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RE: Gunflint Trail (north shore/grand marais) TT free camping?

Generally the Forest Service tries to not locate or build portages in swamps and wet areas. Sometimes it is unavoidable to cross a wet area because it is the only route to get from one lake to another. In many, but not all cases, they put primitive boardwalks through the wet areas. Come to think of it, I did do a swamp portage on one of my first BW trips. Along with allot of other miserable things. I do have more good memories, and bad ones turn good. Like shooting newton falls solo in my tandem kayak to skip the portage. Paddling next to a moose. Being dragged by a huge northern. Being blown to the shore on 2 foot white cap rollers solo. Guiding a lost girl scout troop towards home.. The list goes on and on. That's why after over 20 years I keep thinking about it. It must be the solitude and beauty I miss after my latest visits to crowded colorado.
rerod 06/25/16 06:42pm Roads and Routes
RE: Gunflint Trail (north shore/grand marais) TT free camping?

Black spruce bogs, black spruce swamp, tamarack swamp, alder swamp, beaver marshes, wet meadows. Many lakes in the BWCA have a black spruce swamp on one end of them. You've been to the Boundary Waters many times and have never seen these? Sure I remember.. But portages never started or ended in one.. I don't consider them swamps if they are part of a lake. When robbiesgram said "The Gunflight is very heavily wooded and has miles and miles of swamp. Think heavy black fly, gnat and mosquito infestations during July and August. We have been in Grand Marais in July & people were leaving the Gunflint due to flys being so bad." I immediately remembered returning from a two week solo trip in the BW where you couldn't see my back bone after thousands of bites due to the swelling.
rerod 06/25/16 07:03am Roads and Routes
RE: Gunflint Trail (north shore/grand marais) TT free camping?

A bit of history for you.. Take co rd 92 "Old Gunflint Trail" right after Poplar Lake. Its one of the last stretches which is on the original Gunflint Trail. A trail that Paleo-Indian's probably traveled 10,000 years ago after taking down a mastodon, saber tooth or giant beaver. Prehistoric Camps have been found on gunflint lake, and close to Pincushion overlook just out of Grand Marais which was lakeside, as lake superior was 200 feet higher back then.. This year Im having a hard time finding motivation to go back to colorado due to the crowds and thought I might reconsider gunflint.. I think a full dress bike and cabin would be the best approach for gunflint.
rerod 06/24/16 04:04pm Roads and Routes
RE: Gunflint Trail (north shore/grand marais) TT free camping?

I believe I asked the same question a few years back, and no one had any suggestions except someone in Grand Marais who offered his yard. Thanks everyone.. I guess I will forget about this gunflint trip and go to colorado again. Maybe I can get away from the crowds this time. Iv been in the boundary waters plenty of times, but I don't remember swamp land's which would help breed Minnesota's famous bird.. That, combined with no boondocking was the last nail in the coffin. Thanks again!
rerod 06/24/16 02:04pm Roads and Routes
Gunflint Trail (north shore/grand marais) TT free camping?

Can anyone tell me if there are any free camping spots along the Gunflint trail out of Grand Marais? Or are the camp grounds the only choice? Thanks
rerod 06/23/16 01:21pm Roads and Routes
RE: Something Different an Isuzu based ToyHauler

Is there an extension to that ramp that you can't see? I don't see how you could easily get up it as steep as it would be if there isn't. No, The Isuzu is a bagged lowrider. Pssssssssssh
rerod 06/13/16 07:01pm Toy Haulers
RE: Something Different an Isuzu based ToyHauler

^^^^^^Heck, if it was touching the ground it'd be too steep to walk up. :) Better have a skid plate on your bike..
rerod 06/11/16 09:40am Toy Haulers
RE: Thinking of a new toy hauler

All aluminum construction means no wood to rot. I figure all trailers will leak at some point. At least with these guys you don't have to worry about the associated damage the leak will do. Livin Lite also made an all aluminum 5th wheel toy hauler for 1 year (2014 I think) but they are very hard to find. If you would consider a TT style than Livin Lite makes lots of tow behind all aluminums. Dont waste your money on a wooden TH. My featherlite has wood floors, but Iv never had a leak make it that far. Sometimes I wish mine had aluminum floors, until I step bare foot on them. Occasionally, a feather-lite SURV toy-hauler comes up on Ebay.
rerod 06/11/16 09:11am Toy Haulers
RE: New Tire Recommendations

X2 Bridgestone R-250's economical and excellent tires. X3
rerod 06/11/16 09:05am Toy Haulers
RE: Something Different an Isuzu based ToyHauler

Worthless ramp. Its not even touching the ground!
rerod 06/11/16 09:01am Toy Haulers
RE: Taylor Park, Colorado

Iv visited three times end of August and will be honest. Its beautiful and good riding, but very crowded and loud. I met a few locals along the gunnison river north of gunnison who were NOT happy to meet me. I sometimes wonder if the end of august is always recommended so the locals know when not to go. Or leave Be very careful with your rigs because all the easy free spots will be taken unless your lucky. I scouted around taylor on my bike, but decided to move on with my 24' TH. Clear creek res was also nice. We lucked out getting a creek side spot. Pitkin, almont, Crested butte, vail.. I don't plan on going back. I have a "been there done that" attitude now. But I haven't pinpointed a compromise to escape the crowds yet. Clear creek, my neighbor played mariachi music way to late and loud. The most peaceful place was pitkin camp ground. But voices motorcycles and generators were almost always within ear shot. Any mariachi bands in the Big Horns?
rerod 06/07/16 07:36pm Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: Water heater gas valve knob needs pushed down for ON?

Does main flame work......come on/off via thermostat and pilot stays on (when you push/turn knob to ON)??? If so......I wouldn't worry about it ON EDIT: LOVE the V-MAX I had a 1985 and a 1990 (drunk wiped out 1985) Yes. I just lit the pilot, released the knob and turned it to ON and watched it cycle as I used hot water.. But no wind in my back yard. But I'm still not used to pushing the knob down again to turn to the ON position, and worried the gas valve is failing. I would have to turn around and go back home without hot water. Thanks. I have two 1985 Vmax's.
rerod 05/25/16 02:51pm Beginning RVing
Water heater gas valve knob needs pushed down for ON?

I had problems keeping the water heater lit last time we took the toyhauler out. I had to hold the knob down in the pilot position forever before I got it lit. Fine, its lit but looks small. So I try and turn the knob to ON and the knob stops just before the mark, but the main burner is on and heating.. Fine. 10 minutes later both the main burner and pilot are off so I blamed the wind from the Colorado prairie. I got the pilot lit faster this time and turned the knob to ON again and again noticed the line's don't match up so I mess with the knob and find out I need to depress the knob a little for it to turn completely where the lines match up.. Is this normal? I'm used to depressing the knob for pilot lighting.. But is it normal to have to depress the knob to turn the gas valve to ON? Thanks!
rerod 05/25/16 09:10am Beginning RVing
RE: movie projector to use for outdoor movies

I know this is an old thread, but I can't be the only freak out there who is curious. I stumbled upon it after seeing someone at a state park in MA (no hookups) running a projector. I didn't stop and ask him, which I am regretting now, but I was determined to figure it out. In doing so, I found this projector which, outside of the cost, is the perfect solution. Someone on Amazon even did a video of it explaining how to wire it directly to a 12 volt deep cycle and run it for night after night without running out of battery. 25 watts, which is just over 2 amps. YES! We have a 1yo boy, but as he grows, as well as when we have more children, this would be a great treat to do once in a while on trips, for the kids to have movie night. Spec sheet of the Aaxa P300- http://www.aaxatech.com/brochures/p300_brochure_final_pico_projector_micro.pdf Review of guy who wired in a cord to run 12v using the factory input on the unit. http://www.amazon.com/review/R1G8KYKPQSKLVW?_encoding=UTF8&asin=B005Q2EGG6&cdForum=Fx3BU80HMMN4N8N&cdMSG=addedToThread&cdPage=1&cdThread=TxE6I2UWRRVGCP&newContentID=Mx2VVLHBJPPIGZX&newContentNum=7&store=electronics#CustomerDiscussionsNRPB Youtube video of him explaining the cord: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gY54kKeaP4k I'll probably watch for one on ebay and/or Craigslist until one comes along that I can't refuse. I know this is a old thread.. But I wanted to add that the Aaxa P300 you linked looks nice.. Especially if your shopping in the 12v TV market and your TV mounting space is limited.. I'm wondering if this Aaxa P300 caught on, as a good alternative to a 12v TV.
rerod 05/18/16 12:23pm Technology Corner
Money off a tailgater when buying DISH contract?

I read somewhere in my searches that someone received $150 off a tailgater when they signed onto DISH for two years. My local dealer who sets up DISH accounts cant, or wont , give me a deal on the tailgater. Where can I find this deal? Thanks!
rerod 05/11/16 10:29am Technology Corner
RE: Dish TV. Can I just move our house receiver to the RV?

Which portable manually aimed dish you can use depends on which receiver you have. Dish and DTV multi-satellite, multi-LNB dishes are not interchangeable. As far as I know, all of the Dish and DTV receivers have a signal strength display of some sort for use in aiming, but I prefer using a separate meter right at the dish for that. My setup time for is usually less than 15 minutes, including setting up, anchoring, and leveling the tripod. But then I have had lots of practice, since we move around a lot. Heavily treed sites can be a challenge to find a usable "hole", but so far we've never had a site where I couldn't get a signal from one of the two Dish satellite arcs. There are a number of helpful dish aiming videos on YouTube. Its just to much effort and cost to justify two weeks of use. I'll stick to rented and saved DVD movies etc.
rerod 05/11/16 08:37am Technology Corner
RE: Dish TV. Can I just move our house receiver to the RV?

I'm going back to full timing in the fall and may just get the roof mounted spinning widget antenna! These days I like to keep things as simple as can be and what you just explained sounds like a real pain in the behind.. I can understand why full timers would buy a trav'ler or carryout. But for us working folks.. That's expensive for one or two weeks a year. I'm not much for learning curves when I finally leave on my vacation. I read about a guy who through his dish into his neighbors camp spot after 2 hours of fiddling.. If there was a good write up on how to do this on the cheap, I would.. If I buy DISH or DirectTV for my home, is a 1000.5 dish and digital signal meter and the DishPointer Pro Android app for aiming the only additional hardware I need? Which system has aiming software built into the receiver? Thanks!
rerod 05/10/16 04:45am Technology Corner
RE: Dish TV. Can I just move our house receiver to the RV?

I'm a long time DirecTV customer and going back to full timing soon. I tried to bring my home dish once before and it didn't work. I think they told me I need a different dish? Does doing that even make sense or is it best just to invest in the expensive "always on" roof bubbles? Winegard GM-6000 Carryout I'm guessing the "different dish" simply had a tripod, and easier way to aim it. I cant understand why people would buy expensive stand alone satellite systems, when a DISH or DirectTV system they are already own works just fine after mounting and aiming the dish is figured out.. Is it really that simple? I'm tempted to stop my mediacom and get DISH again just for this fact.
rerod 05/09/16 04:59am Technology Corner
RE: Dish TV. Can I just move our house receiver to the RV?

I move mine between the garage TV and the MH all the time. My only issue is the time it takes to align the dish, and other than that, no problem. I have a tripod and have modified it for fine tuning of azimuth and elevation. How did you fine tune it? Yes, how did you aim it please?
rerod 05/08/16 05:07pm Technology Corner
RE: butyl tape window leak

what if you make a shim using the inside of the window trim and or the window opening as a template? I'm thinking butyl tape will be a better deal long term than just ProFlex assuming you can compress it. I ran a strip of blue tape across the top seam, but still had a leak last fall. So I taped the window up tight with plastic for the winter and it was dry. The forecast looks dry so I removed it. It took 15 minutes of prying because the butyl was still nice and soft. No signs of water streaking or leaking by except on the sill and interior paneling damage. The window weep holes were clean. I hope the window itself is not leaking, but the more I look and think about it I fear it is. Is there a window seal rejuvenating liquid? lol The only thing I can come up with is to reinstall the window and then if there's still a leak, I know it's the window seals? Or did I prove its the window itself, when it continued to leak with tape across the top? Second, the trim ring having that Z shape isn't helping. You can see the gasket I used to shim it and it seemed to work well. But you can also see I would be better of with a flat trim ring with how far the window comes into the frame with no butyl. Anyway, I think I will remove the gasket spacer and flip the trim ring with the outside facing in. It will be ugly, but so am I. And I think I will use only one layer of butyl and trim it back enough space for a tiny bead of proflex.. Sound like a plan? Or do I need new window seals or a new window? Im tired of this.. How long do window seals typically last? Thanks everyone! http://i640.photobucket.com/albums/uu127/re-rod/2016-04/46AA899D-53B5-4EAC-980D-C8B909B1BF3B_zps4flwbrvx.jpg http://i640.photobucket.com/albums/uu127/re-rod/Mobile%20Uploads/2016-04/6FBD96C9-FCBD-4D87-B9E6-62B4C56BA138_zpsgwkj2ok5.jpg
rerod 04/15/16 06:29pm General RVing Issues
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