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RE: Northstar 850SC on 2015 Ford F-150 truck

My, Brother In Law tried this route several yrs ago, bought a F150 long box 4 x 4 with the heaviest GVW he could get. The truck had about 38k on it (mostly towed behind his motorhome). He loaded my Mom's 8ft S & S camper on it & made one trip with it & noticed that his tranny or transfer case was making some noise & slipping. It had been doing this for a little while, so he took it into the local Ford dealership (with the camper still on it) and they said that Ford would not warranty the transfer case, (it was shot, metal in the oil) because he had a camper on it!! Even though it was still under the max GVW! They suggested he unload the camper & go to another dealer! What a bunch of BS! As it turned out the front end was completely worn out also, apparently being towed behind a motor home on the Alcan so often beat the hell out of the front end! He decided to trade it on a new F350 truck! My point here is buy the heavier truck!! don't buy a car-truck! F250 min you get heavy axles, brakes, just a heavier drive train. Just my 2-cents.
lincolnmatthews 11/17/15 03:32am Truck Campers
RE: Eagle cap 960 falling apart?

Very sorry to hear of your issues with your EC. I almost a 015 EC 995 but because of the cost we decided to go with a Lance 1050S and have had 0 problems, I know they have there problems but were really happy with ours! Hope you get yours fixed!
lincolnmatthews 11/12/15 06:52pm Truck Campers
RE: Alaskan brand truck campers--Pros and cons??

Had a 10ft overcab for several years on a F-250 always worked ok on this truck, then bought a Dodge & the Alaskan wouldn't fit it! So gave it up & bought a Lance, (the older Alaskan's won't fit some trucks). Just bought a new Lance this yr & tried to talk the "Boss" into getting a new Alaskan bought she was spoiled with the bath & shower etc. Anyway I miss the Alaskan a lot, anywhere I could get the truck into, no problem with the camper!. I agree that next time it would be on a flat bed with boxes for more storage etc. Only problem that I could see is with the overcab models, (all Alaskans are wood framed) & I know they rot up front, hard to keep the water from penetrating the wood over the yrs of going down the hwy with a driving rain. The water will will work its way in there because of there design. If I was ordering one I would spend the extra bucks & have ALL the wood treated & coated with a wood epoxy such as West System. Because they also rot on the sides from wheel well spray over the years. Other than these issues I would love to have a New one! I just don't understand what they sell for (I understand they only sell a few of them a year compared to say Lance) but with no dealer network, (factory direct) they are over priced IMHO. With a 25% disc off my new 1050 Lance (about 31K) it was cheaper than a new Alaskan! Maybe the factory would discount them a little, but I doubt it. I'm still looking for a good cheap used one for just myself to get away to the boonies! Go buy one!!!
lincolnmatthews 10/31/15 07:18pm Truck Campers
RE: So would you go with a built in propane generator today?

I am with the "don't buy it" crowd. Had one on my old Lance, worked for about 50 hrs or so then it crapped out. Spent a Ton of money on it never did work right. When I ordered my new 015 Lance I didn't get it! I enjoy the extra storage! I have a Yamaha 3000 which starts so nice & is quite & has a fuel shutoff to save the carb. I actually carry the gen behind the seat of my old Dodge ext cab, & haven't yet had a gas fumes. Works for us.
lincolnmatthews 10/28/15 02:16am Truck Campers
RE: This is the kinda **** that wakes me up at night

Never thought of this either or tried to see if I could push it open. But I think that I have noticed that the bar just doesn't quite drop down in place when it up against the door on our 015 Lance, thought that this maybe a design flaw but could be purposely made so it won't drop down & latch in the closed position (against the door). But in a panic situation such as a fire I don't think it would take much to break the cheesy plastic hinge though.
lincolnmatthews 08/27/15 08:49am Truck Campers
RE: I've come over to the dark side ;)

Congrats on the Lance TC! I always kinda thought that the "dark side" was about when someone got on the TC forum & said that they sold there TC to go to a bigger RV of some sorts, as far as I was concerned they just went to the dark side!
lincolnmatthews 06/30/15 10:43am Truck Campers
RE: Lance TC Quality

Well I can say were happy with our 2015 Lance 1050S, actually were impressed with the fit & finish on ours. Something that I couldn't say back in 011 or 012, they seemed to finally step up to the plate with the counter tops, new cabinets over head by the bed area. With that said, I would be hesitant about buying the 1172 because of the slide issue's that seem to be a problem. Maybe with the mfg change of the slide mechanism it maybe fixed, who knows. My own personal opinion is that I personally didn't want a TC with more than one slide. One is enough of a concern for me! I guess if your going to stick to the main roads, then 2 or 3 maybe ok, but I just feel that when they start "cutting out" all the walls & adding slides you loose some structuall integrity. I don't care who build them, just MHO. Good luck with whatever one you buy!
lincolnmatthews 06/21/15 10:44pm Truck Campers
RE: $48,447

Who ever pays list price? We bought a new 015 1050S fully loaded for about 32k last May in Yakima Wa from Hills Bros. I forget what the list was but I think it was about 25% off list. We love this new Lance! almost worth what we paid, I don't think so, but oh well!
lincolnmatthews 04/23/15 09:36pm Truck Campers
RE: Dear Lance Camper,

On our 2015 1050S there all LED's on the interior,we also have the dimmer over the table. But no switch by the door either for the interior lights! How stupid!m its actually dangerous IMO. My 93 Lance had a interior switch by the door! The Wife picked up a LED light set with a wireless remote that can be vellcrowed ? to the wall by the other switches. I just put the lights on top of the rear window valance. Works great, just open the door & hit the switch at night. This was actually suggested earlier on another thread on the Lance Forum, (so I can't take the credit for this great idea). Other than this we Love our new Lance & am actually impressed by most everything. I have had to take off a couple of the steel catches on the doors & slightly grind on them, to make the cabinet doors shut better. No big deal as far as I was concerned, these things are mass produced, & I'm surprised that they all don't have more problems than they do.
lincolnmatthews 03/28/15 12:24pm Truck Campers
RE: Crossing Into Canada with a Firearm

We live close to the border in WA, we use to rough camp a lot in BC. I have paid the fee (I thought it was more than $25) I got my rifle or shotgun thru. One time I made the mistake of saying it for personal protection, they said from what? I said from other people, etc. They turned me back to the States. This was around the time when a family had been killed around a campfire in the Wells Gray area. If asked from what, say from Wildlife. Also if you were camping in a non remote area, they will not allow you to take a firearm into CA, (they figure you don't need a shotgun at a RV park for instance.) Anyway we don't go up very often anymore,(its to bad we love CA) because of the long waits at the borders because there all coming down to Bellingham buying everything. They even have 4 or 5 gas cans full of gas going back across the border. To bad the CDN government doesn't do something about this.
lincolnmatthews 03/19/15 02:11pm Truck Campers
RE: Bleeding Propane from lg tank to small tanks??

Hey thanks Specularius, of course I never thought that they would just keep the 1/2 or more that's in there & chg the next pigeon for a whole tank. They probably would, this is in its self dishonest as far I'm concerned. But I know that that's the way it works in the bus world. I may try to contact the Serv comm of our state, but probably won't go anywhere. And yes the propane has been paid by me & a yrs lease pd in advance. (I should have checked about there policy yrs ago, however my Brother In Law had the tanks dropped off yrs ago)
lincolnmatthews 03/06/15 12:28pm Truck Campers
RE: Bleeding Propane from lg tank to small tanks??

Hey thanks! Actually I could tip the tank on its side (Its a vertical style) & prop it up. That may work? If it doesn't have the wet style valve I wonder how the propane co would recover it without tipping it upside down, maybe with a forklift. Who knows hardly worth the effort & back aches. I think there being jerks for not at least refunding part of the yearly rental. (I will just let it sit there till the end of the lease, so they can't rent again!) I know whining like a baby, its just the principal. They have had two tanks sitting here for over 10 yrs, between our trailer & my Sister's motorhome!
lincolnmatthews 03/06/15 10:24am Truck Campers
Bleeding Propane from lg tank to small tanks??

We have about 200 gallons in a rental tank that they won't give us any credit for when we return it. I thought if I took off the reg off the big tank & with the proper hose & fittings that I would be able to fill up my smaller camper tanks, barbecue, etc.(As long as I of course open up the vent screw on the small tank till its full, & shut off the big tank). I really don't see any problems really doing this, I had this tank by our trailer for a couple of yrs while we were looking after my aging Mother. The tanks got about 6 months rental left & they won't give me any credit on this either, (kind of one way I think). I don't know maybe all propane companies do this? But I wouldn't think that when a tanks 1/2 full or so that they would just bleed it off into the atmosphere. Anyway I thought I would check with someone in the know on this site before I "blow" myself up.???? Thanks!!
lincolnmatthews 03/06/15 09:16am Truck Campers
RE: Dual batteries in an older Lance?

On my old Lance 1080 which only had room for one battery. I put another in front of the wheel well in a battery box accessed thru the little doors into the wheel wells from the inside of the camper. I made up heavy cables & drilled the plywood floor behind the lance battery holder (in the sink area) & ran the cables "down" to the new battery box. This area was ventilated well enough I believe & never had any problems. One did have to be careful hooking up the cables though & remember to remove the box & battery before taking off the camper. Of course I had tight holes & sealed around the cables thru the holes drilled. Never smelled any gasses, (at least from the batteries that is) ha ha ha!
lincolnmatthews 03/04/15 09:32pm Truck Campers
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