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RE: Litter Box Ideas

We modified one of our under bed storage locations. We removed the access door and hung curtains, as well as attached a few thin walls around the box area... https://lh5.googleusercontent.com/-YawfZnqGkGY/Td49X32zTUI/AAAAAAAABUA/2TJLA1gCpH0/s640/CatBox1.JPG width=600 https://lh4.googleusercontent.com/-nd-0irf6LiI/Td49PT3IAOI/AAAAAAAABTw/uKuLmSQ0D3w/s640/CatBox2.JPG width=600
pasusan 08/24/14 07:43am RV Pet Stop
RE: RV Accident US 131 in Michigan

I let up on the throttle a bit next thing I see in the mirror, backend of the trailer about three feet to the left of center. Trucks going straight, a little tap to the brake controller switch and the trailer gets back where it belongs. Sure was happy I had the Hensley Hitch that day.Did anybody catch this post by hddecker? Not picking on you at all hd, just caught the part that your Hensley let the trailer get out of shape. I thought that supposedly wasn't possible?I tow with a Hensley too, yeah.., I did catch that but let it go. No, it is not possible unless something is bending or the shear bolts have let go in which case you'll have a mess on your hands. I'd like to hear how that is possible.I think we should not imply that "hddecker" was seeing things. It's entirely possible -- especially in a low traction condition as might have happened if you're driving in Canada at Christmas time. It the trailer tires lose their ability to generate lateral force, there is nothing to prevent the trailer from swinging to the side -- makes no difference whether towing with a HA/PP hitch or a conventional hitch. When "hddecker" let up on the throttle, the 4-bar linkage might have produced a "bump" event which resulted in the trailer swinging to the side. Even with no "bump", the trailer still can swing if the tire/pavement friction cannot generate sufficient lateral force. Ron Ron, I've read many of your posts and I conceed to you as one who is very knowledgeable on the "workings" of these HA's and PP hitches. My appologies to hddecker as my statement kind'a "called him out" on this one. Even with your explanation Ron I'm still kind'a.., baffeled? In the demonstration Hensley gives in their video, it shows that the Hensley at the trailer end cannot move. However, as an owner of a Hensley, I too am familiar with the "bump" and as I've seen it explained, I do understand that. Hensley will have to perhaps explain that one. Anyway, I do see your point on this.OMG, the bump again. :R I do believe the discussion was about a slippery road and the proof of that was all the vehicles *off* the road a bit further on. This is the important point in Ron's post: It the trailer tires lose their ability to generate lateral force, there is nothing to prevent the trailer from swinging to the side -- makes no difference whether towing with a HA/PP hitch or a conventional hitch.Although I do believe the word force should be replaced with resistance. I have seen more than a few tractor trailers jack-knife right in front of me on I-90 here in PA in the winter. Something must have been wrong with their hitches.
pasusan 08/24/14 05:47am Travel Trailers
RE: Rt. 287 in PA to Wellsboro

Thanks very much for the responses - 15 it is! Then we'll cut over to 287 below Wellsboro. I'm having to program each step into our GPS... We are planning on staying at Leonard Harrison SP. And yes - we will definitely do the Turkey Path. We did this before - many years ago when the kids were still with us - and we're looking forward to doing it again. :)
pasusan 08/23/14 08:28am Roads and Routes
Rt. 287 in PA to Wellsboro

Has anyone been on route 287 from Jersey Shore (the town) to Wellsboro? We're not sure if we should go up 287 or take a bit longer and go up 15. Interested in the ease of travel - like are there steep grades or lots of curves... We're going to the Grand Canyon....(of PA). :B
pasusan 08/22/14 08:47pm Roads and Routes
RE: Trip Report: 8 weeks in Colorado

Phenomenal blog post -- great story, amazing pictures. What photo editing software do you use, if any?Wow - do I agree - really beautiful and professional!
pasusan 08/21/14 07:33am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Kumho 857s, pressure?

When we bought our Kumhos there was a chart on Tire Rack that showed different pressures for different rated tires by weight carried. I'm sorry, I haven't been able to find that chart this morning or I would link to it. Our tires max pressure is 65 lbs. The plate on the side of our trailer says 35 lbs. According to that above mentioned chart and as a sort of in-between point I put in 44. Why put in less than on the sidewall? Because the ride is less bouncy and I'm not sure the rims will take that much pressure. We have a TPMS and the trailer tires raise in temperature the same as the truck tires (which also are not aired to the max on the sidewall). Hope this helps...
pasusan 08/21/14 05:45am Travel Trailers
RE: The ideal GPS route

I don't know of any work-arounds that would help you. And I sure understand your frustration. Every time we use the GPS (which is every time we travel) we can't believe how un-technologically advanced they are. We should be able to talk to it and tell it things - like: Don't tell me when there is a large interchange ahead that I don't want to go on. We'd really like to stay on the road along the lake even if we could save 1 minute by taking a different road. We're pulling into a gas station, so don't worry your pretty little head about recalculating.
pasusan 08/19/14 06:55am General RVing Issues
RE: 7 pin connector water issue

We use one of these: http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/417A1TQ688L._SY450_.jpg It mounts on the tongue and the plug goes up inside it to keep it out of the weather.
pasusan 08/18/14 06:30pm General RVing Issues
RE: Recall notice

Thanks JJ - we did buy one during that time period at B,B & B and will have to check the model number after the MIL wakes up. She's visiting and I put the heater in the spare room for her. It's been sort of chilly here in NW PA. If ours is one of the units this will be the second time we've learned about a recall that applies to us from rv.net. ...Update... Ours turns out to be a different model # and it doesn't say "Made in China". Whew! :)
pasusan 08/16/14 06:57am General RVing Issues
RE: Now to Phili

We went to Philly earlier this year. We stayed at Timberlane CG in New Jersey. Very nice CG with lots of room (and hookups) for big rigs and easy access off the highway. We took the train into the city from the Woodcrest station - it was only 6 bucks round trip and it would be 5 bucks to drive over the bridge. They do have lots of parking in the city - there's a big lot right under the visitor area. We took the hop on hop off bus for a couple of days and walked all over the historic part all the way down to the art museum. Not at all scary. We were told not to be there at night though. Edit... Here's a link to a similar thread where we talked about Philly. Maybe it will help...
pasusan 08/14/14 08:26pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Why Does Delamination Bother So Many People?

who can name what manf has had the most post about delamKeystone. At least that's what I've gotten from these boards over the last few years. That is one brand I would never own.
pasusan 08/14/14 03:09pm General RVing Issues
RE: Is this fair?

What's funny about this is we've often felt the opposite. We don't take much of the CG's utilities when we stop. But we pay the same as a humongous rig that has 2 air conditioners and/or 2 electric heaters. We have actually thought it would be nice if we paid per foot of RV length. And then there are the folks that say the electric is free so run whatever you can on electric instead of using the propane that we have to pay for... And there are those that light up the entire outside of the rig with lights that run 24/7. Then we thought maybe it would be nice if we were on electric meters. I guess it might be difficult to make it fair... :)
pasusan 08/11/14 02:39pm General RVing Issues
RE: Summer Festivals

Not exactly a town festival, but every year in Saegertown, PA we have what we call "the tractor show". It's put on by our local Pioneer Steam and Gas Engine Society. Folks bring their really cool old equipment and show it off. They have parades, tractor pulls and equipment demonstrations. A few pics to give the idea... Rumley Oil Pull tractor: http://pioneersteamandgas.com/Media/showpics/2013photos/Spring_OilPull_2013.jpg width=620 Steam shovel: http://pioneersteamandgas.com/Media/showpics/2004photos/ErieShovel2_rightside0472.jpg width=620 Steam tractor: http://pioneersteamandgas.com/Media/showpics/2004photos/Birdsall_port0472.jpg width=620 Restored farm tractors: http://pioneersteamandgas.com/Media/showpics/2004photos/Barb_Clark_Oliver0472.jpg width=620 A link to their site is here.
pasusan 08/08/14 05:27am General RVing Issues
RE: would you pay $41 to enter a National Park?

Any high electricity costs that any of our NPs have to pay are because of "hookup mania" and/or "minimum/no generator mania" that many RV'ers have. If most hookup site power pedestals would be disconnected (except for disabled folks) and generator hours extended ... at least five things would happen: 1) Less NP expenses, 2) Less NP campers for awhile until folks learned how to camp w/o electricity, 3) More noise from generators, 4) More business for Honda and Yamaha, and 5) More business for RV solar panel connected businesses. I don't mind generator noise and I also think many RV'ers might eventually begin to really enjoy the various challenges of cutting their umbilical cords when camping out in nature. Compare the crowding in RV drycamp campgrounds with the crowding in RV hookup campgrounds - usually a big difference.Argh... How can you say generator noise and camping out in nature in the same sentence? :E Besides the cutting the umbilical cord thing? WOW.
pasusan 08/06/14 04:25pm General RVing Issues
RE: What Was Your Most Valuable Lesson Here?

As for an RV tip, get the air out of your water hose by loosely connecting to RV, turn on water until it sprays, then connect tightly. Hmmm...I think it would work really good and somewhat quicker to briefly run the cold water in a sink or tub versus turning on the hydrant, turning off the hydrant, turning on the hydrant...I always run water out of the hose *before* I connect it to the RV. Don't want to worry about air, spiders, or mud. Oops - that was learned by experience, not RV.net... Not to say I didn't learn anything here - - - Don't leave the awning up while gone or sleeping... First thing on arriving and last thing on leaving - CHOCKS! Lots of other stuff too... And that there are lots of friendly folks willing to help. :)
pasusan 08/06/14 03:43pm General RVing Issues
RE: Curtains in your rig ?

We had curtains in our old Scotty trailer - they were fine. Our present trailer has blinds on the windows in the living area and shades in the bedroom and bathroom. I wouldn't change it - very functional - better than curtains.
pasusan 07/31/14 07:36pm General RVing Issues
RE: How hot does she get?

220 is too hot for my liking. 220 is where I would pull over and let things cool down.I'd be worried at 220 also. We got up to 215 going up a very long steep grade on our way to Asheville, NC on 23. That made us nervous, but it cooled right down on the other side going down. As far as pulling over... What then - turn the engine off or let it idle?
pasusan 07/31/14 06:09am Tow Vehicles
RE: Can I drain my hot water heater with low point drain?

Depending how your plumbing is laid out you may be able to drain most of the water. On mine it works if I open the relief valve.This is what I am able to do. OP --- try it on yours, then open the drain plug - see if anything comes out. :)
pasusan 07/30/14 09:00pm Travel Trailers
RE: My trip over the Lolo Trail

Very nice! Thanks for sharing your trip DJ!!
pasusan 07/30/14 05:02pm Truck Campers
RE: Water Hose Storage

Screw the ends together and just toss it in the storage area. I am now using a plastic tote (without a lid), just to keep them organized a little better. I still connect the ends.Same here - exactly. :)
pasusan 07/28/14 08:07pm General RVing Issues
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