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RE: Why did you stop full time rving?

Just started our 15th year fulltiming and have no plans to get off the road. However, we've had the opportunity to hear from a number who have over the years. There are many different reasons but 2 have popped up more frequently than others: 1) They ran out of money. 2) After a lifetime of being together, but having jobs and other interests that provided 'space', they found that, thrust into the proximity (both physical and emotional) that FT in an RV entails, they really didn't like one another all that much. If you and your SO aren't best friends first, you might wish to consider another activity. :)
noplace2 05/19/15 05:17pm RV Lifestyle
RE: Awning adjustment

Seriously? Be aware of your surroundings. Act accordingly. Get some of those "pool noodles". Uhh, look up? I'm sure that there's some sort of app that would keep you from banging your head. How sad is that? I really did not think I would offend someone with this one Absolutely no offense taken or intended.
noplace2 05/18/15 09:13pm General RVing Issues
RE: Pets in a Resturant

Psssst. It's PTSD.
noplace2 05/18/15 01:24pm Around the Campfire
RE: What did you find you did not need?

If we haven't used it in a year and it's not an emergency type of item, out it goes. If we haven't worn clothes in a year they go to charity. We purge every 6 months and every time we buy something new, we have to get rid of something. We just started our 15th year fulltiming and follow the above always. We haven't had to get rid of anything in a couple of years. After the first year we removed enough stuff for a yard sale. :)
noplace2 05/18/15 08:30am RV Lifestyle
RE: Probable scam---but I wish it wasn't!

I don't agree that this was a 'scam'. But, due diligence, as opposed to malignant paranoia, is always in order. The "Nairobi princes" just keep playing the game of numbers because, unbelievably, it WORKS. There is that percentage of people who will believe anything if persuaded well, and a tiny percentage is all that's required to make a handsome living at the keyboard.
noplace2 05/17/15 08:49pm General RVing Issues
RE: I have a question for everyone

As driving by some neighbors came out and inquired what we were up too---in a friendly way. Soon a large group was around us. Invited us to park, join them. We did.....and bought the house. Again, this is perfectly demonstrative of what we DON'T want. And also representative of why we are all different and should remain so. Our current venue consists of 48 sites, 11 of them allotted to transients (up to 7 months). It is extraordinarily beautiful and private here. There is not a social agenda, and we are none the less for that. We will move on and if remembered at all (unlikely) we will be noted as that "nice couple up in the corner who never had much to say" There is nothing that hasn't been said before. We love what we do
noplace2 05/17/15 05:06pm Around the Campfire
RE: Awning adjustment

Seriously? Be aware of your surroundings. Act accordingly. Get some of those "pool noodles". Uhh, look up? I'm sure that there's some sort of app that would keep you from banging your head. How sad is that?
noplace2 05/17/15 04:39pm General RVing Issues
RE: I have a question for everyone

We just began our 15th year traveling fulltime. We retired from our FT jobs 15 years ago. For the first 12 years on the road we workamped about 4 months out of each year. We haven't worked at all the last 2 and unless something extraordinary comes our way, we don't intend to. To answer your question, we are committed fulltimers. We intend to die out here on the road (hopefully not literally). We cannot imagine being tied down to one place ever again. It's all about freedom.
noplace2 05/17/15 01:00pm Around the Campfire
RE: I hate searching out propane

I top off my tanks after every single trip. Even if I only used $5 worth, Propane dispensers just LOVE people like you :) You drag them out in the rain or otherwise inclement weather, have them go through the whole process and end up spending $5 or less. I know of what I type. I'm certified to dispense and spent a summer doing so at an RV park. To stay on topic, if there is a Tractor Supply in the area, they nearly always ( a few don't) have propane and typically have the best prices locally.
noplace2 05/12/15 09:54am General RVing Issues
RE: water heater always on

Unless we're boondocking, we very rarely ever turn ours on. We use campground showers and heat water for dishes on the stove. Even boondocking, a 20 minute burn is all we need for 2 hot showers. Been working for us for 14 years fulltiming.
noplace2 05/09/15 05:11pm Full-time RVing
RE: ATVs or ORVs in Campgrounds?

We have just begun our 15th year fulltime traveling (as opposed to sitting in one place in an RV for the year and calling that fulltiming) We have a number of nationwide CG affiliations that have served us very well over the years. We don't use them much anymore. Still, we ask a number of pertinent (to us) questions when making a reservation . Most of those questions are about noise: What are the quiet hours and what does that mean? What vehicles do you allow and how are they allowed to operate? If any entity allows even electric golf carts or anything more noisy, we aren't going there. Given that we stay in WAY out of the way places or boondock for the most part, this mostly doesn't apply anymore. But trust me, we will NEVER be bothered by weekend cacophony. We have done this for years seeking peace and quiet, We know where to find it.
noplace2 05/08/15 09:04pm RV Lifestyle
RE: Escape Plan

The key to full timing is to start debt free. Don't be locked down with payments of any type. We were amazed at how much regular income we could put into savings each year. Could not agree more. We will begin our 15th year fulltiming this month. We have traveled from Alaska to Central America and back again twice. Started out with no debt, still have none. I've had people call me a liar, to my face when I tell them how little we live on. We have it all. Cable, WiFi, wooded remote site in the mountains of NC and including power and a less than 9 y/o rig and eating/drinking whatever we wish, we spend less than $300/month. We don't hate it! :) And no, you can beg all you want, I will not tell you where we are! I've told the owners that we consider this a hidden gem. They and the other 11 seasonals here agree.
noplace2 05/05/15 04:42pm Full-time RVing
RE: What the departing snowbirds are missing

We tend to arrive before and depart after those others. We've seen many instances where others don't even get the beauty of what they've planted. Your loss, Our gain!
noplace2 05/04/15 11:34am General RVing Issues
RE: your rig

You will get as many different answers as there are different people. We are beginning our 15th year fulltiming this month. We started with a 31' 5'er that we kept for nearly 10 years. We traded (at its age 16) for a shorter 28' 5'er so as to be better able to enjoy the smaller, out of the way sites that we prefer. We'll likely keep it until it falls apart or we do. No plans to ever stop traveling. We plan to die out here on the road, hopefully not literally.
noplace2 05/03/15 08:01am Full-time RVing
RE: Mud dauber/wasp screens

We've had a paper wasp with a growing nest in one of our 2 propane compartments for a little over 3 years and over 13 states. He/she doesn't seems to mind our occasional intrusions to change that tank and the moves to divergent new locales and we don't mind him/her being there.
noplace2 05/02/15 09:06pm General RVing Issues
RE: Escape Plan

Despite Dylan Thomas' proviso, we WILL go gentle into that good night. Nor shall I "fight against the dying of the light". ;) I am astounded. Someone who can quote Thomas, correctly and pertinently? I admit that I'm reluctant to view anyone who posts 4/day with any relevance, I'll be looking on to yours in the future. And to remain on topic: our "escape" plan is to stay out here as long as Dylan will allow us! :)
noplace2 05/01/15 09:37pm Full-time RVing
RE: Escape Plan

We will begin our 15th year fulltiming this month. We intend to die on the road, hopefully not literally. A fixed location does in no way appeal to us. When the time comes, we will know it and both know the best "escape plan". We have lived wonderful lives and won't regret the "final exit". Despite Dylan Thomas' proviso, we WILL go gentle into that good night. Reading this over it occurred to me that some might believe that there is a religious element to the post. Nothing could be further from the truth.
noplace2 05/01/15 09:02pm Full-time RVing
RE: wifi where?

Are there really people out there that put their personal info and account numbers on public WiFi to prevent paying for some more private methods of paying bills? I check emails etc but public WiFi for paying bills? If you believe that ANYTHING you transcribe to the interwebbler (sic), including whatever you choose to post here, is safe and secure from a SERIOUS hack, despite whatever whizzbang software you have installed, it won't work. Actually, going through this sort of portal makes it WAY easier. Most do not need to worry. If you have LIQUID assets less than 500K, you are chump change. Rest easy. No one is going after you for that.
noplace2 04/29/15 10:42pm General RVing Issues
RE: Removing sticky tape

I happen to prefer the smell of WD 40 over Goof-off or Goo gone. Goof-off tends to irritate my nose and when it gets under my wedding band it burns the skin. Have you considered divorce? :) I've had the best luck with a razor blade and elbow grease.
noplace2 04/29/15 09:56pm General RVing Issues
RE: Cleaning On the Road

Careful. The dirt may be the only thing keeping it together! :)
noplace2 04/27/15 08:36pm Full-time RVing
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