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RE: Traffic Laws - Photo Enforced

Red Light Camera's ----They are ONLY used to enforce Red Light infractions. Nothing else and yes, that story has been out there for a long time. Not true. Doug Not true, those cameras in Pima county were used to ticket speeders. They were radar operated and triggered at 11 mph over posted speed limit. They have all been removed now because the only people making money was the 3rd party running the system. And, in AZ, you cannot get a ticket for not wearing a seatbelt UNLESS you get stopped for something else and your not wearing one.
redsb3 03/09/15 01:29pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Tow Haul.......When?

Thanks for your opinions. I too, have always used T/H anytime the 5er is moving. But I had to move my trailer today and I was on a flat/level stretch of road and it got me to thinking if T/H was really necessary under those conditions, especially given the MPG you lose. Just curious what others did. Thanks. The only difference between tow/haul mode and regular on your GM is the shift points are higher and the torque converter locks up sooner to help keep the ATF fluid cooler. On a flat, level road, it will shift to top gear at the same point you would without it on. MPG loss should be miniscule on a flat road, if at all. Yes, you lose some MPG when starting because the shift points are higher, therefore the engine revs higher. I forgot to engage T/H once in NM on I-10, didn't notice a difference in mileage, but my tranny fluid was about 10 degrees higher than normal when I tow my 5th wheel.
redsb3 02/23/15 03:41pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Is this a dangerous situation?

I don't know what alignment shop you went to, but if they have the equipment, a 4 wheel thrust alignment would tell the person if your rear axle is "crooked" as they will not be able to get the rear wheels aligned correctly with the front. Hard to explain unless you have worked with the equipment or are familiar with how it works.
redsb3 02/23/15 03:29pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Driver side door and window whistleing Dixie??

Looks to me like the brackets that hold the hinge pins on the drivers side are definitely bent out. If that is the case, shimming will not fix it, likely only make it worse. Can't see the door side, are those brackets bent also? Is the sheet metal of the door dimpled in any way around those brackets? This is mostly likely your problem and can't be sure if new brackets would fix the problem or not. The door still closes but is likely misaligned due to those bent brackets. Perhaps a good body shop could check it out for a modest fee.
redsb3 11/29/14 09:11am Tow Vehicles
RE: Air suspension advantage or not

Have you checked out Air Lift bags, they may work for you. They have quite a few "no drill" installations.
redsb3 11/16/14 03:52pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Cooper Discoverer HT3 or Firestone Transforce HT

I put TransForce HT's on my 5th wheel, love them except for concrete grooved roads. Makes a heck of a racket on those but I see nothing wrong with them. Ran cool, 114F in the shade, 119F in the sun and this was 95 degree air temperature plus they track well and no wandering. Premature wear, don't really care. I will probably have to replace them from age well before they wear out.
redsb3 10/28/14 07:28pm Tow Vehicles
RE: What 5 R's are Aluminum Framed

FYI Its really about quality not materials. Many good rigs are built with Aluminum framing because it's easier to get consistent quality. But some of the best, say like most (all?) New Horizon and Excel by Peterson are wood. Don't walk away from an excellent rig simply because it's wood New Horizons website says "full aluminum caged". I don't believe they've used wood for quite some time.
redsb3 10/22/14 10:16am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Fuel Cost in Arizona?

The 'use fuel tax' doesn't apply to private MHs If you fuel up at a pump that is set for the higher fuel use tax......go inside and get your refund of $.08/gallon. All you have to do is ask cashier, fill out info on THEIR 'refund tax form' (provided by AZ Fuel Tax Division) and sign for refund. Did you read the above post completely??? Tag axle, more than 26000 lbs. NO EXCEPTIONS, RV's must pay the tax. Just cause the cashier will give you a refund, doesn't mean it's right. I really trust some clerk to know AZ law.
redsb3 10/14/14 02:50pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Ford rear AC actuator obsolete part-Any other sources?

Check RockAuto Parts online, they have a lot of older stuff.
redsb3 10/09/14 03:21pm Tow Vehicles
I think Mr. Murphy is following me

Planned a trip to Mt. Rushmore 8 months ago and had all the details set by mid-summer. Spent the summer going over the 5th wheel getting it all prepped for the trip and going over the truck. I had no qualms about leaving and driving 1300 miles from Tucson to Hill City, SD. Everything was going OK until Denver. Between Denver and Ft. Collins, I had a right rear tire on the truck come apart. Didn't hit anything, just had the tread separate from the carcass. These were 4 year old Generals that had about 24K miles on them. The truck gets driven every week, so it wasn't from sitting. Still was fully inflated and allowed me to slow down and get off to the shoulder of I-25 and change the tire. Next exit had a tire dealer but they had nothing I was interested in with the size I am using. Called their main store in Ft. Collins, about 25 miles away and they had something. I asked them to inflate the spare to 80 psi and we left for that store. Didn't get 10 miles and the spare started to come apart. Limped along on the frontage road at 40 mph and got two new tires installed. Great people by the way, GCR Tire is the name. While in SD, a cold front moved in, down to 20 degrees one night and we had 8 inches of snow overnight and the next morning. Earliest recorded measureable snow they have ever had. Lost two days of my vacation as we didn't go out. Next morning, one of the batteries on the truck has died. Limped home by disconnecting the bad battery so it wouldn't draw the good one down. Fortunately for us, the weather after that snow and cold spell was fairly mild and I had no trouble starting the truck on one battery. However, while the weather was mild, we had rain from Raton, NM all the way to the AZ border. Thank you tropical storm Odile. We expect 3-5 inches of rain here in Tucson the next two days. I enjoyed the stay in SD but it was certainly one of the most stressful trips I have ever had. At times, I wanted to give up RV'ing and just stay at home. Now that I have returned home, all is well, except I come home to find that someone got my American Express card number and charged $8K to it while we were gone. Took about two hours last night on the phone with the parties involved to get it taken care of. I'm not out the money, but it sure is a hassle. Oh yeah, I still have to deal with about $1K dollars of damage to the truck and get a new battery. The bad one has about 3 years of warranty left, but I will probably have to get two, I'm not a fan of one old and one new battery. That is usually a recipe for problems. So, I wish Mr. Murphy would go follow somebody else for a while, I certainly think I have had enough.
redsb3 09/17/14 09:35am Tow Vehicles
RE: Losing items in the truck bed

Another benefit of a louvered V-notch tailgate. Stuff just doesn't get sucked out of the bed with one on. I know a lot of people on here don't see the need but I picked one up cheap on Craigslist and wouldn't be without it.
redsb3 08/20/14 01:16pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Louvered V-gate

Laknox, depending on the brand, the studs may be there for the tailgate cables. I know they are on Stromberg/Carlson. Picked up a set for my GMC on eBay for cheap and worked great.
redsb3 08/18/14 01:06pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Math on having a second vehicle

I have a 3rd vehicle. The GMC is a garage queen but it's because I only drive 4.7 miles to work. The truck never got up to operating temp and I didn't think the short drive was doing it any good. Bought the wife a 1 year old Vibe I got a good deal on and I took her old 97 Honda Civic. 30 mpg, license is $22 a year, insurance is $160 for a year. I do all my own maintenance and any work I can still do but it hasn't been in a shop in 7 years. 17 year old car with 89K on it. Still runs great and the A/C is ice cold. The truck will be 10 years old this coming April and has 59K on it. I expect it would be the last truck I would ever have to buy if I was so inclined. Only comes out to tow the 5th wheel and if I happen to need the bed to haul something. Plus like 2112 stated, it's sure nice to have a spare vehicle.
redsb3 08/06/14 06:18pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Must Have, Don't Need

Haven't seen anyone mention disc brakes yet. I won't ever have another 5th wheel or trailer without them. Autoleveling would also be nice. Generator is very handy also but suppose I could do without it.
redsb3 07/17/14 10:05am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Need a special lift gate?

If your talking tailgate, be real careful the first time. I wouldn't want to put the tailgate down on mine and back in because there is only about 2" of clearance between the lowered gate and compartment door. If I wasn't perfectly square with the 5th wheel, I'd likely put an edge of the tailgate through the compartment door. I found a used Stromberg/Carlson notched tailgate on craigslist for $100. Don't regret it one bit, makes life easier for me. If that's not your problem, can't say I've ever seen a slider that would come back far enough to ding the tailgate, unless it was installed wrong.
redsb3 06/09/14 01:46pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Unhappy with Thor ACE 30.1 & RV Solutions

Need some clarification here. Were the house batteries dead or the chassis batteries. If the vehicle started, then the chassis batteries weren't dead. If the house batteries died, then I would suspect the dealer NOT Thor. The solar control panel that regulates the charge to the batteries is likely defective or installed incorrectly and continued to charge even after fully charging your batteries. This likely cooked the cells dry and ruined the batteries. If this is what happened, this is not Thor's problem, they didn't install the solar system, your dealer did and likely didn't know what he was doing.
redsb3 06/09/14 01:15pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: 5th Wheel lock to the truck

I just drilled a hole near the end of 2 of my 1/2 inch hitch pins and put a Masterlock through the hole. Works for me.
redsb3 06/06/14 12:05pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Arizona in winter

I hear from the locals just outside of Tucson that Madera Canyon is a real hotspot for birders. Also a very beautiful area, so birding and sightseeing all in one trip!
redsb3 05/19/14 07:14am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Why injectors fail

Wonder why mine have not failed yet? Still stock filtration.:B Extra filtration is just an insurance policy. I put mine together for about $65 including the filter base. Many people have gone without it and not had a problem at all. Me, the parts are cheap so why not, certainly isn't going to hurt anything and saves me a little money on the expensive Racor filter under the hood.
redsb3 05/19/14 07:05am Tow Vehicles
RE: Low fuel pressure Duramax

Are you sure the WIF plug is tight and the o-ring is in right. Might just be sucking some air. Did you make sure the old o-ring came off with the filter? And then, maybe RAS43 is right, occasionally there are bad filters.
redsb3 05/17/14 09:28pm Tow Vehicles
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