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RE: What the #@!! happened??

That does not explain why the items did not work directly plugged into the generator. So the problem should be isolated to the generator overload. But there still could have been other collateral damage in the TT as well like stated above.
mich800 04/22/14 02:38pm General RVing Issues
RE: Is it Just Me?? (Campground Websites... Or Lack Thereof)

Websites are convenient but not a necessity. I'd just as soon camp at a place that spends their time maintaining the campground rather than building and maintaining a web presence. Two entirely different skill sets. That is true. There is no such thing as a free website. If you are doing it to attract customers you could do just as much harm by putting up a crappy hard to navigate website. Now if I was a campground owner I would definitely have a site but it will cost some to maintain and develop.
mich800 04/17/14 08:43am General RVing Issues
RE: Email List Problems Caused by Yahoo

If you use gmail make sure you check your spam folder. I get some that come through and some that that go to the spam folder from the same email.
mich800 04/14/14 02:04pm General RVing Issues
RE: Double dome removal?

My old double dome lens were removed by squeezing the sides in a bit. Same with mine. Squeeze the sides and pull the side to the middle (by the switch) down first and swing it out.
mich800 04/10/14 05:18am General RVing Issues
RE: March sales are in

Bryon I have derailed the thread enough so I will just let it ggggoooo, LOL! Don It was a good and civilized derailment. There will be other opportunities. Now I need to go and fix the sink so we can get out and camp soon.
mich800 04/08/14 10:46am Tow Vehicles
RE: March sales are in

What have and have not's problem? In the USA you are only limited by your creativity and hard work. If you think you are worth more work harder, start a business, and take some risks. There is no "man" keeping you down unless you let them. That is why people are trying to get into this country. I am not saying there are not those that pigeon holed themselves and now later in life are too scared or risk adverse to make a change because that happens. If you are in an industry that may see significant changes you should be preparing for the future and not hoping nothing will change. I may have miss read you post and if I did I apologize.
mich800 04/08/14 09:31am Tow Vehicles
RE: Auxiliary fuel tank

I think he is looking for a switch or valve that can be electronically opened but still allow gravity feed. I think the above would require a pump but not sure.
mich800 04/07/14 07:50pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Nice safety feature from the new Ford tailgates

Step 4, check.
mich800 04/05/14 10:22pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Nice safety feature from the new Ford tailgates

They can't be opened with a wheel off the ground :W 3 minute video The left front tire on the RAM is almost on the ground when they make the open the tailgate test. While the Ford, they did not pull it far enough forward to get that left front tire on the ground. If you carefully watch the video, you can see the Dodge tailgate right side top touch the bed at 29 seconds into the video. At that point (before the left front tire on the Dodge is on the ground) it's tailgate probably would not open either. Anyway that truck has plenty of tailgate gap, while another production truck, or for that matter most trucks will not have that much tailgate to bed gap. It is a unfair test, and I bet that they worked hours with the dimensions of the ramps to make sure that the RAM worked great, while it's competitor did not. Or maybe let the Ford truck sit there for a week or two, then try it again, until it would not open. Fred. Nice catch. I watched and the two are not set up even close. Why did the Ram not pull down when he pulled on it. Yes, because it was resting with weight on three tires. The Ford was teetering on the cross tires.
mich800 04/05/14 09:51am Tow Vehicles
RE: Nice safety feature from the new Ford tailgates

They can't be opened with a wheel off the ground :W 3 minute video Throw a played out, antagonistic post trolling for a reaction and then you criticize those that bite with ridicule... Whoopin it up on a Friday night Idaho style? Rules for trolling in a vehicle forum. 1. Post questionable or one sided info. Old played out marketing info works good here. 2. Use of appropriate emoticons obfuscate intentions 3. Post indignant response after prey is on the hook 4. Accuse audience of being sensitive 5. Show intention was not trolling by using phrases like “I am not brand loyal, but…” 6. Rinse and repeat But seriously I think we all know he was just having fun. I would do the same thing but I don’t really have any brand bias. ;) :B
mich800 04/05/14 08:27am Tow Vehicles
RE: About GMs breaking axles

You people need to get over it. Its over and done.The fact is we would have had a snowball of vendors and business folding if there was no bailout. Most companys that manufacture for the automakers are not Union and they are spread across the country. The middle class would have been crushed. Was the bailout ideal? No, but something had to be done. The automakers are stronger for it. Sorry OP for the rant, but can we get back to breaking axles. The problem is that many are operating under this premise. Unfortunately we will never know because of the panic created decisions. The automotive industry would not have disappeared if they filed regular bankruptcy. Kmart and American Airlines are examples of large bankruptcies. These vendors you speak off. They must have been the too big to fail vendors because that sure was not the case for the smaller ones. I know many that no longer exist after this.
mich800 04/05/14 07:50am General RVing Issues
RE: About GMs breaking axles

The bailout was to benefit the UAW, not the automakers...Normal bankruptcy concessions would have had a huge impact on the Union. An unnecessary loss of 23 billion in taxpayer money. Good discussion here: Union Bailout I won't read anything written by the heritage foundation. They're as anti union as you can get. Facts don't make it anti union. It was a UAW bailout as well as GM. Figures don’t lie, but liars figure… and what would the cost of not doing anything have been facts are not facts without the full context of what is being represented… What would have been the cost. Well as GM went bankrupt anyway, AFTER the bailout. Which was supposed to save them. Wouldn't the cost have just been less, Results the same? Just les tax money lost? Yes.
mich800 04/04/14 08:52pm General RVing Issues
RE: Nice safety feature from the new Ford tailgates

I guess it is I have no creativity Friday. Here is my entry. Ram double recall
mich800 04/04/14 08:49pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Light Switch above sink and stove

I would say water heater. Our heater has the switch that turns red when you flip it on. Our pump is on the same panel as the blk/grey/fresh water levels. You should have a pump and a heater switch. If you can please take pics of all this type of switch and panel and it may help figure things out for you. Same here. Water heater switch is lit and water pump is just a simple rocker.
mich800 04/04/14 02:38pm Travel Trailers
RE: March sales are in

What difference does it make how they market the incentives? Buy one get one half off is still the same as 25% off on both. But one sounds bigger to some consumers. Free Cummins engine or $8k off, which do you choose. I guess the marketing does work if you equate that promotion to actually just giving an engine away.
mich800 04/04/14 12:00pm Tow Vehicles
RE: About GMs breaking axles

. Good decision to retract... Too bad I saw it this morning. Didn't have time to reply then though... http://news.pickuptrucks.com/2012/03/what-percentage-of-your-truck-is-made-in-america.html http://abcnews.go.com/Business/american-cars/story?id=13801165 This year, the Toyota Tundra and Ford F-Series will be eligible for the AMI because both have 75 percent domestic parts content, according to current data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. For the F-Series, that's 15 percentage points better than a year ago. The Tundra was the only pickup in the 2011 index, ranking eighth among all cars and trucks. As for the Ridgeline, these are preliminary numbers but they are likely to be close. Domestic parts content for the Ram and Chevy Silverado are relatively unchanged from a year ago, and are well below the cutoff. Keep in mind, though, that the domestic parts content among some models can shift wildly year to year. That kinda screws up your argument against my truck... Was going to fix it last night. Unfortunately my internet went out. The F150 is the top for this year. Both the Tundra, and 150 have 75% American parts. The higher rating of the 150 is based on sales. Something I don't understand is that they consider parts made in Canada as American made parts. And while that is true in that Canada is on the North American continent. So is Mexico, and their parts are not considered American Made???? Confusing. According to the article. That could be changing, and only made in USA parts will be counted I would guess one reason is that the auto industry is unionized in Canada. I do not think that is the case in Mexico but could be wrong. So the theory could be Canada closely resembles the USA with respect to work force benefits, wages, etc.
mich800 04/04/14 10:46am General RVing Issues
RE: Fuel Price, Cash now means Cash.

Since oil companies own and control from earth to pump monopolies your conclusion the retailer makes a few cents per gallon a false assumption. The retailer controls the entire process, selling the crude oil to his refinery, then selling the refined product to his transportation pipe, then selling the transported product to his distribution system, then selling his product to his retail location. From ground to my gas tank the oil company monopoly steps on the profit with a heavy foot. According to the Federal Reserve, the average interchange fee per transaction for all debit card issuers in 2009 was 43 cents. Data collected from the fourth quarter of 2011 indicated that the average interchange fee received by non-exempt issuers declines 45% from the 2009 level to 24 cents. The data also indicated that exempt issuers continued to collect an average interchange fee of 43 cents. http://www.cga.ct.gov/2013/rpt/2013-R-0015.htm 10 cents looks to be complete crap. More than double that. $50 at 3.69/g = 13.55 gallons. The retailer makes a couple cents a gallon profit. Do you expect them to sell you gas at near cost? If you want the cash rate then PAY CASH.So the guy who lives in my neighborhood that owns the local convenience store is really a multibillionaire oil company executive? Gosh, you would think with that kind of money and power he could find a place with better neighbors.Is his last name Rockefeller? Exactly. That is why it is soooo hard to find a gas station or convenience store for sale. They are all cash cows making the owners rich so they are never for sale. :R There are about as many variations on merchant accounts as there are opinions on gas vs diesel.
mich800 04/04/14 10:42am General RVing Issues
RE: What is this tube??

My question is: Where does this access end up inside your trailer? Is it some what conveniently reachable from inside your rig? I've been considering installing a similar road side exterior access tube across from my curb side bath room so I could run a garden hose into the trailer and use a toilet wand to rinse the holding tank when I'm at a dump station. For now I have to remove a bed room screen or go all the way under and bring a hose in through one of the doorways. A tube like this is just what I'm intending to do eventually but I don't think I'd go any larger than 2" to 2 1/2" I.D. just large enough so I could run a garden hose through it with a shut-off attached so the water could be left "on" with the shut-off on "off" until I attached the wand once the hose is in the bathroom. Mine is in the front pass through storage.
mich800 04/04/14 10:35am Travel Trailers
RE: March sales are in

Let's not forget in the 70's Ford decided it would be cheaper to pay claims that fix the Pinto's exploding gas tanks..... So-GM is far from being the "The Lone Ranger" under such circumstances..... psstt that was 40 years ago, the world has changed and those who don't learn from the past are doom to repeat it. You mean like the Ford Expeditions cruise control switch that would catch fire while the vehicle was off? I think you mean like things that go wrong in mass production. I suppose Ford could have not recalled the vehicles and secretly fixed the item on new vehicles and let the rest fend for themselves.
mich800 04/03/14 07:24pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Bicycling On Beach Sand Or Snow?

My cousin has one to tear around on the mountain bike trails while they're snow-covered! You cannot get away from them in Michigan. They really took off the past two years.
mich800 04/03/14 02:42pm General RVing Issues
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