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RE: 2016 Ram 3500 auxiliary fuel tank plumbing??

I did a bit more research and found the Wix 33003 which is compatible with gravity flow diesel and got one of those. Thanks.
nremtp143 10/05/17 08:14am Tow Vehicles
RE: 2016 Ram 3500 auxiliary fuel tank plumbing??

That will work 143. But make sure to install in the line an inline filter of no less than 3 micron. The one I use was used in GM 6.5 trucks I understand. It has a threaded fitting at both ends so you can fit barbs on for the hose. I'm on the road right now but when I get home could post the part number. Thank you for the suggestion. I was talking with a friend of mine about this today. I will give it a go at trying to find it. Edit: Found it, but will a filter that size gravity feed?
nremtp143 10/04/17 06:47pm Tow Vehicles
RE: 2016 Ram 3500 auxiliary fuel tank plumbing??

I know I don't own a Dodge, but this topic caught my eye and interest. I just put in a new auxiliary tank yesterday in my 6.7. I had toyed with the idea of a Titan tank, but too much money for the extra storage you are getting, so I bought an aluminum one from Pickup Specialties. It is a 51 gallon upright tank. I too wondered if the auxiliary, if left open, would overflow my main tank. So I found a 12v 3/8" electric solenoid on Ebay from valves4projects and installed it. I put on a brass ball valve first then put the solenoid after it. Ran a wire to my upfitter swtich(a simple toggle would do well) so I can now leave the ball valve open and flip a witch to open the solenoid and fill the OEM tank. A little redundant, but a little more peace of mind I guess.
nremtp143 10/04/17 03:27am Tow Vehicles
RE: How do you carry Kayaks on your 5er

https://i.imgur.com/OUpYgH1l.jpg https://i.imgur.com/lKwr5tZl.jpg This is what many are referring to. Works great, many use it and no permanent mount. If it won't go in your garage just take the rack off the roof. You probably aren't going to be driving around with the front T attached when you are not carrying the kayaks. Correct. Even though I've found that if I'm not carrying the 12ft kayak, with my B&W moved to the rear, I can carry the 10 footers on the cab of the truck with the roof racks. But with the 12s, the front rack is a must with the 5er.
nremtp143 10/04/17 03:11am Fifth-Wheels
RE: How do you carry Kayaks on your 5er

https://i.imgur.com/OUpYgH1l.jpg https://i.imgur.com/lKwr5tZl.jpg
nremtp143 09/30/17 07:20pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Valvoline Premium Blue 15W-40 @ Advance Auto Parts

Back in July NAPA had the Extreme Blue 5w-40 full synthetic for $17.99 a gallon. so I bought 10 gallons. Enough for me to change my 6.7L 3 times. Plus, at the time, it was the only synthetic on Ford's list of oils for newer trucks. BTW, I walked into the nearest NAPA dealer and was impressed at the new store.
nremtp143 09/22/17 04:21pm Tow Vehicles
RE: She won't squat

Congrats on the new truck and here's to many miles/trips with ease!
nremtp143 09/22/17 04:16pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Where do you mount the TST 507 series Repeater?

I just talked to the TST people on Tuesday regarding this matter. I've ran the same set up with 3 campers and two truck where I have the external antenna on the top of my rear view mirror and have not had a problem except dropping reception in the rain, until I installed a dash cam! The dash cam is "dirty" when talking about Rf waves(interference). I had tapped into the fuse box and used the cigarette plug as the power and had no problem, then I decided I may want to use the camera in other vehicles and I switched to a transformer and took out the cig plug. That's when I lost all connection with the sensors. I called them and talked to them last week and they were amazed that I'd had no problem with a all 3 42ft campers and long bed trucks until now. They recommended the repeater and for me to move my external antenna to the back glass area. They advised to mount the repeater in the front compartment where the batteries are and to try and center it in the compartment if I could. With the generator shroud, it won't be a problem. They also stated that the repeater antennas needs to run front to back and not side to side. It just came in the mail today and I should get it installed next week and will let you know.
nremtp143 09/22/17 04:14pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Occasional bogging

By chance have you scanned it to see if there are any stored DTCs(diagnostic trouble codes) in it? Could be anything from a throttle position sensor to a MAP or MAF sensor. My '13 F350 6.7L had a stumble/buck upon acceleration and it turned out to be a bad MAF(mass air flow sensor). Took several months and many trips to the dealer to figure it out as it never set a code. Good luck and let us know. Sincerely hope it isn't much.
nremtp143 09/01/17 06:08pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Possible frame weld broken on new Montana

Yes. Last summer they pulled into a campsite went to put the slides out and the entire slide, frame and all, fell onto the ground. Keystone took the camper and repaired it and just under a year later, this happened.
nremtp143 08/09/17 02:45am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Air bags how to use them

I have had airbags on both of my last two duallies and it makes a huge difference in ride quality on rough roads. I have Firestone bags as they were the cheapest at Summit Racing when I bought them in '10. After a few trips with them and the bicycle/foot pump, I bought a Viair 10007 onboard air system with the Firestone dual pneumatic gauges and haven't looked back. I also plumbed in an air coupler underneath the passenger side rear door with a ball valve so I can air up tires for the rig, bicycles or pin box with no problem. It is an expense, but after seeing all of the manifold troubles with the wireless one, I went with this setup. Keep in mind that MANY people still have no trouble with the wireless one. I've used this same system on two different trucks as I made it where I can remove it pretty easily.
nremtp143 08/08/17 08:31am Tow Vehicles
RE: Possible frame weld broken on new Montana

The list just keeps getting longer. Here is a 2016 3711Fl that has already been repaired once. This is four in the last month. http://i.imgur.com/3jcOhZJl.jpg
nremtp143 08/08/17 08:22am Fifth-Wheels
RE: 2017 dually vs mid 2000 dually comparisons?

The most impressive thing to me in the battle of the F350 vs the F450 is the turning radius. The F450 comes with the "wide track" front end and has a MUCH better turning radius. The F350 4x4 turns at 38* while the F450 4X4 turns at a full 45*. Much easier to maneuver in tight places. The F450 rides a little more harsh, but that is subjective. The draw back to a 450 is the limited tread patterns for the tires. If memory serves, there are only two manufacturers that have an all terrain tire, one of which is Toyo and has to be ordered. If all you want is a street tire, then that will be of little consequence. I've driven F450 and F350 ambulances for years and can tell you I much prefer to drive an F450 when it is loaded and the turning radius and stopping power shine above the 350.
nremtp143 07/28/17 02:38am Tow Vehicles
RE: Possible frame weld broken on new Montana

Good point!!
nremtp143 07/02/17 09:52am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Possible frame weld broken on new Montana

What lake are you going to? Lake Hartwell...Payne's Creek..
nremtp143 06/29/17 08:57pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Fresh Water Pump-But No Water

By chance does it have a winterizing intake? If so, check that cap. Also, make sure all of your bypasses are turned the correct way.
nremtp143 06/26/17 03:07pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Question For All The Sailun Tires Owners

Regardless of the mileage, I like the way the camper feels behind the truck. I've had the Chinese junk, Sailuns and GY G614s and the 14 ply tires stop the soft, "lumbering" feeling of the trailer behind you. Much more stable feeling in my opinion.
nremtp143 06/25/17 05:17am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Possible frame weld broken on new Montana

Sorry guys, been away nursing a slipped disc. Thank you for the well wishes guys. As far as the AC, not really sure. The hottest day we had was 86* so not really a big test. We are going to the lake the end of the week and will most likely get a feel for it then...pardon the pun! They did change out all of the vents and put in ones with almost no neck on them. The airflow has increased some. They re-taped all of the vent openings to try and help too. Of course this is really the first trip we've used both ACs after my dealer replaced the control board in the rear one so it cycles the way it should now. One very funny moment while at the beach and we were gone to dinner. We had turned down the T-stats to around 64* just to see what would happen for a bit. We were gone about a 90 minutes. When we walked back in, my wife who very seldom uses bad words, called me to the camper and said, "Are you happy now? It is 63 effing degrees in here right now! I'll have to admit, it felt REALLY good in there. We usually keep them around 75-78 or so, so I was really shocked when it got that cool. So maybe, just maybe the ACs are doing what they are supposed to do. I will let you guys know about the week at the lake here in GA in July when we get back. Again, thanks!
nremtp143 06/24/17 06:58pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Possible frame weld broken on new Montana

We have been home from the Myrtle Beach now over a week. The camper did fine. No flex in the nose at all and the caulking is still intact. As far as the warranty goes, we were only offered an extension until September. The paperwork was waiting on us when we returned. Maybe the flex is now permanently gone and we can get to enjoying the unit.
nremtp143 06/18/17 03:50pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Possible frame weld broken on new Montana

Late yesterday I received an email stating that they had approved my warranty extension until 9/26/17...which is 4 months from now. The email totally ignored the problems caused by the driver and even said they had never had any problem with a transport driver before, however did mention the toll charge and said they would pay it if I sent them the fine. Absolutely no mention of the why the rear bumper was replaced either. I talked to them today twice and have heard from Montana by email twice today stating that the paint is an exclusion to the warranty. I'm waiting an answer to the email I sent back asking why they felt they were not responsible for the damage that was caused when they had control of the unit. Listening to you guys it is apparent that I should have bought a Montana years ago as the quality was much better. Unless things change drastically, I've owned my last Montana. But as long as they stay "#1 in sales", why would they want to change as they are milking a cash cow. Along the same lines, a buddy of mine in Michigan has turned his into his dealer as his is five months older than mine with the same flex in the side. Montana has denied his warranty as of now stating that the 1/2" flex in the side is within spec, even though it breaks the caulking every time the unit is picked up. So he and his wife are in a hotel in Michigan waiting to hear something as other avenues are being sought. I believe his is about to get ugly. When I talked with someone from Montana recently, I was told that they didn't care about anything I put online and they are definitely not afraid of a lawsuit. I guess as long as they can still sell them, they truly don't care. One thing I can tell you is that the sales side cares what it said about them on the net. If the AC units do not cool as they are supposed to when we are at the beach next week, we will go ahead and take the next step. Describing that would violate forum rules here. I will update as I can if you are still interested.
nremtp143 05/26/17 02:26pm Fifth-Wheels
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