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RE: operating temperature

Your cooling system thermostat does not open until coolant reaches 192-196 Deg F. Its OK. Boiling temperature of WATER is 212 Deg F and pressurized cooling system increases this temperature even more.
liborko 07/15/17 08:39pm Tech Issues
RE: Nitrogen Tire Top Off Kit

There is no question nitrogen in tires is better than plain air but I would not bother with nitrogen unless you can get it for free like in Costco. Next best thing is to install coalescing filter on you compressor and manually drain water every once in a while. Coalescing filter
liborko 07/15/17 08:27pm Tech Issues
RE: How many amps does this stereo amp use per hour??

If your solar system can charge with 3A, you will be fine.
liborko 07/02/17 09:11am Tech Issues
RE: How many amps does this stereo amp use per hour??

The reason car stereo speakers are 4 Ohm impedance is to increase power. Maximum power delivered to speakers is V*V/R(Z really). You either increase output voltage or lower the speaker impedance for highest power. All that is beside the point. There is only so much volume any human an tolerate. OP speakers would have to be unusually inefficient to require more power to achieve desired volume. That is why I suggest measuring actual DC current to get the picture. I have Bose home audio system in my motorhome powered by an inverter and its contribution to total current at 12V nominal is less than 2A at any volume. Measured continuously by Blue-Sky IPN-PRO with shunt.
liborko 07/01/17 10:52pm Tech Issues
RE: How many amps does this stereo amp use per hour??

Forget 600W. Your stereo will never ever produce 600W. Average efficiency of speakers is around 95dB with one watt of power. That is a lot of noise. These things are notorious for overrating and there really is not any standard for rating. High quality home stereos are rated in RMS power usually into 8 Ohm load with stated level of distortion (THD). The only way to get any idea how much your stereo consumes is to measure DC current at 12 V at average volume and at high volume. My guess is it will be less than 3A. Multiply average DC current by hours of use to get rough estimate of ampere-hours(Ah) it will take from your batteries.
liborko 07/01/17 10:08pm Tech Issues
RE: water pump check valve

Some check valve part numbers: SeaTech #013540-10 Qest #642500 Aqua Pro #P20810, #P20818, #P20812, #P20809 JR #04-29895 etc. Use what you can get or what fits best into the rest of your plumbing. Any RV parts store will have few to choose from.
liborko 05/11/17 08:13pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: water pump check valve

Some RVs have separate water hose fittings for city water and separate for tank fill. If you have one hose fitting for both like I do, you fill fresh water tank by opening the fill valve. If this valve leaks, two tings will happen:...your fresh water tank will keep filling as long as you are connected to city water and...the water pump will keep running intermittently circulating water from tank back into the tank depending how bad is the leak. Installing the check valve between the pump and the tank will have one big side benefit. It will PREVENT the content of your fresh water tank ending up in your carpet if there is a leak in your pump or strainer. The check valves have the property called "cracking pressure" which is a pressure required for the valve to open. This pressure is around 1 PSI or slightly more depending on type. One PSI is a pressure of a water column 27.7 inches high. So if the water in the tank is 27.7 inches high or less, the valve will not open and it will hold the water in the tank.
liborko 05/11/17 11:36am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Super Singles

If there were super singles tires and wheels available in 19.5" size I would install them in a heartbeat. As it is now, I can't even find aluminum wheels to fit stupid Ford Better Idea 8-stud hubs & wheels instead of 10-stud industry standard to fit my 245/70R19.5 tires.
liborko 05/08/17 11:24am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Batwing directional handle

The original Batwing receives signal from front and from the back in equal strength. Adding the Wingman makes the antenna directional-it is more sensitive to signals from Wingman side than from the back of the antenna. Sort of like a zoom lens on a camera. The original Batwing is longer-tuned for VHF band while the directors(the Wingman)are shorter length tuned for UHF band. SensarPro allows to measure signal strength from different sources, direction to different sources and shows a channel number of received signal. When I arrive at a new location, I "map-out" the location by turning the directional handle in 30 degree increments full 360 degrees and making a note of all channels, their strength and direction. If I find two channels in opposite direction, I point the Wingman in the direction of the weaker signal because the back of the antenna might receive the stronger signal in sufficient strength. The signals that read less than 50 on SensarPro will very likely not produce any picture at all. To get as many watchable channels as possible I might point the antenna to direction other than any particular channel. So you can see that the directional handle gets fair amount of use the way I do it. Keeping in mind the 90 degrees shift all the time. Should Winegard decide to move the stupid arrow to the right place by making a new directional handle, I suggest they also make new ceiling plate that would have degree marks for easier mapping of signals. It only makes sense with the invent of Wingman and SensarPro.
liborko 04/17/17 10:36am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Batwing directional handle

This is a non-issue when you trying to aim the antenna for one station. But when you have signals coming from nine different directions and all are weak, where the antenna is pointed becomes important. It is not a matter of less or more snow in the picture anymore like it was with analog tv, now in digital age it is a matter of having a picture or not having one at all. I agree with Doug...most people are clue-less.
liborko 04/16/17 10:09pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Batwing directional handle

Thanks for the replies. I knew that somebody will come up with a solution worth of a genius-make a mark on the handle. Well the mark is already there-the arrow. All Winegard has to do is put it on right place. How much would that cost? And by the way, I also have SensarPro.
liborko 04/16/17 11:05am Class A Motorhomes
Batwing directional handle

Does it bother anyone that the arrow on directional handle does not line up with the direction of the antenna? It does me. There is a 90 degree difference between the arrow on the rotational handle and actual direction of the Wingman. To receive best signal the Wingman has to point to the source of signal. Doing it from the inside of the RV without seeing the antenna would be easier if the arrow on the directional handle would point the same way the Wingman does.It does not. Installing Wingman the batwing becomes directional. I fired e-mail to Winegard and their position is the pointer on the handle is for stowing the antenna only. I say why not move the arrow on the handle 90 degrees so it points the same direction as the Wingman and you can use it to point the antenna for peak signal. . To stow the antenna the two arrows need to line up but it is totally irrelevant whether the two arrows point north, south, east or west or anywhere else as long the two arrows line up. It would mean to make new directional handle with the arrow moved 90 degrees. What do you think?
liborko 04/15/17 08:44pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Jeep V-6 engine

I am on third water pump in my 3.7 liter V6 in 2008 Liberty. First two were replaced by the dealer under warranty. The third one is after market. About 100 000 miles on the odo. My daughters 2009 V6 Wrangler had oil leak from intake manifold. After dealer repair under warranty it was burning oil, big time until she got rid of it.
liborko 04/15/17 11:25am Tow Vehicles
RE: Squeaky front end

Tighten anti-sway bar links.
liborko 04/12/17 10:02am Tech Issues
RE: Rear ladder replacement

Try this place for parts: RV ladder parts
liborko 03/03/17 11:25am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Rear ladder replacement

I had same problem two years ago.I completely rebuilt original ladder with parts from some outfit back east the name I don't remember. They have everything you may need. I used only stainless steel screws. Biggest problem were star nuts inside the tubes. The ones they supplied had actually better corrosion protection than original nuts that were completely rusted.
liborko 03/03/17 10:43am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Battery shopping

Trojan also makes 6V gel cell batteries as does number of other manufacturers including East Penn (under various names).
liborko 10/31/16 08:34pm Tech Issues
RE: RIP Propane

In eighties conversion of vehicles to propane or dual fuel was very popular and many gas stations invested into installing propane equipment. That is pretty much dead now. With less and less vehicles requiring propane as a fuel and wide availability of barbeque tanks exchange service there is less incentive for the gas stations to dispense propane. I had a very distinct feeling when I was looking for propane that there was unwillingness to dispense it for one reason or other. Sicamous used to have a propane distributor that was closed/out of business. 100 Mile House had only one gas station where you could drive a motorhome to the pump to refill. This is on main hwy going north and to Alaska. In this area there is hundreds of rural homes and cabins that have permanently installed large propane tanks and those are serviced by propane trucks. Costco in Kamloops does not dispense propane as a motor fuel and refills barbeque bottles only. It is harder and harder to find propane in British Columbia if your tank is not removable.
liborko 10/23/16 09:57pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: RIP Propane

Like I said in my previous post I tried to get propane in three fair size towns before I finally found gas station that had propane and was willing to refill. It seems to me that gas stations are reluctant to sell propane because average propane fill is probably in $25-30 range and needs licensed person to dispense it while average gasoline fill is probably in $50-100 range and anyone can do it. There just is not enough profit to sell propane. Who knows?
liborko 10/22/16 09:53pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: RIP Propane

I also had trouble this summer to find propane. Revelstoke is a fair size town and the only place that had propane wanted $20.00 minimum for a refill. In Vernon I got propane in third place I checked and I was only looking at stations with large propane tanks outside. In Sicamous there was nobody dispensing propane. Either the equipment was broken or there was nobody licensed or available to dispense it. And propane in British Columbia is more expensive than in Washington state just like gasoline. I don't think it has anything to do with what fridges are in RVs these days.
liborko 10/21/16 09:17pm Class A Motorhomes
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