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RE: Wingard Traveler

The technician said that we were getting a signal from only 2 of the 4 outputs I guess the tech would have to explain that since you only need ONE output per TV. My Traveler has four outputs up at the antenna but I only have one cable going down to the TV. Why not just try moving your coax cable to a different output from the antenna and see if that works.
rgatijnet1 04/26/15 12:18pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Wingard Traveler

What are the symptoms that it is not working properly? Maybe only one component of the system has failed.
rgatijnet1 04/26/15 09:12am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Leaving tomorrow for Fla

Well. I will say 301 west through Gainesville was rough. crazy speed limits and tons of traffic lights. Glad that's done. It appears that you made the mistake of getting off of US301 in Waldo and took 24 through Gainsville since US301 actually by-passes Gainsville on the East. If you were trying to get over to I75, the best bet is to take US301 south to 326, which is just north of Ocala.
rgatijnet1 04/26/15 06:55am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Floating floor - Who installed them?

I installed the engineered flooring that resembles tile in our coach. It is the floating type flooring with an 1/8" foam backing. We travel quite often in the Winter and have been in below zero temps and above 100 degree temps. We have had no problem with the flooring buckling but I was careful to allow the recommended space around the perimeter for expansion. I also followed the directions to attached the trim molding to the wall rather than down through the flooring material. After I stripped the old carpeting out of our coach, I put two coats of polyurethane on the sub-floor to seal it from any future spills/leaks. Basically it is very simple....follow the manufacturer's recommendations and you will have no problem.
rgatijnet1 04/26/15 05:54am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Typical Towing Capacity for Diesel Class A

I think that according to the specs, the 2002 Bounder diesel has a towing capacity of 5000 pounds with a tongue weight of 500 pounds.
rgatijnet1 04/24/15 03:37pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Carefree SOK III Slide Topper Owners

I had one of the springs break on my main Carefree awning. When I took the spring out I saw that it un-coated and was all rusty. I purchased both springs and covered them in grease when I installed them. The awning seems to work smoother and hopefully I will not have another one break in the future.
rgatijnet1 04/24/15 11:50am Class A Motorhomes
RE: New Concrete Pad

For very little more money, you can also get "stamped" concrete to replicate many different types of pavers. That, along with the color, can make a very attractive driveway or walkway.The last time I quoted out stamped colored concrete, it was more expensive than pavers. Maybe things have changed since then. The facts are that it is a lot better than pavers, which tend to shift all over the place because they are not physically tied to each other. What I was saying that for very little more money, over regular stained concrete, you can get "stamped" concrete. I don't doubt that stamped concrete will always be more expensive than individual pavers, but the benefits of reinforced concrete is well worth it when used as a place to park a heavy vehicle.
rgatijnet1 04/24/15 07:48am Class A Motorhomes
RE: I've asked this question before...

Why not look for the reason your steering becomes difficult? It is NOT because of air pressure. I would guess that your front axle is loaded light or that you have worn steering/suspension components. ALL of the tire charts say that you should set your tire pressure when the tires are cold. Running them at a lower pressure can and will eventually cause tire damage.
rgatijnet1 04/24/15 05:10am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Leaving tomorrow for Fla

Well made it almost 500 miles. We're set up in Selma NC at RVacations. Great spot. Didn't even have to unhook our towed. Hopefully north Fla tomorrow somewhere. Any suggestions there? Depends on where in Florida you are going. There a few places to stay in South Georgia just before the border and the fuel will be cheaper.
rgatijnet1 04/23/15 06:28pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: 80mph gusts wind ..ripped off half roof

It sounds like it might be wise to start compiling information like newspaper articles from the area where the storm occurred. Any information about other damage in the area will certainly help your appeal process. Many newspapers do offer past issues for sale and you may even be able to obtain actual weather reports from the local airports for that time period. Basically all of the info you can gather about the date when this happened will help to provide information to the insurance commissioner, lawyer, or a new claims adjuster. I think mentioning that you will be leaving them is sort of what they want you to do anyway. They would rather lose you as a customer than to pay your claim.
rgatijnet1 04/23/15 05:22pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: How many hours a day do you drive?

A lot depends on where we are going and if it is over roads that we have traveled on before. Since I am retired I know that I now have a time limit that will not wait. I do not enjoy spending my time left on roads that we have previously traveled so on those days, I am likely to drive for 8-10 hours to get to our destination. When on new roads, we enjoy the scenery and will stop whenever we decide that we want to examine the area more closely. On a new road, we may only travel for a few hours, before we come across a place that we want to stop at. For us it is all about seeing new things altho sometimes to get to a favorite destination we do have to travel on roads that are old news and not that enjoyable anymore.
rgatijnet1 04/23/15 12:16pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: 80mph gusts wind ..ripped off half roof

I would certainly pursue this further with the insurance commissioner in your State. I have heard of Progressive doing this same denial of claims in the past so there is a good chance that your insurance commission is familiar with their unethical tactics.
rgatijnet1 04/23/15 11:06am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Watch that bridge!!!

Besides low bridges, you have to watch for low tree branches, especially if you are in the curb lane. The facts are that no GPS can warn you about everything. You have to know your vehicle's exact height, be able to read and heed warning signs, and instinctively know whether your coach will fit under that low branch. If you don't or can't do those things, you will eventually have to pay for repairs to your coach.
rgatijnet1 04/23/15 07:20am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Preventative hail damage

They make covers that go over your vents to allow you to open your vents while it is raining. From experience, they provide excellent hail protection. I would pull in any slides that you have and not worry too much about your skylight over the shower. If you go up on your roof, you will find that the skylight is fairly flexible. Chances are it will not be affected but if it does break, it is over the shower. On another note, after a hail storm is a great opportunity to pick up a toad. ON one of our trips in Albuquerque, we were able to pick up a Chevy HHR from Enterprise car rental that had MINOR hail damage. The vehicle had less than 10,000 miles, was less than one year old, and had a sticker price of $24,000+. We got the vehicle for $8,500 out the door and had a base plate installed by an RV shop in town. We sold our Saturn to a dealer and feel that we made a great deal. The auto rental places DO NOT repair their vehicles with hail damage. They get rid of them at deeply discounted prices.
rgatijnet1 04/23/15 05:34am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Watch that bridge!!!

One thing seems apparent......on the 5th wheel forum if someone asks about why their AC doesn't work, the first thing we can tell them is to look on the roof and see if it is still there. :B
rgatijnet1 04/22/15 05:50pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Tires--Load Range Increase

Just do not confuse load range with tire pressure. You can go from a "F" to a "G" load range but to carry the same load, you need the exact same tire pressure in both tires, regardless of the load range. Obviously the "G" will allow you to carry a heavier load but unless you plan to increase the weight of your coach, the air pressure will remain the same for your coach tires with whatever load range tire you install.
rgatijnet1 04/22/15 11:29am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Need help with class B road test in NC, will pay/compensate

Congrats for passing your test and doing it right.
rgatijnet1 04/22/15 09:43am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Leaving tomorrow for Fla

I-95 through SC and parts of the other states is so rough that it will surly test your coach to insure that everything is secure. The rough road also takes it's toll on the driver. Drive until you feel TIRED and then look for a place to stop. Don't go by miles driven. There are plenty of RV parks along I-95 and we have always found a spot to spend the night, without any prior reservations. Your first day you will have to deal with Philly, Baltimore, and DC. By the time you get past them, you will be ready to stop.
rgatijnet1 04/22/15 07:46am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Watch that bridge!!!

Lots of truck drivers and fifth wheelers messed up but I did not see any Class A's. :B
rgatijnet1 04/22/15 07:43am Class A Motorhomes
RE: TPMS in Class A Motorhomes

I see no reason for the government to get more involved in my RV experience then they are. What happened to pre trip inspection and checking your tire pressure during and after your travel? It would seem to me this system is designed for drivers that don't do the proper maintenance or pre trip checks. I would never depend on a government mandated gadget for my safety. JMHO. I agree 100%. There is a large number of RV owners who do not check their tire pressure until the TPMS sends an alert. If they have long tire valve extensions, like on rear duals, the temperature warning is almost useless. I asked one owner what he had his TPMS set for and he told me that once the pressure drops 10% below his minimum, it will send a warning. That means that he may be driving many miles with the tire pressure below the minimum pressure needed for his load, which is not good for that tire but is also now overloading his other dual tire that has to pick up the additional load. Checking tire pressure is a hassle for those that want to make it a hassle. For me it takes a few minutes. I know that when leaving an RV park in the morning I very very seldom see anyone checking their tire pressure. The TPMS system in an RV is a lot different than the ones in an automobile that very seldom is loaded to the maximum allowable weight. Most RV's travel at close to, or over, the maximum gross weight at all times and the tire pressure should never be allowed to drop below the minimum pressure required to carry that load. The funniest thing I heard from one RV owner when he heard his TPMS alarm going off on a cool morning was..."I don't worry about it. Shortly after I start driving the heat will cause the tire pressure to rise and the alarm will go off." Smart! :B
rgatijnet1 04/22/15 07:05am Class A Motorhomes
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