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RE: Streaming Video from RV Park Wi-Fi

May I ask who is your provider? Shared wifi in rv cg is a no no. I carry my own hotspot with unlimited data so I don't have to rely on cg wifi. I constantly check Wall Street ticker updates. I also watch ocassional full length movies thru my Amazon TV subscription. This is more demanding in terms of bandwidth compared to simple streaming videos. All of these thru my unlimited data via hotspot. This system replaced my cumbersome satellite setup.
pianotuna 09/27/16 08:50pm Technology Corner
RE: How Big a Gen to Run a Converter? Some Info.

BFL13, Measure them one at a time. (I'll send you my dead KAW that my former brother in law killed by running too many amps through it.)
pianotuna 09/27/16 08:38pm Tech Issues
RE: Electrical surge protector - Whole house type?

Kidoo, Here is a thread with a roll your own device that is miles better than the P.I. surge suppressor http://i1048.photobucket.com/albums/s380/mexbungalows/025_zpsycfz1l33.jpg Big blue discs are of course MOVs Axial Diode thingees are BI-directional TVSs White jobs are GDT Green things are inline fuses. This is a basic TRANSIENT VOLTAGE SPIKE suppressor. Yes there are discrete fuses, yes there is an overall fuse. Gramps, :E Maybe I will review my project. Now, what would be the less expensive protector to protec from surges like this. Remember, I live in Canada and a PI is in the $500 Can. delivered to my door, I am willing to do a little bit of checking myself with a monitor to save 3 to 400 dollars. Let me know
pianotuna 09/27/16 07:57pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: How Big a Gen to Run a Converter? Some Info.

BFL13, I seem to remember the Honda 2k can be run at well over the 1600 VA for 30 minutes. I think one way Honda "sneaks" this by is by having output voltage that would make a Mexican happy (i.e. 127 volts). Yamaha puts out 122 volts max. Since I have the sIEB version I get a 500 watt (va I think?) overload for 10 seconds. The infernal device is rated at 2800 VA. At 122 volts that gives me 22.95 amps The Honda at 127 volts yields 22.04 amps. Of course as we load them up the Honda appears to fair better on voltage drop as it is starting higher to begin with. It may be that Magnum inverter/chargers don't "love" Honda as much as Yamaha. At least that was suggested to me by their tech support.
pianotuna 09/27/16 05:48pm Tech Issues
RE: How Big a Gen to Run a Converter? Some Info.

But you say the prosine is better on the generator? Yet it uses more watts?
pianotuna 09/27/16 05:39pm Tech Issues
RE: Installing DC/AC inverter

Hi Brian, My toaster presents a 75 amp load to the battery bank--I wandered around with a kill-a-watt meter measuring them until I found the lowest wattage. That is within the limits of what a single 100 amp-hour 12 volt jar can produce. My coffee pot is 400 watts which translates to a 40 amp load. It takes 7 minutes to do a brew so that consumes about 6 amp-hours of power. What your friend does not do is run the toaster, blender, coffee pot, and induction cooker all at the same time. Neither should you.
pianotuna 09/27/16 05:19pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: How Big a Gen to Run a Converter? Some Info.

Hi, Why is the prosine bad for an electric meter? It would appear better than the converter would it not? Makes the prosine bad for an electric meter but good for a generator.
pianotuna 09/27/16 05:07pm Tech Issues
RE: Electrical surge protector - Whole house type?

Hi Kidoo, It is true you can check polarity and voltage with your own monitor. But to get accurate information it may require you to check each leg under load. I use a 1500 watt heater to provide my load. Since you are in a 50 amp configuration it may be best to have two such heaters. That means creating a break out box of some kind. My break out box is equipped with circuit breakers. If you build your own mov based surge device I recommend breakers rather than fuses. I'd further recommend a voltage measurement device that has an audible alarm for low voltage, or something that is automatic. Low voltage causes far far far more damage to roof air conditioners and other large wattage inductive loads than surge. The damage is progressive and silent. Some day in the future you may find the roof air no longer works. Suppose, for the moment, that you are the only RV at a park. Voltage under load may be just fine. Now 8 other 50 amp RV's come and connect to that loop. All of them are running the roof air, fridge and water heater on 120 volts. Voltage under load may sag below 107 or even 100 (my comfort zone is 108), but you wandered off to the lovely ocean side beach--so you are not there to disconnect the RV from this low voltage event. I'm only 30 amp--but connected in June to a 30 amp pedestal, I saw 102 volts with a 1500 watt load. I was able to compensate for that and keep the roof air running. It was 41 C (106 f) ambient. You are planning on going to Mexico. That is the land of unreliable voltage, both high and low. They aim at 127 volts if I remember correctly. Mov will do nothing about that. The Sola Basic does buck and boost so it gives me safe voltage from 90 to 145 volts. Unless I go to Mexico, I'm unlikely to ever see it buck. Movs are going to protect you from just about nothing. Use the top of the line P.I. unit, or an autoformer. I chose the autoformer route. Sola basic does not have surge protection, so I have added some. Here is my understanding since I started this post. There are a few things that the IP does without any input from me: 1. Check the connection before passing on power. 2. Protect from over voltage / surge 3. Protect from under voltage 4. Cut and / or reset ifself. If I buy a $30 power monitor, there are a few things I can do myself, no need for the IP. 1. Before I plug in, I check the connection at the pedestral for neutral, reverse polarity, ground. I then connect the line monitor in the RV and check things out once in a while. 2. I don't think I need low voltage protection, the monitor will tell me and I can disconnect shore power myself. So, I need protection from surge or high voltage that could happen anytime. I could build my own like on youtube for a few dollars. Tell me what you think. Do I need fueses? the pedestral already have circuit breakers. For 30 amps: 3 MOV, and maybe (2 fuses). For 50 amps: 4 mov I think, (3 fuses) 30 amps 1 MOV between ground and hot 1 MOV between ground and neutral 1 MOV between neutral and hot 50 amps 1 MOV between first hot and ground 1 MOV between second hot and ground 1 MOB between ground and neutal 1 MOV between neutral and hot Here is a DIY box, pretty good to understand how things works. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VrCfbbrw2Ao
pianotuna 09/27/16 04:52pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Electrical surge protector - Whole house type?

Hi happy, I got the 9 50 and 13 30 from the National Electric Code. Read it and weep. I agree it is inadequate. Very few park owners are likely to do "more than code". Hence the endemic low voltage I so often find. BTW P.I. in this case was intended to refer to the Progressive Industries top of the line surge protector. I.E. nada to do with an inverter. I don't know where you got that power demand computation where: 9-50 Amp Breaker should have load center or conductors having a total rating of 450 Amps (9 x 50). This is an amateurish statement worthy of repeating a grade in kindergarten. Your demand factor computation is not anywhere near the sound engineering practice. In a group of circuits where one pedestal feeds a group of Rvers that are plugged in, the first two are taken as drawing enough amps to power appliances at 100 percent demand at its nameplate rating. The next third and forth are taken at 80 percent, the fifth and sixth are taken at 70 percent and 65 percent respectively. The rest are taken at 65 percent. This explains why we only see smaller main CB rather than the product of all branch circuit ratings of installed branch CBs. These are based on the real world situation and engineering guidelines where not all Rvers are using hair dryer, toaster ovens or water heaters all at the same time. Airconditioning systems are already factored in as continuous load because they run more than three hours. Any appliance that runs this long (more than three hours) is considered continuous—and therefore treated differently from other loads (ie kitchen appliance, lighting, TV etc.) Only industrial establishments and a few others depending on surveyed load are computed at 100 percent demand factor. As for “ Does the top of the line PI unit protect from frequency anomaly?” Absolutely NOT. Power Inverters are exactly what they are described. They convert usually 12 VDC to 120 volts AC nominally.
pianotuna 09/27/16 04:18pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Suggestions for an electric cooking device for a small space

BTW, I got an opportunity to test a Nuwave on a 1000 PSW inverter. It worked on the 375 F setting, but 425 caused the inverter to overload. https://encrypted-tbn2.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcT4e3E1ZuDepIgwIDcY_B7y8PMHi4Ac2C0ZFcS6zZw92QtZuq6OKQ
pianotuna 09/27/16 04:06pm Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: Throttle non-responsive after batter disconnect

Hi, Try disconnecting the battery overnight. Perhaps it will "reset" again. The other alternative is to get something such as a scangauge that can clear the codes. I don't have any experience in doing this, but do know the device above can clear codes.
pianotuna 09/27/16 02:26pm Tech Issues
RE: WARNING large inverter chargers

Hi Frank, I don't think it will be an issue. There is a LOT of damage to mine. It should be in Calgary tomorrow. You have got me a little nerves now as I am in the proses of having one installed. And will be shipping FW back to Australia next year. Frank.
pianotuna 09/27/16 01:19pm Tech Issues
RE: Winterizing Advice for North Idaho ?

At -2 c (28 f) I'd start to worry. At -3 c (26 f) I'd winterize properly or run the furnace at 20 c (68 f).
pianotuna 09/27/16 01:08pm Beginning RVing
RE: Another ABRUPT Braking Situation

I knock 10 mph off the speed limit. If folks end up behind me, I pull over and let them by (when there are 3).
pianotuna 09/27/16 01:03pm General RVing Issues
RE: Inverter install

I'd prefer connecting direct to the battery bank with a fuse at the positive terminal. The inverter should be kept as close to the battery bank as possible without it being in the same compartment.
pianotuna 09/27/16 12:59pm Beginning RVing
RE: battery banks

Hi, The smallest is about 40 amps. If it is a decent converter (Iota, PD, or a few others) charging time may be identical for 300 amps-hours vs 100 amp-hours. That is not "a correspondingly longer time to recharge" If it is a lousy converter (wfco) it will take exactly the same time. About 168 hours. No, they don't take a lot longer to charge. It depends......mostly upon exactly HOW they are being recharged. I am guessing here a bit but how many small travel trailers that come only with a single battery do you know of that come with a 50 amp charger/converter ? My semi-educated guess is somewhere near to none. Anyway, I didn't say "a lot" longer. But it could be a lot depending on circumstances.
pianotuna 09/27/16 12:53pm Travel Trailers
RE: Electrical surge protector - Whole house type?

Does the P.I. top of the line unit protect from frequency anomaly? Campgrounds are a (lousy) grid of sorts with up to 9 50 amp or 13 30 amp pedestals per two hundred amp breaker. Frequency could be way out of the ball park, I expect, with all the inductive loads in a modern RV. I would expect voltage to be a yo-yo, too, especially on a day that is warm enough to run roof air conditioners, but cool enough for them to cycle on and off. Imagine the voltage drop if 6 out of 13 air conditioners happened to start within a second or so. I agree a Mov isn't going to protect from a lightning strike. Hence my comment that P.I. is less than perfect protection for surge. I don't plan on relying on MOV technology. Unplugging is the safest, but even that won't necessarily save an RV from an induced EMF event. (my source for that tidbit is a Magnum repair depot. Apparently such unplugged anomalies are enough to "kill" a few inverters). Another surge that is very hard to monitor is: frequency anomaly often caused by switching procedure in the power grid. Now, tell me how that little piece could save my MH from being zapped by power that is induced by lightning strike.
pianotuna 09/27/16 12:41pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Electrical surge protector - Whole house type?

I have no point to prove. I am asking a simple straight forward question. Are there Mov's in the P.I. for surge protection? (yes or no) Are they sacrificial? (yes or no)
pianotuna 09/27/16 12:16pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Auto / Medical Insurance in Canada

Drop in to a walk in clinic in Canada ($50 fee, in Cdn dollars), and bring along your medications. The Canadian Doc will write a script for you. However, if you get it in one province--it won't be honored in another. Drugs are generally about 1/5 the cost in Canada for the same prescription from the same maker, and often less than the cost of co-pay costs in USA. I do know that US prescriptions can't be filled in Canada since they're not written by a Doctor licensed to practice in Canada.
pianotuna 09/27/16 09:10am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Auto / Medical Insurance in Canada

Hi, Unfortunately the customs agent decides what is an extended stay. Those guys have a LOT of power on both sides of our common border. Check to see if your USA plan covers you in Canada and get a letter to that effect from them.
pianotuna 09/27/16 09:05am RVing in Canada and Alaska
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