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RE: chicken or the egg? question

:P http://i.imgur.com/dZeu1Abl.jpgAll of the sudden - this dog doesn't look so cute and cuddly. I see the deviousness in those eyes! Was it the eyes or the cloud? :@
pasusan 04/15/16 01:11pm General RVing Issues
RE: should we pay off house

bbaker2001 If you own the house it will NEVER be paid off. I finished making mortgage payment a few years ago but I still owe on it... There are taxes (hundreds to thousands a year)every year, there is insurances, there are utilities, there is repairs, there is yard work, it never ends... that is why a lot of people go with FULLTIME... yea you have bills there also but not as much as owning a S&B/This is true. We have paid everything off as quickly as possible and have paid very little in interest our whole lives. But - the expenses are still there. I was shocked to find it costs us $10,000 per year to live in our paid off house. Just with taxes, insurance, utilities - the bills just keep coming. And that doesn't even include general upkeep and maintenance. UGH! It does feel good to have no monthly payments that include interest... For what that's worth. :)
pasusan 04/04/16 12:01pm RV Lifestyle
RE: Photo Hosting Website

I'm another Picasaweb user and I'm following this thread with big interest. We share our trips with friends and family using Picasa and the albums are important - each trip gets its own album. And nobody has to sign in to see the pics - which is very important. Anyway - good luck finding a replacement - I'll let you know if I come up with anything...
pasusan 04/03/16 07:32am Technology Corner

It seems clear from reading the pposts here that you'all are talking at cross purposes a bit. From what I read and can deduce by the coments made this oven debate is divided in three segments. Those who never leave the grid or visit a National Park, either because of size of their rig or their personal choices....Dont need and dont want the oven. Those that could be termed Weekenders and Vacationers seem to not use the oven. Those that get off the grid and to the national parks and other places and spend SIGNIFICANT time in thier RV's such as full timers Want and use the oven. This brings up the question of how the Survey was conducted, who was their target demographic among buyers and how the survey was worded. All of that factors into this. For me I would throw the microwave out the trailer on the interstate. They are the spawn of Satan of the cooking world. I intend on turning that space into storage when I redo the interior soon. I would like to have a LARGER oven. I use mine alot. Even to make toast in when I am off the grid. But I also Full Time in 3 seasons and at all altitudes and in all weather. And I do not relish standing by a grill outside in the pouring rain to make dinner. And yes many things that can be made in the oven can also be done in a dutch oven...many things cannot. Remember the 50's and 60's push for the "All Electric Home"? And now how we look upon that as so wasteful of resources and dated. RV's are taking that same path now. And mark my words when these all electric 100 amp rigs start to clog the RV Parks the system will degrade and eventually collapse. And the manufacturers will "have seen the light" and returned to good old propane.Absolutely - there are different types of people who camp. I read here all the time of folks who want to go out and eat. Why have a kitchen? We use our oven all the time and would never own an RV without one. Definitely don't want to fire up a generator to cook.
pasusan 03/29/16 10:15am Travel Trailers
RE: How do you long termers handle grey & black water?

Both closed.Same here... Except when DH is taking a shower - that washes out the grey tank and the hose really nicely. :)
pasusan 03/28/16 12:11pm General RVing Issues
RE: You don't need a 3/4 ton truck to tow a trailer..

Fun video -- anyone recognize the song "Sunday will never be the same?"
pasusan 03/19/16 06:20pm Tow Vehicles
RE: tough chicken breasts

Pressure cooker! :B You don't know what tough chicken is until you tried cooking two year old roosters. :E Roosters have breasts? :EYeah, you know - in the male they're called pecs. That's why they're tough. ;) To the OP - I agree with the folks that say to slow cook. I cook pretty much all meat at 325. The length of time depends on the size and thickness.
pasusan 03/18/16 09:35am Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: Fabric paint...anyone ever use it??

I'd also go with the seat covers. We have used them since our truck was new and the original seats are still like new. The seat covers that are on it now came from SeatCoversUnlimited.com. Very happy and very comfy!
pasusan 03/15/16 01:17pm General RVing Issues
RE: Website problems...

I had trouble all day yesterday thru the evening until I quit and went to bed Both RV NET and WOODALLs were down.. I finally switched to TRAILERLIFE portal and it finally came back up so I stayed there the rest of the day into the late evening. This morning at 5AM when I turned things back on they were all down again... I am using GOOGLE CHROME here for Internet browser... TRAILERLIFE finally came back up this morning and I have had good from about 6:30 to present time today... Roy KenYup - I usually come via Woodalls, then since that hasn't been working for me lately I came via RV.net - today neither of those worked and I'm coming in through TrailerLife. Who knows?
pasusan 03/15/16 11:05am Forum Technical Support
RE: Tire shop wont install LTs on my trailer

My local tire shop which I have bought several sets of car/truck tires through and does install tires on trailers told me that due to liability reason associated with the lower weight rating on an LT tire they can't install them. Said I would have to take the tires/rims off the trailer and take them in separately was the only way they could do it. Obvious reply is going to be to go find another tire shop which is what I will likely have to do. Just trying to get an idea if this is a common theme with tire shops and putting LT tires on trailers?We have a home-made utility trailer with a Jeep axle and wheels. I mistakenly mentioned to the tire store that we have been dealing with for many years that the tires were for a trailer. After being on here for a few years we definitely did not want ST tires. But, that's all they would sell us since it was for a trailer - apparently for insurance reasons. Towmax.
pasusan 03/10/16 12:01pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: 1968 Travel Queen Resto Mod - 13. Exterior, Skin & Openings

I don't think I've replied to this thread before, but I wanted to say thank you! Your detail is unbelievable and should certainly help folks in the future. Keep up the great work!
pasusan 03/08/16 11:36am Truck Campers
RE: Need to replace my water pump

The Shurflo Classic i.e. -144 model - has been discontinued. The Revolution is a perfect but much better performing replacement ... own one myself. :)Same here. Our old pump was a 1990 version also. Replaced a couple of years ago with the 4008 (Revolution). Has worked very well.
pasusan 03/07/16 12:00pm Tech Issues
RE: How many active forum members ???

I visit (Read) here almost every morning... posting not so much. I get in less trouble that way :)Same here - a couple times a day. I don't log in unless I'm posting - so I'm probably considered a visitor most times.
pasusan 03/07/16 08:47am General RVing Issues
RE: I need a good disposable glove solution for dumping

52 years of extensive RV'ing and never used gloves yet and never had any issues, infections, reddening skin or anything detrimental from dumping. The planet Earth still has soap and water on it or if you prefer, antibiotic soaps and/or hand cleaners. Don't want #@$(&^* on your hands, quit shoving your hands down the inside of the slinky or up the sewer pipe! Why do you think there's even such a think as a slinky made for holding tank dumping? These same germ-o-phobes walk around the dumping area with their shoes or boots and then on their RV interior or store their monkey suits, gloves, and/or dumping foot covers right in inside the confines of their RV's exterior so then they can sleep with them and absorb/breath the fumes that penetrate the walls and the RV air circulation system. Who are they trying to fool? Yup, themselves! Why are they RV'ing then? Just stay home or in a motel/hotel etc as we all know how spotless and super sanitary they are! God forbid that they ever step anywhere where an animal had blessed or eat any fish or sea food that lives in their on holding tank since they don't use toilets with holding tanks or eat chicken or fowl who are famous seeking out the tasty morsels left on the ground by others or basically anywhere. WOW! Better not eat any fruits or vegetables either since it's grown in and nourished by deposits left or even sprayed on them! You're gonna DIE! Some people are simply amazing!!! Wow - are you the pot or the kettle? ;)
pasusan 03/07/16 08:27am General RVing Issues
RE: Wondering how many are planning for 2017?

Yes.....retiring in the spring of 2017 and going on a cross Canada trip.......YES! Same here - only we're going south - way south on the Natchez Trace. Just started planning the trip this morning.... Got to get to New Orleans and the Florida panhandle with tons of fun on the way there and as we come home in time for planting. Then in the fall we hope to go to the Hudson River and up to Maine and as for Canada at least up to the Bay of Fundy! 2017 is when the fun will truly begin!
pasusan 02/29/16 12:51pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Soups for a cold day

Here is our favorite winter soup... PC (Pressure Cooker) Bean Soup 1 2/3 cups mixed dried beans 1/4 lb. diced smoked sausage Minced onions & garlic (to taste) 1 cup chopped carrots Handful split peas -- 1 Tbsp vinegar 1 Tbsp lemon juice 1/4 cup Screamin' Hot salsa 1/2 28 oz. can chopped tomatoes Add mixed beans to lots of water & boil for 6 minutes Let sit for 1 hour... Drain In PC fry up sausage in 1 Tbsp olive oil Add onions & garlic, stir, then beans, then the rest of top group Add 1 cup ham or chicken stock, then water to cover & PC 9 minutes Slow cool Add vinegar, lemon juice, salsa, & tomatoes & slow cook for 30 minutes
pasusan 02/25/16 11:11am Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: RV Oven

We use an airbake cookie sheet. Everything we bake sits right on top of it. Been using this method for many years - perfect results every time.
pasusan 02/24/16 05:57pm Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: What are you reading?

I was reading "The Queen's Confession" about Marie Antionette, but thanks to this thread I had to take a sidetrack and read "A Walk in the Woods." Both very enjoyable reads. Also I'm looking forward to checking out the Nevada Barr mysteries. Great idea for a thread - thanks!
pasusan 02/24/16 09:44am RV Lifestyle
RE: We're baaaaccck!

Wasn't Riverside the RV company bought by the Chinese? If so, I'm very happy to see that they at least look like they are keeping to their old standards. Good luck with it - it's a cutie!
pasusan 02/21/16 06:28am Travel Trailers
RE: Jalousie windows vs. sliding windows - Pros & Cons

We would only have jaulousie windows since we dry camp and don't use the air conditioner (live in the Yellowstone area so really don't need one) and we can leave them open when it rains. We leave our dog in the camper when we hike and fish so we are able to leave the windows open and the Fantastic fan going to keep the camper from getting too warm. Also, an open slider allows a bigger area for someone to break into the camper.This is exactly why we wouldn't have anything but jalousies. We have 2 cats that we leave while hiking. We do have one slider that we always leave closed while gone for just that reason of someone being more able to break in (and steal our beautiful cats). :E
pasusan 02/18/16 06:44am Truck Campers
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