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RE: Any mechanic's on here.

Some front wheel drive or four wheel drive units use an axle nut that have a couple of pings that deform when torquing the nut on, this is a safetry measure to hold the nut a little more, yes the torque force should hold the nut in place, but some times when power is applied to the tire and hub there is a fraction of a second that the hub does not move and the axle moves thousands of a milimeter, couple this action over time and you have a loose nut. Replacing the used nut with a new one ensures that you have a nut that has not been deformed or galled by either over tightening or by not being tightened enough, it is just a matter of safdty. If the rotor is behind the hub the hub and rotor come off, if the rotor sits in front of the hub then the rotor is stuck with rust to the hub, a couple of good wacks with a mallet should brake the rust and you do not need a new nut. navegator
navegator 08/23/16 03:15pm Around the Campfire
RE: Changing light bulbs - Must read

Question for all the light bulb experts. Do you rotate the light bulb arround to change it or do you hold it steadgy and rotate the motorhome arround? navegator
navegator 08/23/16 02:58pm Around the Campfire
RE: Any mechanic's on here.

Since you are replacing the rotors you can take a mallet and hit the rotor making sure that you rotate 90 degrees after 2 or 3 wacks, evtually the hub will move it is a good idea to use a new nut on the axle. navegator
navegator 08/22/16 03:26pm Around the Campfire
RE: Camping Director Chair porta-pottie???

Now I know what to do with my chairs when the canvas rots, I can imagine the 6 chairs arround the fire, wonder if I should get the wood covers or the soft cushion type. I have dug a few holes for both the DW and me while tent camping in the wilderness. navegator
navegator 08/21/16 08:33am General RVing Issues
RE: Any mechanic's on here.

There is a big nut that holds the front axle, this nut needs to be removed so that the hub and disc slide off and you can separate the units. Make sure that you chock the rear wheels and use jack stand to support the vehicle, do not hang the caliper by the rubber brake line use a wire to support the caliper, if you replace the brske pads compress one piston zt a time with the other one secured so that it will not move or you might pop the piston out, and they are tricky to reasemble. navegator
navegator 08/20/16 07:34pm Around the Campfire
RE: State of Emergency Declared, 82,000 Evacuated in California

Arsonists if found guilty should be given the death sentence, they destroy so many lifes and now and then a human, not counting the wild life and forests. navegator
navegator 08/17/16 04:12pm Around the Campfire
RE: Best Practice to tie up dog?

When we had our dogs and a cat, I would tie a rope from the RV to the toad and would run the dogs and cat leash in such a way that they could move back and forth with out getting into the neighbors site, never had a problem, had a lot of coments about the cat in between two big dogs, now we only have one cat, the little one that was thrown from a car in the back yard, she loves the dash board, that is her spot. navegator
navegator 08/17/16 04:07pm General RVing Issues
RE: Showing up late

Thank's for the tips, I have a 24 foot C and until last year had a comercial license, I have no problem backing big trailers, even when I could not see the entrance and have inches on both sides, I have a couple of back up lamps that are aimed up and a bit out to shine light on the trees, this has helped to avoid the branch that I saw when looking over the site. One other reminder for the spoter, have that person stand and move in such a way that they can be seen on the mirrors, and if using hand signals, have a definite set of movements, intead of flopping arms and hands that look like wings in a panic attack, same as guiding aircrafts on a carrier deck, definite and presice in the signal and being visul in the drivers mirror, if they have a backup cmera they do not need this advice. One other comment, do not over steer that is the surest way to mess up, a small movement at the sterring tire translates into a big movement at the trailer tires. navegator
navegator 08/17/16 03:56pm Beginning RVing
RE: Showing up late

Reply to Terryallan. You see the whole trailer, if you read the original post they are not comfortable backing in even in daylight, most people have a hard time backing even theire own car let alone a trailer, and doing it going to the right is even more complicated for them. I have guided folks to back in or actually drove the rig for them so many times, there are folks that just simplly can not go in reverse, so if they go on the left side, they can see, normally mirrors on the right have a warning, objects on this mirror are smaller than actual size, hard for people to judge distance. I am trying to help the gentelman, maybe you can give us some pointers in backing a trailer in pitch black and a strange location, we can all learn something usefull. navegator
navegator 08/17/16 09:28am Beginning RVing
RE: Showing up late

When arriving, try to back going to the left into the spot, before you back in walk the space shining your light side to side to visualize the area, then stand at the back end and shine the lamp along the sides and up, what you are looking are branches or any obstruction that can damage the unit. Always back your trailer going left, you can see the whole rig on the mirror, going to the right the mirror is of no use. When we pull in at night, I try to level as best as possible and only connect the electric, in the morning we unhook the toad and setlle in, unless it is a back in, then I unhook and check for obstructions back in hook electric and then the toad is parked, in the morning we finish arriving. The wife uses a very small lamp that she signals with, up and down proced, side to side stop, no shouting trying for the least amount of noise, or we use small walky talkie's with ear plugs. navegator
navegator 08/15/16 10:44pm Beginning RVing
RE: Metal camper step shocked my dog!

Missing ground or reversed wires at the pedestal, some do it yourself campgrounds are scary, I always chech before hooking up, found a few that I had to refuse the site and get a different site. navegator
navegator 08/12/16 02:38pm General RVing Issues
RE: The Nostalgia Machine , music from 1965 !

Wow! That is a trip down memory lane, thank's that is really nice. navegator
navegator 08/11/16 09:54pm Around the Campfire
RE: 5 Tools You MUST Have To RV

A big umbrella and a good wife to hold it when it rains and you are changing a tire or diconnecting hosses, etc, navegator
navegator 08/10/16 02:46pm Beginning RVing
RE: I was threatened today!

IRS call....... SCAM FBI call....... SCAM SON, DAUGHTER, NEESE, NEPHEW, HUSBAND or WIFE been in accident......SCAM. Highway Patro, State Troopers or local law enforcement will go to recidence to inform next ok kin about a person(s) accident, and where they are or have been taken to. Unless they state that the conversation is being recorded and you hear beeps to that efect, any and all coversations otherwise are inadmisimble in court for the purpose of colecting money by Federal, State or local governments, no paper trail as evidence. navegator
navegator 08/09/16 02:33pm Around the Campfire
RE: Will the bad news change my plan travel to Mexico?

Most of the violence happens in small rural towns with names that are tong - twisters, and certain areas of cities, remember that the media blow everything out of proportion, I am currently living in Mexico City, is it danegerous, yes! The same as living in Chicago or Los Angeles or New York or Montreal, or Paris or London. Go ahead and book your trip, the bad guys are not interested in you, unless you are interested in the product that they deal in, caravans are safe. navegator
navegator 08/06/16 09:51am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Air conditioning problem

The first problem it is a Coleman, they do not work after 85 degrees, very poor desighn. Get a Dometic, ours lasted 15 years in the California desert, and cooled the interior of the RV to 65 with an out side temperature in the shade of 108 degrees with out having any problems until it got a leak in the condenser, the new one Dometic is just as good, we had a couple of days with 120 in the shade and inside we had 65. Get a Dometic! navegator
navegator 08/02/16 07:04pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Awnings

My awning was plastic/vinil, lasted 14 years, replaced with same. navegator
navegator 08/02/16 06:55pm Beginning RVing
RE: Are we safe

Do not worry at all. We are all terminal. navegator
navegator 08/02/16 06:49pm Around the Campfire
RE: Traveling in hot regions

One thing that you need to keep in mind is that the higher the speed that you are travellinng at the hotter the engine will run, stay arround 60 mph and when you come to hill country or grades do not use the over drive, when the transmition starts to shift up and down and up, that is when they start to overheat, turn the over drive off and go up the hill, if the incline gets steeper, do not try to maintain a high speed, slow down a little and if needed down shift again. We sometimes place a bed sheet as a divider between the overhead and the front cabin, this gives us cooler cabin and when we get to the camp ground we turn the roof air to max as soon as possible, leaving the engine running until the engine temp has gone down a little, normally the time it takes me to hook the electric and water. Drink a lot off water, alcohol is not to good and sugary carbonated drinks do not help at all, we mix some fruit drink with water to give the water some taste, more water than fruit drink, and try to stay in doors with the A/C on during the hottest part of the day. If you are pulling a toad, cover the front window while driving and when parked, the steering wheel can get pretty hot and leave the windows with a very small crack to let the hot air out, when getting in open the doors before going in to let most of the hot air out, do not leave pets or kids in vehicles in the sun and take water and a drinking bowl for the pets, and carry plenty of water for drinking and belive it or not carry warm clothes in the car while out exploring specially in the desert it does get chilly at night. NEVER EVER cross a road with running water, you do not know how deep the water is or if the road has been washed away, flash floods kill. navegator
navegator 07/30/16 10:34am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Bathtub is clogged. Kitchen sink backs into tub.

That is one way to tell that you need to dump the gray water tank, when the water backs into the shower pan. Idiot lights for gauges are not reliable and most do not work anyway, specially the cheap ones in C class RV's, mine quit about the 3rd month and I have not used them since 2002, grey water backing into tub, time to dump grey. Black water showing in toilet tube time to dump black tank, in any case my wife can hear the noise change when the black needs dumping, she is one hell of a sensor. navegator
navegator 07/23/16 08:50pm Class C Motorhomes
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