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RE: iPad mini 2 with 16gb vs 32 - Update

The Android Police Web Blog Gift Guide lists their choices for the best devices. Although they are an Android site, their pick for the best tablet is the iPad Air 2. ...the iPad has been the gold standard in tablets since it was unveiled, and that hasn't changed. Tom
pulsar 12/20/14 08:59pm Technology Corner
RE: water heater leakin pressure release valve

It is not uncommon for the pressure release valve to "weep." The weeping occurs when the air gap at the top of the tank is lost. If this is your problem, it can be corrected by the following steps, when the water in the tank is cold. Turn off the water supply (pump or city water). Open a faucet to release pressure. Pull the handle on the valve straight out. When the water quits flowing, let the handle snap shut Close the faucet and turn on the water supply. I don't know that this is your problem, but should be checked before replacing the valve. Tom
pulsar 12/20/14 08:23pm Tech Issues
RE: What's her name to be

Thank you, everyone. Her name is Razz. She had a busy day and is sacked out. (What's the chances she sleeps all night? Very slim.) She her her second tracking lesson this morning and actually got her nose down. She had a play date with a 9-week old border collie - What a hoot! In the afternoon she attended AP Psychology classes as we demonstrated the techniques of training dogs. There were a total of 5 dogs, including our Breeze and Jinks, but Razz was the sentimental favorite. Funny how, after each class, the students wanted to make "selfies" with her. She loved the attention. Thanks, again. Tom
pulsar 12/18/14 08:42pm RV Pet Stop
RE: What's her name to be

rockylarson, Thank you for taking the time to respond. You have provided a subject of conversation with out dog friends, almost all of which have working dogs. For most people, this statement from the article, "Notice that all commands are designed with a single syllable ... " may ring true. But it is not true in our world. We do use a lot of one-syllable commands - probably the majority of our commands. However, we use a lot of multiple syllable commands. For example, in NADAC agility we encounter many "discriminations." Usually, a contact obstacle and a tunnel are side-by-side. The commands we use are, "Come, walk it" and "Out, tunnel." The "come" and "out" might be interchanged, depending on the positioning of the obstacles relative to the dog's path. Our dogs seem to be able to make fine distinction. We use "left" and "right" to mean spins. We use "go left" and "go right" to mean direction changes. I will be interested to see what others and our dog friends think about this. Tom
pulsar 12/18/14 05:26am RV Pet Stop
RE: What's her name to be

If she is going to be a house or show dog a single syllable name will do. If she is going to be doing any field, obedience, or serious training I would go with a two syllable name. That's an interesting comment. We don't do any field work with our dogs, but for the other elements, I don't know how the number of syllables would effect the dog's performance. Our dogs compete in tracking - the first thing we train (the puppy will have her second lesson tomorrow) - agility and obedience. The border collies also herd. Our current dogs all have one syllable names. Breeze - the number one rated golden retriever in NADAC for 2011 - 2013 (the 2014 rankings are not out yet) has TDX and CDX titles to go along with her champion title in agility. Jinks and Fire are equally accomplished. Perhaps we have disadvantaged our dogs with their one-syllable names. Could you elaborate. Tom
pulsar 12/17/14 07:38pm RV Pet Stop
RE: What's her name to be

Thank y'all for your votes and even for the suggestions (some of which we had considered.) Rock-It is still under considerations, but for sentimental reasons, I believe that we will choose between Nike and Razzmatazz Doug, she is not related to Breeze. For those who remember her, she is distantly related to Allie, an Oklahoma dog we had for too short a period of time. This puppy is from Blue Bell, Pennsylvania. Her dad is an Oklahoman. The dog walk in the picture, which she races over, has been lowered, of course. She also like the A-frame (It is lowered.). She has learned that she can take a ball to the top, drop it, and then chase it. Tom
pulsar 12/17/14 04:43pm RV Pet Stop
What's her name to be

http://i.imgur.com/1FlwnPi.jpg Her registered name will be Chantelle's Rocket Red Glare, in keeping with the litter's theme. We're cut the list of call names to two choices: Nike and Razzmatazz (Razz). Which would you choose? Tom
pulsar 12/17/14 09:29am RV Pet Stop
RE: I85 area campground Virginia, North Carolina

Thanks for the replies. This will be my secondary route from CT to Ga. If the weather looks OK I plan the I84, I81 route and stay at the KOA in Natural Bridges. The I95, I85 route will be if the weather looks iffy more inland. Hopefully any bad weather will hold off. I agree. I-84, I-81 is a better route. (When we came back from New England in October, there was 12 miles of one-lane traffic westbound on I-84 in Pennsylvania, due to road construction. I was told that both lanes should be open by Christmas.) We stopped at the KOA in Natural Bridge, VA, this past Sunday night. A very nice couple from Michigan bought the campground two years ago. Part of the road around to our campsite (#75) was rough. The site itself was very nice. Cable was good, wifi was decent. Have a nice trip. Tom
pulsar 12/16/14 07:01am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Post your signature picture here

sig test, also noticing some posters sig shows some do not. Not all members have signatures. Members can choose not to display their signatures (See the Automatically append my signature to my posts ( you can override this each time you post ) option in the signature portion of your preferences page. Also note: I do have a signature but have elected not to display it with this post. In all forums except Forum Technical Support, a member's signature will be displayed at most once per page. Tom
pulsar 12/14/14 06:16pm Forum Technical Support
RE: I85 area campground Virginia, North Carolina

2 things. Ashland is north of Richmond and no where near I85. The Americamps at Bracey exit 4 I85 VA is a total ragged out worn out mostly side of a cliff mostly seasonal dump. Did I miss anything? Kerr Lake area is only another 25 miles, well worth it. Still owned by COE but leased to the NC state park system. Visit their web site, some of the CGs are open year round. Make sure you know when and if they lock the gates at night. That locking deal varies by CG within their system. Only Nutbush Creek and JC Cooper (at Sattlewhite Point) are open year round. The gates at JC Cooper are not closed at night. I don't know about the gates at Nutbush Creek. Tom
pulsar 12/12/14 05:33pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: I85 area campground Virginia, North Carolina

We use JC Cooper Campground at Satterwhite Point on Kerr Lake. It is a NC State Park. You can have 50-amp connection (no water this time of year). There is a dump station. The campground is about 10 mile off of I-85. Although coming south, Map Quest would tell you to use exit 223, we use exit 214. There is a good possibility that no one will come by to collect the fee from you ($25/night - $19 if you are 62 or older.) We go by the office (across the street form the entrance) and pay the next morning. But, if you are leaving early, the office will not be open and you could have a free night. On edit: I see that Kimball Point has been recommended. It is part of Kerr Lake Recreation Area and It would be our choice at other times of the year, but it closes after the last weekend of October. (Reopens in April.) Tom
pulsar 12/09/14 08:33pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: my sig and sig picture are not showing up in my post

that's weird...I didn't know that you can't see your own sig and picture... Whether or not one sees a signature is based on two things: Does the post have a signature attached to it? (not all do) and, is the Show members signatures when viewing topics from the General Preferences section on the preference page selected? Also, be aware that in all forums except Forum Technical Support, signatures will be displayed at most once per page of a thread. Tom
pulsar 12/09/14 07:55pm Forum Technical Support
RE: questions for winnebago owners

If you don't have the owner's manual, you can get a .pdf digital version from the Winnebago website. Here is a link to the file Tom
pulsar 12/01/14 04:45pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: A very nice video

:) Thanks Tom
pulsar 11/26/14 04:04pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Spaghetti eating contest

Fun video..and a very polite lab not going for the other plate when he/she was finished. Have to say, we are not among those who give our dogs any people food ever. It's a golden retriever and its politeness almost make the video unbelievable. Our Breeze would have pushed the shepherd out of the way and finished both plates. Although we do allow our dogs to clean plates, pots and pans, within limits so as not to gain weight, we've been blessed to have three of our last four goldens we've lost live to 15 - one died in an accident - and our first border collie lived to 17. We do keep them physically active - all of them competed in agility. Tom
pulsar 11/26/14 02:52pm RV Pet Stop
RE: My signature picture isn't showing up

You do realize that its only supposed to show up once per topic right? Actually, in all forums except Forum Technical Support, signatures will be displayed, at most once per topic page. (The "at most once" refers to the option of not displaying a signature at all.) Tom
pulsar 11/26/14 02:35pm Forum Technical Support
Spaghetti eating contest

Click on the picture to open a YouTube page with the video. http://i.imgur.com/Dqqbq1T.jpg Tom
pulsar 11/26/14 10:46am RV Pet Stop
RE: Delete All?

I don't get it. Here, Apple is supposed to be this very progressive company with all the bells and whistles as far as hardware goes, yet their software won't even offer a person the basic functionality offered by Windows (gasp!) or Android (gasp!) Is this something that they've overlooked or decided that their users don't need? First a "truth in lending" statement. I don't have a smartphone (or tablet) of any stripe. I much prefer my flip phone and its 40-day batter life, especially when we are traveling. Are you wanting a "delete all" option in an IOS email program? (Oh, which client are you using?" And, do you know for a fact that such an option exist on an Android phone? And, if so, which client? I ask the latter question because I have friends, who mistakenly think I know the answers to all of their technology questions, that want to know how to select all emails on their Jelly Bean Android devices. I looked on Android forums and have not yet found out how. I also receive the same question form iPhone-using friends. Here is the instructions that seems to work for most* of them. Open Inbox -> Edit Check/select the top message - the Move button should highlight. Press and hold the Move button until the message you selected earlier is unchecked. Remove your fingers from the screen and wait. On an iPad, the messages should pile up on the right portion of the screen. The more messages you have, the longer this process will take - up to a several minutes if you have thousands of emails. Select Trash to move all of the messages to the trash folder. To remove immediately, Go to the Trash folder Touch Edit Touch Delete All, which should show up on the bottom of the screen For friends using IOS 8, I recommend that they change their settings to automatically delete messages that are older than 30 days. Settings Messages Keep Messages 30 days. *I have one friend that says the procedure doesn't work for her. She says that if she marks them all as read first, the steps do work. Tom
pulsar 11/23/14 07:16pm Technology Corner
RE: How far back does the forum maintain info??

Joe417, Almost everything is kept. You joined the forum in February, 2002. Any posts you made in General RVing Issues prior to 9/5/02 were lost due to a glitch. Tom
pulsar 11/14/14 04:21am Forum Technical Support
RE: air bag issues, NHTSA.gov has a list

Here is a link to a NHTSA page that contains a list of the make and models involved in the recall. As of now, I believe this a regional recall. As far as the US, the recall is limited to Florida and, perhaps along the Gulf coast. As "unlock" would have it, the vin number look-up page is not working this morning. Tom
pulsar 10/21/14 07:43am Dinghy Towing
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