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RE: butyl tape window leak

You used butyl tape or putty tape? There is a big difference in both price and performance. It's butyl. I still have some of the same tape left over, and its still soft after three years. I just need to rejuvenate the butyl around the window and draw it in tighter. (I give it a day or so before trimming) and then seal with a bead of ProFlex to be safe. I like the proflex too and used it on my roof with good results. Im tempted to remove the window and redo with proflex alone. But the shimming required has me seconded guessing that plan.
rerod 11/14/15 07:28pm General RVing Issues
RE: butyl tape window leak

You should not have to double up the butyl on a smooth skin, so I would say the you need to shim the trim ring inside to make it shug. Bingo! The trim ring is tight, but doesn't draw the window tight. Any suggestions on a spacer? Maybe some thick rubber gasket cut narrow? And is kerosene best for a clean up and soften? I'm concerned, because I used this butyl in other spots on the TH But none I couldn't tighten like ALL the windows. jc
rerod 11/14/15 02:23pm General RVing Issues
butyl tape window leak

A few years ago I removed a leaking window in my featherlite toyhauler and removed all the silicone and reinstalled it with butyl tape. I figured I may have to dress up the butyl around the edge one year, but thought it would stay pliable and water tight. We received 1 1/2" of rain a few days ago and it was apparent the butyl had failed because the siding was damp under the window once again. As you can see, I used two layers of tape because the window is not designed to "pinch" a 7/8" thick aluminum studded wall I think. I'm guessing it was designed for a 1" thick wall. So is that my issue" Window designed for a 1" thick wall in a 7/8"? Or did I buy crappy butyl tape which dried out? Can I clean the dirty butyl tape with kerosene and heat it and dress it up like I should have better on installation? It still feels pliable but not like it was when new. Thanks! http://i640.photobucket.com/albums/uu127/re-rod/3CE700DF-247A-4D86-B5E2-89F82B718D94_zpshhdzzupy.jpghttp://i640.photobucket.com/albums/uu127/re-rod/F8A02F88-E24E-45C6-BB7E-49C019D2092E_zpsjvcrmluy.jpg
rerod 11/14/15 01:26pm General RVing Issues
RE: ~Post your campsite photos here~

Clear Creek res colorado. http://i640.photobucket.com/albums/uu127/re-rod/Colorado13/Clear%20creek%20res%202015/8D9580B7-3982-488D-B495-BDBD5A72F700_zpsqqmjt1fk.jpg http://i640.photobucket.com/albums/uu127/re-rod/Colorado13/Clear%20creek%20res%202015/7A4D060C-0921-44CD-B841-9EA8763F76C8_zpsduepm6in.jpg
rerod 09/09/15 05:56pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: What voltage under load is 50% T-105's

What charger do you have? Yes, I'm boondocking.. I disconnect the batteries and use a batteryminder smart charger. Unfortunately the batteryminder's highest setting is only 8 amps. One of these days I will replace my charger inverter. But I have a hard time justifying the cost since I haven't used my camper in two years after I blew up my cummins engine two summers ago on monarch pass and spent the next year removing and rebuilding it myself. Now I remember, my charger takes a long time and all the unhooking etc.. I wish I would have replaced the charger inverter. I went for a day and a half and only dropped to 12.38v with the fridge on.
rerod 08/22/15 04:52pm Tech Issues
RE: What voltage under load is 50% T-105's

Thanks guys. I wont let the voltage get below 12.2 just to be safe.
rerod 08/21/15 08:18am Tech Issues
What voltage under load is 50% T-105's

I have two trojan T105's for my toyhauler. For the most part, my norcold refrigerator is the only load , other than a occasional light in the bathroom and the water pump. We use flash lights allot after dark and usually go to sleep then. With the norcold as the load, what voltage measured at the battery terminals would indicate they are at 50% capacity and need charged? I charge daily but wonder if I'm using more than 50% per day. Thanks
rerod 08/20/15 04:07pm Tech Issues
RE: GFCI trips when Norcold N641 on AC. Only have 4 days to fix

What is this freaking fetish with refrigerators and GCFI's? Bathroom, kitchen and outdoor receptacles yes. If they are too cheap to buy a 2nd and 3rd GCFI outlet then bring a tool kit. Vacation's over. Uh, aren't most RV refrigerator parts you touch plastic? Or vinyl covered? Good question.. I wondered if I could exclude the gfic from the circuit. But I imagine someone must have had a accident due to the 110 plug getting wet. But my refrigerator is cooling on LP , and I'm relieved. Thanks everyone
rerod 08/19/15 11:17am Tech Issues
RE: GFCI trips when Norcold N641 on AC. Only have 4 days to fix

If you have a built-in ice maker the water from mine was leaking and would trip the GFI. I fixed the leak and no more trip. It should work on propane until you can fix the AC issue. I don't have a ice maker. If it has a bad electric heating element, I would not bother to fix it at all. The gas burner is about 50% more powerful than the 250 watt electric element, and will run the refrigerator much better than on electric. When you get home, if you really want to spend $95 on parts and perhaps 2 hours shop labor time and risk damage to your refrigerator, then you can replace the heating element at a shop. Or try to pull it out yourself. Yet if the bad element has melted into the steel tubing that it is in, it might crack when trying to remove it, and destroy the $1,300 refrigerator. Something that you might not want to happen 2 days before your trip. Run it on gas for a few weeks, it will not hurt anything. Then consider just leaving it on gas - it only takes about 1 gallon of propane every 3-6 days, depending on the outside air temp. Fred. Thanks Fred. It looks like the propane side is working, as the flame is lit and no error messages. I should know by this afternoon if its cooling. What can crack when replacing the element again? Steel tubing? I don't plan on fixing it before my trip, or at all , if its that risky.
rerod 08/19/15 09:06am Tech Issues
GFCI trips when Norcold N641 on AC. Only have 4 days to fix

I knew more gremlins would try and spoil my trip in less than a week. My GFI is tripping when I run my norcold N641 on AC. I don't have a ice maker. So I assume its the heating element? How do I test it, or any other tips? I sure hope the LP side works, or I'm hosed once again. Thanks!
rerod 08/19/15 08:17am Tech Issues
RE: Freshest diesel and gas vendors, no ethanol.

Even though for years biodiesel has been heralded as a lubricity additive helping keep fuel system components like the moving parts inside fuel injection systems operating smoothly, the bitter irony here is that, when post-injected, it tends to dilute engine oil and interacts with additives and increases the possibility of engine wear. Much work remains developing viscosity improving, anti-wear, dispersant and detergent additive packages in which adverse reactions with biodiesel are significantly reduced. Can't win for losing
rerod 08/12/15 06:01am General RVing Issues
RE: Freshest diesel and gas vendors, no ethanol.

The Cummins M-11 in our 1999 Freightliner Semi that we have on the farm runs just fine on Bio-Diesel. But, that may not be the same engine you have in your RV's. Which bio diesel? They range from 2% to 100% I'm guessing B2 would be fine in any.
rerod 08/10/15 08:04pm General RVing Issues
RE: Good Sam Camping/Woodall's App Available for Android & Apple

So, is this the best app to find campgrounds in colorado? Is there a app for dispersed camp area's? Thanks
rerod 08/09/15 10:08am Technology Corner
RE: Freshest diesel and gas vendors, no ethanol.

I wouldn't use Biodiesel in my Cummins. ULSD works just fine, no additives needed. Yeah, ULSD in my 1st gen cummins works just fine to. But that doesn't mean it protects the pump or injectors at all. Like I mentioned, B2 bio diesel is supposed to lubricate the IP and injectors better than any additive. But I'm unclear if 2% will have any effect on rubber parts. Also read, soyshield is a great additive as well. That's right. It won 't do a thing for the rings. My owner's manual said to hold off on towing for about 1000 miles and that's what I did, although I think that was really to let the rear end gears mesh and not so much for the benefit of the engine. My .02 opinion is that you'll be fine with 1000 miles on that engine. Understood. I added the blow-by comment just because it's been on my mind me since discovering it. And how much I may have diluted my oil in the 1000 miles Iv driven it. http://i640.photobucket.com/albums/uu127/re-rod/th_70ECC3A2-08B0-4154-B908-797EF9D5EF33_zps90aelivx.mp4
rerod 08/08/15 03:55pm General RVing Issues
RE: Freshest diesel and gas vendors, no ethanol.

Re: diesel. I also treat my fuel with the Ford additive, but that's because I want to add a lubricity enhancer. I'm also from Iowa - been there and DONE THAT. Thanks gopackgo. I'm running Power Service Diesel Kleen and have a fresh rebuilt engine with about 1000 miles on it which the rings aren't even seated yet. I'm a bit concerned with departing on the 24th, but have been told to get the toyhauler on the back and run it hard since I cant even get my EGT's over 850 running fast and hard empty. Is there another additive I should consider in my position? Iv read B2 diesel is the best for lubrication hands down and am considering it.
rerod 08/08/15 08:55am General RVing Issues
RE: Freshest diesel and gas vendors, no ethanol.

I am surprised your BP premium in Iowa is non ethanol. You can get regular gas in the middle of the freaking corn belt, but I am forced to use E15 in Maryland...??? I consider myself lucky. My bikes run like crazy on BP ultimate. I started calling all the gas stations through the Arkansas valley starting at leadville and was told, "nope, and don't get caught with it" ? Then came across the sugar shack. So now I really don't trust any of those gas finder sites.. http://www.thinkcolorado.com/location/sugar-shack-centerville-pit-stop/ So what do you guys do to keep your gens running smoothly when you cant get non ethanol?
rerod 08/07/15 08:52pm General RVing Issues
RE: Freshest diesel and gas vendors, no ethanol.

I am surprised your BP premium in Iowa is non ethanol. In Illinois it has ethanol. Some people think it does not, but they are not reading the pump labeling close enough. In the past it did not have it, but those days are gone, at least here. Yes, the BP ultimate up the street from me is still non ethanol. For now I guess If you want ethanol-free gas, try here There's a Fast Trac near me that has both E0 premium and 87 octane. Thanks. I didn't know the casey's in my town has ethanol-free gas. But it doesn't list the BP station I use and have confirmed the ultimate is ethanol-free. I guess I will have to rely on the station size, and me adding power service diesel additive each tank and hope I dont get a bad batch.
rerod 08/07/15 07:25pm General RVing Issues
Freshest diesel and gas vendors, no ethanol.

In the past, Iv always hauled BP ultimate gas spiked with seafoam with me since Iv had good luck running it in my motorcycles and honda gen. But this year I figured Id save some weight and buy some at my destination in buena vista colorado. Unfortunately, BP's gas station finder wont find them in colorado for me and google doesn't show a BP there. But is it worth seeking BP out just because my local station seems to have good non ethanol gas? Will I have the same results with other premium gases from Exxon/Mobile, Chevron and Shell. And will it be hard to find premium gas without ethanol in some locations? And the same question goes for diesel. I run a cummins and have read diesel quality varies even more than gas. I'm not going out of my way for specific diesel when traveling. But given the choice of station A on one side vs station B on the other.. Which diesel fuel is the freshest and packs the most btu's? Thanks!
rerod 08/07/15 06:50pm General RVing Issues
RE: Upgrade trailer tongue lock? Chain through the wheels?

I use both a tongue lock and a tire lock. The tire lock is much harder to defeat. Also, pull the license plate, if they steal the trailer, there is a chance that a cop will see a trailer with no plate and stop it. More than likely not but its a no cost option. A rather long chain on the axle lets say is also a warning to the cops if you should be lucky. Good luck. Which tire lock should I consider? My rims don't have enough room to pass a chain through them.
rerod 06/11/15 07:28pm Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: Christening rv toilet

Using ice cubes gives the cubes a funny taste. Bwahahahahahaha! rich! Mrs: Vulcan Rider and rerod, the OP states that he has never used his toilet. navegator I am the OP.. That's basically what we've been doing for 11 years, although the wife likes the Thetford Aqua Kem powder. After watching "the fit RV" holding tank video's, Im wondering which chemical breaks up solids best since all the rinsing gadgets he tested left them behind. Also, which wand rinser cleans the tank the best. The camco Swivel Stik looks like a joke. I need a wand with a 90 degree elbow /nozzle I can aim.
rerod 06/07/15 11:18am Beginning RVing
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