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RE: Replacing roof on 2001 Fleetwood Toy Hauler 5th Wheel

existing roof sheathing is probably 3/8 cdx plywood. Personally would not use osb due to the rough texture. Be prepared to do roof truss repairs if everything is soft and mushy. Also, would consider using TPO instead of EPDM material.
mapguy 04/19/17 05:09pm Toy Haulers
RE: Trimetric Battery Monitor with Battery Shutoff

Is your disconnect on the positive or negative? Mounting the shunt properly should resolve this issue. Battery negative to shunt, then shunt to negative buss. All negative connections before shunt. This is the only way to capture all in/out movement of energy by the batteries. Memory has it that the positive side of shunt needs energy(very small parasitical load) to maintain the ongoing soc calculations but I would have to go back to the documentation to verify. The documentation for the Trimetric should cover this issue - but a phone call or email to Bogart should net the answer you seek.
mapguy 04/13/17 09:15am Tech Issues
RE: li fe po4 battery upgrade?

Speaking about contactors ... When looking at LiFePO4 I ran across this diagram on a marine forum for an outrageous boat system using CleanPowerAuto's HousePower and MiniBMS battery management systems. http://i.imgur.com/S0Q45Qk.jpg It has two solar, an alternator and an AC chargers. And about 6 contactors. It was entertaining to sort through how it worked. If it weren't for the freezing temperature issues, would prolly still be toying with the idea of LiFePO4. But now am more interested in dreaming about a future set of Firefly Carbon Foam batteries ... :) But, sadly, all I see in my future are FLA GC2s. Thanks for posting the diagram. Please note that the CleanPowerAuto battery management products are no longer available to purchase. Any chance you can provide a link to the diagram source?
mapguy 04/09/17 12:12pm Tech Issues
RE: li fe po4 battery upgrade?

I spent $28 to get an interactive miniature computer energy management meter that has a pair of terminals capable on controlling the coil to 1000 ma of a relay. Choose high or low voltage disconnect. Reasonably accurate to .005 + or - Thing makes a Samsung S8 menu look like a Dick & Jane primer. don't tease - how about a link?
mapguy 04/08/17 04:59pm Tech Issues
RE: Hybrid Inverter suggestions.

VICTRON due to the outstanding product support even though RV market is not their focus. Magnum a very close second. Might consider the Mastervolt units too.
mapguy 04/08/17 11:00am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: li fe po4 battery upgrade?

Another source of information on marine based design and installs here: Nordkyn Design webpage For contactor's - might look at Tyco EV200 series units. Lower parasitic draw and a sealed design.
mapguy 04/08/17 08:44am Tech Issues
RE: li fe po4 battery upgrade?

mex is right - no free lunches here, but a reasonable cost DIY LifePo4 install is possible that will last many more lifecycles than even the best AGM batteries .... Another marine install to peruse; Look for this link 'DIY Lithium Iron Phosphate Batteries8" The use of these battery systems in an RV is quite different than their usage in the Electric Vehicle market. The closest similar usage of these battery systems is in the marine market -sailboats and cruisers.
mapguy 04/04/17 03:11pm Tech Issues
RE: li fe po4 battery upgrade?

I have no desire to create a firestorm of additional questions. Suggest the OP research the boating forums and EV forums. Those folks have several years of first hand knowledge. Yes EV vehicles are a different application however the typical sailing boat application is similar to the RV House battery. Both of the above have extensive documented information and hands on experience. For me the "store" bought BMS is not worth a nickle. Check out the many EV / Boating forms. Several documented fires have been created by this wonderful device that is sold to protect even a fool from any possible harm. I designed and created my own home brew BMS with a integrated charging system for less than $50.00. It includes proactive Audio/Visual warnings & alarms and is completely integrated into my RV electrical system. Yes if need be it will automatically drive a 400amp contactor. Everyone has their own requirements and skills. I say once again you should stay away from the "drop in replacement" marketing hype Good on you. Drop in systems IMO are probably going to be a black mark on adoption of LiFePO4 batteries for the mainstream. A good informational link on LiFePO4 systems in the marine environment is here: Lifepo4 on boats
mapguy 04/04/17 12:53pm Tech Issues
RE: Need to up my solar to do some serious charging

Correct wiring: Battery -> fuse -> Pos bus -> everything else (controller, loads, inverter) via each own breaker. Battery -> Neg bus -> everything else (controller, loads, inverter). Solar -> switch in accessible location -> controller. This is - "correct". Of course you can wire it in many other ways too :) I would make an adjustment -if using a battery monitor in the system. Battery (-) -> battery monitor shunt -> Neg bus -> everything else (controller, loads, inverter).
mapguy 03/21/17 01:34pm Tech Issues
RE: 215/75R 17.7 XTR Michelin Tires

Michelin does offer a 6 year warranty against cracking. They do, but the warranty states specific conditions must exist for environmental damage (sidewall cracking)to be a warranty item. Michelin is very diligent in applying the warranty statement conditions in regards to sidewall cracking.... OP has tire rim size wrong in subject line -these are a commercial trailer tire typically used in low bed trailers of all types. Should be 17.5.
mapguy 03/16/17 04:13pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Why do trailer brake shoes cost so much?

Well, I don't know, just a quick look but Dexter shows the same part number for brake shoes for both the 6,000 and 7,000 lb. axles, 5200 lb. axles not listed. And Etrailer shows the same part number for all three sizes. Go figure. Okay, I now have to praise Etrailer for quick service. I ordered grease seals for my trailer yesterday at 3 pm, and they got here just a few minutes ago. Granted Etrailer is located only across the state near St. Louis, but that is really quick service. The prices were excellent and shipping was cheap. I'm a very happy camper. :) Many Dexter part numbers for 5.2K, 6K, & 7K axles in Electric 12x2 size: 5500 - 7000 d60/d70 axle 4100 - 6000 d44 d52 d60 axles
mapguy 03/16/17 04:05pm Tech Issues
RE: Why do trailer brake shoes cost so much?

A lot has to do with volume. Widely available, one size fits many applications and/or mass produced products are usually cheaper than "specialty" items. As Mexicowanderer says, where you buy the items also has an influence on the ultimate price you pay. Chum leeVery true, but if you think about how many wheels/brakes are out there for that brake shoe. It's a common size for all Dexter 5200, 6000, and 7000 lb. axles. That has to cover a whole lot of trailers/wheels. But the other size of the coin, how often do you hear people talk about changing the brake shoes on their trailer? I would imagine most people own their trailer for quite a few years and have never changed brake shoes. Mine is 7 years old and this is the first I've considered it. yes the shoe size between the 5.2k, 6k, & 7K is the same but the lining material is different between all three -at least on the Dexter brand.....
mapguy 03/16/17 01:48pm Tech Issues
RE: Dexter Axle wheel studs

Too many good suggestions to reply to each poster, but I sure appreciate all of your inputs. Right now the trailer is in storage, so information will provide me a good starting point this spring. I’ve had the trailer since new in 2005, the first time I had a stud failure was 2008 on the right rear. Since then I usually break one or two on the Rt rear when I travel from Montana to Texas. This last trip the Lt rear broke one. Some additional info that I should have supplied in my OP is; I changed the standard lug nuts to the chrome acorn type. The trailer is about two inches higher in the front. The axles are 5200 lb, and the scale weight on both is 9250, I didn’t weight each axle separately, but I should have. You are stressing the rear axle/suspension greatly with the nose high setup. That in combination with over torqueing the lug nuts is probably causing this problem. For best ride -the trailer frame should be level when hooked up to the tow vehicle. Trailer frame level puts the rear axle suspension in a neutral position allowing maximum suspension travel. With nose high the rear axle has very little suspension travel to absorb roadway defects before bottoming out. it is easy to see when hooked up -look at the position of the equalizers and spring hangers. Set up right on fairly level straight area -proper set-up will have the equalizer in a neutral position. I agree with another poster in the thread - only re-torque lug nuts at 50 or so miles after install.
mapguy 03/07/17 05:59pm Tech Issues
RE: Double towing

Reading that statute, a swivel-wheel would be legal. Just sayin'... Lyle It just might be. Washington's statutes and definitions are just vague enough that if you get a ticket for double towing (fifth wheel RV with a bumper pull trailer connected) you might just be able to convince a judge that you are legal per the applicable laws. Wheel type has nothing to do with a way to bypass the second trailer restriction in Washington. The second trailer has be configured as an extension. That is no ball or lunette type connection between trailers.
mapguy 03/06/17 02:22pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Using e rated tires as spare

If the spare has sufficient load capacity -it will technically work. But -if the take offs are not good enough for use as they were -why would you set up a potential future problem if you get a flat in a remote place....Buy a 5th tire and sell all the take off's on craigslist.
mapguy 03/03/17 01:14pm Toy Haulers
RE: Not a TH owner yet-AC question

big lithium battery bank - 600ah or more -lots of solar panels and stacked hybrid inverter chargers plus a generator will cut the need for a power pole to plug in the camper. You will be on the bleeding edge of geekdom with this set-up.
mapguy 02/22/17 11:12am Toy Haulers
RE: I'm Out Of Room On My Battery Terminal Post... Options?

I know it might sound counter intuitive, but have you considered not running things directly from the battery? Instead pull them to the 12V wiring panel inside the trailer. I did this, replacing the run from the batter to the panel (4ga) and replaced the 12v panel with a bigger one. Solved all the 12v problems I was having because of corrosion, 5 connections plus the generator at the battery, and a cheap 12v panel. It's also cleaner now, and easy to work on with only one breaker style fuse at the battery. At some point it's easier to just rewire rather than continue to grow the rats nest at the battery. Up to you because every situation is different, just throwing it out there. This is a great point on system design! less connections is better and easier to maintain. Another thing to remember -if you have a Battery Gauge like a Trimetric / Link / BMK / etc all negative connections must be connected before the shunt of the negative cable to accurately track the in/out of ah to the battery.
mapguy 02/15/17 05:58pm Toy Haulers
RE: I'm Out Of Room On My Battery Terminal Post... Options?

Check out VTE Warehouse for busbars, power posts, and insulating caps for large wire gauges. VTE Warehouse
mapguy 02/15/17 05:50pm Toy Haulers
RE: Hyrbrid Inverter and generator to run AC?

There are a number of inverter chargers out there that provide load support from a second or even a third power source to start/run large loads like an AC unit. The magnum inverter model spoken about up a couple of posts does not have load support like a MSH series Magnum does have load support... Victron, Magnum, Xantrex, Mastervolt, Outback -plus others have load support. These type inverter charger installs are far more complicated than adding a small inline inverter to an RV. I have been looking at a Victron unit myself. Victron Multi-plus These are really common in the marine market. Yeah, probably going to be a LFP battery bank and solar, too. Many design questions to resolve before spending the $$$.
mapguy 02/15/17 05:44pm Tech Issues
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