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RE: Good Black flush "trick" or bad idea?

I'm fortunate that Monaco gave me a factory supplied hose connection that I use to flush out my black tank. I just hook up a garden hose to the faucet and let it run until the water comes out clear. Listening to it while in operation it seems to flip around and wash out the entire tank. It will overflow into your gray tank if the valves are closed for too long, and then out your shower drain...don't ask how I know this to be true. I guess that depends on your plumbing. If I were to leave the black valve closed too long and the tank filled, all it would do is send water out my roof vent! Don't ask how I know this. :) Now if while that water was heading to the roof, if somebody opened the toilet valve, I'm sure they would not like what would happen, but at least in my case the toilet valve held and there was no mess. Hypothetically speaking of course if I were ever to do that. And it makes sure your roof vent isn't clogged!
msmith1199 07/26/16 03:06pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Good Black flush "trick" or bad idea?

My MH has a hose hookup that shoots water directly into the black tank. I just hook that up, close the black valve, and let it run and pull the valve every few minutes. I have a clear elbow on the sewer hose so you can see when the water starts coming out clear. This doesn't work so well at dump stations where you don't have a hose bib.
msmith1199 07/26/16 03:01pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Confession of bad parking

Yup lesson learned. I will say that unless the spot is obviously wide open without any obstructions and I can clearly see all that as I drive up to it, I always get out and take a look at everything. I never trust the spotter. And front end swing is all the driver too as somebody at the back of a motorhome can rarely watch out for the front end too. You're kind of like the Captain of a ship, if somebody else screws up, it's still your fault.
msmith1199 07/26/16 11:51am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Shurflo water pump left running!

Well don't ask me how but I accidently left my water pump run for 24 hours with no water in the tank.. :S When I found it the next day I shut it off put some water in the tank and low and behold it still pumps. I'm sure I shortened it's life but at least it works. Shurflo's website claims you can run this pump dry with no damage. Not sure they meant for 24 hours though. I'm thinking about ordering a spare just to have in case this one quits. Anybody else carry a spare water pump? Did that about five years ago to my pump, except I have no idea how long it was running. Could have been days. I was going to just go ahead and get a new one even though it still was working when I put some water in it. So I figured I'd just wait until this one broke to replace it, and it's been running still for five years!
msmith1199 07/25/16 01:08pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Spare Parts To Carry

I carry tools but almost zero spare parts. In fact the only spare I can even think of is fuses. I don't even carry a spare tire. I do have a box with spare screws and bolts in it. And oh yeah, I did put some spare shear pins in the tool box for the slides.
msmith1199 07/22/16 10:02am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Steps stopped working

Not to be too critical of the OP here, but as he stated he doesn't even know how to find the fuse. So advice on jumper cables and replacing motors probably doesn't help him much. To the OP, there could be a number of things wrong but with any electrical problem the fuse is always the place to start.
msmith1199 07/19/16 11:12pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Lost a pin on the tow bar. Don't use these pins!!

I've never used pins. Threw them away first thing and use only padlocks. There have been other stories on here of pins coming up missing after people have stopped for gas or a rest area. I do always try and walk back and take a look after making a short stop, but it would take somebody some effort to cut one of the locks off.
msmith1199 07/19/16 09:17pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Flooring replacement questions...

Since laminate comes in a lot of different thicknesses, how do you know what one is the right thickness for your slides? I've yet to find out, and since carpet compresses, I can't even use that as a guide. Pull the carpet out and then see what you have. My slide doesn't even touch my carpet and assume there must be a pad under it. So I'm confident I could put most any thickness laminate down and not have a problem. I haven't done it yet, but I'm going to. I'll probably pull the carpet out before I buy anything just so I can make sure how much room I have to work with.
msmith1199 07/19/16 06:51pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Flooring replacement questions...

Quite a few people on here have told stories of installing Allure and have been happy with it, but if you read the instructions on Allure they say don't install it in a location where temps go below 55 or above 85. Now in a house that usually won't be a problem because housing are generally always kept in that temp range. Is your motorhome always keep within that range? I live in California where we don't get extreme weather, but I know in the winter it will get below 55 in my motorhome, and I have indoor storage.
msmith1199 07/18/16 04:30pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Air conditioning leaking

Yes, it's normal and just fine. But just to clarify, it isn't leaking as there is no water in the AC. It is condensation that forms on the coils and then drips off into the pan and out the drain hole and normally across the roof.
msmith1199 07/12/16 09:33pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Shredded plastic shooting out a/c vents

2007 Safari Simba, gas 38'. Workhorse chasis. Took a trip last week and noticed, what looks like small pieces of thin, shiney, flakes of black plastic on the floor underneath the dash a/c vents. Didn't actually see them coming out of the vents, but can't imagine where else they would have come from. Cleaned them up when we got to the CG and they were there again, when we got home. Idea's? Ours doing the same thing. Don't think it is mice as our unit is kept in a climate controlled building and have never had any mice issues. I think it is an age thing, duct work deteriorating. I live in a climate controlled house and mice just love to get inside. The point being just because it's climate controlled and just because you've never had mice issues, don't think that's why or it can't happen.
msmith1199 07/12/16 07:38pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: US Highway 395 - good to travel in a motorhome?

395 is a good road. Just don't try to shortcut to Sacramento over Ebbett's Pass (CA4) or Sonora Pass (CA108) as these a very steep and narrow. Go all the way to CA50 or I80. Only place I know to stay is in Mammoth. http://www.mammothrv.com/ There are RV parks along the route, lots of them. To the OP, if you like Boondocking, go into Lone Pine and take a left on Whitney Portal Road. About five miles down puts you in the Alabama Hills. You'll recognize the place when you get there because half of all the old Western movies were filmed there as well as scene from many modern movies. Lots of commercials too. It's all BLM land with some good dirt roads to let you get a little way off the main road and just boondock. You'll be at the base of Mt Whitney in a very scenic area.
msmith1199 07/10/16 08:12pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: US Highway 395 - good to travel in a motorhome?

Hwy 395 is way out the way. While LA has its traffic problems if you travel between 10:00am and 2:00pm you will encounter the lightest traffic. Another point is to use the 210 Freeway which has the lightest traffic load. It will take you to the I-5 N of LA. When you transition from the 210 to the 5 stay in the truck lanes and that will get you an easy transition to 5. If you take the car route you will have to deal with 3 lanes of merging traffic. Note: the 210 takes a quick right exit. When you see the trains in the center of the 210 get in the right lane and look for San Francisco signs I think you're missing the concept here. The six lane super slab may be the fastest, but it's not always the nicest route to take in the RV.
msmith1199 07/10/16 06:32pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: This sums it up for the status of the RV industry now

What he is describing here is exactly what happened to the American auto industry back in the 70's. They started cutting costs and cutting quality and turning out junk. So American's quit buying and started buying Japanese cars instead. How long until Japan gets into the RV industry? I think this article, although having some incorrect info, is spot on. Have you walked into some of the newer light weight trailers? I find myself walking carefully because it feels like you're going to fall through the floor. You can just walk around and look at the cheapness of everything. But then again, I'm a consumer who is willing to pay more for quality. The reason the RV makers are doing this is because so many consumers look at price over quality. At least until after they buy the cheapest and then can't figure out why it's falling apart.
msmith1199 07/10/16 11:44am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Highway suitability for RV's

From our travels we have NOT found a paved road in the highway system that cannot be traveled W/ an RV. Not saying there are not some but we have traveled all the states in the west (including) Alaska in a truck camper and a 34' travel trailer. No dents or scratches but you will need to heed height problems, trees and low bridges (those are marked W/ height signs), the bridges that is. JMHO There are in fact paved roads out there not suitable for RV's. Highway's 4 and 108 over the Sierra's just to name two. Highway 108 can be done, and I actually did it once in a 30 foot Class C, but I would not do it in my 35 foot DP.
msmith1199 07/09/16 03:48pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Unhooking toad at campground

Consider parking and unhooking in a lot away from your site where it won't inconvenience anyone, then enjoy the walk back to get your truck. This is what I almost always do even when I do have the wife. I try not to block the road as much as possible.
msmith1199 07/07/16 10:59am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Chev Colorado w/ Duramax Diesel as a toad?

Yeah but that will only last for about 3 weeks and then the glaciers come back don't they?
msmith1199 07/05/16 09:58pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Chev Colorado w/ Duramax Diesel as a toad?

On the negative cable disconnect, I wonder if there is a way to put some type of switch in the line that you could use versus disconnecting the cable?I'm sure a typical battery cable disconnect throw bar would work just fine. About $20 at NAPA. I put them on all my vehicles, so I can quickly shut off the batteries, in the event of an electrical short/fire. http://i300.photobucket.com/albums/nn7/desertrider33/2015-07-14_19-49-37_628.jpg width=640 There are various kinds of these switches out there, but I guess I'll need to look under the hood of a Colorado next time I find a diesel one. Have you seen the lack of space in the engine compartments of many of the new vehicles? Would have to make sure there is even room for a switch.
msmith1199 07/05/16 05:28pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Do the people that build them ever use them?

Effy, you have to give up with him. He just isn't getting anything. He brought up the fuel nozzle and I simply pointed out the safety feature to him that is designed to prevent spills and overfills, and his reply to me had absolutely nothing to do with that. He somehow claimed I was advocating walking away from a fuel nozzle. You just can't reason with people like that.
msmith1199 07/05/16 03:52pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Do the people that build them ever use them?

You fill the fuel tank with a special nozzle that shuts off when full. They designed it that way in case somebody walks away and forgets. That way the motorhome cabinets don't fill with fuel. As an ex-cop I would think that you would know better and also have heard about what has happened when an unattended fuel nozzle did NOT shut off automatically. But if it helps you make your point, go for it. Intelligent people know better than to trust the fuel fill nozzle. The same goes for filling your water tank. Intelligent people pay attention to the job they are doing. Are you insane?
msmith1199 07/05/16 03:45pm Class A Motorhomes
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