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RE: Naked-eye astronomy is more than just meteors.

There are times when it is visible for six minutes -- if my math is right, that means that you start seeing it when it is nine hundred miles away and you lose sight of it after it has gone another 1800 miles. From Southern Calif, that means that it fades out in the northeast, over Wyoming!
profdant139 06/21/15 10:53pm Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: Naked-eye astronomy is more than just meteors.

True story -- the first time that my son (at that time about 25 years old) ever saw the ISS, we were in the backyard in light-polluted Southern Calif. (He has always had amazing eyesight.) He looked up and said, "Wow, it looks like the letter "H!" I can't see the solar panels even with my binoculars, no matter how I hold them.
profdant139 06/21/15 09:56am Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: First Time Boondocking.....Need a few Questions Answered

I guess you have to be from hot dry Southern California (as we are) to appreciate the "fun" of being in cold weather -- yes, it is different and an adventure. But to each his own! Not everyone enjoys suffering. ;)
profdant139 06/20/15 11:48am Travel Trailers
RE: First Time Boondocking.....Need a few Questions Answered

We have done a lot of boondocking in very cold weather -- right around the freezing mark, and often below freezing (but never below zero). We have thought seriously about the Mr. Buddy or Wave heaters -- they are safe if used properly -- but we just don't need it. We run the noisy furnace during shower time -- but otherwise we do without heat completely! We wear heavy clothing during the mornings and evenings -- DW puts a blanket on her lap during mealtime. At night, we use a down comforter and sleep like hibernating bears -- much better than we do at home. It does get into the 30s inside the trailer. That is not a problem -- it's a good thing! I know this seems extreme, but we go camping in order to get away from the noise of civilization, including the sound of a heater. And we also value the pure air when camping, so the fumes of a Mr. Buddy are not something we want in our air. (I know it is odorless, silent, and safe -- this is just our choice. There is nothing wrong with those heaters -- lots of people use them safely.) I should add that we have two group 31 batteries at 110 amp/hours each. This is probably overkill, but that's what we have decided to do.
profdant139 06/20/15 07:01am Travel Trailers
RE: Last Gary update

Hey, Gary, this is great news! Are you going by yourself? Or are you bringing that amazing nurse, just in case you need some wilderness rehab? Either way, have fun! I am looking forward to your trip report.
profdant139 06/19/15 03:44pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Icefields/Jasper/Revelstoke ??'s

Yes, there is boondocking in some areas, but these are often in actively-logged areas. The roads are narrow -- you want to be sure NOT to encounter loaded logging trucks, especially in a big rig. There are sometimes what they call "sweepers" -- long logs sticking out the back of the truck that swing across the roadway and smash into oncoming traffic, even if you have pulled off to the side. I don't want to be an alarmist, but make sure you know what you are getting into.
profdant139 06/18/15 10:21pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Conditioning/"formatting" new batteries: update in 1st post

Len -- overthinking?? Me?? Guilty as charged. I am a notorious "belt and suspenders" guy. (Cue the eye roll by my tolerant and long-suffering family members.) Even so, once in a while I find my metaphorical pants down around my ankles. I'm the same guy who tows a 2500 pound trailer with a truck with a 6000 pound capacity, just because I like a big margin of safety. It's overkill, no doubt about it.
profdant139 06/18/15 09:13am Tech Issues
RE: Conditioning/"formatting" new batteries: update in 1st post

Is there a way to do this with an ordinary multimeter without buying another device? I don't really need to monitor amp-hours, at least not yet -- I just want to see how many amps the panel is jamming into the battery at any particular time. I can then roughly extrapolate total amp-hours, even though I know that the peak level can't be sustained all day. Also, if there were a way to monitor amps, I could fine-tune my positioning of the portable panel.
profdant139 06/17/15 09:38pm Tech Issues
RE: Conditioning/"formatting" new batteries: update in 1st post

How can you tell how many amps the battery is taking? I know how to use a multimeter to measure the draw of an appliance -- is that the same technique? Sorry for the naive question.
profdant139 06/17/15 06:46pm Tech Issues
RE: "boondocking" (wally-docking?) hehe Near Anaheim

Dockweiler can be almost two hours from Disneyland, depending on traffic. (I live fairly near Disneyland and am very familiar with driving from the LAX area to this area.) I would not recommend staying there -- it is right under the LAX flight path, and there has been some crime. The problem with Wallydocking is that areas that look safe in Orange County sometimes aren't. An example is Buena Park -- the shopping malls look very nice, and they are. But there are high-crime areas that are fairly close by -- certain parts of Anaheim and Stanton are kind of sketchy. I have discovered this during my travels: the problem with being from out of town is that you don't know what you don't know, to paraphrase Donald Rumsfeld. I would recommend a motel or a decent RV park.
profdant139 06/17/15 04:43pm Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: Conditioning/"formatting" new batteries: update in 1st post

Niner, thanks for those tips on charging -- I did not know that a full battery affects the charge rate. And it sounds like your wife and mine are on the same page! Mine also takes Navy showers (although she uses a little more water than I do, since she still has a nice head of hair). And she only uses the furnace for a few minutes while showering -- that's it. When it gets cold inside the trailer, we put on more clothing! And Mexicowanderer, thanks for those tips! Those campgrounds along Lee Vining Creek are great, especially for fisher-persons. You just step outside, and there is the creek, next to your RV. We have never been to Gardisky, but we have been up to the Gaylor/Granite basin, on the other side of the canyon, not far away: http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-xSrffYBPpTU/U9Kn122q3iI/AAAAAAAAK4E/BTxju4xBPLE/s1600/granite+4 height=400 width=600
profdant139 06/17/15 09:43am Tech Issues
RE: Conditioning/"formatting" new batteries: update in 1st post

Mex, somewhere north of Mammoth and south of Tahoe -- we will be moving around, looking for high altitude boondocking to escape the heat. And someplace we can camp in the shade but then put my new panel in the sun. And then I will proceed to bore my poor wife to tears while taking readings off the panels and the batteries while experimentally moving the panel around to find the best angle.
profdant139 06/17/15 07:46am Tech Issues
RE: Running fridge on propane question

My small fridge (less than 3 cubic feet) draws 0.3 amps when running on propane. You can measure this with a multimeter -- there is a setting for amperage.
profdant139 06/16/15 10:05pm Tech Issues
RE: Conditioning/"formatting" new batteries: update in 1st post

Yep. Pretty darn excited, too. Off to the Eastern Sierra for field testing. Will report in a few weeks.
profdant139 06/16/15 10:02pm Tech Issues
RE: How did you begin this hobby?

Darby -- great story about arranging financing without her knowledge so that you could surprise her! Even better than taking a little jewelry box out of your pocket at dinner -- maybe not as romantic, but a really smart move. Well done!
profdant139 06/16/15 05:50pm Travel Trailers
RE: How did you begin this hobby?

We had never camped at all, but we were avid hikers sick of dirty motels and bad food. So in our early 50s, we bought a little used trailer as a mobile motel room, just as an experiment. If it did not work out, we would re-sell the starter trailer. As it turns out, this hobby has taken over our lives, in a good way. We camp between 60 and 80 nights a year. Because we got a 4 wheel drive SUV (and later a truck) for towing, we go places we never could or would have gone. We boondock in remote areas of the national forests, miles away from any other person, for days at a time. When we realized we were hooked, we sold our starter trailer and bought a new one, outfitting it with a lot of boondocking modifications. Our only regret is waiting till the kids were grown to start trailering. On the other hand, the privacy is delightful -- it's just the two of us in our "rolling empty nest!'
profdant139 06/16/15 07:52am Travel Trailers
RE: Broken pin in TT front jack

Nails are a lot softer than hardened or tempered steel -- much easier to cut with a hacksaw. Easier to bend them and break them with a pair of pliers. But using a nail in an emergency was good thinking!
profdant139 06/15/15 04:34pm Tech Issues
RE: Conditioning/"formatting" new batteries: update in 1st post

Wait -- what?? The "family jewels is the source" of the paste? How do they extract it? Is it painful? Mex, you got some 'splainin' to do!
profdant139 06/15/15 09:25am Tech Issues
RE: Need mod to do.

Is the underside well-insulated? There is nothing that is so much darn fun as sliding around on your back under a trailer with your arms extended over your head for hours on end, applying your favorite insulation -- fiberglass? reflectix? spray foam? Make sure to save this project for a hot buggy day for true mod enjoyment!!
profdant139 06/15/15 09:21am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: 99 vs. 395 to Yosemite

Hey, y'all -- a special request -- go easy on Paulj -- I owe him big time. He's the guy who (several years ago) tipped me off to Peter Lougheed Provincial Park in Canada, which was not on our radar screen at all. As a direct result of his advice, we were there on a cold clear September morning, in a deserted campground on the edge of a lake, after a snowy night: http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-1jH-MzN-XHk/Uqn67NHq-0I/AAAAAAAAJtQ/aMpW3W78vWs/s640/peter+lougheed+sunrise+sept+12+2012.jpg height=400 width=600 Perhaps the most spectacular moment of a six week trip to the Canadian Rockies, and that is saying a lot, as you can imagine. So I tend to take what he says very seriously! ;)
profdant139 06/14/15 04:36pm Roads and Routes
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