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You may want to wait on LED's - incandescents might be back!

A report from MIT shows how they may be able to make incandescent bulbs MORE EFFICIENT than LEDS! " ...efficiency of conventional incandescent lights is between 2 and 3 percent, that of fluorescents (including CFLs) is between 7 and 15 percent, and that of most commercial LEDs between 5 and 20 percent, the new two-stage incandescents could reach efficiencies as high as 40 percent, the team says."
portscanner 04/27/16 07:08pm General RVing Issues
RE: Large rodent attack leaves me stranded.

Rodents of unusual size?
portscanner 04/26/16 04:37pm General RVing Issues
RE: Busted with a bad battery out in the boonies

I dont know why, but I have always worried about the truck batteries quitting at the worst possible time. That is why I started this thread. I dont have a generator at this time (the built in generator took a dump). The jumper cable idea I think is the best (for my situation). That and replacing the batteries the day after their expiration date. There was no warning sign. Last time it was started (a week ago) it fired right up. And after it was started, we drove several hours. So it was parked with a good charge on the batteries. On a side note, I have considered setting up a way to charge the truck batteries from the solar on the TC. I have an isolator on the TC to prevent it from drawing down the tuck batteries, but I could set up a bypass (switch, jumper, whatever) to feed power back to the tuck. My only concern was the different kind of batteries in the truck vs the camper and not getting either to charge properly.
portscanner 04/26/16 04:02am Truck Campers
RE: Busted with a bad battery out in the boonies

And now...for the rest of the story. Then I woke up. The wolves howling was the dog laying across me and baying while it slept. But seriously..I did get up this morning to a dead battery in the truck (while it was still in the driveway). No, nothing was left turned on, however I found out that the factory batteries are only 36 month batteries. And I have had the truck for 5 years and 4 months. Could I swap the camper batteries for the truck batteries? I think it is possible (if I dont injure myself in the process). More important - how do you tell if a battery is going to take a dump shortly? I though about a battery hydrometer but the current batteries I have are marked on the top with "Dont remove vents under penalty of death" or something like that. So how do you test them? Is there an appropriate tool? Or should you immediately replace them the day after the rated period is up?
portscanner 04/25/16 07:53pm Truck Campers
Busted with a bad battery out in the boonies

Well, it took us 4 hours after leaving the main road (if that is what you want to call it) to get to the lake. A beautiful place! Gonna have some great fishing in the morning! Looking forward to a few days of peace and quiet - as my phone quit working several hours ago because we got out of range! Got up in the morning and had a wonderful day fishing. Fried up a mess of them for dinner. Then I went to get something out of the cab of the truck, but the fob thingy wont open the doors. Oh well. Stupid thing doesnt work half the time anyway. Whip out the keys and do it the old fashioned way. Hmmmmm....seems kinda dark in here....wait! WHERE ARE THE INTERIOR LIGHTS!??!?!? (insert ominous music here) THE TRUCK BATTERY IS DEAD! Why oh why did I not just go ahead and replace the batteries?!?! I knew they were past their prime!! I go and tell her majesty what happened. Needless to say that did not go over well. I get told how she has to get back in time for her job and she was planning on having lunch with her mother and if we dont get back....blah blah blah blah... I get my bag and drop a couple of bottles of water into it along with my compass and a map. All I have to do is follow the trail out that we drove in on to the road and walk until I get a cell signal. I leave the truck to escape from her majesty's eyes that are about to burn a hole straight through me. It is a nice evening for a hike anyway. Plenty of moon light and a nice breeze. Beautiful country out here! An hour later, not to far from me, I hear wolves howling.......
portscanner 04/25/16 07:22pm Truck Campers
RE: Abbreviation help

Here is pretty good listing. I for one don't do the acromyns all that much. Too open for different meanings... There seemed to be a hugh effort back in the beginning to save space when discussing things so these short words were invented down the road... Here is a pretty good listing... acronyms Roy Ken Thanks all. I printed this list for future reference (FFR). My Granddaughter (11) replied to me in a text IDK (I don't know). I called her and asked what it meant as I didn't know. She is now required to text her Grandpa in complete sentences with correct punctuation. My mother texted me the other day "What Does IDK, LY & TTYL Mean?" I replied: "I dont know, Love you and Talk To You Later" She replied: "Fine, I will ask your sister"
portscanner 04/23/16 06:50pm General RVing Issues
Do I need airbags or will stableloads do?

portscanner 04/21/16 04:59am Truck Campers
RE: Keys! Really People?

Some serious 'Ghostbusters" fanz in the room I see. Are you the keymaster? In reference to the OP - that is CRAZY
portscanner 04/20/16 10:39am General RVing Issues
RE: Rattlesnakes can climb trees? (long)

You left it? They are good eatin'!
portscanner 04/17/16 12:56pm General RVing Issues
RE: What Did I Forget?

Dont forget DW!
portscanner 04/16/16 04:20pm Truck Campers
RE: chicken or the egg? question

Well, I wanted to go bird hunting and DW would not go out and point and retrieve, so I had to get dogs.
portscanner 04/16/16 04:15pm General RVing Issues
RE: LP detector goes off... Need help finding leak or source

remove the tanks, vent the RV for several hours, close it up and see what happens. 2012 date on the detector? Good chance you have already found the problem. Also, make sure the dog isnt sleeping near the detector. Doggy...uh...emissions will set them off. Just ask my dog. He will tell you.
portscanner 04/14/16 05:07am General RVing Issues
RE: Cure for squeaky turnbuckles

WD-40 is not a lubricant. It is a solvent It will, however, cause dust and dirt to stick making things worse. I used graphite on mine and they got quiet. No disassembly required. (but you may have to wash your hands after you apply it if you are as sloppy as I am)
portscanner 04/12/16 01:30pm Truck Campers
RE: Ultimate off road camper (found on craigslist)

That's a Volksmogen. No. It is a Uniwagen
portscanner 04/11/16 05:02pm Truck Campers
RE: Mystery bathroom switch

Is it for the bidet?
portscanner 04/11/16 07:23am General RVing Issues
RE: New to me camper

I agree with twopro - it sure looks like you got a problem with the roof. If that was mine, and IF that roof hasn't made this into the project from... h-e double toothpicks, I would personally replace all the fabric (curtians, pillow and cushion covers, bedspread) and wall paper on the inside - which would be reasonably easy and make a serious improvement on appearance. The outside is a little hard to judge based on the pictures provided, but I would keep the pattern (wide color stripes and wide white stripes) and paint the color strips to match my truck. Just my $0.02
portscanner 04/04/16 01:17pm Truck Campers
RE: Toilet Night Light

I am moved by this product.
portscanner 04/03/16 10:37am General RVing Issues
RE: WW Repairs

Thanks for the link. Great write-up and repair btw. My tailgate has that flooring material that you see in the galley of a 737. Kind of a rubber/plastic flooring. Very durable. Was wondering what you ended up doing to the deck of your repair? I guess I'll plan on a major rebuild. Not the first time I've had to do something like this on this trailer. Had to replace all the wood in the lower wall over the wheels as the spray from the wheels had rotted everything out. From main door to garage man door has been replaced. Not fun. I some paint from the local big box that the person there recommended and added an aggregate to it. (not sure if the one I linked to is exactly the same product - it has been a while!) but it worked very well!
portscanner 03/31/16 05:39pm Toy Haulers
RE: WW Repairs

Has anyone had to repair their tailgate? I have a soft spot on mine and will have to tear into it some time this year and I just want to know what to expect. What to expect? Be prepared to rebuild the entire thing. I had a "soft spot" and ended up rebuilding the the entire thing as the water had rotted out half of it. See my post Rotten Ramp Ruins Relaxing Recreation
portscanner 03/31/16 06:03am Toy Haulers
RE: What leveling system should we put on our TC

I used the following for leveling my 5er (when I had one) I have adopted it as needed for my TC 1. Back the rig into the site. 2. Crack open a beer and celebrate a safe arrival to your destination 3. Level side to side. 4. Enjoy another beer to celebrate successful side-to-side leveling. 5. Drop front legs to 5 inches above ground, extend legs to allow 1/8" gap between pin and hitch. 6. Have another beer while the legs are being lowered. 7. Pull forward and unhitch the vehicle. CAUTION: Do not leave site with Tow Vehicle as this may lead to DUI arrest. 8. Have another beer. This will make you a little more relaxed when you realize that you incorrectly read the bubble level during Step 3. Top 3 Benefits of incorrect Step 3: 1. The refrigerator door automatically closes behind you. 2. The shower door will also close automatically. CAUTION: Enter the shower face first for safety reasons 3. When your wife starts complaining about the tomatoes rolling off the cutting board, you can exit the coach. The door will slam behind you and you can simply blame the Step 3 error!
portscanner 03/23/16 08:36am Truck Campers
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