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RE: Will TV(s) in travel trailer be OK for RP on weekend trip?

We crossed at Anzalduas,Tx they x-rayed the unit one new tv laying on the couch they never wen't inside, one tv should be OK two tv's might be a problem at the Sonoyita check point, that is the worst customs inspection place, all they want is the money for the mordida or they confiscate what ever they fancy. Leave one tv at home, and do not take any meat, that will be confiscated. navegator
navegator 04/29/16 11:55am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Oil Consumption - Quick Questions

Make sure you measure the oil level in the morning when the engine has been shut down over night, if measured after running the engine the dip stick will show one quart low, the engine retains some oil in the heads and oil galleries and takes some time to drip back down to the oil pan. navegator
navegator 04/27/16 01:08am Class C Motorhomes
RE: 7 Pin Problem

Most problems are on the truck connectors or the trailer plugs, after a few connections and disconnections the little screws come loose and the wires pull out, when I instal new connectors I twist the wires and add a dab of solder, this alaws me to tighten the small screw pretty tight. There is a product sold at Home Despot that is liquid tape, I use this to seal the connectors where the wires are attached so that no water or moisture gets there, I also use electricians tape to seal where the wire cable enters the connectos and the sockets. If the sockets or receptacles get damaged I eplace them, wigling the plugs also widens the round female ends and that can cause an intermittent connection. navegator
navegator 04/19/16 10:25pm General RVing Issues
RE: How do you level a motorhome front to back?

I have a couple of levelers like the Anderson only made of aluminum, they do not work on sand they just dig in for sand I use 2x6 strepped platforms. navegator
navegator 04/14/16 09:15am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Scammers

There is a new one for tablets and phones, it states that the phone is infected with a virus and imediate action is needed to click on the square. First a lot of misspelled words and poorly constructed english gramar, the best is that we are visiting friends in Tijuana and the warning is also in spanish same poor grammar and spelling errors. Do not open anything that looks suspicious. navegator
navegator 04/13/16 02:19pm Around the Campfire
RE: Four little dogs...

Tell management that you have two dogs and your wife has two dogs. navegator
navegator 04/12/16 11:51pm Beginning RVing
RE: Steering Stabilizer

Also check the wheight distribution if there is a lot of heavy items behind the rear axle and less up front, the RV will tend to sway try to shift some wheight forward and try it out, In mine we had the same problem until we shifted some cooking and canned items forward of the rear axle, I can now ddrive about 60 miles per hour and let go of the steering and have no drift at all. navegator
navegator 04/12/16 11:44am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Preemptive Hornet/Wasp Prevention?

Home Despot sells a product name Home Defense, spray it all over where the wasps/mud daubers might make a nest, also on the key looks this has worked for me for several years, I used this for the ants and found it repels the mud daubers also, spray every 3 months or after a good rain where the product got washed away, it is not harmfull to dog, cats, rabits or wild life. navegator
navegator 04/11/16 12:26pm General RVing Issues
RE: A question about handcuffs....

That key also releases the lock to undo the hand cuffs, otherwise you would have to cut the perps hans to release them, the part that ratchets is solid and the other is hollow the toothed part spins one way only until you release the ratchet mechanism and open the cuffs. When you hand cuff a perp you tighten the cuffs enough so that they do not cut and some perps twist the hands a little bit in order for the cuffs to be loose, some can slip the hand out, you always double check before you put them in the vehicle. navegator
navegator 04/11/16 12:07pm Around the Campfire
RE: Scammers

Tell all parents and grand parents to instruct children to contact police agencies in case of help needed and do not have a phone or money, if a call comes in from PD, call the police department in that jurisdiction to confirm the actual call of need, do not request a number to call back from the original caller, instead request the name of the police agency and the town, city State, and the name of the Watch Comander do not use the phone given with info compare it to the one that is obtained from 411 or local phone operator, if both phones match if is genuin if not it will be a scam. Scammers are getting clever some actully live within our borders, heavy accent is ovious good enlish is hard to detect as a scam, ask questions when the logical answer is not forthcoming and they are evasive or insist that you are waisting time they are getting nervous that you might find out it is bogus, hang up if they call again tell them that you have called the authorities because you now have the phone number from where they are calling from. Be smart think before you act. navegator
navegator 04/10/16 02:29pm Around the Campfire
RE: Scammers

The scammers did not know that this joung man is really a child, they have no idea what 4H is, or what it does. All they saw was the money, they also have the russe that they are travelling on a boat and will buy what ever you are selling, can not be there to do it in person and will send a certified chech for more than the amount and so on, the other one is from the IRS, the FBI, you are going to be arrested if you do not pay, etc, etc. I got the scam call from the FBI, I hasked the idiot if he was from the local office he answered yes, I hasked if he knew agent Roy Rogers, answer yes, if he knew agent Clark Kent, answer yes I told him to get those two and come over with guns drawn and the handkuffs ready, I would have the BBQ and the beer ready---------click line went dead. navegator
navegator 04/10/16 11:57am Around the Campfire
RE: Robbery near Mazatlan

The Canadians drove 50 Kilometres to another town to have lunch, Mazatlan does not extend for 50 kilometers, they drove away from the tourist area, bad move in an area where there are bad elements in the adjasent areas, the important thing here is that they are alive, money and posessions can be replaced, human life can not. navegator
navegator 04/08/16 11:27am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Robbery near Mazatlan

Straying away from the tourist enclaves in any country and any city is not a good idea, this kind of incidents will happen anywhere in the world, do heed the locals as to where to go and where not to go, comon sense folks is always good to practice. And for all of you that put down other countries, no one country is better or worse than another, just different customs and culture, crime is universal. navegator
navegator 04/07/16 05:09pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Electric cooling fan on Class C

The fans, engine driven or electric are designed to maintain a temperature range for the engine to operarte properly, changing one for a unit that does not move a volume of air at the same ratio or speed can and probablly will cause damage to the engine components, melting of plastic encased sensors, melting of wiring looms, overheated radiator hoses and coolant sensors, overheated transmission oil, this leads to a premature failure, overheated fuel lines since the fuel that is not used by the injectors is returned to the fuel tank, this will shorten the life of the fuel pump, and last but not least an increase in the amount of heat on the dog house in the cabin. This is definitlly not a good idea, we have travelled in our C with the V-10 engine in temperatures of 110 plus in California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas without any loss of power pulling the toad, the engine and fans maintained the temperature very stable, even going up hill in some steep grades. navegator
navegator 04/05/16 03:28pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: How many Snowbirds in MX?

They are being imported, most are trailers that do not need smog or verificacion inspection to be imported, we met a lot over the last years. navegator
navegator 04/04/16 03:35pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: How many Snowbirds in MX?

Some of the Mexicans are discovering the RV status quo, owning one and using it is becoming a fad for many, there is a club in Ciudad Satelite that has about 16 owners and they travell in a caravan to sites in Mexico, one of my neighbors has a big class A, so you will start to see more and more Mexican plated RV's at camphrounds. navegator
navegator 04/04/16 01:37pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Every wagon masters nightmare

Potholes on roads in Mexico are abundant well spaced and designed to make driving a nightmare, avoiding the pavement arround them is the challenging thing to do so stay allert and aim for the potholes and not the pavement. navegator
navegator 04/03/16 12:19pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Where to for a non-camping brother & his family?

Belive it or not some of the best places for a vacation is your back yard, specially with joung children. navegator
navegator 04/02/16 07:26pm Around the Campfire
RE: Every wagon masters nightmare

On the next caravans instruct your chargers not to pull in intil they see both head lights in the rear right mirror and to be alert for the idiots in cars that have to pass no matter what on the right side I am glad that no one went to the comandancia and beyond. navegator
navegator 04/02/16 04:22pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: End of 10 year permit for RV's and boats

Well it is April first, I see that not too many of you fell for the joke, I did leave some hints. First one, Secretaria Nacional de Tontos, does not excist translated to english it is national secretary of fools. Second one is April 1 of 2017, today is April 1 of 2016. Then we have the permits them self's completely ridiculous. For all of you worry warts, noting has changed enjoy yor stay in Mexico. navegator
navegator 04/02/16 12:16am RVing in Mexico and South America
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