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RE: How long to get vehicle deposit back?

Daveed: The last I read was that the franquicia is $250 when you enter in a vehicle and $500 on an airplane? Has that changed? Moisheh
moisheh 04/18/14 06:59am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Quick Release Drive Shaft

Mine was installed at the Remco factory. One of the engineers showed me how to use he device. Grinding is normal and does zero damage. I removed the Remco when qwe sold the truck and the splines were perfect. However there is some minor maintemance that is required. Road grime can get into the open splines. Every 6 months I would get out the hose and spray the entire device. Then I would apply some Teflon lube to the splined gears and the moving parts. Worked perfectly. Some will tell you that it can reconnect or disconnect while driving. Impossible unless it never connected properly the first time. The comments about getting the correct vehicle are a little harsh. Let's say you must have a mid size compact pickup. There are only 2 in the market. Toyota and Nissan. Both require a disconnect. If you must have an automatic vehicle there are not that many choices. For smaller foreign SUV's only the Honda can be towed.
moisheh 04/13/14 08:50am Dinghy Towing
RE: Hermosillo RV Park

Of course the sales of RV's are sky high. But ask 100 of the new buyers if they are going to Mexico. The answer will be no. ALMCC has given a great response. Yes fear will be a factor but infrastructure is probably the biggest problem. RV parks with one 15 amp circuit for 2 units. Water pressure that wont even rise to your unit. Tight spaces built for small trailers with no slides. The regulars on this forum do not care about those problems but the new generation of RV'rs want something better. The lack of rv spaces in some areas was a big problem but the decrease in the amount of RV'rs has solved that problem! Many of the nicest parks on the coast are in areas where property values are ridiculous. How can you make money in an RV park that can hold maybe 50 units when a Condo or hotel development could have many hundreds of rooms. RV'rs are only in Mexico for a short season. As Chris stated they are a bad investment. The government is not interested in developing RV parks BUT Tourism in general is booming. Just go to one of the snowbird parks in AZ and mention that you are going to Mexico. The reactions will be: Aren't you worried about your security? I heard a Canadian was killed. Don't the roads damage your unit? Too many nice places to see in the USA. Some will even call you a fool for going to Mexico ! Another problem is that Mexico has never been a destination for RV'rs with children. It is families that are buying all those toy trailers! If the Mexican government showed an interest in RV tourism there would be positive changes. Aduana could drop all the dumb rules and make it as easy as entering Canada or the USA. No holograms and no bonds. Tolls for RV's could be lowered( at one time they did not charge for toads). But alas that is just wishful thinking. Another problem is the RV'rs who insist on going to tourist areas and boondocking on empty lots or Wal Marts. That is a slap in the face for RV park owners. We often get 3 or 4 high end MH's in Kino who just pull into a lot across from the beach. Very bad manners! Moisheh
moisheh 04/10/14 09:29am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Hankook AH11 tires...

Hankook will be the 4th largest tire mfr. in the world by 2016. Moisheh
moisheh 04/10/14 06:34am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Hermosillo RV Park

I certainly do not see any great increase in the number of RV travelers. None of the people mentioned are hungry to RV in Mexico. They are moving to Mexico and flying in on junkets. This will probably never change. The generation that is retiring will want more than just a place to park. Not many RV parks in Mexico will meet their requirements. Even though the # of RV spaces has decreased there were still vacancies this past season. High CG prices, expensive fuel and tolls, hassles at the border, crazy Aduana rules and now insurance that is slow to pay does not help. Visiting in a caravan where they do everything but dump your tanks is not like traveling by yourself! Moisheh
moisheh 04/09/14 02:05pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Hankook AH11 tires...

Many tend to think that Hankook is just another Chinese tire. First they are not a Chinese tire. Hankook is a first line foreign made tire. They just built a multi million dollar R & D lab in Akron,Ohio. Hankook are OEM on Navistar and I think Freightliner is beginning to use them. They will be more expensive than a Happy Rooster Chinese POJ ! We have a set on our Bounder and when the Dynasty needs tires they will be Hankooks. I wish they made more sizes. Moisheh
moisheh 04/09/14 06:51am Class A Motorhomes
RE: storing trailer in Mexico

Tightly covering any RV in any climate will be problematic. In humid areas you will get mould. In dry areas you will get dry rot. Fabrics will fall apart. Foam rubber will lose it's resilience. Glues will become unglued. Rubber and plastic trim will fall apart. Not good. Moisheh
moisheh 04/08/14 12:05pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Quick Release Drive Shaft

We had one for 5 years. Every 6 months I would clean it and spray with silicone lube. Worked great. You do not need a spare shaft! Moisheh
moisheh 04/06/14 06:42pm Dinghy Towing
RE: Shaw Direct In US And Mexico

Linda: Unless you are being billed by Shaw the "dealer" is scamming Shaw. He is getting many subscriptions to Shaw with different names and addresses. Each one of these may have say 5 receivers. So if the subscription is say $85.00 plus about $5.00 for each extra receiver the total is $105.00. If he resells these at $60.00 each the total is $300.00. Nice profit. Moisheh
moisheh 04/05/14 04:04pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Who were they?

There are many Fire departments and ambulance services that donate old equipment to Mexico. Many are from AZ. I think they cannot use units in some states beyond a certain age. Mexico has special regulations where these vehicles can be imported with no taxes or duties. Moisheh
moisheh 04/04/14 06:57pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Hankook AH11 tire prices

When comparing prices in a forum posters should stick to posting prices for the same size. Why compare prices for a 19.5 inch tire to a22.5?? Also prices more than about 9 months old are meaningless as tires seem to go up very often. Moisheh
moisheh 04/04/14 03:31pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Eye Glasses Algodones and Other Mex Border Towns

AFAIK Algadones is the only town in the south west with that many stores. They have a lab close by. Other towns would require days to do many lenses. Maybe in the Texas border towns there is something similar. Moisheh
moisheh 04/04/14 12:24pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Long Time Mexico Traveler Passes On

Thanks all for the kind words. We are still heartbroken. We are on the Wal Mart lot in Ft. Morgan,co. Went into the store and almost got out the water dish for Sally! Although we had always said we would not have another kitty I am sure that will change. I know there are shelter cats who deserve some loving and we have lots to give. Moisheh
moisheh 03/30/14 07:00pm RVing in Mexico and South America
Long Time Mexico Traveler Passes On

http://i59.tinypic.com/wj9hrs.jpg height=640 width=480 Our beloved Sally Mae ( Salome in Mexico) passed away in Tucson at the hospital yesterday. Sally came to our home in Kino 12 years ago. She was an avid RV'r and traveled all over Mexico, Canada and the USA. She was known to many in the Mexican community in Kino and had lots of aunts and uncles. Everyone loved Sally! My wife and I are in deep mourning on our trip back to Canada. There is a parallel story about Mexican vets but I am too stressed to write . Watch for that story next week. Moisheh
moisheh 03/28/14 08:42pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Jeep theft Document problem, ATTN Canadians.

It is not just Qualitas. I know a person in Kino who had an accident a number of years ago. Her car was a write off. The insurance company insisted the car had to go to Nogales before they would pay!! The insurer was not Qualitas. The agent who insures our house in Kino told me that there is so much insurance fraud the companies ask for an enormous amount of paperwork. Aduana will never change their policies! Moisheh
moisheh 03/28/14 07:55pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: roof repair Guadalajara

Not likely to find the TPO or other material for your roof. The insulation is no problem. HD has it. I would think that the whole rubber roof has to be replaced. Patch the roof with aluminum and sealer. Phone your dealer in Canada for an estimate of new roof cost installed. Get the cash from the park.
moisheh 03/28/14 09:18am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: roof repair Guadalajara

Is the roof aluminum or fiberglass? Is the structure of the roof ( studs, plywood) damaged? Finding a handyman should not be a problem. Ask the park owner/mgr? Go to the nearest ferreteria and ask for a recommendation. There are all kinds of metal building contractors who work with metal roofs. I have never seen an RV ceiling with tiles. More like a sheet of some light material. You will not be able to duplicate the RV material. Maybe Home Depot in Guad has something that would work. Moisheh
moisheh 03/27/14 07:53pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Summer in Mexico

What about Patzcuaro. Moisheh
moisheh 03/26/14 08:59pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Blockade

Blockades are often a means for people to let the government know they are being treated unfairly or have a problem with government services. It is a form of lobbying. If the water department has shut off water to a district for 3 weeks ( happens often) the residents will block a major highway with signs. The Yaquis near Obregon have had a highway blockage on 15 for over 6 months. They open the highway for about 10 hours a day. Once Kino wanted a high school and the school board made promises but did not deliver. The residents closed the highway for a day. The unions in Mexico do not need to lobby for anything. A simple illegal strike will usually get action. Typically the employer must give them all their back pay, pay a fee to the union, a signing bonus and mordida for the union boss! Moisheh
moisheh 03/25/14 09:08am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Blockade

wm. ellit: Don't let her or him (??) bother you .He or (she) just has to comment on things she knows nothing about. Mexican Unions are like Mafia. They make the teamsters look like angels. It has nothing to do with helping the peons ( her words). It has everything to do with the Mexican Union bosses extracting tens of thousands of dollars( in their pockets) to send the workers back to their jobs. I would suggest that she read up on Mexican unions!!! Moisheh
moisheh 03/24/14 10:32pm RVing in Mexico and South America
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