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RE: Hayward, CA to Lynnwood, WA

We have a Ford Excursion towing a Cougar 31sqbwe. If I don't work summer school I have about a month. Highway 5 is pretty bland. Is it better through Oregon and Washington? It's bland because it's flat in a lot of places. You can't avoid mountains and not have bland. But even with the bland, you still aren't avoiding the mountains.
msmith1199 10/24/16 07:32pm Roads and Routes
RE: 331 Photo Speed Trap

Seems that they should just put an electronic governor on everything. Problem solved. No tickets, no enforcement, no court costs, less accidents, less insurance claims, less wear and tear, less fuel use, less police needed....oh wait, they dont want that!! So you would consent to the government putting an electronic governor on your car? Who is the "they" that don't want that? I don't want that.
msmith1199 10/23/16 12:06pm Roads and Routes
RE: Rain on slide toppers

Wait until water gets through the topper and gets on top of the slide and you find that water the first time you start to move and then hit the brakes and it call comes down on your head!
msmith1199 10/16/16 10:05pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: He doesn't care about us

Marcus is a smart businessman! I've had text conversations with him on RV.Net when he used to monitor this website! I agree with him there's not much money margin in selling RV's. All the $$$ is in selling extended warrantee's that's why I don't have one. really no margin. huh my newmar stickered for 350,000 +/- and had a dealer cost of just about 280,000, no margin? also good dealers selling a good product are selling as many as they can order, CW is ****. If you paid $350k you were the sucker. But I bet you didn't pay that did you?
msmith1199 10/12/16 04:50pm Camping World RV Sales
RE: He doesn't care about us

msmith1199 Thank you for your time and post. If you need and there is still unresolved issues in regards to this installation. Please send us a PM your contact information, City and State of the location you dealt with, and membership number if available. Thanks Jessica That was my first motorhome and it happened in 2002. I should have included the year in my original post. The point being it only takes one bad experience to lose a customer for life. This incident happened at your store in Rocklin Ca. As I explained to the manager, once he decided it was too difficult for the installer to route the cable through the cabinets as we had agreed to, he should have called me. What I would have done was told him just to install the dish and drop the cable in the cabinet below the dish and I would finish it if it was too difficult for them. No way in the world would I have approved them running the cable over the roof and through the front cap.
msmith1199 10/12/16 12:39pm Camping World RV Sales
RE: He doesn't care about us

I took my motorhome to Camping World one time to have a satellite dish installed that I had purchased from them. The motorhome had a spot already on the roof to install the dish and it was back about 8 feet from the front of the motorhome. And it was in such a spot where the coax would drop straight down into a row of cabinets and then could have been fed around the cabinets to get to the TV control boxes. Even though I talked to the manager about that and he said that's how they would install it, when I went to pick it up I saw that they installed the dish in the correct place, but then ran the coax on the roof and over the edge of the front cap and then drilled a hole through the front cap and fed the coax directly to the TV control box from there. This also required them to add about 8 screws directly through the fiberglass roof. When I was pissed about it, the manager explained to me how the installer chose to do it that way because it was easier for him! Never again have I taken my RV to Camping World for anything, but I do still shop there.
msmith1199 10/12/16 11:16am Camping World RV Sales
RE: He doesn't care about us

I have been buying computer hardware and software for years. Same model in principle. The companies will almost give you the hardware if you will by maintenance contracts for the software. Why else do you think you can buy a PC that is more powerful and has more storage than the computers that put man on the moon for less than $1,000? Volume in TTs. Volume customers. Volume $$. You can buy a cell phone that is more powerful than the computers that put man on the moon.
msmith1199 10/11/16 03:41pm Camping World RV Sales
RE: our motorhome has a long crack down the out side body

If it's not covered by warranty, it "may" be covered by your insurance. I say may because it depends. If something hit it and cracked it then it is covered. But if it cracked because of a construction defect it may not be covered. I'd give Winnebago a chance first to take a look and then try insurance if they can't, or won't, fix it. Edit: If it is a 10 year old motorhome as the person above states, then Winnebago isn't covering the damage. Your best bet is insurance, but like I said, it depends on exactly how the crack got there.
msmith1199 10/10/16 03:59pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Awning put up in wind

I stayed at the RV Park in Pacifica that is right on top of the cliff overlooking the ocean. It was a nice sunny day and I assume a lot of the other RVer's were in San Francisco for the day. I was in the RV and had not put my awning out, and I guess what would be called a "microburst" came along up the cliff from the ocean. I don't know what the wind speeds were, but it shook my motorhome pretty good. Basically came out of no where, lasted about 45 seconds at the most, and then the wind calmed back down to a slight breeze. I walked around the park afterwards and saw at least 10 awnings damaged. Later that evening when people were getting back and trying to figure out what happened, I walked around the park again and told a few of them what happened. I don't know if it was necessarily the speed of the wind that did the damages, versus the fact that is was swirling as it came through and I assume had a strong updraft to it. I never left my awning out again after seeing that. But that is the advantage to an electric awning as you can put it in or out in under a minute.
msmith1199 10/10/16 10:51am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Awning put up in wind

My mushroom on top of my coach is set at 30 MPH. When a windspeed of 30 MPH hits that mushroom my awning automatically retracts. I've had this set this way since 2004 with no problems. You have an awning that can survive winds up to 30 miles per hour? They are tougher than you think It's a big giant sail. 30mph winds are huge even for a sail boat.
msmith1199 10/09/16 12:27pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Awning put up in wind

My mushroom on top of my coach is set at 30 MPH. When a windspeed of 30 MPH hits that mushroom my awning automatically retracts. I've had this set this way since 2004 with no problems. You have an awning that can survive winds up to 30 miles per hour?
msmith1199 10/08/16 08:53pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: 8th-Grade QB Receives Scholarship Offer from Miami

Or maybe he will just opt out of high school... Can't go to college without the High School Diploma.
msmith1199 10/08/16 05:40pm Around the Campfire
RE: How Long Have You Been Licensed to Drive?

Dang you guys are old. I feel like a little kid on this page.
msmith1199 10/07/16 10:38pm Around the Campfire
RE: Florida Could Be Facing Biggest Evacuation Ever !

Wind on the ground is slower because of the resistance, but I don't know that a 130 mph wind at 100 feet up would become 60 on the ground.
msmith1199 10/07/16 11:02am Around the Campfire
RE: Florida Could Be Facing Biggest Evacuation Ever !

Well once again the local media hyperventilates and reality looks to be less ominous than they are trumpeting. The center of the storm is has been jogging east the last couple hours. The inland wind predictions have been decreased and the coastal wind predictions have been lowered considerably. Good news indeed. Can't blame the media this time. That info is coming straight out of the national weather center.
msmith1199 10/06/16 11:06pm Around the Campfire
RE: Florida Could Be Facing Biggest Evacuation Ever !

For those of you getting ready to leave your house, if you have a video camera go through the house and video everything. Still photos with a digital camera will work too. Take as many photos as you can of all your possessions. Open closet doors and get photos of everything. Many people don't realize how big of a pain insurance claims forms are. You have to list every single item that was damaged that you want on your claim.
msmith1199 10/06/16 05:08pm Around the Campfire
RE: One jack sticking

Guys, I was just asking for some help. It was not my intent to start a war! Please note: ALL I did to get my sticking jack to function properly was to spray the shaft with some WD40 as several of you had suggested. I'd did not push,pry, jiggle or pound it. In fact, I did NOTHING else other than to push the "Store" button on the control panel. At this point, while the symptoms may indicate to someone more knowledgeable that other action may be required down the road, I, as a layman can only say that it wasn't working, and now it is. Bob I'm not even close to being an RV mechanic, but I was one that gave you the WD-40 advice. My jacks first started sticking, maybe 5 or 6 years ago. I learned to give them a boost with the 2x4 when needed and then as long as I lubed them a couple of times a year I haven't had a problem. So for 6 years now I've spent probably close to $2 worth of WD-40 or Silicone (if that much) and they work just fine. When they quit working just fine I'll pay somebody to replace them, but as long as they work just fine I'll spray 25 cents worth of WD-40 on them to keep them working.
msmith1199 10/06/16 04:59pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Insurance Queston

Maybe since you have one more month of an attorney, see if they can contact the neighbors insurance and work something out. You may have to pay something out of pocket to settle the claim, but it may be better than them winning a large judgment against you. As a former insurance adjuster I can tell you this is a very unique situation. I've never heard anything like it. I would have probably never worried about not having liability coverage on a vehicle that I did not intend to leave my property. What could possible go wrong? But you gave an example of what could go wrong.
msmith1199 10/06/16 03:38pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Hurricane Matthew

Unfortunately there are always some that don't heed the warnings. They usually become victims and endanger the rescue parties that have to come after them. They used to announce that if you did not evacuate, you were on your own, but now they do what they can, even if it puts the lives of others in danger. Here is what one RV owner says, and he is right in the path of this storm: About 20 miles away in the town of Cape Canaveral, John Long said Hurricane Matthew is just hype as his neighbors in his RV park packed up and evacuated inland. Even though his 32-foot RV is just feet from the Banana River and a half mile from the beach, he had no plans to leave. Article If he rides it out there inside an RV there won't be a need for a rescue. It will just be a recovery.
msmith1199 10/06/16 01:14pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Classic RV cover

And if somebody wants to steal my idea and make a three piece cover, feel free to and I'll buy one from you!
msmith1199 10/06/16 11:54am Class A Motorhomes
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