a life and move to a different thread. You're not helping. It happens every time. DRW vs. SRW. Diesel vs. Gas. Chevy, Ram, Ford. These get folks riled up every thread. :B Best of luck to you either way. Post some pics of that Fuzion when you get it. We came really close to getting one but the one we wanted was even heavier on the pin than the 422. Great looking campers.
lawnspecialties 05/25/16 05:43am Toy Haulers
RE: I-95 Stopover South Ga. / North Fla.

Well, thanks to everyone. At least I know to drop close to $50 for this stop. In 2006, McIntosh lake was $25. Can't recall what Country Oaks was. But that was ten years ago. Its Disneyworld. Nobody expects to go and do things too cheap anyway. :) Jayco304. That's exactly the plan. Leaving Friday, the 9th. Plan to be at the Fort by noon on Saturday and make supper around 6:00 at San Angel Inn. :B
lawnspecialties 05/24/16 08:15pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
I-95 Stopover South Ga. / North Fla.

I know this has been asked before but I haven't seen it in awhile. We're headed back to the Fort in December after over eight years away. Our tradition is to run down to southern Ga. and overnight. That way we can head out again the next morning and be at the Fort around lunchtime. We've stayed at McIntosh Lake before and also Country Oaks. Both of these campgrounds are in south Georgia. Not that we mind staying in the same place again but sometimes its nice to just change things up. Plus there may be a better place to overnight. We really don't want to stay at a Flying J or Wal-Mart. That's not for us. I hear the Jacksonville North / St. Mary's KOA is a nice stop. The website says $50 for the cheapest 50A spot. I can do that but its a little pricier than I assumed for an overnighter in early December. Any other places nearby? Thanks.
lawnspecialties 05/24/16 05:17pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions

My favorite dealer has a 422. They list the pin at almost 3700 lbs.. That's pretty stout. Just get the truck weighed and the pin weighed if you can. If its really close empty, I would do it. The toys will pull a little off the pin. The total weight will be strong but just don't go flying down the highway.
lawnspecialties 05/24/16 03:23pm Toy Haulers

..... Do you notice much with the wind? Not at all. The rear axle weight is mostly my fault. Full of fuel, I'm holding over 120 gallons of diesel. That's an extra 600 lbs. of fuel that the truck usually wouldn't carry. So I rarely don't run it full of fuel when towing. I agree for the most part of "more truck is always better". But I have to ask an honest question that merits an honest answer. No fights or yelling please. How often do we see or hear of a truck/camper failure because the truck was overloaded? We see F150s pulling big campers and old F250s almost dragging the ground with big triple-axle fivers. But I have never seen a truck break because it was overloaded. I'm sure it happens but in the grand scheme of things and how often it happens every day, I have no worries about my set-up whatsoever. We're heading to Disneyworld in December. That's over 1200 miles round trip. We'll probably put everything (clothes, coolers, golf cart) in the garage of the camper and then unload when we arrive. I have no doubt we'll be fine.
lawnspecialties 05/24/16 03:19pm Toy Haulers

I'm in your situation somewhat. See my set-up in the signature. Loaded up, with the golf cart in the back, we're 26,500 lbs.. I have a RAWR on the truck of 7000 lbs. and depending on how much fuel is in the truck (I have an auxiliary tank) and how the camper is loaded, I'm 6800 lbs. to 7200 lbs. on the rear axle. Having the golf cart in the back plus a full tank of generator fuel helps. A fellow member asked me about my experiences because he was contemplating a new F350 SRW or F450. He has an XLR similar to our Vengeance. This is what I told him. Any where from 65 mph and lower, we are solid as a rock. Cruise control set and its solid and smooth. 65-70 mph and I can tell some difference. Not a worry and we usually tow around 68 mph on the interstates. Above 70 mph and I need to stay extra aware. Its still solid but I can tell if some bonehead does some weird maneuver in front of me and I have to do some evasive action, there might be some trouble. I had an F450 before this SRW F350. If the truck was primarily meant to be a camper hauler or I like to tow above 70 mph, I'd say get the dually. But being a daily driver, I'm totally happy with the SRW. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v357/lawnspecialties/Vengeance%20002_zpsspps7xhg.jpg
lawnspecialties 05/24/16 11:25am Toy Haulers
RE: Totaled Truck...CARFAX

I bought an F350 back in 2010. It was a used '09 and I bought it at one of the big local Ford dealerships. 21 months later, I was getting ready to sell it. Also looking at possibly trading it in, a dealership ran a Carfax. One week before the dealer ran that Carfax, they posted the truck had been wrecked in the front end before I bought it. In other words, Carfax posted in May, 2011 that the truck had been wrecked in August 2009! I had no idea. Carfax only tells you what is reported when its reported. But if something isn't reported and it takes awhile, it means nothing.
lawnspecialties 05/21/16 06:24am Tow Vehicles
Ocean Lakes at Myrtle Beach, SC Update?

Surely someone has been there recently. How's the new water park coming along? Does it appear they're still on track to open it up by Memorial Day weekend?
lawnspecialties 05/18/16 07:03pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
Generator Hour Meter

I'm not at home now so I haven't look further into this yet. So its easier to just ask here. I started the generator Friday before the trip to let it do its monthly run. But as I was starting it, I was distracted and then I realized I was holding down the "off" part of the toggle switch instead of the start side. But in doing so, my hour meter turned off. I then started the generator and we quickly packed for the weekend trip so I didn't have time to fool with it. I ran the generator during the hour we were packing, then shut it down, and we hit the road. The hour meter is still off. What did I do and how do I get it back? :h
lawnspecialties 05/16/16 06:14am General RVing Issues
RE: Raleigh, NC

If you can't stay the full month, maybe spend a little time at Jordan Lake. Several campgrounds there and still not too far from NCSU. We really don't have too much else.
lawnspecialties 05/11/16 07:49pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: LP gas concerns on our route

I've heard the same about Chesapeake. Just have to make sure its off and secured.
lawnspecialties 05/10/16 03:53pm General RVing Issues
RE: Need brand advice

If I were you, I'd take a day trip down to Danville. We've bought two toy haulers there. Anywhere in the Va. area and surrounding states, its hard to beat there selection and prices. RV Outlet
lawnspecialties 05/08/16 12:38pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Timbrens vs Airbags vs Helper Spring

I have not used Timbrens so I can't say about them. But my F350 that I use primarily for my landscape business has helper springs. It tows or has a load in the bed 98% of the time its on the road. My F350 I use for towing the camper has air bags. This way I can adjust. They're hardly noticeable when unloaded at 10 psi. Last note. I googled your camper in your signature. It appears to be a travel trailer, correct? A properly set-up quality WD hitch should be able to keep you from buying any of this stuff.
lawnspecialties 05/08/16 10:07am Tow Vehicles
RE: 7 Pin Problem

Bringing this thread back for a conclusion. Like others have stated, I was leaning toward a trailer wiring issue. I too, several years ago, had a wire rubbed raw and it was causing problems. But at the same time, one would think that would blow a fuse. I finally got a chance the other day to start looking around. Took the 7-pin apart and it looked perfect. Crawled under the trailer and looked over all the wiring that was not harnessed. Then starting pulling wheels. The second wheel I pulled, I noticed a wire hanging loose and another wire with a connector on the end hanging loose. They weren't really close to one another but the fact that both were just hanging there and a connector was on one threw up a red flag. So I had my son get in the truck and with 1. nothing, 2. parking lights on, 3. and then with the brakes applied, I would hold the wires together. I figured I'd blow a fuse if it was a problem. Nothing happened. I stripped the ends, got another connector, and put them back together. The problem has not occurred since. My guess is this was a ground wire and it was giving me intermittent ground. The brakes work better as well and I think that's because I only had brakes on the left side before the break in the wire. But these are both guesses. Any way, problem solved. Thanks to all.
lawnspecialties 05/06/16 05:35pm General RVing Issues
RE: Best route to Myrtle Beach Pirateland CG from I 95

What fordtruckguy posted is what mapquest recommends. What RoyB posted is what most of us do; including me heading to Ocean Lakes. Its just habit now. Besides, there's something about driving the same route each time when you're going on vacation. You see familiar things and it makes it all the more exciting.
lawnspecialties 05/06/16 05:10pm Roads and Routes
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