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RE: Camping World Visits 4 stores in 3 states

I can tell you that before GoodSam (AGI) bought Camping World our experience with them as 100% positive. Our experience since then has been, less then that, far less. To the point today where we don't even bother. Our closest CW has a lot that was sized about right for the store, enough parking for rigs in the service and for rigs of customers. Then they added rentals and sales.... I noted this week, as I drove by without stopping, that the lot was nearly full before opening, with no customers in the lot. Just service, sales and rental.
n7bsn 04/25/15 09:06am General RVing Issues
RE: Cat boxes... trip

We only keep them from the hidey-holes we can't reach into, like the ones that does down into the bedroom slide area. One open shelf in the bedroom in fact as a cat bed in it. Then there are the two soft-sided cubes the cats can use. Both of our "old men" where Siamese and yes, they can be good at explaining when they are unhappy. Our first Siamese (nearly 30 years ago) was, well talkative and had a large vocabulary. In fact you knew when he was swearing and his NO was very clear.
n7bsn 04/25/15 08:56am RV Pet Stop
Cat boxes... trip

Earlier this month I posted my photo album of converting part of some cabinetry to a cat-box. I had started this project during the winter when we had two elderly cats. We had actually been traveling with them for years. For the previous trips we had just put the cat-box in the shower. Neither of us really liked having to change the configuration for the shower/cat-box. Only before I finished the project, both of our old men died, aged 19 and 17 (kidney failure and cancer). The DW being that cat-person she is, I knew I still had to finish the project. Well, we now have two "new" cats. A 3 year-old Torti who's owner died and a 4 year-old Siamese (non-breeder) from a Cattery. We are now prepping for a multi-week trip from Washington to Utah and Arizona, then up to Montana before going home. Only it occurred to us that maybe taking off on a multi-week trip, with cats that had never been in the RV was not good idea. First we took the cats out to the rig and we spent the night. They quickly showed us that we hadn't considered all the possible "hidey-holes" in the rig. We had never worried about them, as our Old Men would have never tried. So the DW sat down and made "plugs" for all the hidey-holes the new cats had gotten into. We also decided that rather then making a trip we needed to make to Wenatchee a day-trip in the car, we would make it an over-night trip in the RV, with all the critters (we travel with dogs also) and see if there was anything else we needed to take care of. Was there ever. Two hours down the road we stopped and the DW closed the bedroom door and let the cats out of their carriers. One just started walking around. The other made a bolt for the bedroom, some how got her skinny butt under the door, and into a hidey-hole DW had made a plug for, but hadn't setup as, well, the bedroom door was closed. After much flailing around, and some time, we got her back out. We arrived at our campground, got setup and let the cats loose. Now with all the hidey-holes plugged (we thought, note that part) things settled down for the night. On about midnight the Torti, who normally sleeps down at my feet, walked up next to me, and (I thought) jumped off the bed. The noise she made caused her (future) partner in crime to walk across me, twice, seeing where she had gone. The Torti had found a new way to get into one of the hidey-holes and the other cat (the usual one in the hidey-holes) wanted to JOIN her. So we turned on the lights and started extracting cats from their hidey-hole. Only when we lured the Torti out (with food), she ate the food and went directly back into the hidey-hole. After much more flailing we got her out, and blocked out of the bedroom, while the DW blocked that access with a pillow. Which caused the Torti (who's nick-name is Luna-tic) to go, well, LOONEY. She started racing around the bedroom, trying to get back into HER hidey-hole. Well, now we have more plugs made, like one to plug the space under the bedroom door. Hopefully now we are all set for taking these two along on a long trip.
n7bsn 04/24/15 07:34pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Free Camping BLM around Bend Oregon!

... (we lived in Lapine for 10 yrs) when I saw the subject I hoped you would respond
n7bsn 04/24/15 06:46pm Full-time RVing
RE: New trailer walk through

Short answer: Everything! ...! what he said. Never assume they will fix something "later", get it fixed before you sign
n7bsn 04/18/15 09:35am Beginning RVing
RE: New radar automatic local antenna

.. correct. that's what prompted me to call them. I was told that product is sold only to installers. maybe the person I spoke with was making that up, maybe not. pls let me know what you find out as I'm looking to have one installed on our new class A. You could be correct, I just checked and Winegard updated the manuals in Jan of this year. When I last looked for it (~2 years ago) I can't recall if I found the manuals, but the fact the updated them implies you are right. I found two web-sites that claimed to have the MA-1000W in stock, one wanted ~$260, the other $450
n7bsn 04/15/15 09:45pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: What could go wrong with Teflon

The only hitch I am aware of that doesn't want you to use one is the PullRite Superglide (not enough clearance & it wouldn't help)
n7bsn 04/14/15 06:59pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: New radar automatic local antenna

unless there's been a change Winegard told me a few weeks back that the motorized is available but only to installers. maybe your dealer can order one for you? I'll check on that, last time I looked it wasn't even on their web-site any more
n7bsn 04/14/15 06:55pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: New radar automatic local antenna

I actually just touched on this in another forum. In general, no. There is no "magic" that is going to make a lower, smaller antenna work better then a higher, bigger antenna. These "auto" antennas mount directly on the roof, they will work no better (and maybe no worse) then any other antenna mounted directly on the roof (eg, Jack) Probably the best RV Antenna is the old Winegard "Batwing" with the "Wingman" add on. I just wish Winegard hadn't dropped the motorized "crankup".
n7bsn 04/14/15 01:53pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Spokane to Calgary with heavy load - best way?

I-90 to I-15 more grades, 4th of July , Lookout, etc Your other route has fewer Be advised, if the Canadian border folk think you're unsafely overloaded they can refuse you entry
n7bsn 04/14/15 07:57am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Thermostat/furnace eh?

Did you set the thermostat down below the room temp for a bit? I would bet the furnace went in to lockout, for whatever reason. I believe the Dino board will try again in 1 hour, then lockout for good. Nope, didn't try that. Got any idea's why the furnace went into lockout? Never had that happen before Thanks Chris, good to see you still helping people after all these years.
n7bsn 04/12/15 06:57pm Tech Issues
RE: Shopping for used 5er, comparing used Artic Fox and Komfort

Yeah, the stairs was the first place I looked. The guy who owned it didn't even know that was there. We were visiting some folk in a campground in Moab UT, that drove from Texas to Florida to buy their 2nd-hand Fox. I was walking around in it, talking about stuff and flipped one of the stair's up with my toe. The were both shocked as neither knew the steps opened.
n7bsn 04/12/15 11:51am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Shopping for used 5er, comparing used Artic Fox and Komfort

By the way, we bought the 2002 25-5N- it was in immaculate condition, for $8k- we figured we got an ok deal. Any of you who have had one of these, are there any hints or tips you can offer to improve our "experience" of this thing? Anything I need to change, or improve upon? Looks like I need to get a solar panel to charge the batteries, at a minimum. I am curious if anyone modified it in any way to "improve it". Not spending much time in a small 5'er ever, I'd like to hear other's experiences of mod's they may have done. I don't think any of us "24-5N" owners got back to you on this... We added a fold-up door between the closet/bath-room and main area. This gave us a "changing room" I could stand up in. We brought the solar lead down via the refer vent and connected to the power-box. The charge controller is the Charge Wizard, your PD converter is under the main closed, towards the front. You know that the "steps" open for more storage right? I kept a set of "grungy" cloths there for "just in case" I swapped out the old mechanical thermostat for an electronic, did a much better job of keeping temps even. The cabinet between the closet and the dinette has a dead space below it. I used a zero-clearance saw and cut the "base" of that away. Then put firing in and made the base removable. Nice -really- obscure place to put things. Well, that and the stairs, I've meet more then one "2nd" owner of Nash/Arctic Foxes that didn't know that Northwoods frequently builds storage into the stairs.
n7bsn 04/12/15 10:16am Fifth-Wheels
Thermostat/furnace eh?

We decided to spend last night in the rig (at home) to continue the "get the new cats used to the rig" program. So I went out late yesterday afternoon and turned on the propane and set the thermostat. Waited until the heat came on and went back inside A couple hours later the DW went out to drop something off, came back and noted the trailer was "nice and warm" A few hours later, I took one cat out the the trailer was NOT warm. The (Coleman electronic) thermostat displayed "Room" and "60". When I adjusted the set temp the display changed to my "set" temp of 68. But no amount of adjusting the set temp would get the furnace to come on. So I finally turned the thermostat off and back on. Then the furnace started and everything ran normally the rest of the night. Any clues what happened. I've never seen (or heard of) this kind of problem before. Coleman digital electronic thermostat, Suburban furnace with a Dino controller board.
n7bsn 04/12/15 09:52am Tech Issues
RE: to disk or not to disk

If it's the disc on the hitch. Used one on conventional hitches for over 15 years, the PulRite super-glide doesn't need one, or I would still be using one.
n7bsn 04/12/15 09:40am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Towing above 65

The new Carlile's (Radial Trail RH) have sizes that are rated in the 70s (vrs 65) Personally I don't go that fast as fuel economy suxs
n7bsn 04/11/15 09:24pm Travel Trailers
RE: 15" load range E tires

Trailer tires
n7bsn 04/11/15 01:47pm General RVing Issues
RE: Wolf Creek 650 ???

Northwoods does limited models, trial models, etc. If they work out, they become production models. There is (was?) a Northwoods class C Motorhome out there someplace. Back when Ron Nash was still handling day-to-day operations customers could sometimes talk him into all kinds of special customizations.
n7bsn 04/10/15 10:40pm Truck Campers
RE: RV Repair in Bend Or.

I used Jerry's maybe 20 years back...
n7bsn 04/10/15 09:56am General RVing Issues
RE: Shopping for a truck to haul my new 2002 AF 24-5n

The dealer says it has stock tires, and he assures me that when the air is let out it goes back to stock site. Never, never, never, never, never, never believe a dealer/salesman. Why can't people grasp this simple concept... They will tell you anything you want to hear to close a deal. Those are NOT stock size tires and NO letting air out of the air bags will not lower it back down to stock height. Move on... How can you tell that a sales-slime is lying? Are his lips moving? I have air-bags on my current truck, they effect the (unloaded) height about 0.00". They do reduce the squat I get when hitching, but that is what they are decided to do. IMO, keep looking, find a working truck rather then one that was intended for "play".
n7bsn 04/09/15 04:18pm Fifth-Wheels
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