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RE: Advice welcome for Newbie

lol lol Well Philly, now i have to ask how do you know? lol................ Okay, I wasn't going to bore everyone with the details. In VA, motor vehicles, boats and RVs are taxed each year (personal property tax) based on where they are "garaged." I lived in one county and my boat was kept at a marina in a different county which taxed boats at a lower rate than my domicile county, but there was nothing my domicile county could do about that. But, if I tried to say my car was garaged in the other county to evade the higher taxes of my domicile county, but I was working and commuting from or in my domicile county on a daily basis, there was no way to legitimately claim it was garaged elsewhere. I moved to FL in Feb 2013 with my truck and lived in my FW for six months, with no intent to reside again in VA. I bought a house in FL and returned VA for a week to pack out the old house. I considered I officially changed my domicile and "garaged" my vehicles in FL, but I didn't title and register them, nor get a FL driver's license, until June 2013. That's between me and FL and VA should have no complaint, right? Nay, nay stated the trolls in VA. Although not specified in VA Code, the VA AG has opined the "situs" of a vehicle is presumed to be somewhere in VA in the absence of new title and registration in another state, and yes, some states do communicate with one another. Again, your LLC does not appear to be the problem. I still own real estate in VA and have a VA LLC for another bsiness purpose, but that doesn't make me a VA resident. I still think you need to at least get some legal advice.
phillyg 12/17/14 10:29pm Beginning RVing
RE: Tomorrow is like early Christmas!!!!

I'm happy for you. I guess I don't get as excited any more about new things. I picked up my new (to me) truck yesterday and will be picking up our new FW tomorrow. I think I view stuff as a means to an end, but still just stuff. On the other hand, my DW is very excited about the FW. She was nearly busting a gusset when we signed the contract last week, and was disappointed when we had to reschedule the PDI from Tuesday to tomorrow. I'll be satisfied to be happy for both of you.
phillyg 12/17/14 09:00pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Weight of rv awning.

I'd guess 50-70lbs based on my ability to pick one up off the ground.
phillyg 12/17/14 08:11pm General RVing Issues
RE: hello. im new here. I have a sailboat....

A real sailor would never give up sailing for an RV, even with a bun in the oven. You must have and use both.
phillyg 12/17/14 08:09pm Beginning RVing
RE: length

Increasing your length considerably will probably mean there are some CGs that can't accomodate you. Here in FL and in VA where I came from, many state parks have fewer spaces for larger rigs. I'm moving from my signature FW to a 38 footer (picking it up tomorrow) and I can think of many locations I've camped in before that will no longer work. On the other hand, I'd recommend getting the largest rig you can that will accomodate your living requirements, especially if you're full-timing.
phillyg 12/17/14 08:01pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: How hard are these RVs to drive?

Everyone's comfort level is different, of course. Remember, though, if you get the front of a 45' diesel pusher thru a toll booth, the rest of the unit will follow. You have to drive conservatively and carefully until you get used to your rig. If you pass someone remember how much rig you have behind you before you pull back into the lane. Rear swing from large overhangs can be a concern. I have the most difficulty at gas stations whether with a class A pulling a toad, or with the FW, so I always try to have an exit plan set up ahead of time. Havin towed a variety of stuff for many years, I still got hung up at the gas station last week towing my 21' boat (got too close to the end of the fuel aisle and had to back up.) I felt a bit silly and just knew everyone was watching me.
phillyg 12/17/14 07:55pm Beginning RVing
RE: Advice welcome for Newbie

We may wind up buying a house in Montana so it seemed to likely choice. If its legal to have the LLC how can another state say its not? I dont get it? The LLC is not necessarily an issue but I can't speak to that since I don't know your situation. Bottom line is you cannot be a resident at large. You have to have roots in one of the 50 states. You establish a domicile, perhaps by home ownership or renting, having a mailing address there, pay whatever taxes are required, have your driver's license, title and register your vehicles, hell, even a library card and local bank. It's not good to have your stuff spread over multiple states and the last thing you need in retirement is an aggressive state coming after you for taxes it believes you owe. Don't ask how I know LOL. If you're thinking of establishing an LLC solely for the purpose of evading taxes you're taking a chance of being wrong with the law. There is a difference between tax evasion and avoidance. There's nothing wrong with avoiding taxes through legal means, but evasion is generally considered illegal and I would encourage you to speak with a tax attorney and/or CPA rather than hearing from some folks here about "how they did it."
phillyg 12/17/14 07:41pm Beginning RVing
RE: gas milage..

..............I am looking at RVs from the 1990s to early 2000s.............Or by the 90s were the already fuel injected........."lite" in the name............... Is this referring to fuel economy?...................I shouldn't consider mpg?....................groundhogy Think the switch over from carb to injected occurred in the early 90s. I had a '96 Ford F53 chassis the was injected. "Lite" means they left something out when built the unit LOL. Seriously, I don't think it makes much difference in fuel economy. A 36' gasser is going to get 6-9mpg, period. You'd have to go to diesel to get better, and then the increased cost of diesel fuel and diesel maintenance sort of cancels that out. My suggestion is to find a floor plan that your spouse approves of and go with it.
phillyg 12/17/14 07:25pm Beginning RVing
RE: Route south

It's been many years since I've gone across the TZ and it was good back then. Regardless, I'd do whatever it takes to stay off 95 and connect up with 81 until you can cut SE to Richmond on 64.
phillyg 12/17/14 07:04pm Roads and Routes
RE: Tires, yes again

I would opt for a highway tread unless I was planning on doing a lot of winter traveling where snow could become a factor. Also, since most of us park until a snowstorm passes by, a M/S tire should not be necessary.
phillyg 12/17/14 06:56pm Full-time RVing
RE: Have you had new carpet put in your 5th wheel?

We took our '96 Bounder (one slide) to a local carpet guy. He looked inside and said "no problem." When we picked it he told us he'd pay $50 to the next people who came in with an RV, to go away! Moral of the story: find someone who's previously done RVs so there're no surprises.
phillyg 12/15/14 07:26pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Love My 6.0L Ford

I just put down money on an '05 F350 that has had the EGR delete and oil cooler replaced. I was well aware of the issues as my brother sells Ford and told me to avoid the 6.0 like the plague. I didn't listen to him and I'm hopeful this one doesn't develop serious issues. I did set aside some money to do a complete bullet-proofing, just in case.
phillyg 12/12/14 07:56pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Air bags and tire ware

I'd guess balancing or bad shocks is causing your problem. Airbags won't help. Make sure the tires are inflated to the load they're carrying. The only other thing I can think of is an alignment issue, or worse case, and I really doubt it, the rear axle might not be square on the springs. I think if the axle got damaged somehow you'd have more problems than cupped tires.
phillyg 12/12/14 07:42pm Tech Issues
RE: Frozen Axle Bearing

No picture but it is probably fine. I have removed plenty with an air chisel and just slapped on a new bearing. Smooth it off a bit with a hand file if needed. X2, and a bigger issue is where the inner seal rides. If the new bearing will go on OK and the seal is sitting on a smooth (undamaged) surface, you're probably OK. I think you'll be okay, too, unless you really hacked up the spindle. Smooth it up and give it a try.
phillyg 12/12/14 07:27pm General RVing Issues
RE: Entrance door malfunction

Every RV I've ever owned had lousy door hardware and I've always had to slam the doors to get and keep them shut. I've had to replace the pot metal mechanisms, too. Glad your problem was solvable. Geez, 24 degrees?
phillyg 12/12/14 07:22pm General RVing Issues
RE: Different Tow Vehicle

A 3500 van should easily pull the size TT you're thinking about. Just make sure you use a properly-rated weight distributing hitch with an anti-sway device. If you have a Class III hitch on the van you might have to upgrade it to a Class IV.
phillyg 12/12/14 07:16pm Travel Trailers
RE: Foreclosure RV

We bought a '96 Bounder several years ago from a repossessed only dealer in VA. We got it for a good price. The unit turned out to be a POS, but that was more related to the then Fleetwood lack of quality rather than lack of maintenance by the previous owner(s). The Ford chassis was not a problem. If you decide to go that route and you don't have the requisite expertise, I agree with the other responses that you should get the unit thoroughly checked out by a knowledge mechanic and RV person.
phillyg 12/09/14 07:59pm General RVing Issues
RE: Ford or...?

Ford has had the best selling truck for many years. I believe Ford's marketing strategy has been more successful. Anecdotally, Chevy/GMC has a reputation, and I'm not saying it's deserved, for having interiors that look cheap. Dodge has a good reputation for strong motors but bodies that don't hold up. Again, I'm not saying it's a deserved reputation. And, although I currently own a Ford, I'm looking to upgrade and I'm seriously considering Chevy/GMC or Dodge 2500hd or 3500hd models since their diesel motors (by reputation) are better than the Ford 6.0 in the years I'm looking, 2004 to 2007.
phillyg 12/09/14 07:36pm Travel Trailers
RE: What accedssories do i need for a new 5th wheeler?

Pigtail for 30 to 50a and vice versa. Hoppy bubble levels all around. 6x6x12" wood blocks for under your jacks, unless you have the new-fangled 6-point leveling system. Portable step for those times the steps just don't make it near the ground.
phillyg 11/25/14 03:59pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: 5er sways over 65mph

The magic of a FW is lack of sway under normal and even abnormal conditions, like high winds. Are you sure you have ST tires? If so, sounds like they need to be maxed out at 65psi. If they're LT tires, perhaps (but I doubt) the sidewalls are too flexible for the carried weight. Like others have said, you need to make sure your hitch is correctly located over the axle and that you have at least 20% of the FW weight on the hitch. Sure sounds like a tire or pin weight issue to me.
phillyg 11/25/14 03:53pm Fifth-Wheels
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