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RE: Furnace noise

I agree it is probably the bushings/bearings in the fan motor, they are dry. usually not serviceable but I have bought some time by taking the motor out and dripping some oil on the motor shaft next to the bushing and turn the fan by hand and let some oil wick into the bushing. There is usually no way to lubricate those motors and a new motor is the fix
othertonka 02/27/15 08:55pm Tech Issues
RE: EMERGENCY repairs needed

Is there a mobile RV repairman in the area? They are usually pretty good and can be a lot cheaper then a shop.
othertonka 02/27/15 08:41pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Hi everyone, new to the Class A world

When you are hooking up your cord to the shore power pedestal in a RV park, always check the voltage before plugging in, and then before you plug in, turn the pedestal circuit breaker OFF and then plug in and turn the breaker back on. Reverse for unplugging, turn the breaker OFF before unplugging. Keeps the plug from sparking/arcing and burning/pitting the prongs.
othertonka 02/26/15 09:02pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Hi everyone, new to the Class A world

Here is a link to "the 12 volt side of life". It sheds a lot of light on the RV electrical system. It is really not that complicated. Do you know if you have an inverter? The inverter changes 12 volt DC to 110 volt AC and you can run a few 110 items like a TV from your Coach/or house batteries. Let us know after you read 12 v side of life if you have any questions and you will get many answers from the forum. Don't ask to many subjects at a time, just one or two at a time and you will get more answers. Then ask a couple more later. Good luck. Get a good multimeter to make your measurements instead of guessing if you have a good charged battery, first place to start, you need a fully charged battery. Here is the link to 12 volt of life.`12 volt side of life
othertonka 02/26/15 07:35pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Downshifting fix for hills

When you set a cruise control at a certain speed on level highway, say for example 65MPH, it will try and maintain that speed when you get to the mountains. And to do that the cruise pulls down on the throttle and as your speed slows because you are climbing a mountain the only way it can stay at 65 is pull down on the throttle and then it downshifts because that is what it is programed to do. First of all you don't need to maintain 65 going up that mountain so turn the cruise off and use your foot on the throttle and drive the machine yourself, don't let that guy named "Cruise" drive your MH. All he wants to do is floor the throttle and try to maintain the speed you set in the first place. So the solution is turn the cruise off in the mountains. You can also manually downshift to maintain the RPM's that suits you and the manual downshifts are not as harsh as the cruise control downshifts.
othertonka 02/25/15 07:08pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Has cell service improved in Death Valley?

Last time I was there cell service was good and improved near Furnace creek ranch on Verision. service around Stove pipe wells and other parts of the park were non existence.
othertonka 02/24/15 07:37pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Is this a dangerous situation?

My girlfriend was following me one day in her Jeep and I'm in my 2002 Chevy 2500HD and told me it was "Crab Walking". She was a competitive "Rock-Crawler" so I figured I better listen to her and check it out. Turns out the rear U-Bolts loosened and sheared the drivers-side leaf spring centering bolt causing the axle to shift position on the driver side leaf pack. New centering bolt and a re-torque on the U-bolts and it was aligned and good as new. I believe this is the correct answer, the center bolt on one of the rear springs is probably broken and the spring has slipped one way or the other, U bolts allowed this movement when the center bolt broke. The center bolt is put through the spring leaves and then sits in a hole in the axle saddle with the U bolts holding the spring unit in place. Give it a look, might be your problem
othertonka 02/23/15 08:25pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Unloading the inside to trade it in !!

We'll do our unloading in the Dealers Delivery Lot, probably be there 3 or 4 days moving everything from one 5er to the other, plus checking that everything is functional before leaving. The problem I see with this method is you put everything from the old back into the new even if you don't want it to be there, because then it will probably never be taken out. I took all my stuff out of the old at home and then you can put what you really need back in the new. Weed out now.
othertonka 02/23/15 03:22pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Towing Honda CRV

The 65 is set by Honda. In most cases 65 is fast enough for the MH/CRV combination. I have gone over 65 when coming down a long steep straight section of highway but only for short distance and then slowed down without having to use the brakes. Have towed this way for over 40,000 miles. So far so good. I also run the CRV transmission pre towing procedure through it's faze when I stop for lunch, it keeps the tranny lubricated for the rest of the day.
othertonka 02/22/15 05:13pm Dinghy Towing
RE: fresh water tank.. needed?

No...Not a mobile home, just don't plan to use that much water inside since to me camping means to be outdoors....sorry if my idea of camping and what I need/want don't mesh well with your thoughts of what campers should have, korbe. If I remember your original post, you asked the question and asked for any info. I guess your mind was already made up . Happy camping
othertonka 02/21/15 07:50pm Beginning RVing
RE: fresh water tank.. needed?

you can probably get by without a water tank, but it comes in handy for those potty breaks en route. you need water to flush. Just install a smaller tank if you are trying to save weight.
othertonka 02/21/15 06:40pm Beginning RVing
RE: Spam .....

could you be specific about a post you consider spam? I don't see much
othertonka 02/21/15 01:01pm Forum Technical Support
RE: With out the tow

Since the CRV is already "Tow Ready" it goes with us everywhere. I consider it a spare just like a Spare tire. I have had 2 breakdowns that required the MH to be towed and the TOAD was very helpful to get around and find a motel while the repair was being done. Did some sightseeing with the TOAD and played some golf so it saved the day. My motto is don't leave home without it.
othertonka 02/19/15 10:27pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Red Bluff to Fortuna CA on 36?

In other words, NO way should you take that route, too narrow and winding and once you start there is probably no place to turn around and change your mind. Since you asked, please take the advice as offered. Hwy 20 from I5 to 101 is my choice, but 299 is also doable.
othertonka 02/18/15 05:27pm Roads and Routes
RE: Traveling 101 want to skirt around Redwoods

The best way to skirt the redwoods is stay on 101 and don't take the" Avenue of the giants". The traffic on 101 moves right along. And Fort Bragg is not on 101, it is about 1 and a 1/4 hours drive west on hwy 20 from willits. If you go over to I 5 first it is then many miles and hours to get back to 101 which to me is a waste of gas of time. But if that is what you want, hwy 20 is the best route from Williams to Ukiah at 101. Then north on 101 back to Willits and then west on 20 to Ft Bragg. Give your route some serious second thoughts
othertonka 01/30/15 09:11pm Roads and Routes
RE: US101 to I-5 Easiest ?

For sure stay away from 36. it is to twisty and narrow. I always use 20 from 101 over to I 5. 299 is doable but not enjoyable. It climbs and descends over 5 different passes and can be winding in places. If you do this route allow 3 to 4 hours driving time
othertonka 01/29/15 01:19pm Roads and Routes
RE: My new 1998 Boy is home and now for the stupid questions...

For the leveler jacks, some MH's require that the gear shift be in park and the emerg brake be on, and some require the engine be running while operating them, so try it
othertonka 01/21/15 05:28pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Linoleum under carpet?

Most run of the mill RV"s are built starting with the floor and then they install Linoleum over all the floor. No cuts needed. Then they install the walls and cabinets right over the linoleum and it is probably cheaper to do it that way then trying to fit the floor covering around all the cabinets and walls. To see if yours is like that, just open the cabinet doors and see what is on the floor. If you see linoleum then you know that it was installed first.
othertonka 01/16/15 07:27pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Judge Judy and the Motorhome steering wheel

I have never seen a steering wheel on a MH or car or truck WELDED on. Maybe on a tractor but not a MH.
othertonka 01/15/15 08:03pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Destination limits due to coach size

In California, cal Trans prohibits MH's over 40 ft on some highways and roads due to being too narrow or to tight in the turns. For instance many parts of Highway 1 are prohibited. here is a link to the Map. When it comes up, click on the map for the area you want to look at and if the road is marked RED, it is a restricted road. Just to add more info for you to digest. Cal trans MAP
othertonka 01/02/15 05:03pm Class A Motorhomes
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