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RE: No More PERMANENT Vehicle Importations (Nacionalizacion))

There is a requirement from the USA that any vehicle exported to Canada or Mexico has to be present at the USA border. The border officials need a copy of the title at least 72 hours before you appear with the real title. They check to make sure the vehicle is not salvage or stolen. Then the title is canceled. It is my understanding that Mexico is now requiring that canceled title. Moisheh
moisheh 05/27/15 05:15am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: When Fear in Mexico is Real

The rural clinics are nothing like Chris describes. You get an appointment for a specific day. Not a time. If by 3 pm you are still there you have to come back the next day. By the middle of the month they run out of many meds. BUT a little mordida and they magically appear. The IMSS does have some specialty hospitals where they do some state of the art procedures. However the wait lists are long. Chris: Why do you have to use IMSS. I thought teachers used the Gov. employees system ISSTE? Moisheh
moisheh 05/26/15 07:12pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: When Fear in Mexico is Real

THX navigator. Moisheh
moisheh 05/26/15 12:22pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: When Fear in Mexico is Real

Owensailor: Re read my post " Although I am a huge critic of our Canadian Socialized Medical System I had to eat my words. The Drs., Nurses and Paramedics were amazing" That being said there are still serious problems. Especially with wait times. Varies from Province to Province. Almot: Hermosillo has one of the best hospitals in Mexico. CIMA is modeled after a University Hospital in Dallas. We use that hospital and the clinic a lot. Great Drs. who remember your name and will give you a same day appointment. My Wife and I have both had surgery at that facility. Remember Mexico has a 2 tier system. The public system is shakey. The private is much better. But you do not leave the hospital until you pay! Moisheh
moisheh 05/26/15 06:00am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: When Fear in Mexico is Real

Hi Chris: You should see what the politicos are giving away in Sonora. Damn near sinful. I love Mexican politics. They are not shy! Food, Appliances, cash medicine, free mammograms from a bus plastered with pics of a candidate. I am doing fine so far. Just tire easily. Moisheh
moisheh 05/25/15 04:22pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: When Fear in Mexico is Real

Almot: Any decent ER in Canada, Mexico or the USA have protocols for handling different emergencies. You do not wait when it is heart related. PERIOD! Moisheh
moisheh 05/25/15 02:02pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: When Fear in Mexico is Real

The point of my original post was simply a heads up that we should not take everything for granted. At home when there is an emergency you simply dial 911. Calling a Mexican emergency # is hit and miss and even then there may not be professional help available. Some interesting responses and good suggestions. EXCEPT Tony Lee. To suggest that camping in front of the Mayo is the only answer is ridiculous. You are mocking a serious post. I did not camp out in front of a major hospital. I drove to a good hospital and they looked after me. My point was that had I been in Mexico that might not have been the outcome. I take these matters seriously. I don't know about Mr. Lee but a "don't worry be happy" answer to my post is an insult. Same for Navegator. I have a responsibility to my family , friends and employees. I take that seriously and want to be around to live up that responsibility. I am not leaving Mexico but will just spend some time thinking about how I would handle an emergency. Living the vida loca is a childish response to a serious matter. I hope Lee and navigator don't ever have to face this problem. In the last 3 or 4 years this forum has gone downhill to the point of being no help to anyone. Full of meaningless statistics , sarcastic remarks or sick humor. Certainly does nothing to promote Mexico RV travel. Moisheh
moisheh 05/25/15 01:57pm RVing in Mexico and South America
When Fear in Mexico is Real

There are so many posts about crime and safety in Mexico that are just a waste of bandwidth. The following is something that most of us never consider. We are back in Canada. Although we live in the country I spend 3 days a week in a rented Condo in the city. I awoke Thursday am and did not feel "right". But like a typical guy I just wrote it off to being indigestion. I sat there for about 10 minutes and then quickly drove the 5 minutes to a hospital. In seconds I was hooked up to an EKG machine. An ambulance was waiting to take me to another hospital with a Cath Lab. I was given Nitro and some other meds. The ambulance was state of the art with constant communication to the lab via telemetry. Another 5 minute ride and I was on the table. Multiple blockages. Once stabilized stents were inserted. Although I am a huge critic of our Canadian Socialized Medical System I had to eat my words. The Drs., Nurses and Paramedics were amazing. I was released on Saturday but will have to return in a few weeks for additional stents. I am not supposed to be doing any work: Mental or physical but I am going to try some office work for maybe an hour a day. This morning I started to think about how this would have transpired if I was still in Kino. We are fortunate to have a lot of retired firefighters and paramedics in Kino. There is a first responders group but at this time of the year most are NOB. Cruz Roja has an ambulance. One of those Sprinter Vans. Equipped with NADA! The oxygen tanks are usually empty. The battery in the ambulance is usually dead( or has been stolen) and often there is no fuel. The attendants do their best but the training is minimal. The drive to a hospital in Hermosillo is one hour plus. Unless something has changed there are no EKG machines in Kino. I probably would have died or suffered a massive heart attack/stroke. Everyone should assess the emergency facilities in your Mexican community. Larger centres like Maz or PV may not have state of the art equipment but they can handle this type of emergency. Smaller communities may have nothing. In Canada and the USA small communities may not have the latest and greatest but they have ambulances with all that is needed to safely get you to a proper facility. Remote areas are covered with air ambulances. Being as most forum members are of an age where heart problems are not unusual everyone should find out what happens in an emergency. Who do you call? Where will they take you? Is the ambulance always ready to go? Is it equipped? Are the attendants trained? Your life may depend on the answers. Please excuse some of my technical terms. This is all new to me. Moisheh
moisheh 05/25/15 06:02am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Dingy Towing 2015 GMC Yukon 4WD

Lots of owners of 2015 GM 4wd with the same problem. I will not buy a 2015 GM truck until this problem is solved by GM. Moisheh
moisheh 05/24/15 08:47am Dinghy Towing
RE: Do you maintain a place in Mexico?: Housekeeping online

We havea friend who stays in the house on weekends and also keeps the place looking occupied. An empty house in Mexico is a magnet for thieves. Hiring anyone who is not local is just plain dumb! Almot: Mexico is windy and the land of dirt. An empty house near the beach that is not cleaned will have inches of sand and dirt. Mexican windows are not the same as anything made in the USA! Moisheh
moisheh 05/23/15 04:27pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Do you travel with your interior doors open or shut

Leaving pocket doors closed is a bad idea. Many of the interior walls flex as you are driving. With the mickey mouse latches on a pocket door either the latch will break or the door will be damaged. Most of those door either have a strap to hold it open or a bolt latch at the bottom. Moisheh
moisheh 05/20/15 03:40pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Permit for Toad and RV - Owner

Navegator: You don't have to go to al that trouble. You are allowed one 6 month and one 10 year at the same time! Moisheh
moisheh 05/19/15 06:15am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: US State Department issues warning

The mod should have killed this thread. It has zero to do with RVing in Mexico. Why don't we just post every violent action that takes place in Canada or the USA. This would be a busy forum. HAs nothing to do with Mexico being safe or not safe! Tequila new he would get lots of action with that post. That is the definition of a troll. Moisheh
moisheh 05/19/15 06:12am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: US State Department issues warning

Ridiculous thread. Not funny. Not the first time he has been a troll. Moisheh
moisheh 05/18/15 04:27pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Permit for Toad and RV - Owner

Rob: You are opening up a can of worms. When the deposit started a few years ago Aduana had no idea how it would impact tourism. There was also a problem in the wording of that regulation. Your deposit is forfeited if your immigration status expires before you return any vehicle permit. So if you turned in your FMM when you left Mexico but did not cancel your 10 year permit the deposit would be gone. The easy way for Aduana to solve that problem was to not collect a deposit on RV's. As well many people would be adverse to giving Mexico a deposit and hoping to get back the $$ 10 years from now. You also could be leaving a huge deposit ( 2 vehicles). I would guess there was some input from tourism officials. The whole thing is a fiasco. The deposits were implemented to prevent paisanos from leaving vehicles with their families in Mexico. But we as tourists got caught up in the whole mess. We can thank the Mexican car dealers for all the problems. Moisheh
moisheh 05/18/15 04:23pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Keyed in Sonoyta

Tony brings up an interesting point. Why should Mexico be any different than other countries? I have read that 10% of those who get help from various charities in Canada are fakes. So what if the Sally Ann or the Red Cross is helping some who do not deserve help. The important thing is that the 90% are getting food and shelter. Do you think that all welfare recipients are deserving? Of course not. But focus on the positive. To carry this further we live in a society where many take when they are not worthy. Think of the crooked Senators in Canada. Same holds true for the USA. Probably every country in the world. Why should the poor be any different? Moisheh
moisheh 05/17/15 05:40am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: HR-V Honda NOT towable

But what does it say for dinghy towing? Your info was for an emergency tow. Totally different. Moisheh
moisheh 05/16/15 03:33pm Dinghy Towing
RE: Down to Panama and back, TIP questions.

There hasn't been an FM3 for about 3 years. It is now residente temporal. I wont get into that as it is very confusing and not many on this forum have that permit nor should anyone with an RV that returns North have this immigration form. Here is a cut and paste from a good source. This person has written about immigration policies for years and is considered an expert. "Visitante: 6 Types: Non-Working Visitors (tourist), Working Visitors, and Visitors for Adoptions, Humanitarian, etc. 180 day limit. See Chapter 2, Article 52, Items I – VI of the Law for descriptions of all 6 types. At any point while the Visitante permit is valid, the foreigner can go to an INM border office, surrender their “old” Visitante permit, and get a “new” Visitante permit, to give them another 180 days of time permitted in Mexico." Note that Turtle Toad is correct about getting a new permit before the old one has expired. However being as they do not check to see if you have an expired permisso one could simply walk into the office and get a new one. That could change in the near future. Turtle Toad: I am sorry to hear you are hanging up the keys. You will be missed. Moisheh
moisheh 05/16/15 06:18am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Down to Panama and back, TIP questions.

Turtle Toad: I don't want to doubt you but where did you get the information that traveler can only get one FMM in a 12 month period? Unless something has changed you can turn one in and get another. There have been reports that in one of the Texas crossing some immigration officers were making up their own rules. Whenever there is a meeting in a Gringo community between La Migra and the foreign population that subject comes to life. The answer has always been as I stated. The FMM is not computer generated and they do not check the computer to see if you ever had an FMT or if you ever turned it in. There are snow birds in all the Sonora coastal towns who get 2 every year. Many have been doing this for over 20 years. If there is a recently changed regulation then please post a link so everyone can be informed. Moisheh
moisheh 05/15/15 03:25pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Dont try this at home

Sorry but Team drivers do not switch without stopping. Near impossible!
moisheh 05/15/15 10:34am Class A Motorhomes
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