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RE: US 2 through Glacier NP...

Although it crosses the Continental Divide, US 2 is a good road along the souther border of Glacier National Park. You won't really see any drop offs; it is nothing like the Going to the Sun Road. You will see some nice scenery. Tom
pulsar 09/22/15 05:04pm Roads and Routes
RE: How do I update my profile

To add or change your Profile, click My Forums in the upper right corner of the screen, and select the My Profile link. Tom
pulsar 09/22/15 08:26am Forum Technical Support
RE: Math for determining CCC

Although CCC is no longer used, here is how it was defined by RVIA in 2000. (Other definitions are given for clarity.) GVWR: Gross Vehicle Weight Rating UVW: Unloaded Vehicle Weight (1996 RVIA Definition) Unloaded Vehicle Weight (UVW) is the weight of a vehicle as manufactured at the factory. It includes full engine and generator fuel tanks and fluids, if applicable. It does not include cargo, water, propane, or dealer-installed accessories. Be aware that some manufacturers weigh each unit to determine UVW, while others provide only the average or estimated weight for each model. Note: Some dealers include the weight of all factory installed options; other include the weight of commonly ordered factory installed options. SCWR: Sleeping Capacity Weight Rating (2000 RVIA Definition) The manufacturers designated number of sleeping positions multiplied by 154 pounds (70 kilograms) CCC: Cargo Carrying Capacity (2000 RVIA Definition) Equal to GVWR minus each of the following: UVW, full fresh potable water weight (including water heater), full LP gas weight and SCWR. NCC: Net Carrying Capacity Equal to GVWR - UVW The federal government (NHTSA) developed its own standard, Occupant and Cargo Carrying Capacity or OCCC, which is a very different number. CCC is in addition to water and passengers; water and passengers are part of the OCCC number. A label is required (by the Feds) to be affixed to the coach with the following information: "The Combined weight of occupants and cargo should never exceed xxx lbs or xxx Kgms Seat belt equipped seating is X CAUTION A full load of water equals xxx Lbs or XXX Kgms of cargo 1 gal =8.3lbs and the tongue weight of a towed trailer counts as cargo." The label should be black type on a yellow background. In our coach the label is affixed to the wall just to the left of the driver and is beside the VIN number label. Note: for trailers, the NHSTA defined a CCC, different from that defined by RVIA. It is the same as OCCC except the number does not include the weight of passengers. Tom
pulsar 09/19/15 05:06am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Blueridge Parkway questions

Generally the lanes are 10-feet wide with grass shoulders. Yes, there are inclines. Elevation on the Parkway varies between 600 feet (around milepost 65) and 6000 feet (around milepost 430). Depending on the height of your rig, a couple of the tunnels may require you driving in the center of the road. For example, here are some heights for the Bunches Bald Tunnel Height at the edge line: 10' 6" Height at the center line: 18' 4" Height 1' from edge line: 11.98' Height 2' from edge line: 13.31' - Driver's side is on center line. Height 3' from edge line: 14.48' Can you do it? Yes. I would find it more enjoyable to find base camps off the Parkway and explore the Parkway in my tow vehicle. Tom
pulsar 09/18/15 05:44am General RVing Issues
RE: Blue Ridge Park Way

To be clear, the Blue Ridge Parkway does not enter Tennessee. Although the original plans called for the Parkway to be further west and leave Virginia into Tennessee, the Robert Doughton, a North Carolinian, was chairman of the Ways and Means Committee. He insisted that the Parkway go through the North Carolina mountains. And so it does. The Parkway campground open in May and close at the end of October. Tom
pulsar 09/16/15 08:01pm Roads and Routes
RE: How to get more Windows 10 downloads

So if I just leave things alone I will still continue to get the important updates right? Roy Ken Correct...unless you want to get involved with Beta testing, etc. But you have to opt. in using the instructions from the original poster. People running Windows 7 or Windows 8 and have auto updates enabled could well receive Window 10, whether they want it or not. For individuals who have chosen to receive automatic updates through Windows Update, we help upgradable devices get ready for Windows 10 by downloading the files they'll need if they decide to upgrade. When the upgrade is ready, the customer will be prompted to install Windows 10 on the device. That was Microsoft's response to questions about 3.5 to 6 GB of storage disappearing from Windows user's C: drives. That is, over a period of time, Microsoft has been downloading Windows 10 to users that did not reserve a copy; i.e., did not opt in. The files are loaded to a hidden folder $WINDOWS.~BT One can't get rid of the folder by simply deleting it; it will come back. Instead, one must first uninstall the KB3035583 update, then delete the file. Although they have backed away from the statement, Microsoft claimed that its pre-loading of Windows 10 on devices whose owners had not reserved the free upgrade was "an industry practice." I suppose this is Microsoft's way of making sure that the adoption rate exceeds that of Vista and Windows 8. Tom
pulsar 09/16/15 07:00pm Technology Corner
RE: Air Brake Problem

Thanks for the info. We are running on a Freightliner Chassis. Happy to hear the solution may be simple. Any details on how simple the solutions may be to self-install and their location? Call Freightliner Customer Assistance, 1-800-385-4357. Have the VIN number handy. They should be able to tell you if there is your coach is subject to the wiring issue I mention earlier. If it is a wiring issue, they should be able to tell you how to get the new cables. The hardest part about installing them is removing the front of the dash to get to the back of the gauges. Tom
pulsar 09/10/15 10:56am Tech Issues
RE: Air Brake Problem

Could be a wiring issue. Yours is a Spartan chassis, I believe, so I'm not sure if the following is applicable. In 2007- 2008, many coaches on Freightliner chassis exhibited the symptoms you describe, even with both pressure gauges bottoming out and oscillating up and down. Clearly not really low air, since the parking brakes did not apply. According to the Freightliner bulletin on the issue, the problem was caused by faulty wiring between the gauges. and they produced a new set of cables that fixed the problem. Tom
pulsar 09/09/15 08:30am Tech Issues
RE: Opening forum

This sounds like a issue on your end. Tell us how you "open" the forum. Do you have a shortcut (icon) on your desktop that you click on? Or a link in your bookmarks (favorites)? Also tell us what Operating system you use on your computer and what browser. Tom
pulsar 09/05/15 09:41am Forum Technical Support
RE: Blue Ridge Parkway start to end

Here are some numbers for the Bunches Bald tunnel. Height at the edge line: 10' 6" Height at the center line: 18' 4" Height 1' from edge line: 11.98' Height 2' from edge line: 13.31' - Driver's side is on center line. Height 3' from edge line: 14.48' Note: I made the following assumptions: The shape of the top of the tunnel is parabolic. The minimum and maximum heights Min. Has post on www.blueridgeparkway.org are accurate. Tom www.virtualblueridge.com lists them at 458.8 Lickstone Ridge Tunnel Length 402' Min. Height 11' 1" Max. Height 13' 1" 459.3 Bunches Bald Tunnel Length 255' Min. Height 10' 6" Max. Height 13' 4" I don't know which is right, but at less than 13'6" max I wouldn't try. I've been through the Bunches Bald Tunnel (in a car.) Although I didn't measure the height, I assure you it was more that 13' 4'' tall, in the center. If you go to the National Park Service site, you will see that they list the Bunches Tunnel height as Max = 18' 4", Min = 10' 6", the values I used in my calculations. Wikipedia gives the heights that you do, but have a not that one should rely on the heights provided by NPS, and provide a link in the footnotes. Incidentally, the NPS site lists Lickstone Ridge tunnel heights as 18' 1" and 11' 1". Tom
pulsar 09/04/15 04:28pm Roads and Routes
RE: Poorly written RV MANUALS

As Y-Guy points out, Winnebago has their manuals online - wiring, plumbing, sealants and more, including owner's. A word of caution, sometimes they post a manual for a new model before it has been completely updated from the previous year. Don't ask me how I know. The manuals are in pdf format and can be down loaded. BTW, the PDF version of the owner's manual is much easier to search than is the paper version. Tom
pulsar 09/04/15 12:06pm Travel Trailers
RE: Blue Ridge Parkway start to end

Here are some numbers for the Bunches Bald tunnel. Height at the edge line: 10' 6" Height at the center line: 18' 4" Height 1' from edge line: 11.98' Height 2' from edge line: 13.31' - Driver's side is on center line. Height 3' from edge line: 14.48' Note: I made the following assumptions: The shape of the top of the tunnel is parabolic. The minimum and maximum heights as post on www.blueridgeparkway.org are accurate. Tom
pulsar 09/02/15 07:42pm Roads and Routes
RE: Veternarians

Very sorry for your loss - even when it is time it isn't easy. Your criticism of the way you were treated is valid. Hopefully it will help your vet "clean up" the procedures in his office. We have had the task of putting down many dogs - the price we pay for the joy we have shared with them. In all but one instance, we were treated with loving concern and consideration. At our regular vet's office, euthanasia is the only procedure that is paid for upfront, if there are two people with the animal. (For us, there always has been - I don't know what the procedure is with only one person.) We are taking to a room, one of us, depending on who has trained and handled the dog, stays with the dog and the other deals with the paperwork, which includes cremation, paw print and paying. We spend as much time as we want with our pet. When we are ready, the vet comes in. He, sometimes she, no longer explains the procedure to us. They are aware that it's not our first time. It's not a happy time, the vet knows us and the dog and is truly saddened. After it over, we can spend as much time as we want and then leave without having to deal with the paperwork. Tom
pulsar 09/02/15 10:55am RV Pet Stop
RE: Blue Ridge Parkway start to end

I drove the complete BRP and the Skyline Drive in my 39' motorhome. No problems and a great, scenic drive. I highly recommend it. Don't let anyone mislead you on the tunnels. -Tom You give the length of yours but fail to state the height. It's 11'5", unless you have modified it. I'm a few inches higher than 11'5" with a roof top satellite dish. But I do have a ~3' CB antenna on the driver's side. That antenna never hit the roof of any tunnel. Anyway, as I stated, one can drive the complete BRP with an RV. Although, stay towards the center in most tunnels, as you stated. -Tom Would it have hit if it were on the passenger's side? I believe that is the side we are worrying about. Tom
pulsar 09/02/15 10:21am Roads and Routes
RE: Pic test,Think I need help

http://i.imgur.com/fQDMRdwl.jpg "border=0" See 1492's tutorial - "Easy Photo Upload & Posting Web App" in the RV.Net Tutorials and Picture related FAQ's at the top of this forum. It is the easiest way to post pictures on this forum. Tom
pulsar 09/02/15 10:18am Forum Technical Support
RE: Correct an Error message when pic s are posted

Dennis, Thanks for making me smile; a pictorial explanation of what to do if one can't see pictures. I did the same thing. The tutorial for the FAQs in Forum Technical Support also use pictures to answer this question. Tom
pulsar 09/02/15 07:03am General RVing Issues
RE: Glacier NP to West Yellowstone

I would travel north on US 89 from St Marys to MT 464. That's about 13 miles. MT 464 to US 89 in Browning US 89 to US 287 US 287 to I-15 I-15 to US 287 That would put you stopping somewhere around Helena. We've not used a campground near Helena, so I have no recommendations. US 89 is a good road except between Browning and St Mary )that is the reason for taking MT 464.) Tom
pulsar 08/31/15 07:43pm Roads and Routes
RE: Blue Ridge Parkway start to end

I drove the complete BRP and the Skyline Drive in my 39' motorhome. No problems and a great, scenic drive. I highly recommend it. Don't let anyone mislead you on the tunnels. -Tom Where was the mislead about the tunnels? As I stated, his length is not a problem, the issue is height. That is why I asked how tall his rig is. You give the length of yours but fail to state the height. It's 11'5", unless you have modified it. 11'5" can make it through all of the tunnels, although there are a couple that you would have to stay off of the right side line. The charts that list minimum height for the tunnels measure it at the edge stripe. The minimum height for the Bunchess Bald tunnel is listed as 10'6". I think anything under 13' can make it through all of the tunnels, but will have to drive in the center of some. Above 13', some of the tunnels could be scary. Tom
pulsar 08/31/15 07:21am Roads and Routes
RE: Trailer won't operate on plugged in power

... We thought it might be the power converter, so when we got back I replaced it but no change. ... When you got home and plugged in, you still did not have power to the 120 VAC outlets? Did you check the coach's main 120 VAC circuit breaker? Does your coach have a transfer switch? Tom
pulsar 08/30/15 08:58pm Tech Issues
RE: First time winterizing

Depending on the features of your coach, there are many steps to winterizing. Does your coach have any water filters? Does you coach's refrigerator have an ice maker or washing machine? Basically, you want to remove all of the water from the systems. The gray and black water tanks should be drained, before you start. The drain for the fresh water tank will do a good job for that. And the drain plug for the water heater should drain it. (I usually open those drains, or plugs and after the water quits draining, I dive to a service station and fill up the fuel tank. The point is to get out any residual water.) The low point drains for the water lines should not be relied on to eliminate all of the water from the lines. Hopefully, your coach has a water heater by-pass valve. You don't want to put antifreeze in the water heater tank because it is too hard too flush out in the spring. And hopefully, your coach has a winterizing valve that allows the water pump to pump antifreeze into the pipes. That said, here are the steps: Remove water filtes. Set the water heater bypass valve to bypass the heater. Turn the pump valve that allows it to siphon antifreeze to the winterize position. Put the siphon tube into the antifreeze container and turn the water pump on. (see not below) Open each hot and cold water faucet one at a time until antifreeze just begins to from the faucet. Don't forget the external shower, if you coach has one. Press the toilet flush pedal until antifreeze begins to flow. Leave a little antifreeze in the bowl. Turn off the water pump and turn the winterizing valve back to normal. Pour a little bit (about a cup) of antifreeze into each drain. Note: The process of adding antifreeze usually require two people. One outside handling the pump, siphoning tube, and container of antifreeze. Antifreeze comes in one gallon container and one gallon will not be enough. When a container is emptied, the pump must be shut off and the siphoning tube inserted into a new container. There is one other notable method of winterizing, which involve blowing out the lines with an air compressor, but we will leave that for another discussion. On edit: I like Dick_B's suggestion. Tom
pulsar 08/30/15 08:47pm Travel Trailers
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