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RE: Didn't Believe about the Chinese Tires

I'm guessing they were original equipment? So 5 yr old tires grenade, don't think it had anything to do with them being Chinese. Just my very humble opinion. I agree.You all who believe it is acceptable and normal for tires to "grenade" when they are 5 years old show your age... Or lack thereof. Our 1974 travel trailer had the original tires on it in 2006 when we got rid of it. They had gone thousands of miles and lasted... 32 years. (They weren't Chinese.)
pasusan 10/21/14 03:30pm Travel Trailers
RE: Do you use an outside TV?

We love ours. We spend so much time under the awning -- even on chilly nights with our electric throw blankets. I even have a satellite receiver for the outside TV. We hardly spend any time inside of our camper, so we have adapted. The only time the TV is on inside is when we go to bed, so any movies, etc. are watched outside at night. In fact, two nights ago my wife and I both fell asleep outside watching Gold Rush. It was about 48 degrees out, but we were warm and comfy. Woke up at 12:45am. Bruce BruceMaybe this is why a lot of your neighbors stay inside. :W
pasusan 10/20/14 06:04am Technology Corner
RE: I want a wax that leaves a black haze

Do not use wax with carnauba in it on white fiberglass or it will make it turn yellow. That is why marine waxes never contain carnauba. Try Collonite fleetwax. Excellent shine and very long lasting.OMG - could this possibly be true? Any for sure true experts say this or only forum discussions (like this one)? :h
pasusan 10/20/14 05:07am Travel Trailers
RE: Got some road hazard damage today. Pics

Sorry to hear of your troubles. You guys have had a tough week! You know on the surface it would seem like that but really it has been awesome. Hiking in Bryce and Zion, good food and good health. The coach is running allbeit a little slower. A half an hour delay for a tire change is a minor distraction in the big scheme of things and I got to use my Ryobi impact wrench and grinder. How cool is that. :)Yeah... But you split a nail! And to have a good mechanic with earrings ---- priceless!
pasusan 10/16/14 01:02pm General RVing Issues
RE: I'm still convinced these people are crazy.

I financed my last two TT's and am currently financing our 5'er. I will finance our next 5'er too. I receive a monthly pension for life plus SSI benefits. At 62 with virtually no bills why would I want to save for 10 years to pay cash for something so I can use it when I'm 72 years old? If I die before it's paid off then the bank can have it and go camping:) Good grief who gives a rip how people purchase stuff. X 2 in fact it's no one's business how you pay for the RV or anything else, except of course the seller and lender. Someone has way too much time on there hands if they set around and worry whether or not someone else financed or paid cash for there latest purchase.But... This is exactly why it is everyone's business. The bank didn't buy the RV - you can't give it back or let them have it to go camping. There was a promise made to pay back the money - not give them the RV. We all pay when someone does this. Ugh.
pasusan 10/14/14 02:21pm General RVing Issues
RE: ? about what wax to use on fiberglass top

Www.rejex.com - absolute best stuff I've ever used. You have to try it to believe it... Look it up.Thanks for reminding me about Rejex - I already had that on my wishlist at Amazon for some reason. :)
pasusan 10/12/14 05:18am Tow Vehicles
RE: Real cutie - old but new Scotty trailer on eBay

We had a '74 Scotty that we used for all the kids' growing up years. It was 18' - had a bathroom - and a bunk over the rear couch - no A/C. We loved it. We could take it anywhere and go without electric - didn't even need a battery. Everything ran on propane - even a light that would warm things up nicely on a cool evening. Very, very fond memories. :)
pasusan 10/12/14 05:10am Travel Trailers
RE: Handy Hints, Gadgets, Products & Gizmos

We wanted to protect the wood in our bathroom from water damage since the water seems to get splashed around a lot - especially the little side wall of the vanity which is partially exposed in the shower (that's where the faucet knobs are). So far everything has held up so there must be a good protective coat of polyurethane on it, but still wanted to add something. Used to use lemon oil as I do on the rest of the wood, but thought there might be something better...then I thought of how water beads up on car wax. Got out some Mother's California Gold Carnauba wax and tried it out on the inside of a cupboard door to see how it would work. No bad effects so I used it on all the wood in the bathroom and in the kitchen. Looks beautiful and is now well protected.
pasusan 10/11/14 05:45am General RVing Issues
Real cutie - old but new Scotty trailer on eBay

Not mine - just ran into it and thought I'd pass it on. It only has a few hours left! Serro Scotty 13 foot! http://www.nationalserroscotty.org/rebuilds/butchPam/71.jpg width=620 If you want to see the very complete rebuild of it go here.
pasusan 10/11/14 04:46am Travel Trailers
RE: ? about what wax to use on fiberglass top

You might try Turtle Wax Ice or Meguiar's Ultimate Quick Wax. Both are really easy to use and don't leave wax residue on trim.Thanks - we'll look into those. I have read on here that some use mop n glow.Yeah - I have heard that some people use floor wax. We're a bit worried about it yellowing though. I suppose we could try it on a small area... I know how to get floor wax off easily...vodka (don't ask how I know, lol).
pasusan 10/10/14 07:43pm Tow Vehicles
RE: ? about what wax to use on fiberglass top

Thanks much for the reply - searching the internet it looks like nobody has found the perfect wax. It does look like most people say to stay away from paste waxes as they are too hard to apply and wipe off the orange peel type surface. I am now looking at a wipe on sealant instead of wax. Don't know if we want to try something so different though. Thinking of going through the trouble of applying 303 after every wash and see how that goes. Could try that for a year...
pasusan 10/10/14 04:22am Tow Vehicles
? about what wax to use on fiberglass top

The rear top of our Bronco is white fiberglass - sort of a rough finish. I'm figuring that some folks here might know what we can put on it to protect it. I think it is similar to some truck caps that are used on pick ups. I've been using 303 Aerospace Protectant and the top still looks beautiful. BUT... I think the 303 washes off whenever we wash the truck (which is after each trip). And of course, when we are camping the truck is often under trees, so we then get stains on the fiberglass. I usually only apply the 303 once a year and the time is now as we are detailing it to put it away for the winter. I thought I'd first check to see if there was something better to use. :) We've never used regular car wax on it because we have always had to be extra careful when waxing the truck to keep the wax away from the fiberglass top or it will leave an ugly smear. Googling my question, someone recommended Woodys Wax for boats. I found some at Amazon. Anyone have experience or any ideas?
pasusan 10/09/14 04:56pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Howard County, MD - big rig friendly local camping?

My BIL lives in Laurel, MD and goes to Codorus State Park near Hanover, PA for weekend camping. Don't know the cost, but they do have electric.
pasusan 10/07/14 03:35pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Which RV have the best aerodynamics? A, B or C?

D http://tecmit.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/07/uncategorized-airstream-travel-trailers-dealers-airstream-travel-trailers.jpg width=620
pasusan 10/01/14 07:34pm Travel Trailers
RE: Cleaning Fantastic Fans from inside?

I removed the screw and pulled as hard as I thought prudent, and the fan wouldn't budge from the motor. Is there a trick to that..using puller or other tool?I'd like to hear about this also... I just cleaned mine and also didn't want to pull too hard to get the blade assembly off after taking the screw out. Did get it all shiny clean though - had some Asian Stink Bug guts stuck to the blades. Eew.
pasusan 10/01/14 05:23pm General RVing Issues
RE: Life lesson - In case you're not aware

ha the same thing happen on my trips. It sucks but I call them and tell them to turn it back on. I am switching to Amex as they seem to understand traveling better.Yup - we have AMEX and they seem to know we are travelers - never had a problem.
pasusan 09/30/14 02:34pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Horn help.

I understand your desire for a better horn. It will not stop the dumb ashes from doing dumb things. By the time you sound your horn it is usually to late and you have had to do some sort of maneuver to avoid collision etc. The horn will just make the sound of your displeasure louder which may be self satisfying. So have at her for the new horn just be aware it is not a cure. http://www.amazon.com/Wolo-Model-419-Bad-Horn/dp/B000F5DQWY/ref=sr_1_3?s=automotive&ie=UTF8&qid=1411948977&sr=1-3&keywords=automotive+hornWe got one similar to this - a motorcycle air horn. We've been very happy with it.
pasusan 09/28/14 06:20pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Rant about Rants

If a post is a long page with no paragraphs, all caps, or no punctuation I don't even bother to read it.I agree - it's just too hard. But, then there is spelling. Some folks apparently don't reread what they wrote. I'm not talking about folks that really don't spell well - I still want to read them, but when it is perfectly obvious that the poster didn't read over what they wrote - then I wonder... Especially in a rant about how to write. :h
pasusan 09/13/14 09:40am General RVing Issues
RE: Learned something new about camping....

Like you - we have learned to avoid camping under oak trees. We went to CG in Vermont one time that was absolutely FULL of oak trees - couldn't find a spot that wasn't under one. We wondered what they were thinking. :S We left. Rain is loud enough on our aluminum roof. Acorns are worse. Pine cones are downright scary.
pasusan 09/13/14 05:35am General RVing Issues
RE: Jack Kerouac, How many have even heard of him?

We've actually got him reading "On the Road" on our iPod. I find it pretty hard to read myself.
pasusan 09/06/14 05:12am General RVing Issues
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