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RE: Blue Beacon Truck Wash - Procedural Question

I suggest telling them do NOT use brighteners. As truck driver, have used them many times. They are good. But, RV's have many different surfaces. Tell them no acid, no brighteners. If you have any areas of special concern, let them know when you pull in. I do my Bluebird MH in them. One area I suggest mentioning, is the refrigerator vents on the side. I tell them to not direct pressure at them. On my toy hauler, I would turn the fridge off before I got there, and I would put a piece of hard plastic inside. There are electronics inside on most, and if pressure is directed at the vents, water will go in. Potential for damage.
mpierce 08/27/15 05:55am General RVing Issues
RE: Big truck woes

Well just because you can move it doesn't it will handle well. Tail wagging the dog! pulling a TT that is almost twice the length, and twice the weight of the TV is asking for trouble.....How do you explain 192" WB over the road trucks pulling 53' long, 50-60 ton trailers all day long and not flying off the road? And did you notice the thread from the guy with the diesel dually? clicky Because it is made to do it, and a 1500 is not. Also, the normal weight limit is 80,000#. Of that, the tractor weighs about 20,000. Thus, the max the trailer AND the load can be is about 60,000#, which is 30 tons. NOT 50-60 tons! You know not what you talk about. So, you say it is perfectly OK for a 1500 pickup to pull a huge trailer? You think the GVWR and GCWR mean NOTHING? Remind me when you are out on the road, so I can get off.
mpierce 08/27/15 05:45am Tow Vehicles
RE: Big truck woes

A 1500, with a 38" trailer. Wow!
mpierce 08/27/15 05:42am Tow Vehicles
RE: CHINA why the reliance regarding RV parts & accessories

The issue of how a collapse of Chinese manufacturing means the virtual end of most RV accessories and repair parts. Believe it or not refrigerator, hot water heater, and HVAC controls are considered small potatoes, in China's manufacturing hierarchy. Need a converter? need a rooftop air? Can't get it? This explains the reason why. More likely this heralds THE END of the golden age of dirt cheap eBay electronics accessories. if you want it, get it now. COLLAPSE? Huh? The reason for the stock market falling is that China's growth has dropped from 9%+, to 5%! They are still GROWING at 5%! A level we have not been at in near a DECADE! Sounds like government. They make a budget showing a 5% increase for a department the next year. It gets downsized to a 3% INCREASE, and the politicians say there has been a CUT! China's output is not only NOT collapsing, but it is still growing at a rate TWICE what we are growing at! Don't think I would get my panties in a wad about not being able to get parts.
mpierce 08/26/15 05:49am Tech Issues
RE: Front end alignment cost??

I was just estimated about $150 for a standard front end alignment by a large truck shop. While I'm in there, I'll get him to check the rear alignment and springs as well, just to be sure...so I'm guessing that'll add a few duckies to the bill. That is about right. I also believe that checking the rear is necessary. If the rear is not right, the front will never be right. It does not need to be checked very often.
mpierce 08/26/15 05:30am Class A Motorhomes
RE: RV fire, propane and Tunnel - he got off lucky

I never have understood the statements on the forums where posters say an insurance company can deny a claim if you do something illegal. If I speed or run thru a stop light (which is illegal) resulting in an accident, is my insurance company going to deny the claim? I don't think so. I agree with a previous post that says that is why we have insurance. You folks might want to check your policy. This is directly from mine (A major company,) listed when coverage is denied: Exclusions These coverages do not apply to liability for: Bodily injury or property damage caused by the: intentional acts; criminal acts, other than traffic violations; or omissions; of an insured person, or done at the direction of an insured person, which are designed to produce loss or damage. If too much propane in a tunnel is "criminal" is up to prosecutors office as to what charges are filed. The key condition here for exclusion of coverage is "which are designed to produce loss or damage." This means (I think) if it was my "design" (intent) to cause damage by carrying too much propane, then yes, the coverage would be excluded. However, if there was no intent to cause damage, then the insurance company couldn't exclude coverage. Bingo! A deliberate criminal act "designed to cause loss". Probably mostly directed at fraud of the insurance company. i.e., buy a car with a motor you know is bad at a much cheaper price than the Blue Book says that model is worth. Then, it "accidentally" catches fire, and insurance is filed at the much higher value.
mpierce 08/24/15 05:23am Class A Motorhomes
RE: When is overprice, a Rippoff ?

My NAPA store displays prices. I have been in lots of stores where prices are a LOT higher than other nearby stores. I guess I never thought to let all of them know they were ripping me off, and that I would never be back. If I never went back to any store that ever had a higher price than another, I would have NO stores to go to!
mpierce 08/22/15 12:31pm General RVing Issues
RE: Parallel then series, or the other way around?

That diagram is out of electrical balance. Use this: I am constantly amazed....although I probably shouldn't be, having done this forum thing for decades....... Your diagram is electrically identical to the previous one. What exactly do you think is "out of balance" about it ?? Hint: NOTHING. Depends on what you consider "out of balance". Do both supply 12 volt power? Yes However, will both draw equally from BOTH sets of batteries, having equal lengths of wire? NO The second is slightly better, as it pulls equally from both sets, thus "in balance".
mpierce 08/22/15 08:23am Tech Issues
RE: Double Towing

Lengthwise, if you are in a state allowing double towing, you should be all right. Just be sure to measure each one, add together, and be sure you are under 65'. And, as mentioned, this is state specific, and you will NOT be able to go into all states.
mpierce 08/20/15 05:33am Dinghy Towing
RE: Towing with a Conversion Van?

We had a 1993 Chevy Hightop Conversion Van. 2500, 350 engine. We towed a 1964 26' Airstream with bunks several tens of thousands of miles while our family was growing up. We had a weight distribution hitch. LOVED it! It would slow down some in BIG hills. You are looking at a bigger trailer, but have a heavier built van too, so I think you will be OK. We still have the van, although the kids are gone, and we now have a Bluebird MH. It has 296,000 miles on it. Neither the engine nor the tranny has been touched! Go for it!
mpierce 08/20/15 05:21am Tow Vehicles
RE: What would you do, stay put or pull over?

as we near our destinations at the coast I am behind alot of RVs that are not moving so fast and I am stuck in traffic behind them with my rig and NONE of them has pulled over for the traffic behind.....must not be ANY of us on this forum, right? :) :) :) ateris is right. go back and read the thread and most reply in safe areas they would be courteous, in some situations drivers gotta wait their turn in line like every other person on the roads. every drive situation will never be perfect :), ugh, ya been out there at all? there isn't a perfect driving day for most! OFD it isn't entitlement at all, it is life and it happens all the time and isn't going to change. If a driver pulled over for every 5 cars behind them while driving the speed limit, then most roads people would be pulling over every minute 24/7 and that isn't realistic at all. I pull over, even for one car, if can be done safely. However, if there are LOTS of cars both directions, pulling over does not accomplish much. As soon as you start up again, if you can even get back out on the road, there will be a line behind you again. Pulling over really only works on relatively lonely, low traffic two lane roads.
mpierce 08/19/15 06:39am General RVing Issues
RE: What would you do, stay put or pull over?

Wow I swear reading a lot of these posts is like reading entitlement posts on some liberal forum ! "I'm doing the speed limit" "If I'm doing the speed limit let them stack up behind me" way of thinking attitudes .. It might be conservative entitlement (which is very common). The idea that people should follow the law, even when following the law makes no rational sense and/or endangers someone, is usually a conservative position. What I wrote above, about the laws being to protect people rather than rules for rules' sake, is a liberal POV. Liberals think we should do what is ethical, kind, safe, etc. -- and that laws just exist to facilitate that. What a load of c.........!
mpierce 08/19/15 05:54am General RVing Issues
RE: Propane relay stays on and drain batteries?

Turning the valve off works. However, it is a safety device. Most are hooked to a propane sensor, so that if you have a propane leak in the coach, it will automatically shut the propane off. I feel the best option is to put a battery disconnect switch on the battery bank. I put mine on the neg cable. Make sure ALL neg connections are downstream from the switch. When you park the rig, turn the switch off. There will then be NO battery drain from the coach.
mpierce 08/19/15 05:47am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Went In For Alignment Now Feel Being Taken For A Ride

The very first thing a technician is going to do before performing a front end alignment is to check for worn parts. Most alignments have some sort of warranty and the only way that a front end can be aligned is with all parts being tight. Any shop that now finds worn parts after the fact are not in the mechanical field to perform proper repairs. Find someone that is a certified mechanic, or has certified mechanics in their shop. My 2 cents worth!! Exactly....
mpierce 08/19/15 05:44am Class A Motorhomes
RE: What would you do, stay put or pull over?

I pull over in a safe place, even for one vehicle! Why not? Be courteous.
mpierce 08/18/15 08:14am General RVing Issues
RE: 3/4 vs 1 ton .

1 ton minimum. Dually 1 ton suggested.
mpierce 08/14/15 05:05am Tow Vehicles
RE: Factory installed wrong size full tank

A couple years ago there was a guy with a new RAM 4X4 where the front ratio was different than the rear ratio! One of the axles was mislabeled. According to the bar code labels, they were both correct. However, one of them was mislabeled, and was the wrong ratio. Needless to say, it did not drive right! The owner had a devil of a time convincing the dealer of it! Finally, they said they would open up the covers, and inspect them. Told him it would be his $ if they were correct! Took a few months to get the correct axle sent up and installed.
mpierce 08/11/15 09:18pm Tow Vehicles
RE: is it nessasery to stop at weigh stations?

I have seen signs saying ALL BOATS must stop. It is for a parasite inspection.
mpierce 08/11/15 09:13pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Tips for merging

I drive semi all over the US. There are NOT yield signs on the approaches. Years and years ago that was true, but not any more. See the previous post showing a picture of a yield sign on an approach here in VA (I-95 near Richmond). That is a recent photo. Maybe in the NE there are some. There certainly are not on the vast majority of approaches. The reason given for removing them, was because it caused too many drivers merging, to "yield", stopping, way too much. The engineers want merging drivers to accelerate rapidly, so they are going as fast, or slightly faster, than the traffic on the road.
mpierce 08/09/15 10:17am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Coleman Roadtrip grill to RV quick connect?

If problem, then just put a quick connect on the high pressure side of the rigs regulator, and use the regulator on the grill.
mpierce 08/09/15 06:24am Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
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