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RE: Brake Caliper Kit

Some calipers are actually assembled with pressure on both halves, as in a vice grip and I have seen a lot of leaking calipers, not at the piston but the area where the two halves meet, I would never recommend rebuilt calipers, specially if one of my family is going to be in that vehicle if, what is the price of a loved ones life? navegator
navegator 06/30/15 07:23pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Amazon is opening service in Mexico.

They probably will start in big cities, Mexico City, Puebla, Monterrey, Juadalajara, Oaxaca, etc and see how it goes before expanding to other localities. It is a start. navegator
navegator 06/30/15 07:15pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Rating RV Parks Internet Connections

We are on the road all the time, we are of course retired and have the hot spot so that the wife communicates with the bank and pays the credit card, phone, and checks the balance on the checking account, if we were working and moving around we would still have the hot spot since it is a better connection and secure, rather than taking chances with spotty internet service by campgrounds that have many users at the same time and have to be reset all the time. Rather than wasting time rating a system that is not too good, invest in a hot spot and you now have access to the internet any where there is cell phone service with the peace of mind that it is not going to go down on you or that the signal is so weak that you have to lug the lap top to the office or nearby just to do some work or communicate with the office or home. navegator
navegator 06/29/15 08:18pm General RVing Issues
RE: Very Expensive Preventative Maintenance

The KISS principle, what did I do last, if that is not it what did I do before that, it has saved me a lot of time and money, I owned a repair shop and some of the mechanics that worked for me wanted to go off on a tangent, that is when I would ask them what was the last thing you did, check that out and if that was not it the one prior, never fails, vehicle came in for regular maintenance and now has a big problem that was not there, what did I f'd up? We all learn something new every day in life. navegator
navegator 06/29/15 06:08pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Ford E-350 fuel pump going bad what it did

It is possible I suspect that the culprit was more of condensation and water from high humidity living in San Diego I started to notice the hard start problem before we moved to the desert in Palm Springs, right now we are in Van Horn in Texas and the engine lights up normal have used several tanks with Chevron fuel, in 2007 I did the spark plug inserts, all else checks OK. navegator
navegator 06/29/15 05:59pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Ford E-350 fuel pump going bad what it did

The RV is 2001 Ford with the v-10 engine, it has 14000 + miles, it sat for about 7 years while we recuperated from the housing fiasco, we had to live in it after we walked away from the house, it also sat in the desert for the last year with temperatures of 102 to 118. When the engine starts to cranck and does not light up immediately that is the pump loosing the pressure, the fuel filter will also starve the injectors but the engine should ignite normally and idle, the filter will make the engine stumble on acceleration, the pump will not it will just not have any get go. Replaced fuel pump by Ford dealer in Santa Fe and goes 60 miles up hills unless the gradient is steeper, then it slows to 55 in second that is with the cruise control engaged. navegator
navegator 06/29/15 04:17pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Very Expensive Preventative Maintenance

I have been a mechanic for a very long time, when something like that happens, the first thing to do is "what was the last thing I did" and start recheking all that was done backwards until you find the culprit rather than assuming everything you did was correct and start speculating with what if and trying to diagnose a problem that was non existing prior to the last event. My income depended on doing the job once, now and then there was one that bit hard, those were the lessons of the job. navegator
navegator 06/29/15 04:03pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Hood Will Not Open On 2008 Nissan Versa

You are welcome, glad it helped. navegator
navegator 06/29/15 03:44pm Dinghy Towing
RE: New Class C's don't come with cab carpeting now?

It is a lot easier to keep them clean, that is where you get the dirtiest carpet that is hard to clean, rubber flormat you can vacuum or take out and wash with soap and water. navegator
navegator 06/29/15 08:17am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Class C with excessive heat on floor..help!

What has probably happened is that the dog house was removed to do some work and re-installed wrong, you need to release the four latches the ones on the floor you open the butterfly and twist, the ones on top are a simple latch. Once you have the cover loose, lift all the carpet around the dog house so that the seal can seat properly, make sure that it seats on both sides and the floor that there is nothing under that seal, now hook the floor lathes and then push the dog house towards the front and secure the latches, this should keep the heat where it belongs outside. We just had work done on our ford C and the mechanic did not install the dog house correct, I re-installed the the cover and normal temps in the cabin. navegator
navegator 06/29/15 08:13am Class C Motorhomes
RE: internet access on the road

Best thing that you can do in this case is obtain a hot spot device , it is in a dedicated phone line that is secure and operates any where that you have a cell phone signal, you are now self sufficient and do not depend so much on internet connections provided by parks, restaurants, cafes, etc. We do use the net to either purchase items and have them delivered to the next camp ground or to check on the bank account and balance the check book, also to plan our next add adventure, we no longer have to be hunting for internet providers with weak or shaky signals. navegator
navegator 06/29/15 07:55am General RVing Issues

31 years ago I got married and purchased a Coleman ice chest green, a Coleman gasoline lantern, and a stove, the future wife and I went tent camping and latter in the VW bus, the VW bus rusted beyond repair, purchased the present RV still have the ice chest the lamp and the stove and of course the wife. Buy a Coleman ice chest! navegator
navegator 06/28/15 08:45pm General RVing Issues
RE: Rating RV Parks Internet Connections

You pay for the water, sewer and electricity at a park, the internet at most parks is not charged for, one of these days they will start charging and all those that are complaining now will be complaining even more, we do not stay at the big money resorts, first of all they would not let us in too small and a class C, they probably have a killer internet service but then I do not know. We have our hot spot that can be used anywhere we have a phone cell tower signal available, as for the out doors, we love going where there is nothing, no phone signal, no television and that is why I have oil lamps with citronella oil, charcoal grill, and propane grill for areas that do not permit open flames. The internet is fun to have, I can do with out it or a phone or television, I grew up listening to the radio when you could get a signal, that is what a good book is for. navegator
navegator 06/28/15 08:37pm General RVing Issues
RE: Rating RV Parks Internet Connections

Smoke signals work great. Why don't you get a hot spot, we have att and the parks internet is of no relevance to us we have all the internet available at any time. navegator
navegator 06/28/15 05:35pm General RVing Issues
RE: Gray Tank Cleaning

I manufactured a wand to access the gray tank, every 4 years I take the vent cover off and insert the wand with the hose attached, I can only hope that I am getting some of the residue out after pouting water with enough dishwasher detergent and driving around the neighborhood for about a half hour. I got two 10 foot lengths of white pipe and a threaded coupler for the middle union a shutoff valve and a quick hose connector, there is a cap at the busy end with four holes drilled through at a slight angle so that they spray up, down an in between, there is also one smaller going down and a couple at slight angles. I remove the cap and insert the assembled wand, the wand is long enough that it touches bottom and still sticks out 3 feet, that way the nephew can rotate the whole contraption and agitate the whole thing while I open the valve, I also have a clear section to watch for clear water, I do not need the wand for the toilet since mine is a straight shot. navegator
navegator 06/28/15 07:54am General RVing Issues
RE: Amazing things some folks do

Mr: Dtank Used to have those flimsy food prep gloves that the wife bought, they are more hassle than what they help, hose slips and you end with a good hand rinsing, inside the glove. Checked with the Hazmat unit where I worked and all agreed unless I have a bleeding cut, rub my eyes, suck my thumb, pick my nose, etc. there is very little chance of an infection, it is still our crap, just rinse with plenty water and was with soap. No more gloves just the hoses, the only ones that I purchase on a regular basis are the white ones, they tend to leak at the connectors after a while and no amount of coaxing with pump pliers will stop the leak. navegator
navegator 06/27/15 07:35am General RVing Issues
RE: Driverless Cars

I have encountered a bunch of those every day going any where, completlly oblivious to what they do, on the phone, texting, etc. Just kidding, they tested a bunch of these in San Diego some time ago on the 805 north, using magnets embedded in the road way, at least 80% of the drivers today would benefit from these type of vehicles, they drive as if there is no one in command. navegator
navegator 06/26/15 02:48pm Around the Campfire
Ford E-350 fuel pump going bad what it did

Going up hill into San Diego South on the 215, stepped on gas, half way up gradient lost some power not all and heard clattering from engine, I thought it was the cruise control, disengaged cruse control and it got a bit better, latter on going into Flagstaff it was a bit sluggish on the uphill gradients, performed OK on flats and down hill, reached Cortez and had the dealer replace the fuel filter. That improved the uphill going but not to much, had lunch in Chama and proceeded to Santa Fe, NM on the way in there is a very steep gradient and the RV started to really bog down, right lane 4 way flashers first gear doing 24 to 25 miles per hour goosing the gas pedal, crested the summit, next day took to Ford dealer, diagnostic is the fuel pump going out. We are glad that it did not happen on the road to Las Cruces, we have the Good Sam insurance for this type of situations, the other symptom is that it is hard to start, cranks and catches after the fuel line pressurizes. Heed the warning signs of major problems so that you won't be stuck in the boonies, specially with the heat out there. navegator
navegator 06/26/15 02:40pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Hood Will Not Open On 2008 Nissan Versa

OK have a person pull the handle at the same time as you move the latch that you can get at, the one you are moving is the 2nd hood release and push down on the hood at the same time, the primary latch is the one that is stuck, all three things need to happen at the same time you might need 3 persons to do this. navegator
navegator 06/26/15 06:07am Dinghy Towing
RE: How to improve your milage..........

Maybe the wife and mother in law are still in the camper thinking they are at Wally's. navegator
navegator 06/25/15 08:14pm General RVing Issues
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