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RE: Apple getting ready to ditch the Mac?

2017 Fourth quarter results from Mac sales: 5.386 million units sold (10% year over year growth) $7.17 billion revenue (24% year over year growth) More importantly. What would an iPhone or iPad be without software? What devices are used for software development? Tom
pulsar 12/11/17 06:12am Technology Corner
RE: Questions about "Closed" topics

Ever been to a store that has huge lines and the people get grumpy? If the cashiers decide they don't feel like dealing with the extra work, it doesn't matter how many people are in line- if they close their registers, nothing you can do about it. On the other hand, if that happens enough times, suddenly the lines aren't as long. Workers get a lighter load, but the organization suffers. Also nothing you can do about it. Is your post correct? Incorrect? Very detailed? It's easier to wipe out than deal with it? Not your call, nothing you can do about it. See the theme here? Or not? Either way, nothing you can do about it. The "whim" that matters is not yours, or mine, or... LOL. On MANY sites, mods are respectful of members and make an effort to resolve or notify members if something is awry. Or edit a (long/detailed) post to remove certain comments. Not all do. Still nothing you can do about it ;) True. I just tried to come up with a deep and meaningful statement regarding our constitution and the first amendment, but I deleted that attempt, because I knew it would be removed ........ Like you say "Nothing we can do about it". One might note that the First Amendment: Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances. has nothing to say about the actions of moderators on this forum. The moderators are a great group of men and women who have devoted much of their time to a thankless task. Tom
pulsar 12/07/17 07:51am General RVing Issues
RE: preferences error

This has been a problem for quite awhile now. And it has NOT been fixed thru any of the portals. Albiet it seems to be a problem for some and not all. I still can not add a pix to my signature. Now I can't even get to my preferences page. My still behaves the same as when the error arose. I can change text. I can go through the process of adding (restoring) my picture. I am notified that the changes were successfully saved. Still no picture. Tom
pulsar 12/07/17 07:10am Forum Technical Support
RE: Jinks' second Mungo Homes commercial

I guess the counter surfing, I suspect he's trained NOT to do that :) Doug, You are absolutely correct. Jinks knew that was a no-no. Thankfully, he didn't unlearn the rules of our house. Tom
pulsar 12/06/17 05:33pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Jinks' second Mungo Homes commercial

For those that saw the video, what do you think was the hardest scene to train? Same question for the first commercial Tom
pulsar 12/06/17 02:40pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Questions about "Closed" topics

Only Admin and the moderators listed in the upper right of a sub-forum's topic index page can close a thread in that sub-forum. Already posted in this thread are a good list of why threads are closed. If a reason is not obvious (and not posted in the thread) the only way to find out why a thread was closed is to ask the moderator(s) of the sub-forum. The moderator names listed for a sub-forums are links to their profile pages, which has a link to send them private messages. Be aware, that a moderator may have deleted several posts (that you did not see) before the thread was closed. Closing a thread is a lot easier than "cleaning up" one. While I was moderating, I tried to post a reason for closing a thread, unless it was obvious. When I first started, I would send a private message to the poster of a post that I deleted. Instead of seeing that as a courtesy, most saw that as an invitation to debate or, more likely, call me any obscene name that came to mind. I am sure the other moderators experienced the same. Except for new members, I quit sending notifications. Tom
pulsar 12/06/17 02:34pm General RVing Issues
RE: Suggestions/Advice for Nova Scotia and PEI

... You then have to backtrack a bit to get onto PEI. The ferry from Caribou is a shorter route and an experience but not cheap. If you drive all the way to the Confederation bridge it is free to cross onto the island, you only have to pay when leaving. ... Unless things have changed in the last couple of years, The ferry from Caribou to Woods Island is free. As with the bridge, one pays when leaving on the Ferry. We have always taken the Ferry to PEI and left on the bridge. Adding to things to do in NS, the Alexander Graham Bell Museum in Baddeck is worth a visit. On Cape Breton, we like to stay a the Broad Cove campground on the east side. I believe they take reservations, now. Our favorite hike is the Middle Head Trail. Tom
pulsar 12/06/17 06:24am RVing in Canada and Alaska
Jinks' second Mungo Homes commercial

Mungo Homes. If a login window appears, click on the Not Now button on the bottom right of the window. Then start the video. Tom
pulsar 12/05/17 08:16pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Changing my password

This tutorial is about adding a picture to your signature, but will tell you all you need to know about changing your signature. Tom
pulsar 12/03/17 12:01pm Travel Trailers
RE: Us getting Older, and dogs crossing Rainbow Bridge

So many in this thread have recently lost companions. Our condolences to each of you. We've lost 8 in our 30 years of RVing. All have caused us to cry; each has meant so much to us. I have tears now as I counted the ones we lost. What good friends and partners they were. For those of you with multiple dogs, do you, like we do, find comfort from the ones you still have? (They need our comfort, too.) Tom
pulsar 12/02/17 06:14am RV Pet Stop
RE: Signature

Signatures are not created on the My Profile page; instead, they are created on the My Preferences page. Here is a tutorial from the FAQ's at the top of this forum. The tutorial is about placing a picture in a signature, but it will show you what you need to know. Tom
pulsar 12/02/17 05:54am Forum Technical Support
RE: signature picture help

Still the same issue. Your preferences changes have been saved but no picture in signature. Tom
pulsar 12/01/17 07:54pm Forum Technical Support
RE: Reading an item doesn't mark it as read?

The forum software has never marked posts (or topics) as read. The forum uses New posts https://www.rv.net/SharedContent/cfb/images/icons/fnew.gif and No new posts icons https://www.rv.net/SharedContent/cfb/images/icons/fnonew.gif to indicate whether or not a new post as been made since your last visit. (More about "last visit" below.) In March 2005, the forum software added two links labeled Mark topics in all forums as read. (One is on the Open Roads Forum index page and one is on you My Forums page.) Neither of them actually does that. Clicking on either of those links changes all of the New posts icons to No new posts icons. "Last visited" really is looking at forum inactivity. The length of inactivity is a preference setting. (Reset last visit option in the General Preferences section.) Example: I log in and see a lot of New posts icons, but I'm distracted and have to leave my computer for a period of time. If my Reset last visit option is set for 30 minutes and I'm gone longer than that, most, if not all, of the New posts icons will have changed to No new posts, as soon as a refresh the page of move to another page. Yet, I haven't read any of them. Tom
pulsar 12/01/17 07:47pm Forum Technical Support
RE: Showing logged out when clicking links

From the forum's perspective, whether or not you are logged in is determined by a forum cookie - RV.Net cookie, if using the RV.Net portal. Next time you see the issue, look at your cookies and see if there is a forum cookie. Tom
pulsar 11/30/17 02:24pm Forum Technical Support
RE: NC not RV Full time friendly

Unfortunately, I had purchased land in NC and have my "domicile" there. Well, I am glad in a way I purchased land. I am now in FL and someone broke into my truck window with a rock. Yes, I am covered, but my insurance company almost cancelled me because I did not have a "physical" address where my RV would be parked. I have my bank, license, tags etc. in NC. It seems the insurance industry will not insure you unless there is a physical address where you will be 6 month out of each year. Every state has a sales tax. Well, NC last year also incorporated a labor tax on top of the sales tax. So, if one gets their lawn mowed you have to pay this tax now. NC is also very hard as to where you can put your RV other than a CG for extended stay. The good thing is, we did purchase land in an agriculture zoned area over an acre, where we think at this point we can put a pad and stay 6 months (only) at a time. You do need a different insurance company, but the reason I'm posting is about the emphasized sentence above (my emphasis.) North Carolina does not tax lawn mowing services. See NC General Statutes - Chapter 105 - Article 5 - Section 105-164.134 - paragraph (61a) - subparagraph h. The sales and use tax law in NC (and most states) is so complicated, it is hard to know what is taxed and what is not. Tom
pulsar 11/30/17 01:32pm Full-time RVing
RE: signature picture help

I tried again after vermilye's posts. Same as before. Tom
pulsar 11/26/17 04:40am Forum Technical Support
RE: signature picture help

I was able to upload this pic to my signature on RV.NET? Photo: 201x99px - 9.09KB Jpeg https://i.imgur.com/6QN3L6gl.jpg This is the picture that has been in my signature for a number of years. 400 X 100, 7.54KB, jpeg My Preferences through the RV.Net portal seems to work as normal: Choose the picture Name is displayed https://i.imgur.com/U5dpOEFl.jpg Submit changes Your preference changes have been saved https://i.imgur.com/A5eNWxCl.jpg As you can see, the picture is not included with the signature. In addition, when the My Preferences page redisplayed with the successful change message, the name of the picture is not displayed beside the Choose file button, as it should be. I retried the Trailer Life portal. Clicking on the My Preferences link displayed the We're Sorry message. I dumped all of the cookies, history, etc., and restarted the computer before making the above attempt. Tom
pulsar 11/25/17 08:15am Forum Technical Support
RE: signature picture help

As a test, I tried to change my signature picture through the RV.Net portal. Said changes were made, after I clicked the Submit Changes button. But all that happened was the removal of my original picture; the new one was not added. Subsequent attempts to upload the new (and old) signature picture got the same success message, but not picture was added. I tired Trailer Life, Coast to Coast, and Good Sam portals. All three of those gave a "We're Sorry. An error has occurred" message when I clicked on the My Preferences button. As you can see, my signature no longer has a picture. On edit: I could change the text through the RV.Net portal. Tom
pulsar 11/24/17 08:58am Forum Technical Support
Jinks' commercial

Here is the latest commercial that our male golden retriever did Mungo Homes (If a login window appears, click on the Not Now button on the bottom right of the window. Then start the video.) This is the first of three commercial that Jinks did for Mongo Homes, a regional home builder. Tom
pulsar 11/21/17 07:54pm RV Pet Stop
RE: posting new forum

I would use the Jump to Forum menu on the left side of most forum pages. https://i.imgur.com/39K7UlJl.jpg Click on it and a scrollable list of all the sub-forums is presented. Select the forum and click on the Go button. The advantage, only one page is loaded. The advantage of using the Open Roads Forum link is that the page has a brief description for each of the sub-forums. Tom
pulsar 11/20/17 03:49am Forum Technical Support
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