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RE: Fall Camping

Getting ready for 7 days in the high country. Praying for a bit of rain, maybe even snow. My whole year leads up to early Oct at 7000 ft
pira114 09/30/16 05:28am Travel Trailers
RE: Blow Out leads to Death

Good video. Sad thing is that I learned that in high school drivers ed. Which seems to be a thing of the past. Too bad, a semester long class beats a few hours learning rules any day
pira114 09/28/16 07:53pm General RVing Issues
RE: Strongback Chairs

No experience with that chair. Never heard of it. Just spent a decent amount of time watching and reading reviews. You'd be hard pressed to find a bad one. I have back issues, and this looks very similar to my computer chair, which I love. My normal camp chairs suck. I usually stand or sit at a picnic table. I'll be looking to buy one of these chairs myself. So, sorry I can't give personal experience, but you probably helped me find a solution to my issues! Thanks
pira114 09/28/16 07:31pm General RVing Issues
RE: AT&T/Direct TV to discontinue satellite use

Wireless is getting better and better. Where I live, ATT is literally the only cell service. When I first moved here years ago, cell service sucked. Half a mile out of town and no service. Mostly due to terrain. In the mountains. Now, cell service is great and works pretty far up the mountain. I can even get a small signal on one lake I frequent. Which used to be miles outside coverage. Comcast came out and upgraded my router for Internet. It's really fast and now, I can connect to wifi and get almost a block away before it'll stop streaming video. Not that I need that, but we tested it just for fun. Point is, in a town where 5 years ago it was really hard to get any service (satellite is still iffy due to so many trees), now the service is great. And it keeps getting better. Personally, I could live just fine without it all. Of course. We all could. But it sure is nice sometimes. I bet 20 years from now we won't recognize the way we communicate. It'll either be so high tech we can't imagine it now, or back to smoke signals because we went too far. Haha
pira114 09/28/16 11:35am General RVing Issues
RE: AT&T/Direct TV to discontinue satellite use

be obsolete in 3-5 yrs..20 years before streaming only NOT at the present rate of wireless data expansion they want to go streaming, they are going to have to provide unlimited video data or people won't migrate/change From the article: "Earlier this week, CEO Randall Stephenson revealed one way it will leverage that position. AT&T mobile subscribers will be able to use unlimited data on DirecTV Now without it counting against their monthly usage caps."
pira114 09/27/16 03:59pm General RVing Issues
RE: California State Hwy 1 between Carmel & San Simion

I've done it. And areas more North as well. It's doable. Plan on being slow, holding up traffic, and pulling off frequently
pira114 09/25/16 07:24pm Travel Trailers
RE: Tent Stake Hack

Not a bad idea. I use Chem lights for the same purpose. Tad brighter and easier to store. Plus the kids love to play with the unused ones. They tie strings to them and spin them around in the dark giving us a fun light show. I think it makes them feel better about being in the dark as well.
pira114 08/24/16 09:38am Tent Camping
RE: Camping Director Chair porta-pottie???

I have one. It works perfect. It's hands down the most sturdy and stable camping "toilet" I've ever owned. And I've had several. Place into a privacy/shower tent and you've got a great out house. I use WAG bags and they work great together. This product is perfect for those camping without an RV, but have a vehicle to get large pieces of equipment to a primitive "dispersed" campsite. It's not just a camping chair with a toilet seat. It's much better designed than that. I do wonder why the cup holder though. It's silly. But the product itself is worth every penny in terms of comfort and ease of use, especially if you camp for weeks at a time in very remote locations like I do. If you stick to developed campgrounds and air conditioning, you probably wouldn't get it.
pira114 08/21/16 10:29am General RVing Issues
RE: A-liners, anyone?

I have had a PUP twice, a 26ft TT, and now I'm going back to a PUP. For me the advantages of a PUP (and this is how it relates to an A frame) are that due to its smaller size, you tend to not spend as much time in them. Giving your camping experience a more "camping" feel. Now that mother nature has reclaimed my TT, we decided to go back to a PUP because we missed the more out in the open feel of a PUP. We found ourselves in the trailer more than we should have (for us). Yes, we could have concentrated on staying outside, but when the ease and comfort are there, sometimes you just find yourself in there. Properly matched and set up TV/TT shouldn't be difficult or stressful to drive. Either small, medium, or large. Shouldn't be that big of a deal. So for us, how we used it meant a lot more. Plus we can get it to more remote campsites, which we missed with the larger TT. Many other considerations, but that was number 1 for us. When we retire, we'll go back to a TT because much of our traveling will be site seeing or visiting relatives vs camping. So like most things, clearly define how you plan to use it, buy the one you like, and have fun.
pira114 08/16/16 01:56pm Folding Trailers
RE: Off road(ish) pop up

This is very close to what I want. Might even do it. Forest River EPS style My question is if anyone knows if they're quality built? They claim a reinforced frame and good suspension, but I'd like feedback. Are the Jayco's quality built and is their suspension upgrade up to snuff? Again, looking for feedback from users. Are they're any other brands I've missed? Those two are the only ones I've found. I appreciate all the responses. I do not want a roof top tent system at this time. But thanks anyway as I can see how it would almost fit my needs.
pira114 08/15/16 12:54am Folding Trailers
RE: A year with my pop up. Lessons learned

Hey, I accidentally hit the notify moderator button for this thread when I tried to hit the next page button. Haha. Sorry. Nothing wrong with this thread
pira114 08/14/16 03:42am Folding Trailers
RE: Off road(ish) pop up

Still debating this. My dilemma is in wanting new vs used with upgrades. Probably wouldn't modify a new one due to warranty issues. A used one can be modified to my specific needs, which is cool, but no warranty and it's always a **** shoot buying used. Still haven't seen much in the way of purpose built off road PUPs aside from Forest River and the Jayco suspension upgrade. Looking for more options
pira114 08/13/16 04:27am Folding Trailers
RE: A year with my pop up. Lessons learned

I'm not trying to be argumentative, but I don't get how a power lift will be better for your back. All the manual ones I've seen have a crank handle. The support bars for the beds are where most people complain, as they use their backs to lift the bed slightly to get the bars in. If that's the case, a power lift won't really change anything will it? I'm looking for a new PUP, and I've seen Coachmans that use a cable support for the beds instead of bars underneath. That might help. They also had power lifts. As for general set up, I used to have a 1976 StarCraft PUP. Set up was 10 min tops and I don't see new ones being worse. I have a really easy to set up 10x20 cabin tent and the PUP was still easier to set up. You're right about the outside set up. Basically the same set up time and hassle for me regardless of whether it's a trailer or tent. My outdoor kitchen and separate screen tent require the same effort and time regardless.
pira114 08/11/16 12:46pm Folding Trailers
RE: Off road(ish) pop up

IdaD, that's a good idea for the Jacks. Torn one off myself. I've thought about the used, then conversion, idea. Might ho that route. This will be our third trailer of some sort. All used previously. The wife is wanting new for once. But if we don't find what we want, used is still very much an option. In my research, Forest River Rockwood pop ups come in an off road configuration. Anyone know if they're quality? Seems Forest River has been all over the map in the last several years
pira114 08/10/16 05:06pm Folding Trailers
RE: Off road(ish) pop up

Yup. Those are the type of roof top tent trailers (that although I'd love), are not what I'm looking for. But thanks for replying. I'm looking for your more traditional PUP. Only difference is I'd like it to be ruggedized for back country use. Kind of in between developed campgrounds and overlanding. Even some traditional Forest Service and PGE campgrounds are difficult to get to. No way a hard side long wheel base TT could get to them. But once you're there, there's nice camp spots and sometimes even pavement inside the campground. Also would use it for boondocking in the forest. It's just getting there. The rough roads and ruts could easily kill a nice trailer. No matter how slow you go, those roads take their toll. And some places have corners only a smaller trailer could get around. Long winded. Sorry. I just want a nice PUP, basic amenities, that will stand up to rocky and rutty forest roads. Anyone know if the Jayco suspension upgrade is worth it? It adds the clearance and shocks, but can the trailer itself stand up to bouncing around and twisting and turning? Or are there better options?
pira114 08/10/16 03:18pm Folding Trailers
Off road(ish) pop up

Howdy all. I'm about to make the switch back from a TT to a pop up. For several reasons, not the least of which is my TT was destroyed by water damage over the winter. Plus, since we tent camped all summer, we realized how much we missed a pop up for more of a camping feel. My question is about off road, or ruggedized pop ups. Back when I had one, it seemed there were more options than today. Still want a traditional style pop up, with the ability to travel over really rough roads. Suspension and clearance are the main issues. My requirements of the trailer are fairly simple. Don't need huge. Would love one king sized bed, but queens are my minimum. Prefer to have a couch/bench as well instead of cabinets. Small fridge. Front storage "trunk" would be nice, but don't need the deck up front as I don't utilize ATVs and such, but if it had one, I wouldn't mind. Awning that I can at least add a screen room to if it didn't come with one. Don't need a bathroom or shower. I noticed Jaco can add the off road package, but don't make the Baja anymore. I also know I can buy any pop up and add better suspension and tires, but then I worry about the rest of the trailer being not up to handling the rough handling it wasn't designed for. Shouldn't be hard right? Well, I also would like to keep it between $10,000 and $12,000. Does such a creature exist? I've searched the interwebs, but most of the results are discontinued models or truck/utility trailer top tents (which are cool, but not what I want for now). I appreciate any help.
pira114 08/10/16 11:38am Folding Trailers
RE: Produce inspection California

pira114, The inspection stations existed long before the Mediterranean fruit fly. I remember then when we were still driving a 1946 Chevy. We had that car until 1953. There have been restrictions and inspections since the 1930's or early 40's Correct. Didn't mean to imply they didn't. Invasive insects from other parts of the US have long been a problem for Ca agricultural. I meant only to illustrate what was probably the worst of the insect infestations (as far as I've heard anyway), and that the inspection stations were very important then. If a new batch of any insect threatens our agricultural as bad as back then, you'll see more stringent inspections compared to the relative ease of getting through one now. My post was also countering the "Ca has too many regulations" posts. It does. WAY too many. But this isn't one of the bad ones. This one has been very necessary at different times throughout our history.
pira114 07/23/16 11:17am General RVing Issues
RE: Produce inspection California

It's because of fruit flies. I'm old enough to remember, and it directly affected me and my family. I'm in the Sierras now, but grew up in what a lot of you call Silicon Valley. We called it Blossom Valley back then. Because it was all orchards. Orchards we worked hard in. The fruit flies arrived. Not a native bug for California and it decimated entire orchards. It caused several orchards around us to cut EVERY SINGLE TREE down. We lost about 75% of ours, but we lived. Well, the first year anyway. Then the helicopters came. Spraying God knows what over entire cities and agricultural areas. I'm talking apocalyptic looking FLEETS of helicopters. It was serious. Hundreds of farms and orchards were devistated by this tiny little fly. We had curfews ordered to keep people from being outside during late night spraying. It was a bit scary really. They sprayed for days and days. And you know what? It worked mostly. A lot of orchards and farms survived. Or began anew. For us, the cost was too much to bear and we lost it all. Every penny gone. Forced to sell the land for pennies on the dollar just to be able to break even. So yeah, the checkpoints were VERY necessary back then, and still are today. But can you really stop every vehicle and inspect it??? No, and no one wanted to. They seriously relied on public education and cooperation back then. The education part seems to have disappeared, but those inspection stations are mostly there on the honor system of being honest and simply having a place to throw away fruit that might be harboring fruit fly eggs. Those flies never really left by the way. They're still here. They're just manageable. The stations help them from getting out of control again. Please, if you're traveling here, don't bring fruit in. You can't see the eggs. They won't hurt you to eat either, so you'd be surprised how much fruit you eat has those eggs in it. You probably don't want to know. But it's a real and serious issue. And was an actual emergency to the economy of California back then. Don't want to think of what could happen now
pira114 07/23/16 10:08am General RVing Issues
RE: A Camping Tradition That Costs $0

P.S. How big of a tow vehicle do you need to HAUL a 35mm canister of ashes? I'm thinking dually at least....
pira114 07/23/16 03:04am Travel Trailers
RE: A Camping Tradition That Costs $0

This place cracks me up. Guy has a neat idea he shares (says nothing about it being better than anything else), and someone's always gotta say why it's bad. Then a funny mother in law joke (probably THE most time honored joke) and someone's gotta point out that it's in bad taste. And then.......firewood cops. By the way, you people taking sand from state beaches are under arrest. It's illegal to remove natural stuff from state parks and beaches. To the OP.......you need a bigger tow vehicle for that tradition.
pira114 07/23/16 03:02am Travel Trailers
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