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RE: Question about 1991 Lance 880

We own a 93 880 I can barely make out the weight tag its about 3050 with propane & water full. Its a heavy camper for our old 99 Dodge dually 4 x 4. Its been a great camper over the yrs!
lincolnmatthews 04/11/14 11:23pm Truck Campers
RE: Lance 880 on a 95 F-250 Probably to much #'s?

Hey thanks Johnin, looks we would be OK with this set up with the proper upgrades. Now we just have to decide to spend the bucks & keep the old camper!
lincolnmatthews 04/03/14 11:08am Truck Campers
Lance 880 on a 95 F-250 Probably to much #'s?

I'm just wondering I've got a new 1050S on order for my Dodge dually, but the Wife's having a difficult time thinking about getting rid of our old 880, (I'm in the process of finishing up the repairs after my speed bump encounter last summer). I just inherited my Mom's old 95 (she just recently passed) F-250 reg cab 4 x 4, it has an 8600 gvw. She used to haul an old S & S 8ft with out any problems of course. We just thought that maybe with the proper up grades,(new wider rear whls, overloads, swaybar, etc etc etc etc, that maybe we could keep this setup for limited use for our kids to use. I know I have to weigh the truck, to find out its payload. I don't really know what the truck would weigh, I'm guessing around 5500-6000#'s (It has a 460 gasser). So this would leave around a 2600# payload & the camper weighs around 3100 + all the crap. I'm not sure but I imagine this truck has a Dana 60, what's its capacity?. I just thought with the proper wheels & tires & springs as long as I don't exceed the axle rating we could make this work. I'm kinda "old school" I believe in making things safe, but not afraid to over load pickups to a point. One of my thoughts on this is what I could do & deal with is different than letting my daughters & son in laws do. What's the feeling out there? Thanks for all your thoughts!
lincolnmatthews 04/02/14 08:26pm Truck Campers
RE: Camping in the rain

We to have camped plenty of times in the rain with our TC. I put out the side awning with the chairs (uptight against the truck) & we stay pretty comfy with our fav bev. That's why we special ordered the side awning for our new 1050s coming because I don't think having just the rear one would always cut it. If it gets to nasty & have to let the awning down, then we just go inside. Its all fine, what can you do? stay home, nah I don't think so!
lincolnmatthews 04/01/14 01:52pm Truck Campers
RE: Lance 1191

I'm a little concerned about putting a 015 1050s (ordering it today) on my old 99 Dodge 1-ton 4x4 dually! It hauls the old Lance 880 ok (I have added those bump stops to do the O/L springs & helped. I couldn't imagine putting the 1181 (which I prefer over the 1050) or an 1191 on my dually! but of course it has a lower GVW because of its age. One good source for figuring added weight for options is from the Arctic Fox brochure or website. I found they pretty much list the individual wt for most everything. Lance is a pretty well equipped TC in its base model so maybe there isn't to much to add to there specs. I,m sorry I don't know your situation, but after owning several new Ford f-250's in the 80's & 90's they all had poor brakes. I know things are better on the new one's, but I would definitely consider the F-350 just for the added margin the 1-ton has over the 3/4 ton. Just IMHO, congrats on the new TC-Hope all works well.
lincolnmatthews 03/27/14 01:48pm Truck Campers

I here what your saying Bill, I had forgotten but I actually was in a new 1050s several yrs ago, liked the layout but not the cheesy counters or lack of cabinets overhead by the bed. But they have since remedied all these short comings as far as I am concerned anyway And its a matter of price for me. I like the Eagle Cap 995 but no one has any & haven't for several months. I actually can buy the Lance for several grand cheaper than the EC. After I purchase the Lance I will say what the discount was off of the MSRP, (someone started a thread requesting what discounts should we get off MSRP?. I'm sure I'll have some bugs to work out of the new one, but they all due. I guess I finally decided to go back to a Lance, because I know there going to be around for awhile, and to there CNC tooling, which I believe keeps there assemblies more consistent with tight tolerance's (with no "gimp" around stuff). One thing I noticed when I checked out the new EC 1160, was in the over cab area. When I pulled out the drawer in the cabinet by the bed and saw how they cut the opening in the cabinet face. It looked like it had been cut by a jigsaw, not real straight or smooth. Of course you don't notice it with the drawer closed, but when you open it, it really stands out! I thought for the money it should look better there. Maybe this was just this particular camper, but I wasn't impressed when I saw it, maybe I was just being to picky, but I do have an eye for small details. (unfortunately they only had one EC on there lot so I could not look at another example) Not knocking EC's by any means I think they make a great camper & I would still buy one!. If I had my choice (at the same price) I would take the EC over the Lance actually.
lincolnmatthews 03/25/14 11:27am Truck Campers

Ok, I'm about 12 hrs away from ordering a new 1050s! I'm going to "bite the bullet" the Wife has given me the OK!. Even though I haven't seen one yet, I really can't see the advantage to the slide in this model anyway. It would appear to have no more floorspace other than the full size dinette like mentioned earlier, over a non-slide. I guess I will be enlightened in about 4 wks when my new one comes in, I guess I maybe needing to prepare myself for several meals of "eating crow" when I see just how much more room I'm going to feel like I got with the slide! Maybe I will become "a believer"!
lincolnmatthews 03/24/14 09:50pm Truck Campers
RE: Lance 855/855S Battery Compartment Safety Issues

I am wondering what does the 2nd door option under the dinette accomplish? (I see its an option on the 1050s on the Lance site). Is this for both batteries to be re-located here or only one? Or what? I am thinking now about a new 1050, but would have to have AGM installed from the start & monitor the installation. Thanks for this thrd.!
lincolnmatthews 03/23/14 11:17pm Truck Campers

I am sorry, I didn't realize that in the computer world or on forum's that it was considered to be shouting. That would be the last thing that I would do, as this is not how I am actually. Thank you for bringing it to my attention, (but why wait for so long, just kidding). As far as my original post stmt, (and yes I do need to see them) it looked like the actual floor ended & the 2 steps up began about in line with the door. Of course you gained the 18" or whatever the slide sticks out, but this isn't floor space, it looks to me that the 2 steps take from the floor space that would be gained. You certainly gain a large double dinette, where you are sitting further from the bathroom wall. I'm only basing this on a Lance 1050s looking online, (which I will have to see in person). I can also see where maybe a different floor plan with 1 or 2 slides you would gain a heck of a lot more floor space. Just MHO thanks
lincolnmatthews 03/23/14 09:30am Truck Campers

I'm sorry if using CAPS is not correct I really hadn't noticed on this forum. On other forums its been ok, thank you for pointing it out to an old guy like myself who wouldn't know otherwise. I thought that it may draw more attention to the heading, thank you for drawing my attention to it, believe me I will not let it EVER happen again. (I guess there must be a reason for it, please explain it to me)
lincolnmatthews 03/22/14 10:18pm Truck Campers
RE: Adding A Couch to Our Lance Camper

That's way cool man! I love your 1055! I've been looking for awhile, but they are hard to find! I figured if I found one I was going to "re-arange" the dinette into a U-shaped dinette (small one). I may have to go "in debt" & get the 1050s to update my 880 Lance, (didn't really want a slide though, oh well) Good luck!
lincolnmatthews 03/22/14 08:19pm Truck Campers

Unless I'm missing something (which is totally possible) when looking at a Lance 1050s floorspace & say a 1055 (non-slide) the only real difference is the full size double booth dinette versus a single width seat by the door. Seems like the actual walking floor space on the slide 1050s is only as wide as the door, then you have 2 steps up to the full size dinette, which could seat 4 persons. I would appear at least in pics that the floor space for the non-slide is still only the width of the door. I guess I just don't see the advantage to a slide in a camper (unlike a TT or MH) only a full size dinette, versus a smaller dinette (in a 1055) that could really only seat 3 at max. You loose all the overhead cabinet storage in a slide, along with what about 1ft lost in the side panels lost, therefore storage & counter space. Enlighten me please, my opinion is unless you get up into the 11 1/2ft ++ campers that there maybe no real advantage to a slide in the 9-10ft size, (I could be wrong) I'm sorry I don't know as I currently own a non-slide older 880 Lance
lincolnmatthews 03/22/14 07:20pm Truck Campers
RE: Dinette Benches or Sofa

I personally wouldn't like a sofa in a TC, I don't want to stare at the wall. I really prefer the U-shaped dinette like we have in out Lance 880. In the rain we can put our legs up & look out the window at least & is pretty comfy. Were looking at a 1055 with its crappy booth dinette, this is the only problem I have with this otherwise awesome TC. I figure that I may be able to build in a small U shaped arrangement when I find one. IMHO
lincolnmatthews 03/20/14 11:05pm Truck Campers

Hey Dak, They sent me some other (better & lighter) pics today. Looks pretty darn good,(from 1400 miles away anyway!) Boy looks like I'm going to have some heavy competition looking for the evasive 1055 aren't I! I think you have a lot better chance being down in CA. I'm jammed up here next to the CDN border & no where to hardly run! Good luck!
lincolnmatthews 03/20/14 07:43pm Truck Campers

Thanks for the reply's! Lots of good thoughts especially the one about personally inspecting it! I just really don't want to fly out & look at it. I saw one down in Sacramento for 15k, called on it buts its gone already. These guys in Denver want 18k for there 1055 which I think is top dollar for a non-slide 6 yr old camper IMO. I told them I'd pay there price if they shipped it out, that would be paying about 16500 for it in my mind. We'll see what happens. It would be nice to find one in WA.
lincolnmatthews 03/20/14 04:31pm Truck Campers

Here lies the issues, my Lance 880 is sitting in the shop with the drivers side opened up to expose the framing (up to about the window) last summer I hit a speed bump & broke the rear framing at the tie down. Anyway I'm in the process of fixing it with new wider framing & going to have new longer & wider metal tie downs made for it. But I am also looking a 1055 Lance sitting in Colorado, (haven't seen it only pics, looks nice, one owner, covered with a cover during the off season. I would be taking a big chance buying this site unseen, & having it shipped out I know. The 1055 would kind of fix what we have complained about our old 880, mainly the lack of a dry bath, headroom overhead,& easier to get in the overhead due to the basement style. I haven't actually been in a 1055, would have to re-do the dinette someday as it looks pretty plain, I just don't know for sure if the 1055 would satisfy me or would I regret that I didn't spend more & get a slide. Even though were happy with our current non-slide model,(as far as floor space goes), its only the two of us. I do put it on some rocky rough roads, which I go very slow now so I don't rock the heck out of things. I don't really want to go with a slide because of the added stress, maintenance etc. I am really a confused camper owner, a true "camper ****" who would have several if I could! (naturally I would look at one closer if I could but they rarely ever come up for sale in this state)
lincolnmatthews 03/20/14 09:31am Truck Campers

Well I know its seems ridiculous but they have a 1055 Lance TC they are a difficult model to find. They were one of the last non-slide, dry bath units with the high headroom over the cab. This one is apparently in very nice cond. an apparent one owner (ya right). Who knows I am struggling with this, as I would have to take there word for it.I would probably have it shipped home. I'm trying to update my old Lance 880 to these newer features with out spending 40k for a new camper. I know this is the TT forum, but I thought I may get more responses from TT guys being that Trailerworld sells trailers. Don't beat me up to bad< I do own a Komfort 271 TT a great trailer, which will be for sale later this summer I might add! Thanks
lincolnmatthews 03/19/14 04:53pm Travel Trailers

We have an older (99) Dodge 1 ton dually 4x4, it could handle the wt of a slide. But if I was going to get a new camper (bucks no object) I would get a 995 EC but it would be over 4000#'s loaded which is to much for my old truck IMO & to heavy on rough roads,etc. We do have a slide in our TT which we do like, but we never use it to travel in. We prefer the TC for all the reasons we have campers. In fact were going to sell the TT this summer because we won't need it anymore. Thanks!
lincolnmatthews 03/19/14 10:28am Truck Campers

I'm looking to upgrade from our Lance 880 to a 08 1055 Lance. We want more headroom over cab, a bigger bath & a basement model for less distance from the floor to the bed, (to make it easier to get into). I "think" we can live without a slide, we tend to drive off road quite a bit & I don't really want the issues that come with a slide. I'm kind of thinking that most any new camper w/a slide will be ok for awhile but after 5-10yrs that I'm going to have problems down the road with a slide unit. Its just the two of us, & besides When the weathers decent were usually sitting out under the awning anyway, but that's just us. My Wife has a little reservation about spending the bucks for a used non slide & maybe we should get a slide model. I just can't quite come to spending 35-40k for a new slide camper. What's the opinions out there? I know this has been discussed before, but am I off based on my thinking about slides? Thanks
lincolnmatthews 03/19/14 10:05am Truck Campers

Just wondering if anybody has done business with them? I'm looking at a RV site unseen other than there web page, looks good but who knows. I know I would be taking a chance but at 1400 miles away what else could I do (other than I know pass it up, fly there to inspect it, etc) Thanks for any response's!
lincolnmatthews 03/19/14 08:46am Travel Trailers
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