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RE: Cell Phone Usage

Before I retired, I had two cell phones, a pager and a company laptop that was on and connected 9 hours a day. And that is precisely why we have an antiquated flip phone that might go on once a week if we need to make a call. We've gone as long as 6 weeks without opening it. We unequivocally don't miss being "connected".
noplace2 06/29/15 09:01pm Around the Campfire
RE: Laundry $$ @ Yellowstone

Does not anyone have a washer and dryer on board? You are joking, right? Right???
noplace2 06/29/15 10:39am General RVing Issues
RE: Leveling side to side method from seasoned campers

Do this long enough, you honestly won't care about a half bubble off. We've done nothing but boards (3, 1" and 1, 1/2")for the entirety of our lengthy RV experience. If we need more than that, we're in the wrong site. After a while, you can eyeball the required boards and have the entire process done in under 3 minutes.
noplace2 06/29/15 09:51am General RVing Issues
RE: Rating RV Parks Internet Connections

The internet is not just "Fun to Have" as you put it it is a true necessity and an economic one at that for many many people. Necessities are water, food and shelter, in that order. I hope that you truly appreciate how privileged you are.
noplace2 06/29/15 09:13am General RVing Issues
RE: balky water heater

Spark electrode gap to ground is 1/8" Gas valve is only open for 6 seconds or so WHILE voltage is sent to spark electrode. IF main flame does not light off and PROVE voltage is dropped from gas valve and another ignition sequence is attempted. IF Spark Electrode gap is too wide/narrow.....tough to generate enough 'heat' to light propane IF Spark Electrode is not directly in path of propane.......harder to get it to light IF Spark Electrode ceramic is cracked......voltage can jump to ground in wrong area Have you WATCHED it while attempting to light? Good Strong Spark? No false tracking.....jumping to ground? DO you hear gas solenoids click when energized? Does main flame light then go off? Or not light at all until several attemts? I knew this was going to get complicated :) Yes, I have observed it while it is attempting to light. Strong spark. In those first 3 attempts it can vary between 1-3 seconds before it goes to the next cycle. Attempt 4 or 5? As it should be.
noplace2 06/28/15 07:46pm Tech Issues
RE: Rating RV Parks Internet Connections

OR, you could just go outside and enjoy what's there. Sadly, just sayin'.
noplace2 06/28/15 07:13pm General RVing Issues
RE: balky water heater

Are you using other propane appliances? IF YES>>>>>>> LP System valved in service then propane lines are pressurized so NO there isn't air in line. If using system and water heater is stubborn then spark electrode might not be properly positioned or proper gap. Needs to be centered and directly in path of main flame. I'll try to check that although I'm not sure what size gap I'm looking for. That still doesn't explain (to me) why it consistently is either 4 or 5 (not 3 or 6) firing attempts before it stays on. And the only other propane we use is the stove, many times/day. Furnace in season but not for several months and there was no problem with it firing while the water heater problem was extant then as well. Thanks for your help.
noplace2 06/28/15 09:41am Tech Issues
balky water heater

At issue is an Atwood dual heat unit installed in a 2004 RV. On initial attempt to fire on propane there is the distinctive sound of propelled air/gas (likely mostly air), the tick-tick-tick of the igniter and then nothing. It has to go through 4-5 cycles to remain on. I'm guessing that there is air in the line initially and not enough gas to ignite, but why? And what can we do? To add information, we only use it every 3 days for about 15 minutes with an ambient temperature averaging about 80F. I've inspected the chimney and the intake tubes. All clear. Thanks in advance for any help.
noplace2 06/27/15 05:41pm Tech Issues
RE: Ice Cream at Camping World

ice is only at 32 degrees and it takes a lot colder to keep ice cream. Ice is very rarely at 32 degrees. It is usually much colder. Why would you state that ice is only at 32 degrees? Bruce Because, if it were at 33 degrees it would be cold water. Seriously? A comment about free ice cream turns into a tiff about the temperature of ice? Unbelievable. You'd think it is January.
noplace2 06/27/15 12:41pm General RVing Issues
RE: Why so close? (CG site assignments)

We workamped in a park where one of the office staff was notorious for filling one site after another, in order. After a couple of complaints in succession the owners asked her to start spacing people out. Her reasoning for doing it her original way was, "Well I just think people like to be close together in these places".
noplace2 06/26/15 01:18pm General RVing Issues
Driverless Cars

One can hardly experience any media these days without encountering a lot of hoopla about these things. My question: What is the perceived need for them?
noplace2 06/26/15 01:10pm Around the Campfire
RE: Beer!

It ant cheap at over $150.00 a case. I really do like beer and will pay premium prices for a great brew. However, if I'm going to pay over a dollar an ounce for something to drink, it better have "single malt" somewhere in the description! :B
noplace2 06/25/15 08:54pm Around the Campfire
RE: A/C "Exercise"

Thanks for the replies. I didn't want to bias responses by indicating in my original post that I have consistently run it for 1 hour/month. Given what has been stated here, I think I'll drop it back to 1/2 hr every 6 weeks.
noplace2 06/25/15 12:39pm Tech Issues
RE: A/C "Exercise"

It won't hurt anything to run it for a half an hour every 6 weeks or so but the best reason probably is to be sure it's still working. If it's not and you don't find that out until it hits 90 degrees then it is slightly inconvenient. You make a good point. But why 1/2 hour? Would 5 minutes suffice?
noplace2 06/25/15 08:33am Tech Issues
A/C "Exercise"

We are fulltimers, generally parked in moderate temperatures year round. We do not care for A/C. If the temp inside our rig gets above 90F, we MIGHT use it. That could occur but 2-3 times a year. Hence my question: Does an A/C require regular use to continue functioning properly? My guess is no, given the prolonged downtimes of units in winter cold climes. Just wanted to hear from those who really KNOW. If it matters, the current unit is a 15K Coleman roof-mount. Thanks in advance.
noplace2 06/25/15 08:15am Tech Issues
RE: Beer!

OP here. By FT choice, we are in SW NC for the next few months. You people in the PNW s***! :) To comment just generally, I appreciate all of the suggestions. I will track down some of them, but that is made significantly difficult given our current location. Scotty, please beam me back down to NE Britain! I agree with the few here who have embraced the heavy BI ales. Is it weird to salivate as one types? :)
noplace2 06/24/15 06:13pm Around the Campfire
RE: Leaving kids unattended in RV all day?

I've resisted as long as I could (before anyone else needs to add a snarky comment, yes, I should have resisted forever). These type of posts bring out what is wrong with ALL manner of internet forums. In this one, 70+ posts from people who have literally NO concrete information about this situation, yet they have a multitude of as***** (oops, I mean opinions). And they, of course are adamantly and unequivocally RIGHT, again with no specific and verifiable information. I've been around here a long time and have nothing to compare (quantity wise) to folks who simply can't restrain their fingers from commenting on EVERYTHING. Just don't understand the need to a) ask a question that can only be answered by conjecture b) answer a question that can only be answered by conjecture c) ARGUE the equal conjectures! Seriously? I'm guessing boredom at best. OK, to the inevitable retorts: 1) 'Why are you here?" Entertainment and observation of the human condition (endlessly humorous) 2) "Another jerk who thinks he knows everything." Far from the truth, what I HAVE learned is that there IS no truth except within those of the closed minded who will never admit that there are other possibilities. To be specifically on topic here, there is NOTHING to be gleaned from this discussion without REAL information. If you have said information, SPECIFIC to this situation please post it here. To the rest of you I invite you to stand down until that happens.
noplace2 06/24/15 05:58pm General RVing Issues
RE: Finally got my black tank sensor to "e"

ultimately what worked best is to not dump the tanks until they need to be and just let the contents slosh around inside and physically interact with the tank. I still add some water to the black to make the contents as fluid as possible. And having done all of that, what have we learned and how useful, in the grand scheme of things, is that information? Just askin' :)
noplace2 06/24/15 05:15pm General RVing Issues
RE: Good idea or not?

Really sad that the 1st thing that comes to some minds is "lawsuit".
noplace2 06/24/15 05:10pm General RVing Issues

My stinky slinky is going to get so hot that it is almost guaranteed to gets a hole in it by merely laying on gravel; and that the hole is "so big" it creates more than just a damp spot on the ground (cleanup on lot 3). – My, That is some kind of Heat! How come the pressure from laying on the little cradle bars doesn’t put a hole in it? You got it. Many gravel sited RV parks in southern AZ and TX have this rule in place and precisely for that reason. The cradles don't have sharp edges, most gravel does.
noplace2 06/24/15 01:21pm General RVing Issues
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