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RE: What size TV should I get?

I've had both duallys (F450) and SRWs (F350s). For the hitch weight of that 5th wheel, I'd definitely get just an F250/350 or comparable Ram/GM model in the single rear wheels. The only time I would get a dually is if the pin weight far exceeds 3000 lbs. or the truck is used almost solely for hauling the camper and not as a daily driver.
lawnspecialties 11/27/15 06:11am Tow Vehicles
RE: Thanksgiving

I'm working Thanksgiving Day. Friday, we're driving 6 hours round trip to spend about four hours visiting family. :h
lawnspecialties 11/21/15 09:18am Around the Campfire
RE: Another Customer Service Question

Bad customer service has become "new normal" almost everywhere. I say almost, because statistically an absolute is impossible to quantify. Here's one for the books. DH & I made appointments 2 months in advance to go see a recommended dermatologist. DH was even told "you'll like her". We'd filled out the paperwork online, they knew we were knew patients coming for a full skin check up. We get there and wait our turn. Once in the room, the nurse says that they will do a "full scan" on DH and then turns to me and says "but you will get a partial and have to come back another time". I asked why. Ready??? Put down the coffee, tea or adult beverage. "The DOCTOR has a speaking engagement and has to leave early". I said why weren't we told sooner . No real good answer to that, so DH said "ok...let's leave". THAT got their attention so the Doctor came in and said "I had this speaking engagement months ago. It's for 200 people and I can't be late! Surely you understand that!" What I understood immediately is that this doctor clearly felt her status as a speaker was far more important than seeing whether or not the growths we came for were cancerous. She did a quick scan on both of us and zapped a bunch of places... one on me... felt like she was putting a cigarette out on my arm. I must have merited "special treatment". She was totally oblivious to the insult and implications of her very bad customer service. She wanted to see us again in 6 months. We declined. I'm struggling whether to tell our regular doctor that his recommendation was not good. cts You handled that more patiently than I would have. I would definitely tell your doctor if it was a recommendation.
lawnspecialties 11/21/15 09:16am Around the Campfire
RE: Another Customer Service Question

I was at a local bank branch a few months back. I wanted to see someone to get a payoff amount and paperwork to go with it. Patiently waited the 45 minutes until my turn. A young lady approached me to go to her office. Before we took 3 steps some young guy, appeared to be in his early twenties, was worried about bouncing a check. She dropped me immediately. I stood around a few seconds and left. She chased me down in the parking lot. Too late. Hope he's a good customer. I closed all my accounts. Over reaction? Probably, but....... ! Well played. Not an over reaction in my book.
lawnspecialties 11/21/15 09:16am Around the Campfire
RE: Another Customer Service Question

Or it could be the call was from one of his good repair shop customers that spends upward of $100,000 per year. You have to take care of your core business, even if it means losing a $10 sale once in a while. Just like Watergate, "follow the money". This is completely possible; especially at a NAPA type store. But it has happened so many times, I'm sure I got downgraded a few times by someone just checking available stock. As for this instance, a simple "excuse me one second" might have at least kept me in the store.
lawnspecialties 11/20/15 06:56pm Around the Campfire
Another Customer Service Question

Being a "service based" business owner, I notice good and bad customer service probably more than the average folk. There is something that I believe to be truly poor customer service but its gone on so long, most folks don't even realize it. It happened to me again today so I took the first step of not spending my money in a place which does it. One man's fight! LOL! :B I needed a new wheel stud for the spare tire bracket of one of my landscape trailers. I knew O'reilly's or Auto Zone most likely wouldn't have something like that so I went to the nearby NAPA store. I walked in and kindly waited while two other customers were being helped. Shortly, another employee saw me and came up to me to see what I needed. I showed him one of the wheel studs and said I needed two more just like it and new lug nuts if they have them. It was a cordial exchange and we discussed a little bit about the application and the sizes. He broke out his slide caliper to check the diameter and then pulled out a catalog which had wheel studs. Cool. As he was looking in the catalog, the store phone rang. It was in his pocket so he answered it. His response was "Hello....... I'm helping a customer right now........". Then he said a few other things as he dropped the catalog and started looking up something on the computer. I could see it had nothing to do with wheel studs. Still talking, he came from behind the counter and went to a section out on the floor to check to see if something was in stock. It was quite apparent what he was doing for me had been put aside. I kindly grabbed the wheel stud and lug nut I brought in, turned around, and left the store. I don't think he even saw me leave as he was still out on the floor looking for something and talking to the person on the phone. This seems to happen a LOT at auto parts stores. So many people call in to see if they have something in stock. They always have to look it up to check. Meanwhile the customer in the store is being put on the back burner. In other words, someone WITH MONEY IN HAND is being put off because the employee's attention has shifted to someone who may or may not come in. I don't mind waiting my turn. That's the right thing for everyone. But why in the world have we grown to accept the concept that just because someone calls in on the phone, they must be moved to the front of the line; even when a customer in the store is in the middle of being served? Rant complete. I do feel better. ;)
lawnspecialties 11/20/15 04:54pm Around the Campfire
RE: Ocean Lakes - Thanksgiving

4 days 16 hours & 52 mintues That's just mean. Sorry did not mean it that way. Its cool. At least SOMEBODY is going camping. Have a great trip.
lawnspecialties 11/20/15 01:12pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Ocean Lakes - Thanksgiving

4 days 16 hours & 52 mintues That's just mean.
lawnspecialties 11/20/15 12:24pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Toy hauler reviews

This is a dealer in SC that sells a lot of Work & Plays. Obviously nowhere near you but at least you can see some pics of real units. Ledford's
lawnspecialties 11/20/15 12:21pm Toy Haulers
RE: Toy hauler reviews

OK. Three quads with no garage. That's not my field of expertise for toy haulers. We've always had a garage. If you are hauling utility quads, that means they are highly unlikely to fit in there side by side. But you can turn them sideways if there's room. The only thing I can remotely guess is the brand I currently have but a different floorplan. That's the Work & Plays. They're tough as any camper out there, come in some huge cargo areas, but lack the "fanciness" of some other haulers. They're made for what we do: show up at a track out in the middle of some farmer's field, set-up, and live the weekend in it for the races. We race ATVs in an XC series. Scroll down this link to the travel trailer toy haulers. They have some big cargo areas. Work & Play
lawnspecialties 11/20/15 12:19pm Toy Haulers
RE: Toy hauler reviews

Shawn. Give us some clues. What truck do you have? What is your primary use for the toy hauler? Separate garage or open? How many people will be with you? Etc. etc. etc.
lawnspecialties 11/20/15 05:35am Toy Haulers
RE: Spring Trip: South East

Maybe its because I was born, raised, and still live here but I can't think of much to see in Raleigh. Yes, we have conventions and such but unless there is a specific thing you want to see, there isn't much else. A few museums but everybody has those. As for campgrounds with full hook-ups, I think most everyone does the fairgrounds. Once again, no big deal but its about the only place with full hook-ups and its quite close to downtown.
lawnspecialties 11/19/15 01:18pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
Crossroads Altitudes

If I decide to race again next season, we'll most likely keep the Work & Play another year. Nothing beats them for what we do. But I still like to window shop at what toy hauler we'll get to replace it. I really want to keep the F350 SRW I just bought this year. So I'm looking at toy haulers with lighter pin weights. Of course, the XLRs are the first thing I think about when it comes to big toy haulers with smaller pin weights. But my favorite toy hauler dealer picked up Crossroads Altitudes this summer. I suspect the Elevations are Crossroads higher end units with the Altitudes being the second line. Reminds me of the Raptors with the Carbons and the Fuzions with the Impacts. So after this long winded introduction, does anyone know much about this line? They have a couple of 3712s that I really like. Pin weights are around 2500 lbs, even on a triple axle and the prices are under $50,000. Two things I like.
lawnspecialties 11/18/15 02:46pm Toy Haulers
RE: NASCAR Elimination Format

I've been a big fan since a kid in the 70s. HUGE David Pearson fans and we went to every Darlington and Charlotte race back in the day. But as time goes by, I'm losing interest more and more. I know the economy is still bad but has anyone noticed the empty stands at some of these races? Its still a long ways off but with all the changes NASCAR keeps doing, it appears the "jump the shark" episode is in many people's minds.
lawnspecialties 11/17/15 10:58am Around the Campfire
RE: Leaving this forum, I've seen enough.

Effy's saying things many agree with. It does seem odd though. I am a member of many forums. Multiple ATV racing forums, lawn care, snow plowing, specific RV manufacturers forums, etc. Seems crazy that I can honestly say this RV forum has by far the meanest people.
lawnspecialties 11/17/15 10:53am Around the Campfire
RE: Top 10 RV tools

Cordless Impact Wrench Quality Socket Set Impact socket for every nut that's a part of my hitch (including the big socket that tightens the hitch ball) Ramp for trailer tire
lawnspecialties 11/17/15 10:47am General RVing Issues
RE: Winter without winterizing

Full tank of water wouldn't concern me at all right now. Its those little water pipes here and there that concern me.
lawnspecialties 11/17/15 10:39am Toy Haulers
RE: Ocean Lakes - Thanksgiving

Not only will I be at the fire station Thanksgivng Day and that Saturday but my shift also has Christmas Day as well. :( The holiday pay is nice, though. Yep, I will be working Christmas day and New Years Day as well...lol All I can say is cha-ching....if I gotta work, at least they are paying me well at double time and a half for those days... Same for Raleigh. Helps make the Christmas present purchases a whole lot easier.
lawnspecialties 11/16/15 03:56pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Ocean Lakes - Myrtle Beach SC

...Every year, we hit Chuck's Steak House for dinner on the final night. Highly recommended. They're right on US 17. And on a table by the front door, they had a huge fish bowl full of golf tees with "Chuck's Steak House" printed on them. I still have a few left. One of our favorites by far as well.
lawnspecialties 11/15/15 06:56am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Unusual or little known sights worth seeing

Across the road from the river overlook, Natchez. http://i.imgur.com/tM2Ol6Hl.jpg A house?
lawnspecialties 11/13/15 07:12pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
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