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RE: Price of gas is the least of the problems

Yes the price of fuel has gone up and so has the cost of living, everything now costs $10.00 to $15.00 pesos from December to today, some items go up and some come down and up again, except the fuel they make a big brouhaha about lowering the price of gasolina one Mexican centavo (cent) per liter it comes out to about 0,00055556 of a dollar per gallon, and after a few weeks it goes up 0.15 centavos per litro and on top of that you do not get the full amount, eventully somthing is going to go, lucky me I will not live that long, there is unrest but no one wants to first not yet anyway. Al mal tiempo buena cara! navegator
navegator 04/22/18 01:28pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Price of gas is the least of the problems

Some of you will not like this or disagree with what I am about to say. Petty crime has bee rising yes, so has it risen in the USA so there is nothing new and calamitous, what is really happening is that the border is now more difficult to breach with drugs and humans, so the narco cartels corporations are diversifying, "la cosa nostra" style raqueteering and extortion is the next good business, the Coca-Cola bottling plant in Chilpansingo, Guerrero has been indefinitely closed, the local narcos wanted protection money, so it is among the different narcos guarding their turf and running out of work "that is running drugs to the border and South Americans", so they have to find a different source of money. Gringos are not going to get targeted during the day, it is too risky for them unless they have Jeep, those are highly sought after as a status symbol but chop shops love them good money in parts. There have been some innocent by standers that have gotten caught in the cross fire, all of them in Reynosa, Tamaulipas some in Acapulco and others in Cancun, the petty thief's know that the Mexican's most of the time will not want to get involved with the authorities, on the other hand the gringos will raise on hell of a racquet and the authorities will have to change the case from a number in a statistic to an open case to get the perpetrator, so the thief's do not want that, so far you are all safe. How to go about your business, have dinner in the more affluent tourist parts of town and have dinner before sundown, do not go bar closing until 2:30 AM that is asking for trouble, things have changed a bit in the last 40 years, the same as in the USA, people forget that there was a massacre in McDonalds in San Ysidro in South San Diego some years ago, there was one today perpetrated supposedly by a naked German, my bet is he was high on meth they tend to get hot and get naked. Do not drive at night and stay at secure places, boon docking in Mexico is not a good idea, you can probably do it in Baja but even there it is changing, the reason on the uptick in Cancun and Los Cabos are the miles of empty beaches where they can unload the Colombian product, by sea. Be aware of you surroundings do not do anything stupid or dumb whether you in Canada the United States or Mexico, your life is worth more than any possession you may have with you, even if the leave you stark naked you still have the most valuable possession YOUR LIFE! There is a saying in Spanish that states: LA VERDAD NO PECA, PERO INCOMODA The truth does not commit a sin, but it is uncomfortable Be smart, be aware and above all be safe. navegator
navegator 04/22/18 01:01pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: GASAHOL Wanted Or Not

Afraid your car will have a VRUI? (vehicle rolling under the influence) I can just picture you in the vehicle with a "patrullero" (higway patrol officer) at the window, really officer I have not been drinking it is the vehicle, check the exhaust pipe, really! it's had to much fuel. I find that when using the fuel with alcohol both the RV and the toad get about 80% less miles per gallon in the city and maybe 92% on the highway and there is a lot less umph on both vehicles, plus alcohol attractts moisture. We used to mist some water on the carburator throats while reving the engines to cnock the carbon from the pistons and valves, those were other times. navegator
navegator 04/04/18 06:19pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: GASAHOL Wanted Or Not

For the crooked politicians in México it is a God send less kilometers per liter travelled you get to buy more fuel and then they pump less gas per liter registered at tne pump! What else is new? Business as usual in Mexico. navegator
navegator 04/03/18 02:00pm RVing in Mexico and South America

RGV Rio Grande Valley the area roughly starts West of Mission next to McAllen in Texas and runs along the Rio Grande that forms the border between the United States and Mexico, all the way to the Gulf of Mexico. navegator
navegator 03/30/18 11:05pm Snowbirds
RE: T.v. storage ideas

X-3 On the bed next to the wall and the blanket on top. navegator
navegator 03/30/18 02:18pm General RVing Issues
RE: Los Algodones Dentist For Best Denture Sizing/Fit Experience

Los algodones is in Mexico at the border with California, next to Yuma Arizona many folks go there for medical annd dental work. navegator
navegator 03/30/18 11:48am Around the Campfire
RE: Do Mexicans need US auto insurance when crossing north?

Yes Mexican plated vehicles entering and circulating in the United states of America by law have to have insurance that is valid in the USA, Mexican insurance is not enough they need one that covers the USA as well. Ignorance of the law is no excuse! navegator
navegator 03/24/18 08:35pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Back ladder

One year we had a bird strike in the afternoon, and that night it rained softly we ended up with water in the bunk, if the ladder was not there I would not have been able to repair the center marker light that the bird cracked on top could not see it from bellow in the dark, I used tape to secure and water proof the light until replaced, many times I have gone topside to check on the seams and clean the roof and access the cargo container or adjust the satellite dish, those ladders are useful. navegator
navegator 03/22/18 12:34pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Dia Nacional del tequila

The origin of the salt and lime with Tequila goes back when it was first being distilled, at that time the alcohol content was very, very high and in order to lessen the burning sensation, a pinch of salt was placed on the tongue and the shot of Tequila taken followed by the limon (lime) to sooth the sting of the alcohol and salt. Today the Tequila industry has matured and there are Tequilas that are good and smooth as a Courvoisier or a Remy Matran, drinking these Tequilas with a pinch of salt and limon would be as bad as MEXICOWANDER stated, not to nice. Drink yor Tequila any way that you prefer and enjoy, as long as you drink the Tequila! navegator
navegator 03/22/18 10:45am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: I Must Have Had a Senior Moment

Many moons ago my dad went to the doctor and when he left he took the doctor's 1948 Chevrolet, same color same model home, mom was waiting for him to go out she noticed that the glove compartment junk was different, they took the car back to the doctors office and exchanged cars, the doctor told them that he had another patient with the same malady, same model year and color, no big deal the doc hung a stetoscope on the mirror, problem solved he made sure both dad and the other patient never had the same day visit. navegator
navegator 03/21/18 06:34pm Around the Campfire
RE: Dia Nacional del tequila

National Tequila official day. Salud is health and pesetas is the old Spanish word for pesos (money) and tiempo para gastarlos is time to spend them, it is a fraze that is also used when you sneeze, when you lift a tumbler of Tequila and you say salud and preceede to savor it in company off good friends that is whhat a good life is all about. Salud amigos. Agood bottle of Tequila should be savoured in the same manner that a good Cognac is sipped, the cheap Tequila can be done with the lime and salt. navegator
navegator 03/21/18 12:48am RVing in Mexico and South America
Dia Nacional del tequila

It is now official, the Mexican congress has passed the statute that on the 3rd Saturday of March from now on it will be the DIA NACIONAL DEL TEQUILA This elixir is exported to 120 countries and generates an income of 1.4 billion Dollars. That is good news, salud y pesetas y tiempo para gastarlas! navegator
navegator 03/20/18 08:29pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Uber 'autonomous' car kills women

Unfortunately the vehicles reactions will be as good as the computer program has bee written and there are a number of instances where the program will lack the speed and the calculating capacity of the human brain. navegator
navegator 03/20/18 10:16am Around the Campfire
RE: No-See-Um Bite Itch Relief Magic

Wife uses Doterras lavander oil and no mosquito bytes, we also have lavander flowers planted in the gardens, no moaquitos they do not bite me at all, do not know why. navegator
navegator 03/20/18 12:28am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: GS Roadside in Mexico

they might have changed it to 911 instead of 866, many emergency numbers changed to 911. navegator
navegator 03/17/18 08:20pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Rv,s in sonora

Acording to the customs office (SAT) all Recreational vehicles in the Mexican State of Sonora need to obtain a Temporary Importation Permit (TIP). navegator
navegator 03/14/18 10:37pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Last cup of coffee around the campfire

Hopefully you will still contribute some wisdom to this site, not far away from turning our C to the grand kids, DW gas trouble climbing in and can no longer get up the ladder to the bunk, so time to pass the torch I have a hell of a time with the sewer hose connection, lost strength on arms and hands. navegator
navegator 03/12/18 08:32am Around the Campfire
RE: Scarey TV ad.

What is so scary about that? Teen agers and some folks do that while texting or talking on the phone all the time! navegator
navegator 03/12/18 08:26am Around the Campfire
RE: The Flat Earth Society has members all around the globe

The earth is actually a doughnut and the moon was in the center! Or so they claim. navegator
navegator 03/11/18 01:09pm Around the Campfire
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