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RE: Scored a NICE cargo van - let the fun begin!

Great job!! As long as it fills your needs, who cares what the RV snob set has to say. LOL This late 60's old lady is impressed.
mumkin 12/15/17 07:42pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Is Class B the easiest to use?

I like the Leisure Travel, B+. The class B definitely would create litter box issues. I missed this post of yours. The small Class C Leisure Travel rigs are wonderful. If I needed something this big I would buy a Wonder... in a heartbeat. I love the floorplan. I owned a Libero, and Leisure is a great company to deal with. They are definitely top of the line. Just for your information, they are not Class B... and there is really so such thing as a B+. That is a salesman term to make a small Class C sound sexier. :C LTV rigs are very difficult to find used and they are still very expensive. But if you can afford it, go for it!!
mumkin 12/08/17 08:08pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Is Class B the easiest to use?

Un-mechanical female here. I'm considering a class B for me, 2 cats and a dog. I plan to live in it for 2-3 months while exploring places to purchase a small home in the south. I would then use it as a camper and it would be my only vehicle. I would be looking for 24' and plan to use it as my primary vehicle as trading my car in for the class B. Another un-mechanical female here. Are you planning to buy new or used? Gas vehicles are probably simpler than diesel and easier to find someone who can work on them. If you can buy new, you might look at the Winnebago Paseo on the Ford Transit. It is 22 feet long. Not too bad as a daily vehicle. (I only have my Roadtrek 170, which is only 18' but I only have one small dog) And it isn't as hard to find a Ford truck dealer who can deal with the size as it may be to find someone to work on a Sprinter. Another option might be the Roadtrek 210, which is just over 21' and on a Chevy which is another dependable option. There are plenty of Chevy dealers everywhere. 1) Some of these 55 plus mobile home parks(ex:the villages), would i be able to keep my "vehicle" at my residence? Most residential areas? I spend my winters in one of those over 55 RV parks in AZ, and my vehicle fits under the awning of my park model with no problems. This is, of course, not true of all of them. I shopped with that in mind. Of course, you would also have to check out the rules of the HOA. 2) Are Class B's easier to maintain than class C? I have a bad back. It all depends... on which B and/or which C. Some brands are more dependable than others, of course. You need to start shopping. Go and see as many as you can... and think about dealing with the dog and cats... deciding where you could put the cat box is a serious question. RVs are all pretty labor intensive. I've always owned new vehicles so I didn't have to deal with too many repairs once everything was working. The older the vehicle, the more things could go wrong. The key is knowing where to go to get things fixed. It is also not cheap.
mumkin 12/08/17 08:01pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Worth buying a Hymer Sunlight and upgrading it?

The engine needn't run ALL the time... only if you have an excessive need for 120v power. It comes with lots of battery power (most seem to have the lithiums), so perhaps only at times of extreme heat to run the AC. Your batteries will even handle a short microwave run. I've read various comments on fuel usage when idling to use this. Some say it uses less gas and it is certainly much quieter and dependable than an Onan.
mumkin 11/23/17 09:42am Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Worth buying a Hymer Sunlight and upgrading it?

It is a second large alternator... such as used in ambulances. To use it, you run the engine. No exercising or special service required. I love mine. (will NEVER own another Onan)
mumkin 11/22/17 11:03am Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Dogs in RV

Sit in a parking lot some time and watch the people that park in the handicapped spots. I dont need to say more. ME ME ME.....Mom said so. You can't always tell by just watching someone park and walk into the store. My father would have probably looked fine to you... but with his bad heart, how far he had to walk made a huge difference.
mumkin 11/19/17 07:59pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Worth buying a Hymer Sunlight and upgrading it?

That would be Robert Morehead. I heard a rumor that someone bought his company?? or merged with it?? He did sell interior modules I believe. Anyway, here is a website that I had bookmarked: http://www.moreheaddesignlab.com/id4.html
mumkin 09/06/17 09:16pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Worth buying a Hymer Sunlight and upgrading it?

The basic Simplicity MSRP is almost $84,000... (and most are adding a second battery and solar to that) That is over $20K more than a Sunlight... SRT is $72K, which is about $10K more
mumkin 08/22/17 06:44pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Buying a used Class B - what not to buy

My 2004 on the E350 handled HORRIBLY... but Ford thought it was just fine. My two Chevy based have been wonderful.
mumkin 08/20/17 08:39am Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Worth buying a Hymer Sunlight and upgrading it?

The hardest parts for me to improve are the basic setup, the plumbing, the propane lines, electrical, the alternator, etc. However, there are some nice things that provide a foundation for something usable, mainly the 200 amp-hour lithium battery and the inverter. With that setup, I just need a portable generator that can be placed well away from the van, or perhaps placed on a front hitch mounted rack. I do believe that it has the underhood generator (2nd alternator) so you merely run the engine instead of trying to figure how to carry a portable.
mumkin 08/18/17 08:53am Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Worth buying a Hymer Sunlight and upgrading it?

If length is no issue, I'd probably go with the Travato. Better quality, better galley. To me the advantages of the Sunlight is the shorter length and that underhood generator, but I don't live in the south. If you could do any re-builds yourself, it might be worth considering just to get the basic Promaster... Lithium batteries, inverter, underhood generator, AC, microwave, fridge (all of which are the same stuff in the much more expensive Hymer/Roadtreks)
mumkin 08/15/17 06:28pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Scored a NICE cargo van - let the fun begin!

I enjoyed reading your thread, but still can't view the latest photos. You have to be a registered member.
mumkin 08/14/17 07:30pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Serious lack of Bs in our area

I guess it depends on where you are. I see lots more B's on the road than I did when I first bought one in 2004. I see them regularly in Minnesota and in Arizona... and driving in between. Many of the Sprinter conversions are stealthy and you have to look closely to see the AC unit on the top.
mumkin 08/02/17 08:16am Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Towing with a RoadTrek???

The other B group also told you no...
mumkin 07/25/17 09:09pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: New Australian Class B manufacturer

Nice... like the kitchen that looks residential. LOL
mumkin 07/20/17 08:20am Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Timbrens or SumoSprings?

I think you would notice a huge change in handling, especially in the wind. I have no issues in the wind with my Chevy. No adjustments made... everything stock. Is it just because I have the short 170? A previous rig on the Ford E350 was HORRIBLE... in wind... or from passing trucks... over 60 mph. But both my 170 and Libero on the Chevy 3500 had no issues with handling.
mumkin 07/09/17 03:20pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Roadtrek Pricing

There are about 700 Freightliner dealers across the country that are owned and operated by the Mercedes that are happy to work on them. Unfortunately that is not really true. When I was deciding on platform, there was only one Mercedes dealer who would work on Sprinters in ND (nearly 300 miles away)... one in MN... and none in Montana or SD. So I started calling the Freightliner service facilities. All of them within 100 miles said that they wouldn't and didn't plan to ever work on them. I pointed out that Mercedes owns them both... and has sold Sprinters... and the managers still said no. One's final comment was... 'you wouldn't want my crew working on your pretty motorhome anyway.' :E
mumkin 06/28/17 08:08am Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Roadtrek Pricing

The price difference between the diesel Sprinter and the gas Chevy or Promaster models will buy years worth of gas for most. This naturally depends on how much one drives it. Also there seems to be more (and much more expensive) issues with the new diesel systems. There is also the detail that Sprinter service centers are often far away... and rare in the middle of the country. The Promaster platform seems to be liked (even loved) by the vast majority of those who are getting them. Seems true since we all know that the majority of posters on the net are the ones with issues to report. Most of the complaints online have related to the Roadtrek conversion rather than the van. But, that is true of all of their models. The new high-tech stuff is still pretty glitchy... seems to be a continuing learning curve with lots of user confusion and error added to the usual problems that come with new technology. As to discounts off MSRP, that depends on the models, how long it has been on the lot, one's negotiating ability, etc. Somewhere between 15-18% seems to be the average... the more options added, the higher the discount. RT's options are hugely over-priced.
mumkin 06/27/17 08:01am Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Scored a NICE cargo van - let the fun begin!

Hail is an odd thing. I am on the south side of Minneapolis and we had none. Thank goodness as my rig sits in my driveway. I have already had one vehicle totaled by hail as I sat in it out on the prairie on I-94... back in 1985. Not a pleasant experience. :E
mumkin 06/21/17 07:03pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: New Class B - $59,000 By Hymer...Sold at Camping World

Look like DYO Conversions. Hymer from Europe does not pump out anything this bad. I wonder why they allowed these to be built by RoadTrek? Allowed? Hymer owns Roadtrek... so they are the same company now. Hymer's build and Hymer's deal with Camping World.
mumkin 06/09/17 09:08pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
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