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RE: Leaving your rig in Mexico short term?

The vehicle being inpounded with the ADUANA should be completlly empty of any valuables, and if you do a walk arround with the Aduanas (customs) officer and point out what ever there is in the vehicle as what type of radio, tires and rims, nothing that can be carried out should be in the vehicle try to have the officer sign the document probably will refuse but, oh well. All of the Items that need to be stored can be left in an appartment that you rent for a little longr than the duration of the abcence and that includes the spare tire, many times the yard is broken into from vandals that regularlly steal from these places. Some of the customs yards are well patrolled and taken care off other are not. Emty the vehicle completelly unfortunattly theft also happens in the US a friend of mine had everything solen from his VW van in New York while in the Customs impound coming back from Europe, all I can say is get insurance if you can. navegator
navegator 08/27/14 04:12pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Leaving your rig in Mexico short term?

Let me see if this will clarify the missunderstanding of the FMM and TIP You have a couple going on vacation to Mexico, we will call them EL SENOR and LA SENORA El Senor gets a 180 day FMM and a 10 year TIP for a 5th trailer or class "A" "C" Etc. La Senora gets a 180 day FMM and a 180 day TIP for a Ford F-350 or a suv toad or other vehicle. El Senor can leve and enter how many times he wants because the 5th trailer is legal in Mexico for ten years. If la Senora needs to leave the Mexican Territory then la Senora and el Senor need to go to a Government office called ADUANA, all international airports and maritime ports have them with theire FMM's and either surrender the vehicle for impounding or ask that the vehicle be provisonally transfered to EL SENOR'S FMM, for the duration of the exit, uppon returning El Senor and La Senora need to go back to the Aduana and have the Aduna recind the transfer of the TIP with the FORD f-350 or other vehicle so that the Aduana can verify that the vehicle and the VIN is the same. navegator
navegator 08/27/14 12:01pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: generator exhaust tube

I had a muffler shop extend the gen exhaust pipe aft a little bit so that I could attach tha Gentury and run it on the side of the window instead of under it and the window shade. I some times forget that the gen is on can bearlly hear it with the Gentury atached, worth the money. navegator
navegator 08/27/14 11:14am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Leaving your rig in Mexico short term?

Only the person that is linked to the RV's temporary importation permit is not allawed to leave with out the RV, the wife that does not appear on the Temporary Importation Permit can leve Mexico at any time, she has nothing to do with the importation of the vehicle. What the Mexican Government is trying to prevent is persons bringing vehicles, mainlly cars, and selling them to the cityzens of Mexico and avioding the Aduana, cars in Mexico have always been a little more expensive than in the US. This was more prevalent in the past, since Mexico has had an auto industry for many years, FORD, CHEVROLET, CHRYSLER, RENAULT, and later some japaneese makes. Today they have allowed other makers to import and sell European cars, some that can not be imported to the U.S.A. Thinking that Mexico is a sleepy backwards country is WHRONG this country is very advanced in many areas, and we should respect them and not try to pullwool over their eyes, they will let you slip so far and then bring the curtain down hard, the tourist industry wants tourist to have a nice laid back beautifull vacation, they just ask that you do not brake the laws. navegator
navegator 08/27/14 10:42am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Plastic Leveling Blocks

The palastick leveling blocks are great as long as the temperature is not cold, when they get cold they get very brittle and brake into pieces, we went up to Mount San Jacinto and camped for Christmass during the night as the temperature droped so did the RV most anoing night. Next day I found some rocks and re leveled the RV, when we left I spent more than one hour removing small pieces of yellow plastic, now I use a couple of aluminum curved wedges made for changing tires on trailers, but only for small times on the road. navegator
navegator 08/26/14 10:32pm General RVing Issues
RE: Moles

A good cat, we had a back yard and the moles would make a mess, the cats would take care of them. navegator
navegator 08/26/14 08:02pm Around the Campfire
RE: camping with a smart car

You might want to buy a small trailer like the one sold at Harbour Freight to carry the tent and supplies otherwise it is going to be a tight skeese in there. navegator
navegator 08/26/14 01:50pm Beginning RVing
RE: Ferrocarril Chihuahua al Pacifico

We had planned on making the trip and when I called to make the resevation I was informed that those trips where cancelled so we will have to go by regular train. navegator
navegator 08/26/14 01:42pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Removing Tourist Permit When Leaving Baja

Don't worry to much Mr: MEXICOWANDERER, we just had to make 4 trips to the Mexican Consulate from the Palm Spring area twize in one day for some simple documents that we had to get NOTARIZADOS, the best was when the Notaria asked for my passport and then asked me for my birth certficate, I told her all the information needed was all in the American Passport. In any case maybe the moderator might let you place a page and you explain to all of us where and when to traverse the borders, I have onlly used El Paso, Ciudad Juarez, Laredo and Nuevo Laredo, and The McAllen, Reynosa crossings, we have friends that live in Tijuana in Playas and only trvell there with the suv, never taken the rv in to Tijuana, before used to go in the VW camper So as you see there are a number of US not as versed in the art of border crossing. Thank You SR: CAMINANTE DE MEXICO navegator
navegator 08/26/14 01:37pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Ferrocarril Chihuahua al Pacifico

What if the people ride in regular passenger rail cars and the RV's ride on flat cars at the end of the train? You could still sleep in the rv at night and see the scenery during the day with out daneger of falling of more or less like the Durango and Silverton, maybe an open observation car? That might generate some tourismo and dollars for thr region, maybe on the return trip the open flat cars cound take some casrgo to Chihuahua and regular passengers. Just a thought. navegator
navegator 08/26/14 10:16am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Power levelers question

WE purchased the 22' C with out levelers and installed sizor jacks in the rear just for stability, and one automotive jack under the frame by the steps this one I have to crawl under, place and cranck, if you can aford the auto levelling jacks go for them, have found that as I grow older I have a harder time bending to crank the jack, I now use 3/4" socket an extention a rachet addapter and a 3' long handled bar to crank the dam things. navegator
navegator 08/25/14 11:07pm Class C Motorhomes
Ferrocarril Chihuahua al Pacifico

Does anyone know why the stopped the RV caravans on board the train flat cars from the City of Chihuahua to the port of Topolovampo.
navegator 08/25/14 08:46pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Removing Tourist Permit When Leaving Baja

O.K. thank you for being gentle and not silly sllaping me with an over cooked noodle, it would be nice if they mentioned that there are only some ports of exit that can process the Tourist Permit Decal. Thank for your information. No wonder so many turistas have trouble getting out of Mexico. Muchisimas gracias por su fina atencion, le deseo muy buenas tardes y buen viaje. Atentamente Navegator
navegator 08/25/14 07:18pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Opinions on Coachmen Leprechaun Please

We have a Coachmen Catalina Sport and only had one problem with a small water leak, fund and repaired, we purchsed it in 2001 and have had no other problems recaulked the roof joints a couple years ago need to redo them, all in all they are good as a first entry unit. navegator
navegator 08/25/14 07:08pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Triton V-10 Maintenance

Changing the serprntine belt is a no brainer, there is a diagram on the front that shows the path of the belt through the pulleys, it wise to sight the belt once installed from the sides of the engine compartment to see if any portion of the belt is yust off the path, I had a belt fly out of the engine compartment, live and learn. navegator
navegator 08/25/14 07:01pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: "The beach was too sandy."

My sister, brother and I where in Greece at Messini (Mysina)there is a vaulted tomb and has an interesting entrace, vertcal slabs, one acrost and two leaning into each other, A tourist (USA) asked the guide if she thought that the Greeks had taught the Mayas how to construct the Corbelt Arches on the Maya riuns. I wish I had taken a foto of the guides face, totally startled for a few second and she responded that the Greeks and the Mayas had never met each other, after that she tired to avoid them as much as posible, some of the quiestions are completly flabergating, then of course most people can tell you what the score from a football game was but do not know who was the last President before the current one, if they know the current President at all. navegator
navegator 08/25/14 06:51pm Around the Campfire
RE: Removing Tourist Permit When Leaving Baja

Dear Mr: MEXICOWANDERER acording to the official Banjercito directorio de modulos aduanales en frontera, there are "internacion" modules in Otay, Tecate, Mexicali, San Luis Rio Colorado so there are other places where you can surrender the calcomania, we normally crossed at the Pharr bride now we use the Anzalduas, since we like to stop in Saltillo and purchase candy that is made there, then Matamoros and on South. Directorio de Modulos Banjercito, S.N.C. navegator
navegator 08/25/14 02:17pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Installing a ladder

That is going to be one hell of a modification inside to anchor the ladder, you are better of buying a step ladder cheaper and more convinient, and probabbly less dangerous, should the ladder pull out of the unit you are going to have a lot of damage, to the RV and yourself. navegator
navegator 08/25/14 12:00pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Driving with a toddler to Tennessee

If you have a dinnete there might be seat belts under the cushions, mine has four seat belts, only one adult can really use it or four kids, if the dinnete has belts and you can take the table off do so in case of an emergency you do not want the table dislodging and hitting the child. Plan on more rest stops to give child a chance to get distracted a little, they are less crancky that way. We have twin grand kids not quite a year old so everything has to be doubled. navegator
navegator 08/25/14 11:17am Class C Motorhomes
RE: play in steering wheel '07 Dutchmen Freelander

Some RV's have tendency to wander "tail wagging" but if you turn the steering wheel and there is no response until you turn more then definitlly go to a front end shop and have that taken care off, steering wheel wander is not normal today, it can also be an improperlly aligned steering box and/or it is hunting or worn. navegator
navegator 08/25/14 01:45am Class C Motorhomes
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