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Wanted: Cake donut recipes

I remember helping my Grandmother make cake donuts as a kid. My wife and I have tried a couple recipes, but so far not very satisfied. Not raised, but cake. If you have a recipe, please let me know. Thank you very much.
mpierce 12/09/14 08:50am Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: engine block heater

Could it be just the breaker being bad? The heater does not have to be on any more than 2 hours prior to starting the motor does it? Plug an ext. cord into the cord from block heater then to nearest 110. I see you are from TX. If you never go into cold temps, 2 hrs is planty. However, if it is -20, and windy, you will want it plugged in overnight! LOL
mpierce 12/02/14 06:21am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Driving Backwards through the Truck Lanes

As long as you do it when it is not very busy, no problem. Please don't do it when there are several trucks behind every pump, waiting in line! It makes NO sense to me, when mfg.'s put DEF fills on the right side, when ALL bulk DEF dispensers are on the left side!
mpierce 12/01/14 07:41am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Winterized fuel

At what temperature does diesel gel? 17.5 F Problem is, the wax crystals that form and clog your fuel filter then have to be heated up to around 32F to unmelt and remix. Don't think all Engine block heaters heat the filter/fuel pump, so I use an additive when Daytime temps of below 32 are forecast.I must be one very lucky dude. I have never used an additive in my truck. I even drove it to Great Falls,MT. at Christmas time of '12. I have no cord for the block heater either. Several nights in Great Falls it fell to -4 and truck started right up. Never had a gelling issue going out I-70 then north or coming back via I-90 and I-80. All the way across Iowa it was 0 degrees. Truck performed as expected and it is a 2wd if that makes any difference to you 4x4 fans that insist that all tv trucks need to 4x4. JME. At those temps, you will probably always be ok. But when it gets COLD, fuel WILL gel. I drive almost every winter at -30F, and have been driving at -40F. If you think regular #2 will be ok, go ahead. You can usually get a tow truck out in a few hours! LOL Fuel is usualy winter ized to "local conditions". However, I can fuel in GA, and drive to ND! Might be 70 when I fuel, and -40 when I arrive! Need to do some planning here.
mpierce 11/27/14 07:48am General RVing Issues
RE: 50 to 30 amp service

. . . and you might want to look for a new tech. Agreed. Any tech that would tell me that, would NEVER touch my MH!
mpierce 11/27/14 07:36am Class A Motorhomes
RE: RAM 3500 SRW - Aisin vs. 68RFE - Update

I have the Aisen. It is a very HD tranny. However, I believe the 68 is a VERY capable tranny. Unless you are towing a lot, up near the gross allowed, I am sure the 68 will do a good job for you.
mpierce 11/27/14 07:33am Tow Vehicles
RE: protocal at fuel stops

Went into the Pilot in GA the other day. Was parked in the parking lot. There was a young couple in the next booth, ordering before me. It was an order, and make to order, restaurant, so it took a while. We were both probably in there 30 minutes. As I walked out past the truck diesel islands, they were just ahead of me. They got in a truck they had left at the fuel islands!!!! How totally inconsiderate can some one be?
mpierce 11/21/14 08:32am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Diesel prices finally falling !!

Winter blends in the north will raise prices some there.
mpierce 11/10/14 04:46am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Firewood.. what do you do?

I'm always amazed that in our area state parks say buy wood on site, don't bring any. Then I saw a tractor trailer bring in wood to the campground. It was harvested 300 miles east of the campground in far eastern oregon and we were at a campground on the oregon coast. But the don't want me bringing wood from 50 miles away from the same forest the CG is in. Go figure. I have hauled some of that on a semi truck/trailer. It has been inspected by state ag inspectors, and guaranteed to be free of disease and bugs. If someone is hauling it WITHOUT that certification, they are violating the law.
mpierce 11/06/14 06:07am General RVing Issues
RE: The reason for falling oil prices explained (maye)

Oil production via fracking has risen dramatically, increasing supplies greatly. Price of crude is dropping because of that. The amount of oil "saved" by Prius drivers is, pardon the pun, a drop in the bucket.
mpierce 11/06/14 06:02am General RVing Issues
RE: What Constitutes Vintage Class A

"Not necessarily true. I have a 1990 Bluebird with a 8v92 two cycle Detroit, 475 hp, 1450 torque. Coach is 48,000#, pulls it pretty darn good." Yes, you are right, but you left two things out? If I remember right , to get those to go smoking up a hard pull, in a semi anyway pulling 80,000 lbs., you had to add a external elect. fuel pump on a switch and turn it on about halfway up the hill, to keep fuel to the motor and keep it pulling like you want! Now, with half the weight, that might not be the case, but you also left out the fuel mi. you get? If I remember right, back then, 3 to 5 mpg was considered good! Again, in the trucking world! What kind of fuel mi. do you get? I did not mean to step on any toes, but since you brought it up, the Cummins and Cats back then would out pull a Detroit 2 to 1! JMHO! Rail! P.S. Glad you are happy with your B.B.! They are one of the best made out there, for sure!! Never heard of that fuel pump you are talking about. I had a 1980 Freightliner with a Silver 8V92 at maximum, which was, I believe, 435hp. Several times I ran with a couple guys, one had a CAT, and one a Cummins. Newer trucks, but I do not know exactly what engines they had. We were running western ID, MT, and up into Canada, with weights up to 80,000#. We all stuck pretty well together on all the grades, and all got between 5 and 6 mpg running that way. So, I did NOT see much difference in 1980. I get between 6 and 7 mpg on the Bluebird. It is not as good as a newer diesel engine, BUT, I do not have $500k invested either! Love the Bluebird. I could not even think about a newer one. This one was listed right at $500k when new in 1990. Have about 10% of that in it now. Real tile floors, real, solid, oak cabinets, etc! It is 25 years old, many things have changed on newer models. But, did I say we love it? LOL
mpierce 10/29/14 05:52pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: okay...we blew the tires. =-O

Hope you gave a nice tip to the man and his wife, who on his honeymoon was working to keep you and other motorists going!
mpierce 10/29/14 05:42pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Seat Belts

Most laws allow vehicles that were not required to be equipped at original build time, to be grandfathered in. My 1990 Bluebird only has seat belts on the front two seats. Is it grandfathered in, in those states that require all in a MH to be buckled in? If I have a 1950 Buick, that did NOT have OEM belts, I believe it is legal without them, as not required at the time of build.
mpierce 10/29/14 05:36pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: What Constitutes Vintage Class A

Dave pete, the one disadvantage to the 20 year old bus chassis are the old school diesel motors, the old Detroit diesel motor's were dog's, to put it simple! Yes they would "run forever", but if going really slow uphill is your thing, then go for it! I would find a late 80's, early 90's, Holiday Rambler, Monaco, Beaver, Country Coach! They all make a retro style, with all the nice features you will really like! JMHO??!! Rail! Not necessarily true. I have a 1990 Bluebird with a 8v92 two cycle Detroit, 475 hp, 1450 torque. Coach is 48,000#, pulls it pretty darn good. Now, if you go back further to the 6v71 series, 318 hp, you are correct. However, if you got a Cummins or Cat from the same era, you would not be much better off. All engines back then were much less capable. If you want to go way back, you will have many compromises to make, from power train, to amenities in the coach. Had a 1964 Airstream, loved it, bunk beds, many miles and smiles with the kids growing up. However, did NOT have a grey water tank, only black, because back when made, you were allowed to dump grey water everywhere! Times change, expectations change.
mpierce 10/29/14 06:06am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Curious About Quartzsite?

Every one should visit Quartzsite once. Don't know why anyone would go twice. Friends? Set up in the desert, with a number of friends, and have a great time? That is why!
mpierce 10/10/14 06:46am Snowbirds
RE: 20% Bio Fuel at Flying J/Pilot

That is strong evidence. Thank you, that eases my mind considerably. Cummins suggested using special filters, do you do that in your trucks, or do you just use the regular fleetgard filters (or other "standard" fuel filters - you can tell I have a Cummins) Ed Headington Regular filters. I really do not know of specific bio fuel filters. When bio diesel first came out, there were some problems. The bio tends to "scrub" out systems. So, when put into vehicles, or storage tanks, that had used regular diesel for years, it tended to "clean out" the accumulated crud. And plugged filters. However, once the system had had a couple filter changes, all was well from then on. I never had this problem, but some did.
mpierce 10/08/14 06:10am General RVing Issues
RE: 20% Bio Fuel at Flying J/Pilot

SO---- I share your concern about the bio-diesel. I do not understand why the truckers are not screaming up a storm over this. It seems to me it is a legitimate concern and I know that now I am concerned!!!!! I own and operate over the road trucks, and also farm and have LOTS of diesels. The reason truckers have NOT been "screaming up a storm", is because we have been getting it at pumps for YEARS, and it is not causing problems! I guarantee you that if it was, they WOULD be screaming. The fact that they are NOT, tells one that they accept it, and have few problems with it. A LOT of truckers like it, as it adds lubricity back into low sulfur diesel, which has little of its own.
mpierce 10/07/14 05:46am General RVing Issues
RE: What Constitutes Vintage Class A

I love the GMC's. Way ahead of their time. However, if you plan on spending a lot of time in one, and traveling, be sure you check out and make sure you can live with the storage they have, as it is quite limited in comparison to most.
mpierce 10/07/14 05:30am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Anyone has taken their turbo apart to clean it? 2003 Cummins

Been a trucker most of my life. Have turbos on many engines. I have NEVER heard a mechanic say to "clean out the turbo". Leave it alone.
mpierce 10/07/14 05:25am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Staying at truck stops?????

Truck stops are well known for the ladies of the night making money. Don't know if they would be knocking on a trailer door or not???? Roy Ken 2 million miles over the road here. A few truckstops have this problem Very few. I have had my door knocked on twice in all those miles. Just say no, and they move on. The truckstop "dangers" are way overblown. All in all, they are very safe. I have heard of murders, assaults, robberies, rape, prostitution, etc., in campgrounds. Should we all stay away from them too? There are potential problems everywhere. One could lock themselves in their home, and never leave. But, guess what, all of the above can happen there too!
mpierce 10/01/14 06:09am General RVing Issues
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