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RE: rv parks & golf

Take I-90 west out of Butte to Fairmont RV Park near Anaconda. Fairmont Springs Golf and Hot Springs is across the road. Nugget RV in Saint Regis is also just across the "road" from Trestle Creek. Nugget does have it's own "driving range" But that's just about it, in Montana.
n7bsn 07/28/16 01:47pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Best route from Seattle to Bend, OR

That's the route I usually take
n7bsn 07/26/16 09:52pm Roads and Routes
RE: LED Bulbs

.... None of them are made by wiring a series of LEDs in series (OK, I have some I've personally made) .... Why they aren't I dono. Something like 25 years ago I made a night-light for our first rig. It was 8 red LEDs wired in series, then to a 12v plug, and I potted the entire thing together with hot-melt glue. That night-light has been plugged into every RV we've ever owned and those lights have been running 24-7-365 ever since. That means those LEDs have been running, continuously for nearly 250,000 hours.
n7bsn 07/25/16 05:24pm Truck Campers
RE: LED Bulbs

We're not talking 110V bulbs with built-in power sources the OP is looking for 12V bulbs like 1156 base - no power supply. These are DC, LED bulbs so there is NO interference with anything electrical. Amazon - there is a company that has 20 pieces for $18.99. They are WARM WHITE color which is preferred as you don't want that blue cast inside at night. I purchased mine a couple of years ago and they are great, nice light, cool to the touch, and none have failed (I'd doubt they will fail for the life of the camper, at least they will last a darn site longer than the old filament bulbs). All of the LED lights on draws about as much as one of the old lights. Dan You do know that LED's don't run off 12V? Or don't you know that there is a voltage regulator in the base of every "12V" LED bulb. None of them are made by wiring a series of LEDs in series (OK, I have some I've personally made) A few use resistors, but most use DCtoDC regulators and some of those make RF noise.
n7bsn 07/25/16 02:33pm Truck Campers
RE: Wintering in Vancouver or Vancouver island BC

It depends. Most winters there will be maybe a week (total) of nights below freezing and many winters there will be no snow. Most of the time when it does snow it will be melted by the end of the day. Every few years (like 5) there will be enough snow to stick around for a day or two (like less then 20 cm) Rarely (by that I mean like 20 years) that heavy rain storm will turn into a heavy snow storm and there might be a meter of snow, with frozen rain under and maybe on-top. The last time that happened power was out from Victoria to Comox, even in most towns, for days.
n7bsn 07/25/16 09:17am Full-time RVing
RE: LED Bulbs

I would recommend against the super cheap LEDs via eBay (and other sources) for two reasons 1) they tend to fail early 2) they tend to have not "compliant" power sources. By that I mean they are not shielded and do not meet FCC specs for home equipment. Which means that they interfere with all AM radio and will also interfere with weak signals on FM and TV. I've been buying mine from SuperBrightLED
n7bsn 07/25/16 09:09am Truck Campers
RE: What do you do to your house?

.... Well, I wasn't going to do all the stuff it said to do, so all I did was disconnect battery and filled up tanks with premium on all the vehicles and put in some Sta-bil fuel helper to help keep it fresh. Read somewhere that regular gas falls apart ,but don't know for sure..... Any E10 (gas-a-ual) gas (reg, premium, etc) sold in WA has the same additives. They all degrade with time. Stabil helps, there are better brands eg Briggs & Stratton Fresh Start Fuel, Onan Onafresh, etc. You can buy alcohol free gas (at a premium) at a number of stations (often tribal) in the state. The lack of alcohol helps with long-term storage.
n7bsn 07/24/16 10:15am Snowbirds
RE: What do you do to your house?

Definitely shut off the water. Turn off water heater. The traffic fine for expired registration is enormous! Over $200 in WA state and over $500 in Arizona - plus you can be ticketed multiple times for the same offense in some states. If you have a healthcare directive you might want to bring a copy. WA will only mail the tabs (on-line renew) to your address of record. So if that's your home.... They don't care if you renew them late -and- aren't driving the vehicle.
n7bsn 07/24/16 10:04am Snowbirds
RE: Heading west thru Montana

I'd go 200. But a question, are you going over Going to the Sun? Do you have any height issues? If so, go to East Glacier then cross the pass. East to West puts you on the "up" side of the cliff. Going West to East puts you on the "down" side and, well, it's quite a cliff.
n7bsn 07/23/16 10:54pm Roads and Routes
RE: Torklift GlowStep and GlowGlide

Have you tried it on very unlevel ground yet? I really like the idea of the GlowStep to go with the GlowGlide (which they gave me as a reviewer, before it hit the market), but would be concerned about ground that steeply slopes away from the rig.
n7bsn 07/20/16 08:51pm General RVing Issues
RE: Best way to stabilize a big 5er ? Hydraulic landing gear ?

The only way to stop the movement is to get the rig off the suspension. That takes a 4 or 6 point leveling system set to get the rig up. Other then that, it's just reducing the movement
n7bsn 07/11/16 09:38am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Beartooth Pass

You beat me to it. I heard about it on the 0800 2 meter net this morning. I haven't heard anything about Going To The Sun Highway. I did hear that the snow level was expected to be 6500 feet. There's no travel alerts for Going to the Sun, recall it's not that high a pass, just really far north.
n7bsn 07/11/16 08:46am Roads and Routes
RE: Highway suitability for RV's

I don't think you'd want to tackle "The Tail of The Dragon" in Deals Gap in western North Carolina on an RV. You'd be fine most everywhere on the Blue Ridge Parkway, but the Dragon lives up to its name. Or Needles Parkway in South Dakota or US-14(A) Alternate in Wyoming or sections of Cal-1 or .... The list of paved roads that you should -not- take anything but the smallest RV on is fairly lengthy.
n7bsn 07/07/16 01:24pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: A new solution to the "jacked up" truck

n7bsn 07/04/16 09:41am Fifth-Wheels
RE: A new solution to the "jacked up" truck

I saw one of those a few years ago owned by the owner of body shop. I like it and have suggested here that Ford, GM and Dodge could offer such beds on new trucks. Trucks seem to get taller every year, and 5th wheel manufacturers can't seem to keep up with them. I recently saw where Ford is raising the height of the bed-rails in the 2017 model of the SuperDuty
n7bsn 07/04/16 09:39am Fifth-Wheels
RE: A new solution to the "jacked up" truck

Well, that used to work to post images....
n7bsn 07/03/16 08:00am Fifth-Wheels
A new solution to the "jacked up" truck

This past week I saw a new solution to the "jacked up" truck Rather the jack up the trailer, they had the truck bed customized. The rails have been cut down to provide clearance for the trailer. It was obviously well done with a matching paint job link
n7bsn 07/03/16 07:58am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Does anyone make a lower profile 5'er?

Only low profiles I have seen are the old style where you had to crawl into the sleeping area on your knees. I think they only make mid and full profile in regular size fivers now ?? Except for the Scamp, I think you are correct. We had one that was about 10ft-6. But there was only about 30 inches above the bed. A number of companies used to make rigs like that. But today I think it's just Scamp.
n7bsn 06/07/16 06:36pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Garmin 760LMT......Any opinions?

We've had one for about a year. It works well, but has been discontinued .... Garmin still lists it as a current model But I agree with you about the features
n7bsn 06/03/16 09:12am Technology Corner
RE: 35,000 lb +, GVW for pick ups

First a CDL is a commercial license, not a RV license, the additional restrictions such as drug testing, health checks, etc, that would not be welcome (or needed) in RVs Now a number of states, and my perception is the number is slowly growing, do have a non-commercial license that is required for RVs over 26,000 lbs. The testing for this license is more intense then for a "car", but doesn't carry call the restrictions a CDL does. My belief is that this "large RV" license, with required testing (and training?) could be a good thing.
n7bsn 06/03/16 09:09am Tow Vehicles
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