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RE: Had to make a very hard decision yesterday!

Sorry for your loss. Such a hard decision to make, but the last good thing we can do for our pets. Tom
pulsar 02/24/15 08:03am RV Pet Stop
RE: Canadian Maritimes Travel

Some additional thoughts. Although ferry and bridge fees are listed as roundtrip, one should treat the fees as the cost of leaving the island, since the fee is not paid until leaving. It is much cheaper to leave via the bridge. The ferry fee for motorhome and toad is approximately $170 (Canadian) plus fuel surcharge, if that is still in effect. The bridge fee for motorhome and toad is approximately $60 (Canadian). We go to Nova Scotia first, cross to PEI on the ferry, departing from Caribou. We leave on the Confederation Bridge. While on PEI, we stay at the National Parks Cavendish campground. Whether or not you like lobsters, you should have an evening meal at Fisherman's Wharf Lobster Supper The restaurant has a 60-foot long salad bar!
pulsar 02/24/15 07:53am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Canadian Maritimes Travel

Although we have traveled in the Maritimes quite often; there is much we haven't seen. (For example, we've spend more than 40 days in Nova Scotia, but have not yet been to Halifax.) Here are some specifics. Our first stop in Canada would be in St Andrews by the Sea, staying at Kiwanis Oceanfront Camping. We usually spend 3 or 4 days here. We highly recommend a tour of Minister's Island. Although it is 60 miles away, we usually take a day trip from St Andrews to tour St Johns (Instead of moving to a campground in St John.) Our next campground would be 140 miles up the road in Alma, NB at Fundy National Park - probably should make reservations. Hopewell Rocks is a must see while in the area. Next is Baddeck, NS (325 miles). Baddeck Cabot Trail Campground. - Alexander Graham Bell Museum. Day trip to Louisbourg to see the Fortress of Louisbourg. On Cape Breton, we use the Broad Cove campground at Ingonish as our base camp. Got to go now. Maybe I can get back to add more. Tom
pulsar 02/23/15 04:27pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Towing Honda CRV

Our first CRV had more than 200,000 miles on the odometer and more than 100,000 miles being towed. - Never more than usual maintenance. Our current CRV has more than 100,000 miles and more than 50000 being towed. - Never more than normal maintenance. We set MH cruise control at 64 mph. Tom
pulsar 02/22/15 07:21pm Dinghy Towing
RE: Another question for serious help (advice), seriously

I don't know which class hitch it is, but the Hurricane features page list and 8000 lb hitch. http://i.imgur.com/wzLae6A.jpg (Don't you like it when they use asterisks but never explain them.) Tom
pulsar 02/19/15 11:58am Class A Motorhomes
RE: How do I post my photos?

/Users/jeffrapley/Pictures/iPhoto Library/Modified/2014/Utah:Arizona:Colorado 2014/DSC_0094.JPG As stated earlier in the post, you can directly post a picture that is on your hard drive. See Executive's post two above yours. A C Woodsy, When you make an attempt to post a picture, leave the attempt. If it was unsuccessful, many members can look at it and tell you what went wrong. If it was successful, those that were helping will know that you have succeeded. For example, if using 1492's web app, the common error would be to post the provided URL into the message window's Image tool http://www.rv.net/SharedContent/cfb/images/editortoolbar/image.gif, instead of pasting it directly into the message window. (The web app has already provided the necessary tags.) Such an error is easy to spot, when left in the post. Tom
pulsar 02/17/15 07:38pm Forum Technical Support
First we track, then we swim

Razz's first right-angle turn. I really like what she did here. Their were several teenagers inside the fence. One young lady started calling, "puppy, puppy..." Although briefly distracted, Razz got quickly return to the task at hand. (Click on the picture to open a new tab for the video.) http://i.imgur.com/QlAD85B.jpg Then Razz had her first swimming lesson. The entire lesson was about 20 minutes. (Click on the picture to open a new tab for the video.) http://i.imgur.com/HTeEOO7.jpg Tom
pulsar 02/16/15 06:11am RV Pet Stop
What are the odds?

The coach: 2015 Itasca Meridian 36M, 4000 miles in 3 months. Friday 2/6: Notice generated coolant leak. Cause: loose clamp on connections just above the coolant drain cap. Solution: Tighten clamp, no more leak. Monday 2/9: After a trip to fill up LP tank Notice automotive coolant leak under front driver's side of coach. Cause: loose clamp on heater hose junction. Solution: tighten clamp, no more leak Friday 2/13: Noticed automotive coolant leak under driver's side rear. This leak was not there on when parked on Monday, looking at the amount of leakage, it started sometime during the weak, perhaps just after returning home on Monday. Cause: loose spring clamp on hose to the DEF heater. Solution: Replace spring clamp with band clamp. No leak this morning. Until the cold snap arriving this weekend, we've had a mild winter. When this cold snap ends, I'll check all of the clamps I can find. Tom
pulsar 02/14/15 06:33am Tech Issues
RE: Fridge Without an Off Switch

Some of the residential refrigerators, KitchenAid comes to mind, turn off by raising the temperature. Up the temperature as far as it will go and see if that will turn it off. On the KitchenAid, that will turn off the cooling system, but not the interior lights. Tom
pulsar 02/07/15 08:22am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Can't send a PM now

I went to send a PM... it asked me to login, even though I am logged in .... so I try... says " We were unable to find an active member account with the user name and password you provided. " -- even though I am logged in... then I hit the forgot PW button... it asks for my email, which I provide and then it tells me "we are unable to find a member account with the email you provided" So... I decide to send an email to the webmaster, using the Contact Us link... that come back saying "Delivery has failed to these recipients or groups:webmaster@rv.net Your message can't be delivered because delivery to this address is restricted." I guess I won't be sending a PM anytime soon... although I can still post ! Some general comments, first. It is not uncommon for the mail server to ask for a second login. I never understood what triggered the second login, but I know it happens. The "contact us" has been nonfunctional since 2006. Originally, the message was sent and, on occasion, actually got a response. Because of turnover, it seems that no one was assigned to even read the email from the "contact us" link. About your situation: Do you ever log out? (If the answer is no, don't log out now.) Also, if the answer is no, there is a good chance that the password is not what you think it is. You can look at the bottom of your preferences page to see what email address is associated with your account. You can change your password on your profile page. Tom
pulsar 02/05/15 07:18pm Forum Technical Support
RE: CG Rules - New Trends?

It's almost assuredly a liability issue. Every couple of years our insurance provider sends a risk assessment specialist to evaluate our operation from a liability standpoint. I can easily see where riding a bicycle in a park is not the safest thing in the world. Kids are forever darting out in front of 45' motorhomes who's drivers are looking for their site, not kids on bikes. It wouldn't surprise me if one of those risk specialists told us we needed to have bicycle rules and policies. Then again, maybe the park had someone who crashed their bike and suffered a serious injury to their head. Perhaps they just decided they only wanted to clean up someone's brain matter once in their lifetime. We have had medical emergencies and people suffering injuries on our property and it sticks with you. You don't just laugh it off and move on. If a helmet rule would prevent us having to watch an ambulance transport a child to the hospital, it would be worth any inconvenience it causes those who oppose such rules. the 'if it saves just one life' argument. it's not a matter of inconvenience...it's a matter of being free to make mistakes and do dangerous things that may result in injury or death. heck, almost all of us think nothing about getting into an auto and driving. should we do everything possible to make autos safer if it would mean saving one more life? of course not. if we did then autos would be built like tanks. life is full of risk beginning with waking up and getting out of bed in the morning. where do the rules...the 'if it saves just one life' arguments end? It's not about making the mode of transportation safer, it's about reducing injuries. Requiring a helmet for a bike rider is like requiring seat belts and air bags in cars. According to the CDC, 824 people die from bicycle accidents each year. About 500 of those involved head injuries. Each year, 600,000 bicyclists are treated in emergency rooms; 30 percent involve head injuries. All of us pay higher insurances rates because of those injuries. Tom
pulsar 02/03/15 10:27am General RVing Issues
RE: Dog fencing at campsite

Call me a dummy, but I'd post a picture of our set up as we speak if I knew how to do it here. We've received so many compliments mainly because we are at the entrance to the CG and everyone notices it. See 1492's first post ("Easy Photo Uploading & Posting Web APP") in the RV.Net Tutorials and Picture related FAQ's thread. Using this link (his post) all one has to do to post a picture is to drag it onto the browser window, copy a link and paste it into the forum post. Tom
pulsar 02/03/15 06:40am RV Pet Stop
RE: Allison Transmission

Allison's recommendations (requirements) have changed over the years. I suggest that you find a manual from the time frame of your coach's manufacture. My own coach from the late 90's said that the first change to TranSynd didn't count; the next change was as if you hadn't switched. After the second change, follow the change intervals for TranSynd. For my current coach, which came with TranSynd, the change intervals are: Fluid: whichever comes first 150,000 miles 6000 hours 48 calendar months Main and Lube Filter: whichever comes first 75,000 miles 3000 hours 36 calendar months Tom
pulsar 02/02/15 08:30pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Myrtle Beach, SC, where do you recommend?

We would be more likely to drive a few miles further (say 8 mile south of Ocean Lakes) to stay at Huntington Beach State Park in Murrels Inlet. Tom
pulsar 02/02/15 07:51am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Dog fencing at campsite

We require pets to be on a leash when they are not in the RV. Do we look the other way when people are sitting outside with them? Yes. Do we allow fencing? No. Reasons: We are an RV park not a kenneling facility. If we wanted our sites to be fenced, we would fence them. A pet confined by a fence is not under anyone's control. They will evacuate their bowels and there will not be anyone there to clean it up. If a child wanders up to the dog, there is no one to assure their safety. And finally, I haven't seen too many portable fences that actually will confine a pet intent on going elsewhere. It is a false sense of security. We travel out west most summer. We spent more than a month in Montana 2 of the last 3 years and will be out there again this summer. We certainly respect your right to have whatever rules that work for you and except for one thing, we could stay at your park without using our X-pens But you lose credibility with your belief that a dog off leash with their owner is more under control than a dog in X-pen and their owner sitting there. I know, you describe the golden retriever sleeping at its owner's feet, as if that is all golden retrievers will do. Let a squirrel or some other small animal go running by and see how quickly that golden retriever can move. It is that loss of credibility that causes me not to want to stay in your park. We use X-pens with our dogs, mainly for letting them dry after swimming; but sometimes just because we wan them out with us, when we are sitting out. http://i.imgur.com/2U8C9Qd.jpg Oh, do you really believe that those who use X-pens don't pick up after our dogs if they defecate in the X-pen? I assure you that those owners are much more likely to pick up after their dogs than the people walking around your campground with their dogs on leash. Tom
pulsar 02/01/15 09:35pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Have a Link Open in a New Tab?

Guess I didn't read your whole post. My first posts shows how to make a link that will automatically open in a new tab. But, if you are too lazy to right click to open a link in a new tab :) I guess you wouldn't want to put in the effort to create links that will open in a new tab. :) Tom
pulsar 01/23/15 12:59pm Forum Technical Support
RE: Have a Link Open in a New Tab?

Insert "target=_blank" at the end of the URL. Here is an example. [url=http://www.rv.net/forum/index.cfm/fuseaction/newest.cfm "target=_blank"]opens Newest page in a new tab[/url] That code will produce this link open Newest page in a new tab Note: A "trick" was used to display the syntax. Copying or quoting this post will negate the "trick" and the copied or quoted text will not look as it does here. Tom
pulsar 01/23/15 12:49pm Forum Technical Support
RE: IMPORTANT CHANGE : RV.Net Tutorials and Picture related

"Pictures posted in a profile or within the text portion of a topic are not to exceed 800 pixels width with 640 pixels the recommended width, 480 pixel height or 100kb file size." Interesting. I thought the max width was 640. I see it's really 800. Patt of the statement is not true, at least at the time of this posting. The forum software does not allow a picture larger than 640 by 480 in a profile. Tom
pulsar 01/22/15 07:10pm Truck Campers
RE: Microsoft finally prices Windows correctly.

Reading later clarifications, the free upgrade is for a period on 1 year after the launch. After that, one will have to buy - pricing not divulged. It would seem that Microsoft wants to avoid the embarrassing (?) situation that exist today - the no longer supported Windows XP is run on more PCs than all versions of Windows 8.x They need to get an installed base large enough for developers to use the features that are unique to Windows 10. I consult for a software house that primarily writes programs that run under Windows. We have not yet released anything that requires Windows 8. Tom
pulsar 01/21/15 06:45pm Technology Corner
Microsoft finally prices Windows correctly.

Microsoft to Provide Free Upgrades to Windows 10. The article doesn't discuss how the different "subtractive" editions will work. I suppose you get a free upgrade to whichever edition you are currently using. If so, wonder what the cost would be to go from the Basic Edition to Pro or Enterprise? Tom
pulsar 01/21/15 04:33pm Technology Corner
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