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RE: Draining hot tub after boondocking? Grey water..

Iv found some innovative ways to heat hot tub water.. The most practical sounds like a immersion heater fired with a Flame Weed Dragon Torch. Next in line is a turkey fryer burner modified to be a on demand water heater.. Its been done plenty of times.. And I'm still hoping I can do this for my GF..
rerod 05/19/15 08:47am Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: Hot Tub in Your Campsite

I thought about this topic last week when I saw a similar unit at Walmart. It was the Intex PurSpa and it was $329. Every review I read about all inflatable hot tubs.. Someone's complaining about how the pump/heater unit stopped working, or couldn't heat and maintain the temperature.. Its to bad you cant buy one that's built well, or without the cheesy pump/heater. So you could build a decent reliable system ready for cooler outdoor temps and years of use..
rerod 05/18/15 08:33am Travel Trailers
RE: Draining hot tub after boondocking? Grey water..

Never mind the dumping.. how long does it take to fill that from a stream, and how do you heat it? My girl friend loves hot springs, but not all the nudists. I found this.. http://gizmodo.com/this-portable-hot-tub-makes-any-camping-trip-a-luxuriou-1627553667 Or google "camping hot tubs" and click on images. I haven't narrowed down all the details. But a pump, some plastic sheet or inflatable hot tub, and a hot coil of copper "looks" like it does the trick. No small task though.. Not quite sure were this post is going. Gray water dumping or hot tubbing in a campground...... haha. Me either.. It would all depend on the ranger and how he interprets it. He might be jealous and you could end up in jail because you put chlorine in it, he says..
rerod 05/17/15 03:51pm Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
Draining hot tub after boondocking? Grey water..

I found a few conversations about a hot tubs while camping. I don't think I want to bath with strangers watching at a camp ground, but if I'm semi private, you bet! I figured I could pump filtered water from a lake or creek, 100 feet away, to fill it. Iv seen a few different methods of heating the water. But how about draining it? Will the ranger make you hire a septic truck to remove the grey water? Or fine you right after you dump it? What are the rules about dumping grey water? When I was in Colorado, I was told you can dump it wherever by a camp ground host.. Thanks
rerod 05/17/15 11:39am Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: Hot Tub in Your Campsite

Think how great it would be to have one of these while boondocking in a really remote location! You could float around at night, looking up at the stars, even on a cold evening. Heavenly! Unfortunately, I would not want to run my generator all the time to heat the water -- maybe a wood fired portable hot tub, filled with water from a mountain stream?? It'll never happen, at least not for me. Fun idea, though. Yeah, I'm not much for bathing with strangers watching.. But remote? Heck YES !! Problem I see, is after you fill it from the stream or lake, which you need to be 100 feet away from.. Will the ranger make you hire a septic truck to remove the grey water? Or fine you right after you dump it?
rerod 05/17/15 08:34am Travel Trailers
RE: couch question

We have a different brand TH, but our dual recliner just has a couple of screws into the floor to secure it. If yours is like that, just remove the screws and pull it out of the rig. Your biggest problem may be getting it out depending on the door configuration. Lower the ramp...Waa Laa. Hahahaha Iv been wanting to add a couch but a wheel well is in the way and it will take allot of time to modify it to fit around.
rerod 11/12/14 05:28pm Toy Haulers
RE: What are these leaky featherlite doors useful for anyway?

Oh, and replace the gasket and it "should" stop the leak...! I see two big gaps. I already replaced the gasket a while ago with no luck. Iv been finding small puddles by this door for a while but remained on the linoleum. This leak is confusing me. Because the interior siding is damp just ABOVE the door.. How, what? There is a window way above this door.. But its dry all around it, and down the wall until, this door. Which gaps, where? Lower corners have discolored caulk in them. The new gasket is left off the bottom to help drain. Id really like to remove it and the window and do it right but winter just set in here and I'm not in a good position and worried about damage. I did feel a bit of plywood swelling. Doors shouldn't have latch bolts pass through thresholds. http://i640.photobucket.com/albums/uu127/re-rod/0AFC0AEF-19B9-4912-ADB8-C6C6556EC306-4822-000002A80C28E3E2_zps6fe54cfb.jpg
rerod 11/12/14 05:11pm Toy Haulers
RE: ~Post your campsite photos here~

St Andrews is on the Pan Handle by Panama City. Really easy to get to Yeah.. And a hundred dollars cheaper!
rerod 11/08/14 10:53am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
What are these leaky featherlite doors useful for anyway?

Iv always wondered why featherlite installed small side access doors. Is it to secure a wide vehicle my ramp wouldn't support anyway? Anyway.. Iv got a small water leak at this door. I can tell the door itself leaks, as they all do. But the problem is the latch must pass through the threshold which usually kicks water out that gets inside the door.. Now, featherlite filled this latch hole with silicone and I drilled a hole to the outside trying to drain it. But I'm still getting water in the inside after replacing the door seal. Any suggestions other than junking the door and riveting a cover over? Should I remove the latch and re-caulk it and the corners again and hope? After looking more it looks like the top of the door frame is getting wet.. Thanks http://i640.photobucket.com/albums/uu127/re-rod/featherlite/B002AE33-01A8-4976-9362-240D7BB57658_zpsk6fzt2hl.jpg broken screw.. http://i640.photobucket.com/albums/uu127/re-rod/featherlite/BEDEF90F-9D4D-4512-BE17-535F54AAC4AF_zpsnyv1icwy.jpg silicone filled latch hole http://i640.photobucket.com/albums/uu127/re-rod/featherlite/C528C9F8-BF94-42B8-BE74-708E56BE172B_zpsr8tfl4j0.jpg
rerod 11/06/14 07:51am Toy Haulers
RE: 12v TV/monitor.. What your using please.. No inverters

Thanks.. I also found this from walmart.Vision Overhead LCD Monitor hdmi
rerod 10/30/14 04:30am Technology Corner
RE: For those who never had the unlimited verizon plan?

When we can't sit outside. We have DVD's Don't care if current or popular as we would rather be outside. Wow..
rerod 10/26/14 01:15pm Technology Corner
RE: For those who never had the unlimited verizon plan?

Over air TV for news. DVD movie at night before bed if we are unable to sit out and enjoy the night. Books. Watch the world go by. talk to my wife I do not understand the people who go "camping" to stay inside and watch movies. Hey hey if you read my post you will see "when raining or dark" Believe me, I take advantage of whats to offer in the area when I'm there. But there are times when you want the ability to allow pandora to stream music. Or are rained out and don't want to watch the same DVD for the umpteenth time.
rerod 10/26/14 12:48pm Technology Corner
For those who never had the unlimited verizon plan?

What did you do? Paid verizon for extra data to watch movies while camping? Gave up and stored movies on a hard drive or dvd's? Bought a satellite internet dish and plan? I'm considering some much needed hardware up grades and would like some tips and feed back on what data plans? (not sure why I asked that because verizon coverage is needed) or gear your using to keep entertained when is raining or night while camping. Thanks
rerod 10/26/14 11:53am Technology Corner
RE: 12v TV/monitor.. What your using please.. No inverters

Sorry for being cryptic with my needs.. While driving, I would like internet access for my passengers. My data plan has limitations, but it's a possibility if I get a unlimited plan. I would like a larger screen in my van for them to view. Allot bigger than my laptop, and the ability to move it to the camper after we arrive. I would also like internet where I'm camped.. That might be more difficult because I usually have limited cell phone reception where I go. Yes, I know I'm camping and will be taking in nature etc etc. But when the sun goes down, or its raining. I would like the internet to connect to netflix youtube movie4k google pandora, whatever.. Instead of having a library of dvd's music cd's and the time and money gathering them. My laptop operates fine powered by my two trojan batteries.. But I'm not sure if my pair of trojans could power it AND a larger display. I might have to run my eu2000i anyway.. Is there another alternative? Should I consider a external hard drive to store content since internet underway and in remote places is to slow? I'm willing to buy all new equipment. Thanks for all the input everyone!
rerod 10/18/14 12:14pm Technology Corner
RE: 12v TV/monitor.. What your using please.. No inverters

Its not that I don't have a inverter.. I do in the camper. But I don't, in my Cummins E350 and need entertainment for my passengers. Why didn't you say that in the first post Like I already said there are a bazillion automotive car entertainment LCD displays out there in multiple sizes and prices, the have a/v inputs so they work with game machines and portable DVD players No pc or TV I use a 7" flip down display as my backup rearview monitor Look at Amazon or frys electronics I didn't say that because I don't want to use my inverter. And like I said. I'm looking for a monitor which takes input from a PC not just dvd's. multi media monitor? Just bought this 32" Insignia from Best Buy for 169. It has the brick transformer. I had a 12 volt cig lighter plug and it works perfectly on 12 v and 110 when I have it. Has all the plugs on the back for anything you want to hook up. It plugs into my Jensen system also to play DVDs. Perfect hd picture ota. Thanks! that's great to know the brand your happy with at least.. Have you tried it hdmi to hdmi on a PC?
rerod 10/15/14 06:13pm Technology Corner
RE: 12v TV/monitor.. What your using please.. No inverters

I was looking at TV's at Best Buy and even asked the floor sales people what TV's would run on 12 VDC. They replied "None" they all plug into 120 volts. Well true enough, all where plugged in at the store to 120 volts. Many had a power supply that looks like the computer ones, and have a 12 volt output! So they where not well educated, and seemed not to care at all. Fred. I don't think any of them have 12v at the transformer and that's a bit of my confusion.. 14v is what I'm seeing but wasn't sure if that was to high, and kept looking for 12v to no avail. X-2 Just what I have been saying for a long time. 12VDC is usually cleaner than the 12 VDC output of a brick plugged into an inverter, in my opinion. Its not that I don't have a inverter.. I do in the camper. But I don't, in my Cummins E350 and need entertainment for my passengers. If you positively, absolutely don't want an inverter get A Honda 2000 generator. Iv got one of those to and I simply love it. I top off my Trojans every morning while I make breakfast.. Frankly, I know I need/want better entertainment while camping, or at least the option for bad weather days.. But I haven't figured out the best way to achieve that when I usually have very spotty and limited internet with my iphone I tether off of due to the remote locations. Iv been told I need to save movies and music on a hard drive but don't know if that's the best option when you cant get a iphone signal.
rerod 10/06/14 08:47am Technology Corner
12v TV/monitor.. What your using please.. No inverters

I'm looking for a TV/monitor we can use while camping and under way on the road. I was going to simply ask "what 12v TV you removed the transformer from and are currently using in your RV".. But my requirements have changed. I want a TV/monitor a can also watch music videos and online content from my laptop. Iv read allot of bad reviews from people who have tried to connect a larger display from PC's and laptops.. Anyone doing this? And any suggestions as Im completely open to buying whatever it takes including a new laptop, but need to be certain it works well. Thanks!
rerod 10/04/14 11:39am Technology Corner
RE: Anyone make a camper trailer with attached ground tent?

check out Rpods. the ones I looked at had a screened room that fastened to the channel along the roof line, similar to a lot of them I saw in campgrounds in Italy and Switzerland. bumpy Thanks Bumpy.. That's the first camper which offer's a tent designed to fit on it! In fact maybe I could use the Rpod tent, or channel/track attachment for my own project.. Unfortunately, any short 10'-12' cargo trailers I find are narrow with fenders, when I want the wide 8'6" with wheel wells instead. And most manufactures fall very short on quality longevity compared to my featherlite. http://i640.photobucket.com/albums/uu127/re-rod/featherlite/featherliteRL001.jpg
rerod 08/31/14 09:44am Hybrid Travel Trailers
RE: Anyone make a camper trailer with attached ground tent?

These are popular in Australia Something like this... http://static.productreview.com.au/pr.products/83851_escape_tvan.jpg height=300 My Starcraft 14RT OFF-ROAD POPUP will go anywhere my 4WD Truck will go and is quite comfortable... Might want to look at those with the high wheels.. http://i738.photobucket.com/albums/xx22/roybraddy/CampDorisSep07002-1.jpg height=300 Roy Ken Those are both nice.. Whats the first one called? But, neither have a shower.. After searching all morning, it looks like I would have to outfit a 10' enclosed trailer with toilet/shower/kitchen and have a tent modified to snap onto the back.. I'm surprised no one makes something like that.
rerod 08/30/14 12:39pm Hybrid Travel Trailers
Anyone make a camper trailer with attached ground tent?

I own a 24' featherlite toy-hauler but would like to down size for more remote locations.. What I'm looking for is a small hard side camper which only contains the toilet, shower and kitchen.. Then a attached tent would be for sleeping living.. Does something like that exist?
rerod 08/30/14 11:18am Hybrid Travel Trailers
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