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RE: Installing a Tip-out Pop-Out Tent in cargo trailer?

Spendy. LINK Thanks.. $1,699.99 Wow!! The instructions don't mention anything about cutting studs and adding headers, so Ill assume this Bed Door Fold-out Tent is intended for new construction or while the camper is still in the design phase..
rerod 05/07/17 10:58am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
Installing a Tip-out Pop-Out Tent in cargo trailer?

Iv always liked these Tip-out Pop-Out Tents and wondered how difficult it would be to install one in a older enclosed featherlite 4926 cargo trailer? I know once you cut the opening you would have to weld in horizontal aluminum headers.. So, would you have to remove the exterior aluminum skin (very difficult) , or be able to pry the skin away enough to cut the studs shorter and weld in the header? I cant imagine being able to weld the backside of the header with the skin in the way. Thanks! http://www.united-trailers.com/Pop-Out-Tent http://www.fthr.com/products/car-trailers/bumper-pull/4926-car-trailer
rerod 05/07/17 08:02am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: E350 gutter rust polyurethane vs Tripolymer vs thermoplastic

Leave out the fiberglass because it absorbs water. Prime with an epoxy automotive primer then caulk it with a good 3M auto body seam sealer and paint over the top of it to seal it..Stop trying to overthink this..it will get you nowhere. B.O. Thanks Plenty. The gutter has been repaired and filled before I bought the van. Unfortunately, I'm fairly certain there will be rust holes in the gutter and through the roof of the van after I remove the old body filler. Iv read good reviews about POR-15 49033 Epoxy Putty and was going to use it to repair rust holes instead of the fiberglass patch I first mentioned. Then bondo over the 49033 Epoxy Putty. Then your probably correct that 3M seam sealer would be better than NP1 or Vulkem 116 even though they all are Urethane/polyurethane.
rerod 11/21/16 03:18pm Tow Vehicles
E350 gutter rust polyurethane vs Tripolymer vs thermoplastic

I drive work vehicles, so I'm not concerned about how they look. But I recently rebuilt the cummins engine in my ford E350 tow vehicle, so Iv got allot of money wrapped up in it. My problem is that even though the undercarriage is spotless since the van is from Florida, the rain drip edge gutter has some rust from the salt air. I will wire wheel the gutter down to bare metal, treat with rust neutralizer, fill any holes with fiberglass patch, and prime and paint with POR-15. I would then like to fill the entire gutter full of exterior caulk with UV protection instead of auto-body seam sealer so that the gutter no longer collects water. The caulk I choose needs to be removable, because the gutter will rust again as this is a temporary fix short of cutting out and welding in new metal which I cant justify. Can anyone recommend or educate me on the best, longest lasting removable caulks on the market for my application? Iv read Geocel 2300 (Tripolymer), solarseal 900 (Terpolymer), 3M4200(polyurethane), NP1(polyurethane), Vulkem 116(polyurethane), Sika Flex (Polyurethane), Dymonic (hybrid), Kop-R-Lastic (thermoplastic) are some good choices, but making a decision is difficult with so many products. I noticed polyurethane caulks dominate my list so I'm guessing polyurethane must last the longest? I don't want silicone because of it's "wont stick to itself" and difficult removal properties. Thanks!
rerod 11/20/16 09:35am Tow Vehicles
RE: All aluminum cargo project, including floor?

I just purchased a used Continental cargo toy hauler. 23ft on inside, 15 1/2ft of garage with flip down beds. up front cabinets with sink and stove across front, bath on one side and fridge on opposite, takes up about 8ft of floor space. Aluminum? Sounds like my big old featherlite except my garage didn't have a wall. Iv got a few known aluminum trailers set up as search's on ebay.. aluma trailer atc charmac featherlite haulmark intech legend rezner triton wells cargo If anyone knows of other aluminum trailer brands I should consider, please post it.
rerod 10/22/16 04:54am Toy Haulers
RE: All aluminum cargo project, including floor?

You may find a Featherlite used like you want. I ordered a 14' around 2009. Aluminum floor and 7' ceiling were just normal options. Some other options I got you may want to look for: Aluminum ramp, Rear stabilizer jacks, Roof vent, Camper door, Front gravel guard, Spare tire/rim, Two side vents, Electric brakes both axles, LED lights, 2" coupler I sold this trailer years ago, but if you want to see, the build on it is here: http://www.rv.net/forum/index.cfm/fuseaction/thread/tid/24805401/gotomsg/24806775.cfm#24806775 Darn.. That's perfect. I wish I had known it was for sale back then.. If you told me who owns it now, I would contact them.
rerod 10/14/16 01:31pm Toy Haulers
RE: All aluminum cargo project, including floor?

Here's one.. http://www.ebay.com/itm/112162790067?forcerRptr=true&item=112162790067&viewitem= But not tall and wide enough. :S That one has 6'-6" interior height. How tall do you want it? A 7' tall cargo trailer will be unusual. Aluma trailers have plywood lined walls, according to their web site. You could tear them out and put in some Azdel. It sounds like you want to avoid wood construction to avoid any maintenance. I just had all the roof seams on my toy hauler re-caulked at an RV repair shop. I think it's not a difficult job if you know how. It probably takes some practice. They recommend getting up on the roof every 3 months to inspect the seams for cracks, and replacing all the caulking every two years. I would be surprised if even the aluminum trailers don't have some caulked seams. You're not likely to find exactly what you want in a used trailer. Either have one custom built or modified, or make some compromises. Thanks atwowheelguy. It was more the width of the trailer I linked that wasn't wide enough. Height was OK.. I redid the roof caulk on my toyhauler.. It was a pain scraping it all and cleaning down to the aluminum, but after days, it got done.. All seventy feet of it. Cargo's dont have as many penetrations to the envelope and are less likely to leak. My leaks on the featherlite were mainly windows and roof. But I did find one I had no idea was leaking and weakened the floor right under the propane vent. I will say it again.. Eventually all trailers leak and its only a matter of time before any wood is damaged. I dont mind compromising. If I keep looking I might finally find one.
rerod 10/14/16 11:13am Toy Haulers
RE: Caulk removal

Finger nail.. Then a eraser. Then mineral spirits and rag. PITA
rerod 10/11/16 08:56pm Toy Haulers
RE: All aluminum cargo project, including floor?

That, and all trailers leak and its only a matter of time before the floor is damaged. Who said they all leak? Where's t he data to support that idea? Your kidding.. Right? Many of them leak right out of the factory. Iv been fighting leaks the entire time I owned my featerlite. Granted it was used, but your relying on a caulked seam which sits in the sun and beats down the road. It will fail eventually.. The guy who bought my featherlite paid my asking price after looking at many used wooden toyhaulers trashed by water damage.. His brother owns a RV dealership and had seven brand new forest river toyhaulers in for warranty repair with leaks.. Water and wood dont mix. Im the type to run the wheels off what I own. But its hard to run the wheels off when its rotting away.
rerod 10/11/16 08:11pm Toy Haulers
RE: All aluminum cargo project, including floor?

Here's one.. http://www.ebay.com/itm/112162790067?forcerRptr=true&item=112162790067&viewitem= But not tall and wide enough. :S
rerod 10/11/16 05:09am Toy Haulers
RE: All aluminum cargo project, including floor?

ATC might have one....or you could line the walls and floor with bed liner material, they are using it on roofs now, very waterproof. I found the perfect size ATC.. But it again had wood floors covered with aluminum deck plate.. :S I did see a featherlite gooseneck toyhauler first hand with aluminum floors in the back garage area. I just wish a few trailer manufacturers installed aluminum floors all the time. Because trying to find one in the length I want, which was probably a special order, will be tough.
rerod 10/11/16 04:51am Toy Haulers
RE: All aluminum cargo project, including floor?

Can you say "Very slippery"? Very slippery... ;) A little grip tape would be in order. Or just toss a water heater pan down during the shower.. The trailer would have a small kitchen and bathroom. I know its a minimalist plan, and I run on the cheap. But I'm alone and don't want anything longer than 12' because I'm going off road. And then attach a tent to the trailer for sleeping. http://i640.photobucket.com/albums/uu127/re-rod/5048166151_20d80f7057_zpscrcvxczs.jpg
rerod 10/09/16 06:07pm Toy Haulers
RE: All aluminum cargo project, including floor?

order what you want they,ll build it , If I buy new, its worth half of what I paid as soon as I roll it off the lot. I try to buy used so I don't loose as much money when I sell it. I sold my featherlite for as much as I invested in it.
rerod 10/09/16 04:41pm Toy Haulers
All aluminum cargo project, including floor?

I sold my 24' featherlite surv toyhauler and wasn't easy because I knew it would be hard to find anything built as well. My only problem with the featherlite was it was way to long to tow to the remote locations I now want to go knowing how thick the crowds can be at the easily traveled camp grounds. My new plan is to build what I want since it doesn't exist, but I need a all aluminum cargo trailer around 12' long as my canvas. My featherlite actually had a wood floor, but I don't want any wood. Iv found allot of aluminum trailers which also have wood floors like my featherlite, but I'm not interested because I want to be able to shower in my new project trailer with no enclosure (only a curtain) to save space. Really, the shower is the only thing which is stopping me from looking for a wooden floor trailer. That, and all trailers leak and its only a matter of time before the floor is damaged. Does anyone make a smaller aluminum utility trailer which is truly all aluminum? Mono coupe construction without a frame like my featherlite would be a huge plus as well because there are no frame rails in the way for water tank installation. Thanks!
rerod 10/09/16 02:16pm Toy Haulers
RE: ~Post your campsite photos here~

https://c7.staticflickr.com/9/8082/28561275534_92234a8a84_z.jpg This looks like the St. Mary KOA outside Glacier National Park. Probably one of 3 days per year the flags aren't being ripped from the flagpole by the strong winds! Out of 9 days the only moment the wind didn't blow. That's why I sold my toyhauler and now enjoy the view from my laptop.
rerod 08/25/16 01:41pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
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