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Web Cams

When we can't go camping, we like to check in on folks who can. Ocean Lakes in Myrtle Beach has four web cams. Its fun to see how the other have lives every now and then. Do any other campgrounds have web cams? Like I said, its just fun to see others camping when we can't.
lawnspecialties 09/02/14 03:22pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: 2014 KZ Inferno 3712T

As a former Cyclone owner, I think you made an outstanding choice. I love Infernos and when we get our next 5er, they will be in the running. Might have to throw some airbags on the 250. But the 2010 F Series were more "stout" than the newer ones. I've owned both. Get ready for the weight police here though. But I bet you'll be fine. Have a great time.
lawnspecialties 08/31/14 06:53am Toy Haulers
RE: 50A Idea

Thank you everyone. I get it. 50A plug with adapter helps me none.
lawnspecialties 08/26/14 03:50pm General RVing Issues
50A Idea

I am by NO means an electrical engineer. I still don't know 100% what the true difference is between amps and watts and volts. But I had a recent idea and I wonder if this would help us out with our Work & Play (30amps). We've taken the camper out three times so far. The first was to Willow Tree. During the weekend, the breaker at Willow Tree's pole tripped twice. We were on the 30A plug and both times, the AC was running and the water heater was on. At our recent race, we were on the generator power. My generator puts out gobs of power. 10.5KW rated with 13KW surge watts. The only issue we had was the AC tripped its own breaker one time. When the water heater is on, the AC is running, the TV is on, and maybe Mama decides to dry her hair or make some toast, we're pulling a lot of power. So the question. If I start plugging into a 50A outlet with a 30A adapter, would this help us out at all? In other words, would we be getting the same 110 volts but 50amps? I still have a 30A cord so that may reduce it. But does this make sense or will it not help us out at all? As I said, I'm not sure about electrical stuff but I'm hoping this could be a help.
lawnspecialties 08/26/14 10:42am General RVing Issues
RE: Coolers

I stopped by Gander Mountain yesterday. I knew they carried quite a few Yeti's and their own Gander Mountain PermaChills. After talking with the guy and looking into them, I went with the PermaChill 120L. The Yetis are awesome. But they are so thick, you lose a lot of inside space. The PermaChills are made of the same material but not quite as thick. What I lose in keeping cool, I gained in inside space for less money. We have a race this weekend and doing something extra for the church service. So right now, the PermaChill is already in the toy hauler with 140 cans of various Cokes and completely covered in ice. Let's see how it looks by Sunday morning.
lawnspecialties 08/22/14 05:49am General RVing Issues

Is there anything comparable to a Yeti? I don't mind getting a Yeti but I know other brands are trying to copy the Yeti performance at a slightly better price. Honestly, we're just tired of buying ice every day because it melts so fast in the coolers we have. I could put something like a Yeti Tundra 65 in the toy hauler full of ice and not have to worry about it for quite awhile. If the Yeti is the best way to go, who has the best deals? Seems Yeti's are so in demand right now, nobody puts them on sale. They're like Honda generators. :B
lawnspecialties 08/19/14 05:16pm General RVing Issues
RE: Looking at toy haulers to buy????

My .02. If you're looking for a toy hauler to take to campgrounds and be your golf cart/Harley hauler, I would also recommend a nicer unit like a Grand Design or even step up to an Excel, etc. As a former Cyclone owner, it just appears the cookie cutter toy haulers are more concerned with pushing out whatever they can to keep up with sales. That seems nice but in our experience, quality was extremely poor and the manufacturer had ZERO time to deal with us over a major issue we were having after only two months of ownership. For those wanting to buy a toy hauler to do races and other "rougher" trips, get a Work & Play or a custom built race trailer. Today's toy haulers seem to be more about being a nice 5th wheel with a garage. They focus on the fancy stuff and not the ruggedness of the camper and what we put them through.
lawnspecialties 08/17/14 09:29am Toy Haulers
RE: We used the generator :)

As a fellow southerner, we use our generator all the time. We race ATVs throughout NC and SC. Our races are usually in the middle of some field in the middle of nowhere. If you don't bring power or water, you just do without. The only time we ever had any issues with fumes was when we had to lower the front of the camper to get it level. That often made our CO detector go off sometime in the middle of the night. If we had to lower the front to get it level, I would take a small fan and run it all night outside blowing the fumes away. As for the heat, that was never a problem. We would usually start our generator around 2:00 on Saturday afternoon and it never stopped until we tore everything down Sunday around 6:00pm. Oftentimes the grass would be brown and dry but it was never a concern for fires or anything.
lawnspecialties 08/16/14 03:21pm General RVing Issues
RE: 3/4 Ton Ultimate HD Test Is In

As a 2013 6.2L owner, I agree with their findings of the Ford. Within a month of owning my truck, I had the rear suspension beefed up. I also replaced the hitch with a Curt 20K hitch. In addition to a few other things, a 5 Star Tune has made it a much better towing truck. I haven't gone crazy. Just made the truck how it should have been made from the factory, in my opinion. An actual work truck. :) Since this generation of Ford trucks have come out (2011 and up), I've had two. It seems Ford has been targeting the market consisting of lazy people who just like to ride around in squishy trucks. Yep, I said it.
lawnspecialties 08/11/14 10:34am Tow Vehicles
RE: Supermoon this weekend

Supposed to rain here all weekend long. The moon could bust and we wouldn't know.
lawnspecialties 08/08/14 07:26pm Around the Campfire
RE: not my favorite spider

Unfortunately, black widows are a dime a dozen here. My barn out back has all my landscape equipment and whatever else. Pick up just about any board and there will be a black widow. I just squish'em.
lawnspecialties 08/07/14 07:21pm Around the Campfire
RE: Power Antenna Quit

I'm not sure what you mean when you say the power antenna but when you talk about the green light are you referring to the power booster?? We have a new Gray Wolf 26BH and we had trouble with the power booster on the antenna which is the little green light your referring too. I took it back to the dealer and he replaced the booster switch which took all of 15 minutes and the problem was corrected. The power booster is what I meant. Maybe I can just get a replacement.
lawnspecialties 08/06/14 04:59pm General RVing Issues
Power Antenna Quit

First trip with the new Work & Play and all went really well. Except.... On Friday night when we arrived, I did my usual set-up stuff. One of my rituals is turning on the power antenna and auto-programming the channels on the TV. Its just not a camping trip for us without watching Batman or MASH on MeTV. We picked up quite a few channels and all went well that night. Good thing because it rained like a monsoon the whole evening. The next day it was still raining. Sometime that morning I decided to turn on the news to see the weather and I had no channels coming in at all. I went to the bedroom to see if the antenna was on and it was not. I pressed the button and the little green light would slightly blink and then nothing. That's all it will do. You press the button, the green light blinks, and then nothing. Any ideas? I've checked breakers, fuses, and GFI outlets. I can't find anything wrong. This is a brand new antenna on a new camper. It worked all of two hours. If it matters, its the kind that looks like a black mushroom on the roof.
lawnspecialties 08/06/14 04:32pm General RVing Issues
RE: Are there any quality RV manufacturers?

BTW. It wouldn't be difficult to make a structurally superior RV, however you'd need a Freightliner or Kenworth to tow it....... There are some here who would suggest you need a Kenworth to tow a pop-up.. LOL So true. So true.
lawnspecialties 08/06/14 04:20pm Toy Haulers

This is definitely going to be an opinion question and everyone's experience will vary. Every Forest River camper we've owned (3) have been outstanding. I'd highly recommend them and would love to own an XLR. The only Heartland product we've owned was a 2011 Cyclone. It was a piece of junk and dealing with Heartland was terrible. No experience with Keystone or Dutchmen. I think having a great dealer is just as important. The one we deal with primarily, helped us keep our sanity when we went through our Cyclone nightmare. After the Cyclone, we bought from them again and hope to continue to do so.
lawnspecialties 08/05/14 04:32pm Toy Haulers
RE: Are there any quality RV manufacturers?

You take a home, and put it on wheels and drive it all over the country, and you don't want to have any problems with it?? How cute..... On that note, you take a truck of equal price, expect it to pull 20,000 lbs. all over the country while keeping you cool and comfy inside, and you don't want to have any problems with it?
lawnspecialties 08/05/14 05:39am Toy Haulers
RE: Are there any quality RV manufacturers?

DRV Is a nicer trailer yet still has a rubber roof that will leak, a steel structure that will rust and wood floor and ceiling that will rot. That's one of the things I love about our recent purchase, a Work & Play. Metal roof. I'm not saying a Work & Play is on the high end of quality manufacturers like what we're talking about but if I decide to get another fifth wheel anytime soon, we'll move on up to a Work & Play 44RLS. I can already tell they're made tougher for what we need at our races. Ten times better than our Cyclone was.
lawnspecialties 08/05/14 05:36am Toy Haulers
RE: People never cease to surprise me

All's well that ends well.:B
lawnspecialties 08/04/14 04:58pm RV Lifestyle
RE: For the Willow Tree Regulars

love2rvcamp makes an excellent point. We have always loved Willow Tree but if this is the way they want to go, its OK. I can't blame them or put them down. Its their business and they will run it how they want to. Some will love it and some will go elsewhere. If a campground changes who they cater to, we just go somewhere which has what we want. If this is what Willow Tree is up to, I'm sure we'll return in about ten years when our boys have moved out. :)
lawnspecialties 08/04/14 10:04am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: For the Willow Tree Regulars

But even the section behind the lake has a big "authorized personnel only" sign. Even that's new for this year. We to noticed that sign as well. They used to,have walking trails back thorough there. We are planning on going back next year as that was the vote but I will keep the spider senses on alert for changes. As for those trails, if they do open them back up to walking, one note of advice. Heavy bug spray. The mosquitoes back there are unbelievable. Trust me.
lawnspecialties 08/03/14 07:41pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
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