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RE: Mexico toll road discussion?

Some of the companys are probablly just making money others are operating in the negative and are now just for a tax purpose, maybe some of those toll roads have all ready gone broke and where taken over by Secretaria de Comunicaciones y Transportes (SCT) and the only thing that they have to do is maintain a road that was not financed by them, the Spanish banks invested a lot of money and have since gone broke in Mexico and in Spain, and the projects that they invested in are at a practical stand still. In the US it makes sence to think as you sugest, in Mexico prices rarlly go down specially when the government is involved in any part of the operations, there is just to much corruption. As I stated before some of the oldest carretaeras de cuota are still in operation and they seem to be doing OK, the cuota to Cuernavaca has a branch to Cuautla, that was not part of the original, and there is another one from Puebla to just east of Cuaultla it probably will be part of the circle that eventually will bypas Mexico City. Some of the things that are done in Mexico and Latin America can be baffling to the gringos since they just do make any sence at all, best is to enjoy your cerveza under the palapa and latter take a siesta. You can not compare the way that the toll roads operate in the US and how they are operated in Mexico there are some facts that we will never get to know at all, we can speculate as much as we can and want, we will not have a correct answer nor the facts. Manana sera otro dia. navegator
navegator 10/01/14 05:00pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Mexico toll road discussion?

Youu asked who payd who, the toll road operator pays the government tinterillo (government stooge) to smoth the paperwork that the toll road owner needs to construct the road and obtain a concesion and operate. Big corporations that that want to do buisness and or start companys need to have permits and licencess, with out the "MORDIDA" it can take years to obtain any thing, greassing the correct hands speeds the process a lot. The super carreteras have those high cuotas because they have a lot politicos and such to pay under the table, otherwise the permits have a habit of being delayd, under revision, the names have been misspelled, the renewals are to be re-examined, etc. The toll roads are not going to reduce the amount they charge, specially those that are the only road available between two places, as in Queretaro to Mexico City, you take the toll road or you go a very long circumnavegation. No matter how much they are hated or liked that is what is going to happen no matter how much we debate the issue, if we want to drive on the carretera de cobro we have to pay no matter what. The policia was just an example. Jefe como nos arreglamos para el refresco? navegator
navegator 10/01/14 12:09pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: FMM/Visas

You might have a problem on your hands, they are now entering all new data in a central computer, and the next time that you apply for a visa it will be registered. When you do not turn the visa in and you request a new one do not be surprised if you are turned down, they are geting stricter. Mexico also has an ilegal inmigration problem on the Southern border with all the Salvadorans and Honduran migrants that do not make it to the US border and stay in Mexico, so threy are going to get tougher on all borders. Do not be complacent, you have been lucky so far, next time you might get a rude surprice. navegator
navegator 10/01/14 10:34am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Where is largest RV Supply House in CA?

Camping world in Vista CA. county of San Diego, or if further South you have South Coast R.V. in Chula Vista CA, 801 Broadway & K St. there are other outlets in El Cajon I do not have the addresses. navegator
navegator 10/01/14 08:58am General RVing Issues
RE: Mexico toll road discussion?

who pays who? A policeman stops you mid block and says you ran a red light. You crossed the intersection as the amber turned to red. you do not really want to get the ticket or go to the delegacion and you want to go on your way. You ask the policeman how you can fix the problem and he lets you know how much it will cost to fix the problem. You pay the amount and go on your way. This is called a MORDIDA (bribe) this is what lobyist do they bribe Congerss and the Senate so that you the tax payer gets to pay for pork barrel projects, as in a study to find out how flys land on the ceiling, about a million dollar grant. The more money you have the more inmunity you can purchase, remember Kennedy and a bridge in Chappaquiddick with muddy waters? someone handed money and lots of it. navegator
navegator 10/01/14 12:50am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Mexico toll road discussion?

Nor do you pass a taco stand with a lot of customers. navegator
navegator 09/29/14 09:54pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Mexico toll road discussion?

Your point is. Do the tool roads in Mexico make money when there are no customers that pay? Well most turistas will not have the answer and trying to get any info from the Mexican government will be like pulling teeth from a hungry lion, as in not possible for foreigners to obtain. They must be doing some thing right since some of those toll roads have been in operation for a very long time as in maybe 50 yeras or more,I know that the toll road from Mexico City to puebla was built in the earlly sixties and the one to Cuernavaca in the late fifties, did they go bankrupt? we will probablly never know, do they make money? who knows. You can not compare the toll roads in the US to the toll roads in Mexico buisness wise since companies in Mexico and most of them are Spanish that have those "conseciones" do not publish any documents as to the operations. Some of these Spanish companies may be using the toll roads as a tax shelter the more they loose the less tax they pay in Spain, remember that the Conquistadores introduced the MORDIDA to Latin America so maybe there are hidden agendas tnat we will never find out. navegator
navegator 09/29/14 05:48pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Mexico toll road discussion?

I do not know what you are trying to arrive at. The Mexican people accept a lot of things with out question, the price of the aoutopista de cobro, la mordida, los narcos, los gobernantes corruptos. (tool rodas, bribes, drug smuglers, corrupt governors) Those are things that will not change in our life times, it will take many generations, the influence comes from the North to change some of the corruption but as the generations come into power they find out that there is a lot of money comming theire way from the bottom that is unacounted for and tax free, do you think that they are going to let go of the hueso (bone) they become corrupt in a span of one month or less. The toll road prices are not going to change, the corruption is not going away, the narcos are not going away, all of this is a buisness in itself, the persons that get the money from the venues as in Pemex and all other government owned and or conseciones will not change, they are to lucrative to let go. What is it that you want to find out, there is not much that we can do about what the Mexican government wants to do, we are turistas and that is it. navegator
navegator 09/29/14 11:30am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Gray tank smells

Can you run a vent line from the area of the Ptrap to the vent tube, son that the gas travels up to the T fiting before the P trap and onto the vent tune? navegator
navegator 09/28/14 10:25pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Mexico toll road discussion?

Gasoline in Mexico goes up 0.20 cents of a peso per month and never goes down, it just goes up and up, this comes from our niece in Mexico City a half an hour ago, 7:00 PM (19:00)Pacific daylight time gas is about 13.30 pesos for one LITTER of gasoline, so a little cheaper than what we are paying in San Diego, at the moment it is about $3.78 a gallon of regular more for premium. So are we going to continue to use the super carreteras de cobro, yes we are, they provide a service and we are happy to use them, NO TOPES good pavement, if there is a place that we want to go to that only has a LIRE we will go down the libre, no problem, we will go a little slower and watch out for topes, burros, schools, broken down camiones de carga, etc. navegator
navegator 09/28/14 08:20pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Mexico toll road discussion?

The super-carretera from Mexico City to Cuernavaca was opened a long time ago, it probably has paid for it self many times over, the libre is still there. Going 10 mph behind a black shoot belching camion de carga (cargo Truck) going up the mountain on the curves where you can not see who is coming and you have a Mexican Macho driver behind trying to overtake everybody is not my idea of travelling. The road from Esperaza to Orizaba on the old road going down the mountain in Aculzingo was the most dangerous road in Mexico, when the fog rolled in you could not see the road and every body would wait until the fog lifted, then it became a race to the bottom or to the top, depending on where you were, and then the switchbacks, and the drop offs, I drove that road going to Veracruz sevaral times, I also drive the new road, and it is nice, no switch backs and the desperado can go kill himself with out me being involved. We take the cuotas all the time, since we always travell at 55 mph (88.55 kph) or 90 kph roughlly and we stay on the right lane so that all those that want to pass have a whole lane to race all they want. Are toll roads expensive YES, are they woth it for some yes for others no, some Mexicans can not aford them, you need to take into consideration how roads began, small foot paths, latter horses and buggies, then cars. Some of the roads in Mexico where built during the Presidency of lazaro Cardenas and he wanted the roads to pass by all the towns, that is how the road to Morelia ended having more curves tan what was needed, the new toll roads take a more direct route and by-pass a lot of towns, therefore no need for the towns loved TOPES. (speed bump) It is up to the individual person to take the toll road or the libre, some of the libres are very nice as in scenery, as oposed to the toll roads that tend to be more sterile, it is entirelly up to you to pay or not to pay. Some of the new toll roads also save a lot of time by going in a more direct route rather than going all over, that translates into less time getting there for those that suffer from the terrible malady of getthereitis. We take the toll roads when they are available, I do not like to beat my RV to death with the loved TOPES (speed bump) I started travelling in Mexico with my dad he had to go for the company more that 60 years ago, so yes I have seen the roads change, belive it or not we used to use a tent, never had a problem. navegator
navegator 09/28/14 11:06am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Fresh Water Always Reads Full

My fresh water tank is under the couch, when I replaced the front panel with one with doors I also made a window to see the water tank and installed a light then measured the height of the tank and painted marks to show 1/4, 1/2, 3/4 full. The gauges stopped workin a looong time ago, my eyes are still working, try not to worry so much about something that will drive you nuts in the long run, enjoy the RV and the out doors, life is to short to worry. navegator
navegator 09/27/14 11:18am General RVing Issues
RE: E 450 V 10 MPG

If the RV is stream lined as some are you will see better gas milage, most "C" with the cab over will get less milage, there are a couple of air dams that prevent the rig to move smothly trough the air stream. The first is the semi flat cab over that meets the air stream head on and tries to send it up where it meets all the vent covers, air conditioner, satelite domes, tv antena, etc. Then you have the air stream going under the overhead being pushed down and to the sides of the cabin where it meets the flat portion of the house trying to spill over and mixing with the air that is being displaced by the hood and fenders of the RV, all of this needs more power to move the RV and more power means more fuel consumed. On the "C"'s that are streamlined, the air is pused aside rather that being stopped by flat panels, so there is less wind resistance, that is what makes the diference in gas milage, ever carry a 4 x 8 sheet of plywood and battle the wind, same thing happens with the RV. navegator
navegator 09/27/14 10:58am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Too much stuff

Take what you need to travell in the RV and you mentioned 6 kids, get the 6 kids and tell them that everything is up for grabs before it is sold or given to charity, you will be surprised how fast the house is emptied give them two weeks to move all theire stuff out after the two weeks what is left garage sell and donate! navegator
navegator 09/27/14 09:45am Around the Campfire
RE: Wire Brush wires left on Grill after Cleaning! DAMGER

If the BBQ is propane, turn on high after use when temp is all the way up, clean grill with brush and turn off, easier to clean when hot. I purchase one new brush at Home Despot or Lowe's at the begining of season, and throw the old one out, they are cheap enough. The charcoal grill is a little harder, still gets brushed after use and before we grill, I start mine with coals soaked in cheap cooking oil rather than starter fluid, food tastes better instead of a chemical tasting steak. navegator
navegator 09/27/14 09:28am General RVing Issues
RE: Reciprocal Ham license?

The military being the military took two words, 1 transmisor (transmitter) and 2 receptor (receiver) and made it into one word TRANSCEPTOR That makes sense, living in San Diego for many years I was always trying to figure out what all those strange names where on the military installations meant. Some of them are still an enigma, others I was able to figure out. navegator
navegator 09/26/14 04:05pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: probes in gray water tank ??

My rig is 14 years old, tank probews stopped working about 3 to 4 months latter, haven't even looked at them, time to dump black tank, the wife complains she smells it when she flushes, gray tank when the shower tub starts to fill. Don't waste your time with the probes they rarely work for long, learn to listen for the full tank noise, it never fails. navegator
navegator 09/25/14 08:30pm General RVing Issues
RE: Reciprocal Ham license?

It should be transmisor and the receiver is receptor, and the whole unit is aparato de radio navegator
navegator 09/25/14 03:25pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: towel rack for shower

I bought two wood towel racks from Home Despot and installed them on the wood door, I also installed one between the shower and the sink cabinet, for a guest towel. navegator
navegator 09/24/14 07:56pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Questions about the 7 pin plug on a Sprinter

Europeans have a nasty habit of using one color wire, check for very small letters and/or numbers printed on the wires, then check with the manual to see what is what, if the manual does not have anything get the wiring diagram from Mercedes. navegator
navegator 09/24/14 07:26pm Class C Motorhomes
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