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RE: Diesel prices finally falling !!

Diesel is running about $3.48-$3.15/gal here in Louisiana.
ng2951 11/10/14 07:48am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Source For LEDs.

Yep they arrived and they worked well. Considerably cheaper than from the RV shops. Only problem I had is not all the fixtures used the same size bulb even though the fixtures looked the same. So I will have to order some bayonet based LEDs for those.
ng2951 10/20/14 03:04pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Generator or not??

Really and truly depends on how you camp, though I would go with the external gensets. For me and pardette (wife) we do a lot of dry camping. Down here we get plenty of hot nights most of the year. No power, no AC. When we dry camp, having the gensets is great. Biggest problem is that ethanol fuel derates the gensets. You might have to run gensets out of eco mode because they cannot ramp up load fast enough when the compressor kicks in. Onboard gensets are nice for a variety of reasons. One of the best is remote start. You can leave the AC on in the RV with the genset off. When you get close to a rest stop for lunch, hit the remote start power comes on and so does the AC. You have a cool trailer for lunch. Onboards are also nice since little setup is required. That is nice when camping at Camp Wally World. On our last trip (2.5 weeks) we spent 6 days in truck stops, rest stops, and Wally Worlds. While I don't have an onboard it takes me about 20 minutes to lineup gensets, tanks, cables. I can do it in as little as 10 minutes. The advantage of externals is that they can be used elsewhere. It is nice to have generators when we work the range and I can drag around one of the 2000s to run the pole saw. Generators also give you lifeboat mode at home. During one of the last hurricanes we were without power for a couple of days. I stayed in the TH with AC, satellite, and complete comfort. The mother-in-law who lived with us, God rest her soul (great lady), I could not convince to come out to RV! She said, "You aren't moving me out to that trailer. I said I would never live in one those and my daughter will stay with me!" So my wife stayed in the house, sweltering, while I and dogs (no fools they) stayed in AC comfort. So a generator will give you options you do not have, but if you really aren't going to boondock I would not get one.
ng2951 09/30/14 04:17pm Toy Haulers
RE: DirecTV Question

Azimuth, elevation and turn the speakers up loud, and I can locate and align SD in 5 minutes. I just use a really good compass.
ng2951 09/30/14 03:57pm Technology Corner
RE: Galaxy Tablet

I love the Galaxy Tabs. They are not a replacement for laptop or desktop as there are many things they won't do. Galaxy Tabs has Polaris which is a decent substitute for MS Office. With an external keyboard the office style environment can work well but is very limited. The Zagg keyboards can be nice, but I have had problems with mine and due their price I am just not interested in getting another one unless they can prove it is problem free. Best things about the Tabs are that they make a great Kindle reader. They work well as an Internet web browser and running some decent apps. If you have videos you can download, then they are pretty good as an entertainment center. Where we use ours a lot is travel. If you install weather apps they make a great radar. It is hard to beat as a navigator since you have a huge screen for Google Maps. The other thing that is useful is using YP to find the best fuel prices. I wish I could set YP to follow the Google Map route and find those cheap stations for me, but it is still quite nice. Once I find candidate stations I can route through Google Maps and then use street view to check out the gas station approaches for RV friendliness. Cannot beat that with a stick in my opinion. They also are great as a photo album when you want to bore people and the newer ones make for a decent camera. They are great for Skype too. Generally if you upgrade your phone and buy the tablet, you can get phone and tablet for less than the cost of a tablet. Biggest problem is battery life. Most do not seem to charge fully while you are using GPS and they tend to overheat and need some time to cool down and recharge. That takes most of the day to do so it is really just a nuisance.
ng2951 09/30/14 03:53pm Technology Corner
RE: Buffalo Bill State Park, Cody, Wy cell & wifi info to give

There are two sections of the park. The one nearer to town should have no problems at all. It also looked like they could see the satellites too. The one further out from town I stayed at in July. No problems at all with ATT. No satellite TV due to the mountains.
ng2951 09/16/14 08:57am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Source For LEDs.

Thanks everyone. Sometimes these threads get a little old and it is tough to find fresh info.
ng2951 09/16/14 07:28am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
Source For LEDs.

I know this has been hashed out before, but I want to replace my 941s bulbs with LEDs. There are many low-cost LEDs out there suppliers on the Internet. Who is good, reliable, and has a good reputation? Thanks
ng2951 09/15/14 03:19pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Height In Shower - Trailmanor?

I had a 3326 for years and at 6' 2" your head will probably be pretty close to the ceiling. If I recall the toilet is probably be OK as it sits between the vanity and shower. If you want more leg room just open the door. For the most part you aren't going to take long showers. Most of the TMs have a 6 gallon HW tank, so the HW is going to get used up fast anyway. I would suggest you might want to look at the some of the ventilation mods for the toilet. We never had a serious issue with the recirculating toilet, but other people had. The mod is pretty easy to do. I still think the 3326 was the best of the TMs. Any of the units with the king bed are the way to go (you don't have to crawl over each other in the night. The are hard to beat as long as you don't mind setting them up and down.
ng2951 09/15/14 12:38pm Travel Trailers
RE: Use a toy hauler as a TT? No toys to haul.

Biggest issue will be the extra weight. Weight burns fuel. Plus side is that we use the TH ramp as a patio. You got to remember where the edges are but it sure is nice sometimes. When we got TH I was not aware that in a few months my daughter was moving the Florida. It was nice having a covered trailer for that. I also agree that having the extra water space is really nice, as well as, the fuel station. If you are towing with gas, it means you have extra fuel on board for both the TV and the gensets. The biggest toy we haul is the gun cart. However it really is an adapted baby stroller and the TH is overkill for that.
ng2951 09/15/14 12:25pm Toy Haulers
RE: Should I switch to diesel?

Fuel prices are chaotic and will stay so for quite a while. There is an effort to drive them up even further. Many of refineries are setting themselves up to better handle diesel and more diesel pumps are becoming available. 3/4 ton gasser would do a good job for you. 3/4 tons are pretty good, depending on model, to pull a 10K trailer. Gasser or diesel, 3/4 tons are beefy. Great brakes, better tranmissions, 4WD sometimes. The mechanic says they are real trucks and have long lives too. If you are going to stay under 10K for your trailers, a gasser can probably do well for you. The more time you are going to stay around 10K or more diesel is a better way to go. If you are planning to take on the mountains out west the turbocharged diesels are really great. The diesels to avoid were the transition years on emission systems. That varied from manufacturer to manufacturer. If you buy outside of that range reliability was much better. Some of Dodge's problems were that the owners did not drive the trucks hard enough and long enough. I would also agree if you are driving light, not far, or not high a gasser is probably the best way to go. The cost differential is moderate and you may not miss the performance.
ng2951 05/13/14 03:20pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Lake Conroe Area Camping

OnAlaska on the eastern shore of the lake. They were expanding the place the last time we were there. There is a resturaunt on the east bank posts the the sunset time and the food is OK.
ng2951 04/23/14 08:09am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: What do you carry for protection?

A dacshund with bad breath and an attitude to match...
ng2951 04/10/14 03:44pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: 12-volt refrigerator question

I am not sure just how long the power line is from the alternator to trailer. Those long lines have a lot of drop, and even when running shore power those fridges can have problems. If you can run on gas, I would. That was not possible on our old Trailmanor we had. We would have to hookup to shore power or the genset to refresh our batts at the end of the day. Part of the reason why our TM had that problem was because the battery was located in the rear of the trailer. That made those lines even longer. If your Chalet has the batts on the tongue that may be enough. The additional problem you have is the small size of your alternator. 60 amps just isn't that big. Also the 7-way plug can develop corrosion on it, especially the power connection.
ng2951 04/10/14 03:39pm General RVing Issues
RE: Also just bought our first RV!

My wife and I just picked up a 2004 Starcraft 10RT, and we're really excited... Vinyl Bottle CoverTire CoverGeneratorOutside showerClothes Bar to hang from ceilingBattery Volt and Amp meterExtra battery boxSwitch to flip to second battery Generator options just depend on how much power you need. If you are not going to power an air conditioner everything is pretty open to you. A 1KW genset is probably good for anything short of a hair dryer, toaster, or microwave. If you want to run those you will need a 2KW. There are a variety of inverter type gensets available, which are genrally quieter than the contractor type gensets. The prices are much more reasonable now too.
ng2951 04/03/14 08:19am Folding Trailers
RE: 2500 HD 6.0 Gas vs a Diesel

The dealer is about the last place I would go for an oil change. Dmaxs take about 10 quarts of Rotella T plus the oil filter. GM engine computer tells you when to change the oil based on how hard the engine is being operated. The fuel filter gets changed about every other oil change, plus the transmission filter. It has the Allison transmission and you just do not get much better than an Allison. Maintenance may cost you more, but the engine is significantly stronger. Acceleration 0-60 under load is much better than gas as is the higher altitude performance. I am not sure on 2011 engines, GM in its infinite wisdom, did not include a fuel pump on their 2500 series Dmax trucks. They have a hand prime plunger pump on top of the fuel filter (everyone else uses a $30 electric fuel pump). When the plunger rings get old the engine may stall when you start. The plunger assy runs $900, however, there is a $20 kit, and in an hour you can change those rings with a socket wrench, T-20 screwdriver using a YouTube video for guidance. If you are going to pull a heavy load, I would look at diesels. When I was pulling 4,500# trailer with a V6 gas engine (Tacoma) at 6,000 ft up grades 50 MPH was max speed. Pulling 10,000# load up grades at 6,0000 ft with the diesel ate fuel, but I could maintain highway speed w/o issue.
ng2951 04/03/14 08:07am Travel Trailers
RE: Orlando Camping in the summertime

Fort Wilderness is great for a variety of reasons. The grounds are especially well suited for children and they have movies ampitheater, and you can ride the Disney boats and Monorail for free.
ng2951 04/03/14 07:42am Class A Motorhomes
RE: First time travel trailer buyer

Looking at the roof it is hard to believe there haven't been any leaks. In a nearly 44 year old trailer, I would expect almost any exterior penatration would have leaked about once at some time. If the leaks were bad, your Mark I nose will generally detect the mildew smell. On the refer, usually after a couple of hours the screws on the evaporator might start developing frost. Of course I live where humidity in the 100% range is pretty much a daily occurance. The other thing to consider is whether the trailer uses aluminum wiring. That would not be a show stopper but your maintenance and inspection will be different. You have a hot water tank and heater. I would inspect both carefully. On the refer, you really need and all day run to be certain. However, because the refrigerant in ammonia based, I would think if it is cooling at all, unless you detect the odor of ammonia it is probably OK. YMMV, but to really be certain I would let it run overnight just to be certain.
ng2951 04/03/14 07:37am Travel Trailers
RE: What did you do to your Toy Hauler today???

Sold it and the truck. They will be missed but not wasted like they were in storage...That is the hardest thing when you can't keep them at the home QTH. We call ours our lifeboat. Power goes out, fire up the genset, a/c or heat and we are quite comfortable for quite awhile.
ng2951 04/03/14 07:18am Toy Haulers
RE: Deisel vs. Gasoline

If you buy a diesel that is just a year or two old, you can save considerable money. Its not that hard to find newly minted diesels with around 30K-50K on the odometer. Personally, with what you are planning to haul I cannot imagine using a gasser. Also remember the government keeps talking about upping the ethanol content of gasoline, and that will further derate HP of the gasser (if they do).
ng2951 03/31/14 10:36am Fifth-Wheels
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