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RE: VW/Audi

They are running tv adds in my area showing rebates of over $10,000 and yes it is ONLY on old stock as I said. I have no idea what the rebates are for new or customer ordered vehicles. The point is GM and Ford must have stock older than 90 days, thus they are over producing and need to add large discounts to their vehicles. Those rebates tied to oldest inventory date are not just on their pickups btw. Over producing is not a good bissneses model and will catch up to you. I wasn't the guy that brought up giving large rebates, I was just pointing out that it is not just* FCA doing this it is GM and Ford. BTW here is a little trivia for you, GM was the first manufacturer to offer rebates encase you foregot. Don Don't know why you would draw the conclusion that only GM and Ford have old inventory based on sound business practices to get rid of said old inventory. I could make the statement chrysler may go out of business again because they are failing to try and sell their old inventory (that I am confident they have some). Reading too much in either of those statements is not accurate. The whole conversation and drawing conclusions based on the health of any automotive OEM by their rebates is a little silly. This is an industry that was built on using rebates to get people in the door. The true measurement is each OEM's profit margins.
mich800 11/25/15 10:07am Tow Vehicles
RE: 2007 Ford f350? Known issues?

The Ford 6.0 has been maligned for its less than stellar reputation. But I don't think is is like the house is out to get you in Vegas. I would really like to see any statistical analysis that show you are more likely than not to get a bad one. I.E. over 50%. I know they have a higher failure rate relative to other options of the same era but I cannot remember reading where the failure rate was anywhere high enough for the below hyperbole. Are there better options, maybe depending on what your priorities are. But by no means not like playing russian roulette with a semiautomatic. "My point is that if you win big money in the Lottery a lot then go buy one because you have the kind of luck to find a good one. It's that simple. The odds are against you if you buy a 6.0."
mich800 11/25/15 09:25am Tow Vehicles
RE: 6 people killed in Texas campsite attack

I've seen this incident posted on a number of forums. What bugs me is the OPs post in incorrectly as occurring in a campground, as if to panic all us that use campgrounds. They all failed to read the news correctly, that it happened at at private residence, NOT a public or private campground.:M I wish people would read stuff like this thoroughly, before starting a post about it.I agree with your thought... But...the OP used the exact wording of the FOX News headline. Blame FOX. Who said campground. I read campsite. Are we really that sensitive that we feel this is an indictment of camping?
mich800 11/18/15 06:15pm General RVing Issues
RE: 6 people killed in Texas campsite attack

Found this interesting, from US crime statistics, in 1960, homicide rate was 5.1 per 100,000. In 2014 it was 4.5 per 100,000. Population has gone from 178 million to 318 million. So while the number of murders has gone up as our population has increased, the percent has gone down, a little bit. So apparently the good old days were not quite as safe as we would like to remember. I include myself in that way of thinking. And with the internet, stories that would have stayed local, now are spread all over, so may magnify how we look at this kind of thing. Before it still happened, we just never heard about it, is my guess I have said that before. People just naturally wax nostalgic on their childhood or different period. That fact is the more things change the more they stay the same. If anything the 24 hour news cycle just draws attention to these events making it seem like the world is ending.
mich800 11/18/15 06:12pm General RVing Issues
RE: My camper came with tires filled with Nitro air

OK, I would like to find out more actual facts about this, and I am absolutely NOT an expert, or even very knowledgable about tires or what s in them. However, when we went in to get the Nitrogen in our tires topped off, the pressure in all four had dropped from a normal 32 lbs. down to 24 lbs all around. So I was reasonably sure that I did not have a leak or anything wrong. At the tire dealer, the tire person said that it was probably due to the minor temperature change, which had dropped from the 90+ down into the 70+ range. Not a big overall change at all. He said that they had a good number of folks coming by for a topoff in the last week. I hadno reason to doubt what he said and it seemed reasonable, so we just thanked him, and went on out way. These tires have been on this car for over a year, and the original pressure was about 33 lbs in all four tires. I have not noticed any change more than 2-3 lbs so far, checking both at rest cold, at rest hot, and while driving at speeds up to 70mph. Does anyone have any actual facts, or other experience?? All tires and rims will lose air pressure while in use, nitrogen filled less so. Losing 8 lbs all around could be typical with a temperature drop and a year's duration of use. If you don't want to be startled by an air pressure drop, my suggestion would be to check your tire pressures more frequently and add air when needed. They all stayed the same pressure but 25% swing seems awfully big. I have never lost more than 5-8% max and that is with regular air.
mich800 11/12/15 06:41am General RVing Issues

I think you have been mis-infomed. According to UPS, you can ship ammo(under 50 cal)via UPS within the 48 contiguous United States, all you need is to affix a ORM-D label to the package. You cannot ship ammo via USPS. I think the extra regs of CA is confusing them.
mich800 11/11/15 07:16pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Pay for parts up front?

I had to replace our awning this summer and I used my mobile repair man. He came and measured, made the install appt. withg me for the next week, and came back with the awning at the appt. time. He installed it, I paid him THEN, and we were all happy! If the small business mobile repair guy can order it without payment, CW certainly should!!! Maybe. But maybe this mobile repair guy was never stung by a custom order that he had to eat. Maybe competition is strong enough in the area that he needs to do whatever it takes to get the job. Maybe his policy changes if this happens to him and he does the next 3 jobs for zero profit to eat one bad debt. There are many reasons why a business implements the policies they have. Just because a company is a big player does not mean they can ignore sound credit policies that mitigate their risks without turning away too many customers.
mich800 11/05/15 11:30am General RVing Issues
RE: Dodge recall notice

Fact is that all dealerships are money making machines, they aren't there for goodness of heart only their own financial health. Just like all businesses! Bingo! It really doesn't matter to them what they sell so long as it makes money, these ones just happen to be selling vehicles , but they could also be selling water, or farm equipment or internet rv forums or..... Just don't make the mistake of thinking they are there for you, they are there for the money. Again, just like any business! and yes a good dealership is there for the customers well being as well as the money! It is funny. I see this a lot. Not just here but many forums I look at and just my observations talking to people. Often times the ones complaining about poor customer service are also the ones that hold the us vs. them mentality when it comes to retailers or other business. I wonder how much of that attitude bleeds through and sabotages their chance for a good experience. Not every transaction goes perfectly but it is how both sides approach these sometimes trivial differences before they escalate to "irreconcilable differences".
mich800 11/05/15 07:19am Tow Vehicles
RE: Buying Canadian truck in U.S.

Watch the warranty. I remember back several years when the American dollar was worth a lot more than the Canadian. The manufactures would not honor the warranty in the U.S. on a "gray market" car from Canada and sold in the U.S. B.O. FCA will not warrant any vehicle sold in one County than registered in a different Country. You can bring a Canadian vehicle into the US and receive full warranty coverage only if you are the original owner. How GM and Ford handle this I have no idea. Don I think it depends on how the vehicle changed intended country of destination. I know Fords position is the same as FCA with respect to warranty. But I know for a fact the truck I currently have was sold as a lease in Canada and imported back to the USA with full warranty. The caveat is I purchased from a Ford dealer and it was a certified pre-owned. So maybe if they purchase it in one of their off lease auctions they can do this. I have the original window sticker and it states clearly this vehicle cannot be sold in the US. So buyer beware especially if you think you are getting OEM warranty.
mich800 11/04/15 03:31pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Pay for parts up front?

Love or hate Camping World this sounds relatively typical of a custom order. Without knowing how custom or returnable this awning is the attitude seems a little aggressive based on SOP for custom orders from anyone.
mich800 11/04/15 02:01pm General RVing Issues
RE: Dodge recall notice

For as good they are doing in sales I am surprised they did not ask if you wanted fries with that. :)
mich800 11/04/15 07:22am Tow Vehicles
RE: How does this happen?

Young girl that died did NOT have her seat beat on! Chris Yep no seat belt thrown from the truck and most likely run over be the Mazda. My son now has a plate in his right arm because he didn't have a seat belt on. The driver lost control hit the center barrier and the car rolled on its top and slid over 200 feet. None of the four passengers were seat belted. Luckily Jake was the only one injured. Seat belts save lives by keeping you in the vehicle and holding you in place via the pretensioners (sp) to keep you further away from the airbags. Note, the airbags will not deploy if your seat belt is not buckled! Also the bags won't deploy if the pretensioners are not working. Don The airbags do work if you're not bucked, but the threshold and speed at which they deploy changes. It will also change based on the position of the seat (forward in it's track or rearward) indicating a shorter or taller driver. In the end, her life would likely have been spared if she was belted in. Head trauma or internal bleeding are the two biggest causes of fatalities in unrestrained passengers. The smaller car flipped the truck likely due to: - Truck's higher CG - Collision impact angles (side impact) - Fact that the car is so much lower it acted like a wedge - The broken wheel is on the impact side, not the "dig in" side Total agreement. Airbags most definitely deploy even if occupant is not buckled. I travel a lot of miles often late at night and have unfortunately come up on a couple fatal accidents where the driver was ejected. In every instance the airbags were all deployed.
mich800 11/03/15 11:10am Tow Vehicles
RE: Buying Canadian truck in U.S.

When I looked at a few of the Ford window stickers they say something like "never to be registered in the US". Is this for 1st owners only? What did the dealer tell you about getting one of the vehicles registered and if needed, inspected? Are they going to sell it and say it's your problem to get it registered? If it is at a dealer I would not sweat it. A dealer cannot sell a vehicle that cannot be registered.
mich800 10/31/15 02:08pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Buying Canadian truck in U.S.

Watch the warranty. I remember back several years when the American dollar was worth a lot more than the Canadian. The manufactures would not honor the warranty in the U.S. on a "gray market" car from Canada and sold in the U.S. B.O. This is true. There is no warranty on a vehicle that was destined for a different country. The exception is if the vehicle was imported back by the OEM. My truck was a Canada truck with the same cannot be registered in the U.S. and warranty is void etc. But I purchased it as a certified pre-owned from a Ford dealer with full warranty. And yes it did work because I did have some warranty work done. If you purchase the vehicle from a dealer in the U.S. it has already been imported back. But it is very likely it may not have a warranty. Don't assume anything.
mich800 10/31/15 02:07pm Tow Vehicles
RE: How does this happen?

I believe that the air bag deployment is triggered by weight! Empty front seat no belt warning light, put about 20# on the seat and the seat belt warning light comes on and the bag is activated. Yes, Very Tragic crash,you wondering if running the light was due to the driver being distracted, or intentional. Unless they changed something it is the complete opposite. The cars I have been in (I rent a lot of cars for work) if you put something light on the passenger seat like a computer bag it will turn off the airbag. I believe the theory is small passengers may not tolerate the airbag in a collision. I have never seen a seat belt warning light for the passenger side with my bag on the seat. But often see the airbag light on (deactivated) doing the same. This is obviously vehicle specific but typical of what I see in the ones I rent.
mich800 10/30/15 02:45pm Tow Vehicles
RE: 700 hp Shelby F150

I'd rather have a factory hot rod like the Dodge Hellcat...with it's 707 hp, excellent handling and braking. I think a sedan is a better platform for ultra performance due to it's lower CG, lower profile. BTW, I'm no Mopar fanboy. I've never had a Mopar, mostly just GM and Ford...then a few VW's, Toyota and a Volvo. But when it comes to fast domestic vehicles, I think the Hellcat is at the top of what's available. You sure about that excellent handling part? Dodge has never been known for excellent handling speed related vehicles. Multiple test drive reports also don't support that the Hellcat is an excellent handling car. I have not driven a Hellcat for personal experience but can tell you the first model year Challenger SRT handled corners like a boat... and not a speed boat, more like a pontoon boat. The Challenger SRT drive was from personal experience. The SRT's I have driven felt heavy on turn in and in corners. I also would not put them in the high end of handling vehicles. But boy they were fun cars to drive.
mich800 10/29/15 01:01pm Tow Vehicles
RE: considering Florida residence with Montana llc

Can someone who lives outside of Montana and has titled their RV in a LLC tell us how easy it is? Super easy via fax - done for 16 years but we didn't 'live' in another state. Our RV was our home. We did not have another residence. This is where the big misunderstanding arises. The OP is going full-time. They didn't state they were buying another house somewhere. It is perfectly legal for full-timers who do not own or live in another house. Full-timers need to register somewhere. They can pick any state to register. We've traveled in all states without a problem and have crossed the Canadian border many times in and out of customs and they looked at our papers. They saw no problem. Why is this so difficult to understand? What is the point of the expense if you are full timing with no s&b home? Just a way to set your home state?
mich800 10/28/15 04:29am General RVing Issues
RE: Don't drink...coffee and drive

Yea, I saw this article and didn't even bother reading it. Obviously this woman wasn't pulled over for "drinking coffee". She was obviously pulled over because something about her driving concerned the officer. Most states have a distracted driving law. I'm sure that most states define "distracted driving" as doing something while driving that takes away the drivers time and attention from driving. If you can drink your coffee and drive safely at 70 mph in the left lane, you are probably okay. Then again if you have to slow down to 37 mph and swerve across 3 lanes to drink your coffee, you are probably a distracted driver. Is it possible that the officer was completely unreasonable and this is truly a egregious case of police misconduct? Sure, its possible. That is what court is for. It would be interesting to see how this case proceeds at trial. It would be interesting to see the in car video, if one exists. I work investigations now, but did over 12 years on the road as a patrol officer. The amount of stupid things I saw on the road are amazing. I pulled someone over for reading a newspaper in traffic. A full newspaper. Opened completely and spread across his steering wheel. In stop and go traffic. He couldn't believe that I was "harassing" him and wrote him a ticket for distracted driving. When you only get one side of the story, I generally don't entertain the story. Chances are that there is WAY more to this story than to which this lady is admitting. Thank you that was my point also. I avoided reading the story for awhile also. Your basic low on facts filler for the news (editorial). But with respect to this story it is a mute point. She received a seatbelt violation. If she decides to fight it, it will be as uneventful as any traffic court proceeding. She may or may not get points. She may or may not get a deferred, reduced or waived fine. Just depends on the judge at that point.
mich800 10/23/15 03:03pm General RVing Issues
RE: Enough with the recalls

A salesman told me they figure in recalls when calculating what the MSRP will be. Than it must be true. All the automobile sales people have a direct line to the finance side of corporate on how they calculate product costs. But I know you were just kidding just did not see the :)
mich800 10/23/15 02:51pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Don't drink...coffee and drive

There are more distractions outside the car than inside! Drinking a coffe/soda isn't distracted driving. In that case...... Changing a radio station=distracted! Changing the temp=distracted Rolling down a window=distracted Driving into the sun=distracted! Putting on sunglasses=distracted Anything can be considered distracted. Is there an actual law that says both hands must be on the wheel? I know they recommend 9 and 3 now, but it's recommended, Not required! No but if your driving is so erratic as to grab the attention of a LEO than yes. Whatever she/anyone was doing is considered distracted.
mich800 10/22/15 10:51am General RVing Issues
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