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RE: More lack of control in Chinese goods

clicky This stuff happens alot in China. They are making knock off F 150s and Chevy trucks. Their government is just as dirty....look at their fighter jet that is built from the plans they stole from the US. This is why I hate buying anything from China. It just part of their government and business culture. So your tires may say Michelin or whatever but who knows. This country is not our friend.That's for sure - why doesn't everybody know this? How did we all become so complacent?
pasusan 11/23/14 07:40am General RVing Issues
RE: Small Engine Storage

I am on my 3rd carburetor in 4-5 years in my Champion 3500/4000 generator due to gunk in the carb. I use stabil or sea foam in every tank. when I removed my last carb, it looked like varnish inside. Champion says they are not worth cleaning or rebuilding and sell them for $28.Just to be clear... This is what you do now so you won't have to replace the carburetor again? Or you have always done this and had to replace the carburetor anyway?
pasusan 11/23/14 06:00am Tech Issues
RE: Trip Report: The Perfect Family Trip!

Great story! And it's always nice to have a moral to the story... I'm really enjoying this trip report. Thanks a bunch!
pasusan 11/22/14 05:39am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: RV Park has dog park in it.

Some dogs love socializing with other dogs. I always get a laugh when my brother tells me about taking his dog to "Doggy Daycare". His dog loves it and is all worn out when she comes home. I guess it's like a play-date. ;)
pasusan 11/22/14 05:24am General RVing Issues
RE: Are you kidding?

This is one of my favorite Buffalo snow images - I've been having fun looking at Google images of "Buffalo snow 2014" Here he'd be pulled over and fined. He's presenting a HUGE danger to himself and others if that block of snow falls of. Inexcusable to not clean off the car.It's illegal here too, but I don't think the cops were out looking for snow-piled car roofs... This is my second favorite picture - waving to the neighbor across the street: http://icons.wxug.com/hurricane/2014/deep-snow-buffalo-nov19.jpg width=600
pasusan 11/22/14 05:15am General RVing Issues
RE: Detrioit to Niagra Falls in Spring 2015????

Hi Larry - we live up here. We wait till the very end of April/beginning of May for our first trip of the year. And... We go south. You will be seeing leafless trees and possibly cold weather. Not likely to be snow, but is a possibility. Usually when we leave for our 2 week trek the trees up here are completely grey and naked and as we drive south and to the east of the Appalachians things start greening up. Then when we come back spring is arriving up here. There are beautiful plantings around Dearborn and the Falls and you won't be seeing them at their best, to say the least. Hope this helps... Edit... Be sure to stop at the Cleveland Museum of Art
pasusan 11/21/14 04:57am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Are you kidding?

http://media.komonews.com/images/141119_buffalo_snow_lg.jpg width=600 This is one of my favorite Buffalo snow images - I've been having fun looking at Google images of "Buffalo snow 2014". We often get more snow than Buffalo, but no one ever talks about us as we aren't a big city. This time we have been spared and Buffalo has been getting the lion's share. We've got about 18", but that is totally manageable. 6 feet or more is very scary - and rain is forecast this weekend into Monday. Yikes.
pasusan 11/20/14 07:40pm General RVing Issues
RE: A solution to watch movies on TV with no DVD or wifi needed

Unbelievable. We travel - we are not home to watch streaming movies. Time shift the watching. Personally, I was very happy to hear about this and I will definitely use it. We haven't had control over when we watch content since the VCR days. (We don't do cable or have a DVR.) Thank you very much for telling us about this barefoot14! :)
pasusan 11/20/14 03:43pm Technology Corner
RE: Anderson levelers - how close are your axles?

Thanks for the responses. I'd really like to look at them in person and see what I could do, but I can't... It does appear they are not going to work for me... Would have been a great Christmas present!
pasusan 11/20/14 04:56am Travel Trailers
RE: A T & T Betters Data Plan

I changed from a 2 gig to a 10 gig family share plan for the same money. The catch is when you get ready, or need a new phone, it is no longer free/or included in your plan as it used to be. You have to purchase in monthly pmts and have it added to your plan or pay cash up front. There's always a catch in the end.This is what I have found. Anyone not have to lose the phone inclusion to get the better deal?
pasusan 11/19/14 03:49pm Technology Corner
Anderson levelers - how close are your axles?

Our tires are 14 inch and only about 2 inches apart. Anyone have close tires and able to use the Anderson levelers? I can see how to use 1, but don't see how the other one will fit between the tires. :@
pasusan 11/19/14 05:05am Travel Trailers
RE: back up lights

Hope you get it figured out.. Good luck.
pasusan 11/18/14 12:55pm General RVing Issues
RE: Partitions what is the purpose?

They are to prevent you from placing stuff on the lines and pump. KenYeah, there have actually been complaints on here that there were no partitions protecting easily damaged plumbing in storage locations. Some would think you were lucky. ;)
pasusan 11/16/14 02:43pm General RVing Issues
RE: Roadtrek questions

Thanks again for all the input - and you too Mike! We would not be buying the B to replace our trailer. We know we will be sacrificing function for nimbleness. We probably would never even take it to a CG or RV park. Which is why we think a generator might be a necessity once in a while. At this point we're not sure if we would use the B enough to justify the cost... We'd be taking it to nearby cities to be tourists and then spend the night in stealth mode parked without any hookups. Also we could use it to visit family about 350 miles away - an aging mom, a professional working son, and various others. We could stay in their driveways with maybe an electric cord hookup. And then we could use it for day trips to the mountains or lakeshore to hike and come back to the B for eating, resting, and then go on another hike. So - if DH has to bend his knees to sleep for a night here and there we're thinking that would be OK. When going on a regular camping trip to stay at CGs and parks we would still use our trailer and have the TV to get around.
pasusan 11/15/14 06:03pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Need help finding a portable heater.

Go to Amazon and search for "Vornado". The fan runs constantly and is whisper quiet. When the temp drops the heat kicks in very quietly until it reaches the temp you have selected. Then it reverts to fan only. Been using one for 5 years and very satisfied with its performance and the way it distributes the heat evenly around our 31ft coach. I think I paid %79. X2 Great heater....... Us alsoYes, this is what we have. It's called a whole room heater. It doesn't get hot and it distributes the heat very evenly and very quietly.
pasusan 11/15/14 05:44pm Tech Issues
RE: Roadtrek questions

Thanks for the responses... Generator under the van is a bit off-putting. And the sideways bed is also as DH is 6'2". Would love twin beds, but want to keep it short enough to park as a regular van. The search is alternately exciting and depressing. :?
pasusan 11/15/14 05:31am Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Traffic challenge

This exact situation is why we got an air horn. We've not had the problem since - and never had to actually blow the horn. :C
pasusan 11/14/14 07:34pm Travel Trailers
Roadtrek questions

If a Roadtrek B has an on-board generator - where would it be located? Are the only operable windows with screens in the back/bed area? How well do the A/Cs work - those ones in the back top compared to the roof mounted A/Cs on most RVs? (We are loving the idea of a small B - like a 170 - for short overnight and day trips.)
pasusan 11/14/14 06:39pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Observations after my first season with a TT

We had a thread a while back -- "you might be a serious camper if . . . ." We now have to add "astroturf!" Well done! Gives me an idea -- force DW to wear a wig so we use less water . . . . ;) Seriously, a good write-up!There was a thread a few years ago about women cutting their hair to use less water, LOL. OP - I agree - nice write up - sounds like you had a wonderful first season.
pasusan 11/13/14 05:59pm Travel Trailers
RE: I am mad....

Okay, as I said there are no Mobile Tech's in our area that will do Keystone warranty work or work on a slide. The CW location Keystone gave me gets a 1 star, so I got a list of all the service centers and they were mostly in OKC or Tulsa (or much further south). I looked further west and found Matt's RV, it is about an extra 80 miles (than going to OKC) but after talking to him I feel better about his service. He is not listed by Keystone as a service center but he says he does do warranty work for them. I contacted Keystone and gave them his info and whether I could take it there, Keystone said: "I checked with my team lead and you can take the unit to Matt’s RV Service as they are an authorized dealer.", I wonder why they don't list them as a service center? Oh well, I will take it there next Friday (Nov 21st).Thank goodness. Please give us an update on how it all works out for you.
pasusan 11/13/14 02:52pm General RVing Issues
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