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RE: marquis 5500 generator starting problems

Next time before trying to start, press and hold down the STOP/PRIME BUTTON until you hear the fuel pump click and then when the clicking slows down or stops, then push the START button. This will fill the carb bowl with gas and should start.
othertonka 11/16/15 05:28pm Tech Issues
RE: CR-V toad

Honda has an anti theft device installed in the radio. If someone steals your radio it won't work for them when they power it back up until they put in the proper "radio code". That is what you are doing, you are switching off the power to the radio and when you restore or repower the radio, you need to enter the radio code into the radio and it will then work. If you can't find the radio code attached to your owners manual you can take your VIN number to any Honda dealer and they can look it up on their computer. Write it down for future reference because every time you turn that switch OFF and back ON you will need to enter that code again. Same thing if you disconnect the battery for any reason. So find the code or make a trip to the Honda dealer.
othertonka 10/21/15 07:35pm Dinghy Towing
RE: onan 5.5 Marquis hard starting

Try the primer button before trying to start. The primer button is the same as the stop button. Just push and hold down the Stop/prime and listen for the fuel pump to click and hold down until the clicking slows down, usually 15 to 20 seconds, This fills the carb. bowl. Then push the Start button. should start within 30 seconds. It is best to do this at the Gen set itself so you can hear the pump clicking.
othertonka 10/02/15 04:28pm Tech Issues
RE: Redwoods NP to Yosemite NP

You don't want to take HWY 36, very narrow and tight turns. Take Hwy 20 instead, you go through Willits on 101 and catch hwy 20 near Ukiah and go over to Williams and catch I 5. Note top off fuel in Willits, Safeway has fuel on 101 at hwy 20
othertonka 09/22/15 06:04pm Roads and Routes
RE: Power Gear Failure - Slideout

just a suggestion in case you haven't thought of it, make sure the slide goes in and out freely before replacing the motor. It sounds like you were able to operate the slide manually so might not be a problem, but something made that motor blow up, double check that nothing is blocking the slide. Good Luck
othertonka 09/19/15 07:56pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: California Hwy 1

According to the Cal Trans map, that section of Hwy1 is a RED route and Motorhomes 40 to 45 ft are prohibited. Click on the link and when the Map comes up, click on number 5 on the map and look for HWY 1 and you will see it is a RED route. And yes it is narrow and has tight turns. Cal trans map
othertonka 09/17/15 05:11pm Roads and Routes
RE: Bakersfield to Lone Pine

I have to respectfully partially disagree with Dick. You do NOT want to come down 395 in January...unless you have daily weather report indicating no snow. Parts of 395 are 9000 feet elevation and it doesn't take much to snow up there. I do agree on taking 58 over Tehachapi pass (almost always kept clear of snow as it is a major east/west corridor over the Sierras) to Hwy 14. North on 14 until it merges with 395 at Inyokern. 395 will take you on up to Lone Pine. You DO NOT want to take Hwy 178 out of Bakersfield....this is a road that goes up Kern Canyon and has lots of turns, curves, drop offs, and crazy people driving way too fast. While you can take a large RV over this road, you will eventually have to go over Walker's Pass to get to Hwy 14. During January, this pass can close on a moments notice and you will have no where to go. Even in good weather, taking 178 v.s. 58 will take you at least 1/2 hour longer. So, as mentioned, hwy 58 to 14 to 395 is definitely the best route. I live in Ridgecrest and know these roads intimately. Ron I agree with this route ( 58, 14, Inyokern, 395 ) in the dead of winter. I also agree to stay off of 178 out of bakersfield. You can take a short detour off of Hwy 14 and go into Inyokern for fuel, cheaper then anything you will find further north, and then hit 395 and go to lone pine
othertonka 08/29/15 01:18pm Roads and Routes
RE: Update on dealer ripoff

100 sets of gears at $20.00 ea will cost the dealer $2000.00. He has to sell 26 sets of gears at $75.00 (20 X 75 = $1950 to even get back most of his money, then sell all the rest of the sets at $75.00 ea before he even starts to make a profit. Sounds like a gamble to me. ?
othertonka 08/26/15 06:28pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Shift cable

A good transmission shop should be able to find a replacement cable that would work, I would think.
othertonka 08/24/15 05:48pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: cruise control

With a manual tranny there is also a switch on the clutch pedal that activates when you push the clutch in. That switch along with the brake light switch could be out of adjustment thus not allowing the cruise to activate. just a thought, check it out.
othertonka 08/24/15 03:43pm Beginning RVing
RE: Note on updating maps on a Garmin dezl 760.

You can get more space by deleting all the languages that you don't need or ever use.
othertonka 08/19/15 11:50am Technology Corner
RE: Help with Cummins Onan Marquis Gold altitude problems

There is an adjustment knob for altitude on the ONAN carb but I don't think it goes up to 8K. Does his have the adjustment knob and has he turned it up all the way?
othertonka 08/19/15 11:46am Tech Issues
RE: Noisy Workhorse engine fan

Put the 195 thermostat back in, manufactures OEM, and learn to live with the roar. I live with it. Use a lower gear when climbing hills to keep the RPM's up for more cooling air and less heat build up. The dash temperature gauge is just an indication of temp and usually stays in the middle. With the OBDII` scan gauge my temp can read 200 to 205 when the dash gauge reads right in the middle. And yes the fan comes on and does it's job, roar and all
othertonka 08/19/15 11:40am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Determining Tire Pressure

The correct way is to go to a scale and weigh each tire position to see how much weight each tire is carrying. Then go to the tire manufactures web site and look for the inflation table, find your size tire, look at the weight you recorded, and the chart will tell how much air you need to carry that weight. I usually add 5 PSI for safety reasons. If you have different weights on the same axle, use the highest weight to determine the PSI you need. A sample load and inflation chart Load chart sample
othertonka 08/17/15 12:39pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: What would you do, stay put or pull over?

I pull over if there is a designated "Turnout" and it is paved. I drove from Willits, Ca to Ft Brag, Ca on hwy 20, a very narrow and winding road with lots of traffic. There was ample turnouts and even if I had only 2 vehicles behind me and they were constantly tailgating, I would pull over. And if I had only one logging truck behind me, I pull over. They are on the payroll and need to get going, I am on vacation and don't need to be holding anybody up. On Hwy 20 when you let them go by almost everyone would give you a short toot on the horn in appreciation.
othertonka 08/17/15 12:27pm General RVing Issues
RE: Stuck Generator Oil Filter

The problem on the ONAN, at least the 5500, is that the filter is recessed into the gen set and only protrudes maybe an inch or two. This makes it hard to get most strap wrenches onto the filter. Onan makes a cup wrench just for it's filter but the filter is now probably distorted too must to use a cup wrench. There also is not room to drive a large screwdriver through the filter but that is probably the answer. Good luck and if you get it off, I would suggest you buy a ONAN cup wrench for next time.
othertonka 08/12/15 07:50pm Beginning RVing
RE: Onan marquis 5500

on the 5500 there is a PRIME position on the start/stop switch, push and hold the STOP/PRIME button down and listen for the pump to start clicking, this will indicate that the pump is pumping and will soon prime itself. When the clicking stops or slows down, let go of the switch and press the START BUTTON. should start after 15 to 30 seconds. Just a suggestion. But back to your question, have you actually used a volt meter while trying to start the genset to determine that you have no voltage? could be that you lost your prime and if those 5500 sit ( 4 weeks or more) for a while the carb will go dry and you have to prime in order to start. Give it a try.
othertonka 08/09/15 10:06pm Tech Issues
RE: Surprised how different Bilsteins are to install

My experience was to not cut the strap until I had one end of the shock in it's mount and then pointed the other end of the shock towards the other mount, then I cut the strap and as the shock expanded, I guided the shock into the other mount. Then installed the nuts and/or bolts and the job was done. yes the shocks are real hard to compress, that's why I had the shock in one mount before cutting the strap. Worked for me.
othertonka 08/01/15 07:18pm Truck Campers
RE: Warranty Maintanance requirements?

Keep all your receipts. Look at your owners manual for oil change frequency. Some manufactures have a mileage or time limit. Could be as soon as 6 months or every 12 months. Most oil change's on a MH will probably be a time limit instead of a mileage limit due to the fact they are not driven that many miles each year so if you go by miles you could possibly not comply with the manufactures specs, and they can deny a claim because you went over the time period for a oil change, say 14 months, instead of the required 12 months. They can be real picky.
othertonka 07/31/15 10:26pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: No 110 at outlets

I agree, check the GFI and see if it has tripped. The GFI is usually in the bathroom and will be just like a 110 outlet but will have a couple of buttons in the middle. If one button is OUT, reset it and then check if the power has been restored. GFI
othertonka 07/31/15 05:15pm Tech Issues
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