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RE: Samsung Galaxy S 6 vs Apple iPhone 6?

Just a software bug...Actually that's one of two things a virus looks for, a software bug or a stupid user. I guess it never occurred to me that my texts were in the clear... I better be careful what I text :B. After reading about Apple's iMessage encryption I was thinking that maybe Apple should apply their encryption to the cloud photo storage so celeb's can post their personal porn in safety! :W Dave Hi Dave, The problem with the hacked iCloud accounts was weak passwords and Apple's failure to lock an account after a few unsuccessful attempts to guess the password. Apple has corrected the security flaw. I wonder if the weak passwords have been strengthened. Tom
pulsar 05/29/15 08:17am Technology Corner
RE: Samsung Galaxy S 6 vs Apple iPhone 6?

Have you read of a text that can shut down the Iphone. Not sure I'd refer to Imessage as secure! But that has nothing to do with the security of the message. From an AppleInsider article iOS cannot correctly render [a specific] block of unicode characters in question. When the text string is sent from one iPhone to another, it sets off a cascade of processing errors that eat up memory and ultimately crashes Messages. In some cases Springboard also crashes, triggering an iPhone reboot sequence. Tom
pulsar 05/29/15 07:58am Technology Corner
RE: OBX, NC - Rt. 12

We were there in April. You will find essentially the same conditions you found last year. The Oregon Inlet bridge work was minimal, while we were there - one lane closed for a short distance. The temporary bridge is still temporary. There is some additional road work in that area as they have started on the new construction. (They hadn't started on a new bridge, but had paved the approaches to it. Tom
pulsar 05/26/15 06:12am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: When Fear in Mexico is Real

I had a good friend that collapsed in the fire station, 2 fire engines, rescue truck, ambulance, 3 paramedics, all in station, massive heart attack no amount of CPR, defibrillator shocks, oxygen brought him back, some times when it is our time we gotta go. I am very glad that all of you are still with us, there are a couple of persons that I have not seen lately, pulsar and Franchesca knowels I wonder if they are ok. La vida loca, señores la vida loca. navegator Estoy vivendo la vida loca. We set off on a two-month trip to Montana and Alberta next week (Although my Spanish grows weaker as I grow older, I am well. Thank you.) Moisheh. Sorry to hear of the health issue. Glad to know that the outcome looks positive. Heed your doctor's advice. Tom
pulsar 05/25/15 03:35pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Water Heater drain plug head broke off..Remove Advice

I carry a large straight-flute screw extractor, purchased at Sears. I've only used it twice, once on my rig and once to help a fellow camper. http://i3.tinypic.com/4c233bn.jpg it worked fast and easy. A sprinkler nipple extractor (Lowes or Home Depot) works the same wan and just as easy. Neither damages the threads. Tom
pulsar 05/21/15 10:24am Tech Issues
RE: North Carolina Ocean Campgrounds.

Howard, Most that have been to the Outer Banks will choose between Camp Hatteras, Cape Hatteras KOA and Ocean Waves Campground. The first two are shown in the satellite image in my earlier post. The third, which is just south of the other two, is smaller. There are proponents for all three on this forum. We prefer the KOA, because they are more dog friendly. The US Park Service does not allow dogs to run loose on the beach. Camp Hatteras has camping on both sides of highway. The KOA has a field on the sound side. The dogs can run in the field and play in the sound. Tom
pulsar 05/20/15 09:16pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: North Carolina Ocean Campgrounds.

Carolina Beach State Park isn't on the beach, or at least not on the ocean. If you want to lay on the beach you better pick a different state. I guess you/ve never been to the Outer Banks of NC, which seems to be what the OP is asking about. Here is a picture of two campgrounds (actually there is a third, but it is entirely on the sound) in Rodanthe, NC. That's the Atlantic Ocean on the right side of the picture. Pamlico Sound is on the left side. http://i.imgur.com/1C5HysB.jpg Tom
pulsar 05/20/15 08:46pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Antenna doesn't work on all tvs thru out the camper!

Is there a video distribution system - a box that determines which video signal is going to which television? If so, I would start there. I've helped two people where that was the problem. One had a loose antenna lead to the box. The other, a newbie, didn't have the correct buttons pushed. Tom
pulsar 05/19/15 07:52am Technology Corner
RE: Paved Routes

There are sections of the Alaska Highway that must be rebuilt every few years due to the frost heaves. The section between Destruction Bay and Beaver Creek is the worst. It should never have been paved; in the old days, it took just a nice grading to smooth out the bumps. Now, the asphalt must be dealt with. Four years ago the section between our place and Whitehorse was rebuilt. Now there are dozens of orange flags along the route despite some good repairs last year. Good kitchen discombobulaters. Here's a section south of Beaver Creek... http://yukonsights.ca/images/AlaskaHwy_YT/20100820_Kluane-Snag_S5359.jpg width=700The speed limit sign is a nice touch. That's 90 KPH - roughly 56 MPH. Still much too fast for road conditions. Tom
pulsar 05/19/15 03:37am RVing in Canada and Alaska

We cross into Canada most summers for 25 years. Entering Canada, we've been asked for proof of rabies vaccinations only once; never for anything more. Entering the US, we are usually asked for proof of rabies vaccinations. We take with us complete shot records and health certificates. We''ve had agricultural searches twice entering the US. We've had full coach searches half a dozen times entering Canada. Twice at the Jackman/Armstrong crossing (Maine/Quebec) Both times it was "Those are nice hunting dogs you have; It would be better if you told us where your guns are." Golden Retriever hair doesn't improve the appearance of those royal blue uniforms. Tom
pulsar 05/17/15 05:14pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Paved Routes

After spending seemingly hours talking to flag people while waiting for a pilot car, and after traveling countless miles behind those pilot cars, I feel qualified to make more than causal comments about construction along the Alaskan Highway and the major arteries in Alaska. Suspension concession: Parts of the Alaskan Highway and some of the highways in Alaska had to be built on permafrost – not desirable, but necessary. Despite the engineers' best efforts, the pavement above the permafrost stores heat, which melts the permafrost and in turn causes the road bed to drop. Then, the winter freeze will cause an uplifting of parts of the roads. Hitting frost heaves while traveling along at 60 mph, 96.8 kph, if traveling in Canada, is not good for the suspension of any RV. Here we find the first economic impact. In every burg, village, or town of more than 50 or so people, one will find a "suspension" shop that earns the livelihood of not a few people by selling parts for and repairing suspension problems, including broken springs and shock mounts. As we traveled northward from Destruction Bay (perhaps the name was intended as a warning) we noticed that red flags were placed along the road to warn of frost heaves. One then might expect that frost heaves would not be a problem; all one has to do is slow down when a red flag is approached. Well, it's not that easy. According to a great book, Loose Moose, there is a limited number of flags. It is rumored that this limit is a legislative limit, but I don't really know. According to the book, the flags are moved to the new frost heaves each spring. One is suppose to remember where the old ones are. Windshield concession: Once everyone has had a chance to learn where the frost heaves are located, road crews are sent in to pulverize the pavement. http://i.imgur.com/BbVeXG1.jpg This produces a surface that one can drive on without fear of doing further suspension damage. http://i.imgur.com/XcjazJt.jpg It also produces pebbles that are just the right size for tire treads to pick up and throw. It is easy to stay far enough behind vehicles traveling in the same direction as you. But the vehicles traveling in the opposite direction also throw rocks that you can then drive into and crack your windshield. Although not as plentiful as suspension shops, there are many glass shops to handle needed replacements. Go and have fun. We're ready to go again Tom
pulsar 05/17/15 11:35am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Trip planning HELP!!!!

I'm with donn0128; that's a long distance for 2 weeks. If I were to make the trip, I would do all of my sightseeing in Arizona. In addition to the Grand Canyon, you can add the Painted Desert, Petrified Forest, and Meteor Crater. I might even go stand on a corner in Winslow. When starting for home, I would evaluate what time I had left, in light of the drive out, before planning stops along the way. Hope y'all have a great trip!! Tom
pulsar 05/17/15 09:59am Forum Technical Support
RE: Crabtree Falls Campground, Blue RidGe Parkway, NC

It good to see that the campground has reopened. It had been closed (budget cuts, I believe). We knew it as Crabtree Meadows Campground in my tent camping days and was our favorite campground on the Parkway. Tom
pulsar 05/16/15 05:58am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Ice in the A/C

Typically, AC freezing is caused by low refrigerant or poor air flow. Tom
pulsar 05/15/15 05:28am General RVing Issues
RE: Dumb question concerning on board water tank

I didn't know if it needed to be pumped in with a drill pump or something. Nope - nothing special. Just get it into the tank, in the right proportions. Let it sit. Drain, then rinse/refill/repeat until the smell is gone. Since it has been a long time, if ever, since the system has been sanitized, I would sanitize the entire system, not just the tank. I assumed that when I made my first post. That is why I said the drinking water filter should be removed. At the very least one faucet - could be an outside shower, or an inside faucet - should be sanitized. Otherwise, the line from the tank through the pump and into the coach will not have been sanitized in a long time, if ever. Tom
pulsar 05/12/15 01:53pm Beginning RVing
RE: Dumb question concerning on board water tank

It might help if we knew what rig you have. Not all have gravity fill ports and many have filters that should be removed. If you have a drinking water filter - usually found under the kitchen sink, you should remove it first. That is true no matter which method you use to add the bleach. Some systems require a plug to be used if the filter is removed, some do not. If you have a full-house filter (found in the water bay) you can use it's canister to add the bleach. If you have a gravity fill port, you probably don't have to remove this filter. If there is a gravity fill port that should be you easiest method. If no gravity fill port, then there will be a valve to fill the tank through the city water connection. That can be used one of two ways. If there is a full-house water filter. Remove the canister Remove the filter from the canister. Add the bleach to the canister Reinstall the canister. Fill the tank trough the city water connection (after setting the valve to fill the tank.) If no full-house water filter, then add the bleach to the empty hose, then connect the hose and fill the tank. BTW, it's not a bad idea to sanitize the hose occasionally, I do it once a year. The latter method will do that. Of course, one can just pour bleach into the hose and then flush. Tom
pulsar 05/12/15 09:26am Beginning RVing
RE: Latest on Poultry Ban into Canada

Thanks Eric, We're going into Alberta this summer. Tom
pulsar 05/12/15 06:36am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: norcold ref

You may or may not have a problem. I would not check the refrigerator temperature for 24 hours after starting it. That the freezer is already making ice has no bearing. The cooling cycle for an absorption refrigerator starts at the freezer; i.e., the most cooling is there. Moreover, the freezer has a much smaller volume from which heat must be absorbed. If the empty refrigerator has not cooled 24 hours after starting, then I would become concerned. (Adding food to the refrigerator will lengthen the time required to reach an acceptable temperature.) Tom
pulsar 05/11/15 05:09am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Golden Retriever

Although they vary, the cancer rates in golden retrievers are higher than the all-breed average in all parts of the world. This leads to a supposition that there was a genetic disposition for cancer in the foundation stock for the breed. As breeders have selectively bred for particular traits, the gene pool has become smaller. If the theory is correct, the "bad genes" in the foundation stock has become more concentrated. Indirectly, dying of cancer, may become part of the standard. Around 1990, our male golden, Friar Tuck, developed lymphoma at age 7. He had 3 experimental (at that time) chemotherapy treatments and lived to the age of 15. At thirteen and a half, he developed a hemangiosarcoma, which presented itself as spleen cancer. We had his spleen removed and he had another good year and a half. We've been lucky with our goldens, except for Allie, who was killed in an accident at 2, they've all lived almost 15 years. Check out the breed lines before getting a golden. Keep your goldens lean and fit. Keep herbicides and pesticides our of their environment. (Yes, our backyard doesn't have the best grass in the neighborhood, but it is safe for the dogs.) Tom
pulsar 05/07/15 05:13pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Best route from Winston Salem, NC to Dayton, OH? 40 or 77?

Actually, the Black Mountain climb from Old Fort toward Asheville is steeper than Fancy Gap I-77 climb. Black Mountain: average 6% grade for 5.5 miles Fancy Gap: average grade 3.9% for 6.2 miles. The Fancy Gap average is a little misleading. It is more gentle at the top and steeper at the bottom. The last 4 miles has an average grade of 4.5% to 5%. The Pigeon River Gorge from North Carolina into Tennessee is much gentler - 3.5% grade over 20+ miles. The I-40 route is 130+ miles longer than the I-77 route, but doesn't have tolls. Part of I-77 in West Virginia is a toll road. We've done both directions and prefer I-40 to I-75. But we're usually in no hurry. Tom
pulsar 04/23/15 07:57am Roads and Routes
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