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RE: Beware of scammers!!!

All of the old adages apply: 1} if it sounds too good to be true, it isn't 2) stupid is as stupid does 3 a sucker born every minute
noplace2 12/17/14 04:52pm General RVing Issues
RE: Weight of rv awning.

Just wondering why you wish to know?
noplace2 12/17/14 04:44pm General RVing Issues
RE: Hosting/working Alaska

We worked for Corrington ENT in Skagway for 4 months in '08. A wonderful experience which we would recommend. Recent reports are that they still are doing seasonal positions. They pay well, and give you a site with all amenities. Be aware that this is largely a cruise ship dependent location. The cruisers come in between 0900 and leave before 2200. Boredom? You mean watching the Glacier bear mom wandering 30' behind our site with 2 cubs in tow? Bears fishing (and catching) salmon 0.2 miles from us? We would never trade our experience there. Your results may vary. Happy Holidays
noplace2 12/17/14 04:34pm Workamping Forum
RE: Any good Camp Host stories?

OK, it's December and I'm bored. Anybody have any good Camp Host stories? Ed You mean like the one when we found a dead guy face down in a creek running into Convict Lake in CA? Final determination as to cause of death: Alcohol poisoning. Or, at the same location, the person who lit a fire on the floor of one of the BR stalls at 0200, cuz he was "cold"? Again, we suspect that alcohol was a factor :B Oh, I'm sorry, you said GOOD stories! And in all fairness, we were area managers at the time and had to respond to all sorts of nonsense. Over the years as hosts, managers and other worker bees, the positives outweighed the negatives, sometime by only a slim margin. :)
noplace2 12/16/14 06:17pm Workamping Forum
RE: Why don't you read?

I haven't read through all the posts on this thread. But I agree with OP. LOL!
noplace2 12/15/14 10:13pm General RVing Issues
RE: Why don't you read?

And now the OP gets to do the 'happy dance' yep
noplace2 12/15/14 09:58pm General RVing Issues
RE: Why don't you read?

This from a guy that has been a member since 2006 with 388 posts? You just don't get it do you? I love you people. :B True, it takes up about 0.1 % of my day, but you frequent flyers are mightily entertaining!
noplace2 12/15/14 09:44pm General RVing Issues
RE: Why don't you read?

OP here. I knew y'all would come out of the woodwork, but this turned out WAY better than I expected. Even a couple of one-hit wonder/respond to everything people who will NEVER get it came out!
noplace2 12/15/14 08:42pm General RVing Issues
Why don't you read?

It has frequently happened that there are folks here who obviously have not read all or even most of the posts in a thread before they chime in. Recently I posted a comment and within 2 pages, there were 2 other posts nearly identical to mine. The posters had not read the previous to understand that they were at least being redundant and frequently sounding ignorant. For those of you who don't bother reading through what you are responding to, why is that? Lazy? Your time more valuable? I do understand that there are a few folks here who will respond to ANYTHING just to add to their message count. (I'll NEVER get that mindset) But to the others of you, why don't you bother?
noplace2 12/15/14 06:02pm General RVing Issues
RE: getting cash on the road

What is this "cash" thing of which you speak? :) Seriously, we have an ATM card via our CU which we use, free of charge, to withdraw $400 at a time. The last time we did that was 11 months ago. We still have $40 of it left and I've been walking around with the same $20 in my pocket for months. Started with $40 but couldn't resist the local produce stand last week and those lousy so an so's didn't take plastic! The shame.
noplace2 12/14/14 07:21pm Full-time RVing
RE: Campground costs

nazpaz has the right idea. We're fulltimers in our 14th year and belong to a remaining 3 of 6 original CG membership programs which we bought into 12 years ago at a serious discount. TT was not considered at the time nor would we consider it now. Far more expensive buy-in than necessary, even on the aftermarket. We still only use our memberships about 1/2 the time, using monthly rates at serious discounts otherwise. I just calculated what we've spent in YTD 2014 in nightly fees, membership dues, and even included amortization of the original buy-ins over 12 years. A whopping $3.57/night. Not a misprint and that includes electric when we've had to pay for it additionally , which has been rarely. Although we used to do a fair amount of boodocking, we have only done a handful of nights in '14. You have to do a lot of homework to save money, but you can do it significantly. We're currently in a county park in N. central FL right on the Suwanee river. (Think state park setting). In the center of a 650 acre forested preserve, we are among 150 sites, roughly 20 of them occupied as it's off season, don't ya' know. 75 today and low 70's predicted for the next 10 days. Around 40 for the nights. So quiet here you can hear the proverbial pin drop even during the day. All this including typical amenities plus an indoor heated pool, included wi-fi, at least 10 miles of hiking trails and including electric. $375/month. At $12.10/night, this is the most expensive we will have done all year. We're not complaining. :) To be sure, this isn't for everyone. If you are the go-go-go, social, on-site "activities" sort, this type of place is not for you and you'll probably pay way more for the "thrill" of available bingo. We hike an average of 5 miles/day but otherwise really enjoy life in the slow lane. Good luck to you whichever route you choose to take and remember that nothing is graven in stone.
noplace2 12/14/14 06:28pm Full-time RVing
RE: Cleaning out camper

Fulltiming now in our 14th year. Sold the house and nearly everything in it. No storage desired. We thought we had it nailed, but a year later, we went through and tossed a number of other things. Since, and to this day, we faithfully adhere to 2 rules: 1) If we haven't used it in the last year, out it goes. We haven't had to use that one in a long time because we've pared down to what we really need/use. 2) If something of lasting substance comes in, something else has to go. No exceptions. This one even saves money. :)
noplace2 12/14/14 05:28pm RV Lifestyle
RE: Flying J diesel price

gasbuddy.com can be your friend. Only one proviso: Some people post prices based on some discount they received instead of the actual posted price at the station. That is misleading and not helpful to others on the road. Truck stop locations as already described above haven't had my business for a few years now.
noplace2 12/13/14 04:16pm General RVing Issues
RE: Propane weight

I still remember the difference between a "tank" and a "cylinder". Seriously? You want to split THAT hair?
noplace2 12/12/14 04:57pm General RVing Issues
RE: Have the Police stopped enforcing our traffic laws?

Its called impeding traffic !. I've looked at several state's laws and cannot find that "impeding traffic" is a citable offense, at least in the context of driving the speed limit or at or above the minimum posted, if a minimum exists.
noplace2 12/11/14 10:05pm General RVing Issues
RE: Propane weight

This is a no-brainer. Tell the filler to stop it at 7 gallons with an empty 30lb tank and make sure he/she isn't "venting" while filling. It is absolutely unnecessary. You might get a dirty look because a few of them are used to pumping significantly more while they're "venting" the tank. $$ in the bank not yours. I'm certified to dispense propane in 11 states. I know of what I speak.
noplace2 12/11/14 04:27pm General RVing Issues
RE: Have the Police stopped enforcing our traffic laws?

Those are the ones that needs nailed with tickets !! Tickets for what, exactly?
noplace2 12/11/14 09:22am General RVing Issues
RE: Have the Police stopped enforcing our traffic laws?

You know... its funny. It just now occurred to you that people are hilarious?
noplace2 12/09/14 08:59pm General RVing Issues
RE: Have the Police stopped enforcing our traffic laws?

I believe today's amazing vehicles and safety devices give driver's (and passengers) a false sense of security. Just because a vehicle rides smooth and quiet at 80-mph, doesn't mean the vehicle and it's occupant will fare so well in a roll-over collision (not to mention, the number of other vehicles it takes with it along the way.) Couldn't agree with you more. In 1974, I was willingly taken for a ride in a '73 Maserati Ghibli SS. It was on a recently laid interstate at 0200 and the driver was a pro, as in Indy class. We briefly hit 155 mph. Even on what would now be considered glass-like pavement, I was white knuckled at the top of the curve because the slightest pavement seam had us airborne for a few seconds. And BTW, neither of us was in the least bit chemically impaired, except for adrenaline. :) Around the same time and subsequently, I have/had flown inverted stunt planes and jumped out of 163 others (recreationally), but I still recall that SS "flight" as one of the most harrowing. I trusted the driver and the vehicle. I didn't trust the road. Which brings me to my belabored point. We have traveled far and wide from Alaska to Central America in nearly 14 years of fulltiming. The infrastructure in this great nation of ours is in an unprecedented state of decay and nowhere is that more evident than in the condition of our interstate system. To travel at 80+ mph in a light vehicle on many stretches of the I's is to invite a problem, and LEO's are the least of it.
noplace2 12/08/14 10:40pm General RVing Issues
RE: Will RidEx decompose flushables?

Rid-X WILL decompose the contents of your wallet, but little else.
noplace2 12/08/14 04:49pm General RVing Issues
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