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RE: stabil gas treatment vs seafoam for storage

Hi GordonThree, Are you saying you ran it on "only seafoam" with no gasoline? I ran the prescribed amount of sea foam in my mower before storing it for the winter, without any gas. now in the spring, fresh gas, won't run for more than a few seconds. luckily its still under warranty, going in for service.
pianotuna 05/04/16 09:30pm Tech Issues
RE: stabil gas treatment vs seafoam for storage

And I am telling you stabil worked less well for me. I am not suggesting it works badly for everyone. I have neither the means nor desire to do a proper double blind study. I offered this as a observation, not as "PROOF" that stabil is bad and Seafoam is good. You seem to think I'm down grading stabil. I'll repeat, just one more time. Seafoam worked better for me, period. YMMV. As a side point the Seafoam was also cheaper. It is clear to me that Seafoam did a better job for me. And I am trying to get you to understand that those results might have been because of it's CLEANING properties and not because it is a better stabilizer. But whatever works for you is best.......for you. Ethanol is not the work of the devil.
pianotuna 05/04/16 09:21pm Tech Issues
Millenicom is back (with voice, too)!

Hi all, This might solve travel issues for most of us as far as data is concerned. http://spartacus15.wix.com/millenicom They are based on the t-mobile network.
pianotuna 05/04/16 04:11pm Technology Corner
RE: stabil gas treatment vs seafoam for storage

Hi Sam, I agree this is not scientific. I'm glad to hear that Seafoam is/was a stabilizer type of product. When the generator was put into storage it was starting more or less instantly and running well. It was not just a case of rough running after winter of 2014. It was a case of hard start and long warm up times. The remote start would hardly work. After I treated with Seafoam those difficulties disappeared. In Canada premium fuel has no alcohol in it. That is why I use it in the generator. It is clear to me that Seafoam did a better job for me. But your test proves absolutely NOTHING about the stability of the basic fuel using the two different additives. Maybe there were other factors present. For instance, SeaFoam has some mild cleaning abilities. Are you in the habit of giving the gen a dose of carb cleaner a couple of times a year ? If not, maybe it was overdue for some cleaning. AND unless your manufacturer calls for it, the use of premium fuel is a total waste of money and can contribute to some rough running issues in itself. Is it safe to assume that you used the recommended amount of both ?? Nothing wrong with SeaFoam as a stabilizer; that's what it was originally designed for. I've been using Stabil for about 20 years off and on in mowers, tractors, trucks and other equipment and haven't had a problem yet......that wasn't attributed to something else failing during storage.
pianotuna 05/04/16 03:29pm Tech Issues
stabil gas treatment vs seafoam for storage

Hi Folks The device: Yamaha 3000 sIEB generator The fuel: Always premium The test: In winter 2014 I used stabil gas treatment for five months of storage. The generator was run for 30 minutes to allow the stabil gas treatment to get to all areas of the generator. Then the tank was topped up with premium fuel. In winter 2015 I used seafoam instead for six months of storage. The generator was run for 30 minutes to allow the seafoam to get to all areas of the generator. Then the tank was topped up with premium fuel. The results: For spring of 2015 stabil gas treatment made the generator hard to start (four attempts before success) and it continued to be an issue with it taking many seconds to ramp up to full speed. Eco switch was off. I treated it with Seafoam and the issue disappeared. For spring of 2016 the generator started within 2 seconds and ran smoothly and at full speed almost instantly. Eco switch was off. I know what I'll be using for storage purposes in 2016!
pianotuna 05/04/16 02:28pm Tech Issues
RE: Do I need solar or more batteries and a better charger?

Hi Mex, I do "serial" large loads and if it makes "cooking sense" start with the largest first. I think that may be better from a Peukert point of view. It is so nice to have a large hybrid inverter/charger. I do have a remote start on my Yamaha 3000 sIEB generator, so I can choose to start it. When I do that I don't worry about how much I load the inverter. I'm anxiously awaiting the Sola autoformer that some one is transporting for me from Mexico. I'm crossing my fingers that it will "play well" with the Magnum inverter.
pianotuna 05/04/16 02:18pm Tech Issues
RE: Shore GFI tripping when Inverter circuit is on

Hi Gordon, I'm still playing "Russian roulette" with GFCI and my Magnum. Some GFCI's work fine and others trip instantly. Fortunately I'm able to eliminate the Magnum from the circuit path by moving just two 30 amp plugs. Canada has just changed the code so that all new installations MUST have Arc Fault breakers. I'm hoping this will not be an issue with the Magnum. Typically what upsets a GFI in use with an inverter is the neutral-earth isolation relay... if this is a whole-house type inverter with built in transfer switch. My Magnum has two or maybe three relays in it, one for hot, one for neutral and one for neutral-earth isolation. If they don't all switch exactly at the same time, the GFI might think there's an imbalance and trip. As least, that's my diagnosis of what's going on.
pianotuna 05/04/16 02:10pm Travel Trailers

Hi, Listen to your own reactions. The nice thing about being in an RV is you can always move along. I've never felt unsafe in my RV, nor do I carry any weapons.
pianotuna 05/04/16 11:51am Beginning RVing
RE: Battery Disconnect?

Hi Roy, Mineral oil has been used in large batteries for many year. However it only slows the evaporation process--not the losses from gassing. If you do not check the levels and the oil coats the plates--then that part of the plate will be compromised more or less permanently.
pianotuna 05/04/16 11:11am Tech Issues
RE: Gas mileage E450

Yes Sam, I corrected for the odometer error. This gives me about an 8 percent error but also boosts me to 11 mpg @ 48 mph. I hope you are figuring in that 8 percent error when calculating your gas mileage too. The ODO likely is also off by the same amount and can not be used (uncorrected) for MPG calculations.
pianotuna 05/04/16 07:35am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Inverter usage while underway

Gene, Yes you can run the fridge from an inverter. No, you may not be able replace all the energy drawn from the house battery to power the fridge from the alternator. If you find a way to do so please post about it. If the battery bank is big enough the failure to support the energy use is a non issue. I used to have 875 amp-hours of battery bank. That meant the losses didn't make much difference to me, when I was part time, because the solar system would recharge the bank fully during storage times between trips. I'm a propane miser and run my RV nearly 100% electrically. Propane use for the year was $34. Further I'm a generator hater, and ran mine less that 50 hours in the past 12 months.
pianotuna 05/03/16 10:45pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Do I need solar or more batteries and a better charger?

Hi Kayteg1, In an ideal solar system I'd have 3 to 5 days of storage capacity and no need for a (noisy, ugly, heavy, fuel hungry, requiring oil change every 50 hours) generator. In a pinch I could always start the engine on my class C. So I can safely say I would NEVER need a generator. When I was part time I ran out of potable water before I ran out of power. I guess I took too many Navy showers? I wish I had invested in a massive solar system instead of a generator. Well.. are you sure you would NEVER had a day when you might need generator? I think big solar are for people who full-time boondocking and have well water or .. don't shower. ;)
pianotuna 05/03/16 10:27pm Tech Issues
RE: That Wanderer Gringo

Hi Mex, Glad you are ok.
pianotuna 05/03/16 09:43pm Tech Issues
RE: Do I need solar or more batteries and a better charger?

I wish I had invested in a massive solar system instead of a generator.
pianotuna 05/03/16 01:50pm Tech Issues
RE: Beginning Search for Class C (drawn to 12+ yr old Lazy Daze)

Will you be buying new or used? If used there are 3 items to look for. 1. look for any leaks. 2. look harder for any leaks 3. look even harder for any leaks. If you see any signs, run away. P.S. I love the Lazy Daze
pianotuna 05/03/16 01:46pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Inverter usage while underway

Hi Gene, There is no question that the Iota does a good job on shore power. The real question is it possible to "fool" the ECM module into sending the necessary energy to the house battery and subsequently to the inverter. The ECM "sees" the starter battery. If it is fully charged then the ECM throttles back on the charging rate. I have seen up to 70 amps flowing to the house batteries when I was experimenting with running the roof air from the inverter. That was great--but I was drawing 176 amps from the battery bank. My system with twin #8 charging paths does not quite keep the house bank fully charged when running the fridge via the inverter.
pianotuna 05/03/16 01:35pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Inverter usage while underway

My experience with a class c E-450 with dual charging paths is that it does gradually cause the house battery to discharge. My question is this: While underway will the inverter drain the battery or find power from, supplemented by, the vehicle's charging system? or am I overlooking something?
pianotuna 05/03/16 08:40am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Inverter usage while underway

Hi, I drive a class C E-450. The OEM charging path was a #8 wire. When running the inverter from the house batteries while trundling down the road the house bank would gradually discharge. I doubled up on the charging path which has helped some what. If I were doing it again I'd add a dedicated inverter powered from the chassis battery for running the fridge and converter. I think the wiring is poor--because mine was poor. The OEM transfer relay lasted less than 12 months and the OEM "hard to find and purchase" 60 amp fuse failed multiple times. I've since replaced the fuse with an automatic circuit breaker rated at 50 amps. I replaced the relay with one rated for 200 amps, and added the 2nd charging path. I also have solar which contributes to running the fridge while driving--but I would still end the day with a deficit on the house bank. I'm not sure why Pianotuna thinks that because I run a Class C the charging path for the house battery is "poor", my alternator is 130a and my Iota DLS55 converter is more than adequate and with the IQ4 makes it a multistage smart charging system. I believe the wiring design I will be using will be the simplest and will do what I need, a simple relay will serve as a transfer switch.
pianotuna 05/03/16 08:30am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Popping spark plugs V10

So does Champion make a plug for the two valve engines?
pianotuna 05/03/16 08:20am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Inverter usage while underway

Hi, Duty cycle on the fridge is 2:3. Wattage is about 325 so amps @ 12 volts are about 33 by the time the inverter overhead is included. I'd try to power the inverter from the chassis battery. I'd isolate the house battery and run the 12 volt side of the fridge from the converter. The charging path for the "house" battery is often poor, even in a class C. I do regularly run my absorption fridge via the inverter while trundling down the road.
pianotuna 05/02/16 10:41pm Class A Motorhomes
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