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RE: Dealer wants to buy out my lease?

He's not sending you the letter out of the goodness of his heart in order to do you a favor. The dealer is doing his own wallet a favor, and not yours. Used cars/trucks are often more of a profit margin for the dealer than new ones. He would gain a newer used truck to put on his lot and sell at a profit. You would have the same payment, but for a longer time, thus guaranteeing the dealer a revenue stream for a longer period of time. Dealer wallet wins = 2 Your wallet wins = 0 Pretty straightforward. If this is a Chrysler lease and if they have gone to the way Ford does it they do not keep the lease turn in. They all go to auction. But the marketing part is no different than the wireless companies. With Verizon you upgrade your phone and they have you for another two years.
mich800 03/29/15 03:04pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Tragedy leads to no camping at Cottonwood, AZ Walmart

Note to self. Walmart is not a camp site! Never understood it, never will. I like to BBQ. and sit out and enjoy a cold one after a days driving. Guess it may work for the folks who just like to pull in and close all blinds and curtains up. Pogoil. There is nothing to understand. It is not camping. It is over-nighting for those traveling through. The group arrested do not fall under this category and unfortunatly that is the problem. This is a family of criminals that were destined to go off regardless of where they happened to be. Do you consider all the semis parked on onramps sleeping camping?
mich800 03/29/15 11:58am General RVing Issues
RE: 2015 Ford F-350 0-60 MPH Test

Who really cares. What really matters is how well it will tow at max GCWR, Ken X2 And there you have it. But some people never grow up and are still stuck in the "my truck is faster than yours" mentality. :R Did you see the Ford F150 2.7 EB vs the RAM 3.0 ED 0-60 times? And did you see these two trucks performance pulling a trailer up the Ike Gauntlet? It was very revealing that the one with the better 0-60 had the most reserved power during that pull comparison. :W A 0-60 time is a metric that measures a trucks power and does have some correlation to a trucks pulling ability. So the Ford will make it to the top of the hill first; YAAY! We still haven't tackled that tough question of long term durability, Fish :W Don't worry; Ford Motor Company doesn't want to discuss that either :B Which engine are your referring to with respect to long term durability :h Just because the eco diesel is new doesn't mean it will not prove out to be durable.
mich800 03/29/15 07:13am Tow Vehicles

Yes--as a utility trailer. Non titled I assume. If there is a title that is all you should need.
mich800 03/28/15 04:19pm General RVing Issues
RE: Ford or Ram?

Lets see, both have excellent engines, both have near bullet proof transmissions. I have no knowledge of the Ram but my neighbor bought a 2015 F-350 and has been towing new rv's from plant to dealers since the first of Feb. 36K miles so far and not the first hick up. I have to agree. Take them both on a good test drive back to back and pick the one you have the biggest grin with. Your neighbor is in the minority in the RV hauling industry. Moat are RAM's next GM's then far behind Fords. Same goes for independent haulers in general.Not true with the company he hauls for. Pretty even between Rams and Fords, not that it has anything to do with the post other than your Ram ego.:B Sorry I should have been MORE specific. I should have said INDEPENDENT RV haulers. Companies will buy the cheapest thing they can find not always concerned about the longest lasting as INDEPENDENT haulers are. Here is one I saw this morning. http://i.imgur.com/WNuTlIol.jpg That just is not true. Companies purchases based on the total cost to operate. One cannot say because a larger corporation purchases a certain brand of truck they are not concerned about longevity any more than one can say an independent purchases a specific brand of truck because they are unsophisticated and uneducated.
mich800 03/27/15 09:09am Tow Vehicles
RE: Becoming diesel gunshy

Check out the repair bays at any large dealer to verify that a lot of diesel pickups spend time there. A mechanic friend won't recommend one for that reason. Because no gassers ever go to the shop??? Local dealership employs two good friends of mine, one a diesel tech, one a gas tech. Diesel tech is the one of two that work on diesels that come in, and yet still is often working on gassers or other non diesel related issues. FWIW, I have an '01 Ford with the 7.3L. I can do about any repair needed on it myself. Doubt I will ever get rid of it. Agree. I would highly recommend NOT doing something like this to determine what to purchase. The only insight you would receive is it is better to walk. Seems like the service department at every dealer I have been to seems to have plenty of work to do.
mich800 03/26/15 09:13am Tow Vehicles
RE: Red Squirrel or Chip Monk

Chipmunks live underground. You'd have to have a pretty poor environment for a chipmunk to live inside a structure. Red squirrels, on the other hand, love to gnaw through buildings to gain entrance and build a Winter nest. The easiest way to get rid of rodents is to remove the food source, they will move on if there isn't any of their favorite foods available. Cats are an excellent control for rodents. My new cat is on the hunt every day and is decimating the mice population. They do not live there but hide their loot. I had trouble with them once. They got in somewhere by the propane tanks and went straight up and stored their acorns between the ceiling and roof. So removing the food source will do no good. They are using it as their pantry. FYI, my dog ended up capturing all of them. I think she is part cat. She is constantly getting chimpmunks, birds and other rodents.
mich800 03/25/15 12:23pm General RVing Issues

Does anyone know of a weigh station where I can get my very small towable utility trailer weighed near Brighton? I can't get it plated until I can prove this 350 or so pound trailer weighs less that 2500 pounds. The nearest I found is in Fowlerville. The MI plates are based on GVWR not actual weight I believe. It has been a few years since I have had to plate one. Is this a homemade trailer? Never mind. I just looked and it is empty weight. If you have a title or is there is payload sticker I would think the GVWR is less than 2,500 lbs so that should prove the empty weight is less than that. I have never actually had to weigh one to get the plate.
mich800 03/25/15 09:28am General RVing Issues
RE: 2015 Ram 3500 vs 2015 F350 diesel mpg test

I think everyone knows I am a RAM/CUMMINS guy but there is no way that truck got 14mpg on such a short run. Maybe run 300 miles the 14 would be possible. The Lie O Meter is more accurate under this condition. This fill two click is a joke! Fill the SOB to the top until fuel starts running out that is the only way the test can be fair. Also same pump matters also, at least they did that. I agree the capless fill is a joke! I will be getting a cap from Geno's for mine. Kent get that missing tooth fixed! X2 This is a sham of a mileage test! :S There is no way to get an accurate reading with a pump refill even from the same pump!! A real mileage you need to run at least 300 miles! Then check the mileage. Yes, another RAM/Cummins guy saying sham. That is true. If I top off, sometimes I can get over 5 additional gallons and sometimes 3 at the same station.
mich800 03/22/15 03:25pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Can't believe folks connecting up sewer without gloves

You have been full timing since 2012 and just now realizing some choose to wash their hands. How do you take care of business in the bathroom? I am guessing without gloves.
mich800 03/21/15 06:20pm Fifth-Wheels

Is the cargo camera in the third brake light? Also, do you also have a separate backup camera that could be used for hooking up a bumper pull?
mich800 03/20/15 08:30pm Tow Vehicles
RE: EcoBoost Police vehicles update

There are several theories about where the slang came from; copper- because of the color/style of button on NYPD uniforms in the 1800's cop- an acronym for Constable on Patrol I'm sure there are others. The word "cop" in and of itself isn't necessarily derogative. In fact it is used affectionately amongst law enforcement personnel. That being said, it can be used as a sneer towards police. Just like the word Jew is an official and appropriate word to call someone of the Jewish faith, it can be said in a biting and sneering manner as an insult. Its all how you say it and what you mean by it. Personally I have been called MUCH worse on the street... That can be said for a lot of things. It is all in the delivery whether it is derogatory. I have a friend Richard and depending on how I say his name in conversation may or may not be derogatory. :)
mich800 03/20/15 08:24pm Tow Vehicles
RE: GM to cut powertrain warranty to 60,000 miles

That explains why Ford didn't follow GM's lead on offering a 100k warranty. GM must have figured out that if Ford gets by on a lesser warranty, then they can too. Think about it Tom. Ford is a leader, not a follower... :W Especially in marketing and trucks. GM watches what Ford does pretty closely. #1 (GM)in pickup sales always watches what #2 is up to. People know that the GM powertrain is good for over 100,000 miles. If the buying public had any concerns, they would have continued with a warranty almost twice as long as Ford's. Part of the reason for the longer warranty period was also to gain public confidence. We all know there was much speculation if certain automobiles would even have a warranty. It was a good move from a marketing stand point but also costly. You may say the GM powertrain is good for over 100,000 miles (they all are) but there is a cost to warranty beyound 60k miles because they do fail (like they all do).
mich800 03/20/15 08:16pm Tow Vehicles
RE: 10% TW to 13% TW...did not seem to make any difference

I have not found a road that causes the porposing like like you all are talking about... There are some pretty good whoops between Flagstaff and the north rim on the reservation, but they are irregularly spaced, so they won't set the teeter totter in motion. I do think that adding enough TW can fix it. It would keep the tounge firmly planted on the ball. But it may take more TW than the rig can otherwise handle. You have just been lucky on your wheelbase combination. My set up is rock solid. But there are a few roads in Michigan that just stinks driving on. To me, you can feel it when the truck and trailer wheels hit the expansion joints just right. Think of the rear truck tires thumping on the downhill side of an expansion joint at the same time the trailer wheels are hitting the uphill side of an expansion joint. It feels like the truck and trailer are being pulled in two different directions. At least this is the best explanation of what I feel when I encounter this.
mich800 03/20/15 08:01pm Travel Trailers
RE: Oregon gas tax and minimum wage going up?

The so called "science" of economics is often merely an effort to convince the working class that what's good for them is bad for them. Thus we get Irishtom's Laws of Economics--- My raise is a result of merit, your raise is a result of greed. My raise benefits the economy, your raise causes inflation. I'm better off with more money but you're better off with less. I'm overworked, you're overpaid. My job takes great skill, anyone can do your job. Value hard work until you have to pay for it. When investors and businessmen band together in corporations and trade groups to further their economic interests it's free enterprise, when workers band together in unions to further their economic interests it's communism. There are no social class political issues in America. Like any science where statistics are heavily involved certain positions can be manipulated based on the desired outcome one wishes to present. All economics strive to achieve the same end. But there are multiple ways to arrive at that goal and that is where the debates will rage on. That is what makes our country great. We have the luxury to debate and implement different paths to achieve the same end. Unlike a true communist economy where the end may be the same but who has a say to that means is dramatically different.
mich800 03/20/15 11:57am General RVing Issues
RE: Strange pop-up/video on Home Page

If it is on your ISP's home page it is most likely just an ad program. It will change based on your browsing patterns or can be just random based on what type of adware it is. Most sites are monetized now with some sort of adware now.
mich800 03/20/15 11:45am Technology Corner
RE: Oregon gas tax and minimum wage going up?

Business 101 teaches how to maximize profit for the few. Economics 102 teaches how increased wages generates a better standard of living for all. If increased wages are the result of increased productivity yes. If increased wages for the sake of increased wages would just be a utopia.
mich800 03/20/15 11:01am General RVing Issues
RE: Interesting Article About Marcus Lemonis - Head Of Good Sam

OK, I have to admit, I have NEVER seen the television show "The Profit." Actually, I've never heard of it until I read this forum. I suppose I'm spending too much time camping and not enough time watching TV?.. Anyway .. I went out to CNBC.com and watch an episode. So... what's all the 'fuss' about? I don't get it. I watched the episode about "My big fat Greek Gyro". Actually, it's a very "tame" version of Chef Ramsey and his attempts to rescue restaurants, and the other show (can't remember the name) about the guy that goes in and attempts to rescue bars. And I once saw one where someone had a show attempting to rescue beauty salons. What's the difference with "The Profit". Compared to Chef Ramsey, Marcus is REALLY a tame kitten. His program just focuses on different struggling businesses instead of one target business audience. What's wrong with anyone who is successful launching out into different business ventures. People who have a the mind and the drive to be successful usually are. For every 1 successful venture, he's probably experienced a dozen failures, like most folks experience. But it's the one success that really becomes SUCCESSFUL. Camping World, Good Sam, RV.net .... come-on folks ... is everyone THAT possessive that you are not willing to share "our CEO" with others too? Anyone in business is going to come up against jealous competition and want's nothing else but to see their bigger competitor fail miserable. Rather than become a better company themselves and becoming innovative and providing a better service that truly meets the needs of the consumer, they find it easier to criticize their biggest competition in hopes that the consumer will abandon them and turn to them, thus eventually forcing their bigger competitor out of business. It's really a rotten way to do business, and thank goodness .... we do have some intelligent consumers that can see the game for what it is. If Marcus want's to engage in other business activities, what's the problem with that? Does "The Profit" REALLY have any impact on Camping World? I don't see any conflict of interest and the two business ventures are totally exclusive of the other. They only thing is common, is Marcus. I just don't get it! I'm staying loyal to Camping World and Good Sam. They might have flaws, but if you really look into the alternatives ... they have flaws too. I agree 100%. I only have over the air TV but have watched some on the website and enjoyed them. I think some dismiss these types of shows because they feel it makes them look intellectually shallow. I thought it was good entertainment. As far as a company owning a CEO and everything they do is a little short sighted. Even the President of the United States moonlights on late night TV.
mich800 03/20/15 09:31am General RVing Issues
RE: Heard thru grape vine Suburban 2500 in 2016!!

How do you figure? My 01 has a GVWR of 8600 and weighs 6700 lbs with full fuel and me in it, so payload is around 2000 lbs. How much heavier would the truck get to increase GVWR to 9200 with the 6.2L gas? Doubt we will ever see DMax/Ally in a burb.... From Wikipedia: Recent chatter on several GM enthusiast sites has made reference to a "Suburban 3500" (or 1-ton version) coming in 2016, which would be a GM-unique SUV, but so far GM has not confirmed or denied the existence of this program. I think that was directed at me. I was just pointing out at least with the current 3/4 ton crew cab trucks are heavy. In the 8k range so I assumed a full body would be even heavier. That is if they share some of the heavier components of their truck counterparts.
mich800 03/19/15 11:04am Tow Vehicles
RE: Heard thru grape vine Suburban 2500 in 2016!!

Just read where it might be a 3500 Suburban...possibly 9200 or higher GVWR, which would make it a killer SUV!! Would eat into some of the HD crew cab market for sure! How big of a step up would this be. Was the 2500 sub light. dosen't seem like a 9200 gvwr would leave a lot of payload.
mich800 03/19/15 09:35am Tow Vehicles
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