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RE: Upgrade from Pop Up????

Went from pop up to TT. And still regret it. Will probably switch back next year. I much prefer the outdoorsy feel to them. Set up took about the same for me. Most of all, I found I can't take my trailer everywhere I want to like I could the pup. I don't like that I'm limited in getting far out in the woods. Plus, I think some of the larger pups with slides and screened in porches can offer close to, or better, living space. I'll give up storage. But I carry more******with my TT then I ever did with my pup.
pira114 07/06/15 02:47am Travel Trailers
RE: Health Care Costs

A free market system would have fixed/prevented all this. Health care was never a free market. Had they been allowed to sell across State lines, it would have created competition. Prices would have dropped, quality would have gone up. Instead, now I'm paying for someone to get Healthcare. And quality for both of us will suffer. And California's socialized medicine exchange is already broke. Bankrupt. Gee, guess who'll pay for that? Richest State in the Union proved it can't be done.
pira114 07/04/15 04:48pm General RVing Issues
RE: total newb... what is this? near hydraulic level rear right

Self leveling? IF so, probably hydraulic fluid, or grease for the leveler system. A leak suddenly stopping can indicate that all the fluid has leaked out. That's usually bad. Call a mobile RV repairman. Probably simple to fix. But don't wait
pira114 07/04/15 04:32pm Beginning RVing
RE: Teenagers getting bored

That's highly individual and depends greatly on their other interests. I would suggest trying to camp somewhere that has quick access to things you can do together. Do they like to hike? Fish, swim, boating? Etc, etc. If they're not into any of the outdoorsy stuff, you may have a tough row to hoe. There's also camping in more developed areas that give access to more touristy sight seeing stuff. Kind of a bridge the gap type of thing.
pira114 06/19/15 11:34am RV Lifestyle
RE: Tire change/change and repair in the Gatlinburg area?

That sounds like a damaged rim. Something as simple as a pothole can do that. Unless they reused your valve stem and it was damaged, I'd be checking that rim
pira114 06/19/15 09:43am Travel Trailers
RE: thinking about getting rid of bunkhouse

The other option is to remove the bunks and create better storage/closet space. It really isn't that hard. I agree that you should have what you want and what works for ya. But that $2000 isn't the only hit you'll take if the current one is paid off or paid mostly off. Or if the new one raises a monthly payment significantly. Just another thought
pira114 06/18/15 12:31am Travel Trailers
RE: How much to repair?

Thanks for the help. The pump will run for about 1 or 2 minutes then shut off then it wont turn on again flipping the switch on and off doesnt turn the pump back on. Waiting 3 hours then trying again, the pump comes on. It should only run when it needs to build pressure. I'm guessing there might not be anything wrong with it. Try what others have said about getting all the air out. It can take a while since it was winterized.
pira114 06/17/15 04:21am Beginning RVing
RE: Ever walk into the wrong trailer?

I got on the wrong bus once. A Trailways bus. 18 and not too long out of Boot Camp. Got 3 hours in the wrong direction before figuring it out. Took some creativeness to get right
pira114 06/15/15 10:03pm General RVing Issues
RE: RV'ing the way we like it..peace and quiet

I like it all. Just depends on what the family is in the mood for. We'll do large theme park campgrounds, small family owned ones, forest campgrounds, etc. It's all different and all fun. If you really want peace and quiet, you should try boondocking in the forest. No campgrounds. At least a few miles from any major road. That's where the real peace and quiet is.
pira114 06/15/15 09:40pm General RVing Issues
RE: How did you begin this hobby?

Grew up camping. Got into backpacking and minimalist camping, as in no tent. Also hunted all my life. Have a small core group of hunting buddies. We started with a cabin tent, then a 1973 Starcraft pop up that nothing worked in and had more duct tape than canvas. When that finally leaked enough that we woke up too wet, we ditched it and went in together on a trailer. I liked it so much, I bought out my friends so I could use it whenever I felt like it. Still use it for hunting too. It's a 1987 Wilderness 26G. Looking to possibly upgrade next year. Wife and I have had so much fun in it, we're looking to spend about half a year in one during retirement.
pira114 06/15/15 08:29pm Travel Trailers
RE: SUV for towing trailer

They're all fine in my opinion. The Excursion seemed to me to have the most usable cargo space
pira114 06/14/15 01:06pm Travel Trailers
RE: Upgrading Travel Trailer Electric service

Slightly off topic, but can you post a pic of the TT? Just always interested in the vintage class.
pira114 06/10/15 01:28pm Travel Trailers
RE: Ouch! Kids borrow trailer, ruin all jacks

I've let friends borrow my trailer. Before they do, we go over it and I show them the ins and outs. And I'm very clear that if they break something, they are expected to make it right. I also explain how much common things may cost. Usually no problems. One time they did damage something. And they repaired it better than it was prior to borrowing it. Still another time, a friend listened to me and decided it wasn't a good idea to borrow it. Guess it depends on how well you know and trust the people you're loaning it to.
pira114 06/07/15 11:02pm General RVing Issues
RE: Need Amazon Help!

I actually had no luck the one time I needed to return something using the automated return features. But when I called, I got a ver helpful person and it was done in less than 15 minutes
pira114 06/07/15 08:25pm Beginning RVing
RE: avoiding the silver tongue devils

Do your research. Prices don't change that much from year to year. What does change is the extras they add on. What do you want i.e. need? Set a limit. Just be prepared to walk. Doubt hi pressure sales people hold your keys anymore. If you think they might take an extra set of keys. When I walked out years ago I had an extra set of keys. I told him if his set wasn't in the mail within a couple of days I would file a police report. He had them in my hands within a few minutes. Just don't walk in accepting their BS. If they come on strong that means you must come on just as strong. When they apply extreme pressure I start talking sailor talk. I SPLAINE it to them in their language. Don't just sit there and take their BS if you feel pressured. That is what they do for a living. Once you come on stronger they will back off. No better deal? Walk for the door. I have had them actually block my exit before coming down in price. Once they actually stood in front of my vehicle at the side walk. My attitude was get out of my F@#$@&# way or I'll dial 911. Got my best deal from that dealer. He actually called me an AH and some other names before coming down in price. For me it is a game and I enjoy it. It is your money. Play the game. if the price isn't right walk. Hold your keys? As in, the dealer holds your car keys so you can't leave? If that's what you meant, I've never heard of that. Nor would I play along.
pira114 06/07/15 07:51pm Travel Trailers
RE: Illegal GPS mounting

This thread is funny. One, it's dependant on your state. So a thread being read and answered by people all over the country is going to sound silly and possibly pass along bad advice. Speaking of bad advice, I've seen two posts about Ca and GPS that were wrong. This thread simply points out how little people know. Can't tell you how many people have told me about the law, only to find out they never read it. Just heard it somewhere. As for my opinion, I think it's pretty silly to have laws in some states that won't allow GPS up in the window, but it's ok to have an in dash one. Thus taking your eyes completely off the road to view it.
pira114 06/05/15 02:28am General RVing Issues
RE: Gas grill storage in bear country

I live in bear country. And hunt in bear country. Grills and meats aren't nearly the problem that sweet smelling stuff is. It's your garbage bag they'll hit first. As mentioned above, I've left grills and BBQs out without ever a problem. Had a couple of bears in camp over the years. They left the grill alone and went after garbage. I've always wondered why they don't want to lick up the grease, but they don't seem to want it. Makes ya wonder what you're eating when a bear won't touch it.
pira114 06/05/15 02:14am General RVing Issues
RE: Electric jack blowing fuse

I also wonder what type of Jack it is. Not common, but I've heard stories about dealers putting jacks on that can barely accommodate the weight of the trailer dry. There's also a chance that it was bent. If it's slightly bent, it can cause too much friction and make the motor work too hard. The other common problem is the jack being extended or lowered and not stopping the motor when it bottoms out. Although, that's not usually an issue on new trailers. Unless this thing had been moved on the lot frequently by an inexperienced person.
pira114 06/05/15 02:04am Travel Trailers
RE: Electric jack blowing fuse

A bad ground doesn't make sense. A bad ground is a high resistance connection and would cause the circuit to draw less current, not more. It could make the jack motor not run, but wouldn't blow a fuse. Check to see if the (new) leg is binding. A leg binding up (maybe only when it is flexed forward or backward) would cause the motor to draw excessive current. With most of the new jacks, they have an internal ground as well. When you bolt them to the A frame, there's a star washer that needs to "bite" into the frame. Newly painted frames and washers not tightened enough can cause a weak ground. You'll still get power, but it's kind of pulsating. Causing the motor to work harder and blow fuses. This happened to my buddies trailer when we repainted the frame. We didn't tighten, or "crush, that washer enough over probably too thick of a paint job. Roughing up the paint below it and tightening properly worked. With an internal ground, you still have a ground wire. So lots of people miss this.
pira114 06/05/15 01:56am Travel Trailers
RE: Electric jack blowing fuse

I'm gonna second the bad ground. Since it's new, I bet they didn't get a good bite on the star washer. Lots of paint to get through. Check that
pira114 06/04/15 04:38pm Travel Trailers
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