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RE: Where Are All The Canadians?

Where have the Canadians gone. Gone to flowers every one. Oh! when will they ever return. navegator
navegator 11/27/15 06:07pm Snowbirds
RE: Any San Diego Members

Best place to photograph San Diego and the bay, from the Military Cemetery on Point Loma enter on the left entrance and make your way towards the left and along the fence until you come to the end, the view is incredible. In old town there is the old house in the square worth seeing, the restaurants in the square are not worth going to, they are run by a corporation from New York and the food is lousy, instead go out to a restaurant on the corner Gudalajara Grill that's where San Diegans go. Tartine is the place for desserts in Coronado, finally came to me. navegator
navegator 11/27/15 03:05pm Beginning RVing
RE: Any San Diego Members

Lived 32 years in Imperial Beach, traveled to Coronado past the Strand, never stayed, they have upgraded the area, drove by in June of this year, it appears that they now have electricity to some of the sites, call ahead they can get jam packed for the holly day's, it can be windy and chilly at night. If you are going take I-5 South past National City and Chula Vista until State 75 towards Imperal Beach continue until you see the over pass at the entrance to the Coronado Kays there is a stop light and a left turn, make a left turn under the underpass the entrance to the Strand is on the second right hand turn after the stop sign. I do not recommend going over the Coronado Bay bridge, it can be windy specially for RV'S drove it once in the RV, never again! When you go make an effort to visit the Midway Carrier, the zoo and the Wild Animal Park, the Airspace museum and Balboa Park, there is a model railroad exhibit that I like to go to, etc. The Hotel del Coronado has a Christmas tree that is worth seeing, a good place to eat in Coronado is the Coronado brewery on Orange Avenue, very good food and reasonable prices, warning a lot of military brass for lunch, good deserts end of Coronado and right turn just around the corner French name do not remember it. navegator
navegator 11/27/15 02:48pm Beginning RVing
RE: Leaving Stone Island, Mazatlan, need advice ASAP

The path of the eye is expected north of Mazatlan, go South on 150, at least to Tepic, it will make land early Saturday 04:00 and latter, I expect a lot of rain so drive slow but steady. Do not go North or inland to much rain and bad roads go South now. navegator
navegator 11/27/15 01:59pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Thanksgiving in Mexico

My thanksgiving dinner. The usual Mexican dips, guacamole, tortilla chips, hongos en escaveche hot little suckers and cheeses from various states. Main course half a chicken with the mole negro de Oaxaca with the red rice and Indio beer. For desert we had Chongos Morelianos and finished with Cafe de Holla and a shot of the best Tequila añejo I have ever tasted, got to ask my host the brand. Good Mexican thanksgiving dinner, hope you all had also a good dinner. navegator
navegator 11/27/15 01:48pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Clunk when downshifting pulling trailer

It is important to pay attention to where the clunk noise is located as you sit in the drivers seat, is it right next go you from around the dog house or further back where the differential is, or all the way back where the trailer is hooked. There are certain areas that that give you a clue, a clunk when you step on the brake and sounds up front are the brake pads climbing up and banging on the calipers. A clunk next to you when applying the brakes can be the U joint going bad my first choice or the transmission. A clunk where the differential is located can be the rear U joint or the crown and pinion that are not properly set up. A clunk at the rear of the RV is the trailer moving forward as the RV begins to decelerate and is taking up the little bit of slack on the ball and the arm that connects to the RV, this is normal and should be eliminated by adjusting the response time of the electric brakes. Last but not least there can be clunking noises coming from the front end in the suspension and/or the sway bar as the RV starts to slow down and the suspension dips down, worn bushings tend to clunk at the oddest times. I hope this helps a little bit. navegator
navegator 11/27/15 10:45am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Hurricane warning for southern Baja & Mazatlan

It is estimated to make land Saturday morning around 05:00 in the area of Mazatlan, heed the warnings and batten the hatches down. navegator
navegator 11/27/15 10:15am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Lawyer for a daughter , yikes !

And no one objected to that deposition I suppose. navegator
navegator 11/26/15 02:16pm Around the Campfire
RE: Hurricane warning for southern Baja & Mazatlan

Lates report, La Paz wind and rain, Los Cabos strong winds and rain, the track has veered South. navegator
navegator 11/26/15 09:13am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: sleeping bag falls off cushions with no kid attached

Sew Velcro strips to kids pajamas and to sleeping bag, no matter how much kid tosses and turns both will stay together until disassembled next morning. navegator
navegator 11/26/15 07:41am Beginning RVing
RE: Where to place TIP

The windshield in my toad got a small rock hit in Saltillo five months ago, of course it had to crack from the right corner to just under the decal, wife wanted to replace the window I told her not until we reach San Antonio next month and then we fix it, I am not messing with the decal I will let the aduanero peel it off. navegator
navegator 11/25/15 01:59pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Hurricane warning for southern Baja & Mazatlan

Some fish from warm water to the South have even gone further North along both sides of the Baja Peninsula and in to Southern California, some animals in the Arctic Circle are dying of starvation, the next mass extinction will will not be a meteorite, or a super volcanic eruption but man made. Adios mundo cruel! navegator
navegator 11/25/15 01:51pm RVing in Mexico and South America
Thanksgiving in Mexico

For all of you Yankees in México. Thanksgiving is not a Mexican tradition and for all of you Canucks it is past, some restaurants and bars and maybe some camp grounds will do something tomorrow for you, it will be a gesture of good will and appreciation of your business, so enjoy the day and if you only get Mexican food it is good, just remember next month there is a whole month of fiestas. Las Posadas start (December 15 Joseph & Mary asking for shelter), Cena de Noche Buena (Christmas dinner after going to church), then comes the año nuevo (new year), los Reyes Magos (February 6 the 3 majic kings, this traditionally is when children get presents), February 2nd el levantamiento del niño ( picking up of the child, the manger is put away). This is just a small window of the many fiestas that happen in Mexico if invited, enjoy the company and good food. navegator
navegator 11/25/15 10:02am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Hurricane warning for southern Baja & Mazatlan

The site that I monitor is http://www.nhc.noaa.gov/ this site gives me both sides of Mexico, with the Atlantic and the Gulf of Mexico being the principal and the Pacific coast the secondary. It is late in the season and this hurricane being so strong so far out might get stronger before hitting land, if it does heed the warnings and move inland for protection, the wind is your No 1 worry with the water flooding and mud slides being second. Remember that in an emergency you need to be prepared to be on your own for a few days until general services are brought back and food is delivered, conserve your water, battery power and fuel, specially fuel some times underground tanks get contaminated with water. navegator
navegator 11/25/15 09:26am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Where to place TIP

As long as they can see it and/or you can produce it place it where it does not obstruct visibility and you should be OK, instructions say left hand side of interior mirror, some RV's do not have a mirror just place it on the windshield and do not worry. navegator
navegator 11/24/15 03:54pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Question for diabetics (or those familiar with one)

My dad always said that God made water and man made wine, he would always respect what God made and would always drink what man made. He had a glass of wine with every meal, except breakfast he was 86 when he pased away, so heck yea enjoy life and wine. navegator
navegator 11/24/15 02:11pm Around the Campfire
RE: Question for diabetics (or those familiar with one)

My wife's level jumps with stress, anxiety, lack of sleep we control the Diabetes with food, exercise one pill a day and oatmeal for breakfast, she is very diligent in looking at the carbohydrates and sounds funny when she reads a package of cookies and tells me that she can have two or one, the other thing she watches is the amount of grease she consumes, one hamburger per week, lots of veggies and fruits, when we go out to the Olive Garden for dinner she only eats one quarter of the portion, the rest goes home. Yes stress is a killer, there is not much you can do about work other than changing jobs, try to rework your food and after dinner go for a walk, some times it can help dissipate some of the stress. navegator
navegator 11/24/15 07:53am Around the Campfire
RE: Toileting and the overnight stay

Granted a few nights will not cause damage, prolonged freezing will, I lived in Sweden close to the Arctic Circle we had weeks of minus 40 degrees Celsius, that is around minus 40 Fahrenheit, I know what freezing is, only the Coastal areas in California get low temperatures at night and not every year. The OP mentioned that they are going to warmer climate, so some antifreeze and off they go, if going to another area of cold I will say rent a warm hotel room. navegator
navegator 11/24/15 06:57am Beginning RVing
RE: Toileting and the overnight stay

Bsinmich we do have freezing temperatures in California, we have high mountains, Los Angeles gets it's water from the snow pack in the sierras, there is a place called Donners pass,remember what happened there? Close to San Diego we have the Cuyamacas and the Lagunas there are campgrounds up there that have freezing temps for several days, we also have Mount Palomar, we have the deserts with temps in the 70's during the day and low 20's at night in winter, boondocked for 3 days in the San Jasinto Mountain well over 7,000 feet in elevation in winter no problems using the bathroom in the RV, half a gallon antifreeze in black and grey tanks had no problems at all. navegator
navegator 11/23/15 06:07pm Beginning RVing
RE: removing cigarette oder

Scrub and clean every surface with soap and water, this means the over head fans and skylights, A/C unbolt the lower part to clean the ducts, filters and carefully clean the fins on the cooling unit and around it, then take all the drawers out and clean in order to have access to the interior of all cabinet surfaces, take all drapes and valances out and wash several times remove the foam from seat and couch cushions and purchase new foam cushions, clean the dashboard as best as possible and front seats too, then clean as much off the carpet as you can remember that on some units there will be carpeting under furniture that is practically impossible to clean. After you have done all of this you have an RV that still STINKS! Go buy a new one with new car smell in it, you will regret purchasing the smelly one. For all of you smokers out there, I started smoking a pipe, then cigarettes and then stopped more than 30 years ago, I do not object to a person smoking, I move up wind. navegator
navegator 11/23/15 09:21am Class C Motorhomes
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