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RE: Shorter Border Wait Times!

Some lanes are going to be Sentry lanes and some Ready lanes, the rest will be your slow moving hours long to cross lanes if you do not have a Sentry pass or the Ready lane documents. The San Ysidro port of entry (San Diego) has been partially redone and all they did was create more Sentry lanes and Rady lanes, those that do not have these passes or documents have to endure the long wait times any way. If you want to traverse the border fast get a Sentry pass or a Ready lane pass, unless you want to spend time in a slow line. Be carfull of what lane you take CBP officers get real mad when you accidentally use the wrong lane, some will give you a fine, the Mexican side is very poorlly marked as to what lanes are for what. navegator
navegator 04/04/14 08:37am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: US Navy::::::

Are you shure the #2 "Facilities" is not a BRT? navegator
navegator 04/01/14 08:43am Around the Campfire
RE: Earthquake at Yellowstone NP

There are thousands of earthquaeks all over the world every minute of the day, they are so small tha we do not feel them, Yellow stone sits atop a super volcano and has tremors all the time, in California there are constant tremors that the humans do not detect at all. There is an area called the Gaysers in northen California and they average about one tremor every 4 to 5 minutes, nothing new. The movement in California is diferent than the ones in Yellow Stone, the Clifonia faults are moving one against the other and the Yellow Stone movements are created by the molten magama from the caldera. navegator
navegator 03/31/14 01:25am Around the Campfire
RE: Long Time Mexico Traveler Passes On

We are sorry to hear that your travelling companion passed away. navegator
navegator 03/28/14 11:47pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Making the coach cool....

We have a cat and have a couple of plastic louvers that fit on the windows that let the air in even when it rains, we bought them at Camping World to long ago to remember name, runing the A/C is good but do not run it and have the roof vents open at the same time, we run the A/C with all windows and vents closed. I have installed a piece of stainles steel curved to direct the rear A/C towards the rear and the cat loves to rest on the cool spot on the floor where the air hits. navegator
navegator 03/27/14 11:22pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: CA Registration only took 7 months.....

California is unfriendly to everybody even to Californians!!!! navegator
navegator 03/24/14 10:49pm General RVing Issues
RE: Bad Vibrations

If tires are ok, and none of the U-joints are bad, and the drive shaft has not lost any of the balancing wheights and has not been disasembeld and turned out of balance, check the shock absorbers some times one or both shocks on the rear or front will be bad just enough, and all it takes is a small bump on the road to set a vibration going. To check this out, drive until the vibration starts, note the speed and then slow down, do not stomp on the brake, note when the vibration stops, if it stops fairlly soon then the shocks are bad if it stop a long way down the decel curve then you have someting else, maybe a torque converter that lost a balancing weight or a bad bearing on the rear axel. navegator
navegator 03/22/14 09:33am Class C Motorhomes
RE: RVing in Central America

Please continue to post your travells, do not be discouraged by the ones that post nonsence and ignorant coments, they evidentlly do not travel out side theire comfort zone. There are some of us that welcome and apreciate all post related to travelling South, I made the trip to Pnama, did not have enough money for the boat transfer from Panama to Colombia, so turned arround and headed back with my trusty 1968 VW bus. navegator
navegator 03/22/14 09:03am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Licence Plates

We take the plate with the stickers off and place the front plate on the rear, I then install a plate with some logo on the front space where the plate should be, the plate with the stickers goes under the drivers seat, change back yust before crossing the border going north, never had a problem never had vehicle towed or a ticket no mordidas either. I like briansue's idea of the special screws, going to check them out. navegator
navegator 03/22/14 08:53am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Does Good Sam provide auto insurance

We have the RV and vehicle with Good Sam navegator
navegator 03/20/14 09:31am General RVing Issues
RE: 1999 Santara Class C electrical problem

If the awning is a A&E 8500, loosen the black knobs behind the vertical support posts and also open the grey post achors, then with the strap wand on the rights side of the torque tube ( front towards engine) there is a clutch lever that you have to move towards the outside of the tube, pull on the pull-strap and the awning shoudl deploy, then take the tubes or arms that have the black knobs and extend them all the way towards the torque tube untill they lock, then pull down a little on the torque tube in a twisting motion and tighten the knob so that the canvas is streched as much as posible. Retracting the awning is the reverse, loosen the black knobs, then under the tubes that have the black knobs there is a small metal protrusion that unlocks the amr and slide down (make shure that the support arms are all the way down to the original position) then flip the clutch lever and hold the strap and then engage the strap with the awning pull rod, DO NOT LET THE AWNING ROLL UNCOTROLED, then tighten black knobs and lock with the anchors provided. If the awning seems not to be rolling back correct make shure that the support arms are at the correct height if they where lifted or the waning was rilted with one side higher than the other. P.S. Always carry an extra pull strap, they tend to brake when you need them most! Hope it helps. navegator
navegator 03/20/14 01:03am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Presssure washers

The bigger the opening the lower the pressure, the smaller the higher the presswure, try the various tips and pressure settings on stuff that you can ruin because this machines can do a lot of damage very fast, be very carfull when there is a person helping you, you should never piont the wand at any one at all, severe damage or los of fingers and or death can and has happened. Never let children or teenagers use the machine, treat it as a loaded weapon. It will peel the paint of cars, RV's, houses, completlly tear off your awning, rubber roof and all vents and A/C cover, seen that done by R/V washing persons. navegator
navegator 03/18/14 08:39am Around the Campfire
RE: Asking for ID when using credit card

Some years ago we got ID cards for the San Diego zoo and Wild Animal Park, one had the image of an Orangutang and I have kept and used it when they ask for my Id, guess what I have only been asked for the real one maybe 14 or so times in the 11 years that I have used it. My credit cards and debit cards only say SEE ID, never signed, never checked. navegator
navegator 03/17/14 09:53am Around the Campfire
RE: Hello

Practice with the awning extending it and then retracting it until you can do it in the dark, also practice mentally what the procedure is when "hooking up" 1. Turn and make shure pedestall brakers are off, check for volage and polariry with a probe from Home Depot or Lowes, by turning brakers on, when all is ok turn brakers off and then plug electric conector to the pedestal and turn brakers on. 2. Turn water faucet on and see when clear water runs, then hook water hose with a pressure regulator and or filter. 3. Then hook your sewer hose to the drain system. Same order when leaving the cap ground and if you use the roof anttena make shure that you return it to its original flat position. You are giong to find that the more you travell in your rig the more you like it, it beats all hotels and restaurants. Welcome to the RVing world. navegator
navegator 03/15/14 12:47am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Jeep theft Document problem, ATTN Canadians.

For all persons that travell to Mexico or any where in the world. Make copies of the documents that show ownership of the motor home, trailer and any vehicle that has a title of ownership, and or a vehicle registaration card and the insurance documents. These copies are to be in the vehicles and also sent to the insurance compies and also keep the originals back home in a safe place where relatives can have accses to them in case of an emergency. Also send an e mail to your self on the internet with the document scanned in so that you can retrieve the documents at any time later also have the copies in a zip drive, those little chip drives that hold information. navegator
navegator 03/15/14 12:04am RVing in Mexico and South America

Make shure that the news PAPERS get all the information and also place a complaint with RELACIONES EXTERIORES (State Department US equivalent) and DEPARTAMENTO DE TURISMO (Tourism Department) it may generate some more interest specially if these complaints are acompanied by news paper articles on the inscident. Let these entities know that the NEWS will be picked up by the foreign press, that will smack them into some action, the property may never be found but it will itch the bottoms of the POLITICOS both in the State of Michoacan and the Federal District. The last thing that that the new govrnment wants right now is a rash of bad publicity after the caputre of some bad elements. navegator
navegator 03/13/14 09:39am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Living in Mexico and Obama Care, need to register?

Maybe they will do as the Canadian program does that if you are out of Canada for more that six months plus you loose the benefits? We have neighbors that are having one hell of a time with the system, she does not work and can not obtain any Obama Care coverage at all, since she does not work, we are all over 65 and retired. then of course if I stop filling taxes the IRS will be on my case for not filling taxes, etc. Again thanks for the intel, we apreciate it, it is a catch 22. navegator
navegator 03/12/14 10:20am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Living in Mexico and Obama Care, need to register?

Thanks for the responses, my wife owns a house in Mexico City and we plan to live on a permanent basis, my wife has both US and Mexican citizenship, I am a US Citizen and need to return to the border every 180 days, in the near future I hope I can change my status to a permanent resident, I was born in Mexico so maybe that helps a little, will always pay taxes in the US, both Federal and State. To Francesca Knowles: What I want to know is if a person that is a US Citizen and lives in Mexico and has a medical insurance in Mexico needs to register with Obama Care when it will probablly never be used, and MEDICARE only applies to the United States of America, some medical insurances do not cover any other country other than the one that they are located in, there are exeptions and are normally very expensive. Thank you for the information. navegator
navegator 03/11/14 11:59pm RVing in Mexico and South America
Living in Mexico and Obama Care, need to register?

Living in Mexico do you register with Obama Care if not living in the United States at all? Being a Citizen of the United States and permanentlly residing in mexico (retired) does one have to register with the Obama Care if it does not cover medical expenses in a foreign country, what will the consecuences be, still paying State and Federal taxes in the U.S. are they going to penalize the person's to the point of no return. Will they honor Mexican health insurance coverage or are they going to make you pay for insurance in the States that you may never use? What are the options that may or may not exsist? Moderator this not bashing Obama Care, but an inquiry as to options, please delite any coments or opinions that are not usefull. navegator
navegator 03/11/14 11:52am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: brake systems for toad

Check out the brake systems manufactured by SMI www.smibrake.com I have used the unit for 13 years and have never had a problem. navegator
navegator 03/11/14 10:24am Class C Motorhomes
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