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RE: New Truck - But I'm not happy about it....

Maybe it's just me but I am confused. You are purchasing a new truck but you don't want to? You are only doing this because your warranty has expired? What is the cost after selling the current truck to get into a new one? Just put that in the bank for future repairs and self warranty.
mich800 09/29/16 06:58pm Tow Vehicles
RE: 2018 Ram w/Hood Scoop

Yes the new scoop on the Chevy has an air intake. I have an 08, and the killer in diesels is exhaust gas temperatures. I finally did my exhaust and EGR deletes and it runs a couple hundred degrees cooler on EGTs from that alone. Where before my fan clutch would come on a couple times on a mountain pass, now doesn't because the truck is cooler. I've read that an air intake on my 08 can decrease the EGTs another 50-100 degrees. Now I only tow about 8,000 pounds so I could go the speed limit before on passes, but if you are towing heavier, that 50-100 degrees can be 5 miles per hour faster on a mountain pass. That's mostly what the companies have done is add cooling to the engines over the years. Since they starting using variable vein turbos in the 2000s, stock diesels could get to the same HP and torque and the latest diesels with only a programmer. You just have to watch temperatures to ensure they don't overheat. BINGO! All three of the modern HD diesels can easily get to at least 500hp and 1000 lb-ft or more at the crank. It is doing it while meeting emissions and keeping the EGTs low is the issue. It is funny that most people say that intakes are worthelss and the trucks have plenty of air up to 500 hp. Yet all of the manufacturers are starting to add air induction systems for more air. These people neglect to realize that for every 1 degree you cool the air coming in, you cool the EGTs by 1.5-2 degrees so adding an intake does have its benefits. That is because this is the completely wrong forum to discuss non OEM performance modifications. Just like if someone asks about programming a modern gas engine the consensus here is it is impossible otherwise the OEM's would have already done it.
mich800 09/28/16 12:23pm Tow Vehicles
RE: 2018 Ram w/Hood Scoop

Interesting pics. Do they only need to display DOT numbers in that state the pics were taken if they are towing. The pics with no trailer the DOT numbers are covered.
mich800 09/26/16 09:01pm Tow Vehicles
RE: I need help with Photobucket dilema

I think I know. If you click the image you are copying for just that image and not sharing the album. Let me see if it worked for me. Here is an image from my account. http://i870.photobucket.com/albums/ab265/mich800/640.jpg
mich800 09/26/16 11:13am Technology Corner
RE: 2017 Super duty

They are not 80K, a well optioned Crew Cab 4WD XLT 6.2L can be had for thousands under 50K. Just go to their built site. These new F250s are the same, if not cheaper, than the previous steel 2016 F250. I know, I was going to buy a 2016 F250 until the poor fuel economy convinced me going poor wasn't a good decision. That is a lost cause trying to explain what has been explained countless times here on all the brands. People today seem entitled that they only purchase the top trim line with every option and only pay 1970's no options pricing.
mich800 09/21/16 12:20pm Tow Vehicles
RE: 2017 Super duty

Local dealer sells both Ram and Ford. I got books on a '17 Ford and a '16 Ram. Checked the GVW of both in 350 srw form and got a surprise. I also liked the option packages of the Ram better than Ford. Everyone's opinion may be different than mine. Still looking. what was the surprise?Well you asked, so how about 600# difference in the GVW with the Ram on top. How did that translate to payload? I thought the '17 Ford would be closer in specs to the Ram. But I have not compared anything side by side. And I am not in the market for a new vehicle anytime soon so this is just interesting conversation for me.
mich800 09/16/16 01:33pm Tow Vehicles
RE: It's not just FCA

Sure the government has a small part in the decision whether to manufacture state side or outsource to another country...but the bottom line decision is made by the corporate exec's...and...that is driven by stock price...of which their bonuses are based... Government involvement as in trade packs, taxation, land use, EPA, etc, etc and again, repeat the bottom line decision is executed by corporate exec's Then look at how foreign OEMs and how they make a profit building 'here' state side, while many American corporations can NOT...so outsource to another country All of this has in large part made the American Middle Class SECOND wealthiest in the world to Canada Govt has a large roll for large corporations. Both in stability of policies and tax (cost) absorbed by those corporations. Instability in the govt does not allow reliable projections for future projects. Tax treatments with respect to competing locations in this global economy are real. I completely agree with "made by the corporate exec's...and...that is driven by stock price...of which their bonuses are based..." But remember this is the owners of the company, IE shareholders. Shareholders expect a return on their at risk funds and rely on the management to perform those tasks to satisfy their required returns. These decisions are not made in a vacuum at the sole direction of some greedy corporate exec. No one said small cars cannot be profitable assembled in the US but this is a decision to maximize profit on all products and is not a zero sum game everyone is making it out to be. Does the US worker care if they are assembling a F150 or Fiesta? And there are differences in the transplant mfgs in their cost structure that the domestic oems must deal with.
mich800 09/15/16 12:32pm Tow Vehicles
RE: It's not just FCA

This is not really new news if you have been paying attention. But like FCA, they are not stating they are abandoning a type of vehicle. Only that a specific type will be assembled at a specific location. The larger higher profit vehicles will be assembled in the US and the lower profit will be assembled in Mexico. Remember when Ford was villainized for stating gas tax would need to increase to force consumers to purchase smaller high fuel economy vehicles? They are forced to do R&D and manufacture these small vehicles that have insufficient demand relative to profit margins to satisfy CAFE.
mich800 09/15/16 11:33am Tow Vehicles
RE: 2017 Super duty

Local dealer sells both Ram and Ford. I got books on a '17 Ford and a '16 Ram. Checked the GVW of both in 350 srw form and got a surprise. I also liked the option packages of the Ram better than Ford. Everyone's opinion may be different than mine. Still looking. what was the surprise?
mich800 09/15/16 06:55am Tow Vehicles
RE: Ford 6.7l Fuel Filter Change-Do You Do It Yourself?

When I reached the point that I could spend $50,000 on a truck, I quit doing my mechanic work. I don't do my own maint because i cant it afford it, but more so because I hate sitting around a dealers waiting area for 2 hours while they pretend to need all that time to change 3 filters and oil! If you don't do the maintenance and can't afford it.......? You need to re-read that quote in context.
mich800 09/14/16 11:45am Tow Vehicles
RE: Old insurance claim

You may be out of luck. Water intrusion damage is typically covered from something acute. Damage from lack of maintenance or improperly/not repaired issues are generally not covered.
mich800 09/06/16 07:20pm General RVing Issues
RE: Hardwiring the modum to the Computer?

Whoosh. Did you ever miss the point. You're trying to compare a simple and effortless change to one involving moving furniture and modifying a house. Maybe I missed your point. I thought you were comparing an ethernet connecton and wifi and making the comparison that the wifi connection is the same as leaving your doors unlocked and completly unprotected. I appologize if I read that incorrectly.
mich800 09/05/16 05:44pm Technology Corner
RE: Hardwiring the modum to the Computer?

But there is a difference between locking the door and instaling bars on the doors/windows and sliding the sofa in front of the door before you leave.Are you making an analogy between using Ethernet instead of WiFi and putting bars on windows/sliding the sofa in front of the door (how do you get out?) instead of locking doors? That's silly. Yes I am making that analogy as some seem to imply using wifi is the same as leaving your car running in the parking lot with the doors open while you shop. If you are so rigid in your thought process that you have taken my analysis so literal as to say "but how do you get out of the house" I cannot change that.
mich800 09/05/16 05:21pm Technology Corner
RE: Hardwiring the modum to the Computer?

Did you bother to read my post? I said it is possible, but also extremely unlikely.Same applies to home burglaries. Do you leave your house unlocked when away camping? But there is a difference between locking the door and instaling bars on the doors/windows and sliding the sofa in front of the door before you leave. :B They are both secured, it is just what is your risk tolerance.
mich800 09/05/16 02:18pm Technology Corner
RE: Electrical Problem

The only item that should/could be in the air box, is the resistors that allows the fan speed to be changed. Some debris could have gotten on to the resistor as most are open wire type. I don't think that is what it was. I think whatever it was occured somewhere near where the AC was drawing the cabin air. I have everything opened up but cannot find any overt wire that fried. When you cycle the switch I can hear and feel a rely type click but it is behind the fuse box. it is not any of the relays on the fusebox.
mich800 09/03/16 03:39pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Electrical Problem

The FUSE LINK wire/cable is a fuse so to speak. If you have one of those as discussed above you need to measure the cable to see if it is open now... Roy Ken I guess I need to track down a wiring diagram to find the fuesable links. I think it would be crazy to have a fuseable link in the air plentum somewhere but anything is possible. AC was on Max or recirculate, so I think maybe somewhere close to where it was drawing intake air in the cabin.
mich800 09/03/16 02:58pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Electrical Problem

Sounds like a blown fuse, caused by whatever electrical short is resulting in the burning smell. If it's coming through the vents with the A/C on, it could be the resistor inside the heater box. Beware... that resistor likely caused the fire that burned one of my F350's to the ground.... http://i300.photobucket.com/albums/nn7/desertrider33/2015-06-17_17-39-04_357.jpg width=640 http://i300.photobucket.com/albums/nn7/desertrider33/2015-06-18_13-58-09_921.jpg width=640 That is the problem. No blown fuses that I can find. But definatly something went wrong within the electrical that needs to be repaired. So far the only thing I can find not working are the power door locks. But when you use the lock/unlock button on either front door or remote you can hear the radio.
mich800 09/03/16 02:36pm Tow Vehicles
Electrical Problem

I also posted this on a Ford fourm but I know there are some electrical guys here. See below: This is one for the electrical gurus. 2008 F250 crew cab 6.4 with about 170k miles if this even matters. Leaving the grocery store today we all got in turned AC on high and could smell something funny. Sat there for about 30 seconds trying to figure it out and realized it was electrical. But not like the typical smell I am used to when a wire is burning but very heavy smell coming out of the vents. Now here is the weird thing. The electric door locks do not work from any switch or remote. If you use the remote it beeps like it locked but no lock or unlock. Fuses all check out unless I missed one. Here is the weird part; truck off, if you hold the unlock button down the radio plays. If you hold the unlock button on the remote the radio plays. How to I begin trouble shooting this?
mich800 09/03/16 01:41pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Overwhelmingly BIO-diesel in Portland, Oregon

I think if you research deep enough, you will find out that pure diesel you bought may still be B5, because I believe for blends of B5 or less that don't have to post anymore. If more that B5 will generally posted as Up To B20. in oregon the "up to B20" can be up to, but the way to tell if it is B20 or less is to see if it is exempt from road tax. If it is B20 it is exempt, if less it is not. Pretty obvious since it is then usually $.25 less than the B5 Are you sure about that? I know the biofuel industry is subsidized. That is the primary reason for it being cheaper. To entice consumers to use it. Not that there is no road tax on it. Around here it is much cheaper if you find b20 but it is most definitely taxed.
mich800 09/01/16 04:06pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Leaving outside camper lights on?

If you're outside and need light, go ahead and use the lights without being inconsiderate. That's kind of their purpose, after all--to light things up outside so you can see. If the light is anything like the porch light on my RV, it might not make much of a difference for doing stuff outside. It's rather on the puny side. I keep a couple of those little round pop-up LED flashlights/lanterns near the door for actual outdoor eating, etc. when its dark. Thanks for the chuckle brother, may have been the first time today I had a good smile on my face. Ed This must have been one of those heavily modded threads. I cannot figure out the humor, sarcastic or otherwise in this quoted post.
mich800 08/31/16 07:58pm Beginning RVing
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