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RE: DEF in the winter

That DEF flat sucks...too high a freeze point so I guess the guys that live in ND are as they say SOL... I live in ND. Have a '14 Dodge with DEF. NO PROBLEMS at all. You do understand from reading the material posted that heaters are installed?
mpierce 09/15/14 05:44am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Snowbees

Ok... I'll bite. So you're saying bee keepers take their bees north in the summer (presumably, to escape the heat) and south in the winter? Please pardon my ignorance... I've not heard of such a thing and a quick Google brought no results. Yes, I'm gullible, I know. Please be gentle. :) Edit: Ok... I KNEW that "escape the heat" thing was a bunch of whooie as soon as I posted. I think I've been had. Oh, well. Maybe you're saying that bees are brought north to pollinate in the summer... not so much as escape the heat. Wouldn't moving the bees be more disorienting to the bees than just wintering in place? What did bees do before there were were flatbeds, one must ask? LOL I live in ND. Bees come up in the summer, and go south for the winter. They follow the crops as the crops flower, so they can make honey. Seen this all my life. I am 60.
mpierce 09/12/14 06:15am Snowbirds
RE: I Love My Manual Awning

I have had both. Electric is VERY NICE to operate! Push a button. However, it goes almost straight out, up high. The sun does not have to get very low in the sky, and it no longer functions for shade! The wind also affects it more than the manual shade. Take your pick. Ease of use vs more functionality. Not sure why people think this. My electric awning tilts as much as I want it to, on either side. I love my electric awning! :) I do not "think this". It is what actually happens. I can lower the arm setting some, but no where near as much as my manual awning.
mpierce 09/12/14 06:02am General RVing Issues
RE: I Love My Manual Awning

I have had both. Electric is VERY NICE to operate! Push a button. However, it goes almost straight out, up high. The sun does not have to get very low in the sky, and it no longer functions for shade! The wind also affects it more than the manual shade. Take your pick. Ease of use vs more functionality.
mpierce 09/09/14 06:48am General RVing Issues
RE: Custer South Dakota in October?

I live 3 hours north of there. Great time of year. However, there is a chance a storm will move thru, like anywhere. There is a chance of snow. But, it WILL be gone in a couple days. Just stay, and enjoy the area a little longer! A number of the "tourist traps" will be closed. But, all the parks and roads will be open. NO CROWDS!
mpierce 09/09/14 06:45am General RVing Issues
RE: Running a diesel in the rain

Usually something like this is caused by a connection problem in the wiring to and from the computer getting a little wet. Then drying out after the rain.
mpierce 09/07/14 06:24am Class A Motorhomes
RE: RV vs Truck tires.

Hankooks are good. Personal experience with them. People I trust have had good luck with Sumitomos.
mpierce 09/05/14 05:44am Class A Motorhomes
RE: antifreeze gone, oil thin

1. Do not run until you get oil test results back. If in the engine oil, you risk destroying the engine. 2. Do you have a tranny cooler that connects to the radiator? I had a tranny cooler fail internally, and I wound up filling the tranny with antifreeze until it blew out the tranny vent! On a semi truck. 3. You would be able to see an external leak of the amount you are talking about, so it must be going internally somewhere. Get it fixed, or will cause more damage.
mpierce 09/05/14 05:42am Class A Motorhomes
RE: The ideal GPS route

Solving the problems the old fashioned way. Use a paper map! At least, check the GPS route against a paper map. Sometimes the GPS does REALLY STUPID things.
mpierce 08/26/14 06:07am General RVing Issues
RE: External Speakers, do you really want them ?

I just "LOVE" my neighbors outdoor speakers! LOL
mpierce 08/26/14 06:04am General RVing Issues
RE: 20lb. tank, How long will it last fridge cont, 3 meals a day

The older refrigerators did NOT use any electricity when on propane. They used a standing pilot light for ignition, thus no power needed. OP, when you say the flame is "ON" all the time, that would be the pilot light is on all the time. When the thermostat calls for more "cold", then another flame lights up from the pilot light, providing the "cool" So, yes, the flame does run all the time, but only the pilot flame. It will run for months, if not years, with just the pilot light on. Pilot uses almost NO propane. The main burner will only be on part of the time, depending on ambient temps. With cooler weather coming, I would estimate 1/4 to 1/3 time it might be on.
mpierce 08/26/14 06:03am General RVing Issues
RE: Big Time RV - travel channel

I got a kick out of two guys buying a MH for a "party bus", as they put it. They settled on one, and when the one asked the salesman how much, the reply was in the high $900,000's. The buyer gave a price about $15,000 less, and asked if they would accept that! You can imagine how fast the salesman said YES! LOL They got $15k off an almost 1 million dollar coach! What a deal! LOL I bet they could have gotten at least 100k off! What losers.
mpierce 08/26/14 05:56am General RVing Issues
RE: US DOT Numbers

1. You are out of state. 2. You have a "ladder rack" on the truck. 3. Sounds like you "carry a ladder to the work site for work" 4. Toolbox in the back. 5. 5th wheel hitch in back. And, you think the cop is stupid for stopping you? Looks to me like he was doing his job! Looks to me like you need DOT numbers! Ladder rack, with a ladder used for work, out of state, going to a job. Sure sounds like a work vehicle to me, EVEN if it is registered as a private vehicle. The USE of the vehicle is what is important, NOT how it is registered or owned.
mpierce 08/26/14 05:46am Tow Vehicles
RE: Big Time RV - travel channel

I would guess that they went thru a bunch of RV's, but there is not time to show that on a 1/2 hour show, so they pick the two best, and show them. Kind of like House Hunters. They show them three houses, and they pick one. However, sometimes they let it drop that they have looked at MANY houses, sometimes over 100!
mpierce 08/23/14 06:17am General RVing Issues
RE: RV Drivers License

I just love it when someone who has DECADES of only driving a car, decides to buy a 40' MH or a large trailer. Then, just go out, jump in, and take off, expecting that their car driving experience will make them a safe MH driver. Get some training! Your life, and especially the lives of others sharing the road with you, are at stake.
mpierce 08/23/14 06:04am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Are my turn signals invisible?

I was in line for a toll bridge and a sign ahead said Wide Vehicles Use Right lane. Being in a widebody I signalled right. Being a truck driver with over 2 million miles, that sign was not for you. A "Wide Vehicle" sign refers to a vehicle/load that is OVERWIDTH. Over the legal width limit of 102", running with an over width permit. You had a wide body, which means it is 102", instead of the old 96" limit You do not have to obey "wide vehicle" signs, as you are NOT a "wide vehicle" or a "wide load". There was nothing wrong about moving over, but you did not need to.
mpierce 08/22/14 06:21am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Buying a Class A coach in Texas

Based on your question, I assume that the coach does not have current TX registration. Is that correct? Not correct. The coach is currently titled and registered in Texas. The current owner will be purchasing a different coach, therefore will keep the current plates. I’m not sure that it would be legal for me to drive it back with his plates anyway after I pay him and the title is signed over to me. Wayne What makes you think the current owner will keep the plates? Are they personalized plates, or just normal run of the mill plates? In Texas the plates on vehicles usually stay with the vehicle. I've never had the plates transferred from an old vehicle to a new one that I bought here in Texas. Depends on the state. ND went from the plate belongs to the vehicle, to the plate belongs to the owner, and you can keep the plate and put on another vehicle. We bought our Bluebird in GA. We got insurance before we flew down, and took that paperwork with us. We drove it home with the PO's plates still on, and then mailed the plate back to him.
mpierce 08/20/14 05:49am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Second or Even Third Generator Remote Switch

My Bluebird has three, one on headliner above the dash, one in kitchen, and one in the rear bedroom. So, it is possible. Wireless sounds good. One more remote!
mpierce 08/20/14 05:45am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Replace this type TV with Flat Screen

Remove the old cathode ray tv. Get a LED that is a little bit bigger than the opening. Get a mount to hold it right in front of that opening. The LED's are MUCH lighter, and if your cabinets are any good at all, they will be strong enough to hold the LED tv.
mpierce 08/18/14 09:18pm General RVing Issues
RE: Running a big rig on veggie oil

Jplant4, road taxes aren't completely fair. My neighbors and I buy plenty of diesel fuel to use on our tractors and they never touch the highways. Does it really matter that some people pay no taxes and do use the highway? . You can buy non-road taxed fuel to use in off road vehicles. They can NEVER be used on the highway, except to move from field to field. It is dyed fuel. Go to a farm supplier. Do NOT get caught with it in a road vehicle. The fine is very stiff.
mpierce 08/16/14 06:04am Class A Motorhomes
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