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RE: Sidewinder Hitch Issue

Well, then check out the Anderson hitch. At least watch the video as it address the "bumping" that it states occurs in typical fifth wheel hitches. Seems to directly address the issue. Will do
lawnspecialties 01/20/17 07:37am Towing
RE: Sidewinder Hitch Issue

Oh trust me. I know how folks can get here when a vehicle is overweight. Many take it personally. It still blows my mind how of all the forum websites I'm a member of, this one by far has the harshest people. Certainly not the forum's fault. Just one of those things. It really is about 500 lbs. over on the pin. He has a CAT scales not too far from him and he's weighed it. As for the Ram box, it just came that way. The truck had been customized a little by the dealer and it caught his eye. The fact that it had the Ram box really played no part in the decision. I'm sure now he wishes it did not have it. He retires from the fire dept. in five years and they're trying really hard to get some things financially in order before then. I hope he goes ahead and bites the bullet on a bigger truck now. That gives plenty of time to get it paid off before retirement.
lawnspecialties 01/20/17 06:05am Towing
RE: Best and Worst Feature of your truck

Best: Powertrain. The 6.7 and torqueshift are an amazing combination Worst: Mine didn't come with the Rapid Supplemental Heater. I didn't check for that when I found the truck. Takes a long time for the heat to get warm in the wintertime. On a side note: Every Ford truck I've had in the past ten years or more has always had the weakest seat belt return mechanism. Its pathetic.
lawnspecialties 01/19/17 03:28pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Sidewinder Hitch Issue

For those who have responded from Old-Biscuit down, thank you. I appreciate the truth and suggestions without the drama. I texted him today as they were going camping for a long weekend. I told him what was said and he says right now, they are leaning toward going ahead and getting a dually. That may change but at least they have a nice camping weekend to discuss how they want to proceed with their camping future. He loves the truck and he loves the Momentum so knowing one has to change breaks his heart. But I think he'd rather change the truck versus getting a smaller camper, even though that means spending more money versus spending less with a smaller RV.
lawnspecialties 01/19/17 03:18pm Towing
RE: 2017 F450 vs F350

My dealer has some of each. I was just comparing the two by looking at similar pictures and the window stickers. I've always liked the F450 and its 19.5 wheels they finally started going back to. But the new body style in the F350 package is looking really sweet. The 17's look even better with this body style than they did on the 2011-2016s and I used to own one. Plus, a white one my dealer has has the 4.10 rear as an option. The 4.30 was always one thing I thought was complete overkill on the 2011 F450 I used to own.
lawnspecialties 01/18/17 05:05pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Sidewinder Hitch Issue

He's moved the loads around a little but considering what he carries, its so minimal considering the overall weight. The biggest thing is he has carried his Harley in the back and without with no real difference in ride. Not sure about his rear suspension. He does have aftermarket air bags. On the long trip from Tn., he tried everything from 5 psi to 100 psi. No real change. We're really stumped as to which way is best to go. Obviously, he doesn't want to get rid of either truck or camper. But in all reality, one has probably got to be changed. Then that question comes to: which one? If he changes campers to a lighter one, will it fix the problem? If not, he has given up his dream toy hauler for no reason. If he changes trucks, in all reality the problem will be solved because he'll get a dually and the Sidewinder will be replaced with the standard OEM hitch the Momentum came with. But he's spent a bunch of money to do so.
lawnspecialties 01/18/17 04:53pm Towing
Sidewinder Hitch Issue

I have a friend who has a Sidewinder hitch he uses to pull his Momentum toy hauler. The reason he has the Sidewinder is because he has that Rambox truck bed on his Ram 2500. Obviously, he bought the truck before he thought of buying a fifth wheel toy hauler. First, we know he's overweight on the rear axle. Maybe 500 lbs., give or take. But since he brought it home, he has had a horrible ride on the interstates with expansion joints. They recently went to Tennessee (6 hr. drive one way) and everything went great except the bouncing and chucking. It was so bad coming home, they had to stop multiple times to get out and take a walk because his wife was getting almost sick. I-40 in western NC is terrible. Its been mentioned here on this forum. And traveling 55 mph roads is no problem. Its only interstate travel. I went over there this afternoon so we could try it with my F350 SRW. I pull my Vengeance with no issues at all and a good ride. Both out campers are similar in weights but he has the Sidewinder attached to his. When we got out on the interstate, it definitely did the chucking and bouncing at times but it wasn't terrible. But to me, I can't explain it but the truck did feel like there was more weight at the rear of the bed. I know that seems odd but that's how I would best describe it. The Sidewinder has really good reviews from what I know. But the design appears to put more weight further back in the bed versus a traditional hitch set-up. 1. Has anyone heard of this issue with chucking using a Sidewinder hitch? 2. If he sells the Momentum and gets a lighter weight fifth wheel, would you think that would solve this problem even though he has to still use a Sidewinder with that truck? Again, we know he's overweight. He's just contemplating the pros and cons of buying a bigger truck which means more money or buying a smaller camper but that also means less money. They both have good sides and bad sides.
lawnspecialties 01/18/17 03:24pm Towing
RE: The RV Name Game or How to Traumatize Your Customer

I liked Chris's response. Not being judgmental. Just seems the OP and those agreeing with him take things way too seriously. Sort of like the kid who got suspended for making his Pop-Tart look like a gun during lunch.
lawnspecialties 01/17/17 11:20am General RVing Issues
RE: The RV Name Game or How to Traumatize Your Customer

This was us at Ocean Lakes last year. Look right beside us!. Two Vengeances side by side. They were a young family with three small children. Obviously just a decoy for something far more sinister. I'm looking forward to this year's camping. We're planning to loot and pillage several small towns. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v357/lawnspecialties/Ocean%20Lakes%20Oct16%20023_zpsnvyvdgbb.jpg
lawnspecialties 01/16/17 07:22pm General RVing Issues
RE: The RV Name Game or How to Traumatize Your Customer

I just emailed Forest River about this thread. They are considering a major line-up change from the Vengeance line. Some names thrown out: Cream Puff 40D12 Meadow 39R12 Flower Petal 38R12 Fairy Wings 38L12 They are already hiring extra people to meet the expected increase in demand.
lawnspecialties 01/16/17 05:40am General RVing Issues
RE: Disney fort wilderness

Great advice from zb39. If you can afford it, get the Premium. Big, spacious sites. We too spend the majority of time in the parks but its Disney: go big or go home. 1421 last month. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v357/lawnspecialties/DisneyWorld%202016%20005_zps4nfxmqjw.jpg
lawnspecialties 01/15/17 03:01pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: The RV Name Game or How to Traumatize Your Customer

I have noticed in the past couple of years a trend by RV manufacturers especially Trailer manufacturers of giving really horrible names to their products. This all reminded me of that George Carlin bit about Baseball vs Football, you know the one...where he intones in a soft and measured tone that Baseball is played in a...field...and then screams that FOOTBALL IS PLAYED ON A GRID IRON. Well some RV names strike me this way. Most RV's have pleasant names meant to foster good feelings and images of the outdoors and nature: Eagle Gulf Stream, Forest River, Mallard (an oldie) Fox, and probably the best of all R Pod. Very cozy and enticing. Then there is the recent trend to names like these: Avenger Raptor Violator Warrior et al. These units are usually adorned with slashing, sharp edged and Dark, very Dark graphics that seem more like weapons you'd find on Game of Thrones than anything. This is a sad turn that may speak to something deeper in our combined social conciseness. Now my guess is that no one chooses an RV based on the outside graphics however I am also sure that the wrong graphics may stop the sale of the offending model given that interiors are a wash. But this dark and disturbing trend is carried over to the inside as well with blacks and greys and Las Vegas Wh*re house lighting. I for one will be glad when this trend ceases. Give me the Old Hamms Beer Commercial mythic outdoors any day...Land of Sky Blue Waters... I have a Vengeance. Its a beautiful camper that we thoroughly enjoy taking family vacations in. You guys are a bunch of flakes.
lawnspecialties 01/15/17 02:49pm General RVing Issues
RE: Venus Bright and Strange Tonight

Lately in the southeastern evening sky, there is a start that seems much more blue than usual. I keep thinking its an approaching plane because of the color and the twinkling. But of course, it barely moves and is there every time I'm outside in the evening. Any idea which one it is? My star chart phone app isn't accurate enough to make a distinction.
lawnspecialties 01/15/17 09:59am Around the Campfire
RE: oil grades

If I'm not mistaken, the manual calls for 10W-30 for regular driving. Seemed odd for a diesel but they're smarter than I am for that. I like the 5W-40 synthetic for my peace of mind. Yes, its more expensive but: 1. I feel more confident going until the computer tells me to change the oil. 2. I tow heavy with this truck 90% of the time its on the road. 3. I drive less than 7500 miles per year on this truck so I like having synthetic sitting in there for an entire year versus conventional oil. Just my .02.
lawnspecialties 01/15/17 09:48am Tow Vehicles
RE: oil grades

I have my dealer do it. I use the Motorcraft 5W-40 synthetic.
lawnspecialties 01/14/17 01:36pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Asked and Answered

We just went to Disneyworld last month. On the way home, we decided to make the entire trip. 10.5 hours. I turned on the inverter to keep the fridge running and everything went well all the way home. I'm not 100% sure if mine's live all the time or not. So just in case, I always leave my running lights on when we're towing. That sends power to the camper constantly. Not sure if that makes a difference but like I said, 10.5 hours and full power all the way. We unhooked everything when we got home and the batteries were fully charged enough to work the auto-level and put out the slides. I'd be hesitant to leave it plugged up for an extended period of time if not running.
lawnspecialties 01/11/17 06:46pm General RVing Issues
RE: Half bath

My Vengeance has one and so did our former Cyclone. The mere fact that its just another black tank that needs to be cleaned out is enough for me to wish we didn't have it. I'd much rather have that place be a nice pantry or something for storage.
lawnspecialties 01/11/17 06:39pm General RVing Issues
RE: 6 point leveling????

I understand. Here on the east coast, we hardly ever camp without hook-ups or generators. At our races, all you hear are generators running all night long. So for us, the residential fridge is great. But I certainly understand your frustration for what you folks like to do with them. Back to the OP. 6 point leveling is awesome. As others have said, hit the button and back up. Let it do its thing. But like YnotTurbo, I like to use some homemade blocks underneath each leg. My tires are 235/85-16 so they are a little taller than stock. The blocks keep the legs from extending as far and it appears to be more stable. One weekend we were camping with friends at a lake. The sites were terribly slanted. The 6 point leveling had to pick up all three right side tires off the ground to get level. It did so and we stayed like that all weekend long. It was amazingly stable and didn't budge the whole time.
lawnspecialties 01/11/17 07:05am Toy Haulers
RE: 6 point leveling????

My biggest concern with that new fuzion would be the residential fridge setup. What a joke for a toyhauler. Curious. What's wrong with the fridge set-up?
lawnspecialties 01/10/17 07:52pm Toy Haulers
RE: Any Need To Worry About This Size Fuel/Tool Box In Bed?

Curious what your rear axle weight is fully loaded with fuel and RV? Between 7200-7300 lbs. RAWR is 7000 lbs. Tires are rated to handle 7500 together.
lawnspecialties 01/06/17 04:35pm Fifth-Wheels
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