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RE: Florida "noseeums" distress

Southern California has mosquitoes in the rainy season only January, February and March othrwyse no rain no bugs no standing waterfor them to breed, thats the time for small frogs to make an apperance also. navegator
navegator 02/23/18 10:07pm Snowbirds
RE: No motor home permit and no tourist permit

Best place to go back to the USA is Anzalduas bridge, only stop to pay the fee for crossing the bridge do not stop it is a straight trough to the tool both. navegator
navegator 02/23/18 06:55pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: How to Drive Uphill and downhill

Going up hill you do not want to try and go at 75 mph, you need to manually down shift in order to prevent the "automatic" transmission from hunting, that is going up shifting and down shifting constantly, this only heats the transmission fluid and in time a transmission failure, you want a nice steady uphill speed, every now and then the engine will seem to roar, that is only the viscous fan clutch engaging to cool the radiator, that is normal. On the way down you also need to down shift to a steady down hill speed with the engine doing the braking, at the top of the hill and before you start down the hill set the transmission in 3rd or even 2nd manually, it is better to do it early rather than burning the brakes trying to control the speed. Remember that speed equals heat the faster up hill the hotter the engine works, on the way down it is normally the brakes that get barbequed, it is better to go a little slower than break down. And your E-350 V-10 engine does not have an exhaust brake system none do, that option is not available. navegator
navegator 02/23/18 02:41pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Going Over The Grape Vine

The grape vine has a truck bypass so you should be ok, do not attempt to go up doing 75 mph, gear down you might go on 2 gear and do not place the transmission in drive and go, a transmission that keeps hunting up and down will over heat really fast, down **** at the start and maintain a steady climb, you might get down to 45mph, that is ok if you go slower turn the emergency blinkers on to indicate that you are a slow vehicle, when you crest keep the slow motion with a gear try not to use the brakes too much it is better to go slow in gear than to smoke the breaks. navegator
navegator 02/23/18 10:18am Class C Motorhomes
RE: All The Usual Stuff?

I prefer a more strenuous activity distance to the bar mug lifting or the best one is mug curling you need a nice smooth bar top for that Retirement is so much fun navegator
navegator 02/23/18 07:42am Snowbirds
RE: Looking for caravan buddy to Mexico Apr./May 2018

Welcome to the site, read some of the beginning posts on this site they are very helpful, also make sure you have passports and documentation in order to obtain your visas and also the documents for what ever vehicle you intend to bring in. The vehicle import papers are TIP (Temporary Importation Papers) and the tourist visas, the RV will get a 10 year import permit and all other vehicles will get a 180 day permit, not 6 months 180 day same as the tourist visas. When you exit make sure you surrender the visas and the 180 day TIP, that is important, otherwise there are a lot of folks here that will give you a lot more information and advice, welcome to Mexico. navegator
navegator 02/22/18 07:40pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: 7 Magnitude quake in oaxaca

According to the study done by the Seismology department of the UNAM the Cocos plate had a displacement of 2.15 meters on the epicenter, that comes out to 7 feet and 3/4 of an inch of movement under the American plate. navegator
navegator 02/22/18 09:44am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Another carjacking?

To many "facts" that do not add up, yes Jeeps are a hot commodity in Mexico but only one model, it is a status symbol, then the towing of the Jeep, that makes no sense, then that no one paid attention when trying to report the theft, too many adults stating the same facts, specially at a toll both if they had crossed and paid a toll the booth attendant would remember such a combination, rather odd. That the consulate did not help them, that is believable they have these complete idiots manning the entrances that can not think further than "make an appointment by internet" I know I wanted to speak with a United States Marine at the Mexico City Embassy and I do not think that the idiots in the street bunker even know what a U.S. Marine is! Then there is the fact that they could not obtain a police report not believable at all, and the fact that they crossed back to the United States with out going to Banjersito to report the thefts, two vehicles with 180 day TIPs one a truck and then the jeep to many coincidences, as my friend from the FBI always told me there are no coincidences in law enforcement. To many facts that do not add up for a nice puzzle, I would discard this as a reporter that had no real story to tell and made up a lot of this, maybe the Ridgeline was high jacked or maybe the Jeep but to many items all in one story. navegator
navegator 02/22/18 08:55am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: No-See-Um Bite Itch Relief Magic

I have the best mosquito repelant W I F E they love her I do not get bit at all, they land and take off that fast, do not know why thdy do not like me. I will keep in mind the remedy, do you know if it works on flea bites, having eight cats we do now and then get one for the wife, again they do not get on me. navegator
navegator 02/21/18 07:47pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: 7 Magnitude quake in oaxaca

Volcanos in Mexico are all strato volcanos, can be explosive as is mount St Helens, although they are relatively queit latelly with Popo venting ash, I remember going from Mexico City to Orizaba to grandmas and my brother and I would always see if the Popo was saying hello with a "fumarola" smoke, the name Popocatepdtl means smoking mountain, Pico de Orizaba, Citlaltepetl mountain of the star. A couple of weeks ago more or less the Popo had lava flowing down the side, some volcanic tremors and high columns of ash, Don Goyo as he is afectionatly called is restles, need to apece him with some sacrifives, some tacos de huitlacoche and some pulque should be good, a comer señores! Some volcanos are dormant and some active, I do not have info right now on who are asleep and whos restless, and yes the UNAM Universidad Autonoma de México has a large Geophisical deparment and a seismological department, very impresive. navegator
navegator 02/21/18 05:17pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: 7 Magnitude quake in oaxaca

As the tsunami waves near the shallow coastal areas they intensify in velocity and shorten in wave length, when they arrive on to shallow water the energy in the wave is compressed and magnified. DEPTH...............VELOCITY................WAVE LENGHT in Meters...........Km/hour.................KM 7000................ 943.................... 283 4000................ 713.................... 213 2000................ 504.................... 151 200................ 159.................... 48 50................ 79.................... 23 10................ 36.................... 10.6 After the quakes and tsunami from Banda Ache more and more coastal communities are aware of the relation between a quake that is felt and the governments issuing tsunami warnings for areas that are farther away from the epicenter, more and more seismic stations need to be implemented along some of the more active zones 1 to have warnings and 2 to be able to study the movement of the earths crust. After the 8.+ quake in Chile the earth rang like a giant bell with the waves bouncing back and forth for several days, although the earth has a very low frequency resonance, the earthquake waves travelled long enough for the geologists to map the vertical cores of molten magma and some features that were unknown at the time, this is very interesting for me, I love earthquakes unfortunately I tend to sleep through most of them you can fire a canon next to me and I will not steer, but I react to my wife telling me to turn in order not to snore, interesting! Hasta la proxima sacudida asi los dejo quietecitos. Until the next shaking so I leave you very still. navegator
navegator 02/21/18 03:39pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: cheap trac phone US & Mexico

I hope you mean "inexpensive" rather than expensive, if not I have a gold plated phone that works with a satellite and you can have it for a song and a dance, a couple of thousand dollars will work, as for the phone working that is unknown no one has ever used it. I do not have info but I would guess that any good phone at a reasonable price should work, the important item is not the phone but the carrier service, we have AT&T and have had good service, some of the Mexican towers and contracted carriers are some times iffy on the service provided to AT&T. Find a carrier that service all the way to the destination that you need. navegator
navegator 02/21/18 09:32am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: 7 Magnitude quake in oaxaca

My dad always told us this when we were young: If are you at the coast and the water in the bay starts to go out, you run the opposite way as fast and as high as you can, there is a "tidal wave" coming back very big and high. They used to call them "tidal waves " back then until they changed to Tsunami, there is a you tube video of the Fukushima wave entering a small bay and marina I do not remember if it is California or Oregon, and the little wave seems so small until you see the power that it has as the boats docked and docks start to go every which way being tossed around, next time you are at the beach stand on the sand a foot beyond were the waves start to go back and feel the tug of the water it will change your mind about the power of mother nature. Live long and prosper. navegator
navegator 02/21/18 09:10am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: From (One of) My Day Job(s)

Wait until they add reverse thrust to the engines and that aircraft will use even less runway to land, the interior is also very nice and all glass cockpit, makes a great ambulance too with the big rear door. navegator
navegator 02/20/18 06:50pm Around the Campfire
RE: 1997 Coachman Catalina Newbie Electricity help!

To turn on the propane gas, it is in a compartment under the truck in a bay that does not hace a key, there you will see a yellow knob this you are going to turn left anti clock wise, when turning it at the beginning turn it slowly a half a turn, then you can turn it faster. If you turn it very fast at the beginning there is a check valve that will block the rushing gas, this is a safety valve in case a line breaks down line and prevents the gas from escaping, so slowly at the start then normal, when you reach the full open position and the valve is fully open do not tighten it against the stop, leave it loose that way you can tell very fast if the tank is open or closed, hard valve tank closed lose valve tank open, this compartment can not be locked or chained there has to be immediate access to the valves. When you first turn the propane on turn the stove on one burner only and have a lighter lit on that burner until it lights, you are purging the line of air. We boondock a lot in the desert and try to conserve as much electric power on the coach battery as possible, check the compartment under the stairs, the top most step should hinge up and the battery will be under. I purchased oil lamps like the ones they used in the old western movies in the barns, I got them at Bed Bath and Breakfast or something like that! they are simple to use and give enough light while boon docking, you do not need an aircraft search light, and we have a bonus in winter they help warm the cabin. The other item that needs to be rationed is the water, get a couple of buckets and in one you soak the dirty dishes and the other one you rinse, and showers are very restricted, sponge baths if you want to extend the time out in the boonies, it is a wise idea to take bottled water for coffee and drinking. The generator will run until your gas tank is 1/4 full and then quit, that is so that you can get to a gas station, rather than walking out of the woods with a 5 gallon can, the refrigerator needs 12 volts from the battery and propane to work in the boonies. Most of this is a fun learning experience, I recommend that you take plastic plates and glasses the first times and always take your trash home with you. By all means check the date of manufacture of the tires and if 6 years or older get new ones you do not want blow out, and do keep them with the correct amount of air in them. navegator
navegator 02/20/18 09:35am Class C Motorhomes
RE: 7 Magnitude quake in oaxaca

Earthquakes in the areas of Oaxaca and South encompassing the bay of Tehuantepec and Northern Guatemala are very common that is where the tectonic plate of Cocos sinks under the American Continent. In Oaxaca there are some tombs in a place called Mitla, they are built in a cross and the interesting features are the roof slabs that are not supported by the stone wall slabs, rather there is a gap of one inch or more between the wall and the roof slab that prevents the roof slabs from moving or tumbling the walls, so this was a known phenomena to the Zapotecas, there will always be earthquakes in Mexico after a while you notice the telluric movement and just go on, or go out side where the high voltage lines sway rhythmically, asi es Mexico! navegator
navegator 02/19/18 06:51pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: A Few Tips About Scorpion Stings

No animal will ever attack unless it is hungry and you are food or is cornered and is now in a defensive attitude, tarantulas are cool calm and collected most of the time, you can pick them up with you hand as long as your hand is palm up and you let her crawl on, it will not bother you unless you try to pick it up, then it thinks you are a predator after it, you are coming from above and that elicits an immediate defensive response. Scorpions are the same you can let them crawl up on your hand, they tickle a little thou, so you need to be still. navegator
navegator 02/19/18 10:27am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: A Few Tips About Scorpion Stings

Scorpions are easy to avoid, they scurry along on the floor and try to hide from danger it is only when cornered that they lift the tail ready to strike at what ever is in front and some time side ways. The tarantulas on the other hand are different, they also scurry along on the floor, except that when thy get scared the fine hairs on the back are let loose, since most animals need to smell what it is those fine hairs will be vacuumed by the nose and drift in and also get in the eyes and mouth. Those fine hairs are the most irritating, nose , eyes and mouth will itch for a long time it is worst than getting fiber glass on your skin (angel Hair) that some people decorate the Christmas trees with. Scorpions are easy to get out of the house, no they will not wander in the RV, a broom is all you need to swish them out the door, a tarantula on the other hand needs some fines, figure out what direction she is going and place a box open on one side about a foot in front and wait until she crawls in, gently lift the box and take it out side, keep the box to the side and slightly behind in case she releases the hairs, do not shake or tilt at all. If you are brave enough you can place your hand on the floor palm up and let her crawl on it and then take her out side, you might have to let her crawl from hand to hand, some are pretty fast, I had one as a pet that was bigger than my dads hand. navegator
navegator 02/19/18 09:52am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: 7 Magnitude quake in oaxaca

Another one today in the wee hours at 00:56 it was a 6.0 did not wake up at all, we are going to have more until the subduction plate adjusts to the new strains and tugs, the area that has not moved in a long time is right in front of the coast of Guerrero, Acapulco is on that stretch, that moved last in 1957, so lets see if it snaps this year or next, that will be bad for lot of poorly constructed condominiums in Acapulco on the hill sides and some of the constructions on the canyons both in Acapulco and Mexico City. Lets hope and pray for the best for the poor inhabitants. navegator
navegator 02/19/18 09:05am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: A Few Tips About Scorpion Stings

NEVER, NEVER put on shoes in the morning before picking the shoe and taping the heel part real hard to dislodge the scorpion or spider "tarantula" from inside the shoe, then shake the critters out and do not stomp on them with your bare feet either, scorpions do not climb on glass or some tiles but they do crawl on the ceilings, do not pick rocks up by pointing the opening towards you but away from you those suckers are pretty fast when disturbed and watch kids and dogs, both do not appreciate the danger. If you have an ultraviolet lamp and shine it on them at night they glow a neat green color. When I was in boarding school in Sweden my dad sent me a letter with a scorpion from Durango they are known as "gueros" (blond), I opened the letter at lunch on the dinning table and out slides the dead critter and Nina Gustafson from Norway says "O" we have those in Bogota Colombia too, every one had to see the scorpion there are non in Sweden, I donated it to the biology lab after assuring them that it was dead. There is a saying that goes like this Poco veneno no mata, pero engorda. A little poison does not kill, but will fatten you And no the scorpions are not going to get in the RV, pretty darn hard unless you purchase an item and it comes in a box and you introduce that box in the RV, they are good at hiding on the folds of the boxes, leave box out side and carry items in, they also fall from the thatched palapas and some times hide in the towels, so shake towel before you dry off, hope I did not scare you to much navegator
navegator 02/18/18 09:46pm RVing in Mexico and South America
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