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RE: Home Today

After 6 months and 3 days on the road, logging over 7000 miles and staying in 16 states, we are headed home today. Hulk sad, but we know there will another Big Adventure. http://i.imgur.com/mgSllrhl.jpg WOW! That sure was one active Snowbird season. Nice map too. :C
rockhillmanor 05/04/16 07:06am Snowbirds
RE: Quincy the diabetic, blind dog broke her leg.

Deb and Ed M. Thank you for the prayers. Last night we swapped out the towel for a 4in wide vinyl saddle cinch and holding the end rings with one hand works better but the "assistance sling" looks better yet. We are using either a harness or her back pack( with handle) to guide and stabilize the front end. Loretta is going to town tomorrow (one of us needs to stay with Quincy) and she will try to find something like the "assistance sling". Quincy is more animated now and is eating better and her blood sugar has dropped back down to a reasonable #. She even asked to go out to do her business. Better than a saddle cinch is a saddle pad turned upside down! Get a 'saddle seat' or 'English' style saddle pad. The heavy fleeced ones work the best. Put under the dog and bring the flaps up around the sides of the dog. Surprisingly this perfectly supports the 'whole dog' so they do NOT tip forward or back. The flaps wrap around the dogs rib cage to support them perfectly and there are straps sewn in on each side of the pad that act as a handle for you to lift the dog. I've used it to support a 180 lb dog it works! http://s7d5.scene7.com/is/image/PetsUnited/TSLT901304_127624?wid=250&hei=282 IMHO one of these should be included in every pet owners emergency kit. 'Saddle seat' style works best but 'all purpose' style will work as well. New $26 bucks, barn sale used $5 to $10. Don't ask me how I know how well this works! :W
rockhillmanor 05/04/16 06:43am RV Pet Stop
Dog lost in the Gulf of Mexico for 3 hours found alive!

Why dogs should ALWAYS wear life vests when boating. Dog rescued 3 hours after going missing in Gulf http://www.fox35orlando.com/news/136395264-story This little guy is alive after 3 hours missing in the Gulf of Mexico because he had a life vest on! http://static.lakana.com/media.fox13news.com/photo/2016/05/03/Dog_rescued_3_hours_after_going_missing_5_1256678_ver1.0_640_360.jpg :C
rockhillmanor 05/04/16 06:23am RV Pet Stop
RE: The Veterinary Industrial Complex

.....But in all that process some things struck me about Vet Care in today's world: Veterinary Practices are far larger than ever before. Two of the vets we visited had 11 or more employees. Veterinary Medicine is following Human medical services delivery in form and function. Putting you in small rooms waiting for the doctor, meanwhile a "Nurse" or Vets Asst comes to hear your story and enters it on a large patient computer program. If you are lucky you will get a few minutes with the doctor before he decides on 8 tests to be done. What does this mean for the dog or cat owner? My experience is that all of this growth in the size of vet practices isn't necessarily serving the best interests of the Pet or it's owner. The BEST care my dog Nigel got was finally at a small vet practice with three employees, dedicated to the health and well being of the animals and not the necessity of generating 1.5 million dollars a year. I think our Veterinary care is suffering due to this "industrialization" .... Boy have you got that right. I have to TOTALLY agree with you. When I went full time the HARDEST thing about it was leaving my local vet. 2 vets on staff and I had 110% of their attention when it came to caring and diagnosing my pets. If they did not have an answer they were immediately personally on the phone to the University asking for more information/ongoing studies etc to help my pet. The vets LISTENED to me the owner, who is the only one that can speak on behalf of an ill pet. The vet tech did nothing more than take down a simple sentence of why I was there prior to the vet coming in. Fast forward to where I have moved to. Same scenario you speak of numerous vets in one clinic. You are herded like cattle to a waiting room. Only to be seen by a 'vet tech' who diagnoses your pet and they all seem to NOT want to listen to the owner. AND many times never seeing the same vet twice. Vet techs who do NOT have any where's near the education a vet does, yet they are 'given the responsibility' of diagnosing your pet. The vet coming in at the last minute to ok any meds. If it were not for the fact that I have been in dogs for a very long time and have been involved in many diseases, diagnosis and treatments and by osmosis know more than some vets, 2 of my dogs just this past year would have been unnecessarily euthanized at the vet I am using now.:( I feel very sorry for the inexperienced pet owner who is left in the hands of the 'now' factory line vet clinics. I am also shocked just how many of these clinics with multiple vets that the 'majority' of the vets are first year veterinarians! AND that the majority of the vets are NOT board certified. I'm guessing because they are less expensive to hire. Not to knock a first year vet but if you have something wrong with your pet that is hard to diagnose, not common place, etc the first year vet is NOT going to be able to help you simply by not having the experience. At my home vet their certificates were all posted on the wall in the office. I do NOT see this practice anymore, I thought it was required. As a pet owner you NEED to ask these questions BEFORE you put your pets health in their hands. And don't be afraid to ask either. How long have you been a vet? Are you board certified.
rockhillmanor 05/04/16 04:33am RV Pet Stop
RE: Food Storage

....There's also the issue of hauling around excess weight in canned goods you "might" use. We usually hit Walmart once or twice a week for milk and fresh meat/produce, and it's easy to add the remaining ingredients.... X2 As a newbie the first thing we did like many do, was stock the RV cabinets with cans of food that we 'might' need in case of an emergency. Never touched them AND when I went to unload for the winter and put them all in one plastic tub? Wow, when I went to pick up that tub? I just could not believe how much they weighed! Now no cans see the daylight of inside my RV! You will find that you will want to stop for fresh food while on the road to stock the fridge. No one really wants to eat canned food. :W Before I went full time I NEVER left any food fresh and/or packaged in the RV when parked. It IS an invitation for rodents and bugs.
rockhillmanor 05/04/16 04:10am Beginning RVing
RE: Day 5

We had very good luck with KOA..... ....We stayed in a couple of KOA and enjoyed them. The second KOA discounted our stay which paid for a large part of the annual fee. X2 I full time and after the first couple of months of coming off the road late in the pm and pulling into crummy CG's if you even can find them from the directions provided found off the ole Woodalls book? First that old fat Woodalls Book went out the window. Then I started staying exclusively at KOA's . No surprises, their CG catalog has very precise directions to the CG AND phone numbers for the CG that actually work. All the CG's in the USA are listed neatly by state and city and pictures of each CG. Since it's a franchise the CG's have standards that they have to adhere to to maintain the KOA name. No more surprises for me. That's why I choose to use them whenever possible in my travels. Except for CG's near a popular attraction (which ALL CG's near attractions have higher rates),I found KOA rates are NOT higher than other comparable CG's. Join their membership and you get discounts and free camping.
rockhillmanor 05/03/16 04:50pm Travel Trailers
RE: It is the little things drive me crazy.

I watched my next door neighbor at a CG for a sporting event just going crazy. She kept coming in and out and hooking and unhooking up the blue tote. And then trying to pull it over gravel to the dump station. Like 5 times within the day! I went out to ask if she needed help. New TT first trip and she was trying to handle 4 teenage daughters that were exhibiting at the show in several different classes per each daughter. Here gauges said the gray was full yet when she pulled the lever nothing came out yet when she pulled the black it was full and gushed out filling her tote full up. She couldn't understand why the 'black' tank was filling up so fast and she had to keep dumping and then dragging the heavy tote to the dump station fearful of sewage backing up into the TT. Long story short: The printed labels depicting Gray Tank and Black Tank above the valves? Where put on in reverse! Gray label over black tank valve and Black label over gray tank valve.:R The factory could not even put the labels where they belong. Making this poor woman just about have a stroke. What she thought was the black tank per the 'label' on the side of the TT was actually her gray tank. She was relieved but 'now' she still didn't understand why the gray would fill up so fast. I talked with her daughters and the problem with the gray filling up so fast was all 4 of her daughters taking 'residential' showers between each class that they showed in, all within one day! :E God love that woman. Hauling a new big TT with a big dually solo just so her kids could get to the show. I hope she looks back on that day and can laugh about it.:C
rockhillmanor 05/03/16 04:29pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Folding chair for ladder?

Director chairs with side table. Strong, built well, and last forever! Buy at any sporting box stores. Do NOT buy from an RV store they cost sometimes twice as much for the same dang chair! http://i68.tinypic.com/27wwygh.jpg height=320 width=320 Those bag chairs or any of them that have those criss cross legs with slung material seats are all junk and break eventually. I also found a new way to attach ANYTHING 'tightly' and 'securely'. Threw out all my ratchet straps, bungees etc. I now secure everything with these. Going on 6 years with the same ones they just don't breakdown or deteriorate from the sun either. Last trip I made from up North to Florida I secured a full size extension ladder to my RV ladder with these ties. Held it tight in place for 2,000 miles!:C http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/5112U1RJZiL.jpg
rockhillmanor 05/03/16 05:21am Truck Campers
RE: No strap on main awning. How do I know the length I need?

The bay door for where the propane tank is should not have a lock on it.
rockhillmanor 05/03/16 04:42am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Florida I-75 TT Accident

This we know; something went terribly wrong. RV'ing is supposed to be fun not put your life or your loved ones in peril. Anything you can do to reduce the hazards and lessen the risks is worthwhile and that includes adequate tow vehicles. Too many people think safety is just some buzzword or some kind of crutch for risk averse pansies. Once you've seen the destruction it can do to human beings you look at it differently. No pastime is worth your life, do it right! It doesn't have to be ultra expensive either. Sometimes it just takes a moment to think things through. I will disagree with some and say accidents don't just happen, they are caused and can be prevented. X2
rockhillmanor 05/03/16 04:39am Tow Vehicles
RE: Shower Leak

In my KZ, the supporting floor under the shower was cut away so poorly that the floor flexed and broke the drain pipes. The fix was to add support and replace the plumbing. http://i.imgur.com/T6Abz4tl.jpg http://i.imgur.com/8HhaET4l.jpg Great DIY! Almost all RV shower pans flex due to just what you have shown. I have to raise my hand and say that I was responsible for the pan cracking around my RV shower drain. I started using the shower to store items instead of putting them in the storage bays while I was on the road. The weight and bouncing and the pan flex from not being supported right cracked the drain area.:(
rockhillmanor 05/02/16 08:42am Travel Trailers
RE: Getting RV sites on the road

In six years of fulltime RVing we rarely make reservations unless we want to be in a certain place during holidays. The one thing we have noticed was while we normally stop around 3:00 PM to near empty RV parks they are usually packed several hours later. So if you plan to push the miles and hours on the road I suggest calling in mid afternoon to ensure a site when you arrive. X2 Same thing here. I found out real quick the drawbacks of CG reservations while 'on' the road. I called to reserve a site and they asked for my credit card to hold the site. Fast forward within a couple of hours I was stuck on the interstate due to a several car/semi pile up. There was no way I was going to make that CG that night. I called to cancel and all I got was "sorry we have already charged your card, no refunds". :R 7 years full time and I have never made another CG reservation since that day. :C
rockhillmanor 05/02/16 08:35am Beginning RVing
RE: Florida I-75 TT Accident

It is what it is and why it happened.
rockhillmanor 05/02/16 08:28am Tow Vehicles
RE: Hoping to keep it to an SUV... will it work?

rockhillmanor wrote: SUV's have a short wheelbase. You end up with the tail wagging the dog and you won't be happy with your RV'ing experience towing with it. I tried it with a Tahoe ONCE and never ever again. Hawk7 wrote: Great advice. I traded my Honda Pilot in because the white knuckle experience was enough for me. It just wasn't safe. Keep it to a pop up or trade the SUV in. I know it's not what you want to hear, but it's sound advice from many of us. That being said, anyone who had trouble towing a 3400 lb trailer behind a Tahoe isn't in a position to be giving any towing advice. You obviously didn't know what you were doing or know how to set up your rig. Because you didn't know how to set up your rig doesn't mean it isn't safe. Didn't say I had trouble. And YOU don't know me or Hawk7 or have even the slightest clue about our setups. When a sudden correction is needed driving down the road a short wheel based vehicle will not be able to handle it properly or safely. That said I would NOT want to be any wheres near your '27 foot' 5,700 lb trailer driving down the road being towed by your small SUV when a situation comes up requiring a sudden correction. Claiming that an equalizer hitch is going to totally eliminate that TT from swinging in an emergency correction and that "SUV is going to handle the situation SAFELY" is a serious dis service to new RV'ers. And by the grace of God I sincerely hope you never find yourself in that situation. If you feel the need to ignorantly bash forum members perhaps find a different forum to do so. :R
rockhillmanor 05/02/16 06:31am Tow Vehicles
RE: Enjoy America membership?

Most if not all of these are just out to get your membership fee and offer no viable benefits. I bought them all as a newbie and all the restrictions to get a discount are beyond belief. No weekends, maybe a Tuesday when the moon is in the seven hour etc etc etc. And on top of that when you call one of the CG's listed most of them say no we don't offer that never have.:R And beware there are a ton of new ones advertising on the internet now that you send them your membership fee and all you get is a brochure of CG's period if you are lucky. Many say they never even received that.
rockhillmanor 05/01/16 05:45pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: No strap on main awning. How do I know the length I need?

You don't need to buy it on line. Just go to any local RV dealership that has a customer RV parts store. Almost all of them have a customer parts 'store' in the front. You will find 'everything' that breaks often on an RV packaged up and ready for you to buy no shipping charges required! AND a human being to answer all your questions. http://www.pplmotorhomes.com/parts/rv-awnings/25-8807.jpg The awning strap is one of the many things they always carry, it is a common part as is the awning rod. They are universal just make sure you get one for the main awning not the window awning. I always carry a 'spare strap and rod' on board all the time. And while you are there be sure to pick up a pair of Awning De-Flappers you are gonna need them! :W http://www.pplmotorhomes.com/parts/rv-awnings/camco-awning-deflapper.jpg Welcome to the wonderful world of RV'ing and owning a MH. Hang on to your wallet there are a tons of must haves out there to buy for your MH. :B
rockhillmanor 05/01/16 05:31pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Renting a Class C and using the generator/ ac for pets

Gen exhaust. My gen exhaust is located right under the big window behind the couch. If you look at your gen exhaust pipe it 'barely' extends past the side of the MH. Exhaust runs right up the side alongside the window which has weep holes and the exhaust comes in. If the wind is blowing the exhaust goes right under the entire underside of your coach and seeps in that way. I bought a Genturi exhaust system and gotta tell you we really don't realize just how much exhaust comes into the coach until you use the Genturi. BIG difference in odor inside coach. Also I thought my headaches were from all the activities of the day.....until I put the Genturi pipe on. All my headaches were from the exhaust and disappeared once the Genturi was put on. I don't leave home RV'ing without it! http://i.imgur.com/dTj9LOFl.jpg I would NEVER leave pets unattended inside an RV with gen running.
rockhillmanor 05/01/16 05:16pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Hoping to keep it to an SUV... will it work?

SUV's have a short wheelbase. You end up with the tail wagging the dog and you won't be happy with your RV'ing experience towing with it. I tried it with a Tahoe ONCE and never ever again. Great advice. I traded my Honda Pilot in because the white knuckle experience was enough for me. It just wasn't safe. Keep it to a pop up or trade the SUV in. I know it's not what you want to hear, but it's sound advice from many of us. X2 OP you asked for advice and those of us that have tried it have given it to you. You as many new RV'ers, are missing the point of rated and safe. What a tow vehicle is "rated" for towing from the manufacturer and what it can SAFELY tow are two different things. The rating does not take into consideration the length of what is being towed, whether it has 2 axles or 1 etc. Can you dead pull that weight most likely, but DRIVING it safely on the road in all conditions? No. Tow a 7,200 lb 28ft TT with a short wheel based SUV.........and I don't want to be any where's around you on the road. One gust of wind, one semi flying by you and you will not be able to correct it and will end up the often seen statistic flipped over in the ditch. You will be 'on' 'white knuckled' just driving. Again the tail wagging the dog. My Tahoe was rated for 6,000 lbs. I bought a 3,400 lb TT. I took ONE trip with that set up. I actually turned around did not finish my trip and immediately sold a 2 month old TT when I got back and retired the Tahoe to getting groceries.
rockhillmanor 05/01/16 07:46am Tow Vehicles
RE: Organic Tomatoes

nothing beats a home grown tomato :) So true. Mine are about 4-6 weeks away. I have bought grocery store organic tomatoes, and "regular" tomatoes. Can't tell the difference. Both marginally adequate at best. Yikes! I may think about planting mine in the next week or two. Harvest will be late August through October, if I'm lucky. Yeah, but when mine have already burned up in 100+ temps, you will be harvesting. :( Yup. It's too late to plant tomatoes here in Florida. :( I miss Wisconsin and all the vegetables I could plant and eat. All tomatoes grown in Florida taste terrible.
rockhillmanor 04/30/16 09:02pm Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: Organic Tomatoes

I just ate an organic tomato with my dinner. That's what the package said. I'm just wondering what an inorganic tomato tastes like? Or do organic tomatoes just cost more? If it really was grown organically you just ate a tomato withOUT pesticides, fungicides, etc., etc. :C If you bought a tomato or any food with THIS sticker on it the jokes on us because they really are NOT 100% organic. https://encrypted-tbn1.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQcYxMqyHNnwTleB_ovBBllZHW-WRdLxyIkDNHilvyi5NjJmcJG Just a scam the gov dreamed up to try get back the revenue they are loosing from all the consumers who decided they have had enough of chemicals in their foods and started buying REAL organic foods.
rockhillmanor 04/30/16 07:03pm Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
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