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RE: Canadian National Parks 2017

Some good news for traveling in Canada Parks For an instant, I thought what a great idea to attract tourists to Canada. Myself included as tourist. Turns out after reading the link the Canadian Gov't is going to give away to some what others have paid for. ????? You pay for 2016, but not for 2017. You don't have to pay in 2016 to get in free in 2017. The plan is that there will be no entrance fees for 2017 to celebrate Canada's 150th birthday. On the other hand, those purchasing 2016 Parks Canada Discovery Passes are not paying extra; they are paying for 2016. The confusing arises from the wording on the pass; You will be pleased to find that your 2016 Parks Canada Discovery Pass is valid for a full two years rather than he typical 12 months. One might infer from that statement that it is the buying of the pass that make 2017 free. Tom
pulsar 02/06/16 07:51am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Posting Photos from Photobucket

The url was a direct copy from photobucket.com. I did not change any thing. After opening a pic in photobucket, there is a clicky labeled "direct link". Clicking on that copies that url and it works fine posting a pic here. I don't have any problem with that. All we are saying is that the picture you posted doesn't test the issues some are having. If the URL from Photobucket.com doesn't have a space in it, no one is having problems posting. On the other hand, here is the direct URL of a picture I placed in an album a number of years ago. http://i33.photobucket.com/albums/d90/tfix/Breeze%20snow%20dogwalk.jpg Because I had titled the picture as Breeze snow dogwalk and because Photobucket changes spaces to %20, that is ascii character number 20, 20 being the hexadecimal number for the 32nd ascii character, recently, I can't post the picture using the RV.Net or Trailer Life portals. But I can post it through the Woodall's portal. The problem is not my computer nor is it Photobucket's. There is something wrong with the forum's software. On edit: I could not make this post through the RV.Net portal - without using html character codes for %. When that failed, I switched to the Woodall's portal and had no trouble with the post. Tom
pulsar 02/06/16 07:35am Forum Technical Support
RE: Winnebago Journey 36M

A 36M is 36.8 ft long - no idea what the M it for We have driven ours 34,000 miles and stayed in 160 campground so that means the slide has gone in and out well over 300 times in the 4 1/2 years we have owned it and the slides (both) are fine. Funny about the closet my pants fit fine on a hanger and DW has dresses hanging - never been a issue Your 36M is listed as 36'8". But in every year since, the 36M is listed as 37'3" Tom
pulsar 02/05/16 08:52pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Posting Photos from Photobucket

I don't have any problem posting pics from photobucket.com entering the open roads forum thru the trailerlife.com portal. http://i906.photobucket.com/albums/ac270/BB_TX/100_0063.jpg width=600 I just open the pic in photobucket, click on direct link (copies the link), and paste that in the image dialog box. There are no spaces in the URL for your picture. It is the way that Photobucker.com represents spaces, %20, that causes the problem. The issues is hit or miss for me. As I post this, I'm not able to post the % symbol, through RV.Net. (I've been able to for a few days, but not now.) Note: I used html character codes to display the % in this post. Copying or quoting this post might cause problems. Tom
pulsar 02/05/16 03:09pm Forum Technical Support
RE: Posting Photos from Photobucket

The problem is a forum problem that affects some of us and not others. The issue is known and, presumably, will be fixed. More detail. Your photobucket.com URL has a % symbol in it, probably followed by a 20. That is URL coding for a space character. You are one of the unlucky ones for which the RV.Net portal will not process the % symbol. Solution 1: you can replace all of the %20's in the URL with a space. Solution 2: Use the Woodall's portal. It does not have the problem seen through the RV.Net portal. Soution 3: Use TucsonJim's suggestion. Tom
pulsar 02/04/16 08:42pm Forum Technical Support
RE: Glacier National Park

On the west side, we stay in the park, Apgar Campground. The West Glacier KOA is nice, but expensive. We like San-Suz-Ed Montana RV Park. There are no park campsites big enough for us on the east side. We stay at the St. Mary KOA. Expensive, but nice and has access to Lower St. Mary lake and to the St Mary River. Our dogs like swimming in the river. Tom
pulsar 02/04/16 07:49pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Need help want to go North for the 4th maybe Maine

I'm with those who think 1000 miles one-way to lower Maine is too much for a one-week trip. We wouldn't want to go as far as Lake George, which is more than 800 miles. I like 4runnerguy's suggestion, How about Shenandoah National Park and the Blue Ridge Parkway? The Pocono's? Find a funky little local town and celebrate the 4th there. May not have the big fireworks of the big cities, but we've had some great 4th's in some out of the way places. We like out of the way places for 4th of July celebrations. Hungry Horse Montana had the wildest - people lined up for a quarter of a mile on both sides of the main drag, US 2, shooting off big fireworks, sometimes across the street at each other. We were there for 2 hours and it was still going on when we left. Clinton Oklahoma had the weirdest - when we there many years ago, the fireworks happened around 8 pm. I never realized the smoke patterns were so interesting. (Now, they start the fireworks at 10 pm.) Whatever you decide to do, make early reservations and have fun. Tom
pulsar 02/04/16 07:30pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Winnebago Journey 36M

The biggest issue with the 36M is the Schwintek slide system, particular on the big passenger-side slide. A good idea, but poor implementation; the slide is too easy to get out of alignment, causing real problems. A much smaller problem is the size (height) of the wardrobe. It is not tall enough to to hang pants or dresses. We have a 2015 Meridian 36M We like the coach, but we've had back at Forest City once, to fix the slide. The majority of people that were there, while we were, had slide issues. Tom
pulsar 02/04/16 07:00pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Still Server problems at the forums

That some of us are having issues and some are not would suggest that we are not all hitting the same server I got involved in late January, when ericsmith32 posted about his inability to post a picture hosted on photobucket.com. With a little investigation, I determined that the photobucket.com url for the picture was using %20 for spaces and the forum software was hanging on the % symbol. I recalled that the forum had the same issue in late spring and early summer of 2012. There were other characters that would cause the same effect - smart quotes come to mind. At that time, the TrailerLife portal had the same issue, but, I believe, the Woodall's portal did not. I tested both and found that TrailerLife could not handle a % and Woodall's could. In the same time frame D.E.Bishop reported having trouble making "long" post through the RV.Net portal. I verified that I had the same issue through both the RV.Net and TrailerLife portals, but not through the Woodall's portal. I continued to monitor the three portals. A few days ago, I noticed the the % symbol issue became intermittent. During some forum sessions, I could not post a % and some sessions I could. Currently, I'm having no issues with the % through any portal, but I take note that others are. I have not tested "long" posts recently. If I recall correctly, in 2012, we had some members that had issues, while others did not. There may be some discussion about the problem in the Moderators forum from that time. I do not recall how the problem was resolved. Tom
pulsar 02/04/16 11:37am Forum Technical Support
RE: Still Server problems at the forums

I haven't been able to re-create the issue, though several members have had the same problem with RV.NET portal. I use RV.NET for all my postings and have yet to get the reset message. Can you post a % symbol through the RV.Net portal? I couldn't for many days. Now it is a sometime thing. I could not make the above post through RV.Net, but could through Woodall's. This post is made through RV.Net. Tom
pulsar 02/03/16 09:00am Forum Technical Support
RE: Still Server problems at the forums

RV.Net is a portal the same as Woodall's, Trailer Life, etc. The actual forum's name is Open Roads Forum Although usernames and passwords are the same, each portal requires its own login. Whether or not you are logged in is determined by a cookie stored on your computer. The RV.Net portal looks for an RV.Net cookie. The Woodall's portal looks for a Woodall's cookie. You can verify this by logging in. Leave the site without logging out. Come back later and you are still logged in. Leave the site, again, without logging out. Delete the cookies from your computer. Go back to the site and you will not be logged in. Yes you are correct, there are some problems and the problem does not lie with our computers or browsers. Tom
pulsar 02/03/16 08:01am Forum Technical Support
RE: Outer Banks in Winter?

You probably know this - the "few" miles RoyB mentions is really more than 130 miles. We visit the Outer Banks at least once a year, occasionally in late February. Tentatively, we plan to be there this February, arriving late on the 21st and leaving in the morning of the 25th. Camp Hatteras and Cape Hatteras KOA are both nice campgrounds. We stay at the KOA, because it is more dog friendly and we travel with 4 dogs. The temperatures range between lows around 40º and highs around 55º. Those are averages, of course and there can be wide variations. Hatteras Lighthouse can be viewed from the outside, but is closed for the season as far as climbing. Tom
pulsar 02/03/16 07:17am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Taking an RV to Alaska

... There's also a Roll Call Alaska 2014 & 2013, but for some reason I can't call them up. ... It appears that on the evening of April 29, 2013, the forum quit properly archiving posts. That continues today. For those that don't know, when a post becomes 1 year old and the thread it is in has been inactive for a year, the thread is locked and it is moved from the active database to an archive. That archive is suppose to be completely searchable, but we are now looking at 21 months of "missing" posts. They are not really missing, but the forum's search engine will not find them, which makes them inaccessible using the forum's software. If you are good with Google searches, you can still find them. Tom
pulsar 02/02/16 08:54pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Taking an RV to Alaska

After spending seemingly hours talking to flag people while waiting for a pilot car, and after traveling countless miles behind those pilot cars, I feel qualified to make more than causal comments about construction along the Alaskan Highway and the major arteries in Alaska. Suspension concession: Parts of the Alaskan Highway and some of the highways in Alaska had to be built on permafrost – not desirable, but necessary. Despite the engineers' best efforts, the pavement above the permafrost stores heat, which melts the permafrost and in turn causes the road bed to drop. Then, the winter freeze will cause an uplifting of parts of the roads. Hitting frost heaves while traveling along at 60 mph, 96.8 kph, if traveling in Canada, is not good for the suspension of any RV. Here we find the first economic impact. In every burg, village, or town of more than 50 or so people, one will find a "suspension" shop that earns the livelihood of not a few people by selling parts for and repairing suspension problems, including broken springs and shock mounts. As we traveled northward from Destruction Bay (perhaps the name was intended as a warning) we noticed that red flags were placed along the road to warn of frost heaves. One then might expect that frost heaves would not be a problem; all one has to do is slow down when a red flag is approached. Well, it's not that easy. According to a great book, Loose Moose, there is a limited number of flags. It is rumored that this limit is a legislative limit, but I don't really know. According to the book, the flags are moved to the new frost heaves each spring. One is suppose to remember where the old ones are. Windshield concession: Once everyone has had a chance to learn where the frost heaves are located, road crews are sent in to pulverize the pavement. http://i.imgur.com/BbVeXG1.jpg This produces a surface that one can drive on without fear of doing further suspension damage. http://i.imgur.com/XcjazJt.jpg It also produces pebbles that are just the right size for tire treads to pick up and throw. It is easy to stay far enough behind vehicles traveling in the same direction as you. But the vehicles traveling in the opposite direction also throw rocks that you can then drive into and crack your windshield. Although not as plentiful as suspension shops, there are many glass shops to handle needed replacements. Go and have fun. We're ready to go again Tom
pulsar 02/02/16 08:45pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Search years missing??

Tom, If you can restore them, please post something BIG to let us know. Thanks. I can't do anything to restore them. I'm just a member like you; My moderating days are in the past. (A moderator couldn't restore them, either - just bring it to someone's attention.) Admin is aware of the problem, so there will be a restoration, if it is possible. Tom
pulsar 02/02/16 12:23pm Forum Technical Support
RE: Can't post

If you are having problems with the forum and not using the Woodall's portal, you should give that portal a try. It seems to be more stable. Tom
pulsar 02/02/16 09:02am Forum Technical Support
RE: Search years missing??

2oldman reported the problem in late November, last year. It appears that on the evening of April 29, 2013, the forum quit properly archiving posts. That continues today. For those that don't know, when a post becomes 1 year old and the thread it is in has been inactive for a year, the thread is locked and it is moved from the active database to an archive. That archive is suppose to be completely searchable, but we are now looking at 21 months of "missing" posts. They are not really missing, but the forum's search engine will not find them, which makes them inaccessible using the forum's software. If you are good with Google searches, you can still find them. Tom
pulsar 02/01/16 07:41pm Forum Technical Support
RE: profile update attempt failed

For profiles, Clcik on the My Forums link (top right portion of screen) Click on My Profile link. Make changes. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the Submit Changes button. Note: signatures are changed on your preferences page. Click the My Preferences link, which is beside the My Profile link. Tom
pulsar 02/01/16 10:04am Forum Technical Support
RE: Yellowstone NE entrance.

According the 'Mountain Directory for Truckers and RVers' (highly recommended, by the way), regarding Bear Tooth Pass "the descent from the west summit to the bottom on the Montana side (eastbound) is 22 miles of 6-8%. The road is narrow with very few places to pull over. There are numerous 15-25 mph hairpin turns. Descending eastbound from the west summit the first 1-1/2 miles are 8% downhill followed by 1-1/2 mi. of 5-7% uphill to the east summit. The first 4 mi. downhill from the east summit is 8% with 20 mph hairpins. Then there are 10 mi of steady 5-6% grade with very little shoulder. After this 10 mi section it opens up a little but the grade is still 5-6%. The descent is completed about 7 mi west of Red Lodge, MT. The westbound descent is 6-7% grade with 15-25 mph hairpin turns. 18 miles further is a bridge which ices easily. The last few miles have 7-8% grades." It doesn't sound like a fun site-seeing drive to me! :) Let's examine some of your numbers (which you are quoting from Mountain Directory for Truckers and RVers, I assume.) the descent from the west summit to the bottom on the Montana side (eastbound) is 22 miles of 6-8% It's not clear where the bottom of the highway is but I'll except your later comment that is about 7 miles from Red Lodge. (That would be 24 miles, but let's stay with your 22 miles. The greater the distance the greater the discrepancy will be.) Since there is 3 miles between the two summits, The first 4 mi. downhill from the east summit is 8% with 20 mph hairpins. Then there are 10 mi of steady 5-6% grade with very little shoulder. After this 10 mi section it opens up a little but the grade is still 5-6%. is talking about a 19-mile descent. 8% grade for 4 miles is .32 miles of elevation change 5.5% grade (the average of 5-6%) for 10 miles is .55 miles of elevation change. 5.5% for 5 miles is .275 miles of elevation change. That's 6045.6 feet of descent from the east summit to 7 miles south of Red Lodge. But Red Lodge has an elevation of 5500 feet, the east summit has ah elevation of 10,880 feet. So the elevation change between Red Lodge and the east summit is only 5380 feet. And there is a bigger discrepancy if we remember that as you leave Red Lodge, the first 7 miles are gaining elevation. (At 7 miles south of Red Lodge, the elevation is 6400 feet.) So your book has descended more that 6000 feet, where there is only 4480 feet of elevation change. One could use the low numbers - 5% instead of the average of 5-6% and still get a total descent of 5650 feet which is still more than the total descent to Red Lodge and even more so to 7 miles south of Red Lodge. I believe the west side numbers are equally wrong, but you don't provide enough information to do the same analysis. All of this may sound likes I'm arguing in favor of pulling a trailer over the Beartooth Pass. But, as I stated in my first post in the thread, that is not the case. Tom
pulsar 01/31/16 07:10pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Do you cross your safety cables?

Actually, crossing the chains/cables PREVENTS the far side from getting too tight. It allows you to have SHORTER cables, and still not get tight in a tight turn, than if you did NOT cross them. I'm sure you have something in mind that escapes my own tired brain. Perhaps you can help me out. Other than Gary Larson cartoons that I like, I don't know what "the far side" refers to. I don't understand how crossing cables allows for shorter cables. My hitch has two connect points, My base plate has two connect points. So I picture my situation to be like these two diagrams. http://i.imgur.com/ooqAUzP.jpg I know the line segments in figure 2 are longer than the line segments in figure 1, so you must have something else in mind. Tom
pulsar 01/31/16 05:27pm Dinghy Towing
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