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Google Chrome Certificate Problems

Is anyone else getting certificate problems with Chrome and the forums?
mena661 10/23/14 09:00am Forum Technical Support
RE: Time to charge a bank of 8 6v batteries using a generator

Currently, I'm trying to see if it is feasible to build a short trailer that contains: - 200g fresh water tank - 130g grey water tank - 100g black water tank - 8 batteries - 9 solar panels - a residential fridge - a 55-inch TV - a generator - some cabinets - and a nice sofa in front of the TV, along with two small tables that myself and my wife can do some work on. Good to see people thinking about water capacity as a priority vs energy capacity as the priority. Energy capacity is easy IMO, water is the hard part. I will say to make sure the electronics you buy is as low power as possible. For example: I have a 26" LCD TV that only draws a little over 2A DC. And that's through an inverter. There are ZERO 12V TV's that draw that little and even smaller TV's like Niner's 22 inch draw more (sorry Niner! :B). It all adds up.
mena661 10/22/14 09:55pm Tech Issues
RE: charging battery from generator---how long does it take?

Keep us in the loop on what you discover!
mena661 10/22/14 09:40pm Tech Issues
RE: charging battery from generator---how long does it take?

You could always upgrade the alternator to something more up to the task if you need to run big power stuff from it. See MEXICOWANDERER, he's an alternator guru among other things electrical.
mena661 10/22/14 04:33pm Tech Issues
RE: What is it?

Its a FoMoCo part with the part number molded on it. Google the part number. BruceThis.
mena661 10/22/14 04:30pm Tech Issues
RE: Time to charge a bank of 8 6v batteries using a generator

Acei, I'm REALLY curious what you're going to be running that draws 370Ah per day. Can you give us a hint? :)
mena661 10/22/14 04:28pm Tech Issues
RE: Very Inexpensive Battery Maintenance Charger

Good to know MEX, thanks!
mena661 10/22/14 04:17pm Tech Issues
RE: Time to charge a bank of 8 6v batteries using a generator

Adding to this picture, what happens if I add NINE 160w solar panels? Can I still use the same components?What do you mean by can you use the same components?
mena661 10/22/14 01:47pm Tech Issues
RE: charging battery from generator---how long does it take?

45A charger on the Honda 1000W generators is about the max it will do.
mena661 10/21/14 11:02pm Tech Issues
RE: The 12V power source solar panel

Amp hours it is. I run a 150W inverter... I need only 3.5 to 4 amps per hour to run a little LCD 22" TV at night..I have a 26" LCD that draws a little over 2A. You need to upgrade. :) And that right there confirms why you want that Mega Watt adjustability...Works exactly like I want it to! Still humming away at 13.32V too.
mena661 10/21/14 08:41pm Tech Issues
RE: The 12V power source solar panel

Oh, and this pic is specifically for Poor Mena661 :B Those panels will look good on my MH. Thanks buddy! I assume you'll do the installation too? :B Mena was thinking of a pair of 150s to go with the fancy expensive controller he already bought in a fit of madness :) You guys should PM if the haggle price would tempt him. (He is easily tempted but under the thumb of his manager, he keeps saying :) )Temptations are futile! :B You'll have to pry it from my cold, dead fingers! BFL, I might get those Renogy 100W poly's. They're narrow and I might be able to get 4 of those on the roof. GC-2's someday in my future, I suppose. Maybe real stuff, Trojan T-105s.Some people say there is no difference with T105's and other GC's but my batts are EASY to get to 100%. Low 15's for a couple hours and they're full.
mena661 10/21/14 06:43pm Tech Issues
RE: Mean Well power supply for my usage

So, this is the bottom line... is a 33-36A Mega Watt going to put more watts into the batteries than a larger 14.4-14.6v converter in the first two hours of a genset charge?Yes, because it will hold your voltage setting the whole time and then some.
mena661 10/21/14 06:34pm Tech Issues
RE: Mean Well power supply for my usage

If left on for 24 hours, would it taper amps down to next to nothing while staying at 14.8v? I don't plan to do that, but I want to understand how it behaves.Snowman, never left mine on at 14.8V that long. I use mine as a float charger primarily and it will taper to 0 amps at 13.3-13.5V as batt SOC rises to 100%. I would think that behavior would translate to higher voltages as well.
mena661 10/21/14 11:05am Tech Issues
RE: Dual Trojans and furnace

12.45V the next morning says to me that your batteries were fine and the 11.9 was due to voltage drop under load. I will say that 11.9 under just LED lights and furnace (and fridge and CO detector) seems low to me but my batt bank is bigger too. That could be normal for yours.
mena661 10/21/14 09:56am Tech Issues
RE: Maybe you guys have an idea?

Great stuff Almot!
mena661 10/20/14 11:09pm Tech Issues
RE: Two of these and we could boondock for....

Probably 3 wks to a month the way we camp.
mena661 10/19/14 10:13pm Tech Issues
RE: 100% electrical conversion?

PT's aircon is not your typical 13.5 or 15k BTU unit.
mena661 10/19/14 09:23pm Tech Issues
RE: 100% electrical conversion?

As much as people complain about water heaters in RVs NOT being hot enough as is, I can't see anyone willing to install less than the typical 1500W element that comes with them. To the OP, there are all-electric rigs but they typically come with a large generator and a large bank of batteries. And that large bank of batteries "only" lasts about 24 hrs powering "everything" but the AirCon before they need to be charged. Some things to consider: 1. Electric element in water heater is ~1500W AC. That's roughly 150A DC when running. 2. Convection oven is ~1600W AC when running. 160A DC. 3. Heating in all electric RV's are typically diesel powered and/or electric. I've read those systems provide about 65,000 btu's. They also have two 2kW electric elements. Solar is not going to replace much of this. At least not on a RV where roof space is very limited. You could use in-floor electric heating to supplement the propane furnace so you wouldn't use as much. Also, you could swap out your A/C unit for one with a heat pump. You would use that instead of the furnace. Heat pumps typically only work down to 40F or so. We've used ours below that. Heat pumps use as much power as the AirCon though.
mena661 10/19/14 08:58pm Tech Issues
RE: Is this PT's future?

http://earthroamer.com/xv-lt/If I had $500k to spare, I wouldn't hesitate to get one of those.
mena661 10/19/14 08:35pm Tech Issues
RE: Millenicom sold/bought/shafted by Verizon?

You can get Verizon grandfathered unlimited plans on ebay. Two things though: 1. Verizon has to approve the "transfer of liability". 2. You don't get your money refunded if #1 doesn't get approved. You're stuck with a plan you can't use.
mena661 10/17/14 11:24pm Tech Issues
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