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RE: When and where to fill onboard propane

Thanks again to everyone. We'll make sure everything is off and the tank valve is shut. :)
pasusan 09/08/17 04:51pm General RVing Issues
RE: When and where to fill onboard propane

Remember that they only fill the tank to about 80% to allow for expansion. If they fill it properly, they'll fill it until liquid instead of gas flows out of the fixed liquid level gauge, sometimes erroneously called a "vent". And yes, that occurs at the 80% liquid level. The OPD (Overfill Prevention Device) valve may shut off the fill slightly before or at about the same time that the gauge spits liquid.Do onboard tanks have the OPD valve?
pasusan 09/08/17 07:34am General RVing Issues
RE: When and where to fill onboard propane

Thanks very much for the responses. Y'all helped me understand how it works and I feel a lot better about it... I called the station we usually go to and they said yes they have the fitting and it shuts off automatically when full. We just have to go when there are at least 2 people on duty - between 10 and 2. :)
pasusan 09/08/17 06:17am General RVing Issues
When and where to fill onboard propane

With our class B we have onboard propane instead of removable cylinders and need info on when and where to get it filled. Can you get it filled no matter how much you have left, or does it need to be empty? And... can the same gas station that fills our cylinders fill the onboard tank or does it take special equipment/knowledgeable people?
pasusan 09/08/17 05:36am General RVing Issues
RE: What Free Third Party Picture Hosting Site Are You Using?

I've always used Google - ever since the good old days of Picasa.
pasusan 09/06/17 06:07pm Technology Corner
RE: How long do you plan to keep your TV

How long do you plan to keep your TV Till we croak or are too old to drive. https://sites.google.com/site/pasusannow/Home/TT1.JPG width=620
pasusan 09/04/17 09:43am Tow Vehicles

We usually avoid KOAs - mostly because they're often very near a highway and we like the state park atmosphere. But... There is one that we would definitely go to again - Fancy Gap KOA right off the Blue Ridge Parkway. Perfect place to stay while exploring the area - FHU and in the woods. :)
pasusan 09/04/17 08:15am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: The Internet, 1973

Yep - worked on PDP-11 and VAX computers in the 80s. Those were DEC (Digital Equipment Corporation) minicomputers. They were definitely not mini compared to our personal computers of today... Edit... Oh look - AsheGuy beat me to the DEC explanation...
pasusan 09/02/17 04:56pm Technology Corner
RE: How long would you leave cats home alone?

OP here - Lots of good advice - thanks! Some ramblings... I think they would be traumatized if we boarded them. They aren't very social except with us (and each other) - they pretty much hide whenever anyone comes over, so even if we had someone check on them - they would certainly hide. We do also leave extra bowls of water and food along with the automatic ones. But - great idea for the dripping faucet! The doors are a scary thing. They love closets and have actually locked each other in while playing. So we pay attention to all the doors - close the ones that could cause a problem and put wedges under the doors that have to stay open. Our last trip without them we were gone 4 days - 2 of which were short driving days so were just a few hours each. When we came home they were curled up in their bed together and barely lifted their heads to say hi. ;)
pasusan 09/02/17 05:03am RV Pet Stop
How long would you leave cats home alone?

Or - how long have you left them home alone? We have 2 cats that we take with us when we travel in our trailer. They both do really well - they are happy and we love having them with us. We have had family emergencies where we have had to travel quickly without our trailer for 3 or 4 days. Those times we left the cats at home with an automatic feeder and waterer. Our 2 cats are sisters that *love* to sleep together - they are always curled up using each other as pillows. Now we have a class B for short trips and we have gone 4 days without the cats, but I want to go longer - maybe 6 or 7 days. Our B is really too small for them and we don't feel comfortable that they would be safe and not accidentally get out. Would like to hear the consensus - do you think they'd be OK at home alone for longer periods as long as they have plenty of food, water, and litter?
pasusan 09/01/17 05:39pm RV Pet Stop
RE: People who let their dogs bark constantly...

What do you do about them? I seriously don't get the disrespect of some neighbors, fill me in so I understand. The culprits are both young and old. I tend to confront them.Some people are so used to the barking that they don't even notice. We have been camped near people with multiple dogs that continually bark while the people are walking around them and talking to each other.
pasusan 08/18/17 05:31am RV Lifestyle
RE: Need confortable chairs that pack up in a tube

Thanks everyone for the suggestions. :) We did pick up a couple of the Kijaros - they are huge!!! They take up most of our trunk storage area. But they are sooo comfortable! We also ordered a Pico chair - thanks NCWriter. None available locally, so will have to hope. If it is anywhere near as comfortable as the Kijaro we will take the Kijaros back to Dick's and order another Pico. Then we'll have a little extra room in the storage area.
pasusan 08/17/17 04:54pm General RVing Issues
Need confortable chairs that pack up in a tube

Not sure what they're called - the ones that collapse and fit in a tube shaped carry bag... Like this:  width=400 We have some old fashioned webbed chairs that fold flat that we can take with our trailer - but they won't fit in our B. We also have some fairly old collapsing chairs - but they sag in the middle when you sit in them. I understand that the newer collapsing ones have more framework under them to keep from sagging - is that true? So - what's the most comfortable collapsing chair?
pasusan 08/16/17 05:42am General RVing Issues
RE: Serious lack of Bs in our area

Looking in your profile, that is a really nice B. Enjoy!! (I do see a few B's in the central Ohio area)Thanks - we think it's a cutie... And we went to Ohio to see if we could find more Bs. We camped at Geneva State Park and there was another B!! We were so excited to talk to them - they were from Canada (where Bs are like the national camper ;)). They had a newer Roadtrek 190 and were on a tour around Lake Erie. Also saw 3 other Bs on I-90 mixed in with the thousands of other RVs. More contractor/workmen were over and drooling over our B. We just open the rear doors to give a visual tour - they all want one.
pasusan 08/16/17 05:33am Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Has I-86 gotten any better?

Last time I was on I86 I was heading east from Jamestown. (I was in a car rather than RV-ing.) A utility truck in front of me drove over a rough spot in the road and flung a rock at my windshield, cracking it. Draw your own conclusions. Oh, and concerning the expensive Thruway (I90), our illustrious Governor (Cuomo) is now talking about increasing the toll in a couple of years to pay the multi-billion dollar re-build cost of the Tappan Zee Bridge in New York City. This is right after he got the legislature to name the new bridge the Cuomo Bridge - after his father, Mario, of course. Note: This is an a-political statement. It's just a warning that if you think the Thruway is expensive now, just wait a couple of years. It will get worse. Might want to avoid NY altogether. -SpeakThanks for that! What we really need is higher tolls - it'll cost us at least 38 bucks (each way) - if we get off as early as possible.
pasusan 08/08/17 11:55am Roads and Routes
RE: Has I-86 gotten any better?

pasusan, we live in Western NY and just went across the Western portion of I-86 a few weeks ago as far as Binghamton, on our way to Cooperstown, NY. For the most part, it's a mess. There are stretches where it's fine and stretches that will jar your teeth loose and empty your RV cupboards. Particularly the portion on Indian owned land. The State and the Seneca Indians are at odds over casino money so the State doesn't view those portions of the road a priority during the disputes. Not to mention there aren't many RV friendly gas stations along the western portion of the road. I-88 is even worse. It's one lane from Binghamton to Oneonta and all torn up. I-86 was bad enough that we took the Thruway (I-90) home and paid the big money. We're also going to the Adirondacks at the end of September and will be taking the Thruway without a doubt.Thanks for the response - we would have gone up I-88 too - looks like we will pay the toll. :R
pasusan 08/08/17 11:53am Roads and Routes
RE: Pets- unpopular viewpoint

My Shitzus stay off the leash while at our RV sites but not till they settle down after arriving. The pouting and playing the victim is overwhelming to me. The leashes are on though when were inside the motorhome and their not and worn whenever off our pad. The leashes are always present, usually tied to a picnic table just as a reminder or when a stray dog or cat approaches. I don't like when a stray dog approaches our rv sites, they disrupt the whole camp, then you need to deal with the dogs owner arriving acting like its the first time. I have a Shih Tzu and I kind of understand your post. I've had dogs all my life, mostly sporting and working breeds who were all well trained, but the Shih Tzu is the first one I trust to not leave my side. He just won't. He takes his "job" as a companion very, very seriously and couldn't possibly care less about anyone or anything except me. Nevertheless, he's leashed at all times when he's outside at a campground. Keeping your dogs leashed all the time is about much more than protecting them. People walking around who see your dogs long before they get close deserve the respect of visually being able to see a leash or tie out restraining your dogs. Otherwise they have no way of knowing that the dogs aren't going to rush out at them. To place others who have paid just as much as you to enjoy the campground in a position to have to wonder whether your dogs might run out at them, or whether they need to turn around to avoid an encounter, is just not right. Do unto others and all that jazz.Thank you! Last week DH and I were walking in a nearby neighborhood and 2 boxers came running at us through their yard. No restraints - no people outside - they were running and barking - seemingly in attack mode. I screamed. Then they stopped abruptly a couple feet from us - apparently an electric fence. How were we to know? On another note - last weekend we were visiting Niagara Falls on the American side. I'd say 70 to 80 percent of the visitors brought their dogs. Were they showing the Falls to their pets? We were feeling bad for our cats who we did not bring - they missed out.
pasusan 08/08/17 06:11am RV Pet Stop
Has I-86 gotten any better?

We're planning on an Adirondack trip this fall and to get there it's either the expensive I-90 or the free I-86. Last time we crossed I-86 was probably 8 years ago and we swore we'd never do it again. It was so rough we were afraid we were jolting our trailer to pieces. Anyone been on it lately? Has it gotten any better? Is going east better or worse than going west?
pasusan 08/08/17 04:40am Roads and Routes
RE: Serious lack of Bs in our area

start charging for tours ,help pay for the garage.Good idea - one contractor said he'd build the garage as a trade for the B. No way! I guess it depends on where you are. I see lots more B's on the road than I did when I first bought one in 2004. I see them regularly in Minnesota and in Arizona... and driving in between. Many of the Sprinter conversions are stealthy and you have to look closely to see the AC unit on the top.Yeah - we saw more on the road home from buying it in Florida - mostly Sprinters. I almost never see a B in this area. I have looked for units for sale, just for grins, and they're rare and expensive. I think a B would be my ideal travel RV. Lots better than the VW van I used lo these many years ago (not a camper, just a van).There is one guy in our area that we see a lot - he uses his Sprinter as an everyday driver. It's a LTV Sprinter. It may be that Bs are more likely to boondock, so you see them less in populated areas. Also as Muslim points out, they are less likely to be properly identified. If course, it could also have to do with simple numbers - there are more manufacturers of trailers and options as to size and tastes, so you see them more.Our insurance agent never even heard of them - they call it a modified van. I saw a ton of B'a in Canada- like it was the National Camper- here C's may be more successful because of more usable square footage for your buck....??? Maybe?????? I am seeing more Class B's based on the Sprinter format on the roads here in Idaho.We'll be taking it to Canada - can't wait to see more Bs!
pasusan 08/03/17 05:36am Class B - Camping Van Conversions
Serious lack of Bs in our area

Most people around here don't even know what a B is... Everyone that sees our B loves it. We are getting a garage built (for the B) and all the people we've had over: contractors, the township engineer, and the excavator all want to get one! Some of them remember camping in a van with no amenities and they can't believe all that's packed into ours. Whenever we go on a local trip we see no other Bs on the road and we're always the only B in the campground. We love our B. :C
pasusan 08/02/17 05:57am Class B - Camping Van Conversions
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