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RE: Gas prices falling!

Gas prices are driven by the stock market not the supplier. .... I'd like to do some reading that production has no effect on prices. Got any?If you don't know that gas is traded on the market and prices reflect that, then there is nothing here for you to read. PM n7bsn he can further explain stock market 101 to you just how it all works. :W posted By:n7bsn on 11/26/14 09:11am.......In the long run, consumption drives prices, but in the short run speculators can drive up the prices. Recall 2008 when world wide consumption was falling, but the speculators were driving up the futures prices. Of course when those futures matured and actual oil demand could not maintain the prices, some of the "late comers" to the oil-futures took a fleecing.........
rockhillmanor 11/26/14 09:56am General RVing Issues
RE: traveling through Dallas

We will be traveling from Houston to Ardmore, Oklahoma. Any suggestions on the best route through (or around) Dallas? Downtown Dallas is so small I didn't even notice I had gone thru it! :B You have already gone thru Houston which I will NEVER go thru with a MH ever again. So the worst is behind you. Just go right thru Dallas.
rockhillmanor 11/26/14 08:10am Roads and Routes
RE: This is a reason why Pop Ups aren't selling......

I wanted a PU as my first RV. I looked at used and was SHOCKED at what they wanted for a simple model used pop up. So I took a trip to a dealership and was knocked over in SHOCK what a new one cost! Those used sellers were just trying to get some or if any of their money back.:B They are not a little overpriced they are hugely OVERPRICED for what they are and what they are made of. I bet if you could find some data on sales over the last ten twenty years that it just has to be falling. I rarely see them in CG's anymore when years ago they just about equaled the amount of TT's in any given CG. Size, weight, tow vehicle needed is just NOT an argument anymore with the introduction of the ultra light small TT's into the market. You can pick up a REAL nice ultra light TT with ALL the amenities of a full size trailer/MH for about half the price of a PU. IMHO, JMHO they have priced themselves out of the market. The prices will have to come down or they will be out of business in years to come.
rockhillmanor 11/26/14 08:07am Folding Trailers
RE: Which State Has the Best Drivers?

Hawaii has the most considerate drivers of anywhere i have been. X2. But it is only because they don't have to deal with drivers from other states. :) Actually, Alaska has the best drivers. You gotta be good to drive in snow 9 months of the year. I thought I was safer in Florida not having to drive daily in dangerous snow storm conditions during the winter months. Wrong. When it simply rains down here there are more accidents than any blizzard conditions I've seen on the Chicago Interstate. They are crashing all over during or after a rain. I make a point of staying off the roads here in Florida after it rains. I had a better chance of not having an accident up North in the snow. :R
rockhillmanor 11/26/14 07:53am General RVing Issues
RE: Gas prices falling!

Gas prices are driven by the stock market not the supplier. Smoke and mirrors is given to the public regarding production and oil drilling, etc.
rockhillmanor 11/26/14 07:48am General RVing Issues
RE: side windows leak

It will depend on how you are parked. I had the same problem and even though my MH was level to my comfort the side the windows kept leaking during heavy storms WAS a tad lower causing the water to run off the roof over that window to that point of the roof faster and heavier than the weep holes could handle. Solution....I re-leveled the MH with that side a tad higher and the water stopped coming in. And I mean it was ever so little of an adjustment. Go figure. You can actually see if you stand outside during a storm the volume of water running off the roof to be more in one place. Thankfully changing the angle of the MH rectifies the problem. Weep holes are designed/tested to drain water from rain not from a waterfall directly over it which is what can happen when the angle of the RV is not perfectly 110% level. :W I often wonder how many people get talked into replacing windows when it really was not necessary.
rockhillmanor 11/26/14 07:17am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Black Tank flush

I've done it several times to fill the tank to flush it after dumping when there was no water hook up. Pain in the butt dragging a hose into your RV though and you better have a shut off valve on the end of the hose so you don't have water all over your bathroom. I now wait until I get to the next CG where there is hook ups and fill it and dump it a couple times there. Unless you have built up solids waiting till you have hookups and filling the tank up twice with water and dumping keeps it clean and free of debris. They do make a wand that attaches to the end of a garden hose to use for just that purpose of hooking it up to a hose. It has a power nozzle on it which is stronger than just putting a hose down the tank to just fill it. And it comes with a shut off valve on the end of it so no water mess. But be CAREFUL not to let it hit your sensors on the side. http://www.amazon.com/Valterra-A01-0184VP-Master-Blaster-Tank/dp/B000BGHYDO
rockhillmanor 11/26/14 07:04am Truck Campers
RE: Which State Has the Best Drivers?

Coming from the Chicago area where driving and lane changing is done at warp speed and the horn blaring adnausem.......I'm finding Florida to be a dream to drive around in! No one blows the horn here the nano second a red light turns to green if you haven't started moving. There just doesn't seem to be the rage driving or impatience down here like I lived and breathed with driving in Chicago. Anytime you hear someone blowing the horn at you, you can make bet they are from out of state! The only thing I don't understand here is when you are turning left on a light they stay behind the line waiting instead of moving into the intersection so a couple cars 'can' turn left when the light turns.:?
rockhillmanor 11/26/14 06:48am General RVing Issues
RE: Up date on Sassy and her amputation surgery

Happy to here her surgery went well and she is back home with you. :C Years back I made the same decision you have regarding amputation. I have never regretted doing so. My dog lived a very happy and comfortable life afterwards. It is SO amazing how they adapt. Was it a front or back leg? If it is a back leg we were showed by the vets that simply putting your hand under their tail assists them in going up the stairs, that worked so well that we had a hard time keeping up with her as she flew up the stairs!
rockhillmanor 11/26/14 06:37am RV Pet Stop
RE: Loss of our precious Great Dane Cassie

My Great Dane Rocky passed in May and then our St Benard Wojo passed in July. We love big dogs, but my heart can't take losing them. It gets easier, but you never forget. After loosing my last Great Dane I said that's enough. I too could not take the very short time on earth these gentle giants stay with us.:( I switched to a longer lived breed. Only thing now is, that I didn't think thru, is I've got four of them which will most likely outlive me.
rockhillmanor 11/26/14 06:24am RV Pet Stop
RE: inadequate repairs and length of time to repair

Irregardless of what all was wrong with it. NO dealership should keep ANY vehicle 3 months to repair it period. Your unit is sitting out back while they repair money making jobs that come in that they can charge what they want on. Warranty works always takes a back seat because it's all rated out what they will be payed for each item. Which mean they actually have to WORK to come in within the allotted time for each repair. They are taking advantage of the owners being located so far away. I would be calling the 'store manager' AND the 'service dept manager EACH AND EVERY MORNING and EVERY AFTERNOON of EVERY DAY starting yesterday. Then confirm it with an email. And don't stop until you get your RV back completely repaired. Hope they resolve this for you.
rockhillmanor 11/25/14 06:21pm Camping World Service and Installation
RE: How Long is Safe for an RV Power Extension Cord

I've exceeded that and everything worked fine. No drop. Of course there 'is' a formula for foot vs voltage drop. But I don't see it when using excessive length cords for the MH at the sporting events I attend where I swear sometimes the shore power is a block away. AND half the MH's use regular 15 amp extension cords! http://i40.tinypic.com/245wnt3.jpg http://i43.tinypic.com/2wdmrur.jpg http://i40.tinypic.com/28mjjp1.jpg MH's parked 4 rows away all plugged in and ready to go! :B
rockhillmanor 11/25/14 06:02pm General RVing Issues
RE: How Long Does Brake Buddy Last?

For all what was said above. They last. So go on line and buy a used one for your second vehicle. They go cheap because no one is willing to pay any where's near the new price. Mine was only a couple years old and I ended up selling it for 400 bucks. I see them for 250 all the time. Just try and buy a later model similar to what is being sold new now. Go to the Escapee's full time club classified forum no need to join escappes to use the classified. Find one for sale or place wanted ad. http://www.rvnetwork.com/ Scroll down to RV marketplace near bottom.
rockhillmanor 11/25/14 04:57pm Dinghy Towing
RE: Do you turn off your engine at the gas station?

THis is stupid, its posted at every station I have ever seen. Those who can't obey I hope your vehicle gets stolen. X10 And you should "hope" your car gets stolen 'before' a cop pulls up. Don't know what the laws are across all the states but I met up with one when I left the keys in, car running and ran into a store for a minute. The state trooper had the keys in his hand when I came back out and was given a riot act speech about it.
rockhillmanor 11/25/14 04:39pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: bed NOT stuffed into the slide

I'll just add to view it with the slide closed before you buy. The bed in another direction just might not let you get to 'anything' in the bedroom when closed.
rockhillmanor 11/24/14 11:24am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Loss of our precious Great Dane Cassie

So sorry to hear of your loss. She was one lucky dog to have been able to RV with you. I had Great Danes for 35 years so I know how you feel. Hard to explain but just the lack of their magnificent presence is enough to just rip your heart apart. You and Cassie will be in our prayers tonight. In time you will heal enough to move on and perhaps get another dog to enjoy your RV travels with.
rockhillmanor 11/24/14 11:21am RV Pet Stop
RE: Full Timing Next Summer ~ Thoughts On Thor Motorhomes?

I am a fan of Thor. Not because I have one but because of what I observed when first buying one. I used my first used Four Winds in the beginning for sporting events across the US. Drove hard and long miles and put away wet each and every weekend all year long. The events I show in 'reliability' of your RV is paramount. Nonrefundable pre-paid Entry fees paid and a broken down RV on the side of the road is not the situation we want to find ourselves in. Many entrants will drive straight thru 10 14 hours to get to an event only stopping for gas on the way. When you pull into the parking area 98% of the MH's are Four Winds V-10's. Most having well over 100,000 miles and when they go to sell it another participant upgrading from a TT will buy it and drive it another 100,000! :B That's my testament to Thor. If it can withstand our abuse it's first in my book for something as easy as leisurely RV'ing in it. Not to mention the inerior quality. Even on the entry level they use REAL wood for drawers and cabinetry. When I went Full Time I bought another Four Winds 450 V-10. :C
rockhillmanor 11/24/14 10:52am Full-time RVing
RE: Do you turn off your engine at the gas station?

....Engine fires NEVER happen on diesel coaches, etc, etc. X2! Yup, Like we haven't seen adnausem the horrific pictures of DP MH's going up in flames 'from the engine'. But diesel fuel is not flammable? So how does THAT happen! :B Geeze just follow the laws. Why do those that don't, feel the need to put 'others' in danger? Odds are you won't go up in flames but it only takes ONCE for an accident to happen and I don't want to be parked next to one when it does simply because someone thinks rules are not for them and obviously does not care about others. :R Diesel is classified as a combustible liquid. Add that to a gas station with humans fueling and the percentage of an accident just increases.
rockhillmanor 11/24/14 10:10am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Generator Question

Save yourself some time and first check the draw from the fuel pump.
rockhillmanor 11/24/14 09:09am Tech Issues
RE: Refer drain

I don't have the screen tube at the end of mine. It's flat and the opening is separated into 2 thin openings that clog all the time. I found the end of a metal shishkaboob skewer fits right up there and clears it right out. Go figure.
rockhillmanor 11/24/14 09:07am Tech Issues
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