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RE: I think I did something BAD...

Some people should really hold off on their legal advice. Are you going to help her if your advice impacts her credit report?
mich800 04/26/15 03:18pm Travel Trailers
RE: Buying online wholesale-service local

My selling dealer's labor rate is $125 an hour for shop and body shop. And they don't discount it for warranty work either. I'll avoid them anytime I'm paying for something--unless absolutely necessary like for a wheel alignment. Many job tasks are on video on U Tube. Just curious. How do you know what they are paid for warranty work. Or are you stating you are on the hook for the amount the mfg does not pay?
mich800 04/26/15 08:25am General RVing Issues
RE: What's behind all these spam topics?

There are a few reasons. They may be pay per click or affiliate links, they could just be backlinks to their website trying to juice the seo of the website, or maybe malware. There are bots that go trolling trying to resister on any website they can. And if there is not a captcha it is not that hard. After that they will spam until shut down. I set up a website a couple weeks ago and within a few hours I had spam signups until I locked down the registration page with a captcha.
mich800 04/25/15 08:25pm Forum Technical Support
RE: Illegal to work on your own car?

in some ways its already started. (the dealership basically owns the vehicle) my friend bought a new Toyota Prius, just to bop around town. great little vehicle and gets unbelievable mpg. however, when it gets 100K+ miles and the battery pack starts to fail. a replacement battery pack cost more than the car will be worth at that time, I told him he would have been better off, to just lease the car from them, then get a new one in 3 or 4 years. but who knows, he may not put that many miles on it and it may last as long as he does. I would be concerned about buying it used with 100K+ miles and the battery pack have not been replaced. only the dealership could afford to maintain a vehicle like this. Several thoughts on this post; A new Prius has a 150,000 mile warranty on the battery - it's an EPA thing. Also, it is very rare for them to fail even at that mileage. There are thousands of taxi cabs that get hundreds of thousands of miles out of them. Lastly, if your handy, you can diagnose the "failed" battery and just replace the cell that is bad. They are readily available on Fleabay and other sites for a very reasonable fee. There is a lot of misinformation being spread around on the internet about the Prius and other hybrids. The traction battery in a Prius weighs right at 100 lbs, is about the size of two car batteries, and can be changed out with hand tools. I'm not at all concerned about the traction battery in my Prius. The automatic transmission in a conventional car is likely to cost far more to rebuild and at less mileage. Replacement Prius battery It doesn't matter in the context of this thread. There is absolutely no reason you cannot replace the battery in the Prius. It might be expensive but zero connections to the software licensing in the article. Why not lump in the cost of diesel injectors; makes just as much sense.
mich800 04/25/15 05:05pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Another WalMart shooting

We have been RVing for 10 years and full timing for 7 years. Have never stayed in a Walmart parking lot. Do not plan to. If we can not afford an RV park to rest up when traveling, then we will stay in one place and quit traveling. This is my opinion and how we roll. We have traveled coast to coast and north to south so we have not stayed in one place much. But still we do not sleep on parking lots. I am sure someone will have something to say about RV parks could be dangerous too but we do research and choose where we stay in advance of our travels. Interesting...No time table, now specific place to be, no worry about getting back to work in a few days. I would do the same thing. But some people do have these constraints and don't have an extra couple hours driving to a campground off the express way to their destination. I don't stop at Walmarts but I do understand it when time is at a premium.
mich800 04/25/15 04:48pm General RVing Issues
RE: My dad thought he was a goner

All of this tongue weight talk is certainly a part of it. The OP mentioned it being a windy day. It doesn't matter how well set up the rig is, how perfectly the weights are distributed, how well it tracks or anything else; if everything is absolutely perfect a TT will sway in the wind without some kind of sway control devce Sway and wind buffet are two TOTALLY different things. I've towed lots of trailers in different conditions and one things for sure: I can tow on a windy day with no sway control with lots of tongue weight and be fine. I can tow on a windy day with sway control and very little tongue weight and it will be a nightmare. I agree. I have towed in some heavy winds. Yes, the combo gets moved around but it is not sway.
mich800 04/24/15 08:19pm Towing
RE: Towing above 65

I heard the semi was going slow up the hill holding up traffic. When the other vehicle attempted to pass the semi sped up and didn't let the passing vehicle merge back in safely. Where in the world did you here that? That is funny. They were going down hill when the wreck occurred! You heard.. From whom? I am positive it was in the report you posted. Right after the part that talked about how fast the TT was going.:S:B A passing lane is an added lane provided in one or both directions of travel on a conventional two-lane highway to improve passing opportunities. This definition includes intermittent or continuous passing lanes in level or rolling terrain, and short four-lane sections. The objectives of using passing lanes on a two-lane highway are: Figures Roadway Typical Section for Passing Lanes Passing Lane Special Sheet Centerline Pavement Marking Standard Roadway Typical Sections improve overall traffic operations on two-lane highways by breaking up traffic platoons and reducing delays caused by inadequate passing opportunities over substantial lengths of highway. improve safety by providing assured passing opportunities without the need for the passing driver to use the lane normally reserved for opposing traffic.
mich800 04/24/15 07:54pm Travel Trailers
RE: Towing above 65

Speed was the primary cause, no question. This is why. The driver pulling the trailer was trying to get somewhere too fast (the speed part). He had to pass the semi to maintain the speed that he wanted. He was not patient enough to pass safely, due to his speed requirements. If it was not for the speed he wanted to drive, he would have never passed the semi and never had a driver error cutting back in too soon. He obviously wanted to go faster than the semi or would not be passing it. Driver error caused by his need for speed. Set your phasers on stun, no more folks need to get killed today... I heard the semi was going slow up the hill holding up traffic. When the other vehicle attempted to pass the semi sped up and didn't let the passing vehicle merge back in safely.
mich800 04/24/15 12:17pm Travel Trailers
RE: Towing above 65

Had he not been speeding he may not have attempted to make the unsafe pass that resulted in his death due to his having more time to consider before he acted. Speed did play a part in this accident. The fact is that the faster a vehicle is traveling the more likely it is that an accident will result in a fatality. http://i870.photobucket.com/albums/ab265/mich800/images_1.jpg
mich800 04/24/15 11:24am Travel Trailers
RE: What % of income for monthly payment consider okay

Folks knock it off! First, the OP was simply asking if there was an easy formula/percentage to help decide how much to spend. He wasn't asking for our approval to spend more than he could afford. Second, it's really great to sit here declaring that 30% of the world is stupid and lazy and selfish. But, maybe instead of sitting around b!!ching about them and demanding they be put in debtors prison, maybe you should be pushing for budgeting courses in our schools, maybe you should be teaching our youth, maybe you should be holding "financial experts" accountable for pushing bad choices on people without the skills or knowledge to understand, maybe you should walk a mile in someone else's shoes before deciding they don't deserve any help. I would also like to add, this is a top down process. Starting at the Federal, State and local governments and on to corporations. Time for do as I do instead of do as I say philosophy. People are simply emulating what they see others of vastly higher resources doing. After all, why can't a person be too big to fail. Everyone gets a do over. It used to be a shame when a company or person declared bankruptcy. Now it seems like a badge of honor. Remember the "strategic default" method people and companies were using a few years ago to force lenders hands in renegotiating contracts.
mich800 04/24/15 10:24am Beginning RVing
RE: Towing above 65

Why not put this to rest. I'd be more than happy to do just that. It has run its course but others, including yourself in your last post, keep asking questions or discrediting the accounts of the accident by those that were there on scene in an official capacity to save/extract to save life and limb. When fire/extraction is called, it's usually a grim scene,not always but usually. This is why few volunteered for the extra training. I am not sure what you mean by run its course by asking questions. That is the reason it continues the question asked was never answered. What was the statement? I am well aware of the chaos of a fatal accident. I am not tying to discredit anyone. That is impossible as I don't even know what this statement was to even do that.
mich800 04/24/15 09:18am Travel Trailers
RE: Towing above 65

Lots of us have been to Idaho, i even lived in Kooskia Well then Nick, you would probably have been over Whitebird a few times and know the area in question. We actually go to Kooskie twice a month for the cheaper tobacco products on the Res. We lived in Harpster for a while also and almost bought a house there. People could have been to Idaho at one time or another and never been on Whitebird Hill where this accident happened. I assume you have and you know where the accident happened just north of hoots Cafe is a downhill grade to the bottom of whitebird where the whitebird grade begins at the bridge and that the Truckers get a run at the hill where this accident happened. For those that don't know, Whitebird Hill has several runaway ramps and a very bad reputation among Truckers. I could post several trucking accidents on that hill just in the last 6 months. It's a Truckers nightmare, especially in the winter and why this particular trucker was getting a run at the hill when the travel trailer was trying to pass. Why not put this to rest. What was the exact witness statement indicating speed was a contributing factor. It is not in the report put presumably you were privy to this first hand statement let us know. Now it sounds like the trucker sped up knowing another vehicle was attempting to pass.
mich800 04/24/15 08:51am Travel Trailers
RE: Painting cabinets - what about brown trim / bead / welt

Are you speaking of the toe kick area. I cannot picture how it would be attached where it couldn't easily be removed and replaced with traditional painted wood quarter round.
mich800 04/24/15 04:41am Travel Trailers
RE: Towing above 65

I think after 27 pages of rhetoric the best thing to do now is to divide into two groups. 1. Those how think driving fast, (65+) is bad. 2. Those who think driving fast is okay. It is rather obvious that neither group cares what the other group thinks; they are going to do as they please. Perhaps the best thing each group can do is pray for the well-being of the other group. Certainly cannot hurt. That is not true. I would be classified as more in camp 2 but I do respect the opinion of those in camp 1. The problem and reason this thread has drug on is due to the fact an inaccurate use of an accident to support camp 1. It is not ok to use a picture of a fatal accident to play on ones emotions to persuade the other side when that accident had nothing to do their position.
mich800 04/24/15 03:55am Travel Trailers
RE: My dad thought he was a goner

Dad said the sway was slightly better but he would never attempt the e-way again. e-way? This hitch? http://www.fastwaytrailer.com/shop/e2-hitch/ Looks weak to me. Or something else? Or was that short for 'easy way' as in some short cut? I think they meant expressway. Too much sway at speed.
mich800 04/23/15 08:43pm Towing
RE: Towing above 65

Seeing as this thread is about "excessive" speed towing we should switch to a more appropriate argument against speed. This accident is about driver error. It is stretch to make the claim speed was the cause of this accident. Of course there was speed involved but the CAUSE of the accident was driver error. If someone falls asleep at the wheel and drives off a cliff at the bottom of a hill, was speed a contributing factor or the fact the driver was ASLEEP. Witness said the vehicle left the roadway at a high rate of speed.
mich800 04/23/15 08:18pm Travel Trailers
RE: Travel Trailer Purchase order

Maybe or maybe not...the card company will contact the dealer before automatically reversing the charges, and if the dealer supplies a copy of the "non-refundable" contract you more than likely WILL NOT get that charge reversed. Unless you say your card was stolen in which case you are committing fraud. Even if the card company did reverse the charge, the dealer can still take you to small claims court to enforce his contract. If the unit was dealer stock, it's possible the dealer invested time prepping it for delivery and so has labor costs in the deal... What if the dealer encourages you to sign the contract for one unit and reassures you that if you're on the fence, they can change the contract to the other unit? Don't fall prey into that scheme... :h I thought you said you wanted to back out. Not that the dealer would not substitute a different trailer.
mich800 04/23/15 08:03pm Travel Trailers
RE: My dad thought he was a goner

Either the hitch is not installed correctly or there is something wrong with the TT or perhaps the tow vehicle is inadequate if the trailer is heavier than thought. Remember an anti sway hitch is insurance against sway if/when it happens not to make an ill handling trailer better. There are many on here very knowledgeable on this subject. But they will most likely need the exact truck configuration, hitch make and model, and hopefully some weights on the TT to help you out. Would it be possible to have someone experienced towing travel trailers tow it with their vehicle to confirm if it is something with the trailer?
mich800 04/23/15 09:00am Towing
RE: Toyota Fueled by Bullsh*t

The issue is with fuel prices so low, comparatively speaking, new technology will not be embraced until it is as affordable as gas powered vehicles. I'd love to own a hybrid or diesel daily driver but the break even point is 7-10 years, even longer on some. For now I'll just keep driving my gas eating, pollutant spewing, green house gas causing Honda Odyssey until the wheels fall off, it sure is comfortable though. Something wrong with your Honda that it does all that? I've been down the diesel path. I enjoyed every mile. When my wife commented that I was burning $7-800 a month in gas for the F250, I jokingly said I was going to buy a Prius for a work route truck. I went from 12-14mpg to 52~mpg at 50-100 miles a day. Has nothing to do with saving the planet. It's a novelty no different than my diesels were. I work on variable frequency regenerative drives for a living so I find the Prius intriguing as well. If the BS burner takes off, it too will be a novelty. I don't forsee it being mainstream in my lifetime. With that big a mpg spread your payback would certainly be sooner. Around 5 years. Plus the Prius is easier to park. The ones I have drove as rentals were pretty decent cars I thought.
mich800 04/23/15 08:27am Tow Vehicles
RE: Look twice before just pulling on through !

Here is a new type of driver I am seeing more of in Michigan. Twice last week end I was driving on the expressway in the right lane. No other vehicles on the road. A car is coming up the on ramp so I move over to the center lane so no one needs to change their speed. The merging car speeds up cuts me off through the center lane and makes a bee line to the left lane. They then slow down and just hang out in the fast lane. No other cars on the road but them and me the one they cut off to get there.
mich800 04/23/15 05:44am General RVing Issues
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