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RE: In Defense of Fahrenheit

Last time I looked the UK still uses miles. Does that count? But they sell fuel by the litre. :h There was a time the US went to selling fuel by the liter too. Back in the 70's gas pumps were only capable of going up to .99 cents a gallon. Apparently when they designed the pumps nobody ever thought gas would go over a dollar a gallon. So when it did go over, lots of places had to change their pumps over to liters so the price would be lower. It was a real pain because nobody knew how much they were really paying for a gallon of gas. That was back before handheld calculators were easily available too! :)
msmith1199 12/07/16 12:30pm Around the Campfire
RE: In Defense of Fahrenheit

I grew up in Canada with the Imperial system. I worked in several fields where measurements were used daily. Then they brought in the Metric system and man that was a hard transition. Some things were metric and others were still Imperial. My kids were in school at the time and were able to learn both, so they never had a problem at all. It takes me a couple days when we come into the States to go back to MPH and Fahrenheit. There are some things old guy's don't forget! And that's the main problem with the conversion is there are so many things designed under the imperial system that can't be easily changed, and in metric numbers they would come out odd. For example the standard lane on a freeway is 12 feet wide. So if we converted to metric the standard lane would be 3.6576 meters wide. So things like that, that can't be easily changed, would go from nice round numbers to odd numbers.
msmith1199 12/06/16 02:03pm Around the Campfire
RE: In Defense of Fahrenheit

They're all arbitrary figures anyway so it really doesn't matter which you use. We used decimal inches when I was working so I don't see what is so special about metric system anyway. But it's all in what you get used to working with. I can eyeball .750 inch, but have no idea how long .750 cm is. .750 Centimeters would be 7.5 millimeters!
msmith1199 12/06/16 01:58pm Around the Campfire
RE: Half-ton toad

"Hitch rating is 10,000 lbs. I've looked into the braking and towing set up. Company said they run about $3,000." $3k seems like a lot, unless that's all costs including install for anything on both vehicles. I think I got away with the install on my Dodge Dakota for right at $1600 for all (Brake Buddy, Base Plate, Tow Bar, Lights). I think that rig should have no problem towing that truck, it weighs about the same as my '08 Dakota CC 4x4 (gotta love the aluminum weight savings of the new F150) and I tow it with a 34' Class C with a gas 8.1 V-8/Allison Trans, and it drags her along without much of an issue. I just bought a base plate and wiring harness for my new 2017 Wrangler and that was $480. And that's without tow bar or braking system. A new Roadmaster All Terrain towbar is almost $800! I have an older Roadmaster All Terrain that I don't think I paid more than about $350 for. This stuff is getting expensive.
msmith1199 12/06/16 01:50pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Half-ton toad

Remember also that the F150 will need to be a 4X4 to be towable four down! I didn't know that. In preparation for this change I contacted truck salesperson today and he found a used 2x4 that he said I can tow 4 down. I'll look into it more. Thanks. Maybe with a manual transmission. If it's an auto tranny it will require some type of disconnect or lube pump.
msmith1199 12/06/16 10:49am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Half-ton toad

I towed a Dodge Dakota 4x4 with a V-8. It's actually almost the same weight as the new half ton Ford F-150 in 4x4. It towed okay and I actually took it from California to Wisconsin and back over both the Sierras and the Rockies and made it just fine, but you can tell it's back there. It was a heavy toad. I have recently got rid of it and bought a 2017 2dr Wrangler. It's about 1000 pounds lighter so I'm looking forward to only have that light weight back there again. I had a wrangler before and it made a great towed vehicle.
msmith1199 12/05/16 06:13pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Should we turn off the water?

Here is a well known fact, if a water pipe is going to break in your house, they will NEVER break when you are at home. Somehow they know when you're getting ready to leave and they only break then so they can run for a day or two before a neighbor notices the street is flooded in front of your house.
msmith1199 12/01/16 09:45am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Death Valley in June?

Is it safe to go through Death Valley in late June? We are planing our trip out west (from Tennessee) for next summer with the Grandkids so we will be traveling while school is out. Our plan has us going from Yosemite (Tuolumne) to Los Vegas. Not staying in Death Velley. Just driving through. Pulling our 21' TT with our F150. The high temperature is the concern. Is this a safe plan? Thoughts appreciated. Yes it can be done. Yes it will probably be hot. I was in Vegas a couple of years ago in June and it was 116 in Vegas. It's all about how you can stand the heat. I've been in Vegas in the summer in my motorhome, and during the day both A/C's can't keep up with the heat. On that day that it was 116 in Vegas it was probably well over 120 in death valley. If it were me, I'd check the temp forecast and as long as it was going to be under 105 I'd do it. Over 105 and it's just not that comfortable for me. But then again I live out here so I can plan my trips easily around the temps. If this is your only chance to see the place you may want to take your chances.
msmith1199 11/27/16 06:10pm Roads and Routes
RE: Travel to Mammoth, CA in Winter

88?? Not familiar with that route, in fact, never heard of it. However, 395 between Reno and Bishop is very unpredictable during the winter months. You would have to go day by day with the weather and pick one that is favorable. If you go over I-80 to Reno and then south on 395, the highway will be in the neighborhood of 9000 feet on several occasions. The three passes south of Reno and over the Sierras during the winter are typically closed. That leaves you to go south to Bakersfield, over Hwy 58 (Tehachapi Pass) and then north on 395.....long way around but much less chance of hitting snow. Sorry, but more bad info. The snow and road conditions are very predictable up there. Snow storms just don't come up out of no where. The storm fronts move in from the Northwest and they know days in advance when the storms are coming. They may not be able to tell you exactly how much will fall or what the conditions of the roads will be, but they can tell if it's going to snow or not.
msmith1199 11/24/16 09:21am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Travel to Mammoth, CA in Winter

The only passes open in winter are I-80 north of Lake Tahoe or Hwy 50 south of Tahoe. 50 might be dicey if there is lots of snow but I=80 is a major east/west freeway that is kept open all winter.....with frequent short term shutdowns. Anywhere further south and all the passes shut down in winter due to snow.....Hwy 88 goes to the Kirkwood ski area so that might stay open for skiers traffic with chains often required. For sure you will not be able to get over Monitor pass and to the east side of the Sierras. Bad info. 88 is kept open year round.
msmith1199 11/24/16 09:19am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Selling VW TDI diesel!!!???

There is a VW forum out there with people discussing this. So far I have not seen any reports of people actually turning them in and getting a check yet. People have reported having appointments starting in early December to turn them in. There are a couple of people who had previously sold their VW's that have reported getting checks already. I'm still waiting for my offer letter.
msmith1199 11/23/16 09:50am Around the Campfire
RE: 16 year old Bridgestone faired better than 17yo Michelin's

I could put a spare in a compartment, but that would take a huge amount of space and would mean the grandkids may have to ride up inside the motorhome. I can't put up with that noise!
msmith1199 11/16/16 07:05pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: 16 year old Bridgestone faired better than 17yo Michelin's

I kept one of my old tires as a spare also. I don't carry it with me, but keep it at the house in the back shed. In the event I ever need a spare, I'll attempt to purchase a new tire, but there's a chance it may take a couple of days to get the proper tire. When I put the current set on they had to be ordered and took a week to get them. So the spare tire would only be used to get the motorhome home if nothing else was available. My plan was that if I ever went on a long cross-country trip, I'd throw the spare in the bed of my toad which is a pickup so I'd have it if needed. My pickup is gone and now my toad is a Jeep, so for the next cross-country trip I'll just go without a spare and take my chance.
msmith1199 11/16/16 06:11pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: RV Radio

I replaced the radio in my RV a couple of months ago with an Alpine Stereo that has Apple Car Play. If you have a iPhone you plug it in to the radio and can use various iPhone apps on the stereo. The main one I like is the GPS function so you get an inscreen GPS unit. But you can also use iHeart radio and play music directly from your iPhone. And not only that but the unit also has AM/FM and the capability to do satellite radio it you want it, but I didn't hook mine up for that.
msmith1199 11/14/16 05:42pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Sign your getting older

We went to a Neil Sedaka concert a while back. He was telling a story about being in a restaurant when a little old grey hair lady came up to talk to him. She asked if he remembered her and he said he did not. She said, "I was Ms. January on the Calendar Girl video!"
msmith1199 11/11/16 08:50pm Around the Campfire
RE: Jury Duty ?

Just ignore it and go on your vacation. They won't arrest you out of state, they'll wait until you get back home to arrest you! :)
msmith1199 11/11/16 08:41pm Around the Campfire
RE: Uninformed buyers-Rant

I bet she can cook!
msmith1199 11/11/16 03:36pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Uninformed buyers-Rant

I guess maybe not at all, just would be weird to see my rig in a scam. If you have a problem with that, imagine how all those Russian models feel, seeing their own pictures all over American dating sites? You mean those photos aren't real? Dang I better cancel my order before she gets here.
msmith1199 11/11/16 11:08am Class A Motorhomes
RE: A ghostly genset story...

I came home one day to hear my motorhome generator running as it sat on the side yard. It's an Onan generator and has a switch on the top on a section that is at a 45 degree angle on the corner of the generator. After looking at it, I saw fresh cat footprints. The cat got up in there and stepped on the switch and started it up. Probably scared the cat stuff out of him. On Edit: Posted this before I read to the bottom.
msmith1199 11/10/16 07:59pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Uninformed buyers-Rant

I'll never forget when we sold our 1st home on our own. We listed it as a 2600 sq ft, 4 bedroom, 2 1/2 bath colonial with a 2 car garage and someone called and asked if it was a double wide trailer. People never cease to amaze:B Now how do you imagine a person who has never seen stick-build house could think differently? They obviously wouldn't;) That's a helluva double wide though and I'd think the price would have steered them in the right direction. You have to get into triple wide's to get that many square feet.
msmith1199 11/09/16 11:06am Class A Motorhomes
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