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RE: Anyone flat towing a Corvette?

I'd be willing to bet nobody makes base plates for it since I doubt there is a lot of interest in towing them. Not to mention are Vette tires usually only good for about 15k miles? May make more sense to get a car trailer?
msmith1199 05/02/16 06:48pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Does anyone read YELP?

The under 30 crowd (maybe even under 35 crowd by now) uses Yelp a lot. Us older people may not use it as much if at all. I actually signed up for a yelp account a couple of weeks ago just so I could write a review on a RV repair facility. I was doing some repairs to my roof and I went in to ask some questions and one of the guys spent about 30 minutes showing me what I needed to do to fix the problem myself. Even took me in the shop and showed me how they were fixing a similar problem on a trailer. I was so impressed that he would take the time to do that when I wasn't bringing the RV in for repairs, so I gave them a five star review.
msmith1199 04/30/16 09:43pm Around the Campfire
RE: peeling decals on my Tiffin Allegro Bus

If I was going to go to the trouble of removing the decals, I sure as heck wouldn't put decals back on it. Mine are also starting to fade but I've got indoor storage now so that has stopped the decay. But if I did take them off I'd either just leave the motorhome all white, or have it painted.
msmith1199 04/28/16 10:48am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Detailing a motorhome

I've never used the Red Max Pro but I've read a lot about it. People seem to be happy with it, but the people who make the stuff say don't use it on a motorhome. I decided it wasn't worth it myself.
msmith1199 04/26/16 06:28pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Ford F-150 as a toad?

You said trucks that can be towed 4 down are rare. Dodge 4x4 can be. Stick with Dodge! They don't make the Dakota anymore and the full size Dodge's are too heavy. The reason I'm looking at the F-150 is because they have all that aluminum now and they aren't much heavier than the mid sized trucks.
msmith1199 04/25/16 09:28pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Ford F-150 as a toad?

I tow a 2015 F150, 4 wheel drive. Not a problem. Your motorhome is bigger than mine, but the engine isn't much bigger. I have the 330hp Cat and you have the 350hp Cat. I'm thinking the few hundred extra pounds shouldn't make that much difference.
msmith1199 04/25/16 05:08pm Class A Motorhomes
Ford F-150 as a toad?

Anybody using one of the new F-150's as a toad? I currently have a 2006 Dodge Dakota as a toad. It's been a good truck but I'm looking at replacing it. It is a fairly heavy toad but my 35 foot DP pulls it just fine. I can feel the extra weight back there with the Dakota versus when I had my Wrangler, but I've towed this thing cross country including over the Sierra's and the Rockies and it has done just fine. Dodge doesn't make the Dakota anymore and of the towable four-down trucks available out there the choices are slim. I was mainly looking at the Chevy Colorado as it's about the only smaller truck that is towable four-down. But then I took a look at the F-150. I didn't really want a full size truck, but the new F-150's are pretty light and they are actually cheaper than the comparable small trucks probably because they sell so many F-150's. According to the Ford website the weight of the configuration I'm looking at, should be 4782 pounds. That is the extended cab 4x4 model. My Dakota weighs in at about 4500 pounds according to the scales at the dump. So I'm really only adding three or four hundred pounds. The Colorado is about 4400 pounds in the configuration I'm looking at. I've put my 450 pound quad in the back of my Dakota and towed it behind the motorhome and couldn't even really notice that extra weight. So I'm thinking the F-150 will tow just as good as the Dakota, plus I get a nice full size truck for about the same as I'd pay for a smaller truck if I went with the Colorado. Anybody towing the new F-150 and have you had any problems with it?
msmith1199 04/25/16 12:20pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Kwikee Steps - only work when battery charger is applied

As already said look at the ground. The steps may be wired directly to the battery as they are a safety item that has to work all the time. You probably have a loose ground wire or power wire right at the battery and when you stick the charger clamp on it the wire connects.
msmith1199 04/24/16 04:15pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Fulltimers

Storage is not that expensive, and since you're full timing it can find the cheapest place in the Country for storage space and put your household items there. Just be careful that you aren't paying more for storage than the items are really worth. I'd like to full time it some day, but there is no way I'm getting rid of everything I own to do it. I can trim a lot, but there are things with sentimental value I'll want to keep. And it may take a 12' x 30' storage locker to keep them. (Maybe smaller if I really downsize.) Not to mention, there will come a time when we'll want to move back into a real house. Don't want to have to start completely from scratch when that happens.
msmith1199 04/24/16 04:12pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Hwy 17, Santa Cruz to Los Gatos

Just a suggestion, but if you're not in a hurry you can always take Highway 1 North from Moss Landing too and pick up 101 just South of San Francisco. It's a very scenic drive and can be done in an RV.
msmith1199 04/23/16 09:16pm Roads and Routes
RE: Hwy 17, Santa Cruz to Los Gatos

17 is a freeway, but yes it is windy and has narrow lanes in places. I've done it in my RV with no problem. It is a major commute route for people living in Santa Cruz County and going into Silicon Valley. So avoid commute hours.
msmith1199 04/23/16 09:13pm Roads and Routes
RE: Beware Fleetwood

I suspect this topic will be closed shortly.
msmith1199 04/22/16 04:51pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Northern California

Spending a couple of months in northern California. We've got a couple week long trips planned, but want to ask for suggested destinations and RV Parks. One specific question: Any problems pulling our toad on Highway 1 near Big Sur? I know this road can be somewhat curvey in places. Thanks for your suggestions. The only caution I suggest with Highway 1 is if possible only go South on it. Yeah that puts you on the cliff side of the road, but that side of the road also has the most turnouts and parking areas. Going north there aren't a lot of places to stop (or turnout to let traffic pass) and if you do stop then you have to cross the road to look at the view. So if you're heading down to Big Sur and beyong, if possible keep going all the way down to the Morro Bay area and then return up 101. Same for the northern section of the road, take 101 up to Legget and then come down 1 from there.
msmith1199 04/22/16 10:55am Roads and Routes
RE: Northern California

This thread will answer your question. The answer is yes and listen to some of us from CA some people that will say no are from other states and dont have the experience with CA coast like some of us. Be safe take your time and enjoy it is life time of memories once you do it!!!!! http://forums.goodsamclub.com/index.cfm/fuseaction/thread/tid/28780392/gotomsg/28781885.cfm#28781885 I used to not be able to understand people who were afraid to drive on highway 1. I've taken my 35' DP on with a toad and it's a fun drive. Then I started noticing things about the people that are afraid of Highway 1. Most of them are not from here. Most are from the East Coast or Great plains and aren't used to driving 10 feet from the edge of a thousand foot cliff. The OP here is from South Carolina. You ever driven in South Carolina? It's mostly flat and no cliffs.
msmith1199 04/22/16 10:51am Roads and Routes
RE: Beware Fleetwood

I would suspect that if in fact these things "disintegrated" in five years there was some level of abuse there. Maybe the five great danes full time in the motorhome? I have a 12 year old National RV, yet it has Flexsteel furniture and probably the same type carpet and woodwork as a Fleetwood. None of mine have disintegrated. Actually my motorhome looks almost as good as new.
msmith1199 04/22/16 10:46am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Beware Fleetwood

"The pleather, fake woodwork and rugs disintegrated..." They all disintegrated? Really? At only 5 years old the entire inside of your motorhome has "disintegrated?" You aren't prone to exaggeration are you?
msmith1199 04/21/16 07:21pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Lenght of RV and trailer

Am I kidding??? I don't understand your question and what you think I'm kidding about. I was questioning what the law would allow.
msmith1199 04/20/16 04:17pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Lenght of RV and trailer

Reciprocity applies to licensing, registration, and insurance. HOWEVER, just because Montana says my ATVs are street legal, and gives me license plates for them, does NOT mean that I can drive them in, let's say, Nevada, where I have been told that only side-by-side UTVs can be street legal. In Montana a truck/trailer/trailer combination can be 75 feet long, and the first trailer does not have to be a fifth wheel hitch, but that does NOT mean I can drive that combination to Spokane! Truck/trailer/trailer/trailer combinations are not legal in Montana. In Montana, the tires can stick out beyond the fender flares, but in Moab, Utah, I would get a ticket. I knew a guy it happened to! Now there's something I never did get a good answer to. Some states do allow several types of off road vehicles to be registered for street use. For example quads like you mentioned, and I know in Arizona you can make sand rails street legal. California, as far as I know, you can't make those street legal. But I've never come across a street legal in AZ sand rail that was in California so the issue never came up.
msmith1199 04/20/16 09:59am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Lenght of RV and trailer

I have a 38' class a and 32' trailer with a 5' tongue. In most states I have been told by DOT police at a trade show in Indy the legal length is measured by wheel base not overall length. I can't speak for other states, but in California length is measured bumper to bumper and there are actually a couple of variations of that. The 65' max length limit is bumper to bumper and would not include things like a ladder on the back or mirrors on the front. But when a road is restricted to a certain length of vehicle, then mirrors and ladders do count. They try and make it as difficult as possible in California. On the commercial side, there are laws that do pertain to wheel base and things like distance from the kingpin to rear axle. I never worked a lot of commercial enforcement so I didn't pay too much attention to those laws. CHP is the one that handles most of that.
msmith1199 04/19/16 07:39pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Lenght of RV and trailer

Also Tom/Barb, the Federal Highway regulations set minimum weights and vehicle sizes that the states are required to allow. For example California limits vehicle combinations to no more than 65 feet. However, I believe the federal standard says 75 feet on the Federal Highway system. So California has to allow commercial vehicles to 75 feet on the Interstate and for reasonable access routes. Federal law does not say a State has to allow Triple Towing. But it doesn't prohibit it either. So states like Nevada allow it, but California does not (without permits or some special exemptions.)
msmith1199 04/19/16 06:32pm Class A Motorhomes
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