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RE: Leaking inner dual tire, need help finding leak

If you have the metal valve stems, there is a rubber gasket that can leak if pushed a certain way. If the rubber has hardened, the gasket may leak at certain times and may seal fine at other times. You also may have the valve core that has corroded from moisture inside the tire.
rgatijnet1 01/29/15 09:17am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Has anyone heard of coating undercarriage?

Undercoating applied this late would just encapsulate any existing problems and be worse than if left alone. There is no way that they can remove all electrical and other lines and hoses to sand blast the ENTIRE undercarriage so the small part that they can easily access is insignificant. I would not do it but I would make sure that after each season you make sure that the underside of your coach is rinsed well with fresh water.
rgatijnet1 01/29/15 05:53am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Yellow stain on back of RV - How can I clean it?

Be careful about using any abrasive substance as it may remove the clear coat if your coach is painted. It sort of sounds like the rear of your coach was not protected with a coat of wax so the mud was allowed to penetrate the surface. I would not use anything that does not say that it is "clear coat" safe. Perhaps a medium clay bar would work with a minimal amount of effort. Just be sure to use the clay bar with plenty of water to lubricate and wash away the debris. After the coach is clean, apply a good coat of wax to protect the surface.
rgatijnet1 01/29/15 05:49am Class A Motorhomes

No antenna receives HD unless it is being transmitted. That is sort of a DOH. :S Since HDTV is being transmitted and the OP wants an antenna to receive it, who cares what you call it? I know some of the HAMS are fanatical about antennas and always correct everything that anyone else says about an RV antenna, but who cares about the terminology. The OP, and MOST everyone else only wants to receive a signal which, as you say, a piece of wire will work. The King works better than a wire. :R
rgatijnet1 01/27/15 04:02pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Windshield Replacement

Don installed my windshield in Seminole, FL, which is just across the bay from Tampa and is actually in Don's home area. He did a great job but in my case RV Glass Solutions handled all of the paperwork. As mentioned, Florida has "zero deductible" for windshield replacement so I had no out of pocket expense and RV Glass solutions handled all of the paperwork with my insurance company. Basically it is all about who actually does the work since the windshields are all made by one company and shipped to many sub-contractors. Don does great work.
rgatijnet1 01/27/15 03:03pm Class A Motorhomes

and just so you know, there is no such thing as an "HD" antenna. that's pure snake oil. I believe the ad says that the antenna is for HDTV, which it is. You can receive certain channels that are broadcasting HDTV network programing, which is probably what the OP is trying to do.
rgatijnet1 01/27/15 02:09pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: If I install Air Tabs & Solid Aero Hubcaps will I get 10 mpg

I'm getting almost 10mpg with mine. You may be getting 10 mpg but with it upside down, as in your pictures, it doesn't look too comfortable. :B
rgatijnet1 01/27/15 12:43pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: If I install Air Tabs & Solid Aero Hubcaps will I get 10 mpg

Look at what the pro's are doing for your answer. The trucking companies use wind wings and sometimes trailer tails to get better mileage, but I've never seen airtabs on a semi. If they could get a couple tenths of a mpg from airtabs they would be on lots of OTR trailers. Most people wouldn't notice them if they weren't looking for them. They are on a lot of semi's. All you have to do is look. http://www.airtab.com/Site/images/application-images/st13.jpg
rgatijnet1 01/27/15 08:32am Class A Motorhomes
RE: If I install Air Tabs & Solid Aero Hubcaps will I get 10 mpg

Take a toad with you. The increase in drag may cost you 1 MPG but you are now taking TWO vehicles from point A to B so your mileage essentially doubles. :B
rgatijnet1 01/27/15 06:00am Class A Motorhomes

You may have a fuse that has blown which would not allow your 12 volt amplifier to supply power up through the coax to your antenna. The King antenna used to come with it's own 12 volt power supply that you would use if your 12 volts is NOT available through an existing amplifier. The King antenna is far superior to my old batwing which was a rattling hunk of aluminum pieces.
rgatijnet1 01/27/15 05:11am Class A Motorhomes
RE: If I install Air Tabs & Solid Aero Hubcaps will I get 10 mpg

My AirTabs certainly improve the handling but if they increased the fuel mileage it was too small for me to measure. They do keep the back of the coach cleaner so they obviously change the air flow around the rear of the coach.
rgatijnet1 01/27/15 04:12am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Carpet Stain

Try a solution of OxyClean being sure to rinse the carpet afterwards.
rgatijnet1 01/26/15 06:32am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Brake pads for P30 Chassis

On the front brake caliper you will find some embossed numbers. With those numbers NAPA can give you the correct pads.
rgatijnet1 01/26/15 03:53am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Selling a Distressed Motorhome

Which is the reason those who can buy new do so. You just might end up with a RV not worth what you paid for it. Yep, it's too bad that the new vehicles do not come with a list of things that will go wrong after you drive away from the dealer. From my own experience, and from reading what others have posted on this forum, buying new does not guaranty that you will not have problems. This is usually followed up with weeks/months with the new coach at the dealer trying to get things repaired, or, if you are on the road, trying to find someone that can take care of warranty work. Life is cr@p shoot and there are no guarantees when it comes to any vehicle as complicated as an RV.
rgatijnet1 01/25/15 01:27pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: the deal fell through, now I have a million questions

Just remember, Ford is an active chassis, while Workhorse is a has been chassis. Parts are readily available for the Ford, can they say the same for the Workhorse. Yes, I agree, the Workhorse was a very good chassis, but to say it was the "best in the industry" is IMO, a personal statement of that dealer without any basis in fact. Also, there was a very serious brake recall on the Workhorse chassis, so make darn sure it has been done, because as a dead chassis there is no recourse if it has not been accomplished. There are several places that have any WH chassis part that you need. Fact is I never needed any chassis part and engine, transmission, rear end, braking, and suspension parts are readily available. Keep in mind that even with a Ford RV chassis, many Ford dealers will not touch them and do not stock any chassis parts. As with the WH, the parts that are most likely to break are available for the Ford engine and transmission at most auto parts stores.
rgatijnet1 01/25/15 09:22am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Selling a Distressed Motorhome

As soon as you try to list ALL of the problems, a buyer will come along and show you another problem. It is a waste of time to try to list them all. Just state what the vehicle is and that it needs work and is sold as is where is. If it runs and drives AND STOPS, say so. If it does not, then say so. If a buyer can drive it to his house to do the work, or if it needs to be towed, say so. Other than that say that it needs work and you will make the vehicle available for an inspection by any perspective buyer.
rgatijnet1 01/25/15 09:03am Class A Motorhomes
RE: the deal fell through, now I have a million questions

A lot of people love the Workhorse chassis with the Allison transmission. Because of gearing(4.77:1), my WH chassis can easily climb any Western mountain while towing and with the double overdrive on the Allison transmission, I can still get decent mileage on the flat land. The GM engine has parts available at any auto parts house and most mechanics can work on it. The Allison transmission has proven to be bulletproof. The WH chassis coaches did have a brake recall that covered the W-20 series of chassis. This recall did not affect the P series or the heavier W-22-24 series chassis. In any case, since that was several years ago, I am sure that any rigs that are now on the market have had all of the recall issues taken care of. It is no longer an issue. My WH chassis now has over 80,000 trouble free miles and I still do not burn any oil. My Allison transmission has the Transyn fluid and still shifts like it is new. Other than the usual oil changes and lubrication, the chassis requires very little maintenance. Plugs get changed at 100,000, coolant at 100,000 or five years. Mine has the wet lubricated front wheel bearings which require an occasional check to insure that the oil level is correct. This chassis has required the least amount of maintenance than any of our previous coaches. That said, I still think that the floor plan is the most important. If you find a floor plan that is ideal, either the GM or the Ford engine will get the job done. They will both get you to the top of the mountain and down the other side, with a minimal amount of care.
rgatijnet1 01/25/15 08:57am Class A Motorhomes
RE: How wide is your driveway ?

All I can do is give you the dimensions for my coach which may be different for another rig. My wide body Monaco is 102"(96" inside) with 12" on each side for the mirrors. This gives a total outside to outside dimension of 126". You say that you have exactly 11 feet(132"). Obviously any windows or anything else that protrudes from the walls will have to be considered. Basically if you have a wide body Class A coach you will have 3" to spare on each side. If you get one of the narrow body Class A units, this will gain you an additional 3" on each side. Not ideal and with care it could be done. You will have to take your tape with you and measure any RV that you plan to buy.
rgatijnet1 01/24/15 02:14pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Fresh Water Tank Leak

You have an overflow hose on your coach, as do most RV's. Find that overflow hose, which on my Monaco is on the opposite side of the coach. Once you have the overflow hose, plug it off. Then if you have a manual fill valve, which on mine is above the shore water hose connection and allows me to dump 5 gallons of water in from a container. Make sure that hole is plugged or the cap is on tight. Now you should only have the fill valve, that is used to connect to shore water. With the tank empty, as you say it is, use a fill hose to pressurize your tank with a low pressure and see if you can hear a leak somewhere, or if it will hold pressure of no more than 20 psi. If you hear air escaping try to find the location. If it holds air I would suspect overflow hose siphoning. The overflow hoses have been known to siphon water out of the fresh water tank on some coaches, which it did on mine. I just left the overflow hose plugged and use my manual fill valve as the vent. No problems since then for the past five years.
rgatijnet1 01/24/15 09:29am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Front Window Privacy Curtain

ANy upholstery shop, curtain shop, or seamstress, should be able to copy your old curtains and make replacements.
rgatijnet1 01/24/15 05:25am Class A Motorhomes
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