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RE: 28,500 lbs Ford vs Ram 1 ton DRW

I looked at the numbers a little closer. If the Cummins averaged an rpm where it made 355 hp (that is about the average power that the Cummins produces throughout its rpm range), the Ram had to be 80% efficient at getting the engine's power to the pavement. The average power that the Powerstroke makes between 1800 and 2800 rpm is 385 hp. If the Ford was able to run at an rpm where it averaged 385 hp it would have been 72% effecient at putting its power to the pavement. 80/72 = 1.11. You'd expect the Ram to have gotten about 11% better fuel economy. It got 12.5 percent better fuel economy. Edit: the average hp the Cummins makes from 1800 to 2800 is actually 352 Hp compared to the 355 I used above. That means the Ram could have been 81% efficient at putting its power to the pavement. 81/72=1.125 meaning you'd expect the Ram to get 12.5 % better fuel economy. I find this very interesting. Or could it be that the 6.7L Powerstroke simply doesn't put out the HP that Ford claims it does? It certainly is looking that way. I would be more inclined to think it is either computer, transmission gear ratios, or overall drivetrain losses compared to the Ram. The drag race is a good indicator of peak HP but much more comes into play over a 10 minute plus test. So short term the Ford has shown it has higher HP. But over this test they both put down virtually identical average HP.
mich800 04/22/18 12:52pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Ford F150 is going Powerstroke Diesel

From the stats Ford has released. the Diesel gives you LESS of everything for 2500 bucks MORE than the V6 Ecoboost.. V6 EcoBoost 375 HP..470 FP Torque.. Tow capacity 13,200lb. 23 MPG Diesel..... 250 HP..440 FP torque.. Tow Capacity 11,400lb. 30 MPG Only up side is the 7 MPG more, Less with 4x4. But you know. You can buy a whole lot of gas for $2500.00. More than enough to make the V6 Ecoboost the preferred engine. I think people get too wrapped up in the towing capacity for the small diesels. These are not work trucks. I have said it before. The diesel option in modern cars and smaller trucks (half ton and down) people are just pre-paying for fuel. Now if people keep them long enough and put enough miles on them they will come out ahead.
mich800 04/22/18 09:30am Tow Vehicles
RE: McD's app needs care

..walk around the store, get your stuff, scan, pay from your phone, walk out the door. No lines. EVIL! :-)LOL. A few years ago IBM ran an ad showing this shady looking character putting stuff in his pockets then walking out of the store. A security guard stopped him and said "you forgot your receipt." Wonder if we'll ever see that. With the Sam's app you have to show the receipt that's on your phone at the checkout door just the same as a paper receipt. As to the product in pockets, Amazon has already built a store with no check out. You just load your products in your shopping bag and walk out. You get charged for whatever you took. Speaking of Sam's receipt check at exit. Is it just our store? They spot check an item on the receipt and look for it in the cart. Shouldn't it be the other way around.
mich800 04/21/18 03:37pm Technology Corner
RE: dead throttle responce on ram 2500

It's heavy programmed torque management causing dead or delayed pedal. You can minimize some it by turning off traction control and putting the transmission into tow/haul mode. Others have gone to tuners or mods to fix the response. I think some of it is also emissions related. The balancing act of not sending too much fuel and clogging DPF before turbo spools up. I believe some of the tuners can throw more fuel at it on the bottom end but that is why some DPF on bad tunes kill the filter.
mich800 04/18/18 03:21pm Tow Vehicles
RE: McD's app needs care

My iPhone can’t send a text to iPhone and Android users at the same time.This is why our only Apple product was won, not bought. Apple is into proprietary solutions that aren't always compatible with the outside world. Not that other companies don't try the same thing but Apple reigns supreme in that area. I send group texts to my family with no issues. Both iphone and android destinations.
mich800 04/18/18 03:16pm Technology Corner
RE: New Ram 1500 and it's mild hybrid system

Sounds similar to the early Prius hybrids. Great if you are primarily using the truck as a "grocery getter". But probably not much of a benefit while towing. The problem is the boost time is likely limited to tens of seconds or at most a couple minutes. So great driving in stop & go traffic to work or if you need a little surge to pass quickly on a 2 lane road...but climbing a 5 mile grade, your available power is what the ICE generates. A plug-in parallel hybrid with a tow-haul mode would be interesting but I suspect there isn't enough of a market for it as the vast majority of 1/2 ton pickups do no significant towing. - Example: If you have a 20mile electric range and you are allowed to manage it, you could hold off burning thru the battery until you get to the base of a long climb and then use the battery power to assist the ICE getting up the grade. That might allow a basic V6 to compete with a V8 in terms of tow ratings. It's not a hybrid. I don't think they are marketing it a such. The primary function is to smooth out the stop/start feature and aid going from MDS to full power. They do state it can give some extra torque to the engine if needed but in no way operates the way any hybrid vehicle does. The vehicle never operates solely under battery power. It looks like they may use the "hybrid" terminology but I think this is just adding to confusion on what it does. I would say it has more in common with an electric supercharger than modern hybrid vehicles.
mich800 04/17/18 06:00pm Tow Vehicles
RE: question about macerator use

SoundGuy, I think you added to your post while I was posting. Using the riser like you stated and keeping lots of water in you black tank should eliminate their concerns.
mich800 04/14/18 06:40am General RVing Issues
RE: question about macerator use

The OP is asking about using his macerator to service his tanks at home and whether when doing so it's "slow", or "slower" than the traditional method of gravity draining with a stinky slinky. The answer is yes, it is slower than gravity draining BUT who cares how long it takes when you're at home? I think the OP concern was not having the siphoning effect when you can use the high volume hose compared to the small hose on the macerator. They are worried about not pulling all the solids out. I don't use a macerator but it sounds like by the comments above using a tank riser in addition to the macerator eliminates that concern.
mich800 04/14/18 06:37am General RVing Issues
RE: 2016 Ram 3500 Crash / Diminished Value Result

I cannot believe this is still being debated. Diminished value for automobiles is a proven fact. This is not some mico concept on one vehicle repaired at a quality shop. This is a macro concept and consumers in fact will pay less for a vehicle that is known to be in a serious wreck. Comparisons between appreciating assets like homes with depreciating assets are not valid. And repairs done by the manufacturers during production or delivery are not the same type of damage discussed. Would you pay the same price for a properly repaired salvage titled vehicle? The consumers have spoken and the answer is no.
mich800 04/11/18 06:38pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Andersen Hitch Co.owner defaces Arches NP.

Yes junior was a bad boy and he will be chastised for a couple of weeks and may get fined but it will pass. And I know none of the haters have never done anything stupid to try and impress your women. But I could care less what he does in his free time I only care about the engineering behind his products. I remember when Marcus made his comment about a particular candidate and a particular voting group. Yes They lost some buyers but I saw it as an opportunity and after talking with a salesmen I got one hell of a deal on my new unit over what they had quoted me before because sales were down after he opened his mouth. And it has passed just like this will. You do know Marcus owns this forum.....why are you still here? You do know taking a knee is very, very disrespecting .... so why are you still watching? I don`t know ,I could be wrong, was once back in July of 1963 but for some I think I can detect a bit of Hypocrisy. Go ahead Why, if one doesn't like what someone says or does, they are automatically labeled a "hater"? I think what Ryan did was despicable and, because of it, won't buy product of his. It doesn't mean I hate him, I don't hate anyone. As for what Marcus said, words are words. I don't let them bother me. There is a huge difference between someones political views and having low moral charter. We are not talking about some kid making poor judgements until they learn. This is an alleged fully developed adult. I would not trust my family's safety with a company lead by someone proven to make decisions without regard to anyone else. I will not give him the opportunity to cut corners in his business and product if he gets in a financial jam. As he has proven nothing is off the table to satisfy his personal ends.
mich800 04/11/18 12:18pm Towing
RE: 2016 Ram 3500 Crash / Diminished Value Result

Yes, but in the end if it was repaired properly they will both be the same truck! Which one would you buy? One that was properly repaired with no issues or one with poor maintenance that looks like junk with no accidents?! Key phrase "otherwise similar". In your example they are not comparable substitutes. Diminished value is like depreciation. The further from the initial start the less relevant it becomes in magnitude.
mich800 04/06/18 12:01pm Tow Vehicles
RE: 2018 TFL Gold Hitch Awards

The problem is YouTube recently changed the way they payout advertising dollars. There are a ton of these channels that have had their advertising dollars shrink overnight. You are seeing more and more of this for those that have channels and trying to make a living out of it.
mich800 04/05/18 12:06pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Tesla Semi truck unveil & test ride set for Oct 26th !

The point was that since Tesla doesn't crank out a car every 60 seconds you are less likely to get a mass produced clunker. If there was a problem it would be picked up sooner than the mass produced companies that wouldn't realize there was a problem until the 500,000th vehicle rolled off the line. I guess that theory can now be rejected :D Tesla Recall
mich800 04/02/18 01:46pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Phone activated functions on an RV???

Have we as RVers gotten that lazy that we need to use a cell phone to operate our RV's when our RV 'comes with already installed' buttons/switches to operate everything? What gives you the right to judge? Some people are just techno-geeks, period. No one is required to justify how they operate their RV (or how they camp for that matter) to anyone. I suggest you move on and find something applicable to YOUR life to deal with. I agree. I think sometimes people forget we are "camping" in our full service condos. I am sure some tent campers are thinking the same thing about even primitive rvs. If you want tech go for it we all enjoy things differently.
mich800 04/02/18 08:23am General RVing Issues
RE: Are our roads getting worse?

I'll remind you all, the last administration passed a near Trillion dollar infrastructure bill, that resulted in new offices for Congress, gave GM to the unions, and had them laughing about the jobs not being as shovel ready as they thought, And there is no reason to believe that DC has changed enough in the last decade to do any better, what will it be this time? More bridges to nowhere, and gold plated outhouses? When it's other peoples money, it doesnt get used frugally. And we're still paying for the huge tax cuts of the adminn prior to that one. I don't see any significant changes until this attitude changes. There is more than enough cash/revenue in the system. We don't have a revenue problem, we have an allocation and waste problem.
mich800 03/30/18 10:54am General RVing Issues
RE: Engine shut off, no warning

I had that happen to me back in November in my 2010 F150.. Mine shut off once, restarted and I assumed it might be trash in fuel line (I was stopping and starting and turning around on mountain roads). It stopped again about 5 minutes later so I called for help. I was miles from campground in NGA mountains and several hundred miles from home. I got a tow to local Dealer as I didn't want that happening with TT attached. Turned out there was a service bulletin for some type wiring short between fuel pump and computer controls. Only took them a couple of hours to diagnose and repair (thank goodness). I was kinda bummed that my local dealer had not mentioned the service bulletin when I had the oil changed/basic service done just a week before. Dealers generally will not inform you of a TSB. It is there for them as a reference to aid in repairing vehicles that have exhibited consistent or similar symptoms. So unless you go in and state you are having an issue they are not going to go searching for all the TSB's on your vehicle.
mich800 03/30/18 07:39am Tow Vehicles
RE: 2019 GMC Sierra

Bottom line I just test drove a new 2019 Ram and Ford is light years behind it as for the new GM twins they are looking like they will give Ram a run for it's money. Peace Out, Don I think your disdain for Ford is showing through again with your hyperbole. I drive the Rams and stating the F150 is light years behind is just over the top. The Rams have a lot of nice new features but other than their big touch screen nothing any of the others don't have.
mich800 03/29/18 02:23pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Record high price for used 2018 Ram 2500?

I didn't think the Aisin was in the 2500. Looks like he's upside down. Most likely the upside down part! Recently out of work trying to cut cost. I would agree or a dealer just being stupid. You have to work pretty hard just to get up to that price MSRP let alone used price.
mich800 03/29/18 12:12pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Engine shut off, no warning

Thanks for all the replies, It just happened again. To narrow things down I was driving with all the electronics turned off. I was just coasting up to a red light when it shut off, and it felt like I had downshifted. While it was still rolling I just shifted into neutral turned the key and it took right off. I'm going to look for something loose under the hood. I'll let you know. Thanks guys, Dozer I would check the battery connection first. But if this is very intermittent or one time event it is going to be very difficult to find. Maybe you will get lucky and there is a pending code or something to point you in a direction. The fact it started up right away with no problem and no drivability issues before or after indicates you may need to just chalk this up to a fluke. You may spend more time and money on something that is not a issue unless it does it again.
mich800 03/29/18 12:03pm Tow Vehicles
RE: 2019 GMC Sierra

I just looked at a pic of the new Ram. It's ok. I can see why the op says if you don't like the new Ram you won't like the new GM but I like the GM much better. Kind of looks like the new Ram with F150 headlights.
mich800 03/29/18 10:24am Tow Vehicles
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