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RE: Another insurance issue

Mich800, if you are paying $2,000 a year in the Pontiac area, I should get away a little cheaper....no I am not bashing your area, I just live near a small town in Washtenaw County with very little crime. I think Oakland is much more urban(more traffic, more crashes, etc) than here. I don't disagree. It was more to illustrate how crazy high your quote was. I do have a long driving history with no claims and a good credit rating. But...my son turns 16 next year so we shall see.
mich800 09/30/14 12:46pm General RVing Issues
RE: Another insurance issue

Ok, So I got another quote for insurance today for my vehicles. It started at Esurance but they won't insure my wife's Transit Connect because too many of them are commercial vehicles....hers is not. So they sent me to an affiliate company who looked at a few other companies they write insurance for. They called me today and to insure my three vehicles, they wanted over $9,000.00 for the year. My current insurance is less than 1/3 of that. Oh, the company that wanted the $9000 was Progressive. Yikes. I have my three vehicles insured through Progressive. I think my premium is a little over $2k annually.
mich800 09/29/14 08:32pm General RVing Issues
RE: Solid State storage Disc ...

I can't help with your question but when counting backups I have every SD card that ever came out of my camera. I have never erased one. They don't cost much and I haven't had one go bad yet I shoot with a Canon 5DM3 and 7D DSLRS ... Cards I shoot cost $100 each -- and I shoot everything in RAW format, large files. Only get a couple hundred images on each card. That's would be too expensive to keep the cards. So, that would mean making a copy of each one, for safety and back-up - I ain't that rich. Plus, no way to catalog the images either, or process them, or copy them, and print. I agree. My wife shoots for a hobby. No way I would want to just by a new card every time one is full. She can burn one at just one soccer game or bike race.
mich800 09/28/14 01:48pm Technology Corner
RE: Caption this one....

From Groundhog day. Watch out for that first step, it’s a doozy.
mich800 09/27/14 01:55pm Towing
RE: ?

So the other manufactures maybe could have staved off bankruptcy if they realized they could do fleet sales? Or is it more likely that they all have fleet sales. I know one of them claims to be commercial grade. It amuses me that some use the "what truck is used by hot shotters" as a proxy for quality but somehow those responsible to maintaining a fleet of work trucks that are dependable and cost efficient are all just idiots that are throwing darts.
mich800 09/25/14 05:31am Tow Vehicles
RE: CW $59 install (read the fine print)

Fine print – baloney… Read the ad… while its not the headline its not small print either, it is not deception, nor is there anything wrong with it… and it is available to read before the sales agreement… there should be no surprises here, none, naada… http://www.campingworld.com/rv-service-parts/rv-product-installation/ It very simply requires the buyer to read the information available about the offer that everyone interested in taking advantage of it should do… Everybody has to be a victim anymore… It is by no means hidden. It is no different then the $20 oil change. Diesel, that is extra. More than 5 quarts, that it extra. Etc.
mich800 09/23/14 11:52am General RVing Issues
RE: Unable to get sanibel fixed under warranty?

Take it back where you bought it. Dealers get a certain amount of the sale price for doing warranty work. If you buy from a dealer he gets the money and then you expect to get it fixed some place else that dealer is left hanging. It is the same in the auto industry. If you read you car warranty it says that you should take it to the selling dealer unless you need repairs while away from home. That is total BS! Where did you dream that up? True. I have never had an issue getting warranty work done on an automobile at a different dealer. The fact is the RV dealer network is******and known for this. This is a problem the RV OEM's have not developed a dealer network like the auto manufactures have. But I would most definitely not but automotive dealers in the same categorization. You may find a dealer like that but in my experience that is an exception not the rule.
mich800 09/21/14 02:42pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: 08 F250 suspension help..

I went out and looked at mine. I have 5 leafs also just not overload. The picture just made it look so much bigger when zoomed in.
mich800 09/17/14 11:26am Travel Trailers
RE: 08 F250 suspension help..

Those look like Ford wheels. I have a 2008 F250 with snow plow and camper package and do not have overloads. If fact I don't think I even have that many leafs.
mich800 09/17/14 09:55am Travel Trailers
RE: Most secure email account for RVing & traveling

I found the answer to be, buy a Dot.Com. Some of them are only a couple of bucks one time charge. You get a free personal email account, plus a bonus of your own website, blog, picture storage, etc. etc. In my experience THESE email accounts have 'never' been hacked. You go to your website and read your email period. Click on mail and boom there it is for you to read! It's not hooked up to all what google, MSN, yahoo is, which allows them to read, copy, distribute, delete, infect all your contacts and hack into, etc.And you don't have to wait for 10 minutes like on yahoo, msn for all their advertising and news feeds etc. to load. Maybe in your case but absolutely these accounts get hacked. Once your email is out there or you have a domain you are vulnerable to potential attacks. I have been hacked with that exact same set up. Spammers will get your login and route through your account until it is shut down.
mich800 09/17/14 07:16am Technology Corner
RE: Do I have to take the dealer's word on the MSRP?

Roadtrek lists their MSRP on their website. But, that is a suggested selling price. You have to assume they have already added a 25% or so to the cost to give the retailer a profit. The retailer does not have to sell at that price since it is a "suggested" price. My experience is that dealers add onto the MSRP to arrive at a new MSRP that suits them. If you can't get it from the Manufacturer, you really don't know what you are getting. ??? Isn't that MSRP. I was unaware the MSSP was different.
mich800 09/16/14 03:27pm Beginning RVing
RE: Wheel Bearings

The new trucks have cassette sealed type bearings. At least my 06 Chevy does and I know the newer Dodges do too. Most have reported they have failures sooner than old regular packable bearings. I would not want them on my TT. As far as packing trailers bearings. My TT is 28 year old and I remember packing them twice. Both times I was doing brakes so I just repacked them to make everything like new. I check them about every 7 years or so because that is when it seems I need new brake parts. During my checks I never found them in need of packing. Never. I put on about 4 to 5K a year on my TT. I think most if not all new vehicles have unit or non serviceable cartridge type bearings. Whether they last as long as the previous serviceable bearings is debatable. There is a definite cost increase as most cannot or the SOP is to replace the entire assembly rather than replace the cartridge bearing.
mich800 09/13/14 10:35pm General RVing Issues
RE: Learned something new about camping....

I have been to Huffmaster. I think I would take the lullaby of the sharp acorns hitting the roof to drown out the other noises. Great park but by no means quiet.
mich800 09/13/14 10:22pm General RVing Issues
RE: Progressive Insurance Problems with Claim

If you have lived long enough you have been screwed by an insurance company. It is not an altruistic industry. The goal is to take in more in premiums than is paid out in claims. I was screwed by State Farm but I am sure there are many more that are satisfied with them. I have had good experiences with Progressive both in the premium level and their payouts on claims. But I know I am on borrowed time and it can change at any time. My recommendation is to find the cheapest premium as it is just a matter of time before the house wins.
mich800 09/13/14 09:49pm General RVing Issues
RE: Think it'll be warranty?

The DEF rusted the frame away. :)
mich800 09/11/14 10:55am Tow Vehicles
RE: iPhone 6

Why must all Apple / Android threads turn into a competition? I just don't get it or understand the underlying "you're wrong and I'm right" hostility......I like Android but my computers all run Microsoft.I have no interest in a MS (or Apple) phone...... It's not right or wrong. :R It's people expressing their opinions of a product. I personally like reading everyone's opinion of a product. It has helped me make better purchasing decisions. It's a discussion forum. And BTW:.....YOU yourself just chimed in that you don't like iPhones. So I guess that makes you hostile too.http://i49.tinypic.com/24o3qs0.gif I'm just thankful this nonsense does not happen in the tow vehicles forum.
mich800 09/11/14 09:56am Technology Corner
RE: Sway Fatigue

Is the sway better or worse with a full tank of fuel? And how often have you towed this combination, is this a new problem or was this your first real trip with this combo?
mich800 09/08/14 09:27pm Towing
RE: gas price ripoff

I live in oil boom country. I have a friend that bought oil options and now bringing in 35 grand a month. A rancher that has punched over 500 wells, reported to be bringing in a cool million a month. It's no wonder fuel is not going down. These poor folks have a life style to maintain.Why didn't you invest your money to buy those options and start taking in 35 grand a month? Obviously it must of been a sure deal. Why didn't you invest your money and punch 500 wells (it only costs around $4,000,000 per well) Then you too could be making a cool million per month, and at that rate you would pay off your wells in 166 years. Of course you could end up with a dry hole and go broke, but nobody ever talks about that because we are only jealous of the winners. Ha ha, funny guy, my hind sight has always been better than my foresight. And now for the whole strory. The rancher had a unknown millions to start with. Not much chance at dry holes around here. Heard of fracking? They are even buying up mineral rights in the middle of town. Heard of angle drilling? The oil companies have the research. They do not invest that kind of coin to drill dry wells. It is no different then the numerous properties for sale in the Marcellus Shale region. People buying and selling in hopes someone wants a drilling lease.
mich800 09/06/14 05:05pm General RVing Issues
RE: August 2014 top sellers

In following the sales, I have to say that I'm impressed by the consumers. RAM has had the same outer shell since 2009/2010. So it isn't the exterior cosmetics. Apparently consumers realized that RAM has done a lot to stiffen its chassis and refined the interior quite a bit in order to drum up the sales which they did for the past year. Then there's the whole introduction of coil springs and factory air suspension in the 3/4 ton trucks and introduction of the Aisin AS69RC transmission behind the big "C". Last and least (in my book) is the pi$$!ng match between Ford and RAM over most torque. But I think that's a non-factor. GM has apparently only refreshed the interior and exterior sheet metal and hasn't had quite the ramp-up success. Probably because consumers already understand that there isn't really all that much change with the GM aside from cosmetics, or had a higher expectation of upgrades and changes with the new body, therefore not as strong a reason to upgrade. If they had some revolutionary features (More effcient half-ton powertrains, more cogs in the half-ton transmissions, more features that HD buyers clamor for such as air suspension) similar to what RAM has done recently, I'm sure they will drum up more sales. However, I think GM is in an excellent position to shake-up the midsize market, if they get that diesel out there ASAP. Or maybe some other force-induced smaller engine suitable for truck duty to boost cruising efficiency. But like typical GM, they do tend to squander true business opportunities with poor execution from a great concept, leaving it up to other companies to capitalize on an idea. (GM was the first to develop a practical electric car, if anyone remembers the EV1, had just about the same range as a modern Nissan Leaf; Then there's the Aztec; then there's the Volt concept vs. production). I'm sure that when Ford drops their new aluminum intensive super duty and makes some serious upgrades to the chassis, people will be swayed to purchase one. I recall sales perking up when the 6.7 Scorpion was first introduced at Ford. That may sound good but the reality is all the trucks are very similar in capability. It comes down to who is more effective in their marketing and advertising campaigns. We can talk about nuisances of frame design and cosmetics (beauty is in the eye of the beholder)but we are a minority of the purchasing public. It's all about getting butts in the seats for test drives and closing the sale. I will tell you around these parts Chrysler is very good at their test drive promotions through the schools and non profits like YMCA's. They raise money for these entities and get numerous potential customers in their vehicles.
mich800 09/03/14 07:10pm Tow Vehicles
RE: August 2014 top sellers

Ram is at the Burger King level. May very well be the new McDonald's soon. Does that mean they are growing to inferiority? :) don't think so but still that was a good one! I thought you would like that. Good run by Chrysler so far this year.
mich800 09/03/14 03:01pm Tow Vehicles
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