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RE: Changes @ KM21 and other border areas.

I am just stating that there is corruption every where you go in the world in one form or another, every country has some in some form or method. Cooperar pal refresco jefe. Como nos arreglamos jefe? Those few words are the most common words to indicate that the person is willing to make a deal for some money in Mexico. Asi es la vida patron. navegator navegator
navegator 09/14/14 08:47pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Changes @ KM21 and other border areas.

You can not compare Mexico and Australia, in Australia the British did not go in as conquerors, they established a colony and sent the inmates. Many were political prisoners, I would compare that to the United States, the British established a colony and proceeded to destroy as much as they could of the native American populations and did not intermix to much. In Mexico many of the Spaniards came alone with out the women, as opposed to the colonists that came with wife's and children, so the Spaniards took native women for "wife's" and you have the mestizo, also remember that the Spanish brought diseases that the natives had no immunity to and died in great numbers. Corruption is global, I recall reading of a land fiasco in Arkansas and the Clintons were involved, also a Duke Cunningham that went to jail for taking bribes. navegator
navegator 09/14/14 02:57pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Changes @ KM21 and other border areas.

To answer Mr: qtlla9111. The official fee for unloading and loading the trailer is $320.00 US Dollars and that is only paid at the border if the Mexican customs requests it, once the seals are attached, the trailer box should not be opened until it arrives at the destination. The contents of the trailer were inspected at the border both by the US customs and then the Mexican customs the driver had a detailed inventory and documents that the Mexican Consulate provided for the transpertation into Mexico and the trailer doors were sealed, in the Resguardo Aduanal South of Sonoyta, they stoped the trailer and removed the seals, opened the doors and asked for money to let the rig continue nothing was unloaded and nothing was touched. They asked for $170.00 US Dollars deposited into a private debit card at the local Oxxo, the driver stayed with the trailer, he can not go out of the customs compound and NO HE DID NOT PARTICIPATE in the extorsion, our neece's husband's family have a company that has trailers and asked the company that transported ower furniture if the driver could have asked for a bribe , that is forbiden and the driver can loose his job, the company is reputable and honest, the seals where not on the doors. The Garita Aduanal South of Sonoyta has been a thorn in the comerce for quite some time we have a friend that works for a maquiladora tha transports goods from theire factory in Tijuana to the one in Guadaljara and he has to drive from Tijuana to Sonyta at least once a week to give the Aduaneros a bribe, the company places the brbes under cost of doing buisness. A number of persons that post here have complained about this particular Aduana. For Mr: iguana07 Spain emtyed the dungeons of all criminals and sent them to the new world as conquistadores, cheaper than to house them in spain, the bribes came with them and have not stoped. navegator
navegator 09/14/14 11:18am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: What 1 Thing Should Every RVer Have

Being able to acknowledge the middle finger No 1 signal and thank them for letting you now that you are No 1 in there life! navegator
navegator 09/13/14 03:58pm General RVing Issues
RE: Changes @ KM21 and other border areas.

In February the Wife and I sent our house 3 bedrooms, garage, living room, dining room and kitchen and the patio furniture, all of this cleared customs in San Ysidro and Tijuana customs via a broker and the Mexican Consulate permit and the trailer was sealed, at the check point they removed the seal, the driver called at 3:30 AM that the aduaneros wanted money $170.00 DLLS to unload the truck, so we sent money to a bank card at the Oxxo store. Once the trailer was loaded in San Diego I took photos the rear to see if at any point it had been moved, when it got to Mexico City my nephew checked against the photos that we E-mailed and nothing had been touched, he asked the driver if anything had been moved, his statement was that they removed the seals and opened the doors and then asked for money to let the trailer leave. We paid the mordida and the truck left minutes after the crooks got the money. That's life in Mexico and the check points, asi es la vida, ni modo todos tienen que comer. I am glad that they are tying to clean the Garitas Aduanales they are truly a disgrace. navegator
navegator 09/13/14 02:48pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Cab-over bunk step up.... What do you do?

I purchased a 6 foot wood step ladder and discarded the back part, cut the front to the correct size for my RV cabover used the discarded parts to construct the support for the upper part where it rests on the bunk and purchased a couple of sliding door locks to secure the ladder to the bunk so that it will not move. navegator
navegator 09/13/14 09:54am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: fuel gauge not working

Is the battery charged, are any of the lights working, have you checked the fuse pannel and tested all the fuses, pull one by one and check that they are not burnt and replace in the same place. If all of the above check, maybe a wire has come loose or a crimp connector has loosened, some radios have fuses on the back, for that you need to remove the radio from the frame, since the rado and the gas gage do not work the gas sender should be OK. navegator
navegator 09/11/14 10:45pm General RVing Issues
RE: Blow up beds in couch

Yust remember to deflate the inflatable mattres when going over high elevation passes so that it will really not blow up. navegator
navegator 09/11/14 10:34am General RVing Issues
RE: Why?

I have mine for two reasons. I can reach the sides to clean and wax and the other is to be able to start climbing the ladder that is on the back, I am getting old and I franklly do not want to brake a leg trying to get off the RV's ladder or trying to reach the clearence lights. navegator
navegator 09/10/14 08:06pm General RVing Issues
RE: Aux. brake control

I have an older SMI system that uses a hard wired system from the RV to the vehicle, the new SMI for hydraulic brakes is totally diferent and does not need all of what I have, from reading the info all the equipment is out of sight and all you do is turn it off and tow. At the time of my purchase my finances dictated which system I could aford and I am very happy with what I got. navegator
navegator 09/10/14 12:56pm Dinghy Towing
RE: Aux. brake control

Check on various brake systems some use a "box" some use a cilinder that goes under the dash and you do not see it and others use different methods to accomlish the task, some use radios to control the "box" and some boxes are self cotained and have diffrent adjustment methods. The SMI that I have is a "box" type and hooks to the vacum hose of the booster via a "T" fitting in the hose from the engine to the booster and into the cabin, it also attaches with a piston from the box to the brake pedal, and has a connector for the electrical signals from the cab controller via a 4 wire cable to the rear of the motor home. Then a connecting cable between the motor home and the fornt of the toad to the box toad, in the toad I have a wire from the battery to the box with a fuse in line that not only provides power but also works with the emergency brake feature of the box. I also have a 7 pin cable with connectors that carry the turn signals, stop signal, clarance lights and negative and positive power so that when the toad is hooked to the RV the battery in the toad is being charged. I have a cable from the control box in the cabin in the "C" cabin and all the way the toad, I personally do not like radio contrled units, but thats me. I hoppe that you can use the above, as I said before look into all systems and choose the one that you will be more comfortablle with. navegator
navegator 09/09/14 10:12pm Dinghy Towing
RE: Aux. brake control

I have an SMI and has a vacum pump that pulls vacum for the brake booster via an extra hose in the engine compartment to the brake "box" so that the amount of presure on the pedal is equal to what a peson will exert, others apply brute force only. I have the control in the cab and can adjust the brake responce and amount of braking as I need, I have with use found the setting for city, country roads and big interstate roads. navegator
navegator 09/09/14 08:54pm Dinghy Towing
RE: Please leave it at home!

If you nagg here your tires do not get slashed. navegator
navegator 09/09/14 01:43pm General RVing Issues
RE: AC issues...

What ever you do do not replace it with a Coleman unit, we made that mistake. The Coleman Mach yust does not do a good jod, the filters are on two sides and you can not claen them while the AC is running since the whole bottom has to be unscrewed and you can not reatach the screens unles you turn the AC off or the filters will get sucked in. With the Dometic I could replace the filter with a clean one with out turning the unit off, and the Coleman basically does nothing when the temperature gets to 95 and above with 10 to 16% humidity, if the humidity is higher the unit does nothing above 85 degrees. The Dometic would keep going cold we had to turn the thermostat so that the RV was not a meat locker, try to repair the Dometic if beyond repair get a DOMETIC. navegator
navegator 09/09/14 12:43pm General RVing Issues
RE: Please leave it at home!

How about asking the perp what type of ham radio it is something like a 10 meter, etc and when he mentions it you tell him that you have a friend that lives in Australia and ask the perp for his FCC letters (KQX7704 CB, mine) so that you can give your friend a heads up and see if they can get in touch. Then you let the FCC know that this perp is disturbing the peace, I do not know if you are allowed to hang anttenas from trees, maybe those of you that use ham radios can give us an answer. Most persons that have that type of hobby will have the call sign probbablly marked on the vehicles so that other hobbyist can get in touch with them, I would look for them on his vehicles then you do not need to engage the guy navegator
navegator 09/09/14 11:11am General RVing Issues
RE: Help needed 2015 Forester 3171 dead (anti theft activated)

They normally disconnect the drive shatf at the diferential and wire tie it to the frame. navegator
navegator 09/08/14 11:40pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: How welcome will my large breed dog be in Mexico?

That's cool! Another ting that I like about Mexico people are not so stuffed up like some in the USA, nice fotos. Did he engoy his drink? navegator
navegator 09/08/14 11:35pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: How welcome will my large breed dog be in Mexico?

We found pieces of a yelly fish on the beach chopped possiblly by the prop of a boat and some of the other people also got stung. I did not go to far into the water, one has to be carfull with children and pets, specially in hotter and humid climates, we have travelled with dogs and cats into Mexico and had good times with them, now we only have one kitty and she will be going with us to Mexico. navegator
navegator 09/08/14 09:17pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: How welcome will my large breed dog be in Mexico?

I mean the dog got stung not my friend. navegator
navegator 09/08/14 08:24pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: How welcome will my large breed dog be in Mexico?

I have a friend that got stung by a piece of yellyfish tentacle on the nose and he had to take the dog to the vet, so I do not need to do any homework, I was there when the dog got stung! navegator
navegator 09/08/14 08:23pm RVing in Mexico and South America
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