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RE: How to measure how much solar we need?

path1, energy is the easiest thing to supply in a RV. The real problem is water. With enough battery capacity, you can power anything. When I had my 5th wheel, we didn't have a generator. Never needed one. We never camped where it was that hot and we had enough battery capacity to last 10 days without a recharge and we were not power misers either. With solar we could've stayed out indefinitely (well at least as long as the water would last). But most people are willing to haul around 400 lbs worth of batteries nor are they willing to spend the money on them or they don't think that much capacity is needed (ie they'd rather have a generator).
mena661 11/20/14 08:28pm Tech Issues
RE: Testing the new to me NON MPPT 20 amp Charge controller

I sense a job for Mena661!Gaahhhhh! LOL! I don't have any panels to test yet. Soon...soon. Besides I already have a controller.
mena661 11/20/14 07:13pm Tech Issues
RE: 20W G4 Halogen LED Replacements

About 2 years ago I bough a 3.5W Phillips capsule, put it in my kitchen under the cabinet and it has so far stood the test of time. Kinda off topic but I ONLY use Philips LEDs at home with the oldest being 4 years old. They consistently seem to meet their claims. Plus they get all the awards for efficiency. To the OP, thanks for the update!
mena661 11/20/14 09:29am Tech Issues
RE: How to measure how much solar we need?

Consider 100 to 200 watts as minimum for the effort. Do you even camp in the sun up there in the PNW?X2, if you have little to no sun, don't bother with solar. You'd have to size it on the huge side to get the small amount of sun you would get.
mena661 11/20/14 09:22am Tech Issues
RE: PWM controller question

Two panels, no fuses in combiner box. Fuse near battery always required.This. No fuse needed between panels and controller in your case. You do need one between controller and batteries.
mena661 11/19/14 02:05pm Tech Issues
RE: Roll Up Solar Panels / Ogre MPPT Controller

Phil, you know MEX doesn't like spending money on fuel. Too expensive in his neck of the woods. Running a generator all day just won't work for him. Maybe you don't know but he lives off grid and is on a limited budget plus he already has a generator for his 2V bank. Using another generator to charge a single grp 31 is a waste when solar will accomplish the task cheaper and without using fuel.
mena661 11/18/14 10:53am Tech Issues
RE: Testing the new to me NON MPPT 20 amp Charge controller

Or maybe give that slacker Mena661 a poke to get off the pot and on some forward momentum on his new roof job on his RV.You rang? :B Indeed, I am slacking BIG TIME! I'm kind of glad I did because I figured how I am going to rewire part of the rig. Just need to get some supplies. Since it's the holiday part of the year, might be a couple weeks before I can get said supplies.
mena661 11/17/14 07:57pm Tech Issues
RE: Question for Battery & Solar Gurus - Daily Charge Setting

How did I miss this thread? I'd leave it at 60V. They can "float" at night. Get as much in as you can. Also, he really needs to dip the hydrometer to see where he's at the end of the day. Might have to supplement some gen charging.
mena661 11/15/14 09:06pm Tech Issues
RE: 270w solar world panels

I agree with BFL, you can easily camp with just batteries and gen charging for a week. Some people don't like to run the genny that much though and that's what makes solar interesting. That said, you can even eliminate running the genny for that week too (assuming you have one). My religion does allow running the genny too (I use it for the convection oven) but I'd sure love to not use it at all. Call it an engineering exercise.
mena661 11/15/14 09:01pm Tech Issues
RE: PWM controller question

Windy Nation appears to have cable at a reasonable price: http://www.ebay.ca/itm/251623958935?var=550526434497&ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1423.l2649 And these would eliminate the need for clamps: http://www.ebay.ca/itm/321545888082?ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1423.l2649 I would just need to use a pair of 'T' connectors for paralleling. And I could rig up a couple of pigtail adapters with some 6ga, M-F connectors, and welding connectors (like above): http: //www.ebay.ca/itm/New-MC4-Adapter-Male-Female-Y-Branch-T-Branch-Connectors-For-Solar-Panels-/161401386771?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&var=&hash=item259445b713That works.
mena661 11/15/14 12:52pm Tech Issues
RE: First Top Charge

I get to use this again! :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mlCiDEXuxxAOh God! LOL!
mena661 11/14/14 10:55pm Tech Issues
RE: House Battery Life

IMO the T-105s would not act like that 31 or the T-1275s, but would act like normal 6s which need http://pdf.wholesalesolar.com/battery-folder/charging_instruction_2011_2.pdfThe basics are in that thread though which is more than what most people do. "Most" are on shore power with 12v batts AFAIK. The overwhelming majority of RV's are on one or two 12V batts with a WFCO converter.
mena661 11/14/14 10:22am Tech Issues
RE: House Battery Life

What maintenance program would be appropriate for a new TT with two Trojan T-105 batteries that will be used off the grid a good percentage of the time? My Screwy 31
mena661 11/14/14 08:55am Tech Issues
RE: House Battery Life

Converter with the charge wizard is fine to have batteries last 10+ years. Nothing else needed.Unless you boondock on a regular basis as many of us a found out. For the OP on the pedestal, converter should be enough but you should equalize (15+ volts not the BS 14.4V crap) the batteries at least once a year. And, like MEX said, you only need a single group 31 AGM. 6V's are overkill.
mena661 11/13/14 10:00pm Tech Issues
RE: Shootout! Meanwell vs. Megawatt ?

Thanks Niner for the confirmation. Good info to know.
mena661 11/13/14 02:17pm Tech Issues
RE: First Top Charge

Menna661, Tell me about your batt Bank. As you may have read it took me about 11hr to get my bank to 14.8v. I realize that #4ga ,may have something to do with it but 11hr seems like a long time even with that gauge. What is your starting voltage and how long does your Mega Watt stay at a high amperage? My voltage/amperage started out at 15v/33A. Amperage dropped to the 3-5A range quickly. So tell me jrnymn7, Is your PS a Turnigy 1080Watt? How do you Top Charge?I don't use mine for regular charging unless it's from higher SOC's where I don't care about high amps, I use my Iota converter (well....when it was working) or my Black & Decker portable for that. I also don't top charge much cause my float V is good. Mine is used primarily for floating and the occasional de-stratification charge (tall batteries...something you guys don't have to worry much about). For the de-strat charge, I start out with 14.8V and let it run for 15 mins. Typically starts out at 24A and tapers from there. EDIT: I did do a short boondocker this past weekend. When got home batts were down about 14Ah. Started charge at 14.7V. Amps went up to 36.4 and hung out there for a few minutes then tapered to 29.
mena661 11/13/14 02:12pm Tech Issues
RE: First Top Charge

Morning MW. Thanks for the kudo's! Since it appears that for Top Charging the Mega Watt is somewhat inadequate for my bank, (recommended 5A/100ah, constant for 470ah ~ 24A), is there a "bucker" up to the job or should I look at an alternative? I'll be ordering the Freas today. Thanks again!The MegaWatts come in 30 and 36A. Plenty for your bank. I use the 30A on mine and it's larger than your bank. The smaller chargers just take longer to get things accomplished but when you're on shore power, that doesn't matter much. If you're boondocking then you need the bigger chargers.
mena661 11/13/14 09:43am Tech Issues
RE: First Top Charge

Thanks, Mex, I was wondering if the resting V could hold strong while SG drops.Most definitely! I've seen 12.8V on my batts with a 1.265 SG. Voltage doesn't tell me squat! I get more info looking at amps draw. If I see anything more than 0 amps on my Victron on float (technically this would be net amps), either I just came back from a boondock trip and the batts are not 100.000000000000000% full (after charging, batts on float I'll still get some NET charging amps for a day or two even if SG says they're full) OR I have a problem (had to fix TWO different wiring issues). I ONLY use voltage to see if the charger is running properly.
mena661 11/13/14 09:39am Tech Issues
RE: waking to dead new batteries

1) 12.9-13.1 while generator is runningThere's the problem right there. Your inverter/charger is not charging. Loose or corroded wire, bad fuse, mixed up wiring, etc. Start by checking the charging path from your inverter/charger to your batteries. Start with the output of the inverter/charger. BTW, Magnum Energy MM-RC is just the model of the inverter/chargers remote control. You need to locate the inverter/charger itself.
mena661 11/12/14 02:15pm Tech Issues
RE: Detachable TV Mount

I really like the one's from Sandia Man and otrfun. Probably go with the Omnimount. I've used their stuff before and it's made well. I told the DW we could get two mounts for less than a new TV so this is awesome stuff. Thanks much all!
mena661 11/12/14 12:59pm Tech Issues
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