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Tornadoes in the Southeast

We've been planning a leisurely trip down the Natchez Trace, to New Orleans, and back up through Alabama towards I-81. Got it all worked out for this spring - end of March into April. It just came to mind that that is tornado season. :E Looking at some sites that talk about average tornadoes by month Mississippi and Alabama look pretty bad for those months. What do you think? Would it stop you?
pasusan 12/09/16 05:34am General RVing Issues
RE: Opinions on Twin Beds vs Fold Down Couch

We love the twin beds in our trailer... But they are much more comfortable than the twin beds we looked at in a Roadtrek 190. Those were more like the width of cots... Remember them? -- wood cross braces and canvas to lie on... Anyway - lie down and check out the beds before you buy. We do keep the rear double bed in our Roadtrek 170 made up all the time and use the front seats for sitting in. As a side note... We have Travasaks in our trailer and an RV Superbag in our B because we like to wash our sheets. :)
pasusan 12/08/16 02:53pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: favorite campground

Ours is up at Silver Lake.Yup - we love Silver Lake too... https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/rdRkgqhExNAvMaeiv7nti1QAi2uQLbnx38qiNT_3ugaUNgxSomlH9uJW7j1F9YmxDHJAh0FfjMZIJchyMdgM2wHhXHF0PQ9WjiBBm-gg5V0GiOHnkBsscmPK2wgFmZVFzuYrxo57ESNyGxdZY9RURANZ9AMjjmA3sG003afwPh3SeIGA30kp6vw5hQ2zeSQCgXna4b9pAPAjaV0ooCrC21O8rEYan5Spe4vSowUW9gXsHYUqm__RinWTQ3HaiH0BrCuv7A8W7ghfKJ3A9R5irqbhxYqOHxRQB1sOjHbYjZrdwXfuzB_Iq1ZaGTAa7XSEoojR42oFqyiFGibrTirpfJhJsaT6IlZ-mQMWqguU3mLYyma1pxP7itzV2mGQ00Pv_P1IeyYga94OqvsbLINHBsQa7EzjWM-XlLWdqn_av3T3OS2gtZMkY41_8DrUao5bhivyMOb8K4wOdbI3BKUrpC9j4WBLBKafJxSFXy6dbRsg5wrhANzUNOmK8tG8YvSsQMuDd0QF9C_Ca3J71ap3JI6bD0ImYzwQ5vFvEAU4cdasna-HTim8EKsCcYoQKsve9P9IgMofMHSegTUAgkrFzW22E0ISD_KxLRnz8_RQFU_2eVB8zSQV=w1492-h1082-no width=620 This one is in Vermont....
pasusan 12/04/16 03:58pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: How do you deal with trash?

Thanks all for the great ideas! We ended up getting the Skinny Waste Can: https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/71XhJnFmraL._SL1500_.jpg width=200 since it was blue - matches our interior and it's skinny. Holds one grocery bag perfectly - and if there is a leak it can be washed. Thanks garmp1 for the idea. :) And - Road-Trekker - I'm enjoying checking out your mods - thanks!
pasusan 12/04/16 03:14pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: How do you deal with trash?

I found that a 1 gal antifreeze jug with the top cut-off fits nicely under the sink in our B and can be lined with re-used plastic bags (from buying veggies). We empty the bag frequently (there are lots of opportunities in campgrounds, rest areas, service stations. etc.). Worked well for the last 10 years and you can't beat the cost.Sounds interesting - won't fit under our sink but, maybe behind the driver's seat. Thanks! Plastic bag hanging on the side door handle.This might be the answer - thanks! Here's what we use. Sits up front between the doghouse and the console between the seats. https://www.bedbathandbeyond.com/store/product/umbra-reg-skinny-2-gallon-wastebasket-in-silver/1018524899?Keyword=skinny+trash+can Sorry couldn't get the clickey to work.That might work too - thanks!
pasusan 12/01/16 03:20pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: How do you deal with trash?

Shower or bathtub. Remove it while bathing. Put it back when done.Nope... Don't have anything similar, except the aisle. And thanks, NCWriter - It does make a differnece...
pasusan 12/01/16 03:18pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: How do you deal with trash?

Under the sink. Thanks, but... This is a photo of under my sink: http://i.imgur.com/fvEx836l.jpg The fridge is on the right, and my absolutely only kitchen cupboard is on the left, and a bunch of that is used up by the water heater. :)
pasusan 12/01/16 03:17pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
How do you deal with trash?

Do you have a trash can that you put... Where? Do you hang a bag somewhere? I thought I had it bad finding a place for a small can in our trailer. Can't figure this one out and am hoping there might be a few good suggestions. We have a Roadtrek 170.
pasusan 12/01/16 09:53am Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Christmas present storage

Yes - we always did that when the kids were still with us. Couldn't hide anything in there that might freeze though. They never caught on.
pasusan 11/29/16 05:48am RV Lifestyle
RE: Progressive Dynamics....UGH! (A vent)

I just bought and installed a PD4645 with remote pendant and the pendant hooked right up to the base unit. I did buy it from Best Converters though...
pasusan 11/25/16 03:50pm Tech Issues
RE: Can't win for losing.....Update

I'm thinking that cardboard packaging boxes are engineered better than most RVs. :R Good luck OP!
pasusan 11/24/16 08:50am Travel Trailers
Mr. Pink Stuff

Who do you think you are Mr. Pink Stuff You're never gonna get my love ...... Well, after 40 years of winterizing RVs in northern PA... I've got to change my tune. With our new-to-us Roadtrek I just don't feel comfortable only blowing out the fresh water lines. Too many 90 degree angles in the plumbing, I guess. It just keeps sputtering and sometimes a 1/2 cup or so of water comes out. Too scary for me. Gonna do the pink stuff...
pasusan 11/22/16 11:02am General RVing Issues
RE: Pennsylvania RV campgrounds

I'm left to wonder how grand a canyon can be in Pennsylvania?Grand enough for me... https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/C53XeeoqwHPst7HB8ywCO9RQgPVo-SlB_rEDz_tebYSkRtJpOuszyf8TPmSC-XZIzsX5mhcP8WKXLtCFPumOgcJxu5J5U77TlOv-mH8CKL1fUmKdQO0oW2Q2mld4a4OFx7FrEgPMYS4LnC_nYiHmC6rDAC0FiMcQ1m-Qmq5CCCASrSuJfTRPeBJG1n-oSx594iYbB0FyooexXG2zOlow-22JW84ez5tWcTGvgs7y36UzzfIm1mBU05Kpk5-pvC36Whos_HtHI2NQrnRLa-bhJ6i8bvFVeZNHbie9ypir9Y7ueYZbXW9gg5mwyqnFreYBOv0Zmu2nEJaGVe5qmy7oGUJeHCET-LlvbQSBmMsfo0Hd2WEJLxJ9xMlUkAU4ta3Ty_KBJPYoChdbkg8W62i2ycEG3GNukxGnb7md9v9yX0IcIsbPjHX4dDDqF2j7KeNqQ3-xkyK4tPpGzY-cf7iPkt2MpMpZ695dyYZHS2gYz-GDKAfnpUfnWzoAJsPY7xPYDG6ovkLk49TEWUdeSPCAFXhh_1IN4MzvfaNMEj78MnvYfD3F6-caGzjeLxUIkJLS58X5Z0T_9gtxIIy5Ji1BwDwY6OPiwnsBXXwTnZDdOhB6ccGy=w1333-h1000-no width=620 We stay at Leonard Harrison SP and walking down the Turkey Path is grand also... https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/D9KQLac-RLDPOd04ofijYxOxX3Gdn0AY9Ku3_9s-k0LSwAY4ofDWaQH7gK4A5qRcHJY6qhkg4zOqavTkVBjHEZtdb-3DAwXGx95SM6CF4asuecrGqdzUU2XjbgjtgYWrxkpvJ5ffo3dwMJ5oPLS6G8enn7YeStZ7c-CtIYrRVzwVCYNsou2YdIrd3T8NYfS5kKSI9-cs8xshslqD7fvUjWpEydUFrLsYSqaWRNXwSCoA-BxqHf_Ax1lJyDZh0wu0b9d5Ejp8fWe04FGX665eapzdumihoeiJTf3gvndsU24vv_6KpYgko7_b507ZhJAvb802vKC78jw63pSfpOX2MRPPJuU2rWCypsMH5CA7UqySV5uXKelt6sbvbanu6fie_bRlFtJ0UvDawQt5eCWBAa8I47ktmMnhserGP7z0ra6qfCXjG8WZN5aV7Tym2wpoSj26QXW_HwJtW7YxFh3at-D3f7oVP0wFfO_7q5P49cSSFRw7Jbp1f_RNZt1_T94su1wEeIQ8Fo7CSxwzLIjuI3KvGFKUHHzIGNfYzpsMDNR1FIoP5llCunMpb3UmIBMytYsdO97GFzdVS8aIWEuEZdqEG7dZr4J-WI_fDn2EUWhQMwY3=w1333-h1000-no width=620
pasusan 11/11/16 04:24am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Brand loyal or best for your needs?

I'm not brand loyal as long as it's a Ford. :B
pasusan 11/08/16 03:38pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Advice needed for electric pedestal tester

First, a question: What type of connection do you want to test? 30 amp 50 amp Both I have different testers for 30 vs 50.Sorry about that - it will be 30 amp, but I can always use an adapter.
pasusan 11/01/16 07:53am Tech Issues
RE: Advice needed for electric pedestal tester

I use this Prime Products AC Line Meter, even built a dongle for it so I can plug it directly into 30 amp service. https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/Ovk5IDza2IY1zutiylhhqu3kCFdhucKJhI59Fb5PXuTgV4Rflg2-Az8kQx1GxA2IxW1O-BfgWEPB=w341-h607-no height=450 width=280 However, this will only check the line source, not do anything about it if an error is found or later develops. In the long run you'd be far better off investing in a Progressive Industries EMS that constantly monitors the situation and will take action if necessary.Yeah, I'm with you about the PI EMS - I've got one hardwired into my trailer. At this point don't want to duplicate that in our B and will feel better if at least testing before connecting. Will look for that Prime tester - thanks...
pasusan 11/01/16 07:51am Tech Issues
Advice needed for electric pedestal tester

I want to get a good tester to use before hooking up at a campground. Is there one that will check for the usual stuff like polarity, open ground, etc. - as well as tell the voltage? Thanks for any help.
pasusan 11/01/16 07:12am Tech Issues
RE: Two Travel Trailers one large one very small?

We just did the 2 RV thing... We have a comfortable trailer and wanted something more nimble for shorter trips - we got a class B. Now we are finding we are buying everything over again. Bedding, kitchen items, levellers, water and dumping hoses, electric extension cords, those triangle things if you break down, on and on... I seriously considered not keeping anything stocked and having bags of stuff to take to one camper or the other. But, we want to be able to jump into the B for whatever strikes our fancy. So - keep everything in the B, and then move things to the trailer when we take that? No - it's easier but more expensive to buy duplicates. Anyway - we are still happy with our decision, but it is certainly something to think about. :R Good luck!
pasusan 10/31/16 12:48pm Travel Trailers
RE: So much for stealth

^^ Yes, it matters to us too. That's one of the things we're worried about - the New York Parkways... We did ask about a regular plate - couldn't do it as it has to be registered as a motorhome so that we will pay the higher yearly registration. We do plan on parking in neighborhoods at certain times - not during the night - and I'm pretty sure that will be legal. For instance - we go to "Garden Walk Buffalo" every year. We drive around and park in different neighborhoods to see the different gardens. We want to be able to do that with our B. You know - bathroom breaks, lunch... Don't especially want folks walking by it and seeing that it is a MOTOR HOME. Don't want the folks that live there to have creepy thoughts that we are squatting in their neighborhood. ;) When we go to Devil's Hole and other state parks we want to be able to park in the lot for the whole day while hiking without worry that someone will think to break in to the MOTOR HOME. That goes for all parking lots when we go on our day trips - which we will do a lot since we live in an area where there is lots of stuff to do within a few hours drive. So... I did use the idea of the license plate frame - thanks gbopp. The dealer where we bought our B put their frame on it - I blacked out the letters with their name and thanks to RoyB used a dremel to cut out the area that was covering Pennsylvania. The words MOTOR HOME aren't completely covered - but they aren't so blaringly obvious now. Pretty happy now...
pasusan 10/30/16 04:36am Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: So much for stealth

Thanks so much for the creepy responses O & G. Happy Halloween to you too!
pasusan 10/29/16 01:39pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
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