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Selling out

Well we've done it. The bunkhouse is up for sale. I took the whole weekend and got it cleaned top and bottom and checked everything over and did all the yearly maintenance except the water. I didn't want water getting stale in the system. It's been a great camper but life changes and you gotta change with it.
phenrichs 04/05/17 06:29am Travel Trailers
Selling advice

DW and I have been talking a lot about it and have decided it is time to sell. Kids are getting older and getting into more of their own activities. Last year we only got out 4 times and haven't identified a time in the next 3 months that we can go so we have decided to sell. We are planning to include all related gear in the sale with the exception of personal items. No need to hang onto stuff. I would love to hear any recommendations, tips, cautions, or advice from any of you that have sold a rig, not trade in. Thanks in advance, Paul
phenrichs 03/30/17 12:00pm Travel Trailers
RE: Most popular vehicle for people making over $200k annually

It is sad to me where these trucks are going. They put so much extra creature comforts in them now that I would be afraid to use it for any real work. SOme of that stuff would be really expensive to fix. My wife has a SUV with the touch screen display and we bought the extra electronics warranty because I don't want to have to write a check if that thing goes bad. I love my 06 CTD, 225K miles and going strong. Had it since 08 and so far only a fuel pump. The new ones are nice but to pay that much for a personal vehicle baffles me.
phenrichs 03/07/17 06:43am Tow Vehicles
RE: What type brush to wash fiberglass camper?

I use a soft bristle push broom. Much larger head than these wash brushes they sell. That way I can cover more area.
phenrichs 02/14/17 06:42am Travel Trailers
RE: Which 5er would you suggest?

I know what your Father-in-law is referring to. My dad always said the same thing. The center axle tires are just garbage because they are always sliding in the turn as a pivot point and will wear unevenly and need replacing sooner than the other two axles. I have no real world on this just what my dad always said. I am in the same boat you are. We are looking at moving from our large bunkhouse TT to a 5er toyhauler. Other than cost of 2 more tires than my current 2 axle, I don't see the big deal on triples
phenrichs 08/22/16 09:42am Toy Haulers
RE: trailer length?

One more word about 'size'. Think of it this way? If the semi-trucks can do it, why can't you? This is my opinion completely as well. The gas stops you can do almost anywhere but often those that don't tow will not be considerate of your size and will cause more headache than the station choice. I don't like to use the Truck islands unless absolutely necessary. I am on vacation camping and those guys are working. I like to stay out of their way. Sometimes you don't have a choice but that has only ever happened to me once. Like Dutchmen said, 1000' up the road is another choice.
phenrichs 08/01/16 08:50am Travel Trailers
RE: trailer length?

Check out my rig. All together, truck and TT are 53'. It weighs almost 10K loaded. Sway is not an issue for me. I have a Dual Cam hitch that works very well but is not the easiest for hookup. They take a little more effort than some others. If I could do it again it would be a 5er with the same floor plan. The total length would be something like 4-6' shorter because of the 5er being up over the truck and not behind it. Basically if I have to stop I follow the working boys and go where they go. I have to double check campgrounds when booking and sometimes call them to make sure the spots I am looking at will fit. It is painful at times but you get used to it. Next one will be a 5er no matter what.
phenrichs 08/01/16 07:31am Travel Trailers
RE: The RV's Prayer

That is great!
phenrichs 07/21/16 09:35am General RVing Issues
RE: Towing 35+ footer

They are heavy. Period. But put a Dual Cam or Arrow hitch on it and you will be fine. From the ball to the spare I am 38ft. with my truck I am 53' total. It tows fine. Yes you feel some wind, but no more than the 20' hybrid we used to have.
phenrichs 07/21/16 09:31am Travel Trailers
RE: Diesel vs gas......................

I agree on the value. I bought my 06 for $10K under book. This spring the high pressure pump went out. Cost me $5K to fix. New pump, lines, injectors. 220K+ miles on it. Still runs great. Still great mileage. Still worth $20K or more according to NADA. When the pump went my friends were razzing me about 'time to trade it off'. Forget that. A used 2013 with 48K miles is going for $48K right now around here. I gladly paid the $5K for repair.
phenrichs 07/12/16 07:24am Tow Vehicles
RE: RV industry death spiral...

And no business will survive producing junk that it begins falling apart at the end of assembly line. We will never see quality go up in the RV industry until we start holding the industry accountable and stop making excuses for their inferior products. There is a flip side to this coin as well. Until 'we' as consumers stop buying into the trendy **** nothing will change. Everyone wants ClassA top of the line in a family 5er that you can tow with Chevy s10 pickup. I am not exagerating either. You guys have seen it. The lightweight 5ers, the 1/2 ton towable toyhaulers, all of them 'look' very nice. But peel that wallpaper and covering off and what do you have. Quality and durability severely sacrificed to make a light weight product. Then again with the 'affordable' part. People want the fancy options in their rig but they want it to be cheap in price. That means something behind the scenes has to be cut to keep cost down. RV are toys. They are a luxury no matter what size or "level" you get. Most of us know this. Until we as a whole stop buying the junk rigs they won't stop making them.
phenrichs 07/12/16 07:09am General RVing Issues
RE: diesel fuel nozzle

Depends on the station. I have been to some where the large nozzle fits and some the large nozzle has a sort of mushroom tip on it that flares out. I assume this tip is a sort of safety lip so it catches the edge of the tank and doesn't fall out as easily if left unattended. This lip was way too big to fit into the filler neck of my truck. Generally you see truck stops will have a separate diesel island for us. If I see these I automatically assume that these will fit.
phenrichs 07/12/16 07:02am General RVing Issues
RE: Bunk House Safety

We used toddler bed rails. The kind that have anchor straps that go under the bed so the person's weight keeps them secure. As stated by others the slippery sleeping bags can make things worse. We use only regular bedding.
phenrichs 07/12/16 06:58am Travel Trailers
RE: Some info to pass on """UPDATE UPDATE"""

Used Flex-seal white on my dad's garage roof to seal all the nail heads. (old tin roof) several months later and no leaks at all. No peeling. no issues. Also used the white stuff to fix some places on my friend's recently purchased 85 Class A and that stuff has stayed white so far and no signs of leaks or peeling. I would fully expect that the formulas for the different colors has to change more than just the color and make variances in the product. I would not expect the clear stuff to be UV resistant.
phenrichs 07/07/16 08:02am General RVing Issues
RE: 2011 keystone sprinter 311bhs dinette bed

All three of mine are equal.
phenrichs 07/07/16 07:57am Travel Trailers
RE: WD Hitch (3rd chain link or 4th chain link)

I have read this entire thread. I will summarize so far as there are multiple replies with correct information. Your 3 link setup gives you the correct numbers on the scale but from the pics and other information is not adjusted properly for angle as bars are too high (close to A frame) and trailer appears nose high. You can continue if you are comfortable. If you want to get picky the recommendation is to readjust starting with the hitch head to get the bars set parallel to the frame under tension. This means it most likely will not be 3 links anymore but you will adjust to get back to the same weight numbers or as close as you can.
phenrichs 07/07/16 07:04am Travel Trailers
RE: 2011 keystone sprinter 311bhs dinette bed

That is the correct answer. the corner pieces are not used. The only cushions that have to move are the 3 mentioned.
phenrichs 07/07/16 06:52am Travel Trailers
RE: cannot maintain electric?

You certainly need to provide more information. What is running (everything) when it pops? We had an old toaster that was getting bad that would pop breakers. I carry a 30-50A adapter with so if I see on a really hot day only 30A rigs and all the AC is running if I have any issues with supply I change to the other circuit. This would not be your solution. As mentioned it is a draw problem. You probably have a weak breaker. Especially if it is the main popping.
phenrichs 07/07/16 06:50am Travel Trailers
RE: Need some guidance on fuel tanks - 85 Eldorado President

Ohh, thanks. Those are all things we had not thought of.
phenrichs 07/05/16 03:21pm Class A Motorhomes
Need some guidance on fuel tanks - 85 Eldorado President

My best friend just picked up a sweet 85 Eldorado President. 34 ft Class A. Now we can camp together again. Everything works great. We fixed a couple leaks and updated a few small issues but no major work needed. However, last Saturday he ran out of gas. It has two tanks. The first one got low and he flipped the switch he believes to be the one to go to auxiliary tank which on the gauge says is half full and boom, dead on the side of the road. If he flips the switch on the dash it shows the fuel in the tank according to the gauge but does not seem to switch to pull from that tank. Any ideas on how this should work? I haven't really had a chance to dig into it yet but I don't know much about dual tanks as mine is a 38ft TT. I am sure I could tear into the dash and start tracing wires but I thought I would post the question here. We are trying to get ready for Sturgis next month and being able to use both tanks would be awesome for range.
phenrichs 07/05/16 02:53pm Class A Motorhomes
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