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RE: Rocky Mountain National Park - Fee Increase?

The same increase for Yosemite was announced, from $20.00 to $30.00
othertonka 10/22/14 04:59pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Hwy 1 in Ca

Then I took a cross country trip a while back and started noticing how flat everything is once you get passed the Rockies. That's when I figured out that the Highway 1 problem was mostly people from the flat lands. They just aren't used to driving on the side of cliffs. Those that don't like the Pacific Coast Highway due to curves and cliffs should try Ebbetts Pass, California State Route 4. That would be an eye opener for sure. Or the top section of Sonora Pass. just as a point of interest, both of the routes you mention, Ebbets pass and Sonora pass, are both red routes and 40 ft MH are prohibited. Just in case someone tries to navigate them. DON'T
othertonka 10/20/14 09:55pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Hwy 1 in Ca

And I should point out here, I'm from California so steep windy roads on the edge of cliffs are no big deal to me. When you see people telling you to stay off Highway 1 in a motorhome check their profile and you'll see they are often from a flat state. I understand where they're coming from. If you're used to driving through soybeans and cornfields then Highway 1 can be a little scary. But if you don't have a fear of heights and you can handle your motorhome, it is a doable road in a 40 foot and under motorhome. I've seen semi-trucks with 40 foot trailers out on Highway 1 taking supplies in to the communities on the road. Very good point! This is something I noticed a while back. Every time the subject of Highway 1 comes up there's always a group of people who come on here and tell everybody to don't go anywhere near it and they talk about how scared they were and how they almost fell into the ocean three times driving on the road. I never could understand why people were so afraid of it, especially the part south of Monterey. North of San Francisco is a little more tricky, but the road south of Monterey is just fine. Then I took a cross country trip a while back and started noticing how flat everything is once you get passed the Rockies. That's when I figured out that the Highway 1 problem was mostly people from the flat lands. They just aren't used to driving on the side of cliffs. But you are forgetting the OP is driving a 43 ft MH and that vehicle is prohibited by law on this highway. Are you suggesting he should break the law?
othertonka 10/20/14 08:13pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: leveler down lite came on

If Power gear jacks probably just low fluid. The fluid floats a switch that turns off the alarm. When you retract the jacks the fluid returns to the reservoir and floats the switch if there is enough fluid. Find the reservoir and check the fluid level. usually just needs a couple squirts of Dexron III will do the job
othertonka 10/18/14 03:33pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Hwy 1 in Ca

That section of hwy 1 is a red route by cal trans which means Motorhomes over 40 Ft are prohibited, from San Simion to carmel. Here is a link to the web site, when it comes up click on the number 5 on thee map and you w1ll see the red route. Cal Trans map
othertonka 10/17/14 11:36pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Mystery Switch

I have two guesses. #1 turns on the outside mirror heaters. #2. Fog lights but only works with the low beam head lights. Give it a try. Hard to tell if the mirror heater, I guess feel the mirror with your hand and feel if it gets hot
othertonka 10/17/14 05:02pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Fuel mileage with/without cruise.

In my opinion, do not use cruise in the mountains. If you notice when you do use cruise that when you approach a mountain, the cruise tries to maintain it's set speed and to do that it goes full throttle and usually downshifts, some times violently, and if you turn the cruise off, you can then use your foot on the the throttle and control how much you give it yourself, not just having to take what the cruise gives you. Full throttle pours a lot of fuel into the engine and most of the time it is not needed. I turn off the cruise and the overdrive and also manually downshift so I an in control not that guy named Cruise.
othertonka 10/17/14 01:15pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Windows 7 update and Browsers don't work

Mine did the same update last night and it works fine today.
othertonka 10/16/14 10:03pm Technology Corner
RE: Advice for my first trip to Yosemite this spring

Here is a web site that shows a picture of each camp site in upper pines. Find the camp site that has the dimensions you can fit in and then go to this site and look at a picture of it to see if you can back in with ease. Don't reserve too small of a site because you will be stuck with it, they will not let you switch sites at that point in time. You just will lose your reservation. Upper pines pictures
othertonka 10/12/14 05:17pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Housekeeping details

Take a few sheets of your regular TP and put it in a glass of water, if it dissolves you are OK to use it in your tank. Then make sure that your black tank is at least 3/4 full before dumping to get a good dump which will flush out the TP. I use Dawn, after all that is what they use for oil soaked birds and other wildlife.
othertonka 10/12/14 04:46pm Travel Trailers
RE: CA 36 over the mountains

You definitely do not want to take Hwy 36 from 101 to I 5. That section is twisty, narrow, and real tight turns. It is also a red route by cal Trans which means Motorhomes 40 ft and longer are prohibited. If they don't want 40 footers, I don't want to try it even with a 32 footer. I have no knowledge of Hwy 36 from I 5 east over the mountains. Maybe others have more info
othertonka 10/11/14 04:37pm Roads and Routes
RE: Backing into drive on tight street

In my case, not really. I find what helps me most is to turn a bit into the driveway opening as I go by then drive toward the off side of the street before I start backing in. It helps get the whole set up headed in the right direction. By leaving the bars in place you keep things leveled up. I do pull the RV plug so the brakes are not trying to stop me while I back in with my foot on the brake pedal of the truck just in case I need to stop quickly. Don't worry about the traffic, people don't mind waiting a minute, after all neighbors help neighbors right? The method being described here is called the Scoop. Here is a link The Scoop
othertonka 10/09/14 06:09pm Towing
RE: oil change

With it being that new, I would definitely use what the owner's manual recommends...at least through the warranty period. If you want to switch over to something else after that, then by all means.... For my 1999 model V10, I used synthetic Mobile 1, 5W-30 and the OEM Motorcraft filter for my recent oil change. Ford recommends 5W x 20, not 5W x 30. Why did you use 5W x 30? Do you Know something that ford does not know? Just curious
othertonka 10/08/14 02:46pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Will this get me thrown in jail?

"Possession of Alcoholic Beverages: Exceptions 23229. (a) Except as provided in Section 23229.1, Sections 23221 and 23223 do not apply to passengers in any bus, taxicab, or limousine for hire licensed to transport passengers pursuant to the Public Utilities Code or proper local authority, or the living quarters of a housecar or camper." Old biscuit has it right, the quote is from the California vehicle code, and note the Vehicle code calls a Motorhome a" housecar " SO 23229 Applies to alcohol in the living quarters of your MH. It is legal.
othertonka 10/06/14 02:28pm General RVing Issues
RE: new tv

I have a Vizio that I really like.
othertonka 10/05/14 06:59pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Parking long term with slide out "almost out".

If you are parking it, why do you need the galley slide open? Just curious. I would leave it closed.
othertonka 10/04/14 10:57pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Loaning Trailer to Friend -- UPDATE

Good luck having 6 people get a shower from one tank of water. And don't just let the grey tank run on the ground under the RV, it will be a muddy mess. Get a grey cap with an garden hose outlet and run the hose away from the rv. Make sure they save enough water to flush the toilet. Good luck, 6 people will tax you RV like you have never seen.
othertonka 10/04/14 08:59pm General RVing Issues
RE: I'm thinking of going to manual steps.

If you go to manual, watch out for that FIRST STEP, it will be a long one until you employ the step.
othertonka 10/04/14 05:47pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: California Coast - Route 1

First of all, Hwy 1 from Leggit southbound on Hwy one is a RED route which means Motorhomes over 40 Ft are prohibited so that leaves you out unless you want to break the law. Besides that it is narrow, winding, tight turns and the co pilot is next to the cliff in some parts so he/she gets a scary view of the ocean. I don't recommend this drive in your MH. Stay on 101. Here is a link to the Cal trans site. When the site comes up, click on number 1 on ths map and look for the red rt on hwy 1 from Leggit south. then you can also click on number 4 for the rest of the state and so on. Cal rans map
othertonka 09/30/14 06:11pm Roads and Routes
RE: Back up lights

The backup switch should be on the transmission itself. Get underneath and look for a round switch with at least two wires coming out of it. Pull the plug off and check for it to have 12 volts at one of the wires. If you have voltage use a jumper wire to the other wire and see if the lights come on. Hint, might have to have the ignition switch ON to test.
othertonka 09/29/14 09:21pm Class A Motorhomes
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