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RE: Pemex locations on Google earth

I use Google maps, locate the city or town and go to the upper let corner where you type and type Pemex and all the gas stations show up on the map plus all the addresses, I do the same for the roads to find the gas stations, also type restaurants, Oxxo stores or any thing that you are looking for, it works with every country world wide. navegator
navegator 10/20/16 05:41pm RVing in Mexico and South America

1. You need a switch from one source to the other one, antenna "A" to the TV or switch to "B" for the park hook up or satellite. 2. You also need a converter for the new broadcast format for the antenna signal, I do not remember what they call it, it has been some years. 3. If you can install a wall receptacle on the side of the RV it is easier than having to climb on the roof to connect and disconnect cables, the wall receptacles are rather easy to install and are sold at Lowe's or Home Despot. navegator
navegator 10/13/16 10:25pm Beginning RVing
RE: In a pinch and need to make a fire...?

In California you do not need to start any fires, there are enough idiots that start the whole forest on fire, just remember to bring the Marshmallows. navegator
navegator 10/08/16 04:07pm General RVing Issues

About 3 or 4 months ago I read in one of the news papers here in Mexico City that ULSD was only being solpd in some gas stations in towns along the border that cater to tractors for trailers and trucks that go across the borddr and in Mexico City only the Metro Bus use ULSD, all being brought from the USA, I do not remember what news paper it was. The article was in relation to the polution in the valley of Mexico and Toluca. navegator
navegator 10/08/16 08:15am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: things that make you go Hmmmmm . . . .

Hhhmmmmmmm, I would change the oil and filter and end enything else. navegator
navegator 10/04/16 08:24am Around the Campfire
RE: Health insurance

Puerto Rico is an unincorporated Territory within the United States, governed by it's commonwealth, thery are being audited maybe they will become the next State? navegator
navegator 10/03/16 03:41pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Signals

My neese who was born in Mexico City and drives in Mexico says that Mexicans have eyes like house flyes, they even have eyes in the back of theire head, it seems to be the machismo complex more than a game, no road rage per se just the yo primero. I got my Estado de Mexico drivers license last year, showed them my California Comercial license and they were impressed with the endorsments, it probably took me longer to sign the paper work than for them to issue the license, done in less than half an hour second floor office, no exams, no test, I am developing eyes like a fly. Driving here you need to anticipate what the other driver is going to do and you have to drive defensively after a while you buss arround like them. navegator
navegator 10/03/16 11:44am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Signals

You are correct on the pull to right side if there is safe room and when no trafic is going either way make the left turn. Unfortunatlly no one obeys this law, specially on a busy strech, you would never get accross or the machos(as) will try to pass anyway before you execute the turn, some pisanos do not think that the law of the land applies to them, those laws are for the tontos. My friends joungest daughter mature age of 24, decided to buy a car, never driven before, brother drove car home, she went down to Transito to register the car and get her drivers license, took bus not the car, they asked her if she new how to drive she said yes, got her drivers license, no bribe, no written test, no driving test gets home dad is livid when she asked him what the third peddal was for since people only have two feet, he eventually taught her, anyone can get licensed dow Mexico way. navegator
navegator 10/03/16 10:24am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: remove "flushable" wipes from black tank?

Buy a clear plastic elbow that has a gate valve and a water hose connector and back flush the tank, you will be surprised how much stuff stays behind, this will help a lot if you can get a wand down use both. Warning, when back filling have the wife look down the toilet tube so that she yells before it over fills the water will dump out of the sink if connected to the black tank, neigbor saw me doing it bought one and did not pay attentio and well it was a mess, believe me the wife will never use those whippies again! You need to back flush a minimum of six times or more, I believe the product is made by Valtera. navegator
navegator 10/02/16 09:40pm General RVing Issues
RE: Money transaction when selling a RV question

When I sold a 924 Porche for $8,500.00 cash, no checks, no trades and living close to the border, I made the buyer meet me at my bank, I went a half hour before and arranged with the business teller that the buyer would hand her the money and she would pass it through the counting machine, that way I am not the owner of the money but the guy handing it to the teller, if counterfit the money is confiscated, all of it, and they have to deal with Secret Service and Police. The reason for that is the amount of North Corean and Colombian dollars (counterfit) so this guy handed the money and it was good, I singned over the pink and the bill of sale and release documents, after the transaction the guy said he was a bit scared carring the money until he got to the bank, and was glad I had asked for that, got to be carefull today, specially with fake checks and bank drafts they look authentic but are not real, do not release title or the RV until money in the bank is real, remember that if the check is not good you are responsible for it, then you end with no money, no trailer and bank cost. navegator
navegator 10/02/16 09:24pm General RVing Issues
RE: Signals

Mexicans suffer from a very peculiar sindrome, YO PRIMERO "me first" any where there is a lane restriction or an intersection just every where they go or walk, they have to first or be in front, turning on a turn signal indicates that you are going in front and that they do not like, so they speed up, best thing to do is try to anticipate your lane changes and even that gets them rattled, mind you not all are that way, it is the macho complex that many suffer from, women in Mexico can be even worse, they pretend not to see you, that is why I installed yellow turn signals just in front and above the the rear wheel well and under the rear mirrors at a height where the lighs are in visual range of most cars, even then I watch out for the machos and machas. There is a funny film from Disney about that type of road rage, just be careful some of those idiots have guns, even the women carry, just pretend to be the dumb gringo and that diffuses the situation. navegator
navegator 10/02/16 08:57pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Very little trailer brakes

One area that a lot of folks ignore are the wires at the actual connection point, on the vehicle side, no one seals the entrance of the wires to the connector nor do they twist the wires and add a little solder so that the miniature screws actually clamp down instead of acting as a guillotine and severing the wires one by one with the shaking. Not water proffing or sealing the connectors lets water and road grime in and this corrodes the copper wires, therefore creating resistance, the same goes for the trailer connector, some folks let it hang so that water and condensation run down into the plug. Other problems stem from diconnecting or connecting by moving the connectors either side to side or up and down or both, doing this ensures that the female ends are spread out and the male ends are pinched in, creating intermitent contact or if pluging and unpluging with power on, a nice arching resistance track is created on the ground pin. If the connectors are ok, check another favorite dumb thing that trailer manufacturers do, using what are called scotch connectors, these are used to join one wire to another, one small to one long, they work by placing one wire next to the long one and using pliers pinching both wires with metal inverted W that cuts through the insulation and some of the wires on both cables, then a plastic tab is closed on top, over time they corrode. If the connectors are OK then there is a wiring problem, make sure that wires have not been pinched by clamps or rubbed by being loose undder zip ties, or rubbed against any metal, same goes for the pull vehicle. navegator
navegator 10/02/16 03:14pm General RVing Issues
RE: Running outside fridge while traveling

The best place for the inverter is as close to the battery as possible, I found that out the hard way. navegator
navegator 10/02/16 02:26pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Health insurance

Maybe briansue can find out via internet what American insurance companies work with Mexican insurance companies or vice versa, I know that there are a few that do work that way, my sister worked for the Ford Motor Company and had insurance via an insurance company in Detroit, there has to be something, to many American companies in Mexico with a lot of US personnel with families. navegator
navegator 10/02/16 11:10am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Floor of bathtub crack

Take the tub out, get the fiberglass kit, before you start cut the fiberglass cloth in such manner so that it covers the crack and also supports the rest of the pan, from side to side and at leasr a couple of inches up the sides a minimun of two layers. Also get a coulpe of stif cardboard pieces of 1 to 1 and half wide that go from the area of the drain hole to the back. Measure the hight of the pan floor to the actual floor of the RV and with plywood build a bench for the pan to rest on, it is a good idea to epoxy or paint this wood before bolting down. Clean the bottom of the pan with wire brush, lay the first swatch of fiberglass cloth down and roll, now lay the two stips of cardboard down making sure that yo do not get any fiberglass mat or resin on the drain flange, if this happens you might not be able to seal the drain fitting, now lay the next piece of fiberglass on top of the cadboard and tuck along the edges so that there is no air bubles along the cardboard edges, roll and let cure for at least 72 hours. Reinstall the drain pipe if taken apart install pan in shower enclosure connect drain and you should be good for the life of the RV. navegator
navegator 10/01/16 03:33pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Health insurance

800 numbers can not be accessed from American cell phones, unless you pay and the chargers are huge, try to get phone numbers that have the actual area code from doctors, hospitals, insurance, bank, etc. Some Mexican land line phone carriers can go trough to the 800 numbers, not all will and only land line ones not cell phones. navegator
navegator 10/01/16 03:07pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Sewer stink

If the bathroom sink is plumbed to the black tank make sure you have the sink trap full of water, some times when travelling they do empty, or the smell is up the vent line and comes in by the roof vent, next one the toilet to floor seal is not seated correct. navegator
navegator 09/30/16 05:31pm General RVing Issues
RE: Quote Interpretation

Www.forbes.com starts the page with quote, you might be able to answer the chalenge of the quote with another quote, I would walk out of there and keep walking out the door, but then I am a revel viking. All I can tell you is good luck with the idiot. navegator
navegator 09/30/16 10:38am Around the Campfire
RE: Quote Interpretation

Quote, your CEO is a total and complete idiot. Quote, I would start looking for a different job. navegator
navegator 09/30/16 10:07am Around the Campfire
RE: Am I completely crazy?

Do not sell the house, purchase a good sized A class unit, used of course then try living in it close buy, try a park Travellers World in San Antonio as an example, 3 dogs, a baby, and the wife kooped up in a small space can lead to her developing a severe case of cabin fever. Unless you two get along real well in small spaces, the baby will not mind, the dogs will not mind, yes it is very romantic until cooking, diaper change, dogs being dogs can drive her nuts plus the grey water tank backed up in the shower pan and the black tank is full and perfuming the space, but give it a try, ya all will like it or ya all will hate it. navegator
navegator 09/29/16 08:37pm Beginning RVing
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