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RE: Possible frame weld broken on new Montana

Well, after emails have changed servers, the result is they are still waiting on a welder "their" welder to weld the **** thing and will hopefully get to it next week. She said the slide was completely out of the camper and they were working on the wall at the banister now. IF that is completed next week, it still has to be put back together, put in the heat bay for the AC units, that system trouble shot, repaired, and then the rain bay for leaks, clean up and then scheduled to transport. So I emailed back and asked if we still had a possibility of getting it back before our trip and the answer was "we'll try!" I am done with these people. There attitude towards customer service is PATHETIC!! I AM DONE! Seven months to get attention, four months to schedule it, had it now 6 weeks and can't tell me when we get it back. AND they knew this in NOVEMBER that I had to have it by April. I WILL NEVER OWN ANOTHER MONTANA!!
nremtp143 03/21/17 02:29pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Possible frame weld broken on new Montana

The root cause of the flex has been identified as a broken weld in the nose of the camper. I specifically asked if it was on the Lippert frame and was told YES. The area joint was being rewelded and plated today. Also in the nose of the camper, there are three aluminum tubes that offer support to the front of the rig. These tubes are filled with wood to allow the bolts through the aluminum to adhere to something. Two of these tubes had no wood in them and the bolts pulled through the aluminum. That too is being repaired. I've been told I will be receiving pics of the before and after. I will update as soon as I know something else.
nremtp143 03/14/17 07:18pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: 3791RD information

Now that's funny Chris people say the good the bad and the ugly on the Montana forum and when Montana sells 4-5 thousand units a year yep ya get a few lemons and folks on the forum will let everybody know as well as the people that love them it is a honest and great Forum the 6 years I have been on it It is in no way shape or form run or supported by Keystone and by the way nremtp143 is a member of the Montana Forum and we all hear and feel bad for his problems with his Rig but his situation is not the norm for the majority of us Monty Owners I agree that my problem is no where near the norm, but there are a few out there with the same problem. I'm SO looking to get past this so I can enjoy the rig that we love. In all honesty, I believe the major culprit is going to be the Lippert frame, but holding out on final judgement. Just like cars/trucks, you get a bad one every now and then. Mine was just luck of the draw. However, it's how the situation was(wasn't) handled that makes me ill. But, I did come in with proof rather than just trying to cause a ruckus. That's not my style.
nremtp143 03/13/17 07:40pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: 3791RD information

If you have . . . or have had . . . this model, can you tell me some pros and cons about it? Any information you'd like to share would be greatly appreciated. Here are a few questions that I do have some concern about: 1) the back storage under the Den . . . because it's not very tall, do you find it really hard to get to things? What do you store back there? I'm thinking tables/chairs, fishing poles, brooms/mops and narrow plastic bins. Can't think of much else that would fit there. 2) Is the bathroom too small to manauver around when you are a little 'fluffy'? 3) Are the bedrooms drawers barely worthless? 4) Is the living room furniture comfortable or really hard? 5) Do you have the new stove/oven combo? If so, how do you like it? As I said . . . if there is anything you LOVE or HATE about it, please share. Thank you so much! I am the one referred to in the previous answer with the frame flex. Ours is a 3790RD with the RV fridge being the only difference. Ours is at the factory now and supposedly being taken apart as I write this. Al units will have a few flaws as fast as they build these things, but my beef with Montana is that we've been trying to get their attention since July of '16!!!! They answered us in November, scheduled for Feb and haven't notified us of the work starting yet! As for your questions.. 1) We store our outside cook stuff, small 150psi air compressor, ladder, MorRyde cord reel, chairs, some tools, corn hole boards, ice cream maker, and such under there. Some things you have to turn on its side to get it under there and then sit it upright. 2)I am 6' and 265 pounds(at the moment!) and have no trouble getting around in the bathroom. The door is awkward to navigate around the first trip, after that there's nothing to it. 3)No. The drawers are very nice in the bedroom, plus you have the storage bins to the left behind the mirrors and the closet to the right IF you don't have the W/D units. 4)The living room furniture is very nice. It is firm, but not too soft you can't get up from. We all love it. Very comfortable. 5)We have the stove/oven combo as well as the Microwave. We love the unit. I've so far not been impressed with the electric cook tops like in the Big Country units. This was my wife's "dream camper" that's turned into a nightmare so far. That it ALL ON KEYSTONE. Now, that being said, if the unit comes back repaired and in working order, we will see how it progresses from there. Before the frame issue, just a few minor things then we had the AC issue that is on Dometic and being repaired while it is there. We love the floor plan and the storage. Much more so than our previous two Sandpipers s they were bunkhouses. I love the drop frame of the Montana as well. Lots of storage up front as well. Many out there have had no problem with theirs and I hope that continues. We just got a bad one and I'm trying to stay as optimistic as I can be. Otherwise it is just not healthy for me!
nremtp143 03/13/17 03:27pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Firestone 5000 bag loose and leaking

There is not a nut on the bottom of mine, only a drilled and tapped hole for the mounting screw to go into.
nremtp143 03/12/17 06:54pm Tow Vehicles
RE: 2017 F450 with Fifth Wheel

I don't have a pic, but several on the FTE have them. One thing we've realized is that the floor of the trucks are the same height as the previous year models, but the bed sides are 2" higher. So the trailers are not sitting higher in the nose per say, the rigs are just losing 2" of bedrail clearance.
nremtp143 03/11/17 02:21pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Tow Vehicle 7-Way Plug Emulator

nremtp143 03/11/17 06:20am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Forest River Unveils New Warranty Policy

As most people would agree, they are pretty much the same. My new Montana has had a frame and AC issue since last July and was sent back to the factory in early February and I'm told they will start on it tomorrow. Very little quality control from any of them. I will say that the two Sandpipers I had were relatively problem free, but I believe I just got lucky.
nremtp143 03/08/17 08:11am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Specialty Pin Boxes

I just put a TrailAir on our Montana right before it went back to the factory and only pulled it three times, but it did make a big difference. I really didn't notice that much difference between a standard pin box and the MorRyde, but others loved them.
nremtp143 03/07/17 06:20pm Fifth-Wheels
Forest River Unveils New Warranty Policy

Well, maybe all of our "social media" exchanges has gotten to at least one company. Rumors for the last couple of months about how the RV industry is responding to complaints from the customers seem to be coming true. Although I no longer own a FR product, I think this is s step in the right direction. FR Unveils New Warranty Parts Plan
nremtp143 03/07/17 03:32pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Possible frame weld broken on new Montana

Any update on this? Curious minds and potential future Montana owners would love to know. I was told by a Montana rep approximately ten days ago that I would be contacted when the work was started on the unit. So far, nothing! I emailed the contact I was given today to see if they had any information on my unit. Of course, I've emailed them four other times within the past three months and not heard a single word from them. This is now truly beginning to worry us as we have a 10 day trip planned for our son's spring break 5 1/2 weeks from today. That doesn't sound that bad, but considering they've had the unit a month today, yes, it is starting to worry me. I will update when I hear something. Thank you for your interest in this ridiculous matter. I am not impressed at all by Keystone's handling of this if any of you can tell. This is a far cry from the response I got from Forest River when I had an axle problem with my Sandpiper.
nremtp143 03/07/17 02:19pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Mods for 7.3 Excursion??

The best mod hands down for my X was swapping the springs out and getting rid of the factory X ones. I've now put new springs on 2 Xs and 2 super dutys all with the same effect. Great ride and better handling. ATSprings has some great F250-F250 springs. I bought mine from SDTruckSprings for my X and will not use them again(personal and long story) but the ones from ATS have been great. About to do my son's '03 F250 ina few weeks.
nremtp143 03/04/17 03:17pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Air bag wireless air compressors

medic143, How/what did you use that enables control of the Viair to the Firestone Ride rites? This is the dual pneumatic gauge controller that I used. It is a little pricey, but I've never heard of anyone having a problem with one. I had another style and promptly switched to this one and have never regretted it. It is also available in a black face as well. Firestone Dual Needle Control Gauge
nremtp143 02/27/17 06:46pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Air bag wireless air compressors

Due to many of the failures of the wireless compressors a while back, I went with the Firestone Ride-Rites and the Viair 10007 onboard air system on my truck. I realize that the wireless compressors have come a long way in the past 6 years, but I'm on my second truck with the Viair. I have them plumbed independently and can control each bag from the cab with the Firestone pneumatic controller. Plus, I put an air chuck under the right rear door of my truck so I can fill tires anytime on the road.
nremtp143 02/26/17 07:27pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Possible frame weld broken on new Montana

Lets hope when they have the cap off, they'll do a through inspection of all the welds. In a perverse sort of way, I'd kinda hope the unit they are repairing now has defective welds on the other side which might cause them to carefully look your unit over real good. True.
nremtp143 02/22/17 05:50pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Possible frame weld broken on new Montana

DELAYED!!! I finally got someone to answer me back today after I called and left messages. When she called, she was apologetic that she had failed to tell me the unit was at the factory. As we were talking I asked if it was being worked on and her reply was, "No". She said they are running behind and that the guys assigned to this unit will not be finished with the unit they are working on now until the END OF NEXT WEEK and that my unit should be started after that. So, apparently the quickest it will be torn into is a week from this coming Monday. She did say that they had done a preliminary exam of the unit and it appears that one of three things has happened. 1- Broken weld in the nose, 2-the relief cut under the slide did not go all the way through the side wall to effectively stop the flex, or 3- that the aluminum beams in the front that sit on the steel beams were not "stuffed with wood for the bolts to adhere to when put in from the steel beams to hold them together":-arrgh I asked for a guestimate as to how long it would take and she stated that at least a week for the flex, then the interior wall and the AC units will have to be tested. This may be a several week process before the unit comes back. I was afraid of that!!!!! She stated that once the nose was removed and the problem found, the plant manager and the production manager have to examine to see if correct procedures were followed. No estimate on time received. Which brought me to the videos! I asked her had anyone seen them and she didn't even know what I was talking about. So, I explained to her the stud problem(short, shoddy welds, etc) and the videos that were taken and she stated that even she couldn't see the videos because they were YouTube, but there were people in the plant that could see them and she would make sure that happened. I gave her a list of the ones I'd sent them to. This is just adding to my disdain for this company now. I wonder why I wasn't told of the delay! I also wonder if that is why they haven't contacted me due to this delay. I told her that this would probably not sit well with my forum friends and others having the same complaint. I told her there were more and she was silent. I finally told her that this entire ordeal has been going on since July and has now been seen over 85,000 times. Again, she was silent. I know it is not her fault and I stayed pretty calm with her as I wanted to stay that way, but I'm ticked at the entire Montana department. This has gone on WAY TOO LONG! She promised to update me:-huh from now on once it makes its way to the floor. So, that is where it stands as of now.
nremtp143 02/22/17 01:56pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Possible frame weld broken on new Montana

It was supposed to have been moved to the work area on Friday, but I haven't gotten an email saying it was done, so I'm not sure if it was started on. While discussing this on FB with other Montana owners, I had three more contact me with the same issue, so I am not alone now. Two of them are the sister model to mine the 3791RD and the other is a front living 3711 which has two front slides as opposed to my one. All of them are flexing on the left front between the slide and the nose. My fear is they will not take the nose loose, slide out and peel back the side a bit so they can actually see the roof try to pick up before the floor does when it is lifted by the pin. I'm betting they will only shoot the new glue up under the side panel and shoot the 5 screws in the side and call it a day.
nremtp143 02/20/17 06:13am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Possible frame weld broken on new Montana

The unit arrived in Goshen after hours on Friday. It was being checked in at the factory today.
nremtp143 02/13/17 04:43pm Fifth-Wheels
New line of Goodyear tires with greater capacity and speed

Just wondering if any of you have seen this? A step in the right direction maybe?? Goodyear Endurance trailer tires
nremtp143 02/11/17 08:47am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Possible frame weld broken on new Montana

I understand what you are saying and I brought up this very point to the Montana management member handling my case. I was told that once it is in the system as being brought back for a repair such as this, that if I had a problem later such as delamination in the area or another break in the area, that it would be covered. I asked to get that in writing and was told it would be no problem. Before I get too comfortable, I would like to see the documents on how it was handled and what actually was done at the factory.
nremtp143 02/10/17 06:12pm Fifth-Wheels
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