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RE: Replace this type TV with Flat Screen

Remove the old cathode ray tv. Get a LED that is a little bit bigger than the opening. Get a mount to hold it right in front of that opening. The LED's are MUCH lighter, and if your cabinets are any good at all, they will be strong enough to hold the LED tv.
mpierce 08/18/14 09:18pm General RVing Issues
RE: Running a big rig on veggie oil

Jplant4, road taxes aren't completely fair. My neighbors and I buy plenty of diesel fuel to use on our tractors and they never touch the highways. Does it really matter that some people pay no taxes and do use the highway? . You can buy non-road taxed fuel to use in off road vehicles. They can NEVER be used on the highway, except to move from field to field. It is dyed fuel. Go to a farm supplier. Do NOT get caught with it in a road vehicle. The fine is very stiff.
mpierce 08/16/14 06:04am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Post your motorcycle tow solution.

I have towed 3 motorcycles to Sturgis, SD before behind our DP on a regular car trailer and the bike on the right front behind the DP exhaust was covered in soot. I am going tomorrow to pick up a used tandem tow dolly so we will be able to tow our bike and front wheel drive car behind us. I didn't want the extra weight of a lift holding a full dress Harley hanging off the back of our coach. If I get to the point I can no longer ride two wheels I will buy a trike and it will fit nicely across the floor of the tow dolly instead of the bike. Please keep us posted. We have a sidecar rig, and this is about the only solution we can seem to find. Thanks
mpierce 08/15/14 06:43am General RVing Issues
RE: Are fivers roomier than a motorhome

You have just pulled in to your campsite after a long day behind the wheel. It is cold and it is pouring down rain. At this point in time are you really concerned that a fiver may seem a little more spacious than your nice warm and dry Class A as you settle in to your easy chair and start watching your favorite movie while the DW gets dinner ready? No need for you to go outside until the weather clears. :) +1 Just last trip, it started raining cats and dogs about time to pull over for the night. We pulled into a truck stop, found an excellent isolated spot, parked, and I walked back into the bus. Used the facilities, the wife made a light supper, and we went to bed. Never opened the door. Nice.
mpierce 08/15/14 06:36am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Running a big rig on veggie oil

The new engines have EXTREMELY close tolerance fuel pumps and filters. I would NOT use veggie oil in them. If you have a 10 year old or older engine, maybe back to the old mechanical engines, then the veggie oil can be made to work. Your $, your choice. Take out an injection system, and you will need to have burned 1000's of gallons of free oil to pay for the new injection system.
mpierce 08/15/14 06:31am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Topping up Engine Oil ?

Yes, they have a specified level. It is from ADD to FULL. Anything in between is acceptable. I do not know about your engine, but I have had engines in my over the road Peterbilts that use oil if filled to the FULL level all the time. If I let it drop to close to ADD, they stop using oil. Or at least greatly reduced. Your $, your time, your choice. But, personally, I would let it go until it gets down to the ADD level, then put in enough to put it at the FULL mark. Personal preference. You choose how often you want to open the bed, but it will NOT hurt the engine to be run at ADD.
mpierce 08/15/14 06:27am Class A Motorhomes
RE: New fridge won't work

Just filled them up and they are both on. Thanks. Gotta check the easy stuff first right? No offense taken. Do you have a good 12 volt supply? I have a about the 12 volt supply.....my DH insists on turning the battery switch off when we are on electric.....will this cause the fridge from working properly???? Yep. It uses 12v for the controls. Without 12v, nothing.
mpierce 08/13/14 08:24pm Tech Issues
RE: How do they jack up big coach when replacing tires?

The reason the coach maker says not to, is LAWYERS! On the 1 in 100,000 chance the leveler fails when a tech is under there, they do not want to get sued. I see NO problem on the big coaches. They are plenty strong. What is different about the leveler lifting it, or a jack at the same place? None. I am not so sure about the smaller MH's, and how strong their frames are.
mpierce 08/12/14 06:00am Class A Motorhomes
RE: '15 Ford F450 vs RAM 3500 HD Extreme Towing Review

Wow. 450 beats a 350 to the top, after the 350 lets off. Fair as Ford will let it be!
mpierce 08/12/14 05:57am Tow Vehicles
RE: Propane Rates in Florida

"YIKES! How in the world can propane prices not be regulated?" Most things are not regulated, thank goodness. We are a capitalistic country, at least in name.
mpierce 08/11/14 05:18am Snowbirds
RE: Is anyplace in Arizona warm in winter?

A lot depends on where you are from, and what you are used to. I drove long haul truck for a number of years. I always said, once you get east of the Mississippi River, there is no wind! Now, that is an oversimplification, but generally true. I live in SW ND, and we get quite a bit of wind. What we call a breeze, people in the East call windy. Most, if not all, of the West is windier than the east. So, for people from the West, what we call a breezy day, and normal, people from the East will scream too windy to drive! Terrible day, etc. Perspective is everything.
mpierce 08/07/14 05:12am Snowbirds
RE: Propane Rates in Florida

#1. Yes, companies are allowed to charge what they want. We are not totally gov't controlled yet! Call around, get other quotes. That seems really high, even for FL.
mpierce 08/07/14 05:03am Snowbirds
RE: Split battery bank to multiple locations?

I had a 1964 Airstream with one 12v battery in the rear. Had #10 or #8 wire from the tongue to the battery. At first, just hooked up to small wire at rear of TV. Would run out of juice quickly. I do not think it EVER got fully charged, unless charged at home. Alternator was my only way of charging on road, unless hooked up. I then put a 2nd 12v on the tongue, and ran a double #4 cable from engine to that battery, and left the smaller wire in the trailer. About 4X the power! I doubled the battery, and, with the big cable to the front of the trailer, I kept the voltage up enough that I actually got them full on the alternator! That system worked great for the number of years I had the trailer. I think you will be fine. Big copper wire is your friend.
mpierce 08/07/14 05:00am Tech Issues
RE: $100,000 dollars

$100,000 will get you into a mid 90's BlueBird, Newell, prevost. The quality of these is amazing, compared to the newer models. No slides, but it sounds like OP is looking for two of them. We just bought a 1990 Wanderlodge for half of that. Amazing quality. The cabinets are solid oak, better than in our custom kitchen at home! In 10 years, it will still be a quality coach. The new one will be falling apart.
mpierce 08/06/14 08:50pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Convert Weber Q hose to quick connect

Put the quick disconnect BEFORE the camper regulator, and leave the grills regulator on. That way, it can still be used with a bottle.
mpierce 08/04/14 09:21pm Tech Issues
RE: Where to buy good semi-cheap ratchet socket set in USA?

The Snap-On truck will have it if the others don't. The OP was looking for "semi-cheap". Buying off the Snap-On truck is NOT! LOL
mpierce 07/31/14 05:35am General RVing Issues
RE: Question about diesel brakes

Many new tractor trailer trucks still use drum brakes all the way around. I was just reading that many trucking companies order them that way because of the additional weight and cost of the air disc brake system. Drums work great, just make sure the adjusters are properly adjusted and that the grease seals aren't leaking. Disc brakes are lighter, not heavier than drums. They do cost more.
mpierce 07/24/14 05:27am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Max Towing Wars - Ford vs Ram

Here's some more testing of the HD trucks now including the Chevy. Link Someone is lying about the numbers BIG time. Either that or Fords tranny is gobbling up power faster than Joey Chestnut can eat a hotdog. That can't be true either because Fords mileage numbers are very good. Another thing; why have two different types of trailers? At these speeds aerodynamics are HUGE. Why not all the same? It would be fun to put these trucks on the rollers and see who is lying about power numbers. Good points... I was wondering if anyone else would notice the different trailers with fairly different front covers to boot. Without IDENTICAL trailers, or even the same trailer, THIS TEST IS WORTHLESS! Just a SLIGHT change is aero on a trailer will make several mph change at speed, requiring a LOT more HP to pull at speed.
mpierce 07/24/14 05:19am Tow Vehicles
RE: Vehicle taxes where you live... how bad?

I live in SC, and I've never heard of having to add the weights together. My Yukon's tax bill lists it as 6100 lbs, the Dutchman's tax bill lists it as 5600 lbs. SC does limit sales tax at $300 max on purchase, so someone buying a vehicle for $6,000 or $60,000 pays the same. Yukon's last bill was $91.40, Dutchman's last bill was $271.17. I do not know about SC, but it is true in most states, but not all. Some require the wt. to all be on the truck registration, some split between truck and trailer. ND requires all on the truck. BUT, unless you TELL them, they have NO WAY of knowing you are pulling a trailer that is heavier than the truck is registered for. UNLESS you get stopped for something, and they check. Then, you are cited for being overweight. Commercial, you will eventually get caught. Being an RV, which seldom get checked for anything, there is a good likelihood you will never be checked.
mpierce 07/24/14 05:15am Tow Vehicles
RE: Are large gas motor Rv's underpower?

The same length DP is almost always heavier built, and built with better components that will last a lot longer that most gas MH's. So, you pays your money, and takes your choice.
mpierce 07/23/14 06:05am Class A Motorhomes
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