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RE: Super single rear wheels

Biggest advantage is weight savings. Then, they save a little tiny bit of fuel, maybe a tenth of a mile per gallon. Both of those reasons are very small considerations in the RV world, considering the great conversion cost of new wheels and tires. If you drive over 100,000 per year, you might want to consider them.
mpierce 05/04/16 10:53pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: windows open in the wind?

Ever see a semi pulling a flatbed trailer, loaded with plastic pipe going down the road, where the pipe is up above the sleeper height? If you notice, most of the time they will have the top of that tarped on the front, to keep the air from going into the open ends of the pipe. That air, going down the pipes, create a greater drag, than tarping it, and preventing the air from entering. I cannot explain WHY, but it is true. Therefore, I believe opening the windows will have the same effect. It will actually make the problem slightly worse. I think it has to do with the fact that you are disrupting the air flow, and thus creating more drag. Either way, I doubt that it would make enough difference to tell.
mpierce 05/03/16 06:47am Class A Motorhomes
RE: The RV Life and the environment

Carbon dioxide IMPROVES plant growth. The more CO2, the faster plants grow. The faster plants grow, the more oxygen they release, as they convert CO2 to O. Pretty much self regulating. I bought a 25 yr old MH. Dont think the energy used to build it counts, as, it was used, even if the MH just sat in a junk yard.
mpierce 04/29/16 06:39am General RVing Issues
RE: What to buy in a 40'-45' with tag ?

You really ought to look at a Prevost conversion. For the money you would spend for a Dutch Star, you could get a 2002-2005 Prevost conversion, and the ride and quality in workmanship will be in another league altogether. Same thing with a Bluebird in those years. Top quality. MUCH higher end than the sticks of the SOBs.
mpierce 04/29/16 06:33am Class A Motorhomes
RE: A successful trip in an old Class A

Glad your trip went well. "Old" is in perspective. Ours also is a 1990. Still not "old", but getting there. I figure RV needs to be 25 years old, or older, to be "old".
mpierce 04/25/16 05:23am Class A Motorhomes
RE: closed Wal-Mart neighborhood markets

Just pay attention to posted signs......could be getting that rap-tap and told to move on. Yep and just bad practice to not seek permission first. After all, it's still private property. Where would you go to ask permission, the store is closed? Nobody there.
mpierce 04/17/16 05:53am Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: Steer tire width...

According to the specs I find, all three sizes, 10R, 11R, & 235/80R, can use a rim with a width of 7.50". And my RVs tire tag shows I have 7.50" width. So I'm good there. The question is whether the increased diameter, almost 4" more, can be accommodated by the wheel well of a '02 Winnie Journey DL? Anyone done this? Rim width the same, good. You have one more thing to check. What is the rim rated to for pressure? Usually stamped inside the rim. You have to make sure the rim is stamped for enough pressure for the new tire you want to mount. Good Luck.
mpierce 04/17/16 05:47am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Don't be this person--PIC

There were probably a couple of trucks parked to his right which left, making him stupid. Hey even truckers do stupid things, like filling up the RV parking at the truck stop. Or parking in the car area at a rest stop... Those are almost always caused by the truck area being full at night. And, the car area essentially empty, with lots of space. When one runs out of hours, as required by LAW, the truck driver MUST stop, or face a $1000 fine for being over hours.
mpierce 04/16/16 06:32am General RVing Issues
RE: Flying J Indianapolis Fire

I've been very disappointed in Flying J since Pilot took them over after their bankruptcy. While I am sad that there will be a few folks out of work in south Indianapolis, I can't say I shed tears for the company as a whole. Some of the company high mucky-mucks are being prosecuted for cheating truckers and RVers out of earned rebates. I also miss the old Flying J restaurants, their breakfasts were spectacular and reasonably priced. Not the same with a Denny's. Oh my, no RV'ers were cheated out of anything in the high volume fuel users rebate debacle, only participating trucking companies. The former PFJ executives being prosecuted were quickly removed from the company in a house cleaning that started as soon as the top executives became aware of the issue and those involved. Court records have shown pretty conclusively that there was a concerted effort to hide the illegal activity from top management including the CFO. Correct about only the high volume trucking companies losing. But, also correct about not as good as before. When the owners of FJ were killed in the airplane crash, it destroyed FJ. Since Pilot took over, the prices went up. Restaurants went away, etc. Not as good as it was before.
mpierce 03/23/16 05:41am General RVing Issues
RE: Advise on Surge Protectors?

Go with Progressive Industries. This. Costs more, but protects more, ie low voltage too, which can, and will, do damage too. Especially to AC units.
mpierce 02/28/16 05:07am Tech Issues

I have the Garmin 760, I like it and I'd buy another. The large screen definitely beats the little cell phones and the speakers work very nicely on it when you're in city traffic and can't be glancing at the screen all of the time. Bill I have had one of these, truck version, in my semi the last 6 months. It is great! I can easily see it while driving. Try that with a cell phone! Bluetooth. Voice. Traffic. Can configure to your vehicle. Weight, height, length.
mpierce 02/28/16 04:57am General RVing Issues
RE: Cat vs Cummins

NONE of the newer diesels smoke, unless they are failing. Even my 2003 CAT C-15 does NOT smoke. Anything built within the last 15-20 will NOT smoke, unless it is either failing, or it has been turned up by a PO. ie, overfueled.
mpierce 02/28/16 04:53am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Who does alignment on travel trailers?

I have had mine done at a semi/trailer alignment shop that I use all the time for my trucks and trailers. They are good. Some might not want to work on camping trailers, but just check. They do a good job.
mpierce 02/28/16 04:46am Toy Haulers
RE: New brake shoes or full assembly?

At least replace both sides on the same axle. Isn't the key making sure they're all just adjusted correctly? I would do both sides. Yes, proper adjusting helps, a lot. But, they will still wear out different, and may brake differently. I would balance. One may be happy not doing it.
mpierce 02/26/16 06:09am Tech Issues
RE: New brake shoes or full assembly?

At least replace both sides on the same axle.
mpierce 02/25/16 05:59am Tech Issues
RE: Tornado Safety

In a campground they always tell you to head for a concrete building, often the laundry room or comfort station. It may be wind proof but it's not RV proof, the one tossed by the tornado. YOU HAVE WHEELS USE THEM! How do you do that? The latest watch covered about 5 states. Are you saying one should exit from all those states! 800 miles? If not, when an actual WARNING comes, you MAY, repeat MAY, have from a few minutes, to half an hour. You should NOT drive at this time, as a tornado may hit you driving, which is about the worst possible outcome. As above, know where the nearest shelter is, and head there at first notice. Take a few snacks and drinks. Rain coat would be nice too.
mpierce 02/25/16 05:54am General RVing Issues
RE: Cat vs Cummins

All engines have some problems. I do not think I would worry about which one I have.
mpierce 02/25/16 05:47am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Transfer of Federal Lands to the States

I'm surprised that so many people favor federal retention rather than giving states the land. Have we so soon forgotten the griping we have read on this forum in recent years about the loss of recreational access to federal lands in many western states? About perfectly good roads, once used by RVers, now blocked off with boulders? About hard-to-decipher maps which, when finally understood, show that half the roads in a NF are now off limits to dispersed camping? About the fella in ID who wrote about the loss of so many back roads and trails he once enjoyed, and how he got hit with a $500 ticket for edging off the trail enough to courteously (he thought) let the vehicle behind him go past? About the almost total loss of dispersed camping privileges on BLM land around Moab? I'm trying to figure out if people have short memories, or what!Seems your argument is to give it to the states so they can sell it off. Private property is even less accessible than public property where motor vehicles are prohibited. As far as Moab, there's an excellent reason those dispersed camping areas had to be closed. Even if one practices proper technique in the burial of human waster, once the desert soil is disturbed, winds will blow it away. Many of those boondocking places we used to go to were surrounded by piles of poo and TP that someone had buried but the wind had scoured out. As much fun as disbursed camping is out there, sandy desert environments are simply too fragile for the amount of usage they were getting around Moab. So, the goal is to allow no access for any humans? What good is that? What is the difference between human poo, and deer poo? Doesn't the wind do the same to both? Don't both degrade to organic matter? When I take my MH out to the desert, I do NOT poo in the sand!
mpierce 01/31/16 06:27am Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: Idling an engine

down home, :) Every big rig on the road has that timer shutdown. If you or anyone else wants one, a big shop with a parts department has them. "Every Big rig" not even close. Very few do. Some do. I have over 3 million miles over the road, and have seen exactly two!
mpierce 01/31/16 06:20am Tech Issues
RE: Everything You Wanted to Know About Diesel Motor Homes

My 2014 Cummins 6.7 has resistive heaters in the manifold! Also my VW Jetta diesel.
mpierce 01/31/16 06:04am Class A Motorhomes
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