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RE: Roadside Assistance

I to dropped AAA a couple of yrs ago, just didn't ever need them. But I'm driving an old Dodge Cummins so I figured I better get something! I checked with my ins co, State Farm & they tell me that with road side assistance, they will only tow my rig (TC & enclosed trailer) to THE nearest repair facility. If I want to go further to another dealer for example, then I would have to pay for the added distance. They said that they would take care of both the TC & trailer. sometimes the tow co will bill State Farm & sometimes I would have turn in the receipts for reimbursements. Who knows, hopefully I won't have to find out on our coming trip. They also do provide assistance if I lock myself out or run out fuel. I figured that at 3-4$ per month this is a great deal. Hopefully my young agent got it right, I guess time may tell.
lincolnmatthews 02/11/15 01:44pm Truck Campers
RE: How much off MSRP in this economy?

I to got a "good" deal in Yakima on our new Lance, about 25% off list & dealer cost on options. They didn't even show inbound frt on the Sales Order, (but I know I had to pay it somewhere). They also pointed out that they don't charge the Documentation Fee that they "are allowed" to charge under Wa State laws. They say it at the discretion of ea dealer to chg this. I maybe could have neg further on the price, but didn't even try. I was satisfied with the price & service, & didn't want to come across as a "bung hole" IMO anyway!. Good-Luck
lincolnmatthews 12/15/14 01:22pm Truck Campers
RE: Taking a TC off road

With our old 880 Lance I noticed it would slide a bit going up or down very steep grades sitting on a 1" piece of plywood. This is what I have used for years (probably because my Dad did the same in the 70's). So with our new 1050S I now have it resting on a heavy rubber mat that I bought from Les Schwab, (they chip up old tires & make custom mats for pickups). I should have done this years ago! works great no more sliding.
lincolnmatthews 12/15/14 01:13pm Truck Campers
RE: Lance 1181, First Impressions Wrong

Sorry to hear about all your problems, that's terrible after laying out the bucks they want for these things. As previously said no manufacturer will hardly ever cover the travel expense's or ever cover the monthly payment. We bought a new Lance 1050S in May (a 2015 model) so far knock on wood its been just fine. We love it!. I had to tighten up the outside shower fitting inside, they had crossed threaded it. It was in a tight spot, so could understand how they would have done this, but I was luckily able to get it on straight without wrecking it!. I noticed a little water coming down the inner wing area down the sheet metal. We bought ours at Hills RV in Yakima who have an excellent rep. for fixing things, a good dealer makes all the difference I think when buying a new RV. Anyway, good luck hope its all fixed now, & hope you get to use it without anymore problems!
lincolnmatthews 10/10/14 11:09am Truck Campers
RE: Hellwig or Roadmaster sway bar?

I installed the Hellwig on my Dodge 3500 after I put on our new 1050S. I'm very happy with it, made a big difference over the stock one! and it was only about $260.00 thru Summit Racing (had about a $450 list price I believe, so there's some markup on this stuff) Thought the directions kind of sucked & thought that they could have supplied larger bolts to hold the brkts to the frame, ( ended up using the old bolts). Only negatives that I had with the kit.
lincolnmatthews 10/07/14 10:14am Truck Campers
RE: 2011 vs 2013 1050s

We bought a 015 1050s in May, I did not like the earlier ones at all when they came out. For 014 & 015 they finally put some cabinets overhead in the bed area instead of those "cheesy" metal baskets overhead. I also think they chose very nice interior colors later on. The countertops etc are a major improvement also. Theses changes did add some wt to the newer ones though. I just figured if I was going to buy new, I just wanted more "gingerbread" on what I got. That's why I waited for a 015. Good luck! We love our new Lance!
lincolnmatthews 09/08/14 09:24am Truck Campers
RE: Built in 2500 LP or Portable Gas Generator?

I had an Onan in my old Lance it quit working with only about 30 hrs on it, I pulled it out 2-3 times had a local Onan Dist look at it they couldn't figure it out, of course I had to pay them not to fix it. I spent a TON of money on it with the latest LPG carb updates etc. Never could get it to stay running. So I never put it back in, & loved the additional storage, & bought a Yamaha. Ordered a new Lance 1050S back in May & didn't order the POS Onan, I got tired of throwing $$$ at it. In its defense I would have to say that we didn't run it near enough, we boondock a lot & have solar panels, so we don't use the gen hardly ever.
lincolnmatthews 08/13/14 01:18pm Truck Campers
RE: Lance 855S or Eagle Cap 850

For me I picked a new Lance over the EC, mainly because of the huge price difference. Were more than happy with the new 1050S. I did special order it with the drivers side awning (also have the rear) we used the side awning all the time in the rain with our old non-slide Lance. It was on the pass side (or dinette side) so made a little more sense. However it didn't cost to much to have it installed by Lance, I'm glad I have it as the rear one is basically useless in the pouring rain IMO, other than to keep things dryer going in & out or the camper. For 015 I believe EC has quit using fiberglass caps, & now are just like all the rest, I did like the new Lance aerodynamic nose over the more "blunter" EC, again just a personal thing. Good Luck with which ever you choose!
lincolnmatthews 08/07/14 09:08am Truck Campers
RE: Anti-sway bars ??

I installed a Hellwig on my Dodge dually, made one heck of a difference over the stock one. We take it on fairly rough roads, cut down the swaying on these roads & so much better on the hwy. Spend the bucks! I paid about $250 thru Summit Racing, I think the MFG list on the rear bar was around $420.00. The best $250 I've spent along with the Torquelift bump stop jobbies for the springs.
lincolnmatthews 08/04/14 09:30am Truck Campers
RE: Huge Hellwig Disappointment!

I Just installed the Hellwig on my 99 3500 a couple of weeks ago. Other than I thought there instructions kind of sucked, could hardly read the small print on some of the pics, etc. I ended up using the stock inner frame brkts & bolts, they were bigger & easier to keep in place. I think they could have sent larger bolts & longer would have been better. However after all the PITA installation, I can say that it was definitely worth it! Made a big difference hauling my 1050S over the stock bar. Sorry about all your hassles, apparently I was fortunate to at least get the right parts in the box!
lincolnmatthews 07/21/14 09:56am Truck Campers
RE: Alaskan Camper Co.?

The property has been for sale for awhile now. I'm not sure if the "Company" is for sale, they may re-locate the manufacturing facility. Hopefully we don't loose the Alaskan, I had one about 15 yrs ago. I loved it, I would have one now except not enough comforts for the Wife. As far as I'm concerned it was the best "pop up" out there, safe, hard sided, & could go anywhere that I could put the 4 x 4.
lincolnmatthews 07/02/14 09:02am Truck Campers
RE: jensen tv in new lance 1050s

Well we've had our new 1050s for about 3 wks now, and have to admit that I haven't even turned the &^%& thing on! Almost afraid to, did try the stereo though it sounded good. I'm not a TV lover especially on camping trips. I like a good movie now & then, the Wife loves to watch TV & so far she hasn't fiddled with it yet! I don't think she knows that its 12vdc, & we didn't get the generator! I'm probably OK for a while.
lincolnmatthews 06/16/14 01:25pm Truck Campers
RE: Lance ultra deck

Just picked up my 015 1050S, I didn't get it. Concerned now about dragging my &%@ now where I take my campers. Don't want the extra wt & I really can't say that I like the looks of it. I like the AF platform better. In my opinion its just to much added rear overhang. I think it would be fine if you stick to good roads, & RV parks etc. Besides I imagine they want a chunk for it!
lincolnmatthews 06/08/14 10:01am Truck Campers
RE: Getting ready to pull the trigger on a Lance 855s

Didn't get the 855s but took delivery a couple of wks ago on a 2015 1050s. Very satisfied overall, everything worked rite out of the chute. Like what they've done for the interior colors, paneling & kitchen couter, etc. I think a very 1st class TC IMO. And was priced less than the competition, at least in my area. Good Luck!
lincolnmatthews 06/07/14 01:41pm Truck Campers
RE: Disappointed in my new Lance

We just picked up our new 1050 2 wks ago in Yakima. I must say that I have been very impressed with the quality so far, (I know time will tell). Everything is working (as it should. I had two issues, one was I noticed that they hadn't put any sealant where the TPO nose connected to the side panels, whats up with this?. I wrote a thrd on the Lance Forum whether the other guys new Lance's were done this way, everyone replied that they were!. Lance went up about 2" on this vertical seam then quit. Anyway I could not see any reason not to seal both sides of this moulding so I sealed it! The other issue was on the wood panel under the stove, they put a seam down about a 1/3rd of the way down & then cover it with a sticky wood grained tape, the dealer said that this was probably because when they install a convection over it comes down to this joint. So they have to only make one panel for all, whatever, I think it is BS to do this. Anyway I will live with it. I looked at a new 1050 about 3 yrs ago, you couldn't give me one at that time, now I own one! But they have really stepped up in my opinion on my 2015, I like the new kitchen counter, the walls & interior roof colors, everything is so well matched I think. And they finally added some cabinets up in the overhead. I'm pretty fussy, & have looked over the plumbing & wiring that I can see at least & must say that it ALL appears to be neatly run & secured! Like I said 2-3 yrs ago I didn't like the interior colors, sloppy assembly etc, but after looking at several different TC's I think my Lance is at the top or near the top as far as assembly & style goes. And considering what I paid it was the lowest price compared to AF, & Eagle Cap by far, just couldn't justify spending a whole bunch more for an EC, even though I loved them. I'm really glad I bought a Lance! If it turns out to be a PITA I will post it on this forum & the Lance forum.
lincolnmatthews 06/03/14 11:01pm Truck Campers
RE: Dodge front end issue.

MY 99 3500 4X4 dually @117000 still original parts. Added the stabilizer for the gear box though. Drives like******though compared to the Fords & Chevs I've had in the past. Maybe the aftermrkt. gearbox someday. Only possible explanation for driving a Dodge is for the Cummins Engine! Sure can't be the truck! All though I still like the 94-01 body style though, one great looking truck. My everyday driver is a very nice 87 Jeep Wrangler (pre-Chryslerized) one great Jeep. The fact that there owned by Chrysler (Fiat) is the main reason I won't update to a new Wrangler. Nothing but problems, leaks, oil consumption issues, etc, etc. I personally would never buy a new Chrysler ever again, for all of the above issues.
lincolnmatthews 05/12/14 01:25pm Truck Campers
RE: So what makes a "quality" camper?

Just my quick opinion. We have a 20 yr old Lance & like the interior, etc. But I've done a lot of work on it over the last 12 yrs that we have owned it. We are now upgrading to a new Lance 1050s, but I don't think that I would get rid of my 20 yr old one to get someone else's 10 yr old one (as you stated that this was about your budget limitations). Ten yrs or so back they were just moving from wood framing to aluminum etc, no real advantage there. As mentioned I to prefer a metal roof over rubber, (not sure about Lance's TPO material, I guess I'll find out) If your's is a real nice 30yr TC I to would consider adding electric jacks, a Coleman AC unit, etc etc & keep yours. Unless of course you just want something different & a bit newer. After buying a used one 12 yrs ago, I decided I would never buy used again, unless I knew for sure about its history & was kept inside its entire life! I disagree with an earlier poster saying not to look at a Lance. I think they were built as well as any of them back 10 yrs ago. I would have preferred a EC 995 but with the dealer asking 47k I didn't even bother picking up the phone! I ended up paying 31k for a fully equipped New Lance 1050S! I don't think the EC is worth the difference IMO Good Luck!
lincolnmatthews 05/08/14 02:02pm Truck Campers
RE: Front Rubber Stoppers

I ripped off one of my bumpers from my old Lance last summer. It hit the "Happycrap" front tie down bar that goes from one side to the other (inside bed. I'll be picking up my new Lance 1050s in a week or two, I think I will lay a 2 X 6 across the bed so it won't happen again. I guess the new TC will still have the rubber bumpers?
lincolnmatthews 05/06/14 01:28pm Truck Campers
RE: Adventurer vs EC

I looked at both the Adventurer & EC down at Apache. Liked the floor plan of the Advent. I just thought that the interior was cheaper looking and just didn't have the quality or attention to detail as the EC. But I would expect this for a far cheaper priced camper!. In my opinion you can't really try to compare the two. Adventurer I think builds a quality product but its mostly for the RV Rental market I believe, so they don't have to have all the "gingerbread". I personally liked the new EC 995 but just couldn't justify its huge price tag. So I will be picking up my new Lance 1050s when it comes in. I saved about 10k over the EC. I actually like the new Lance's (I didn't like them 2-3 yrs ago, but they finally cleaned up the interior the last couple of yrs IMHO. Good Luck.
lincolnmatthews 05/01/14 09:31am Truck Campers
RE: Question about 1991 Lance 880

We own a 93 880 I can barely make out the weight tag its about 3050 with propane & water full. Its a heavy camper for our old 99 Dodge dually 4 x 4. Its been a great camper over the yrs!
lincolnmatthews 04/11/14 11:23pm Truck Campers
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