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RE: tired to dance, new RV coming Sunseeker 3010

You will love the 3010, I have a 2014 model myself. It only seems huge at first. Just remember point the front where you want to go, and the back will follow. I try to not get in a situation of a tight turn in close quarters, but at gas stations, just keep using mirrors and looking ahead, like your head is on a swivel. No levelers on mine, I just use boards and those plastic squares. I have the heated tanks on mine for cooler weather, and a/c heat pump unit. Love the heat pump, saves propane from not using furnace. The only thing I don't have that I would have ordered on it is a gas/electric water heater, and not just gas. But I bought it off a dealer's lot. I did take the uncomfortable to sit on jacknife sofa out, and added 2 small recliners. As mentioned above, we have a 2013 sunseeker 3100. If you have the factory water heater it is both gas and electric. All newer sunseekers have that standard. The switch inside on the control panel is the gas switch. As for electric: go outside, remove the water heater access panel, get down on your knees, look in the lower left (kind of hidden behind a pipe), there's a small switch there that is the electric switch. Caution: do NOT turn or leave this switch on without water in the tank or you will burn out the electric heating element. By the way, not sure who your dealer is but they gave you a terrible pdi demo for not telling you this when you bought it.
paullac 07/20/14 08:19pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: tired to dance, new RV coming Sunseeker 3010

Gezzzzz I forgot the question.... no hydrolic leveler, so can i use bottle jack on the frame somewhere ? how easy it is to boondock, the best place are ? The one im looking at have a front window on the fiberglass roof top cap....am i looking for trouble ? in regards of equipments, what is a must have ? rear end swing, to avoid hitting something what cues are you using prior the turn if its tight ? thanks for your input guys We have a 2013 sunseeker 3100. I would avoid a class C with a window on the front of the cab over. Class c's are bad enough for cab over leaks. A window will only make it worse. I personally would pass on it.
paullac 07/20/14 08:12pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Has anyone ever tried a portable A/C in their class C???

If you go down the portable AC unit path, you may want to check out the current issue of Consumer Reports. They have a short 1 page article about them. I just skimmed it. The general upshot was they weren't very effective. They did rate a few units too.
paullac 07/19/14 06:42pm Class C Motorhomes
Full hookup questions

We generally don't do full hookups so just work off the fresh tank (50 gallons) & gray tank (39 gallons) with navy showers. This will be our first real full hookup weekend so curious what others do for the two things below: When others are on full hookups, do they still do "navy showers" or leave the shower water on (albeit quickly - so as to not drain the water heater that's only 6 gallons)? Also, I am planning to leave the gray tank valve closed & dump as needed (vs leaving the valve open all the time). Is that typical?
paullac 07/10/14 03:45pm Beginning RVing
RE: Buyer beware

Wow! Some initial responses to this post are very anti-dealer & I totally disagree with that. As bigdogger said, when you're on the phone, the dealer just wants to get you in the door. That's when the real courtship (i.e., deal) typically begins. I think the OP totally jumped the gun & thought a deal was done over the phone. Telling you you'll get a fantastic deal is *not* a deal. The dealer asking to see the current trailer (when it's going to be part of the deal) is reasonable. It doesn't need to be unloaded for them to make a value appraisal. Honestly, you got a good chunk of the way through the conversation at the dealership & still "were never told what the price of the TT would be". That's one of the very first pieces of the puzzle you need to figure out. Basically, as bigdogger said, after the dealer assembled his info (value of your current trailer, payoff for your current trailer, new trailer value, demand for new trailer, credit score, financing viability, down payment, monthly payment, etc, etc, etc), he decided to walk away. Just as we have that right, so do dealers.
paullac 05/10/14 08:16am General RVing Issues
RE: Michelin LTX Recall BLOWOUT!!!

Is there a process for checking to see if my tires are under this recall? Camper World installed 6 new Mich. LTX MS2's on my Navion last year May 2013. I now have 7000 miles on them. They sat for 7 months through the winter. I will be leaving on several trips this spring/summer and then on a 8000 mile trip in September 2014. I want to make sure I have safe tires. M/S tires were recalled. M/S2 tires are the new & improved model so the speak. So, if you have M/S2 tires - emphasis on the 2 at the end - you are fine.
paullac 05/06/14 06:00pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Leveling Systems...WHo has them and what kind?

Another vote for Bigfoot. I got their fully auto system before last season. I did a ton of research & came away that it was the best option. So far so good. I went to their place in Michigan for the install. Fortunately I was close enough to make the drive in a half day. Thought it best to go direct to the source. They customized the system a little too as I wanted the rear jacks mounted up higher on the frame due to having to back into a sloped driveway. Like someone said earlier, I was there by about 9 AM & out by about noon. Are you sure on your pricing from them though? Maybe they gave you pricing for an A (I think that's more from when I last looked on their website). I paid a little under $3900. I got a discount on the install. But I only saved $450 there. Your price is a lot higher than that. Can't imagine they went up that much but maybe they did. Not sure if you can wait but they have run discounts on the install in the winter months the past couple years.
paullac 04/30/14 07:55am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Michelin LTX Recall BLOWOUT!!!

Just something else to consider in the XPS Rib vs LTX M/S2 debate... The Rib's are summer tires only & the M/S2's are all season tires (per Michelin's website). Granted, most of us aren't driving our C's around in a blizzard. But something to consider if you live or drive in the Northern parts of the county.
paullac 04/30/14 07:41am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Class C purchasing decision...

x 2 on the RVDirect dot com mention. We had a very good experience buying our Sunseeker from them. Now to the question you asked about. Here's some things to think about that I don't believe have been mentioned yet... With the cabover entertainment center, & especially for that floorplan, I don't think the TV viewing angle is good. The couch is right at the front of the unit. The TV would be just to your right & above you. Can you say stiff neck? The best spot to view the TV from would be the rear dinette seat but, since it's not a high back, it isn't the most comfortable. Without the cabover entertainment center on that floorplan, the TV is nearly across from the couch. I think your neck would appreciate that more. Not saying this will be a problem, but the cabover entertainment center would complicate any potential repairs to the area due to leaks, etc. Consider resale down the road. What is more desired in a class C? More sleeping space or less? I think many people choose a class C specifically for the sleeping space in the cabover. I suppose you could count the responses in this thread to see what is preferred. Or maybe strike up a conversation with a used RV salesperson to see what sells quicker or slower.
paullac 04/16/14 11:58am Class C Motorhomes
Retorque Lug Nuts After Tire Change?

My chassis is a Ford E450. I had the recalled Michelin tires. A local tire chain put replacement tires on. They told me I needed to get the lug nuts retorqued at 100 & 500 miles (actually made me sign their copy of the invoice that they told me this). Today I go to another location of that same tire chain to get the lug nuts retorqued. They told me it's NOT needed because the wheels are steel & it would only be needed if I had aluminum wheels. In fact, the guy laughed & said if there was a problem with the torque I would have known by now. So, does anyone know the actual answer on this? For anyone that has a Ford E450 with new tires installed, were you told to get the lug nuts retorqued? Thanks!
paullac 03/15/14 01:02pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Experience with RV Direct??

Thanks everyone for the replies, very helpful. Well, we started the process today so wish us luck. Just learned today that we'll be getting a 2015 model for the same quoted price, and also learned the coach we were trying to buy from our local dealer was actually a 2013 model (found this out because of the color differences). For 2014, this rig now has 7,500lb of towing and more fresh water holding capacity, which were two big benefits for us...So far so good. I'll update this thread as we move along in case anyone is thinking about doing the same thing. Little scary, but RV Direct seems to have their act together so we shall see... I'll toss in a comment on this post too… Congrats first of all! The hitch went from 5000 lbs to 7500 lbs during the '14 model run. However, the fresh water capacity stayed the same (I am 99.9% certain) in '13 vs current. We have a '13 3100. The brochure then lists fresh water capacity at 44 gallons plus another 6 gallons in the water heater for 50 gallons total. Now the brochure just says 50 gallons with water heater. The total is the same at 50 gallons.
paullac 03/14/14 04:54pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Experience with RV Direct??

There is only one caveat about RV Direct, and that is finding nearby places that will do warranty work. If something breaks, good luck with that. Not my experience at all on my RV Direct unit. There are two local dealers that have done warranty work on my unit knowing full well that they didn't sell it. I do realize not everyone has that same experience. But FR will help you out find a local shop (perhaps not an RV dealer - just a local repair shop) if need be. To the OP: Regarding this point… Realize you don't need to go to a Sunseeker dealer to get warranty work done. A dealer who sells any FR line can do it. One of the local shops I use sells FR trailers, fifth wheels, etc but no motorized units. However, they still have done warranty work on my motorhome.
paullac 03/14/14 04:44pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Experience with RV Direct??

Purchased our 2012 Sunseeker 2300 from RvDirect. At least $8000 less than dealer's best quote. Got a brand new unit made just for us. We were able to tweak a couple of specs to include options we wanted that were not on the dealer's unit or quote. The MH is what Forest River makes and supplies on all orders. No "special" unit for RvDirect. That is a bunch of bs. Check the Sunseeker forum on forestriverforums.com for more about RvDirect. There is a factory rep who monitors the forum who will also confirm for you that the unit is the same as all they make. Our entire experience with RvDirect was outstanding. One difference from dealer is the way you pay. Deal is completed and paid for when unit is ready to ship from factory. That way, they don't invest any of their money (and pass on savings to you). We overnighted payment to them and they overnighted back to us the title information. We went and got license plates and 5 days later picked it up in DesMoines (a 300 mile drive for us). The dealer prep was excellent and PDI of several hours was complete. We found nothing than needed fixing and drove it home. We will buy from them again. x 2!!!!! I could have written the same exact thing. We have a '13 3100 from RV Direct & wouldn't hesitate to go back for our next unit. The money thing is a little weird. We bought a stock unit. We overnighted payment to them upon agreeing to the deal (we had not seen the unit). They overnighted back paperwork to get title, registration, & plates. Got our plates the next morning. Drove from Cincinnati to Buffalo that afternoon. Picked it up the next day. Basically a done deal in approx 3 days. Here's a recommendation (but I tend to be paranoid about things): Start your insurance the day you send the money. It's a just in case thing. For example, if a tornado goes through the RV Direct lot the day after you send the money. You do, in fact, own it once the money is out of your hands. We had an extremely thorough PDI. I had not heard that one before - about RV Direct getting different units than the local dealer - but agree that's a line of BS & would make me not trust anything else that local dealer said. Also agree about ForestRiverForums & specifically the Forester / Sunseeker sub forums. I'm active there (as is RVBill3). It's an outstanding group of people & resource for questions. There is a factory rep on there who jumps in on certain questions or when the community doesn't know something. I see you already took the plunge so good luck. To the OP: Coincidentally, I was in LA for work this week (I see you're from Orange Co). I just recommended RV Direct to someone else out there this week too.
paullac 03/14/14 04:35pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Michelin Tire Recall - How Long To Get Replacement Tires?

OP Here - All's well that ends well. I tracked down the Michelin LTX MS 2 replacement tires. I found them at Tire Discounters in Lawrenceburg, IN (suburban Cincinnati). Actually, they had to order them from their warehouse or distributor. It took calling around to quite a few places until I found them. They were installed this afternoon. We had some salt on the roads but I wanted to get them while they were still there. Maybe it's just my imagination but it seems like they ride smoother than the original tires. In any event, I figure I got exactly two years worth of tires for free (the originals had a date code of 0312 & the replacement tires have a date code of 0314). The receipt shows the total at $1374 (but the balance was zero'ed out). Good luck to all those searching for them. My advice would be to NOT wait until right before your first trip of the season. If anybody is in the Cincinnati area, reach out to me as I may have a couple suggestions on where you can find these.
paullac 03/03/14 04:54pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Michelin Tire Recall - How Long To Get Replacement Tires?

Like I said in another thread, about this subject, we have decided to go with 4 Goodyear Wrangler Adventure tires with Kevlar side walls. Looks like as good, or better than the Michelin LTX M/S2. In AZ, because of the heat, tires last about about a 1/3 less, than cooler climates, so the 60,000 mi. warranty is attractive. Read about them here. Goodyear Adventure How? I am assuming you are doing this on your own dime, right? Wouldn't Michelin only pay for Michelin (or their other brands of tires such as BF Goodrich)? That's what I was thinking. As I said above, because the Michelins MS2's are not available they are only offering BFG or Uniroyal as replacements. And that's because those companies are owned by Michelin. The question I keep asking is how do those two brands compare to Michelin. I am in no way a tire expert. But, IMHO, Michelin is superior to BF Goodrich or Uniroyal. Maybe it's because they spend so much money saying so in advertising that they are better. Maybe it's because Consumer Reports generally rates them high. Either way I feel like I am stepping down if I go with BF Goodrich or Uniroyal. And I paid for a vehicle with Michelins on it in the first place. I bought new. I figure the better tires were built into the cost. I just find it reprehensible that they issue a recall, don't have replacement stock, say they don't have plans to manufacture replacement stock, so take brand X instead.
paullac 02/26/14 05:16pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Michelin Tire Recall - How Long To Get Replacement Tires?

Like I said in another thread, about this subject, we have decided to go with 4 Goodyear Wrangler Adventure tires with Kevlar side walls. Looks like as good, or better than the Michelin LTX M/S2. In AZ, because of the heat, tires last about about a 1/3 less, than cooler climates, so the 60,000 mi. warranty is attractive. Read about them here. Goodyear Adventure How? I am assuming you are doing this on your own dime, right? Wouldn't Michelin only pay for Michelin (or their other brands of tires such as BF Goodrich)?
paullac 02/26/14 04:59pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Michelin Tire Recall - How Long To Get Replacement Tires?

If you need these tires now looks like you will have to go with another tire, or brand. From Michelin today, in reply to an Email asking when the LTX M/S2 tires will be available. "Unfortunately, these tires are currently on a national back-order, with no plans for production within the next 4 weeks. We are only able to see what we have available in our warehouses; we do not keep track of what our dealers have in stock. We apologize for any inconvenience." OP Here - I've been a lifelong fan of Michelin but they are rapidly about to lose me as a customer. This frosts me. For 2 reasons. First, I called the 1-800 number & was told "we have plenty" (not that I've seen that calling around locally). Second, I get that there's a rush on the supply but then to say there's no production planned in the next 4 weeks means they're trying to shove people into their lower priced lines. They need to step up with some production of the M/S 2 line now. Wish I knew who to call because this seems like it has all the makings of class action lawsuit written all over it.
paullac 02/26/14 04:54am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Michelin Tire Recall - How Long To Get Replacement Tires?

OP here with an update. Not good news so far. Tire guy said the the Michelin MS2 tires are on a national backorder with about 3 - 4 weeks as the estimated timeline. We leave on an 2000 mile trip 4 weeks from today so not real comfortable taking a chance & waiting. The tire guy said an alternative that Michelin would cover is the Michelin AT tires. But he said they're not as smooth. Any suggestions by anyone?
paullac 02/22/14 06:24am Class C Motorhomes
Michelin Tire Recall - How Long To Get Replacement Tires?

I am taking my unit in to the local Ford dealer to get an oil change & replacement tires (due to the Michelin recall). I am reading some things on the 'net that supplies of replacement tires aren't real high. I guess that makes sense given the number of tires that need to be replaced. So, looking for feedback from others who had this done recently, is there a long wait to get replacement tires? I am taking the unit on an 1800 mile trip in about 4 weeks so really would like it resolved by then. Figuring that should be OK but just curious what others have experienced recently.
paullac 02/19/14 06:10pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: 2013 Leprechaun water leak problems

GollyCollie - Going through some older threads I participated in & came across this one. I think you've had your unit back for about a month now. Is everything good still? Hopefully so. Just curious.
paullac 02/19/14 05:22pm Class C Motorhomes
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