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RE: End of the year wrap up... So how was 2017?

It was our first year of retirement so we had lots of plans. Some of the plans fell through as we also had some contractor work at home. We did get to go on a long trip south in the spring with our trailer - down to MS and GA, highlights were the Natchez Trace and Cloudland Canyon SP. Throughout the summer we took many short trips in our B to parks on Lake Erie and also Niagara Falls. In the fall we took another longer trip with the trailer through the northern mountains of PA - highlights were the Grand Canyon of PA and Cook Forest SP (which was voted the best state park in the nation a couple years ago). All in all a wonderful year - and we've got high hopes for next year!
pasusan 11/16/17 04:50am General RVing Issues
RE: Cloudland canyon state park in Ga

We stayed in the West Rim campground this past spring in site #7: https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/BhS1VnSijxOhAMHmHzkA7ZqOOB_fnBSH_lZkJo32X1YHh2v1ZYSHBH0PQJLgn0Al8WlxsVnMwe5HO1H_j1p0_SqOT3UCkOdd0Cm6Uhm0RDWIM8yQ5wlXCwLjFKGQW_OSDkGGlu4tfg=w1000-h750-no width=500 It was beautiful and we loved the trails. :) We got to the park on Rt 136 and had no problem.
pasusan 11/09/17 05:01pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Need reccomendations for mattress topper

Wow - thanks everyone for the recommendations and thoughts! I thought I'd seen every topper on Amazon till I clicked on the provided links... We're going out shopping today so we'll check out a few at the stores. Still not sure about memory foam - need to be able to crawl over the bed and not sure how that sinking feeling will be. Thanks Ichabod for the idea of the "bed bridge" - that looks like it would be perfect under a topper. As far as replacing the cushions with a whole new mattress... That's an idea, but it probably would make it difficult to take the bed apart - which I have to do once in a while to get at some of the utilities. Will let you know how things work out. :)
pasusan 11/09/17 05:08am General RVing Issues
RE: Need reccomendations for mattress topper

I always had luck at JC Penney, using their Foam Mattress Toppers. I would avoid using anything that calls itself "memory foam", that tends to be really squishy. The biggest question is where to store the mattress pad while you're using the dinette to eat? Another thought: I slept on the dinette in our pop-up truck camper. I bought the thickest yoga mat I could find on Amazon (about $17 for a 5/8" thick mat) - it was quite firm and comfy; and rolled back up into a cylinder when done. They are only 22 - 24" wide, so you'd want two....Sorry - I forgot to add that we keep the bed as a bed fulltime. So won't need to store the topper. Thanks for the advice about memory foam. We really know nothing about these things...
pasusan 11/08/17 06:20am General RVing Issues
Need reccomendations for mattress topper

In our class B we sleep on dinette cushions. They are comfortable enough but there are small valleys where the cushions meet. Anyone use a thin topper that would make everything flat? It would have to be somewhat firm to not conform to the valleys, but we don't want it to be too thick either... I've been perusing Amazon and feel like I'm not getting anywhere. I figure there must be others here who have dealt with dinette cushions...
pasusan 11/08/17 05:24am General RVing Issues
RE: 2 questions about using the pink stuff

OP here... Thanks for all the help and suggestions! I just put a new seal in the toilet bowl this past summer so didn't want to wreck it... Looks like all will be well. As far as the city water inlet - I think I'll do the blowing first, then add the pink stuff - might as well...
pasusan 11/06/17 05:17am General RVing Issues
2 questions about using the pink stuff

I have always been a line blower outer till we got our B (which never seems to get all the water out when blowing). I have a couple questions since I have to use pink stuff in there... 1. Is the pink stuff (I got the Camco Arctic Ban) OK to sit in the toilet or will it be bad for the seal? I can't get the pink stuff out because if I flush - more pink stuff comes out of the lines. I use the Thetford Toilet Seal Lubricant and Conditioner in our trailer as I don't use the pink stuff in the lines. 2. Will the plumbing at the water inlet be OK since there is no pink stuff in there, I'm assuming there is still water. Or will the water mix with the pink stuff in the lines and then will that be enough to keep it from freezing? Just trying to be safe...
pasusan 11/05/17 09:21am General RVing Issues
RE: Need ideas for levelling

Thanks all for the help! We will probably end up making our own ramps as a few of you suggested. The good thing is we can leave them in MIL's garage once we get them there. I thought these looked super cool: https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/81CEqVxyfYL._SL1500_.jpg width=400 But at 500 bucks for the pair!! Thanks Soundguy for the reminder of needing a step stool...
pasusan 10/30/17 04:38am General RVing Issues
Need ideas for levelling

We go to visit my MIL at least twice a year and we need a better way to park at her house. We've been parking in her yard, but always have to worry about rain and if we'll get stuck and/or make a mess of it. Her driveway is pretty steep and we want to park our Roadtrek class B on it and have it level enough to sleep in and run the fridge. I used my phone to find the angle of the van as it was sitting on the driveway in the spot we want to park - 7 degrees. So - using that angle plus the wheelbase of 135 inches and the other angle of 90 degrees I used the angle-side-angle calculator to come up with how much the front of the van has to be raised. 16 and 1/2 inches! Any ideas on how to safely do this?
pasusan 10/29/17 04:49am General RVing Issues
RE: One of the added costs of owning our B

We built our garage expressly for our new Class B with a 10 foot door and planned for it to be our only RV. That has worked out since we have now had it for 12 years and 140K+ miles. But building it to fit our one-and-only RV has another advantage. It puts the throttle on getting carried away, not that we ever would. :) https://i.imgur.com/uekwLKvl.jpgThat's one beautiful garage!
pasusan 10/28/17 04:56am Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: One of the added costs of owning our B

All I can say is that if you have any way to store your RV indoors (or at least out of the sun) - go for it! Our then 10-yr old Class C looked like new when we sold it - mainly because it was garagedTotally agree! That's why our 33 yo truck and 27 yo trailer still look like new. And we were lucky to find a B that had been stored inside.
pasusan 10/28/17 04:55am Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: One of the added costs of owning our B

I thought about building a garage for my B but then we sold our house and 1-1/2 acres and bought into an HOA development. Now I am glad I procrastinated. Instead I bought into a garage condo development of 271 units with security, a dump station and a community power soap/rinse wash stall with portable stairs to wash the roof. The garage is heated with a gas furnace with electrical power. The door is 14 foot tall and the space is 18' x 45'. It is an investment and I expect to sell it or my heirs to sell it for a profit. Most of the other owners are classic car collectors, RVers or boat owners. It's another alternative and better than rental storage or if you can't physically build on your lot. That sounds like a little slice of paradise! We don't ever want to move because we also have an 1895 barn that we love and are able to store our other rig in.
pasusan 10/28/17 04:47am Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Powercaster, Trailer Valet, et. al. Who uses one?

We have a tight parking spot for our trailer and looked into these. We ended up with a front hitch for our truck - works great.
pasusan 10/27/17 05:56pm Travel Trailers
RE: One of the added costs of owning our B

Nice garage. How tall is your door. Our Sprinter with AC just barely fits in my 10 ft garage door. Hopefully you built it for the taller B vans in case you change vehicles some day.The doors are just 9' so wouldn't accommodate a Sprinter or anything taller. We can't even put a vent cover on our B, but we thought long and hard on that and decided we could live without one. At this point we don't see any other RVs in our future - the plan is making what we have last till we croak. :)
pasusan 10/26/17 04:27am Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: One of the added costs of owning our B

The garage looks good and well built. Now, did the class B replace the TT in your profile picture or do you still have both?Thanks. We still have both. Haven't figured out how to take long trips in the B yet - not much storage and not enough room for our 2 cats. But we love the B! We've taken bunches of short trips this past summer.
pasusan 10/25/17 06:32am Class B - Camping Van Conversions
One of the added costs of owning our B

Had to build a new garage that's tall enough: https://i.imgur.com/ZD5mk0ql.jpg https://i.imgur.com/OcTmKMyl.jpg We had such fun with all the different contractors - none of them had ever seen a B or even knew they existed. We showed them around by opening the back door. ;) Now everyone wants one (although they were surprised and scared off by the cost of Bs). We are *so* excited to have it stored inside!
pasusan 10/25/17 04:54am Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: How do you use SmartThings?

Very, Very rarely does a crook pick a lock. 99.9% of the time they just kick in the door or break a window to get in. Either the front or back, depending on neighborhood activity, dogs, bushes, etc. Also, 99% of the time they knock on the front door or ring the doorbell first to see if anyone is home. Thus, it is a good idea to have some sort of video doorbell that notifies you if someone walks to your front door. You can then answer through the speaker and just tell them you are busy in your home office and wont be opening the door for them. They will just go to another home to try.You know - I'm just wondering if the crooks are getting used to these video doorbells. Maybe they won't believe we are home if we respond from afar... On Amazon alone there are over 38,000 customer reviews on the different Ring doorbells available. Apparently lots of people have them!
pasusan 10/24/17 04:58am Technology Corner
How do you use SmartThings?

I'm interested in how SmartThings can be used. Do you do lights, monitors, cameras? Do you use it all the time or only when you're gone RVing? I think this doorbell looks cool - you can even talk to people at your door whether you are home or not. Ring Video Doorbell Pro You can apparently use this with SmartThings or stand alone with its own app. https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/712UDuT1yRL._SL1500_.jpg width=250
pasusan 10/22/17 04:50pm Technology Corner
RE: Garmin GPS keeps taking us off main route

Garmin instructions are terrible. You could get online and read them and they still may not answer your question. (Says 20 years a Garmin owner of more than a few.) Most of the others are no better. Try going into the setup and make sure that the things that are checked are what you want. Two that come to mind (I don't have a 67) are "Avoid Highways" and/or "Toll Roads" and then there is the faster time/shortest route choice to mess things up. Good luck MattYeah, we've had Garmins for many years too. Our last one - a Nuvi 465 was a trucker one which we found we could hardly ever use the truck feature - it sent us all over H E double toothpicks. We definitely have everything set correctly - avoiding only Ferries and Gravel Roads. The Gravel Road avoidance doesn't always work - we figure the map people just don't know that it's gravel. Also the other stuff is set correctly - fastest, not the shortest. Since I still have the 465 I can compare routes and I never see it go off on those stupid nonsensical shortcuts.
pasusan 10/07/17 09:41am Technology Corner
RE: Garmin GPS keeps taking us off main route

Just drive across the river: https://photos.imageevent.com/2oldman/rvnetlinks/websize/gps.jpg height=250Well - at least yours is the more direct route! :)
pasusan 10/07/17 08:51am Technology Corner
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