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RE: Is there a smoother ride

I have a single axle trailer, because they do not make a dual for such a small trailer (which is 15 feet long, coupler to rear bumper). But I would prefer a dual. Not just for the smoother ride, but for safety. If you have a blowout on a dual, you will be able to keep control of the trailer. On a single axle, it is not so easy. So bottom line, if you can find a dual axle in the length you want, I would get it. Yes, you will sacrifice some storage space (because the wheel wells stick up into the cabinetry). And yes, you will have to buy an extra set of tires. Well worth it, I think.
profdant139 11/24/17 10:31am Travel Trailers
RE: Highway 299 Redding to Eureka

I've towed a trailer on this road several times -- did not seem like a white knuckle situation. Just downshift on the downhills, and use the pullouts to let the cars pass. The only other thing to keep in mind is that they are often doing construction and maintenance -- there may be delays, especially in summer.
profdant139 11/23/17 07:42pm Roads and Routes
RE: Bugs???

For whatever it's worth, we once did a bike tour from Anchorage to Denali to Glenallen to Valdez in late July/early August and had no problems with bugs. But that could have been an exceptional year.
profdant139 11/23/17 09:39am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: 50 Amp Shore Cord stolen!

I think that some Walmarts may stock 50 amp cords. Not every Walmart has a fully stocked RV section, however.
profdant139 11/23/17 09:30am Tech Issues
RE: Singletree Falls and Lower Calf Creek Falls UT -- May 1st

There are RV parks in Escalante, not too far away. And there are full hookups at Kodachrome State Park, also not too far away. There is a lot to do in that area -- really great country. May should be cool but not too cold. We hit some light snow in April a few years ago!
profdant139 11/22/17 02:21pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Canada here we come

One more thought about the Pacific Northwest in August and September. The berries are ripe, so bring leather gloves for everyone and plenty of sturdy plastic bags. I have never had such great blackberries in my life. Just don't go overboard. Don't ask me how I know this. ;)
profdant139 11/21/17 08:16pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Canada here we come

If you like glaciers (and who doesn't?), I'd recommend Paradise Glacier on Mt. Rainier -- this photo was taken in late July a few years ago. It looks like we are advanced mountain climbers (we aren't!), but this location was an easy stroll from the lodge: https://i.imgur.com/ip1Krdil.jpg "border=0" https://i.imgur.com/m3zZPvb.pngClick For Full-Size Image. I would also recommend Mt. Lassen for pre-teens -- the walk through Bumpass Hell is amazing -- the mud geysers bubbling, the steam geysers whistling, very cinematic. (And Bumpass was the name of the poor guy who discovered this weird place. Wait till you find out what happened to him . . . . )
profdant139 11/21/17 08:14pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Experiences with sat phone rentals??

Great, great tips here about the Inreach and texting as an option -- especially Tiger's point about giving the key players a message that they can reply to. In our situation (needing to be in touch with the family about our three elderly relatives), we know that even if the elderly relatives are not able to deal with texting, our younger relatives will be able to do so with ease. I need to do some more homework, but this may do the job for us.
profdant139 11/21/17 08:04pm Technology Corner
RE: I want one!

Mex, I find your posts refreshing and thought-provoking! I don't always agree with you, but it is fun to break out of my coastal California echo chamber once in a while. But your comments have provoked this thought: let's assume that there is a surplus of solar and wind power. Let's also assume (a big assumption) that there will soon be a cost-effective way of storing that surplus power, either in centralized banks or at the consumer level. (Without cheap storage, we're done here. The energy density of stored hydrocarbons will be hard to beat.) The deal-killing problem that you have spotted is that the present grid is not up to the task of redistributing that surplus power. Based on what you have written, I think you know what you are talking about. But here is what I don't yet get -- if the grid is the bottleneck, and if there is sufficient demand for redistribution of excess supply, why wouldn't the power companies build extra grid capacity? The power companies could theoretically pass those costs to everyone who relies on the grid, assuming that the Public Utilities Commission permits them to do so. (Of course, if there are lots of "cord cutters" who go off-grid, there is no way for those companies to charge the end users for the amortized cost of the capital expenditures. Let's assume that's the exception and not the norm.) If my series of assumptions is right, the long-term role of the power companies will change from energy providers to energy distributors. Eventually, the market (guided by the awkward hand of the PUC) will adjust to the new reality. Rainbows will sprout from the high voltage pylons, and we will all be driving electric vehicles using renewables. I am guessing that since I know nothing about the electricity industry, I am missing something here??
profdant139 11/21/17 05:05pm Tech Issues
RE: 15" tires, Goodyear Wrangler HT or Goodyear Endurance

Bigbird, thanks for the link to that article. It was very interesting, especially the part where the Goodyear executive said that one of the reasons they make the Endurance in the USA is for marketing, in response to consumer demand. He also referred to RV Internet discussions (presumably including this forum). In other words, when we have complained about quality control in China, someone was actually listening! I wonder if consumer distrust of Chinese products in general will push companies to make more things in the USA. Certainly, that is true in China itself -- after the baby formula scandal (plastic filler in Chinese formula that caused widespread kidney damage), Chinese parents demand US made formula, when possible. Someday, Chinese companies will get the word and will ramp up quality control, just as Japan did. There was a time (1950s and 60s) that "Made in Japan" meant inferior stuff. That is no longer the case, of course.
profdant139 11/21/17 04:42pm Travel Trailers
RE: The View from Your Trailer -- let's see 'em!

avoidcrowds, let us know if you need help on how to post pix -- it is really easy these days, thanks to our moderator, 1492, who created a great app for us. Here is the link -- just select your photo, copy the code that pops up, and paste that code into your post: Bless you, 1492 Again, ask if you have any trouble.
profdant139 11/21/17 09:19am Travel Trailers
RE: Experiences with sat phone rentals??

Great tips! Bill, when you do your daily message check, how long does it take to connect? Is it a big hassle?
profdant139 11/20/17 08:31pm Technology Corner
Experiences with sat phone rentals??

(I searched the archive and Google but came up empty on this - forgive me if this topic has been done to death.) We want to do more boondocking, but we have elderly infirm relatives -- we hate to be out of touch in case we are needed. Cell does not often work in the way back areas, especially in the Far West and the Southwest. If you have had recent experience with renting a sat phone, how did it go? Did it connect reliably? Does it work from inside an RV, or do you have to find open sky? Are trees a problem? How was the sound quality? Was there static, or a delay in transmission and reception? (Texting would do fine for us, if voice is not as reliable.) Was it a hassle to get signed up? To get delivery of the device? To set it up? To return it at the end of the rental? Thanks in advance for your advice!!
profdant139 11/20/17 05:52pm Technology Corner
RE: What is the best NP camping experience?

If we are just looking at campgrounds in national parks, my favorite would have to be Upper Pines at Yosemite in the winter: https://i.imgur.com/Bf1QVxyl.jpg "border=0" https://i.imgur.com/m3zZPvb.pngClick For Full-Size Image. It's quiet, it's nice and cool, and it is well-located in the valley. The views are usually obscured by trees, but sometimes you can see Half Dome or the granite walls around the valley. I would not go to Upper Pines in the summer -- hot and crowded. In warmer weather, we like Tuolumne Meadows Campground in the high country. Cool, with a lot of hiking right nearby. It is not open in the winter, and the sites are sometimes a little too close together.
profdant139 11/20/17 05:32pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Canada here we come

Having done a few too-long trips with pre-teen kids, I strongly, strongly recommend against a "drive and drive" vacation. If I had life to live over again, I would have taken shorter trips with my kids, with much more "outside time" for them than "car time." Anyway, here are some suggestions: From the Bay Area, I would suggest the first night in southern Oregon, then a couple of nights at Crater Lake. After that, maybe Mt. Hood for a couple of days. After that, Rainier for a few days. On the way back home, maybe a few days in the Redwoods north of Eureka. That is still about 2000 miles of driving round trip from the Bay Area -- still very ambitious -- but not impossible.
profdant139 11/20/17 01:07pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: 15" tires, Goodyear Wrangler HT or Goodyear Endurance

I have Endurance -- 10k miles, no problems. But too soon to say if they are really good or just "so far, so good."
profdant139 11/19/17 07:41am Travel Trailers
RE: RV Parks in Oregon,Washington,Canada

Hamnet, are you going to the Banff/Jasper area?
profdant139 11/18/17 04:48pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: I want one!

Mex, you are absolutely right about the current state of affairs (no pun intended) -- the absence of good storage options means that we have to burn fossil fuels to pick up the slack when wind and solar fail (especially at night), leading to huge fixed costs (and sunk costs) due to the need for fossil energy generation and a distribution grid. But if Musk and the Chinese are right about the future of lithium batteries (rather a large "if"), the grid itself will be largely obsolete -- folks will have a big incentive to generate their own power and store it and then use it to power their homes and recharge their vehicles. That still does not solve the problem of long stretches of cloudy windless days, so the grid and fossil fuels are not going away anytime soon. But as the cost of storing electricity goes down, renewables become more and more practical. To parrot the ancient Chinese curse, "May you live in interesting times!" This is an interesting time.
profdant139 11/18/17 04:46pm Tech Issues
RE: New Day Use Fees & Increase Existing Fees, Public Lands

If I were to start a "Western Slope Pro-Fee Coalition," I wonder how many members we'd have. Probably just me. Late-breaking news: my wife just peeked over my shoulder to see what I was writing. She has announced that she will not join my coalition. On the bright side, my coalition could hold meetings inside my extremely small trailer!
profdant139 11/18/17 12:45pm Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: Cerro Alto Campground NFS- San Luis Obispo - Los Padres

TenOC, that sounds like a good route -- as I am sure you know, distances in California are longer than they appear on a map! So no matter how you sequence your destinations, there will be a lot of back and forth. If you are heading from DV to the central coast in May, maybe stop off at the Carrizo Plain -- you can see the San Andreas fault up close (straddling it!!), and all of the stream beds are offset due to crustal movement. Plus the wildflowers are good to great (depending on how much rain we get this winter), and there is wildlife (antelopes etc.), and good boondocking and star-gazing. You'd catch Highway 58 at Mojave and head west to Carrizo. And then 58 to the coast is not a bad road -- I have towed my trailer on it a couple of times. Moving on to Sequoia, have you decided how much time you want to spend there? That is my favorite area of the Western Sierra -- we like it more than Yosemite. But if you are not a hiker, there is not all that much to do -- maybe three or four days' worth. If you can live without hookups, I recommend Azalea Campground, up near Grant Grove -- it is big rig friendly. (I've forgotten what kind of a rig you now have, sorry to say.) Also, Dorst Campground, near Lodgepole, is also ok for bigger rigs. Lodgepole Campground is less so -- the sites are smaller. And there is good boondocking up near Big Meadows. Sometimes, the gates on the forest roads are open in May, depending on the snowpack.
profdant139 11/17/17 01:04pm Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
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