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RE: Late Fall boondocking?

Muddy, have you camped in either southeastern or southwestern Utah? Yes, it is a long drive from Ogden, but there is some great camping down there, and it is a little warmer during the fall months than the Uintas. For example, this is the Goosenecks area, just north of Monument Valley -- and that's my trailer on the edge of the canyon: http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_dtW7wd3cENA/TNmXrcbg4dI/AAAAAAAAChA/lDyTHk8F15Q/s640/2010%2B10%2B25.JPG height=400 width=600 We were there in late October, and it was pleasantly chilly at night -- down into the high 20s -- no problem with freezing. Very windy -- a tent would have been noisy, I think.
profdant139 08/19/14 12:22pm Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: kid chopping down live trees?

Just to show what a city slicker I am, we came across this chopped-down tree and had the same thought about vandalism: http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-n67OzBfMZVk/U4tqNBsQMdI/AAAAAAAAKeM/PL4SIjKmMEU/s1600/IMG_0291.JPG height=300 width=500 We eventually figured out it had been a beaver. But since I have never cut down a tree with an axe or a hatchet, I did not know that a hatchet creates a different pattern than the beaver's teeth.
profdant139 08/19/14 12:01pm Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: Dry camping in Los Angeles

Do NOT "stealth camp" in a parking lot in LA. Very dangerous. RV parks are safe. The vast majority of people in LA are very nice. A few are not. This is a quote from the LAPD site: "The County and City of Los Angeles are the “gang capital” of the nation. There are more than 450 active gangs in the City of Los Angeles. Many of these gangs have been in existence for over 50 years. These gangs have a combined membership of over 45,000 individuals." That figure is far less than one percent of the population of LA County, which is roughly 12.8 million. But 45,000 criminals is not trivial.
profdant139 08/19/14 03:05am Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: Generator Options for Boondocking

Be sure to test the genset at the dealership to see if it is quiet enough. I don't like listening to other people's generators, and I really don't like listening to mine when we boondock. Yes, it is a Honda. Yes, it is quiet. But it is not silent.
profdant139 08/18/14 10:05pm Travel Trailers
RE: Late Fall boondocking?

One big energy saver is to go easy on the heater. We boondock a lot in semi-cold weather (around 20 degrees -- rarely lower) and we rarely run the heater, except during shower time. At night it can get down into the 30s inside the trailer -- it is very well insulated, but not like an Arctic Fox or a Nash. The secret is a down comforter -- the colder it is inside the trailer, the better we sleep. We keep some warm clothing with us, under the comforter, so that we can put on a warm layer in the morning before crawling out of bed. In the evening, even though it is quite chilly in the trailer, we wear warm ski hats and warm clothes. My wife has discovered that a hot water bottle (easily purchased at a drug store) is a great source of warmth -- she sits with a blanket on her lap and a hot water bottle under the blanket. Down booties complete her lovely ensemble. Is this extreme? Yes. But we use almost no electricity to power the heater. (The propane is no problem - but the furnace fan uses a lot of juice.) And yes, an Olympic heater or other catalytic heater will do the job -- but I am worried (probably needlessly) about carbon monoxide, so we bundle up instead. Where in Utah do you live? Much of the state is Boondocking Heaven. Let us know, and we can make a lot of recommendations about good areas for camping. You probably already know them!
profdant139 08/18/14 10:01pm Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: Mudslide on hwy 20 - EAST of Washington Pass, WA

Thanks for the tip -- we are hoping to be in that area in a couple of weeks -- hope they clear it up soon!
profdant139 08/17/14 10:05pm Roads and Routes
RE: How to beat yourself up in two days

How great that you are both feeling well enough to undertake this adventure! Congratulations!!
profdant139 08/17/14 10:01pm Truck Campers
RE: Bought our first trailer today

I like that layout -- some of the original Takenas had the kitchen under the front curve, with poor headroom. This one looks like a winner -- well done!
profdant139 08/17/14 09:59pm Travel Trailers
RE: Big freshwater tank for boondocking?

Our tiny trailer has a 30 gallon fresh tank -- we use 5 to 6 gallons a day for the two of us, with a hot shower every night. (Brief shower. But the real thing.) And so when we are boondocking, we have to refill the tank every five or six days, using six gallon plastic jerry cans that we refill wherever we can and haul back to the trailer. The real limiting factor is the gray water tank -- only holds 25 gallons. So we transfer the gray water to a tote every four or five days when boondocking. Some people dump the gray water into a hole in the ground (which is permitted in some national forests). We don't.
profdant139 08/17/14 09:55pm Travel Trailers
RE: Hirearchy

I have just the opposite problem -- whenever we go to a campground or RV park, people won't leave us alone in peace -- everyone comes over to chat. Too friendly. I like silence. I want to sit by my trailer in the evening and enjoy the outdoors. Don't talk to me. I do not want to hear about your grandchildren or the funny thing your dog did. Wait a second -- does that mean that I am the unfriendly snobby guy?? Uh-oh. I can just imagine what the folks in the big rigs are saying -- "Who does he think he is? He is in a tiny trailer -- how can he be snobby and unpleasant?" Fortunately (I guess), DW is a delightful person and compensates for my hermit tendencies, so no one suspects that I am a closet curmudgeon.
profdant139 08/16/14 07:32am Travel Trailers
RE: LA to North Cascades: 395/97/20 or I-5 thru Seattle?

Again, great tips! I really appreciate this -- thanks!
profdant139 08/15/14 04:54pm Roads and Routes
RE: boondocking

Most important boondocking tip -- ease into it. Don't try a big boondocking trip till you have worked out the kinks. Head over to the boondocking forum if you have specific questions -- and here are some ideas to get you started: Some boondocking tips
profdant139 08/15/14 04:47pm Travel Trailers
RE: First TT Purchase, buying used?

Our first TT purchase was similar -- an almost-unused used trailer. Great bargain, lots of fun, and yes I had to fix a lot of things myself -- that was part of the fun! The next trailer was a new one because we wanted to have the dealer make various modifications (flipped axle, shock absorbers, and some other items). And we bought the extended warranty, just because I am an overly-cautious person. But if you are handy, and if you are an experienced RVer, I would not hesitate to buy used, if the price is right, which it certainly is in this case!
profdant139 08/15/14 04:42pm Travel Trailers
RE: LA to North Cascades: 395/97/20 or I-5 thru Seattle?

Great tips -- thanks! DW may end up making the decision -- she does not like desert driving, even though I prefer it. Steve, thanks for the invitation! And Paul, we were hoping to camp at one of the small campgrounds on the Cascade River Road -- we have a very small trailer that can fit into lots of little spaces. There is little boondocking in that particular area, but we are going to try to find some boondocking near Mt. Baker. And one other thing -- Paul, since you were the person responsible for turning us on to Peter Lougheed in Alberta (one of the most amazing places I have ever seen), do you know of any great day hikes to glaciers in the North Cascades? (We did the Heliotrope Ridge hike a few years ago -- absolutely fantastic.)
profdant139 08/14/14 08:02pm Roads and Routes
RE: Anyone ever go to Burning Man?

When my son was in college, he went with a bunch of friends in a motor home -- they had to be careful about water, but it was available. And yes, the dust gets into everything -- he borrowed a sleeping bag and it was very hard to clean. I imagine that the engine air filter would take quite a beating -- not sure how you would protect your machinery from the abrasive effects of the dust. He said that I would have hated it -- lots of wild behavior. Not my kind of thing. But thank goodness, it is still a free country, and folks who like that sort of thing can enjoy it, and I don't have to watch it!
profdant139 08/14/14 05:06pm Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
LA to North Cascades: 395/97/20 or I-5 thru Seattle?

We are heading up to the North Cascades of Washington for (hopefully) several weeks of camping and hiking. Due to family issues, we can't leave much before the end of August, and there is one area (the Cascade River) we want to see that is closing on Sept 8 due to construction. So, I am looking for the fastest way from LA to the Marblemount area on Highway 20. (Ordinarily, I do not take the fastest way -- I take the way that will be the most fun, if possible.) So that is my question -- do I stay with boring Interstate 5 all the way up (with traffic through Portland and Seattle), or do I take the inland route? I am pulling a trailer and rarely go more than 60 mph, so the higher speed limit on the freeway is not a significant advantage. I am assuming that the inland route will be hot and dry and occasionally smoky, but that does not matter this time. Thanks in advance for your advice!!
profdant139 08/14/14 04:53pm Roads and Routes
RE: Camping with the Rich and Famous...

I wonder if those elite bass hunters travel with this amazing device: Bass-o-matic
profdant139 08/12/14 10:17pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Tiger spotting.

If you go to the Tiger website, there are models for over $200,000 that claim to be really good for serious off-pavement travel -- for that kind of money, I would hope that the body is properly mounted on the chassis! Those are some beautiful beasts.
profdant139 08/12/14 10:12pm Truck Campers
RE: Microwave and Honda EU2000i Companion

My Honda 2000 and my small microwave behave in exactly the same way -- dim lights, surging, and so forth. I have ignored this for many years with no ill effects to either one, I think!
profdant139 08/12/14 05:05pm Travel Trailers
RE: "Half-open" position for exit window with hinged rod

The screen pulls off toward the inside -- it is held on with clips. In an emergency, you pop the screen, shove the handle, and flop through the window opening. Theoretically. And Cheryl, if the window is above the dresser, Jerry's method is far superior to mine!
profdant139 08/12/14 09:26am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
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