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RE: Buying older motorhome as first purchase

Nothing wrong with buying an older MH. :C When I started out I bought several older MH's. And had no more problems than anyone else including brand new ones. And 2 of my used MH's never had any problems. That said you have to be prudent and really dig into asking questions if the previous owner has kept up on repairs etc. are they still using it? When was the last time they used it? etc. I park daily next to MH's that are 1997 and older there are tons of them still on the road and the owners are still RV'ing in them. Some Full time, some Snowbirds and they run great and look very nice. Just absolutely stay away from the used MH that has been sitting for years, unused, and tires sunk into the ground! :W Good luck finding that perfect new to you RV. There out there, you just have to keep looking, and don't give up. :C
rockhillmanor 07/20/17 06:05pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Snowbirding without an RV

There are many CG's that have park models, cabins, small cottages for rent within the CG's. All you do is google CG's with lodging. All the KOA CG's have lodging cabins, some rustic some completely furnished. I met a lot of Snowbirds down here in Florida at some of the CG's I stayed at that were renting the lodges. Most had Snowbirded with an RV and then sold their RV and started coming down and renting a furnished lodge in a CG. They all said they would not go back to RV'ing it down south saying you enjoy the convenience and still get to have the feeling of a CG. When I first saw these lodges I had some second thoughts about schlepping my MH down south every winter and would have rented one of them had I know they existed. A furnished park model 'electric included' per month cost was WAY cheaper than what I was paying for a CG site for my MH, electric NOT included. Not to mention the added cost for gas, etc. using the RV. That might be a good starting place to rent first, get your feet wet BEFORE you jump in and buy a house. I ended up buying a winter home here in Florida. Gotta tell ya you have to do a WHOLE LOT of research AND make sure you know the lay of the land, BEFORE you buy down here. Way different than buying a house up North on soooo many levels. :W
rockhillmanor 07/20/17 05:54pm Snowbirds
RE: Smart Water for Dogs?

I would read the labels very carefully before giving to a pet. I found many of these new waters on the market have added sugar substitutes in them to make them more palatable. Xylitol comes to my mind first of what to make sure is NOT on the label.
rockhillmanor 07/19/17 08:23pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Anything we can do to when people abuse overnight parking?

I don't think this is a "RV" issue, as much as it is a bum/public nuisance issue. I'm sort of surprised to see the comments on here from WA about minding your own business when Seattle has a pretty well known problem with RVs and tent cities. The majority of these people commit property crimes (mail theft, B&E, car prowls, etc.) to get by on. Not too mention the drug use and prostitution..... X2 I full time and have stopped at night at WM to pick up groceries. I can't tell you how many times I have seen drug dealers and the like parked in RV's in the parking lot going about their business of selling drugs. Before I even got out of my MH one night two cars pulled up against my MH to be out of sight and out they popped out doing a drug deal and spouting about their guns. :R That all said. If the OP sees a MH parked for days on end in the Walmart he "should" make a report on it. Sorry but sadly over 80% of convicted felons reoffend within the first few months of getting out. How safe would you all feel if your teen kids went shopping at that walmart with people LIVING in their RV? Just read the news folks, the new meth lab locations is an RV parked long term at Walmart.:(
rockhillmanor 07/19/17 08:09pm General RVing Issues
RE: cleaning white molding on an rv

I found that using the Thetford Black Streak Remover which takes it off in a heartbeat not only cleans it, but it also prevents mold from from coming back so quickly even though you rinse it off. Don't know why but I've tried everything when I was parked down South and cleaning with this really did stop it from coming back. It must leave some sort of surfactant behind that prevents it. http://2ytiuw3f55rgrhlxk2tjx7sm.wpengine.netdna-cdn.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/05/41008_a-683x1024.png height=283
rockhillmanor 07/19/17 07:44pm General RVing Issues
RE: Emergency Help?

When we FTd we had a few issues..... >Mobile RV Tech< Independent RV Repair Shops Once even went back to factory cause they had the right parts X2 Once you discover the ease of using an RV Mobile Repair and getting rid of the the erroneous thought that you have to take an RV to only an RV shop for repairs......you will never ever worry again about repairs on the road. Or for maintenance. My MH's has NEVER seen the inside of any type of repair shop for over 10 years. My MH gets repaired and/or serviced right out under the sunny skies while I sit back in my lawn chair and open a cold one. :C
rockhillmanor 07/19/17 05:27pm Camping World Service and Installation
RE: The guy 2 sites down, with the super strength bug zapper!

Whine on. :B https://encrypted-tbn0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcS_48hrWJTRNC3ZN2Vr7glbei2P5pFJUQSFhemyxo_E_2w56LSg
rockhillmanor 07/19/17 05:21pm RV Lifestyle
RE: The guy 2 sites down, with the super strength bug zapper!

Maybe someone should show him the research showing that bug zappers primarily attract and kill beneficial bugs that are generally harmless to humans. They catch very few mosquitoes and other biting insects that are attracted to the CO2 we exhale rather than the ultraviolet lights used in bug zappers. X2! Every bug zapper I have seen always has about 2 inches of dead bugs in the tray and 99.99% of them are all moths. A nice quiet box fan placed facing down the length of your RV keeps all the mosquitoes away.
rockhillmanor 07/18/17 06:47pm RV Lifestyle
RE: Does stuff ever stop breaking?? This time it's the sofa.

Does stuff ever stop breaking?? This time it's the sofa Nope and I think it is because they plan on us only using them on an occasional weekend. They just are not built for consistent daily use. Especially when we snowbird or full time in them. When my sofa/bed wouldn't go back up straight in the closed position I called RV Mobile repair. He shows up with a pick up truck instead of his mobile repair van, full of 2x4's etc.?? I said all I want you to do is just repair it not rebuild my entire RV! His answer: I see thousands of these RV couches and when I open up yours you will see why I have the 2x4's and what I am going to do. Within minutes He stripped down my entire couch frame and all and took it all outside. When he opened it all up I gotta admit I was shocked all what was holding it together and how it was attached to the MH, or actually not holding it together. I have never seen such shoddy workman ship, how it was attached to the MH, and with what, and the use of the thinnest cheap particle wood construction I've every seen. He made a complete new frame using the 2x4's and real braces and using the correct screws for the couch. Brought it back in and reinstalled the whole couch and attached it properly. That couch now works better than it ever did when it was brand new! The back is now in an upright position that is inches straighter and sits higher than when new. And I can open and close it with one finger.
rockhillmanor 07/18/17 06:27pm Tech Issues
RE: Cuisinart Gas Grill - Stainless Steel - CGG-240

X3 I turn the burners up to cremate until all the stuff on the grill turns white and then brush it away.
rockhillmanor 07/17/17 06:53pm Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: Once a week

As they say, "Use it of lose it". Can't believe that someone isn't making Winter plans already. This may be the hottest week of the year, but that simply means that cooler weather is just over the horizon..... Must be some Snowbird topics out there. Yup. Don't stay in Florida thru the summer months. I'm just praying real hard for winter to come early so I can breath again and be able to to outside. :C
rockhillmanor 07/17/17 06:51pm Snowbirds
RE: Craziness at the gas pump

I ran into the same thing. Pulled in behind a car at the pumps with my MH towing. I was at a 45 degree angle and partially blocking the truck exit as I pulled up behind the car. She was just getting back from inside with some food and her kids in tow, so I thought it was safe to pull in behind her because I thought she would be pulling right out. Well.....she proceeds to start feeding all her kids inside and outside the car like a big picnic and not leaving! I can't back up and now none of the trucks can leave because I'm blocking them. :E The trucks can't see from where they are at why I am not moving up. One big and I mean big trucker comes up to my MH door and as he does I quickly point to the car in front of me. So he headed for the car. He didn't mince any words because she was a woman either! All I saw was here packing up food with one hand and shoving kids into car seats with the other and taking off as fast as she could. Trucker gave me a thumbs up and went back to his rig. Whew, just another fun filled day of wonderful, peaceful, RV'ing. :B
rockhillmanor 07/17/17 06:36pm General RVing Issues
RE: Generator under bed?

I have the generator under the bed, it's fine for our use, we don't can't where we need the generator running at night. I will say it was quieter than I thought it would be. I am going to add some sound material around the box that it's in. For the rear door/screen. No you don't want the AC running while you have the patio open if all you have is the screen. The AC would work so hard, it would freeze. However, some have a 3 season door. I don't have one of those, maybe someone else can comment as to the effectiveness of the 3 season door, but they would hold the cold in better than a screen. I got tired of not being able to have the door open when the air was on. I was at U-haul renting a trailer and at the counter they had these rolls of perfectly clear, real thin, plastic with removable adhesive on one side. It's for putting on your carpet when you are moving to keep stains from happening. And comes right off without damaging tile or carpet. This roll of plastic is miracle stuff! I put it on the RV screen door and trimmed the excess. You could see straight out as clear as glass AND you got to keep the door open. Comes right off real easy and with OUT any residue. I used it in winter too. I have tinted side windows on my MH and sometimes I will open the slider on the window and put the plastic on that screen too to get some light in and to be able to see out.
rockhillmanor 07/17/17 06:20pm Toy Haulers
RE: top 10 list of the most underrated National Parks!

I hate these click bait sites, why can't they just give us the list Sorry you didn't get the whole experience, minus the ad pix. Just click the arrow twice. I got black space for the ad and just double clicked to the next picture. I think there were ads because I used a redirect link to it, sorry. I use adblock. It's free and IMHO works real good. No ads, no where, even here on RV net! :C
rockhillmanor 07/17/17 06:00pm General RVing Issues
RE: top 10 list of the most underrated National Parks!

A tad OT: Jerry you wouldn't be the same Jerry with the Safari that stayed at Coachman's CG in Lake Geneva a few years back are you??
rockhillmanor 07/17/17 01:35pm General RVing Issues
RE: Older well built or newer TT

When I was looking for my first TT I wanted to buy 'new'. That said, after just one day of looking at the new I decided to buy 'used'. I opened the door of the first new TT and almost ended up in the hospital from the smell of formaldehyde. Thought well maybe its just that brand. So off to another dealer lot. I opened the door of that one and the SAME overpowering smell. BTW I found Forest River Surveyor to be the absolute worst one. That is all it took to decide to buy used. I was not going to be the one on a respirator for 2 years waiting for the smell to dissipate and/or my friends kids to have brain and lung damage! And truth be told I changed my plans and bought a MH. No smell of formaldehyde in those. Just saying. :B
rockhillmanor 07/17/17 01:25pm Travel Trailers
top 10 list of the most underrated National Parks!

The 10 most "underrated" National Parks in the US Looking for the beauty of Yosemite and Yellowstone without the crowds? These under-the-radar National Parks deserve a spot on your bucket list. http://www.cntraveler.com/galleries/2015-01-22/10-underrated-national-parks-in-america-great-basin-dry-tortugas/10 Can you guess what number this one is and where it is?! :B https://accuweather.brightspotcdn.com/dims4/default/9e68b00/2147483647/resize/590x/quality/90/?url=http%3A%2F%2Faccuweather-bsp.s3.amazonaws.com%2F11%2F8a%2F62d868de45b785af47e5ec390366%2Fgates-of-the-arctic.jpg It only received just over 10,000 visitors in 2016 Do you know where this one is at? http://media.cntraveler.com/photos/595e68c49e18824e0412bb1b/master/w_775,c_limit/lassen-volcanic-national-park-GettyImages-503215434.jpg height=500 the site is home to active volcanoes and hot springs—you can visit them year-round, 24 hours a day. The park also features over 150 miles of hiking trails and eight campgrounds, making it an ideal location for families and experienced explorers alike. Click and read the captions under each picture, what a hoot! :B
rockhillmanor 07/17/17 01:08pm General RVing Issues
RE: St. Louis, Mo to where it's warm in Feb.

Any grand ideas on a destination area? We will not sit for a week in one spot. Rather than destination people we are touring people. A couple of nights here, another couple there, etc. Sights, history, interesting and even quirky things and local eateries are our thing. Cities do very little for us. We rather have trees, rocks and a quaint stream for our entertainment. Appreciate any and all help. All you have to do is go just a little further into North Central Florida where the springs are. Rainbow Springs, Silver Springs. They are spectacular and there is plenty to see and do in this area, rivers to float down on, or kayak or canoe down, manatees to swim with, 3 State Parks close to each other, all in places steeped in history, within very short distances of each other, etc. Start out with Dunnellon Rainbow Springs and River, stop at Silver Springs and then move on over to Crystal River and the springs there. You will see the most insane brighest blue, perfectly clear water you have ever seen. IMHO, JMHO the best kept secret in Florida. :W Oh, and don't forget to stop at Charlie's Restaurant in Crystal River on the waterfront. THE best seafood ever! :B
rockhillmanor 07/17/17 10:56am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: 2 week trip from Kentucky to Idaho and back went great.

I bought a 1999 coachman 085ds in March and rebuilt it for this trip... Wow! Great trip, spectacular pictures, and 'real' nice looking TC! :C You couldn't have asked for more on your first trip with your new to you RV without any problems. Ahhh, all trips should be that much fun for the family and worry free! Thanks for sharing the experience.
rockhillmanor 07/17/17 10:41am Truck Campers
RE: Boone, Iowa

45 minutes away is the Des Moines State Fairgrounds. You can't get in DURING the fair times but when the fair is NOT on they have a great CG there. Over a thousand sites! I make that a must stay when traveling thru Iowa. It sits real high on a hill and you can see the gold covered capital building and when the fair is not on its a real nice peaceful CG AND inexpensive. I'm sure there are a quite a lot of things to see in and around Des Moines too. Great big bath house also! :W
rockhillmanor 07/17/17 10:32am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
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