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RE: I've asked this question before...

Over pressure can absolutely cause bad wandering. Our MH had 115 psi in the steer tires when we picked it up from the dealer. It was like trying to wrestle a bull driving it. After a weighing and determining the psi should be set at 85, everything settled down. So as instructed the tires were set "cold" as they're suppose to be per the weight the rig is running at. Now ours does have a constant pull to the right which I haven't been able to get figured out. Supposedly the alignment is correct and I have new shocks and tires are set properly. I think a blue ox Tru center in in our future. Most all roads have a crown so your right hand side is almost always downhill from your left hand side. Doesn't affect cars a lot, but can have more of an effect on motorhomes. I have considered this and put myself in the far left lane on the freeway. So technically it should pull the opposite way. It takes most out of the pull out, but a left correction is still needed. You say new tires. Did it start with the new tires, or been consistent thru a couple sets of tires? Tires can have a belt go bad. I have had several on my semi front tires over the years go bad. When they do, it starts pulling to one side or the other. You could try swapping the left front tire to the right side, and visa versa. Does the pull swap sides? If it does, it is a tire. If so, the bad tire is the one OPPOSITE the way it is pulling. Might be your problem. Might not. If not, go to a good, heavy duty truck alignment center. They should be able to figure it out.
mpierce 04/24/15 08:45pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Any really good reason to upgrade to AGM?

Tag on my pin box of my fiver sez-: SAFETY BREAK-AWAY SWITCH WILL NOT OPERATE unless connected to a power source equivalent to or greater than an automotive type 12 volt 12 amp hour wet cell battery." Something to think about when selecting replacements. That is about the size of a small lawnmower battery. I would think anyone installing house batteries in a trailer would be using a size larger than that.
mpierce 04/24/15 05:36am Tech Issues
RE: Any tricks to rapidly cool refrigerator?

My last two, new, were a Dometic and a Norcold. 80deg, and cooled to 35 within 3-4 hrs empty.
mpierce 04/24/15 05:31am General RVing Issues
RE: I've asked this question before...

Yes, there is a reason not to start at 80#. You WILL BE overloading the tires! And on steers to boot. Do NOT do that, if you value your life. You have some other problem. It may seem like the 10# is causing the problem, but it is not. Never heard of 10# change in pressure causing the problem you speak of. You have another problem, which should be fixed.
mpierce 04/24/15 05:24am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Replacing Air Conditioner - which one?

I just hope you all can get parts in another year... Well, I had a Penguin that I could NOT get parts for, so what is the difference?
mpierce 04/23/15 04:09pm Tech Issues
RE: Power converter on the move

I replaced a 100 amp WFCO with a PD 80 amp. WHAT AN IMPROVEMENT! Got the pendant, so can put into boost whenever wanted. LOVE IT! Batteries get fuller much faster. WFCO's make decent boat anchors. Not much good for anything else.
mpierce 04/23/15 05:25am Tech Issues
RE: Replacing Air Conditioner - which one?

My bedroom Penguin gave up the ghost. The board went bad. Was almost the cost of a new AC to put new board in, as no replacement available! Then, the new board needed a new stat, as would not work with old one. The new stat needed wiring replaced, as it needed more wires! So, I put in an Atwood 15k AC. It is 100% remote controlled. No new stat, no new wiring! Plus, we can now change the temp WITHOUT having to get up at 2AM to get to the stat on the wall! Works great.
mpierce 04/23/15 05:23am Tech Issues
RE: Another Surge Protector Post

Nice looking digital AC plug in voltmeters are very cheap on eBay. Simply turn off 120vac electronic devices if voltage rises to 130 volts or sags to 105. What if you happen to be sitting outside when the voltage sags, or doing something else? I have had my PD trip a couple times. It happened late afternoon, as more and more AC's were kicking on in the campground as it filled up. We were outside. Could have been inside, and just not watching the meter all the time too. Potentially saved our AC's, and/or other electronic devices. Consider it insurance.
mpierce 04/23/15 05:18am Tech Issues
RE: Any tricks to rapidly cool refrigerator?

As long as you start it out with cold food, you should be fine. Just don't open the door much for the first couple hours. This. If you have quite a bit of COLD food to put in, it will be fine. If just a little food, not as good.
mpierce 04/23/15 05:13am General RVing Issues
RE: Look twice before just pulling on through !

It takes all kinds. With his mirrors he should have seen all the vehicles beside him. You hear Truckers all the time i signal and many don't not to let me in but that I'm coming over. We've nearly been killed by these types. :) I have to do that in my semi at times. I can put the blinker on, and cars just keep zooming up into that space, keeping me from moving over. I do NOT blame all cars, it is gratifying to see how many will back off, and let me in. I do my best to let cars and RV's in too, when they need to change lanes. When I do have to move over when cars are there, I do NOT do it so as to "kill" someone. I move over VERY slow, watching and giving cars time to move. If they cannot move, I wait until they can. It is not always easy to see those "beside" you. Trucks, and RV's, have blind spots. If we all would try to help each other out, it would be better out there.
mpierce 04/23/15 05:11am General RVing Issues
RE: Getting Rid of a Residential Refrigerator

Seems like the builders are assuming that their coach will be plugged in. Otherwise, you need several batteries, and a decent solar array for boon docking with a residential. Unless you want to run the benny a lot.
mpierce 04/22/15 06:35am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Aux Fuel Tank is 2005 Ram 3500 Dually

I put a used reefer tank that I had here in my pkup. 50 gal. NICE to have the added range. Buy cheaper fuel. Gravity feed to filler tube. Reefer tanks have a gauge on the end, so I have rough idea how full it is.
mpierce 04/22/15 06:31am Tow Vehicles
RE: Camping Buddies

I think it is rare to have buddies that go camping with you a lot. Extended Family, maybe. If you go to places that other kids are at, let your kids find them! As poster above said, the kids will introduce the families. You go meet them, they come to you. If you are outgoing, you will find friends for the stay. Usually it is over when one of you leaves. Repeat next time. You get to meet LOTS of great people, in all walks of life, from all over. Great. But, YOU have to be open to this. If you just keep your kids in your site, and stay there yourself, NONE of this will happen.
mpierce 04/21/15 05:52am General RVing Issues
RE: VW to bring a Pickup Truck to the US

We have had 3 TDI's over the last number of years. Great cars!
mpierce 04/20/15 07:30pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Getting Rid of a Residential Refrigerator

Hi 2oldman, Time to spring for a remote start. $498.00 Cdn from Pinella's Yah.. there's no way I'm going outside in my jammies to start a generator for coffee! :) This is the Class A forum. You have a Class A that requires you to go outside to start the generator?? I can start from the bedroom, or from the kitchen, or from above the driver.
mpierce 04/20/15 04:46pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Bumper hitch removal

Never heard of such a thing and can't imagine a reason why. What city and state did it happen in? Bill Michigan, not sure town it happened in.
mpierce 04/20/15 12:52pm Travel Trailers
Bumper hitch removal

A friend reported that he had been told by a cop that it was illegal to leave his ball hitch in the receiver when he was NOT towing. That he needed to remove it. Anyone ran into this? Or, was it a cop just ranting?
mpierce 04/20/15 12:47pm Travel Trailers
RE: Getting Rid of a Residential Refrigerator

Google Norcold Refrigerator fires. photos here here Norcold I could go on and on. Do your research. Are there fires? Yes Are there fires caused by gas furnaces? Yes How many MILLIONS of RV's out there use gas refrigerators? Several million. How many of those have fires? Guessing, but probably 0.0001% or so. Do people have accidents and get hurt or killed in RV's? Yes Does that stop the vast majority of us from driving? No. It is a concern. But, if we were to quit using or doing EVERYTHING that has a slight chance of hurting us, we would be all locked in a padded room.
mpierce 04/20/15 07:28am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Getting Rid of a Residential Refrigerator

We boondocks 90% of the time, so we went propane. Or, put a lot of solar up and add batteries.
mpierce 04/20/15 06:07am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Dually or Single?

Thanks all... definitely not looking at a new truck so I'll go with the DRW older model The new model single axles have a higher rating, and that trailer would be borderline for them. So, even new, I would go dually. When you stated you were going to get an older model, then you really need to go dually. Sounds like you reached that decision too. Good Luck, enjoy that new trailer!
mpierce 04/20/15 06:01am Tow Vehicles
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