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RE: Dish Network hlep

Siting in San Antonio Texas and watching San Diego news on Dish no problem, travelled down to Mexico and received the signal all the way down to Saltillo, after Saltillo no more, we have the receiver from home never an issue. navegator
navegator 12/08/16 06:26pm General RVing Issues
RE: San Diego to Borrego Palm Canyon

Going through Julian on 78 is nicer and less stressful and you can stop at Dudley's bakery in Santa Isabel for some apple pie from Julian or in Julian Pie Company in Julian, the Pie Company is to the left when the road makes a right turn in town instead of going straight, there is a general store on the left front corner it is gray in color at the cross road, the pie company is half a block to the left and across the street there is one heck of a good restaurant, or you can have dinner at the Boars Head, left corner at the cross roads. For those in the know, Julian is a old mountain mining town, the town barber is a friend of ours and we go once a month at least. Do not go down to Palm Spring on Highway 74 known as Pines to Palms Highway, I did that once on my 24 foot C and the dingy with adjustable brakes from the cabin, overdrive off, first gear at 30 mph and still managed to smoke the brakes, that is one steep hill, never again. navegator
navegator 12/07/16 08:10pm Beginning RVing
RE: Snow Driving Stereo-types

I see that most of you are Northerner's, we in the Southern States as in Arizona, New Mexico and Texas not California, do get to experience black ice in winter the bridges on the freeways and over rivers tend to freeze overnight and in the morning they will have ice, black ice, you will see the sign that warns motorist about the ice on the bridge, yes we get to be ruddily awaken in cold mornings while driving to work, do we know what to do, of course not! I will now leave you sliding along the bridge navegator
navegator 12/07/16 08:21am Around the Campfire
RE: December's Pemex fuel prices

The Magna comment comes from the news paper article, in any case whether one uses Magna or Premium or the Diesel and your vehicle runs OK that is all that matters going from point A to point B and beyond. The interesting fact is that the few PEMEX gas stations in Texas sell fuel at much lower prices than Mexico, reason all the taxes that go with the fuel that in reality do not benefit the public in Mexico, all that money goes to some poiliticos pocket and the Sindicato de Travajadores Petroleros (union) a lot of persons that do not work but receive a "salary" but that is beginning to go away, an Australian petrol company won the bid to drill in one of the offshore plots last week or the week before, there is hope that maybe prices stay the same or will be lowered, although I doubt it, prices in Mexico are never lowered. Que pasen un buen dia senores navegator
navegator 12/07/16 07:55am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Mr Heater Buddy

I have the Big Buddy with the hose and hook it to the Barbeque 5 gallon bottle, it heats the whole house in a flash, never use it in the RV the heater in the RV is more than enough for the 24 foot C, the house is 3200 square feet and it warms the house in 15 to 20 minutes depending on the out side temp, if you do get one get the hose and the adapter for the house current, saves on batteries, they are worth the money. navegator
navegator 12/06/16 09:24pm General RVing Issues
RE: December's Pemex fuel prices

I do not know what the octane is for Magna, but I would not be surprised if they still dump some lead in it to prevent the knocking of the older engines, my nephew has an old Bronco and uses Magna, when he stops on the gas that thing rings jingle bells all the way to the next shift, we have tried resetting the timing to no avail, modern or new engines have a knock sensor that automatically adjust the timing via the computer to suppress the knocking, lead is poison for the catalytic units. navegator
navegator 12/06/16 07:35am RVing in Mexico and South America
December's Pemex fuel prices

Pemex official gasoline and diesel fuel prices for December of 2016 Magna 13.98 pesos per litter, poor quality Premium 14.81 pesos per litter, better Diesel 14.63 pesos per liter This comes from the horses mouth "PEMEX" Through Novedades News Paper navegator
navegator 12/05/16 07:07pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: San Diego to Borrego Palm Canyon

Depending on the RV type and length and what type of engine power you have there is a way to go down on S-22 from Ranchita, be aware that there can be very strong wind gusts at Ranchita and down the hill. Gas powered engine, as soon as the down grade starts slow down to 30 to 35 miles per hour and down shift to first gear you are going to use first gear all the way down to the bottom, you are not going to ride the brake at all, do not even put your foot on the pedal unless there is need to slow down even more, on the stretches that look flat you will maintain the speed and not up shift, since you will need to slow down at the next down part and speeding and slowing with the brakes will only heat the pads up and eventually lead to NO brakes, maintain the same speed until the bottom. This also applies to Diesel units that do not have Jake brakes or engine retarders, use the same as a gas powered engine, do not pump the brakes at all,let the engine do the braking, pumping the brakes will eventually overheat the brakes. For Diesel units with air brakes , Jake brake or engine retarder down shift and engage the Jake brake or engine retarder at the start of the grade and do not pump the air brakes unless absolutely needed, let the engine do the braking, pumping the brakes will eventually set the parking brake, and that is a rude stop. Just take it slow and enjoy the view of the Salton Sea and of Borrego Springs, you might even get to see a Big Horn sheep on the slopes, there are look outs and pull troughs, do not mind the idiots that have "get there ittis", you probably will pass them at the next look out. Used to go for the $50.00 dollar Buffalo hamburger at the airport in Borrego Springs, that is what the pilots used to say , of course mine was a lot cheaper. Coming in to Borrego you make a 90 right turn on to the main drag, there is a gas station on the right side, it is advisable to fuel up before heading back up, the next fuel is Santa Isabela up the mountain, again going up, down shift and take it easy in order not to overheat the transmission by down shifting and up shifting, it is a long up hill grade. navegator
navegator 12/05/16 06:53pm Beginning RVing
RE: Four major cities outside U.S. ban diesel by 2025

It is also a big problem in some cities in the USA that the public transportation is abismal if not down right non existent, Los Angeles or San Diego for example. When I lived in Los Angeles I decided to take a trip from my inlaws home in the Hollywood, Los Feliz area to Marina del Rey North of the LA airport, I started at 07:00 had to go down town to change bus arrived at Marina del Rey just before 12:00 gulped a slice of pitza a few gulps of a beer and had to take the bus, same one inbound back to down town to transfer to the bus back to Los Felis, got home at 19:30. Twelve hours on public transport, from Los Feliz to Marina del Rey, by personal car 10 to 20 minutes by freeway, today it is more like 00:45 to one hour or more on the public system it probably takes 2 days, as long as the public transport system in the USA is in bad shape Diesel will still be with us. In San Diego it would take me one and a half hours from home to work an incredible distance of 25 miles by public transport, so yes the car was handier longer in the afternoon no coorddination between trolley and bus. In Europe many taxis are Diesel powered, so they have more to gain from changing to a diferent system, Diesel engines produce soot another source of this soot are jet engines, I lived under the path of the Navy's jets landing at north island and we had black greasy dust outside and inside the house, it stoped inside when I built a filter system and positive pressure in the house, the out side is still gresy and sooty, GO NAVY! Some cities are now using natural gas to power the buses and trash trucks so there is hope for cleaner air, specially for persons with breathing problems. navegator
navegator 12/04/16 08:34pm General RVing Issues
RE: In Defense of Fahrenheit

Well I know that a nose can only be 11 inches and 63/ 64ths, one sixty fourth more and it is no longer a nose it is a foot! navegator
navegator 12/04/16 07:48pm Around the Campfire
RE: Obregon

I do not know about some other town but some city streets in San Diego are really bad, if they ripped them up and left them with just dirt it would be better, I have also seen extremely shoddy work on some of the highways in the Southern states so do not think that because it is Mexico they are bad, they are also bad and shoddy in the USA, drove some of those shoddy repairs in the USA this year. And then driven some very good and nice roads in Mexico. navegator
navegator 12/03/16 08:59pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Post that do not stick to subject

we had a dog that could clear a coffee table with his tail, beat any toddler at it and kill your knee caps to boot. navegator
navegator 12/02/16 08:32am Around the Campfire
RE: Post that do not stick to subject

I hope it is a coat of many colors navegator
navegator 12/01/16 07:47am Around the Campfire
RE: Post that do not stick to subject

Maybe a tape worm will stick better. navegator
navegator 11/29/16 07:52am Around the Campfire
RE: border crossing at TJ

Talleyho69, you are welcome. They are building a bridge to connect the entrance to down town TJ so the easy overpass to the road to Ensenada is closed and one must go a little further to make the U turn over the river, on the way back it is better to go through down town rather than the road next to the river, they have changed the exit to the overpass because of the bridge construction and it is confusing, we ended in the Sentry lanes instead of the ready lanes, the US agent at the booth was mighty annoyed, but oh well signs in TJ are nowhere to be found and if they are they are wrong or misplaced. navegator
navegator 11/27/16 07:06pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: border crossing at TJ

When you get to the border there is a right turn, a small straight and then a wide left turn into the crossing, try to stay in the center lane and aim for the middle of the crossings, there is a semaphore system, green no customs stop, red you get directed to a check area. Leaving this checking area there is a right turn and then a left turn, stay in the middle lane this lane will go up a bridge at the bridge you are now on the right lane, continue on the right lane and you come to another right turn, and down to a two lane road you are now on the left side of the Tia Juana river, you will merge with the lane coming from Tijuana as soon as you can move over to the right lane and stay on that lane. Long stretch and then there is a long up hill, after the hill there is a left curve and a steep down hill, at the bottom of this hill you will take the right turn and merge with the road from down town. Once on this road you start climbing and there is a left turn, as soon as possible get in the center lane and you will come a straight away down a slope and then up again. when you crest the ridge you are going to stay in the center lane and follow the left turn on to the toll road to Ensenada, the middle lane and right lane go in to Playas de Tijuana so make the left turn at that junction, the lane you are in splits left and right go left! Coming back you are going to stay on the right lane all the way, staying on the same road no turns anywhere, you will go through down town Tijuana, Calle Segunda once you get to the area where the traffic moves to the left lanes get on the second from the left and stay there until you see the overpass. At the overpass make sure that the concrete barriers are on the RIGHT SIDE of the vehicle NOT THE LEFT SIDE, do not follow the signs on the overpass they are misplaced, the concrete barrier on the your right side takes you to the border crossing back to the USA again over the Tia Juana river, be prepared for a good wait in line. navegator
navegator 11/27/16 06:43pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Gov'nt advisory against non-essential travel to Mexico?

Ask your insurance company if those restrictions also apply to the provinces of British Columbia, Ontario, Quebec ETC. those provinces also have crime in the big cities, ergo the whole province should be under restriction from the insurance company. In my opinion get a better insurance company, they sound like monumental thief's, if the moon comes up round you are not insured, if the sun is warm at mid-day you are not insured, all cities have areas with bad elements not the whole state, I am positive that the City of Vancouver has some areas where I would not want to go at night, not the whole province! Same with Mexico there are areas that have crime in the cities not the whole state, you are being taken for a ride, they will tell you that since you traversed through a restricted state the policy is null and void, thanks' for the payment. navegator
navegator 11/26/16 08:06am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Post that do not stick to subject

Well some of us do not have a mind, But we do mind! Mind you. navegator
navegator 11/23/16 05:35pm Around the Campfire
RE: Can't fly out while you have a vehicle in Mexico?? True?

The facts as they are today, not in years past. When you enter Mexico you go to immigration and you are issued a tourist visa for 180 day stay, that document has a number and it is registered in a computer memory bank and you can now travel all over Mexico. Then you move over to the Banjersito counter and you present the vehicle documents and the Visa, they register the visa number associated and linked with the hologram number for the Temporary Importation Permit for the vehicles whether it be a 10 year permit for the RV and/or a 180 day importation permit for the tow vehicle or toad, or car. Registered in Banjersito's computer memory bank is your name with the immigration number and the Temporary Importation Permits numbers, nothing is written on the documents that you have linking them together. What I do not know is if the airline computers have a link to the Banjersito computer, since I have not flown out of Mexico since 2005 and at that time the whole system was total chaos after 9/11. Vehicles with a 10 year permit you can leave and come as you wish, a completely different set of laws apply to vehicles linked to tourist visas, they are temporarily imported and the owner with the 180 day visa has to remove the vehicle that was issued the 180 day permit linked to the visa with him/her upon exiting Mexico that is the law. Need to go out of Mexico then arrange with Customs to have the vehicle in impound until you get back, you can loose the vehicles both the 10 year and the 180 day and/or be jailed and banned from coming back, Mexico does have laws and Mexican jails are not a nice place for a forced vacation. navegator
navegator 11/20/16 10:01am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Fire!

My buddy lost his 28 foot pull trailer as a total loss parked in his driveway. The fire department determined that the fire started in an air compressor electric motor that he had in a rear compartment, I asked him what brand or make of compressor, he bought it at Harbor Freight a little over a month before, he had the trailer plugged in getting the fridge cold to go on a trip to Maine. The insurance company gave him a hard time, stating that the compressor was not original equipment, took them to court and eventually got some money for a replacement, check your insurance policies your TV or any other item that you have added might not be original equipment according to the insurer and make sure they are covered. navegator
navegator 11/19/16 08:15am General RVing Issues
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