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RE: Tv antena

I doubt the Jack is an significantly better than Sensars. When the model year changed, Grand Design switched from Sensar clone (they did not have a true Sensar) to the King Jack. My guess is that the Jack is better than the clone, but cheaper than the Sensar. Next it seems the manufacturers are not QAing the antenna connections. When I discovered the Sensar clone and replaced it with a real Sensar Razor, I found the antenna connections were quite loose. If the dealership is close to the transmitters at inspection they will probably do fine. However, after driving, age, and longer distance to the transmitters not having these connectors properly locked down might weaken performance. At the home QTH I am easily close to 50-60 miles from the transmitters which will magnify any problems. The system works OK, and better than the bat wing clone.
ng2951 05/20/17 07:35am Technology Corner
RE: campbots

Interesting story and not surprising either. A simpler way would be to allow the booking, and then randomly award the booking. Additionally, require credit card etc and something other PayPal that cannot be changed. I think that would stop it, because if you cannot guarantee a booking there would be less interest in botting it.
ng2951 05/14/17 03:14pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Places to find a used RV to buy

PPL in Houston. Almost all the new RV dealers have used units for sale as well.
ng2951 05/14/17 02:50pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Big Fees to buy at Camping World?

Has anyone else encountered what I think are excessive fees at Camping World? Looked at a new Coleman travel trailer and found out they were tacking on the following over and above the price of the trailer: Dealer fee: $495 Prep fee: $895 Transportation and Delivery fee: $2,250 ...Yeah? Surprised? If you can buy the same unit from different dealers you can swing a better deal by playing them against each other. It is more difficult because unlike car dealers the outlets are fewer and farther apart. They also make it difficult by having different fees they charge (to offset trade-in values etc) and that warranty service is usually provided by the seller and not manufacturer. They will eventually get around to servicing the manufacturer's warranty on a unit they didn't sell, but they are going to be slower at honoring the manufacturer's warranty. I haven't seen a CW being any worse than anyone else. If they sold TT on eBay you might get a better deal.
ng2951 05/14/17 02:48pm Travel Trailers
RE: Generators

...I have noticed that most all Toy haulers have a generator.You may want to consider where the genset is located. Ours would take a 4400 watt Onan. The problem is that you would be sleeping on top of it. What all will this power?Depends on the size of the genset. A 4KW will power a single 15000 BTU HVAC and other goodies.Can you drive down he road with it running?If you have remote start some people leave the AC running. When they remote start the genset the HVAC fires up and cools down the trailer.
ng2951 05/14/17 01:05pm Toy Haulers
RE: Do I need a generator?

The way you are operating you could easily get by with 1KW generator. A 2KW might even run the HVAC you have attached to TT. As far as recharge time for the battery, how long does it take to recharge battery on shore power? It will be the same for your TT on a generator. We call our TT "our lifeboat." That is to say when the power fails at home we fire up the gensets and stay in the TT. If we think parish water might run short, we fill the tanks though we have additional water filters and a swimming pool. Without the gensets we cannot run the AC or the pardette's hair dryer. We don't need it for the pardette's coffee maker because we have an old west coffee pot.
ng2951 05/14/17 07:29am Tech Issues
RE: Wyoming

Wow. It is great trip through that canyon
ng2951 05/14/17 07:15am Roads and Routes
RE: Tv antennas

Thanks for the info on Sensar power converter. I used the Jack in the same spot I had used the Sensar and found ZERO difference between the two. The Jack was no better or worse than the Sensar (without the external Yagi). When I have the TT close to the TV stations the antenna works great. So did the Jack. I think most of the antennas will work great if you are not to far away. There are some good antennas that work at long distances but generally do so by being directional. In other words there is no free lunch. On the LEDs they vary. The factory LEDs I have in my Grand Design had no impact on the antenna. When I had my old Puma I bought cheap LEDs. One or two of those LEDs if you turned them on the Jack antenna quick working. When I turned them off the antenna started working. My guess is the LEDs were generating a huge amount of noise. I had my TT in fringe area. Possibly if I were closer the signal/noise ratio may have been adequate. Short story if your antenna quits working turn off the LEDs and see if they are related to your reception problems.
ng2951 05/14/17 06:59am General RVing Issues
RE: Tv antennas

I know that Grand Design switch from the Winegard clone (wasn't a Winegard but looks like one) to a King. I had a King on the old Puma and was not impressed with its performance over the Winegard. They were roughly the same. When I switched out the Winegard clone on my Grand Design and put in a Winegard Sensar Pro. I am in a fringe area and notice little if any performance inprovement. I did not switch out the power converter as I could never get an answer if I needed to do that. One thing I did find out is that the manufacturers are not cautious about tightening the antenna connections. The antenna connection on the old antenna was quite loose. It would be a good idea to check them all to make sure they are tight as well.
ng2951 05/13/17 07:52am General RVing Issues
RE: RV LED 1156

You will love LED lights. You can have a bunch and still not suck down the battery.
ng2951 05/08/17 08:56am Travel Trailers
RE: Hopefully not a complete rehash of the usual noob questions

The other thing to do instead of checking the dealerships is to go to a RV show. You will see many more campers of all types there and then go looking for a dealer that supplies them. You can usually buy the camper at the show if you so desire. My suggestion though is the show is the place you can really discuss the pros and cons or your likes and dislikes on the RV. That latter part can really cause you a problem because once the sales staff knows you like a unit the harder it is to get them to negotiate with you. When I bring my pardette to a show, and she finds a trailer she likes, she starts telling the salesman where she wants to put the curtains. Let me tell you how hard it is to get a nickle knock off at that point! I did manage to $6,000 knocked off this last time by playing 3 dealers against each other. Only one was withing 20 miles of me and the other two were within a 100 miles. That means about 14 gallons of diesel round trip. However, saving $6K dollars on the sale price was pretty good in my book! Not only that, I got better than I expected on the trade-in and a lot more than the dealership 20 miles away. One other thing about RVing...be certain it is what you want to do! No matter how nice your RV is, it will never be as comfortable as your home. Most RVs do not have washer/dryer. The ones that do tend to be small. Be sure that is what you want. More than that do all your trinkets fit? The ones that don't are you willing to part with them? Your workshop space is going to be real spartan. I agree with the person who said to rent a Class A first. Spending a week on the road in a Class A will tell you a lot about whether this is for you. You want to make sure your spouse wants to do this as much as you do. If someone is unhappy, if you cannot find the right rig, you may want to reconsider it.
ng2951 04/27/17 07:32pm Beginning RVing
RE: Remote on a home security system

I think that is called IOT or Internet of Things. I need to get in touch with someone who want to show me how that is done.
ng2951 04/27/17 07:01pm Technology Corner
RE: Remote on a home security system

I use iSmartAlarm for the past 3 years. It is all self monitored which means you do not pay for a monitoring service. (Here you go Gonzo42-->)So I pay $0/month for monitoring. Really hard to beat that price. Best value for the money, especially since late 2016 which gives you control over each sensor. The downside is that they don't have smoke detectors. I use Roost for the fire, smoke, CO detectors. Those alert on my phone like iSmartAlarm does for intrusions. One thing I found out about Roost. If the alarm doesn't use a 9 volt battery (Roost replaces that battery) you put the Roost inside or near the horn on your alarm and it will work just fine. The Roost has a microphone built into its battery and it listens for the warble of the alarm horn. Pretty clever. I have 3,500 sqft house single story. I have about $600 invested in the entire system ($350 when I started with the basic system). As I added more sensors to better cover the house I got to where I am now. I will probably add more cameras in the future. My iSmartAlarm has worked almost flawlessly. It has limitations and if you can live with them it is a great alarm system. It is inexpensive and is literally as easy as their videos claim it is to set up. Some people have complained about it not having a battery backup. $50 at a Best Buy and you can add an off-the-shelf battery to your system. This video is pretty funny, but it really is that easy to set up. Man vs. Woman (iSmartAlarm install)
ng2951 04/26/17 06:33pm Technology Corner
RE: Battery powered (not 12V) propane detector / alarm.

When mine went bad I got one at Camping World.
ng2951 04/26/17 06:16pm Truck Campers
RE: Hopefully not a complete rehash of the usual noob questions

The biggest cost you will have is when you you have your A or C on the road. Figure 5 MPG then add the cost of fuel (and oil) and it all starts to add up. Periodically you have to change out fuel and oil filters and class A diesels take oil by the gallon (really a lot of litres). Figure oil changes every 10,000+ miles (depends on the diesel engine) fuel filters every 25K+/- miles. I am not sure what class A tires cost, but even if you don't wear them out you have to replace them every 3 years or less. If you are going with a class A or C you are goind to have think about a toad. That is the car you see being dragged behind the class A, C. Maintenance is another expense. Class A is really a bus. I am guessing you can get away with a few years of minimal maintenance. At some point you are going to have to have some major maintenance. I have no idea what that costs. The other maintenance is going to be the RV itself. Every year you want the roof checked, slidelouts inspected, anode rods changed every other year, awning inspected (awning will probably need to be replaced every 3-5 years) You could shop used. Depreciation is huge on any RV (A,B,C,TT,TC,5ver, hybrid). An RV (toyhauler) we bought that was 3 months old had lost a third of its value. Be aware that used are sold as is and if you discover a major problem after you sign, gues what? Also if you purchase at the end of the season you can save more money. It is rare that a trailer can be worth more than you paid for it. They aren't like houses and they do wear out. The other option is to look at travel trailer or 5ver. The advantage here are that TV (tow vehicle) and trailer are separate. If you have trouble with either you can leave it at the shop. With a class A or C the whole rig is in the shop. If you have trouble with the TV, you can always replace it. That is a little tough to do with an A or C. If you are still going to keep a home, you can always use the RV as a lifeboat. We have hurricanes around here. If the power gets knocked out we fire up the gensets and live in the RV until the power comes back on. If we are having a party or family get together, we have extra fridge space and ovens, burner space as well.
ng2951 04/26/17 06:14pm Beginning RVing
RE: Dometic air conditioner OK?

One of the things I would install is a soft starter. They will add about $350 to HVAC, but they reduce the LRA by up to 70 percent. This might allow you to start a 15K HVAC while gunning your gensets in eco mode.
ng2951 04/22/17 08:42pm Travel Trailers
RE: Scamps

Before you buy, rent a similar sized TT for a week...Great advice and a lot easier than it was a few years ago. Not only that, some will set up the trailer at the park for you so if a different TV needs to be purchased you won't need to do that.
ng2951 04/21/17 10:15am Travel Trailers
RE: Scamps

...rolling motel room. we'd set up, tour the area, and we were only ever in the camper for our pre-bed time routine and to sleep. We don't even like cooking inside, we prefer to cook outside.My first trailer was a Trailmanor 3326. In my opinion that is TM's best trailer but they are no longer being produced. I learned several things. Number 1 having a fulltime bed is a good thing. When you are exhausted the last thing you want to have to do is assemble a bed. Add to that, the way TM was put together putting linens on the bed was super easy because the bed table could be slid in. Number 2 the biggest problem with a pop up is that everything has to be below the table tops. Huge nuisance. The part of 2 is learning how to put the top up or down in rain....our next camper can be tight inside, as long as we have bed space and storage space. I wouldn't even get a bathroom in it, it's not necessary for us. We don't mind campground bathhouses.We like having room. We do Cowboy Action Shooting which is quite a group activity. When you have putting lead on steel for 5 hours at altitude and sun bringing in you fellow posse members for cold drinks and a place to stretch out goes a long way. On bathrooms, guys can be very spartan. If you are married there can be certain requirements. I learned if you do not want to have to take the dogs for a walk at midnight, a bathroom needs to have a certain amount privacy. The other nice thing is to have bathroom access while on the road. It is great not to have to worry about whether you have found a good bathroom.
ng2951 04/20/17 06:02pm Travel Trailers
RE: Scamps

...just received the details on the Safari Condos- including pricing. Definitely on the upper end, especially for what you get. For the same price I could upgrade my TV and buy a traditional ultra light with more room. Definitely a niche camper - just not worth the $$ for me. too bad, I liked them.I thought they might be. The additional problem is that there are probably not too many used units out there. The other thing to note is just about every joint that moves allows for weather to migrate across the gap. If all you have is a small propane tank that can eat up your propane fast. If you aren't doing much dry camping that might not be a problem. The Casita people I see traveling like to have van with them where they can put the bulkier items. They keep popup canopies and such and assemble them near their Casita. The Casita is where they sleep, cook, shower, etc.but everything else is done outside. A lot of the "sleep x" is pure magic or wishful thinking. The longer the trip the less you are going to like everyone! Divide x by either 2 or 2.5 and that will be the comfort number of people you can have in the trailer.
ng2951 04/19/17 09:44pm Travel Trailers
RE: Scamps

I just discovered the Safari Condos - brilliant design. If you have any info you don't mind sharing with me (purchase process, out to door cost to you in US dollars, etc.) I'd appreciate it.I agree it is ab neat design, but in their specs they do not list water capacity among other things.
ng2951 04/18/17 10:24pm Travel Trailers
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