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RE: Air Bags deflated...are they salvageable?

Inflate to 30 psi to check them out, do not go beyond 90 psi under any circumstances, have some soapy water adn check for air bubles on the bags, fittings, lines and schraeder valves, any leaks will be seen instantlly. navegator
navegator 09/26/16 10:11pm General RVing Issues

Who cares where they get the fuel from, what matters is that they sell it so that those turistats that use it have a list of gasolineras that carry this product, whether Pemex is building or importing or Gulf does not matter it will be some time before it is widely available, all of this down loaded information from the internet is useless if you still can not mention where the fuel is currently sold! navegator
navegator 09/26/16 07:47pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Dry camping with furnace on

This is what we do for cold boondocking 2 to 3 days only after that run the generator to recharge the battery and have more time. 1 we have kerosen lamps, the ones that get shot in the western movies, light and heat. 2 we also cook on the stove, spaghetti and use the oven for dinner, x-mass simple dinners pre prepaired. 3 limit the amount of water usage, also have an accumulator for water pump saves battery 4 have a small opening on the window of the galley need ventilation while kerosen lamps are lit, do not use roof vent heat loss is faster 5 do not turn thermostat on heater above 68 during day and 60 for sleeping 6 have an outside and inside thermometer, can see both at the same time 7 limit the opening and closing of door going in and out 8 we have front windshield cover and hanging curtain inside, can feel temp diff from window to cabin on both spaces 9 have warm blankets to wrap arround when sitting 10 we lower thermostat at night to 60 11 we have a minus 40 double sleeping bag 12 snugle up with wife, buddy warmth! 13 only turn heater in morning to brake the chill 14 boughht carpet runners, our floor is wood laminate I found that the biggest source of heat loss is at the entrance door, not even more foam insulation on the oppening helps, those doors are not that good. We only have one 12v deep discharge gel cell marine battery for the cabin, the whole idea is in conserving the power to run the heater fan when needed and use alernate sources of light, led lamps were not available when we purchased our unit, latter they were a bit pricy so I only installed four, one in the head, one for wife to read, one in the galley and one out side, I can read with my kerosen lamp, and no tv or radio or music from CDs, some times we do not even see the park rangers at all, we mail the payment to the office, we found out that some people steel the payments from the collection boxes. navegator
navegator 09/26/16 06:00pm Class C Motorhomes

Guys go back and read the original posting, it is asking if anyone finds any gas station selling ULSD to post the location here, instead we get a disertation from articles that are found on the internet about refineries and whether Pemex is building new ones or not, stuff that is completlly irrelevant to the original question. How many of you that use the ULSD in your rigs have purchased Diesel fuel and the locations, please post that information here. navegator
navegator 09/26/16 04:35pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: RV seat covers

Leather cracking is normal, if the stiching is unravelling then have it redone with better thread, old leader chairs are cracked and comffy. navegator
navegator 09/24/16 03:10pm Class C Motorhomes

Graft and corruption at Pemex are monumental, and that is a fact and no you will not be able to reasearch it on the internet, ask any person living in Mexico, they know, same as with Ferrocarriles Nacionales de Mexico. navegator
navegator 09/23/16 04:12pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Do you stand for the National Anthem?

Too much attention plased on idiots, I would immediately draft them and send them to a nasty place so that they learn what good they have it here. Stand salute and sing. And as above when I can no longer stand, sit at atention, salute and sing. I will stop when I am six under! navegator
navegator 09/22/16 05:55pm Around the Campfire
RE: Heart Attack in Mexico

I have been thinking of purchasing one of the small portable defibrillators self contained easy to use and then my wife says no! You had enough trouble trying to get a cardio workout with the tasser. In the late 70s and 80s Mexico was recognized as a leader in Cardiology, the Hospital General purchased special operating tables frrom Sweden for heart surgerry and blood pump machines, my dad was involved with that, one good thing to learn is CPR, I know the older we get the harder it is to pump a heart or blow but you can always count on the Mexicans to lend a hand, you tell them or mimic what they have to do and away you go, someting is better than nothing. Hay vamos, al mal paso buena cara. navegator
navegator 09/20/16 10:20am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Heart Attack in Mexico

I still like the curandero best. You take 2 bottles of tequila and a chicken go to the curanderos hut and you sit in front of him on the dirt in the hut, he takes the chicken throws it down then he takes one botle of tequila sptinkles a bit on the floor, trows some chicken bones and some colred rocks, and tells you to drink the second botle of tequila, the whole thing. After drinking the whole bottle and watching him chant and say some incantations you have no idea where you are, who you are and the best what you had, so the curandero cured you! As es en esta vida loca navegator
navegator 09/19/16 05:38pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Heart Attack in Mexico

Siii Yesss navegator
navegator 09/19/16 10:19am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Reformat old computer hard drive

I have an acer monitor, it is an old computer granted working OK until wife inserted a USB chip with some videos of animals that a friend lent her, after that it started acting up, this computer is only used for the flight simulator, no internet coneccion, all downloaded planes, scenery,etc. is downloaded in another computer with McAfee protection an fire wallsand programs from acredited sources or purchased CD's or DVD's, we have 5 computers in the house, the one for the flight simlator has the big screen the monior handles the instument, I actually get people sick by flying the F-14 down the Grand Canyon, I have a barf bucket available! I will try the XP CD and see if I can either fix this or really mess it up, can I throw the unit out the window? Tanks ya all, I will let you know the outcome. Go Navy! navegator
navegator 09/18/16 11:42pm Technology Corner
RE: Heart Attack in Mexico

There is a saying in Spain and in Mexico that whenever something falls on the floor you do no pick it up, because the devil kissed it. When mama hears a conmotion in the kichen and goes to see she finds grandma on the floor trying to get up and all the kids looking at her. Mama asks the kids why they are not helping grandma off the floor, they all answer Because the devil kissed her. navegator
navegator 09/18/16 11:19pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Cleaning waste tanks

Fecal mater is composed of grease, DAWN dish washing soap brakes down oils and grease, do not mix detergent and bleach, that produces fossgene gas, that is toxic and poison, good 3 to 5 gallons of water plus Dawn or even laundry detergent will work. navegator
navegator 09/18/16 08:43am General RVing Issues
RE: Thread for weight issues this season for F250 + trucks

You have to remember there are folks that get degrees from a university and in real life they can not function correct, they remember verbatim the books that they read but have no idea what they really mean. Last place I worked we had an idiot graduated from university, most worthless and useless human that I have ever met, could read manuals and remember them exact he did not understand them at all, anyway he went with his kid on a Boy Scout camping trip and they had dehydrated food with them, he evidently read the package and became an expert on dehydrated food. Come Monday at lunch time he started giving us in the brake room a dissertation on what dehydrated food is, my friend Ed asked him if he knew of dehydrated water, the idiot started on a dissertation on dehydrated water, I cracked up with laughter and left, but the idiot has a degree from a university. Some job requirements are just simply dreamt by total desk jockeys (civil servants) personnel departments, etc. Some times you get the dim bulb if it is even on. The folks at SAT need to sort out that pickup trucks with a camper shell or pulling a trailer with Gringo or Canadian plates is not going to engage in cargo transportation, they come to Mexico as TURISTAS, it is not the kid at the border it is the idiot at the desk in Mexico City dreaming all this rules and the guy at the border is only following rules. navegator
navegator 09/17/16 05:02pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Open cars and bears~~~etc?

Do not leave anything, even candy or cookies, vacum the car before you set out on the trip and make sure it is devoid of anything that will attract them, door pockets center cosole glove comparment under seats and trunk, take the tools and spare tire out to make sure no food is under, even candy wrapers, otherwise no food, no smell, no bear. navegator
navegator 09/17/16 12:32pm General RVing Issues
RE: Reformat old computer hard drive

Maybe I should bite the bullet and take it to a repair shop, the computer is old but works fine just the dam messages that it does not recognize the monitor, or the mouse or the keyboard or the hard drive! until the wife wanted to see the USB stick that a friend lent her to see some animal videos and that did it, the main monitor is a 27" inch TV. Thanks you all for the advice, I will see what the technician says, I hope I do not need to buy a new one. navegator
navegator 09/17/16 08:29am Technology Corner
RE: Reformat old computer hard drive

I was thinking of the f8 or f12 key when the computer starts, there is nothing worth saving or backing up since all the flight simulator program has been backed up from the time that it was installed, I need to completlly erase the hard drive, I tried with the XP progam and it would not work, it is a virus the tells me it does not recognize the monitor or the mouse, and I still see what there is on the monitor and the mouse works, it just drives me nuts with the stupid mesages, it does not have a connection to the internet, wife wanted to see what there was in a usb stick that see got from a friend and that gave the hard drive the cold. Is it f8 or f12 the comand to reformat the hard drive when you turn it on? Thanks again I am learning new things, there is hope! navegator
navegator 09/17/16 07:44am Technology Corner
Reformat old computer hard drive

I have an old 2002 hard drive computer that I need to reformat the hard drive, it got a virus, I would like to know what the commands are to wipe the hard drive and reinstall Windows XT professional, it is only used for flight simulator and nothing else, it has all the goodies bells and whistles for the simulator. I know that it is one of the F keys but I am not computer savvy, I muddle along. Thank you all in advance navegator
navegator 09/16/16 06:08pm Technology Corner
RE: Thread for weight issues this season for F250 + trucks

I am not kidding go to www.sat.gov.mx and look for the requisitos para trabajar en SAT, the eldest sons of a friend of mine work for SAT in Tijuana not just in the office they have to spend some time on the line every month, in San Ysidro and in Otay Mesa, some times they get sent to the Tecate crossing, both are graduates from the Universidad Autonoma de Baja California with degrees in business administration and a Masters in business administration, the boss has a doctorate in business admin, she get to stay in the office. By the way a licenciatura is between a University degree and a Doctorate. navegator
navegator 09/16/16 05:18pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Thread for weight issues this season for F250 + trucks

Do not underestimate the kids working for the SAT (customs) one of the requirements is that they have a master in either foreign commerce or business admin or an Engineering background. navegator
navegator 09/16/16 03:10pm RVing in Mexico and South America
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