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RE: What's the best way to seal this leak?

Why is it pulling apart?Sealing it may stop some leakage,but the underlying problem is what you need to fix first.
mayo30 01/10/15 12:00pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Access Blocked?

Maybe Sony related,were we going to show something funny about Marcus.lol.
mayo30 01/08/15 06:35pm Forum Technical Support
RE: Advice on rusted basement supports.

I don't know about that model but I guess it depends upon how much money you will want to spend on it.Doesn't sound like anything I would want for sure.There will be some excellent advice coming for sure,that know about it.
mayo30 01/08/15 05:40pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Cyclone vs Vengeance (long)

2good that is exactly what I find,"extended living".Not full timing,which some rv manufactures do list.I know what full time means,but what exactly does extended living mean?It must mean something less then full time I suppose.From many years of writing and dealing with contracts and specifications and warranties maybe I am just a little too picky about wording and intent.I have an extended stay trailer,the dealer told me if I am going to full time in it he doesn't want to know that.
mayo30 01/08/15 10:26am Toy Haulers
RE: Cost of beef

mayo30 01/06/15 07:54pm Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: Cost of beef

Put the corn back into feed and not ethanol.Use the glut of cheap and surplus oil,stop importing oil from off shore,use North american resources. Feeder cattle eat distillers grain (by product from making ethanol) and they love it. It's more nutritious than grain. That's using the grain twice. That is what happens in Saskatchewan at a company called Poundmaker.
mayo30 01/06/15 07:40pm Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: Minimum Wage

Mayo30: Do not make the mistake of comparing wages in a foreign currency. You should use the currency and the COL of that country. The Economist Magazine used to have something called The Big Mac cost of living calculator. They compared how long one must work to buy a Big Mac . In Mexico it is a long time!! In Canada it is about 15 minutes! We should also not forget that in Mexico the work week is 5.5 days. Sometimes 6. Moisheh Thanks can give me a better handle on it.
mayo30 01/06/15 07:32pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Minimum Wage

Very interesting.Saskatchewan--U.S dollar= $8.63 per hour.Only $3.66 per hour more.Would be very interesting to compare commodities and shopping carts to see if the purchasing power between the wages is also at that percentage.Canadian $ at .85 /us $.
mayo30 01/06/15 03:17pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Cyclone vs Vengeance (long)

So my friends are about to buy a TH and fulltime for at least a year Make sure they read the warranty. Most all RVs, with a few exceptions, do not warranty full time use. One of the few Toy Haulers that is standing behind is the Grand Design Momentum. Just make sure they understand the warranty, and if they go with an extended warranty verify it as well. Would you be so kind as to show me where their advertised warranty is for full time.
mayo30 01/06/15 11:46am Toy Haulers
RE: Cost of beef

Put the corn back into feed and not ethanol.Use the glut of cheap and surplus oil,stop importing oil from off shore,use North american resources.
mayo30 01/06/15 11:00am Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: Hockey champs - Junior International Gold

Just to be correct the team was made up of young men from all across Canada as are the other teams made up of country wide players.
mayo30 01/06/15 08:44am Snowbirds
RE: Minimum Wage

Just as an aside, you don't know my travel history or work history so you are assuming quite a lot. Sorry but I thought we were discussing Mexican's and the situation in Mexico and minimum wage, not Egyptians. I wasn't referring to the educated Mexicans who work in the tourist industry. Some of them are probably well paid (perhaps the ones that work at the front desk of chain hotels or high end restaurants) but I bet the ladies that make the beds and clean the rooms are not well paid and if a little tip of $5.00 helps them and makes them feel their work is appreciated, then I am of the mind to help them out and thank them. The Egyptian you speak of must be one in a million because I am familiar with the Egyptian culture and most Egytians work very hard to put one over on you. Not to be derogatory but they view bargaining a good deal (maybe even what North Americans might consider cheating) as being savvy at business. I just really feel that as a traveller we should leave a positive impression and be cognisant of the people around us. When I travel I always feel just a little bit guilty about what I have in comparison to others. For a lot of people one might meet from other countries, it is just a dream to them to be able to travel to another country. We are very fortunate people and I believe we should share that fortune with others. Upsetting the world economics is stretching it a little. AHH! we get to the root of the matter...As you say GUILT. Yes I agree that is what drives most of this "generosity". I find that many North Americans feel as you do. And then act on those FEELINGS rather than a more rational approach based on facts, economics and experience. You are also right that I dont know your travel experience...but if you read me carefully you will see I make no assumptions about you. I only talk about my experience. As for Egypt...it's sad that you feel so cynically about such a fine people. But you are not alone in this. MANY tourists come away feeling the same. If you had lived and worked there for two years, spoke Arabic (i read and write a little too) I think you would feel differently. I for one found the Egyptians to be incredibly generous, hospitable, great negotiators, and wonderful friends. Do they have their share of scammers...OH for sure! And they have perfected their art over about a thousand years of catering to visitors and tourists. To some of the other posters who believe I am a cheapskate: You might find it interesting to know that I gave two years of my life to the Peace Corps and the people of Sierra Leone.(1976-77) I have started and run successful businesses in China and SE Asia. I paid above average wages. Paid for my employees healthcare out of my own pocket. Paid for the births of their children. Sent many of my employees to English school (and their children too) And when I sold my last business there I took some of that income and bought every long term employee a brand new Honda Blade motor scooter. Maybe you are right. Maybe I just should have tipped more. But then again I have no reason to feel guilty. Sorry to have to bring this up,but this is not about you.No doubt you are an exemplary person,I for one will always tip what I feel is earned,what the receiver does with the tip is up to them. Call it guilt or what ever you want.I am pretty sure I have made a few people a little happier over the years in Mexico and if I ruined the economy for the whole country,I am sorry.
mayo30 01/04/15 04:13pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Minimum Wage

Lynn: You are an exceptional Canuck. Most of my fellow countrymen are CHEAP and proud of it! There was one regular poster here who refused to pay more than $10 for a Campground!!! Moisheh Oh how right you are,unfortunately.If you are ever in Yuma go to the open markets and listen.Degrading and embarrassing,I have gone up to more then one vendor when the transaction was over and asked them not to judge all my country men by a few.Shake my head.
mayo30 01/03/15 11:07am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: FYI-Where folks live in Canada

Also been to all 57 states. GM Way too much smoke,open the flap on the teepee. :W
mayo30 01/01/15 05:48pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Rude Campers

And why would you allow yourself to get drawn down to his level.Quite honestly I think he may have not acted very mature,but pretty sure some of the reactions aren't any better.But if it rows your boat have at it.
mayo30 12/30/14 04:06pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: My Purchase List..... take your shots !!!

So what-- you are thinking of buying one of these?Good Luck.Get your research hat on,who knows what you want,how much money ,what are you towing with etc.You want us to spend your money???
mayo30 12/30/14 03:39pm Beginning RVing
RE: Must list auto body repairs on return to Canada??

Its the holiday season and the only thing I can think of was you should have painted it the same color as the rest of the vehicle??Sorry.
mayo30 12/24/14 12:36pm Snowbirds
RE: Should we be considering other brands/models?

I don't see any mention of checking about full timing in regards to warranty,some manufactures restrict the use.Be fully prepared. They offer a 1-2-3 warranty and are approved for Extended Stay/Full Timing. http://www.granddesignrv.com/full-time-living.php Well pardon me but I don't see where that big Extended stay decal means full time.Full time is full time year round,extended is for how long.One place it is mentioned as ready to full time then why is the warranty not listed as full time for what ever the time span,1 year,2 years etc.Some manufactures come right out and say approved for full time living.Extended from what,what do they consider normal?Am I paranoid,not really just show me.
mayo30 12/23/14 04:17pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Rude RV Park Manager

For those who have the attitude it is just a parking lot has no concept of where is lot was located. The area surrounding the lots was not well kept area of mix mash of business and not so well kept houses. I wanted to know about the security system how the trailer would set and the condition of the lot. You can not see anything due to all the trailer there. I did not want my new trailer stored by some ratting looking boat/rv that apparently the owner did not care for the upkeep and would we huge concerns when they pulled their boat/rv out next to mine or park it next to mine. This is my first travel trailer and I take pride in everything I own and do. I even asked why she could not show me and that is when she came back and said I asked too many questions. It is my trailer and I want to know how it will be kept and secured. Is that too much to ask. I do thank all that has give me good sound advise. It is hard to own something that you have never owned and have to find out things yourself. Thanks for helping a first timer out. Why would you want to keep it there if the surrounding area is not good? They can have all the fence and cameras they want and they can not guarantee your RV will be safe. You seriously know of a storage place that will guarantee the safety of your old or new rv in writing.
mayo30 12/23/14 08:44am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Should we be considering other brands/models?

I don't see any mention of checking about full timing in regards to warranty,some manufactures restrict the use.Be fully prepared.
mayo30 12/23/14 08:31am Fifth-Wheels
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