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RE: How do I rate campgrounds?

rvparkreviews won't post your 'one' review.:R They make you post several before they will post any of them. The reason I will not use it. I don't get paid to be a reviewer for them and if they won't take my one review well....
rockhillmanor 04/28/15 05:23am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Autos or RVs parking lot

If you fit into a regular parking space USE it! Even if you stick out a little past the end. The roads in a rest area are wide enough to accommodate a little past the end of the lines. Please leave the RV and truck spots for those that 'need' it. :C
rockhillmanor 04/28/15 05:18am Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Best Sticks For Cooking Over Campfire?

A few years ago a friend bought us some metal telescoping sticks for cooking over a fire. They collapsed to about 8" and extended up to about 2' and they had two prongs on the end to secure your food better. No one has seen them in years and we have no idea where they went. I'm looking for good sticks to use now. Should I look into those cheap wooden ones that usually come in a S'mores kit? I found a pack of 100 sticks for about $30. Are the metal telescoping ones better? One prong? Two prongs? These would basically only be used for marshmallows and hot dogs. Perhaps kebabs later on. Any suggestions? http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v664/RVn05/REDNECKHOTDOGCOOKER.jpg :W
rockhillmanor 04/28/15 05:14am Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: dirty looks? no, dirty locks

Buy a can of this stuff. Will lube and break rust on ANYTHING.Its' the only thing I will use. We found a horse shoe that was over a hundred years old in our pasture with barium caulks in it. We sprayed the Blaster on it and we were able to unscrew 100 year old rusted caulks!!!!:B PB Blaster http://contentinfo.autozone.com/znetcs/product-info/en/US/pbb/16-PB/image/3/
rockhillmanor 04/28/15 05:13am Tech Issues
RE: Hail....how hard to replace skylight

Patch the hole and any cracks with Eternabond. Replace the skylight when you return from your trip. X2 Ditto Go to Ace hardware they carry and extensive line of JB Weld products. They make one for plastic that you can apply in wet conditions even if the plastic is UNDER WATER!! I used it on a water fountain it's unbelievable stuff. Just knead the putty together and it's ready to go. IMHO a must to have on board an RV better than eternabond. JB WaterWeld. http://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0411/5921/products/8277_WaterWeld_10.8.14_medium.jpg?v=1419965253 http://www.jbweld.com/product/j-b-waterweld/
rockhillmanor 04/28/15 04:56am Travel Trailers
RE: Disconnecting sewer hoses

This post is really for the “more mature”, OK, older, RVers in the forum. As my hands get less strong and more arthritic I’m finding it very difficult to hold two hoses to attach them and almost impossible to disconnect two hoses when breaking down the site. ..... I hear you on that had the same problem! What type of sewer hose and connectors are you using? The old fashion slinky sewer hose? I switched to the Rhino sewer hose and connectors. The sewer connectors are thick big and VERY easy to grab and turn to remove and put on. Made a big difference for me. The connector to the black tank is also different. Big and knobs to grab to get it off real easy. Not mention the fact that the sewer hose is rigid and expandable makes the whole hook up process a more pleasant and easy experience.
rockhillmanor 04/28/15 04:40am Tech Issues
RE: Campground recommendation in Kentucky

X10 on Kentucky Horse Park CG. Whether you like horses or not right next to the CG are several very well noted museums, gift shops etc. and special event activities abound everyday. All within a short walk or drive from your CG site. http://kyhorsepark.com/ http://kyhorsepark.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=571&Itemid=264 I stopped for one just one night and ended up staying a whole week!! :B BTW: They also have what they call 'primitive sites' which are not listed. You have to ask for it. It's near the entrance on the grass with electric and water only. There is a dump station at the front of this area. The rate for this part of the CG was far less than the CG sites in the inner circle on concrete pads.
rockhillmanor 04/28/15 04:30am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Checking in at RV parks Venting

I have lost all patience with today's clerks at the helm of any checkouts. IMHO it is the GENERATION of people in general. They have NO education to figure out the simplest things. And they absolutely have no people skills in dealing with the public. I'm glad I won't be here when 'that' generation will be at the helm of this country. :(
rockhillmanor 04/28/15 04:14am Class A Motorhomes
RE: More about drinking water safety

It IS a sad situation how far this 'pure nonsense' of bottled water has gone. What a waste of money, plastic destroying our land, water and sea life. Hinckly Schmidt which was the most respected bottled water company up North.......turns out the water came DIRECTLY from the Chicago Public water facility. I believe this is what set the precedent for requiring bottled water companies to state on the label WHERE it came from not just how it was filtered. Because 'they' are not even filtering it. The city did and that allowed them to put that on the label. Talk about pure profit. They have their bottles filled from the city and then turn around and sell it to the people that are stupid enough to pay for it! If you read the label you will find most come from city water facilities. And I am sorry the ones that so-called do take it right of a spring fed without filtration, well I know I will take city water over polluted springs, rivers, glaciers any day! Just try telling the 'bottle of water in one hand' and an 'iPhone in the other' generation that drinking this water is on no value. I find it real sad what this world has come too. :(
rockhillmanor 04/27/15 02:59pm General RVing Issues
RE: full time nurse

Check out the sticky's for the cost of full timing too. A lot of collective good info there.
rockhillmanor 04/26/15 02:14pm Full-time RVing
RE: I65 thru birmingham

....the cabinet doors in my camper did not flip open, the contents did not end up on the floor, the light fixtures did not pop off the ceiling, and I did not have a headache from my head hitting the ceiling of the truck! My wife's back did not get yanked out of joint, and the dog did not throw up! Montgomery, I-65??? no! Never again! :B Too funny yet really not funny in an RV! Last time I went thru there unknowingly to me, it knocked out my fuel tank vents. And I had just fueled up. By the time I smelled fuel half the tank of gas was somewhere all over i65. :( I20 across to Atlanta was just like that a few years back. I'll drive 6 hours out of my way to go around roads like that in an RV.
rockhillmanor 04/26/15 12:43pm Roads and Routes
RE: Dirty messy new coaches

Wow, we are maybe a week away from getting our first camper and are getting scared away by stories like this and others like mice invading and leaks. Are we doing the right thing buying a Jayco bhs29.... or any camper for that matter? Sure jump right into the world of RV'ing it's great fun. And you get to post here all the trials and tribulations you will go thru .....just like the rest of us! :B AND more importantly you will get some pretty darn good advice here from others that have gone before you. I know I have and appreciate it. Like any sport or any toy there is always going to be 'something'. :W
rockhillmanor 04/26/15 12:17pm Camping World RV Sales
RE: Dirty messy new coaches

It's a CW thing. Noticed that in Quartzsite, too. I don't think it's the customers, I think it's their cheap way of not paying for a detailer. note...you said there were bugs on the front.....customers can't slap dead bugs on a rig. :B
rockhillmanor 04/26/15 10:56am Camping World RV Sales
RE: Maintaining Paint on camper jacks

====KRYLON FUSION===== Stuff goes on and over everything and STAYS forever. Make sure its the one labeled clearly for Plastic. Also lower on the label it will say wood, metal etc. This is the one that works great for everything on an RV. Last one I painted for a friend was 6 years ago and everything painted still looks like the day I put it on. Good luck.
rockhillmanor 04/26/15 10:54am Truck Campers
RE: black water disposal

Thanks for that suggestion, Korbe. I have considered that, especially since I might one day build a cabin on the site. Any idea how much that would cost, ballpark. I wouldn't be able to do any of the work myself. Would have to pay to have it done. AS far as using the macerator pump. I see some with 1 1/2 inch intakes. I think the sewer hose that I dump with is larger than that. Do I need an adadpter? I would go into the office of the County Health dept ( County Sanitarian) and find out the local requirements. One nice benefit for this type of system is that you don't need power for the system - and it is always a nice selling point, or for the future cabin. IMHO I would NOT go to any local country department and ask that question unless you are ready and are going to put a septic in. Unless you are looking for trouble, for they will be all over you and watching you from that point on. Did you find out if it is legal to park an RV on that property? If not don't broadcast the fact to anyone.:W If you are just staying there a short time IF it is even legal to park/stay in an RV on that property. Just use a macerator pump as suggested to your blue tote. And btw I would not have it be in full view of the road. Digging a hole to dump, etc is going to be against the law in any state. With HUGE fines if you are caught. And permits are required for septic systems of any kind you just can't go and put them in. Again unless you don't mind be fined big bucks. Keep it on the down low and use the pump and take the waste off the property you should be go to go.....literally!!:B
rockhillmanor 04/26/15 10:46am Truck Campers
RE: Dirty messy new coaches

We visited our new camping world in Ohio and asked the sales men if we could just look around. He said he was told to escort us but if we went passed him he would not stop us from looking. He told me there has been a lot of damage to the unites and that is why they tag a long. He was not joking . We went in to 250,000 coaches that looked so bad I thought they where used . They looked like they had never been cleaned from the factory bugs all over the front .Pillows stuffed all over the place and the one with the slides in you could not even get to the bath room if you wanted to. I went to open one of the doors and it was broken and I had to catch it before it hit the floor. We have a 2011 Winnebago that we ordered new . When it came in our at our local dealer. The owner called us and asked our permission to show our coach to just one couple who where looking at ordering one like ours. I used to get mad at dealers that you had to have a salesman go with you. But now I can understand why they do. I do not believe it is the customers damaging the RV's. Especially when it comes to their used RV's. It's interesting that the 2 CW's I went to look for my first RV they TOO said I had to go in their golf cart to look at any used RV. I have a back problem and can not ride in golf carts nor do I like to be driven around like crazy in one. I walked over to the used lot which was WAY on the side and in the back and everyone I looked at was a mess also not even washed. And the salesman disappeared and couldn't be found. So I left. Simply put it can't be a coincidence. That ALL the units on the lot at this dealership all where a mess yet the ones on the floor were immaculate. I don't believe any CW details any of their used RV's. And from the way I was treated looking at 'used' RV's, where they are located and their condition, it is done on purpose because they want you to look at their new units. Point in question. Fast forward 8 years and I went back to look at new Class A's at the same CW.......and was treated like I was royalty.
rockhillmanor 04/26/15 05:13am Camping World RV Sales
RE: Good reminder!

When I had my TT the only thing I forgot about once was my coffee cup on the bumper! I drove 20 miles on the interstate. Then pulled in for gas and bottomed out the hitch, I was real ticked about that. I'm finished filling up and when I was ready to leave the guy behind me says, "don't forget your coffee". I said I didn't buy any coffee and he points to the bumper. There sat my coffee cup STILL standing on the bumper after 20 miles AND pulling up that driveway! :S
rockhillmanor 04/26/15 05:01am General RVing Issues
RE: Leveling class C

I'm definitely in the minority here, in that I hardly ever use anything to get "level". I've always been able to move around on a site this or that way to get "level enough". I do have wood blocks which I almost never use. I have a bubble level which I normally put on the bottom shelf in the frig. and I've always managed to get most of the bubble in the center. I did just know download a bubble app level which looks pretty neat. :B from t How do you see the bubble level in the fridge from the drivers seat when you are pulling in? :W:W
rockhillmanor 04/25/15 12:21pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: sulfer smell in bath sink

I'll just add that if the smell truly smelled like sulfur. I would also check your coach battery. I was getting whiffs of that smell inside my MH too. Thought it was the smell of the well water. Well, it was my batteries being boiled by the converter! The wind under the RV will make is seem like it is coming from inside from the moving air underneath. Just saying. another thing to check.
rockhillmanor 04/25/15 07:47am General RVing Issues
RE: Good reminder!

I found all my oops happened when a fellow camper comes over to talke about whatever while I am going thru my checklist for take off. Now, if I am interrupted I start all over from number 1 on the checklist. No more oops. :C
rockhillmanor 04/25/15 07:43am General RVing Issues
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