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RE: Driving Comfort

If you throttle is like the one on my Monaco coach the connection to the engine is electrical so moving the pedal to the left, along with the electrical control, should not be too much of a problem. Moving the brake pedal may require cutting off the old pedal and fabricating an offset piece that can be bolted on the the existing brake pedal shaft. Not that big of a deal. I would not want to do any welding under the steering column inside of my coach. If you move the seat, it may position you off-set to the steering wheel as well as more distant from any left hand switches, etc. Just figure out what you need to do and then remove your seat. At that point access should be pretty easy.
rgatijnet1 08/23/14 12:55pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Coach tends to wander

Have the coach weighed with it loaded the way you normally travel. If the front axle is lightly loaded, that can cause some wandering. Most vehicles drive better with the front axle loaded close to maximum. If you do get the alignment adjusted, do it with the coach loaded the way you normally travel. This puts the ride height at the normal driving height and will make the alignment more effective and accurate. Have them check the thrust angle as well, which is the alignment of the rear axle to insure that the coach is tracking straight down the road.
rgatijnet1 08/23/14 09:52am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Dash Cams

I have no worries about the data (such as speed, etc) being shown and possibly being used against me which I suppose is true that it could be. My thoughts are that I will only produce the dashcam video if I need to and under my own criteria. I will hold off on even mentioning that I have one equipped and present it if needed at a later date should something happen. I will keep the speed, date and time, and telemetry data on my recordings. You are making the ASSUMPTION that you will survive the accident and be able to make that choice. It might be your heirs that lose out because the video was used against you in court and you were not there to speak for yourself. Just saying.......
rgatijnet1 08/22/14 02:01pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Are my turn signals invisible?

Sometimes us "idiots" have to force the issue in response to a traffic directive such as a lane closure when no one will give us room to maneuver. I've generally found OTR truck drivers to be the most considerate in those circumstances. I agree. I seem to remember an incident in Nashville a few months back where the driver of the Class A said that he was not able to switch lanes, because no other vehicle would "let" him in. A young Nashville police lost his life in that case because the RV driver did not force the issue when changing lanes. That is just BS. Had nothing to do with no one letting him over, he went barrelling around a blind corner that said one lane closed and there were 2 lanes closed. He had nowhere to go because the one lane was jacked and he couldn't stop. I guess he was supposed to force the issue and barrel through a few cars... Yep, you are right....better to hit the officer on foot than hit a few automobiles. Unbelievable how you were able determine all of the facts and to appoint yourself the judge and jury on this incident since NO CHARGES have been filed against the RV driver.
rgatijnet1 08/22/14 08:44am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Are my turn signals invisible?

Sometimes us "idiots" have to force the issue in response to a traffic directive such as a lane closure when no one will give us room to maneuver. I've generally found OTR truck drivers to be the most considerate in those circumstances. I agree. I seem to remember an incident in Nashville a few months back where the driver of the Class A said that he was not able to switch lanes, because no other vehicle would "let" him in. A young Nashville police lost his life in that case because the RV driver did not force the issue when changing lanes.
rgatijnet1 08/22/14 08:25am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Results on $190.00 per hour survery

For me, as someone who is in every one of your same shoes...I would gladly pay extra for something done right; and most of the time the ultimate bill is less than something done half way. Tommy The thing is, if ANY service facility agrees to work on your coach, it SHOULD be done right the first time, period. Saying that you, or anyone else, should be happy to pay extra to have the job done right, is like going in to a restaurant and having your food prepared according to how much you are willing to pay. If you do RV service, you either do it right, or you shut down. Every customer goes to a service facility expecting to have the job done right so I think you should forget about price and concentrate on improving the work ethic of the RV mechanics/service facilities. From years of owning my own businesses, I know that no matter how much you pay a poor employee, he will always remain a poor employee. A good worker does the job right because he would not do it any other way. Paying a good worker more will NOT improve his already excellent work ethic but it is a nice reward.
rgatijnet1 08/22/14 06:10am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Dash Cams

I have been using dash cams for a couple years now. the current one I use in my car is a GT680W. I have been very happy with it so far. It has GPS so it logs the location and it also has a 'screen saver' which is a compass and shows your speed as calculated by the GPS. I bring my Mobius Action Cam for the coach. I did take some really nice scenery video of crossing the Mackinac Bridge and driving over the top of lake Michigan with the Mobius but haven't done anything with that video yet. The following are a couple videos I put up on YouTube taken from my dash cam in my car. This first one is an idiot who decided to pull out in front of me - caught with my first dashcam. If you look closely, you will see I am going 55mph and did lay on the brakes and horn: idiot driver! These next three are a series of videos from last year while I was driving home when a bad storm was hitting my area. My family was in the basement as a tornado was spotted very near to my house. Before someone mentions it, yes I rolled some stop signs as I was in a hurry to get home: Storm Clip 1, Storm Clip 2 & Storm Clip 3. this one is a test clip I made using the Mobius: Mobius Action Cam Clip Finally, while driving home last week, I was really enjoying this flat farm land where I live so I used some dashcam video and made this clip: Tribute to My Neck of the Woods But the real reason for my ever getting one is because both my father and son were involved in seperate scam type accidents. Both of them were never held responsible but it really got me thinking so I now have one in the car at all times. For the RV, its great to capture some of the beautiful scenery as you move along the highway from one destination to another! of course, you will catch people doing stupid things which is kind of part of the fun of having one. The images are fine from your dash cam but personally I would remove the speedometer reading. There has to be a delay for the speed since it is GPS based so it is not accurate for the time of impact and it could be used against you in court. I would just give the image and let it speak for itself.
rgatijnet1 08/22/14 04:33am Class A Motorhomes
RE: All packed up

Is this that RV you found at Parliament in Clearwater?
rgatijnet1 08/21/14 02:16pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: All packed up

Multimeter? Hope it is an uneventful trip back.
rgatijnet1 08/21/14 02:05pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Inverter Mystery

Try turning the battery charger off at the Xantrex panel and see if that changes the output voltage.
rgatijnet1 08/21/14 01:16pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: ink stain on leather

If it is smooth leather and not suede, then plain old isopropyl alcohol(not rubbing alcohol) and a cotton swab should work.
rgatijnet1 08/21/14 12:38pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: AC Repair Camping World or Lazydays

If you don't mind going across the bridge, give Doug a call at PMS truck and RV service in Pinellas. (727) 573-7774
rgatijnet1 08/21/14 11:45am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Dash Cams

my first one was a $18 special. worked but wasn't wonderful. then based on a recommendation here I sprung for a $52 one. much better. a $300 go pro, a waste of money. bumpy Ya gets what you pay for. There is no comparison between a go-pro and a $50 camera. My son is a snow board instructor and has been using it for years on the mountain and on the lake there is nothing that compares to it on the market. That is exactly right. In the case of an incident, do you want some fuzzy image that shows basically what went on or do you want an image that is in sharp focus and can read a license plate, or identify someone, at 50+ feet? You may only need your dash camera once in your life and do you really want to trust some cheap Chinese camera or a camera system that has been proven to survive rough handling and still provide a crystal clear video? In addition, the GoPro camera does not have to be only used on your dash. It can be hand carried to provide 1080 HD video of the various sights that you encounter with your journeys. GoPro also has many versions and you do not have to pay $300 to get one for your rig. For something so important that it may prove your guilt or innocence I feel that spending peanuts on a camera is the real waste of money.
rgatijnet1 08/21/14 07:34am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Got hung up and could not move. How did I get out?

CoachNet :B
rgatijnet1 08/21/14 04:56am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Dash Cams

I have one of the GoPro cameras mounted right on the bottom of the windshield. It gives a full HD view of everything that is going on out in front of my coach.
rgatijnet1 08/21/14 04:24am Class A Motorhomes

The only tire opinion that is relevant is the one given at the end of the tires life. In other words, how did it perform over the 6-10 year life of the tire, not how it rode when new or after a few thousand miles. That is why I asked the OP how his original tires performed? He never said what brand tires they were. Those tires may have been manufactured in 2005 and if they have served him well, that is a pretty decent testimonial. Show me a testimonial from someone that had a similar coach, and has just replaced their 2005-6 Hankook tires and then we can compare the service life apples for apples.
rgatijnet1 08/20/14 02:11pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: spark plug change 99 v10

Once you get the spark plugs out, examine them closely for any signs of aluminum that remains in the threads. If there is any, it means that part of the thread was removed with the plug and the hole should have a heli-coil installed before you install a new plug.
rgatijnet1 08/20/14 01:21pm Class A Motorhomes

We have a Class A Motorhome (Newmar Kountry Star) year 2006. We must replace 6 tires and friends have suggested Hankook Tires. Does anyone know anything about these tires, and what other tires do you recommend. IF the tires on the coach are originals, what is your opinion of them? If they have served you well, why gamble on the unknown? How tires have served other people on their coach is not really relevant to how tires will perform on your coach and the way you load it and travel. Your own experience on your own coach is what counts. If the existing tires did not perform well, try to find out why or you may have the same problem with new tires. Also keep in mind that any brand of new tires will initially ride better because the rubber is new and softer, compared to your old original tires that have hardened with age. Only time will tell whether a different brand tires is better than what you replace.
rgatijnet1 08/20/14 01:09pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Installing multiple outboard cameras for maneuvering safety

I have a three camera system that i feel is enough. My rear camera has a tilt button and I can look straight down at my hitch, or up over my toad by just pushing the tilt button on the monitor. My other two side cameras give me a full screen view when I turn on the turn signal. I do have one other camera, that uses my GPS unit as the monitor, that is directly above my fuel fill. This lets me know exactly when I am opposite the fuel pump. Camera system was original or aftermarket? What brand? Mine is the Voyager system that I installed to replace an older Jensen system. The GPS camera system is the Garmin RV 760LMT with the optional camera and a wireless on-off switch.
rgatijnet1 08/20/14 12:04pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Shop Labor Rate. Survey.

NO I have a shop in my area that I can get in to almost any time and the shop rate varies from as low as $65 to as high as $125. The reason why the shop labor rate changes is because they do not put their top mechanic on a job that only requires an apprentice. For a lube job or tire balance, you get the lower priced mechanic. For basic mechanical work, you may get someone in the mid-range. For a complicated problem, that will need an expert's diagnosis, then you pay top dollar. After the diagnosis is made, the labor rate may change if it is a mundane job to repair. This shop is always packed and the customers know they will be treated fair. Personally I would avoid any shop that charges their customers top dollar, even if it is the new guy or the old pro that works on your rig.
rgatijnet1 08/20/14 12:01pm Class A Motorhomes
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