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RE: Black Hills in May?

Most of the commercial tourist sites will still be closed, usually until Memorial Day or the weekend before it. Most public sites will be open and operating, although with off-season schedules. I don't think you'll have much problem finding a camping spot. With those it seems commercial campgrounds are open as soon or before public ones are.
newk 04/12/15 10:36pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Batteries

I have two Interstate 6V batteries in mine. I bought them at a marine dealer. (Actually, they were out when I went there, but they were able to have two delivered to their store within about an hour.) That was 3-4 years ago. I didn't use my camper last summer, only went out to the storage facility to check the batteries once and they were good. I went back again last week and tested them. Still right up there, however I did remove them and put a charge on them since I won't be hooking up again this year. (Sold my truck and will sell the camper soon.) I was really impressed with how well they've lasted, through nearly two years of non-use, temps ranging from -30F to 100F. This was my first set of 6V, always figuring that two 12Vs gave me additional options and were cheaper. They do and are, but they didn't last anything like these 6Vs. We boondock 95%-99% of the time, from two nights to five nights at a time usually. In Wyoming's mountains, the furnace is usually running much of the night. If you'll be on the grid most of the time, a single 12V will last a night. If you won't be using the furnace or lights much, it'll go much longer. Go from there, but if you won't have hook-ups where you camp, a pair of 6V batteries would be a good choice, imho. They are heavy! Whew!!!!
newk 04/06/15 10:47pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Coleman lantern -- white gas?

My pickup, hauling a tall cabover camper, ran out of gas on I80 in Iowa one summer about 20 years ago. We were heading into a 50 mph wind, and the last thing on my mind was needing fuel so early. I hadn't been paying any attention to the gauge. I think it's the only time in my life that I ran out of fuel. I went back to the camper and dug out a 10-year-old can of Coleman Fuel and dumped it into the tank. Truck started right up and headed to the next service station, a couple miles up the road. :) Works in an emergency. I always buy Coleman Fuel for my old Coleman stove and lantern -- always as in every 5-10 years! :) At most it might cost me 50 cents per camping weekend. I think it's closer to a quarter. I can afford either one.
newk 04/06/15 09:50pm General RVing Issues
RE: Great new cooler for camping...

No built-in entertainment center? No built-in vacuum cleaner? WHAT??!! Guess I'll have to wait. ;)
newk 04/02/15 08:23pm Around the Campfire
RE: Washington state or Texas?

Oh my, such an easy question. For summer camping? Washington! It has some great NPs with campgrounds. It really has a lot to offer.
newk 03/23/15 09:06pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Fishing in Yellowstone?

Thanks for posting that, 2gypsies. Mostly pretty simple to understand regs. I haven't fished Yellowstone in 20 years, but it was the site of one of my most memorable fishing trips. (Stop here unless you want to read about fishin an finaglin.) A good fishing buddy of mine and I were fly fishing on the Yellowstone. It's got great fish but is crowded to the max. The Russian River on Alaska's Kenai Peninsula during the red salmon run used to be close, but this was crazy, as in, wait for someone to give up his space, then take it. The brown trout were splashing all across and up and down the river. But NO ONE was catching a thing, not even with all their fancy new L.L. Bean vests, waders and fly rods. (Sorry, but some of us "locals" have to chuckle at high fashion fishing dudes now and then.) We knew there had to be a hatch in progress, so we waded the shore enough to find the bug that was causing all the ruckus, gathered one up and took it to the TC (25 feet away), where we each had a fly tying kit, and tied up our versions of the bug. (Big difference between his and mine, btw.) We walked back to the shore, waded out a few feet and each cast our lines. POW! We both had immediate hits. Nice fish, around 20". We landed them, set them free (then legal), cast again, and the same thing happened. It wasn't long before we had 20 fishermen crowded around us trying to see what flies we were using. Some asked. My buddy gave our flies names and told them we'd gotten them at a fly shop down the road 10-20 miles. (Snicker) We had the whole river to ourselves! Well, compared to what it had been. We each landed 15-20 in the next half hour, then took off (in the other direction) before the Bean Brigade once again descended on us! LOL (I was just NASTY in my youth!)
newk 03/16/15 09:44pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Best Route From Rapid City, SD to Yellowstone

I assume you meant "across on I-90 to Badlands", correct? Because that would be the normal route. Unless you're really frightened of mountain driving, I'd also recommend Hwy 16 from Buffalo to Worland. Much of that is mountainous, but it's all a good, wide 4-season highway used by vehicles of all kinds. Take it easy, use lower gears descending and DO NOT RIDE your brakes, and you should be fine. As Mr Shoe noted, there will be at least a couple pull-offs where you're encouraged to stop and check for overheated brakes. Do it. Use that time for a little break, take some photos, maybe have a sandwich. I've hauled my campers up and down and over both Hwy 14 and 16 dozens of times. In my opinion 16 is the easier route. Scratch that. EASIEST route. Just use some common sense. I also encourage you to spend some time in the Black Hills -- Rushmore, Crazy Horse Monument, Custer State Park, Jewel Cave and Devils Tower, just to mention a few. Also plan on a day in Cody for the Buffalo Bill Historical Center, etc.
newk 03/12/15 06:46pm Roads and Routes
RE: Montana Info

Bull Trout and Dolly Varden are now considered two different species. (and Pluto is no longer a Planet) Neither are actually Trout, they are both Chars. I don't know what that actually means, but I do know that you get in a whole lot of trouble if you kill a Bull Trout and it is actually illegal in some streams to even target them. You are totally responsible for identifying the species of fish you catch. A Bull trout has a dorsal fin with no black spots or markings, differentiating it from the common Brook Trout. "NO BLACK, PUT IT BACK" is truly the law of the land. Really?! Bulls are catch and release? And you can't "target" them? Sad. A couple of my friends and I used to take annual fishing trips to the Flathead Valley to float and fish the North Fork (of the Flathead) from the border to Pole Bridge, sometimes a little further. We mostly fished for bulls (July?) but also for cutthroats, rainbows, browns, etc. After a week of that we'd meet another friend with a big boat and fish for bulls and lake trout on Flathead Lake. Always, always had a great time. We also spent a week on the Beaverhead one year. (danged whitefish!)
newk 03/03/15 09:09pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: camping advice around Jackson Hole, WY

My vote goes to Gros Ventre. Your camper is self-contained; the only reason you probably need hookups (every day) is for AC, and you can live just fine without that in Jackson Hole. Gros Ventre is close to Jackson and the whole valley. Coulter Bay is nice too, but it's a long drive from there to Jackson.
newk 03/01/15 10:23am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Kansas to Yellowstone

Hwy 16 over the Bighorns is relatively easy. It's a 4-season, wide, 2-lane highway with few sharp curves and no really steep climbs or descents. The mountain driving is between Ten Sleep and Buffalo (about 60 miles). It's a pretty drive with lots of USFS campgrounds (no hookups), or if you need hookups there are commercial campgrounds in Buffalo (and I believe also in Ten Sleep). I'd highly recommend camping in the Black Hills over the Badlands. One of our favorite spots is Devils Tower, WY, the nation's first national monument. We prefer the campgrounds within the "park's" borders, Belle Fourche River Campground, but if you need hookups, there's a KOA just outside the gate that's also nice.
newk 02/27/15 09:16pm Roads and Routes
RE: Kansas to Yellowstone

Both routes have their advantages. I'd recommend 287, simply because it's a more (very) scenic route. It goes over a mountain pass, but it's not a steep grade to get there. Is it just to Yellowstone and back? If so, take one route headed to Yellowstone and the other returning home. If you have the time, I'd also recommend seeing the Black Hills and Big Horns coming or going.
newk 02/26/15 09:58pm Roads and Routes
RE: Grand Teton or Glacier

No reservation spots in Yellowstone. Our reservation for Canyon Campground is Friday - Sunday night labor day weekend. Does anyone have a feeling for how hard it would be to find a First Come/First Serve or cancelled spot that allows generators on Labor Day and the next day? I can't answer the question, but I have one for you to ponder: Why do you need a generator for two days? You won't likely need A.C. in Yellowstone unless you plan to spend sunny days in the camper. I've been RVing for decades and never owned a generator. We regularly spend 4-5 days at a spot (with two batteries) and get by fine. That's running the furnace every night to keep it 65 degrees inside. (OAT of 40-45 degrees.)
newk 02/10/15 10:16pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Tips for traveling from Va to AZ-NM north to Yellowstone.

After Memorial Day most of the roads will be open except the high mountain passes. You'll probably want to enter Yellowstone via the west gate (West Yellowstone, ID). You don't mention how much time you have, but I'd normally leave Yellowstone through the east gate to Cody, maybe plan on a day in Cody, then take Hwy 16 over the Bighorns to Buffalo where you'd pick up I-90 to Rushmore. If you like FS campgrounds, there are several nice ones in the Bighorns, or if you want hookups, Buffalo has some nice private campgrounds. Devils Tower National Monument, north of Moorcroft, is an interesting side trip and has a nice little park campground inside the monument borders or a good KOA just outside the entrance. From there you're only 2-3 hours from Rushmore and the SD Black Hills. The Black Hills will be in full swing by then with everything open for the tourist season. I'd recommend at least visiting Custer State Park (incl. the Wildlife Loop), Jewel Cave, Crazy Horse Monument and several others, depending on your interests. Google it for ideas. Leaving the Black Hills, plan a little side trip to SD Badlands NM an hour east of Rapid City and just off I-90 at Wall, SD. While at Wall, you should plan a stop at Wall Drug for any souvenirs you might want. It's the granddaddy of all tourist traps. I really think it's worth a stop -- breakfast, lunch, snack... whatever. I've found their prices reasonable for Black Hills Jewelry, wallets, even blue jeans, boots, etc., and cheap souvenirs of all kinds.
newk 02/02/15 10:55pm Roads and Routes
RE: Time allotment for Black Hills/Yellowstone/Grand Tetons

When would you be staying in Cheyenne? If it's July 17-26, that's Frontier Days, and most everything has already been booked for a year.
newk 01/29/15 08:06pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Yellowstone or bust

$80 for all 3 parks plus Rushmore and where ever else we go doesn't seem terrible. It doesn't help for Rushmore. Rushmore is "free," just like it's always been. But 2-3 decades ago they built a big, new, multi-level parking lot at Rushmore, so now they charge you to park. :R No way to get around it. The parking pass is good for a year, so if you go during the day and decide you want to return for an evening lighting, at least they don't charge you again to park. The Park pass will be good for Devils Tower, YNP, GTNP, Glacier, SD Badlands. I always bought one until I qualified for the old fogey pass.
newk 01/24/15 10:01am Roads and Routes
RE: SOS Towing question

I owned/drove a 2000 F250 with the camper special for 14+ years (just traded it off 2 months ago). I owned 3 different 5th wheels in that time, but none of them were anywhere near the weight you're talking about, and I wouldn't have considered it safe towing/hauling that much. I'm not a mechanic, but I believe you could increase the safe carrying capacity quite a bit with new rims and tires. I had heavier-duty tires on mine -- the biggest I could go with the original rims. I did that for a little extra margin of safety but still kept my weights under the factory specs. HOWEVER, the only thing I'd consider as an adequate upgrade for that size 5th wheel would be to convert your F250 to a dually. A neighbor of mine did that. He found a wrecked F350 dually and switched axels, springs, rear end, wheels, tires and the bed (w/fenders), so he basically converted it to an F350 dually.
newk 01/22/15 07:35pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Florida to Yellowstone early April

The west entrance doesn't open until Late April. Generally all training and orientation is done at the North Entrance that time of the year. That is probably where they will need to be if they are to report in early April. The road between West Yellowstone and Madison is slated to open the same day as from Mammoth to Old Faithful and Norris to Canyon -- April 17. Of course that can change, but that's the current plan. It's a flat and fairly straight highway from West Yellowstone to Madison as it follows the Madison River most of the way, on one side of the road or the other. It's the easiest road to Madison Campground -- by far. So they'll probably want you to enter at Mammoth. :B
newk 01/18/15 08:47pm Roads and Routes
RE: Attractions between NJ and Yellowstone

BTW, CloudDriver & geotex1, which route did you take? Using googlemaps it takes me through I80 W through IN and then I94 W the rest of the way. Is this the most direct route? I'd stay on I-80 through Iowa. At the west edge of IA you'd take I-580 to I-29. (I-80 swings south at this point to Council Bluffs, IA and would add 40-50 miles to your trip.) I-29 follows the Missouri River Valley north through Sioux City, then on to Sioux Falls where you'd pick up I-90 west. You could head up to I-90 just past Chicago, but the last time I was across Minnesota on I-90 the road was really rough. My wife came back from a trip to NJ with her son once and had to take that route because of flooding on I-80. She didn't like it at all, even after they finally found their way out of Chicago! ;) EDIT: I agree wholeheartedly with everything stated above by CloudDriver.
newk 01/18/15 08:08pm Roads and Routes
RE: Attractions between NJ and Yellowstone

My late wife was from Bergen County -- Westwood. She moved to Wyoming in 1992 and loved, loved, loved it! She had never before been west of Iowa and liked to relate how she'd moved to Wyoming because she'd heard there was a good-looking cowboy behind every tree. "Now imagine how I felt when I finally got here and there were no trees!" She said she cried when she first saw the Missouri River crossing on I-90. She said it was the most beautiful sight she'd ever witnessed. And she marveled at our clear skies, both day and night -- clouds during the day and the stars at night. One cold winter day she came running into the house, grabbed me and tugged me outside. "What's that?!" she shrieked as she pointed to the moon. I looked at her quizzically and asked if she meant the moon. "It can't be the moon in the middle of the day! Can it?" Yes, in Wyoming it certainly can be. ;) I hope you enjoy your trip to the Mountain West. If you have the time, try to spend at least a couple days in the SD Badlands and Black Hills. It's a great area for families and kids the ages of yours. Highlights would be Mt Rushmore, Crazy Horse Monument, Custer State Park Wildlife Loop (bring carrots for the wild burros), Jewel Cave (especially on a rainy day), Mammoth Site in Hot Springs, and Devils Tower in the Wyoming Black Hills. Other privately owned attractions that my family enjoyed include Bear Country USA, Reptile Gardens, gold panning (Lead or Hill City - can't recall which) and Trout Haven (fishing for the kids). Oh, and you've gotta stop at the granddaddy of all tourist traps, Wall Drug. It's unique. It's so bad, it's good! Find it just outside the west gate of Badlands National Monument in the tiny town of Wall. Those are just a few of the most popular spots, but there are dozens more. It's the destination for roughly half the vacationers headed across I-90 in SD. Most of the others spend a day or two seeing a few highlights in the Hills, then continue on to Yellowstone. Naturally, those like you who are coming from a long distance want to see Yellowstone, whereas visitors from nearby are more apt to head back home after a week in the Black Hills. I suggest you let your kids Google for attractions in the Black Hills and each pick one they want to see. In fact, let them do it for the whole route. They'll start looking forward to the trip and probably study a little about what they're going to see before you ever leave the house. It'll make it more fun and a better learning experience.
newk 01/18/15 07:58pm Roads and Routes
RE: Route 14&14a

Hwy 14 would be much better. 14A is pretty steep and winding -- not recommended for towing much of anything. As mentioned above, Hwy 16 out of Buffalo would be a little easier than either one. Some will suggest going through Billings; I wouldn't unless mountain driving scares the bejesus out of you. It's much longer, and Hwy 16 is pretty easy -- a nice scenic mountain drive on a good highway. I've also been over Hwy 14 several times. I don't consider it a bad road at all, but mountain driving doesn't bother me. I enjoy it and have been driving mountains for most of 50 years.
newk 01/17/15 10:01pm Roads and Routes
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