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RE: Tips for long trip with travel trailer?

850 is just slightly more than an average trip for me. So it wouldn't be a big deal. Others will tell you to split that up into 2 days at least. All depends on you. If you're not into long trips, then towing can make it feel even longer. Personally, I prefer to drive at night to avoid traffic. But if you anticipate needing any emergency service, think twice about that. Otherwise, sounds like you've done what you can to prepare the vehicles. Only thing to consider is your comfort. Drive straight through, pick a hotel halfway, or camp in a lot halfway. All up to what you feel comfortable with. I'm a straight through kinda guy
pira114 05/21/15 05:52pm Travel Trailers
RE: Trouble Shooting a wet.patch

Take some pics of the spot, the closest wall, and what's above it. Trying to visualize your trailer is just not gonna be easy, regardless of how well you explain it. Post the pics and I bet someone here will have dealt with it before.
pira114 05/21/15 01:39pm Travel Trailers
RE: Kids sports

Take the trailer to the games!! Make a party out of it. Ha. Sorry, that's all I got. Life is balance. If your worrying about sports vs RVing, you're doing just fine
pira114 05/16/15 06:22am RV Lifestyle
RE: State of Emergency in Washington?

I live in the Sierras in Ca. Those pics still don't do it justice. I'm looking at bare peaks that haven't been snow free in almost 18 years. Meaning even in summer, they're capped with snow. It's been bad longer than most know. But it'll change mid to late fall next season. Solar cycles being what they are, we're headed into a Grand Minimum Solar Cycle. Get ready for floods and blizzards. And no, I'm not kidding. Anyone over 35 has seen this before in varying degrees. It doesn't help the poor farmers and citizens now, but it'll get better. As for me, I'm headed to Washington this July for a week of camping. But I'll be in a private campground.
pira114 05/16/15 06:19am General RVing Issues
RE: Do you or don't you?

With hook ups, I use it. Without hook ups, I try to really limit it's use so I don't have to dump till the end of my trip. I wonder if your friends don't put water in their tank before using it? That'd cause a smell.
pira114 05/16/15 01:02am Travel Trailers
RE: I hate searching out propane

Weird. Every gas station in this state seems to have propane. Is it really that hard to find elsewhere? Also, I keep hearing people say they ran out. Or tricks to prevent it. I top off my tanks after every single trip. Regardless of how long I'm using them. Use one tank at a time, so only top off the one I used. Unless, of course, I used both. Is this really that hard? Like many, I have two 30lb tanks. Even if I only used $5 worth, it's worth it to me to KNOW for a fact I start every trip completely full.
pira114 05/12/15 04:27am General RVing Issues
RE: Rust - how bad can it really be?

If you can get it to flake off with a mild scrape from your pocket knife, it's bad. If it doesn't, it's most likely surface rust and not a big deal
pira114 05/08/15 02:34am Beginning RVing
RE: Towing Bullet 22

I'm guessing this is another case of someone who just isn't used to what a hard working engine sounds like. Without a load, most of us drive around at minimal RPMs and it makes us think anything higher is bad. It's not. You can use your RPM range without hurting the engine. They're designed for it. As mentioned, find out where your engine produces it's torque and use it. Most of these 5.3s make their torque at higher RPMs. It's not bad. It just is. I think you're fine. Swapping gears is very expensive and you'll not notice much gain from it
pira114 05/06/15 07:04pm Travel Trailers
RE: First Trip Out

You're gonna be more than ok. I usually hunt for 7 days in 20 degree weather. Granted, we don't run the furnace during the day because we're gone, but still. I typically go through only one of my 30lb tanks. I have one battery. It needs to be charged once during the trip at least. Sometimes twice depending on usage. But with your setup, you'll have zero to worry about
pira114 05/06/15 06:58pm Travel Trailers
RE: Oven will not light ,but pilot stays on

Humm, with what you have said I'm also thinking there may be carbon build up on the thermocouple. Or, it may not be positioned in the flame good enough. Make sure it is clean and directly in the flame. I'm not so sure about the carburetor cleaner thing though. Sounds flammable to me, plus it stinks. It is flammable, but evaporates very quickly. And works great for this problem. If that's what it is. It does sound like it. Not enough gas is getting through those little holes to ignite. With the little red straw, spray the holes well. As mentioned before, lay some rags under it to catch excess. Wipe it dry, and let it sit for about 5 or 10 minutes before trying to light. You can also take the assembly off to clean it.
pira114 05/05/15 01:14am Travel Trailers
RE: Caulk

We have a 3011 jayco greyhawk and are looking for recommendations for a caulk to use in the rv do not caulk around the Flux Capacitor! :) Good one. Wonder how many got it.
pira114 05/02/15 11:30am General RVing Issues
RE: Travel souveniers

I collect coffee mugs. Collect is not very accurate though. I use them a lot. And lose them a lot. I take them to work and people just kinda walk off with them. Or they get broke. But I don't mind. I just like always having some silly coffee mug. More silly looking the better. Kids do the pressed penny thing. I like it. Because they do
pira114 04/28/15 06:24am RV Lifestyle
RE: x-tend a chock resilience...

Been thinking of getting the x chocks. Do they help stabilize it that much? Are they worth it? I'd still use my regular chocks to prevent rolling.
pira114 04/26/15 05:22pm Travel Trailers
RE: Outside stereo

Guy didn't say anything about blaring his stereo. I use mine mostly when I'm boondocking by myself. At any rate, any stereo shop can fix it. Could be wiring if it's been as problematic as it sounds. If not wiring, they are really easy to do yourself
pira114 04/23/15 12:01am Travel Trailers
RE: Eggs left in refrigrator

I forgot to add to mine, put a bowl of white vinegar in the fridge after you scrub it down. When we lived through the Rim Fire a couple years ago, the entire house and it's contents smelled like smoke. It was bad. All our clothes and everything. We put a bowl of vinegar in each room. About two cups in each bowl. Changed out mid day, and by day two it was gone. Nothing smelled like smoke. You probably won't even need to change it out. One bowl full of vinegar left in that fridge overnight and I bet it's gone
pira114 04/22/15 12:46pm General RVing Issues
RE: Bear Season is here

Don't have grizzlies, but our blacks never went to sleep this year.
pira114 04/22/15 04:35am RV Lifestyle
RE: In the course of RVing...

Well, after you have the two selections posted above, add a nice steak grilled to medium rare with a pile of sauted onions, a fresh salad, and a cold beer....Great Lakes Dortmunder Gold or Conways Irish Ale! Follow that with fresh coffee and apple, blueberry, or any other great pie! I would agree, but......Why over cook a decent steak like that??? When I take a bite of my steak, I want to hear the cow scream in pain! :B
pira114 04/22/15 04:23am RV Lifestyle
RE: Eggs left in refrigrator

The two solutions I've always used for similar issues are white distilled vinegar or peroxide. Dilute either with water to 50%. Should do the trick. Good luck
pira114 04/22/15 04:05am General RVing Issues
RE: Severe thunderstorms- do we need to lower the TV antenna?

I'm lucky, I don't have to worry about it. Mostly because a decent thunderstorm already ripped my antenna off. Wind gust speeds were reported in the 80mph range.
pira114 04/20/15 08:15pm Beginning RVing
RE: Towing above 65

I am of the belief that with the PROPER equipment, and experience, that higher speeds are not any more of an accident waiting to happen than lower speeds. Is that why the DOT estimates that more than 1,115 lives would be saved by a max speed of Truckers to 68mph.The truckers for the most part have the right equipment and they have the experience and training along with the medical card to be on the road. So truckers kill at least 1,115 people driving 68+ and that was the cause of the accident? No wonder there are so many sue the trucking company ads on daytime tv. Wouldn't it be cheaper the set a speed limit for truckers or are they not really professionals that can police themselves?With your logic 30k people die in traffic accidents what kind of speed limits are you going to set for the rest of the motoring public? These are not my stats or proposal. The question is do you need big brother in your vehicle to save yourself because you are incompetent? Or is setting a speed limit adequate? My apologies, the one comment is from a different post suggesting using governors to set speed.I agree that I don't want more rules and regulations. I would be willing to bet that one day we won't have any control over it though. Personal freedom is slowly eroding and to the young people it will be the norm. Speed limits have zero to do with personal freedom. The rights of an individual being paramount to those of the masses is something I believe deeply in. However, none of us has any right to drive in an unsafe manner that endangers others. Since it's impossible to predict who is safe at certain speeds and who is not, limits (or standards) are set. It doesn't matter if we like the particular standard or not. We are free to stay off the roads if it bothers us that much. Personally, I follow the speed limits unless my set up requires I go slower. In certain circumstances this may mean I need to reevaluate if I'm safe on the road at all. Accepting the responsibility of operating several thousand pounds at high speeds means you have a duty to others to do so safely. Each one of us will have to decide if we can do this.Not once in my post did I say breaking the speedlimit. Some people can't drive safely at 55, does this mean everyone on the road be regulated to 55? You need to read the post we were talking about governors that limit speed regardless of the speedlimt, hence lack of freedom to drive the speedlimit because of a few that can't make prudent decision. Apologies. I obviously misread the posts leading up to that
pira114 04/20/15 07:37am Travel Trailers
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