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RE: How long is your rig...really?

Simple question, somewhat complex answer. Answer given to me several years ago by a Texas Highway Patrolman: For any bumper-pull the LEGAL length is "tip-to-tip", or as some people put it, "it's shadow at high noon". More complicated for 5th wheel. LEGALLY, only the length of trailer from back of tow rig bumper to outside tip of 5th wheel. However, since the rig is longer when unhooked, I find campgrounds like to know the length from tip of 5th wheel overhang to back tip of bumper. Have never measured an actual RV measurement to length stated in manufacturer's specs. Might be interesting.
parkmanaa 03/19/18 11:31am Fifth-Wheels
RE: “Kudo’s to Michelin”

Have run Michelins almost exclusively since mid 1960's on everything you can think of; auto, pickup, class 8 trucks, motorhome and have NOT HAD ONE FAILURE. Not even noticed the "sidewall cracking" I read about. I admit now that Michelin owns BFG I have bought a couple of sets for rigs I didn't plan to drive very long. Excellent results with them also. I will continue to do so, paying the premium price for IMHO an ultra-premium product. "In the tire industry 40 years; seen it all and done most of it"
parkmanaa 03/10/18 07:45am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Busting the Myth of 5 year tire life.

OLDSPIRIT, you are addressing an area that has been near-and-dear to my heart for years. TIRE MARKETERS, not MANUFACTURERS, have been playing this age thing as a safety issue and it should be against the law. IMHO it is nothing but a gimmick to sell more tires, just like cereal makers, dairies and thousands of other industries started decades ago. They started by playing their message to kids and, being successful there, have also been somewhat successful in selling the same "theory" to adults. People, seemingly especially RVers now see a blown tire on the side of highway, immediately assume "it was an old tire". I can tell you from many years in the tire industry, and many, many scrap tire analysis, you will find most blown-out tires are a)cheap, foreign made, b) obvious poor maint., with c)age coming in at a far distant third. Again, IMHO OLDSPIRIT is doing exactly what smart RVers should do, and exactly as manufacturers such as MICHELIN recommend, AFTER 5 YEARS HAVE TIRES CHECKED ANNUALLY BY A QUALIFIED TIRE TECHNICIAN", REPLACE AT 10 YEARS AGE, REGARDLESS OF APPEARANCE" This is the same basic message I have attempted on this forum for years. Take it or leave it, it's your money ! "40 years in the tire industry; seen it all and done most of it"
parkmanaa 03/04/18 08:51am Class A Motorhomes
RE: $500 fine San Antonio

SECOND CHANCE, thanks for researching and printing the FACTS.
parkmanaa 03/03/18 07:50am General RVing Issues
RE: ? Cost of Electrician Question

If this is near any service panel, I would strongly look into adding a 50-amp service thru that panel, even if it should require adding a auxilary panel beside the main service panel. Best bet would to get an electrician out and have him/her give you the options you face and costs for each option. Can tell you from experience if you have to come off the transformer with a new service, just run that generator or heavy duty extension cord and forget about it !
parkmanaa 03/01/18 03:10pm General RVing Issues
RE: Replacement Tires

I agree 100% with 'TIMETOROLL'. If the tires look good, with only superficial weather-checking, I would inflate to maximum psi indicated on sidewall and drive them no faster than 55mph. IMHO, as I have stated many times on this forum, the age factor is so blown out of proportion it is sinful. IMHO it is nothing but a marketing scheme to sell more tires. Anyone with much experience in the practical side of tire usage knows more failures are caused by tire abuse, or cheap, cheap tires, than caused by age. Strange to me you will not find a manufacturer who recommends tires be scrapped at 5,6 or seven years of age, and they should know best! "In the tire industry 40 years; seen it all and done most of it"
parkmanaa 02/21/18 12:03pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Steer Tires

IMHO 99% of Class A units do not need an aggressive tread design on in any position, therefore on mine I use the same premium tire on front and rear axles; in a tread design generally considered "steer tire" Would use steer on front and M&S on rear if I got off the road onto gravel or muddy roads, but just never do that. "40 years in the tire industry; seen it all and done most of it"
parkmanaa 01/17/18 06:41am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Building a park from scratch, opinions welcomed!!!

"We wanted to leave some trees for shade but I hadn’t considered trees interfering with satellite and WiFi signals. We’ll still try to leave some but will take that into consideration." PACKBACKER, THOROUGHLY CHECK WIFI SYSTEMS BEFORE YOU START CUTTING TREES. I don't believe any park could have more mature trees than mine. We "grew" our WIFI system over a period of about 8 years, and mainly due to evolution of the available WIFI equipment, we have a system that covers our 13-acre park extremely well. In process of installing AT&T fiber-optic lines to further improve the capacity and speed. You may need to place satellite dishes a little further from RV sites than you would like, but that's just a matter of running longer coax cables underground. Even with very dense, mature trees you can find open spaces for satellite signal. Trees and water in an RV park, especially here in Texas, is invaluable to it's success, IMHO. Good Luck
parkmanaa 01/17/18 06:34am General RVing Issues
RE: Building a park from scratch, opinions welcomed!!!

Lots of good information given here. One thing I would add; don't invest so much in the park that you have to charge astronomical rates to get decent return on your investment. Have seen it done before and it's a tight line to walk; keep rates low enough to compete with other local parks, or raise them high enough for a fair ROI. There are several RV Park construction consultants in the USA. Haven't used one but that might also be worth exploring. A few years ago the National Association of Campground owners published costs for building RV parks. Their study indicated in order to build a park with the desired amenities(not including cost of property), the cost was approx. $12,000 per site, based on parks of 100 sites or more. That's for turn key job, obviously more now. Also you can cut cuts if any of your family members can do part of the park building, or at least act as construction supervisor. Good luck on your decision, it can be a great investment if the location is right and built right.,
parkmanaa 01/16/18 12:45pm General RVing Issues
RE: My GY Marathon experience

Whiskey River, I feel your post supports a theory I have had for many years: Most of this age, age, age rhetoric is ****, ****, ****. After 10 years....replace them. Your 9-year-old tire is still running but the 4-year-old ones failed. IMHO a major brand tire, with no more than normal amount of weather-chccking is still safer after 9 years than many of the new tires on the market today. I would not hesitate one bit to run it until I could decide on replacements for all the tires on the rig. Having retired after 40 years in the tire industry, I go back to the original introduction of radial tires in America. Goodyear hurriedly caught onto the bandwagon in the 60's after Michelin introduced the radial tire and the American public realized immediately it was far superior to the bias-ply tire. Goodyear has ALWAYS come back with the same statement, possibly beginning with their first truck radial, UNISTEEL. "yeah, we had a few problems with that line, but we have taken care of all that in this UNISTEEL II." (you can plug in any of their lines in the proper place). Can't tell you how many times over that 40 years I have heard that same basic story ! Goodyear has always had a fantastic marketing Dept. "40 years in the tire industry; seen it all and done most of it"
parkmanaa 01/04/18 11:31am General RVing Issues
RE: Self serve LPG? Update; link added

ANY un-licensed person caught dispensing propane in the USA would be subject to a heavy fine, as well as owner of the equipment. Am almost certain they are putting in the self-service tank EXCHANGE, which has become so popular in our area. Also, though not quite as certain, would bet it is for 20 lb. cylinders only.
parkmanaa 12/25/17 08:58am Tech Issues
RE: Firestone Transforce HT tires?

Guess my memory goes back too far but I have a hard time thinking of ANY Firestone tire without remembering Firestone 500, Firestone 721, and of course the Firestone (which was that disastrous tire on Ford explorers and otherFords that caused Ford and Firestone to dissolve friendship after more than 100 years, or possibly just came close)
parkmanaa 12/01/17 11:39am Tech Issues
RE: P-30 front end parts

Realize I am coming into this thread very, very late, but just to let you know I have a 1997 GM P30 MH, and find almost every part I need at: ROCKAUTO.COM Also fair prices and very good service.
parkmanaa 10/12/17 12:03pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Tire pressures and my air compressor

QUOTE FROM SIDECARFLIP'S POST: "I disagree with your premise that the center of the tire will wear down in no time or the unit will ride like a brick. Tires are designed to run at maximum listed sidewall pressure and tires provide very little compliance (flex) when rolling. The suspension provides ride compliance (comfort) not the tires. Tires are designed to carry a load with minimal flex (which causes internal heat), not provide a comfortable ride." SIDECARFLIP, you need to do a little more study on the design of radial tires. Radial tires are designed TO FLEX IN THE SIDEWALL, because the tread is stiffened to prevent it's flexing. Also, the air pressure in radial tires will definitely have an effect on ride and tread pattern wear. "designed to carry a load with minimal flex" certainly applied to the old bias ply tires, for if they flexed the scissors action within the plies would cause heat buildup and eventually failure. The secret to radial tires is to have the PROPER air pressure, not too much, not too little, for the load you are carrying on each tire. Provided you have the correct pressure, the belts in the tread are flat with the road, very little stress on shoulders or center of tread; result is nice ride and wear pattern. Sorry to take so long, but after dealing with radial tires for 40 years, I just couldn't let this one get by me.
parkmanaa 10/05/17 03:11pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Length of trailer

afidel, did you ever hear of pulling doubles, such as an RV trailer with a boat hooked behind it? Wouldn't you think in that case a Highway Patrolman would be concerned with the length of the RV as a part of the total length of your rig, as you may very well be exceeding the overall rig limit ????
parkmanaa 06/12/17 03:55pm Travel Trailers
RE: Best 245/75 R16 truck tires

Sorry to be so late in responding to the question as to whether I have run Michelins more than 7 years. Honestly, I don't remember; probably not, since I seem to always run vehicles around 15,000 miles per year, and that would be over 100,000 miles. To tell you the truth, and I have stated it on this forum many times, I think the age thing is terribly blown out of proportion. I was in the tire industry for 40 years, done many, many "scrap tire analysis", and will tell you a very, very minor percentage of failures is age-related. I firmly believe this age thing is nothing but a sale gimmick promoted by tire MARKETERS, not MANUFACTURERS. In fact, would like for the person who posted on this forum to give me his source of information wherein he said Michelin states replace after 7 years ???? Have always maintained my tires well; proper air pressure, alignment checked periodically,etc., and just don't pay any attention to the age, just check them closely every once in awhile. If you aren't experienced with the technical side of tires, I would suggest you have a good, reliable dealer check them about once a year after the 5th year of life. "In the tire industry 40 years; seen it all and done most of it"
parkmanaa 06/12/17 03:51pm Tow Vehicles
RE: How to repair delamination

I knew an old gentleman couple of years ago who had one spot of fiberglass delamination in his motorhome. Don't know exactly which epoxy he used but know it was very thin, for he took a small-needle syringe, drilled a tiny hole in the middle of the bad area, and injected epoxy into the hole. It happened to be near enough window he could get a large C-clamp on both sides, so he clamped the area as tight as he could; never a problem since, and the area flattened out where you don't see it at all. His problem was strictly localized, the delaminated area approx. 12 in. dia.
parkmanaa 05/22/17 11:57am Travel Trailers
RE: Best 245/75 R16 truck tires

Been running Michelins on everything for 40+ years and NEVER a failure of ANY KIND. I will stay with my Michelins, thank you.
parkmanaa 05/22/17 11:50am Tow Vehicles
RE: Length of trailer

Everyone seems to have his/her opinion on this, but the LEGAL measurement of a RV is TIP-TO-TIP (it's shadow at high noon). Ask a friendly highway patrolman sometime.
parkmanaa 05/22/17 11:43am Travel Trailers
RE: Coleman Mach 3 AC replacement

Replacing rooftop A/C units is one of the most overrated (consequently the costliest) functions RV repairman do, considering the time it takes. I'm not a RV repairman but have replaced a couple of my own, and helped others do their's. Very simple; 4 bolts connect top to bottom; 1 electrical plug to join top and bottom; that's it. It may be worth it to pay another $65. or so and replace the lower panel. Regarding getting old one down and new one up; a new Mach III weighs 110 lbs. I'm lucky, having a Kubota with front loader makes that job a snap. However, I have used a long extension ladder, set bottom far as I can from the RV, and gradually slide the new one up the ladder (of course no problem getting old one down................) Main area of concern, is making sure the flange around the hole in top of you RV is very, very clean. Then just follow the directions given for mounting the foam rubber gasket, and by all means do not over-tighten it. To make the RV owner feel he is getting his money's worth, a RV Tech. might fool around and take an hour +, but if he is any good he can replace upper/lower in 30 to 45 minutes. Once you replace a unit you will wonder why RV techs charge so much. Good luck; DIY and save a bundle ! ! !
parkmanaa 05/22/17 11:38am Tech Issues
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