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RE: Buying a van that has been sitting for years?

Late last year I bought a 1997 class A Winnebago. Had known the original owner since he bought it new in 1997. But, due to his health, this unit had been sitting 5 1/2 years, with tires on asphalt. It has performed flawlessly since I bought it and did the following: Had the diesel engine checked by a diesel mechanic. Changed ALL fluids; RV and Onan. While changing transmission fluids, had a reputable shop check the transmission. Changed serpentine belt, but not hoses. Installed new Michelin tires. Other tires were 12+ year-old Michelins. Although this one-owner RV was 19 years old, and knowing his attitude toward maintenance, I figured it would be worth the time and money to revive it. It has performed to my expectations and more.
parkmanaa 04/09/16 09:47am Tech Issues
RE: Wheel capacity vs tire capacity

I can tell you for safety as well as legal you do not want to mount a tire that exceeds the weight capacity of your wheel. In the event of an accident, or if you sell the vehicle and someone else has an accident, if you have exceeded carrying capacity of any component of the vehicle, you could be liable for cost of any damages. Unless you feel present load range of your tires is insufficient, I personally would be very hesitant to mount a heavier LR, unless I was able to verify from the code on the wheel it would handle that heavier tire. 40 years in the tire industry; seen it all and done most of it.
parkmanaa 04/07/16 03:09pm Truck Campers
RE: Time for new tires on the 5ver

Just look at the local yellow pages "TIRES, truck", or something like that. Any truck tire dealer can handle your needs. I agree you can save quite a lot of money by ordering them and having them mounted yourself. I, personally, have had very good luck with simpletire.com.
parkmanaa 04/07/16 02:34pm Full-time RVing
RE: Area around PPL in Houston

You will be traveling up and down US59. From PPL to Sugarand you will see just about every restaurant you can imagine. Not knowing your taste preferences it's difficult to recommend a restaurant. My suggestion would key into Google "restaurants in Sugarland, Tx". It should provide a good selection. You can do the same thing for attractions, but if you haven't been there, the Johnson Space Center is not too far away. I think you have chosen one of the best dealers in the USA for RVs, whether you buy directly from PPL, or from their vast consignment lot. Good luck
parkmanaa 03/31/16 06:28am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: New tires received - Already 17 months old :(

"as RV tires only have a recommended life span of 5 years" Please advise your source for this information. Only tire MARKETERS put that kind of short life on tires, but would like to know if you found a MANUFACTURER that made this kind of recommendation. Thanks, "40 years in the tire industry; seen it all and done most of it"
parkmanaa 03/15/16 11:39am Travel Trailers
RE: Propane leak?

I would start with spraying soapy water (1/2 dishwasher liquid; 1/2 water) on all exposed propane connections. You might get lucky and find it.
parkmanaa 03/10/16 08:48am Tech Issues
RE: Weather in May along I-10

While not unheard of, tornadoes in the Houston area are extremely uncommon. If tornadoes are your biggest concern, don't know of a safer route to Nawlins than via I-10.
parkmanaa 03/10/16 08:45am General RVing Issues
RE: Tire shop wont install LTs on my trailer

Read STRABO's comment with interest concerning America's Tire Stores, and find they are very rigid in their application of guidelines from either their corporate and/or tire manufacturers regarding rotating, repairing, or any other tire problem. Went to one of their local stores early last year requesting tire rotation. Like with STRABO, they checked the vehicle with a fine-tooth comb and decided tread depth was too low to rotate, and refused. Wanted to give me a quote on a new set of tires. I went to another independent tire store and tires were rotated without question. I am still driving on those tires here one year+ later. Also, they are very picky regarding assuring penetrations are almost exactly in center of the tread or they refuse to repair even a nail hole. IMHO this is part of the massive tire marketing push we have seen in the last several years, and goes along with the early (less than 5 years, in some cases) replacement of tires. I have expressed my disagreement with this philosophy for years. I believe thousands and thousands of tires are being unnecessarily replaced due this marketing push. In my experiences I found very few failures due to age. Regarding age, go with the tire manufacturer's suggestion; not with a tire dealer's. "40 years in the tire industry; seen it all and done most of it"
parkmanaa 03/10/16 08:34am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Needing new tires

Don't quite understand your concern. Are the Michelins worn to the min. tread depth and need replacing? If not, I would take the truck to a Michelin dealer and seek their help before laying out the money for any brand of new tire.
parkmanaa 02/27/16 07:39am Tow Vehicles
RE: Tire Wear

40 PSI sounds low, and could be so low it's affecting the wear on the loaded tires. When you say "factory spec", is that truck or tire mfg. spec? You don't indicate size nor load range. Check side of tire and try inflating to max PSI indicated when you are pulling the 5th wheel. My recommendation; follow or not. "40 years in the tire industry; seen it all and done most of it"
parkmanaa 02/27/16 07:35am Tow Vehicles
RE: Is this common tire wear?

You definitely have a suspension problem. Take the truck to a good alignment shop (not a hyped-up chain store), and work them to correct it. Have used Michelins for almost 50 years and never experienced, nor heard of wearing this rapidly. 40 years in the tire industry; seen it all and done most of it.
parkmanaa 02/10/16 07:31am Tech Issues
RE: I-10 Through Houston

Advice given to go straight on thru on I-10 at mid-morning or mid-afternoon is best. Traffic will be heavy, but it is also heavy on all the loops, but going thru on I-10 is the shortest way.
parkmanaa 01/14/16 07:41am Roads and Routes
RE: Ply ratings of tires

Two concerns: I have a 1997 P30 chassis. I recently replaced the 6 tires with 22570R19.5 LRF. Max. load at 95PSI. Weighed the vehicle and find, allowing about 5% safety margin, 75PSI front/rear is a good pressure for me. Don't like to have tires that I need to keep at, or near the max. PSI. Don't know what max PSI/max load rating is for 10PR tires, but you may find you need to constantly run at max. to carry your MH. Also, I would strongly consider replacing those narrow 8R19.5's with the 22570R19.5's. In most cases cost is almost identical, but you will like the look and feel of driving on the low-profile, wider tire. Finally, be careful of Chinese-made tires. My recommendation, and have bought 2 sets of tires thru them in last 90 days, is simpletire.com. Very professional, excellent service. Good luck.
parkmanaa 12/25/15 08:32am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Cooper tires

My best advice on buying tires, and I have done this for 2 vehicles (MH & pickup) in the last 90 days. Go to simpletire.com and buy a set of Michelin tires. Yes Michelins are expensive compared to cheaper tires, but my experience with Michelin is you always get consistent first-class quality. Key to it is find a place to buy them for less. In both cases I saved hundreds of dollars, all tires were less than 6 months old.
parkmanaa 12/18/15 06:59am Tow Vehicles
RE: Most recent Best price diesel fuel

NE of Houston, Tx.: $1.99
parkmanaa 12/12/15 11:55am Tow Vehicles
RE: Upgrading tires and wanting "softer" ride?

Quality of the ride is based more on having the right inflation pressure for the load the tires are carrying. Weigh the rig when it is loaded for camping, go to the tire manufacturer's website and find the PSI they recommend for your load. Add 5% safety facto0r, and that is actually the correct pressure you should use. BTW, if you want to upgrade to the best, check the Michelin X RIB 16" tires.
parkmanaa 12/09/15 06:50am Beginning RVing
RE: The Baja and my Goodyear Marathons

4X4Dodger, you tell it like it is. The short tire life scare tactics is nothing but tire MARKETERS trying to sell more tires. Why people believe MARKETERS and not TIRE MANUFACTURERS is beyond me. Have not seen a single manufacturer's site say replace at 5 to 6 years. Based on my 40 years in the tire industry I have been preaching this for years, but still people see those "alligators" beside the freeways, thrown from cheap radial tires, and automatically cry "old tires".
parkmanaa 11/29/15 08:44am General RVing Issues
RE: Is my Propane system clogged?

Don't think you have to worry about having butane in the tanks; to my knowledge butane is not sold in bulk anywhere in the USA any more. Are your propane tanks new and not properly purged? Have you tried different tanks and still have the problem? Definitely sounds like a supply problem.
parkmanaa 11/27/15 12:14pm Tech Issues
RE: Need info on mid 90's p30 or 32 chassis

Simple answer, lg212. Weigh each axle of the MH. Go to the tire manufacturer's website. Find their pressure/load chart and apply the recommended pressure. You are safe increasing that pressure up to 10% above recommendation, but don't, as someone indicated, "just inflate to the max indicated on the sidewall" Bad advice. Also, have the tires checked annually after 5 years from manufacture date, but don't just automatically replace at 5-7 years. You will not find a single tire MANUFACTURER that recommends that short a life. That advice/warning is purely MARKETING driven, to sell more tires. "40 years in the tire industry; seen it all and done most of it"
parkmanaa 11/25/15 06:58am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Starting a sleepy Onan Microlite 4000

I have a Onan 4000 Microlite, but it runs on propane. This rig sat for a year with engine only being started every week or so, but never started the Onan. Now it just has a high clicking noise when I attempt to start it. Any clues? Thanks,
parkmanaa 11/23/15 03:55pm Class C Motorhomes
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