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Peso hits all time low

It isn't just our poor Lonnie that is suffering. The Peso touched 16.5 on Friday. The Snowbirds who travel to AZ must be worried about the Loonie. It seems to be dropping very quickly. I think it will go beyond the 69 cent mark. Maybe even break 60 cents!!! Tequila: If you were upset about the Mexican CG owners charging USD$ just think how that will feel now! On another note I read in another forum that some US banks are no longer allowing their debit cards to be used in Mexico due to "skimming". This is where some creep installs a false front to an ATM and when you use it they capture all your data and clone the card. Apparently this is rampant in Mexico at this time. There have been a number of arrests in Canada where it is also common. Moisheh
moisheh 08/01/15 06:46pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Shrinking Canadian dollar

I can hardly wait for the first swig! Moisheh
moisheh 07/17/15 05:56am Snowbirds
RE: Newer diesel engines

fla gypsy: Modern OTR trucks are not meant to idle. Most come from the factory with a 5 minute idle and then they shut down. Some do have what is called "clean idle". Moisheh
moisheh 07/16/15 05:01pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Shrinking Canadian dollar

It looks like in a month or two we will be wishing the Loonie was at Today's rate. I am wondering if it will surpass that 65 cent range and hit 50 cents! Without getting political the only intervention from the Feds has caused even more problems! At this rate Yuma will not be very crowded! Nut not to worry as we are being told that Canada is NOT in a recession. Moisheh
moisheh 07/16/15 04:24pm Snowbirds
RE: Aero Turbine muffler?

Nor only is it a waste of $$ if your unit is a 2007 or later with a DPF you cannot just install a muffler! Moisheh
moisheh 07/15/15 04:50am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Preventative Air Brake Maintenance

It is not recommended to replace just the diaphragm. Most shops will replace the whole "pot". Moisheh
moisheh 07/12/15 01:56pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Cummins 400 ISL diesel particulate filter

Ivylog: EGR never became standard until around 2002. Anything 2001 and below is no different than a 1995. Truckers buy "Glider" trucks. These are essentially a new truck but come with a pre 2002 emission system engine. No EGR! It is more than just the EGR as the ECM is also set up differently. Now if only we could buy a new MH with that same emission system! Moisheh
moisheh 07/12/15 01:54pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Nogales Mariposa Crossing!

RYV: When was the last time you crossed @ Nogales? It is all new and there is no real parking lot. Moisheh
moisheh 07/12/15 04:35am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: GSRSA coverage in Mexico - Ever Used it?

I have seen one post from a person who used the service. Apparently it went not too badly. If one has a large vehi on being in Baja and them finding you a truck could be a problemcle you might have to wait a long time while GS tries to find a big truck. There are some really good companies that are equipped. For smaller vehicles they might send someone who is not qualified. I would prefer to find my own tow truck or mechanic. I have done this twice with Coach Net. I submitted my claim and the payment was prompt. It also depends where you are located. You were planning on being in Baja and it could be hard for them to find you a truck. I think Coach Net has a $1000 maximum. Moisheh
moisheh 07/11/15 10:42am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Mexico RV tourist....

Why do the conversations always end up the same? No wonder there are very few posters on this forum. You could start a thread about Tacos and it will end up with an outsider stirring the pot.MM has a habit of doing this over and over. AS Chris says it does not matter if you have lived in Mexico since Cortez arrived. Obviously Low T is not a problem for some posters. Moisheh
moisheh 07/11/15 06:17am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Medical Insurance

Most travel insurance has changed in he last few years. Most now have a pre existing condition clause that is very restrictive. Some are 90 days but others can be 12 months. If you go to see your Dr. and he orders any tests that becomes a pre existing condition and the date of that test is what they use for your stability clause. Even if you don't answer a questionnaire or the questionnaire is a few simple questions ask for the actual policy and read the stability clause. A change in medication means both additional or reduction in meds. If you have a big claim they will go over all your medical records looking for an out. Manulife will refuse all coverage if one of your questions was answered incorrectly. Even if that question has nothing to do with your claim. If you buy your insurance in say August but don't leave until November ( you can get a discount) and there is some sort of emergency in between August and November you have to inform the insurance company. Failure to do so could nullify your coverage. Moisheh
moisheh 07/10/15 06:57pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Shrinking Canadian dollar

One could always explore an alternative. Here are some choices for a different winter: la Ronge,sk.; Teulon,mb., Cold Lake, ab. All fine spots to spend a winter! Just suck it up and spend some of the millions Canadian seniors have collectively squirreled away. Moisheh
moisheh 07/10/15 05:04pm Snowbirds
RE: 2014 Ford Focus auto transmission

Before you buy one of those cars do a Google search on Auto Trans. problems for Ford Focus. Lots of reading. Moisheh
moisheh 07/10/15 09:56am Dinghy Towing
RE: Nogales Mariposa Crossing!

That PU is always there. You can thank the geniuses @ Homeland security for the mess. They need to hire some traffic engineers ! Compare that to the Benjamin Hill check point. The Mexicans could teach them about traffic flow! Moisheh
moisheh 07/10/15 09:53am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Nogales Mariposa Crossing!

Rocmoc: What was the problem? We have been using that bus lane all of this season. When you cross thru the gates and are on US soil the vendors will usually stop the traffic so you can get to the right. No big deal. Sometimes if there is a bus the agents will move him ahead. Mornings are bad but most RV'rs cross later in the day. The longest wait we had was 40 minutes. Moisheh
moisheh 07/09/15 06:38pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Mexico RV tourist....

Most Mexican businessman have bank accounts in the USA. They also own homes in Tucson, Phoenix, Colorado and more. USD are deposited in those accounts. It is hard to forget the devaluations that bankrupted many of these business people. The USD is protection from devaluation. Moisheh
moisheh 07/07/15 05:04am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Mexico RV tourist....

4x4dodger: Your assumptions are very wrong. RV tourism in Mexico is down by huge %. Tourism is up in Mexico but it is Mexican tourists, Canadian fly in tourists and Europeans. There are more Canadians visiting Maz. in a few days than all the RV tourists for a whole season. Where exactly did you hear of RV parks in Mexico with good infrastructure?. Very few have sufficient electricity if the park is full. Very few have 30 amp or 50 amp services. Heck , half of them don't even have grounded plugs. Water pressure can be so low that in some parks the residents use an exterior water pump to fill their tanks. Lots of parks that cannot take big rigs. I could go on. Very few park owners do any maintenance. Fausto was an exception to the rule. His park had a real maintenance guy who knew how to use an ohmmeter! Moisheh
moisheh 07/06/15 05:13pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Canadian Travel Health Insurance and Pre existing Conditions

Jack: I have no issue with not covering pre existing conditions . It is how they determine a pre existing condition. Just visiting a specialist should not start the clock over again. Some people do not realize that when a questionnaire asks if there has been any change in medication that means additional meds or eliminating a med. So if you were on a cholesterol med and you changed your lifestyle to where you stopped taking that med the questionnaire mist be answered: Yes there has been a change in my meds. On that Marketplace program about Manulife they asked a lawyer and a Dr. if they could answer all the questions correctly. Both replied they could not say with certainty their answers would be correct! Moisheh
moisheh 07/05/15 08:37am RVing in Mexico and South America
Canadian Travel Health Insurance and Pre existing Conditions

Some of you may recall that I had a heart attack in May. I am retired 100% now and the group insurance from my Company is not available . I started to do some research and discovered some interesting wordings in the various policies. Many have a 6 month pre existing clause. Others are only 90 days. However how they determine the starting date for your condition is the problem. Let's say you had a heart procedure on May 1. Then you had a follow up with your family Dr. 30 days later. He suggests you should have a Cardiologist and gets you an appointment for August 30. Even though the cardiologist may just take your BP and listen to your heart this is considered part of your original procedure and the starting date for your pre existing condition is not May 1. It is August 30. If your policy needs 6 months for a pre existing condition you will not be returning to Mexico until February ! Some policies will cover any incidents that are not heart related. I would bet that Manulife would give you zero coverage. There are a few Insurers who will give you a pre existing conditions waiver but it is costly. Travelling through the US without insurance is scary. A heart operation could easily be $150 to $250 thousand. Your Provincial Health insurance might cover 20% ! Buyer Beware. Moisheh
moisheh 07/05/15 07:23am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Woman dies in MH accident at Flying J

I also noticed that the reporter needs to return to school. Bad article.
moisheh 07/05/15 06:46am Class A Motorhomes
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