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RE: Plan to travel with 3 cats and a dog

Get a squirt bottle and when you come to the screen door to open it, squirt any cat even vaguely nearby. It won't be long before they avoid the door like the plague. And I would never let them ride free, always in a carrier for their safety. Little bodies flying through the air don't end up well. BTW, I camp and travel with 4 cats and 3 dogs. They all acclimate with time and it gets much easier. When I hit the road full time with 4 dogs I quickly found out how useful a small squirt bottle with water in it is to stop the dogs from barking at a CG. No yelling at them to shut up which is actually more annoying to fellow campers than the dogs! The ultimate bark silencer - water spray bottle! Mine are in ex-pens along side the MH. First time used it was directed at them after that just shooting on the ground near them is all that is needed. Now all I have to do is set the spray bottle out and all is quiet.:C X2 on allowing animals loose in any vehicles. They become projectiles in something as simple as a low speed rear end accident. Which also can impair the driver's ability to control the vehicle.
rockhillmanor 08/20/14 04:35am RV Pet Stop
RE: Rabies confirmed in Olympic Peninsula, Wa. bat

I am still stuck on the fact that he actually 'caught' a bat after it bit him. :?
rockhillmanor 08/19/14 06:39pm General RVing Issues
RE: Plan to travel with 3 cats and a dog

...Consequently, we are thinking about moving to a class C, where they wouldn't have to be crated while we travel... ALL animals riding in my MH are crated while traveling down the road. For their safety and mine. I finally found this soft crate for the cat at Walmart. Folds up flat for storage and is big enough for a bed, food bowl and a litter box. The screening around the entire cage is what I needed for my cat to be happy in it while traveling. He ended up sleeping in it every night on his own. I built a table top in the back of the bedroom at the foot of the bed up against the wall for the crate. Faced the opening towards the wall so the dog can't get at the litter box but the cat could easily go in and out to eat and do his business. And more importantly out of my way and not using up any of 'my' MH space! http://ts1.mm.bing.net/th?id=HN.608039826015784922&w=171&h=172&c=7&rs=1&pid=1.7 SportPet crates can be found at walmart. They are very inexpensive compared to other soft sided crates. And they fold completely flat for storage. They are on the very top shelves folded flat in the store easy to miss.
rockhillmanor 08/19/14 06:31pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Brain Fart for those who don't have washing machine onboard

CG laundromats period. Come on they usually only cost around 75 cents. Once a week I find a CG that has a laundromat. Walk across the CG dump your laundry in and go back to your site to have a cold one. When done dump your laundry in the dryer and repeat process and have another cold one!! IMHO the ONLY way to do laundry while RV'ing! :C
rockhillmanor 08/19/14 06:11pm General RVing Issues
RE: Portable AC unit to use in travel trailers

Portable swamp coolers.They make them in 12volt too. http://swampy.net/ http://swampy.net/camper.html Small Portable air con available at lowes and big box stores.
rockhillmanor 08/19/14 06:05pm Beginning RVing
RE: towing behind a class c

A Base plate installed to the car you tow. AND Tow Bar AND Making SURE the car you decide on CAN be towed four down. This is a good website to get info/equipment. They also have a link to search your make of car that will tell you if they can be towed 4 down and what base plate is required. blueox.com The owners manual of all cars will tell you if the car can be towed 4 down. Look up Recreational towing in the manual. Good Luck
rockhillmanor 08/19/14 05:55pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Newbie...So Confused

EXCEPT for buying the correct length and weight for your tow vehicle most RV'ers make their decisions on what TT to buy based on lay out. The DW wants such and such and the DH wants what he wants as far as the lay out of the trailer. Just look around at all of them until you find one that suits both your needs. Same as how people buy a home. Length and weight that fits the specs of your tow vehicle is number ONE. That narrows your search to ones that you are able to tow SAFELY. Then the layout. Just go shopping and look at them all. Asking what brand is better will just net you each owner saying the one they have is the best! :W
rockhillmanor 08/19/14 05:49pm Travel Trailers
RE: Big Bang

X5 - stove ... No propane leak detector (blaring its head off)? In my case it was a very windy day and while waiting for mobile repair to fix my vent for the gray :S I had ALL the windows open. The gas from the stove was using the sink as it's 'low point'. Henceforth 'everyone's' consensus that it was the gray tank. Detector is 31 ft back in the bedroom so no it did not go off. I have posted it several times before but what added to the confusion was the required "SMELL" additive did NOT smell like what I know to be propane back in Wisconsin. I had filled the tank in Kentucky. It did NOT smell anything like the propane smell I was accustom to. Which is why I did not think it was a propane leak. Looked it up on the fed regulations site and yes they are all required to add a smell but there is NO regulations stating that ALL propane companies use the SAME smell. Something to think about and know if you travel and fill up propane in different states, as it did almost kill me and all my dogs.:(
rockhillmanor 08/19/14 05:40pm General RVing Issues
RE: The ideal GPS route

I don't know of any work-arounds that would help you. And I sure understand your frustration. Every time we use the GPS (which is every time we travel) we can't believe how un-technologically advanced they are. We should be able to talk to it and tell it things- like: Don't tell me when there is a large interchange ahead that I don't want to go on. We'd really like to stay on the road along the lake even if we could save 1 minute by taking a different road. We're pulling into a gas station, so don't worry your pretty little head about recalculating. I have a TomTom and I CAN talk to it and she understands me! I tell here where I want to go, she programs the route. No pushing tiny little buttons entering all the info! :B Mine never offers alternate routes. Could it be you all with Garmins are not programming it properly to provide a designated route? They ONLY time mine recalculates is if "I" alter from the programmed route. Which I like a lot because if I change how I am going I don't want to have to stop and reprogram it into the unit....it recognizes that "I" alter the route and recalculates my trip based on what I have done. Especially good for accidents, detours, construction,etc. Sure glad I bought a TomTom. :C
rockhillmanor 08/19/14 07:22am General RVing Issues
RE: The ideal GPS route

Not setting a GPS for the "shortest route", but rather for the "fastest route", will eliminate a lot of those back alley and cow path routes. Ditto X2. You need to go into settings and either choose shortest or fastest route. And there should be a setting or pop up that asks you if you want to avoid toll roads or accept toll roads. That will determine if you are up on the interstate or down on the frontage road for your trip. Finding and fine tuning the settings eliminates all the unnecessary garbage. Some GPS settings menu's are ARE a little confusing and not user friendly. I FINALLY found out on mine that within each icon on each page of settings there were more settings. And the description of which icon to use to change a setting are sometimes misleading, it appears not to apply to what you want to do so you don't click on them and keep searching for what you want. When in essence if you clicked on it you find more settings within it that do contain what you need!:R
rockhillmanor 08/19/14 07:12am General RVing Issues
RE: TV Free air antenna

I'm watching TV right now with just the same o same o batwing antenna that came with my MH. I net 20 to 30 free TV digital channels. IMHO you don't need no stinkin do-dad add on to get more channels or to get digital. The batwing RV antenna brings in all the TV digital channels just fine and for free.
rockhillmanor 08/18/14 05:46pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Need small truck to tow with automatic trans;can't find one.

Canyon Pick Up Truck, albiet it tops out at the high end of weight suggested for your MH to tow. You didn't mention what engine you have in your MH. Would make a big difference of what your MH can comfortably tow.
rockhillmanor 08/18/14 05:41pm Dinghy Towing
RE: Sewer vent smell - need advice

I have lost several vent caps unknowingly by tree branches at CG's I know do a vent cap check on my departure list. Yours looks like the vent cap and stack took a REAL big hit by a tree branch enough to break off the pipe with it. They must have had that cap jammed on tighter than tight for it to break the pipe too. IMHO don't waste your money on the whirly gig sewer cap just buy the standard vent cap after you figure out how to had to the broken pipe.
rockhillmanor 08/18/14 05:38pm Tech Issues
RE: Smelly water after 3 days

Bleach in tank and run thru all faucets and hot water tank. Keeping in mind that you are mixing the water in the hot water tank so you have to run the faucets open for a good long time to get the concentration into the hot water heater. As far as water goes? Up North I use the same fresh water hose all season long. BUT....... Park in Florida for just a month and then cut open you water hose and be prepared to up chuck if you drink your RV water. GREEN MOLD grows prolifically 'inside' water hoses in the south.http://i48.tinypic.com/2porsr6.gif
rockhillmanor 08/18/14 05:30pm General RVing Issues
RE: Big Bang

X4 Been there done that stacked some things in front of stove to move to next CG a short distance away and unbeknown to me while driving down the road it bumped the stove knob on. Long story short I damn near died that day. :(
rockhillmanor 08/18/14 05:24pm General RVing Issues
RE: RVing without an RV

I didn't know about cabins either. KOA's have cabins also that are real reasonable. They have 2 types. One that has a bathroom and one that is primitive no bath and no bedding. No way you could come close to stay at a motel for that price. I was parked at a KOA for a week with it in mind that one of those nights my MH would go in for an emergency overnight repair. They showed me their cabins to rent for the night. Pretty slick.
rockhillmanor 08/18/14 05:12pm Beginning RVing
RE: Source for dash AC switch

Check with your dealership first and hold on to your wallet. My dash switch went out and found it is now an "assembly" part which includes the vacuum pump and is buried at the bottom of the dash. :R Labor and parts $600.00. Remember the days it WAS just the switch dial for a couple of bucks?
rockhillmanor 08/18/14 05:04pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Where are all the RV washes?

Where are all the RV washes? On the interstate as shown on the big highway signs that say "Truck Wash'!
rockhillmanor 08/18/14 04:56pm General RVing Issues
RE: One step closer!!! House is SOLD!!!

..... I never depended upon realtors to honesty value a house. I have sold five homes through out my lifetime, in Florida, and sold them all in a reasonable time frame. ( Usually within 30 days, one the day before I ... X2 I think a lot sellers don't realize or know that if the buyer is getting a loan their bank comes out and does an appraisal and will only finance that amount. They don't let real estate agents do and/or contribute to the comps anymore. AND big AND they look at comparable homes and what they sold for in the past 6 months. That used to be a year but now it's 6 months. If you have had a foreclosure in your neighborhood that sold for dirt cheap or someone just bailing out of their home and it sells for far less than it's real value? THAT is the figure the bank will base the loan on for your potential buyer. It's a cruel world out there now for selling.
rockhillmanor 08/18/14 04:52pm Full-time RVing
RE: Getting your mail

For two winters we did a post office TEMPORARY mail forwarding to a mail forwarding service. The service then sent our mail to wherever we were. Worked fine for us. It is a small town though and the local PO and carrier are very helpful and knowledgeable. The reason for a temporary forward is that if you do a permanent one to a mail forwarding service you can't just submit a new change of address because that would route all of the mail sent to the mail forwarding service to your new address. The PMB (private mail box number) the service assigns you and uses for your mail means nothing to the post office.Thanks for further clarifying that for my post. I forgot to state that it is a temporary forward. When you go on line to forward your mail it is important to click TEMPORARY forward. Many Post Offices and soon to be all including mine are now requiring that you do it on line. That way it is done automatically at the main office and your mail is never even sent to the local one. Less change for missing mail. https://www.usps.com/ click tab manage your mail then forward your mail
rockhillmanor 08/18/14 04:43pm RV Lifestyle
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