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RE: Canadian Difficulty finding Insurance for Full Timing

Oh my goodness,I would check with other brokers,if you are only talking about your fifth wheel.Is it because of your address or lack of.We did that for years and had no problems,with SGI in Saskatchewan.Maybe things have changed here too.
mayo30 09/03/15 11:42am Full-time RVing
RE: Heading from Ontario to Vancouver Island for the Winter

We would stay in Kamloops the last night before heading to Vancouver through the mountains going via Merritt BC.We have stayed in Salmon Arm and Revelstoke depending how the roads were and the avalanches coming home to the prairies.The flat way through the mountains is on Highway 16 through Edmonton and Blue River down to Kamloops.Spent 2 days in Revelstoke blocked in by mudslides one spring.Anything can happen,but I would not use highway three in BC you may not have much time to look at the scenery,very slow and winding,some steep passes.We also learned to get ferry reservations after spending a night on the dock.
mayo30 08/31/15 07:50pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Heading from Ontario to Vancouver Island for the Winter

Friends are planning to do this. Any personal experiences? When to leave? What campgrounds might be open? Weather? Best route not through USA? What do they consider winter?How many months and which ones?When we did that we took our rv out in mid October,stayed a couple of weeks went home without the Rv,then returned in late dec. and would not move until mid March.We experienced several bad storms in the mountains,3 memorable heavy tree damaging snow dumps in the winter.Two at Parksville and one near Victoria.After shaking my head I decided to rent condos or cabins and leave the RV at home.Way less stress and money travelling,no huge ferry bills,fuel costs and camping fees.Gladly paid $100.00 or less a night for hotels with breakfast included and cut off a days travel,each way.The cost of renting a condo for the first month was usually pretty close to our extra travelling costs and I just kept on smiling.Stayed nice and warm and dry in something that was a heck of a lot bigger then 272 sq. ft.But tell them to have a good time if they drive with a rv. in the winter.
mayo30 08/31/15 04:52pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Allowing my SO to take our unit for the weekend ?

Wow it is only for a day.Not going to be a world ender.Go and do it,be the bigger person,suck it up,don't be the me person.So it is some work,so what you are with your family driving and visiting for the travel time.You are the husband and dad get going,do it.Points man points.lol.
mayo30 08/26/15 04:40pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: New snow birds looking for recommendations

Your four dogs are going to be an issue getting and keeping a spot.I don't see too many people very excited about parking next to you.
mayo30 08/24/15 07:43pm Snowbirds
RE: So you are sitting by the fire, and you hear

They are very smart and can mimic dogs sounds.They will also send one in close to draw the dog out and then attack in force.Smart dogs know not to follow and will only patrol the yard boundary.We call small dogs coyote bait.They are not fussy either, a local family of coyotes really plays havoc with the stray cat population as they compete for the same food.
mayo30 08/24/15 07:31pm General RVing Issues
RE: Must Motor home lights be on to tow a Jeep Cherokee?

I am sorry for the misspellings, etc. Meant to proof read and did not, but as you can see I am very passionate about this issue. The information below is what I sent to Chrysler Cooperate. We were trying to decide what to do with ours, trade it, keep it for everyday (but since the transmission has gone out twice did not trust it), do the Lemon Law or just a law suit, etc. This has stressed us so much and our dealer gave a really good trade on the Wrangler so we just paid the difference and are trying to move on. Shaking 2014 Jeep Cherokee Video - August 8, 2015 Purchased Late April 2014 • Special ordered to tow behind our motor home and enjoy for many years! Wanted to stay with Jeep since we towed a 2009 Jeep Liberty for 5 years 35,000 miles with no problems and drove it for another 65,000 miles. The beautiful Cherokee replaced the Liberty. • First problem was the electronic parking brake coming on when we did not engage it. Cost us a set of rear tires after my wife and I both looked to be sure it was not on before towing. Finally, always watch to ensure rear wheels are turning. • Then at about 6000 miles (September 2014) we hit a rough spot in the road and it started swaying so bad behind the motor home we thought something terrible had happened to the motor home! Finally saw it was the front wheels on the Jeep out of align, so got in and straighten them and all was OK until the next time. • Took it to the dealer (Don Davis Chrysler-Jeep Arlington, TX) and they could find nothing wrong, but did reset some alignments, but said they did not think it would stop the problem. They were right! • It happened another 5 to 7 times after that. (We bought another vehicle to tow.) Took it back to dealer. They said there is nothing they can do since they cannot duplicate the problem or find anything wrong. Of course, first I had to convince everyone I was doing everything right and that all my equipment was in working order, etc, etc, etc,….. • Tried going to through Customer Service 2 or 3 times. Same old story, cannot duplicate it in the shop so there is not a problem. Of course, they have never heard of it happening before since no one else is complaining there must not be a problem. • Tried going through the District Manager. Same story. I even offered for them to keep OUR Cherokee and tow it, but he said they did not have anything to tow it with. I reminded him they have all kinds of Dodge trucks and Vans, but he said it would not create the same down draft as a motor home! When you see the following video, see if you think down draft is the problem. I am travelling less than 30 mph. Think if this were on the highway at 50 to 70 mph or more! • Quality is not great, but the video shows the issues of what happens when you hit a rough spot in the road. Remember this is a low speed. You can hear my wife talking emotionally about the experience. She has been inside when it has happened, but not seen it from the rear like this. The only way to stop it from shaking so terribly is to completely stop no matter what road you are on and start over (if not have to get out and straighten the wheel). Also, what is it doing to the motor home? • I do not tow it now, but had a short trip to pick up the motor home on Friday afternoon and thought I would try it. On the way home it happened again, so we decided to take the video on Saturday August 8, 2015 at the spot where it happened to show everyone what a safety issue there is with towing these Jeep Cherokees. • We have driven this Cherokee less than 10,000 miles at this time because we cannot take it with us and cannot trust it on long trips. Also, we have just had the transmission go out twice last month. There was so much we loved about Our Cherokee when we first got it, now we cannot trust it to drive it even for every day much less tow it. • I now have contacts for about 15 more 2014/15 Cherokee owners who are experiencing the same issues with dinghy towing and getting the same response from Chrysler. This link to the YouTube video (I think) https://youtu.be/enU7uzKgx_4 If you did not get the video and want a copy email me at richnors@flash.net. What do you mean the transmission went out twice.What went out,what was the repair?
mayo30 08/23/15 04:33pm Dinghy Towing
RE: Must Motor home lights be on to tow a Jeep Cherokee?

Do you have the Active drive II system on the latitude?In 2014 that was the only system you could tow 4 down.The System I was the standard set up and the II was a $900.00 option to get the transfer case.
mayo30 08/23/15 11:40am Dinghy Towing

You likely have a frame failure. Lippert had a lot of frame flex issues during that time frame. I suspect if you were to open things up you will find cracked broken welds and possibly some other structual issues.I would bet money on structural problem.I had a Rockwood almost the same model with the same problem.The fix was very extensive.
mayo30 08/19/15 03:16pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Laundry room ethics

I have always told my wife watching the laundry arena players is only slightly less fun then watching a busy boat launch.The ME players are usually out in force.
mayo30 08/18/15 11:34am RV Lifestyle
RE: Went In For Alignment Now Feel Being Taken For A Ride

Probably the cause of so much tire failure in the past,failing suspension caused by what/defective parts or weight.
mayo30 08/18/15 11:17am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Axle Difference

Which transmission does it have?
mayo30 08/12/15 02:06pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Need help buying a tow vehicle f

Sorry Jeremiah, but I still have a bad opinion of Chrysler front wheel drive transmissions from years ago. Probably smart. The data shows that in 3+ year dependability Chrysler corp. vehicles are the bottom of the barrel. I am waiting for the DATA information??Please don't be shy,or be brave and retract your statement. JD Power 2015 Dependability Survey JD Power 2014 Dependability Survey Consumer Reports cars to avoid Statistically FCA vehicles are junk. Plain and simple. There is no amount of credibility other then slanted opinions in any of those sources.That opinion which is solely my own has been garnered over many many years of reading and driving every major brand.Everybody needs some peg to hang his hat on,I tend to go by years of personal experience.Thanks for replying.
mayo30 08/10/15 04:42pm Travel Trailers
RE: Winter Driving from Alberta To Arizona in January

I have done it many times over the years and found that all the little supposedly detours and tips were not worth it.Stay on I all the way south till you need to turn off.The Interstates get cleaned and de-iced first,have the closest facilities on the most regular basis and are the fastest flowing.
mayo30 08/10/15 10:10am Travel Trailers
RE: Need help buying a tow vehicle f

Sorry Jeremiah, but I still have a bad opinion of Chrysler front wheel drive transmissions from years ago. Probably smart. The data shows that in 3+ year dependability Chrysler corp. vehicles are the bottom of the barrel. I am waiting for the DATA information??Please don't be shy,or be brave and retract your statement.
mayo30 08/09/15 10:06pm Travel Trailers
RE: Need help buying a tow vehicle f

Almost any Jeep model.
mayo30 08/08/15 08:39pm Travel Trailers
RE: Do I Need To Carry Spare Parts?

Only if you have a Ford or a Dodge. LOL Yup because the rest of them won't make it that far.Now we should have them all covered.
mayo30 08/08/15 04:34pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Wannabe Fulltimers!! How does this 5th wheel look to buy?

A 5th.wheel that drops on a truck usually hits the truck box walls and has some leading edge damage,it shows none.What did it hit coming down and how far did it drop?I doubt that the hitch hit the bottom of the truck box and not touch the top of the truck box.Do some measuring on a similar truck box and hitch height.You should be able to look up into that area of the 5 th.wheel around the hitch with a bit of trying.Aluminum takes a fair bit of bending and wants to return to its original shape.What is holding it from doimh that,bent or cracked hitch attachment and supporting frame??Check every seam and joint inside the front bedroom for any movement or cracking,loose screws etc.It didn't have a goose neck attachment did it?
mayo30 08/07/15 03:48pm Full-time RVing
RE: Wannabe Fulltimers!! How does this 5th wheel look to buy?

I would be very concerned about the supposedly minor damage to the hitch area.In order for the aluminum to be bent the frame had to have moved up a considerable amount,that is also why the trim strips are detached.There is definite structural damage under there.
mayo30 08/07/15 09:22am Full-time RVing
RE: The Hitch after Rain

The pad if you have the friction style anti sway arms.
mayo30 08/06/15 02:14pm Fifth-Wheels
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