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RE: Room mates Peel and Stick tile

Unless they are marked low VOC make sure you have all the windows open when you put them down. MANY 'peel and stick' have a very strong chemical smell to them. The ones I tried (and I tried 4 different brands) I had to return them all due to the intense chemical smell. I put the closed boxes of the tiles in the back and the smell consumed my coach while they were "still in the boxs' they came in. Can cause serious breathing problems in adults, kids and especially pets. These peel and stick are tested for dangerous levels of fumes in homes with larger square footage. Not small RV's. Just saying maybe they have new products of peel and stick that don't smell. But the ones I bought sure did smell! :C
rockhillmanor 06/22/18 07:33pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Camping Etiquette

Just how the hell do you expect me to get gas??? I pull up to pumps and THEN I go into store to pay for my gas for them to turn pump on. Pumps don't work unless you use a credit card or GO INSIDE and pay for it. So YUP, my coach is parked in front of a pump while I go in to pay for my gas at that pump. And NOPE I can't move out of the way for you. :WI know that you are just playing games here, so stop. No one has suggested that you cannot go inside to pay for your fuel while you are parked at the pump. But there is NO reason to go inside, shop for supplies, get/eat lunch at the attached fastfood joint inside, pay for your fuel, and THEN come out to pump your fuel, all while your vehicle sits there in front of the pump. No, not playing games. And who are you to tell me to stop. :R Just saying that 'most' people behind me ASSUME I am going in to shop etc. which I NEVER do. And if the line is long at the cashiers they pretty much 'believe' I have shopped. I have every right to go in and pay for my fuel. Unless you know of law that prohibits that?
rockhillmanor 06/22/18 07:09pm General RVing Issues
RE: A Thank You to the members about low voltage

I have a Progressive Industries EMS-HW30C (this is its second RV as I pulled it out of my Class C before trading for my TT) but I STILL use this before plugging in every time. https://i.imgur.com/HPrIQKH.jpg height=250 X2 I use these also. Short sweet and to the point to see if shore station is wired properly and voltage. I check it "before" I even drag out any of my RV power cords/surge protectors. AND after I am all all tested and plugged in the shore station, the testers then get plugged into an outlet above the kitchen sink inside the RV. So I can see what's going on during my entire stay. I have had the shore station input change after plugged in and I saw it on yellow tester that tells you exactly what the problem is. :C http://i61.tinypic.com/akalc1.jpg And the volt meter showed me why the cord and plug on an oil heater was melting. In the area of Florida I was staying at would "brown out" the electric when it got cold at night. :R
rockhillmanor 06/18/18 02:10am General RVing Issues
RE: Camping Etiquette

If you ever want to see 'real' upset about cars blocking the pumps? Been there saw it! I pulled into a truck stop gas station towing my toad. Went to the non truck stop pumps. I saw an end pump where a woman had come out from the store dragging a few kids. I "assumed" she was all ready to leave so I pulled in behind her. As I pulled in on an angle my toad was sticking across the exit road for the trucks. Thought that will only last for less than a minute, WRONG! The woman then went back in, bought food, came back out, and started feeding her brood of kids in the parked car in front of the pump!! I sat there for a minute thinking what I was going to do and say to hustle her along so I could straighten my rig and move up. Well, I didn't have to do anything. The trucks that were trying to exit the road that was blocked with my toad saw the situation and why I could not move forward. 2 truck drivers got out of their trucks told me to just stay in my coach they'd handle it. They went over to the woman to get her butt and her kids all back into that car and out of the way! And trust me it wasn't done with kid gloves nor did they mince words.!!:B
rockhillmanor 06/17/18 12:52pm General RVing Issues
RE: where to put litter box

We put a rug under the litter box that covers the drain to keep it contained. Another option would be to put painters tape covering the drain. It sticks well enough to keep the litter out but is also easily removed. Good idea! :C
rockhillmanor 06/17/18 12:34pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Full tiime site cost

No matter what you decide all I will add is to CHECK, CHECK, CHECK CHECK with the "County" Zoning departments for the county where you decide to buy property. I spent a year looking for open land to do what you want to do. And I found that no matter how deep into the woods you go it doesn't matter, because almost all County Zoning Boards across the USA have been pressured to bring their zoning codes up to snuff with all the new environmental laws and statutes. They are just looking at a map and boundaries NOT concentration of homes or not, open woods or not. They blanket the new zoning codes per county lines and nothing more. The 'local town offices' will most likely NOT even know of all the zoning codes in place. You HAVE to go to the "County Zoning Board" to find out before you purchase your land. These zoning codes are on the books. Like no living in or parking of RV's, no dumping of waste or gray waters, permits for septic, water, requirements for electric and in some cases even what type and how large of a home can be built etc, etc. All it takes is one nosy passer by to see an RV and sewage lines coming out of an RV, and they are running for code enforcement. Been there did that and I have a couple of RV friends that bought property way out in the woods to 'live in their RV' per-sea without doing the research on what codes were in place, and had to remove their RV due to someone turning them in for zoning codes violations and then sadly all they where left with was an unusable piece of property and the taxes for it. :( Just saying I thought this would be of help for you so you don't end up having problems down the line. :C
rockhillmanor 06/17/18 08:57am Full-time RVing
RE: where to put litter box

For those that use the shower. Depends on messy your cat is, but if that litter that ends up outside the box goes down the drain it turns into a gloppy mound of cement. IMHO just looking for fouling the sensors and/or even blockages in the tank.
rockhillmanor 06/17/18 08:26am RV Pet Stop
RE: Camping Etiquette

Well then get ready to get angered if you pull in behind me! Because...I pay cash for my gas. So yes, I am going to pull up to the pump with my MH and toad and go inside to pay. And yes, there may be a line at the register and I will have to stand in it and wait my turn. I am not shopping inside the gas station, etc. to make you mad. Just exercising my right to pay cash for my fuel instead of a credit card transaction at the pump. So don't be so quick to judge. :W Just because you pay cash, does not mean you should block up the pumps. You can move out of the way, go pay cash, eat hot dogs, use the bathroom or whatever. :H Just how the hell do you expect me to get gas??? I pull up to pumps and THEN I go into store to pay for my gas for them to turn pump on. Pumps don't work unless you use a credit card or GO INSIDE and pay for it. So YUP, my coach is parked in front of a pump while I go in to pay for my gas at that pump. And NOPE I can't move out of the way for you. :W
rockhillmanor 06/17/18 08:22am General RVing Issues
RE: Camping Etiquette

It would be nice if all folks would comply with posted rules, our expectations, etc., but it won't happen often. Enjoy the times you can. x2 shortest and most accurate post on this thread life is short regardless enjoy the ride I agree that if EVERYONE just followed the CG rules all these complaints would be a moot point. But... I disagree with stating complying with "our" expectations. Every camper has a different expectation of how it should be for "them" at a CG! :C
rockhillmanor 06/13/18 08:52am General RVing Issues
RE: where to put litter box

I use a SportPet pop up soft side crate. Buy the 'large' size. Folds flat into a 12" round when not in use. Found at walmart. https://www.walmart.com/ip/SportPet-Pop-Open-Kennel-Large/5192526 This makes a great cat crate they love being able to see out all around them. It was the ONLY crate my Siamese agreed to stay in in the RV! http://i57.tinypic.com/2wgyf6c.jpg I put the litter box at the back and food/water/bed up front. This keeps any stray litter pieces IN the crate. If you look close I also buy the cat litter box with the open high side cover. Works great on keeping the litter IN the box. This also doubles for securing cats too. Mine rides in it when we are traveling in the RV for their safety and mine. And if you have people going in and out the RV for a BBQ etc I also secure the cat in the crate so he doesn't get out and lost. I made a shelf along side the bed to place it on so it did not take up any of my coach space. They are real happy and content looking out the window.
rockhillmanor 06/13/18 08:43am RV Pet Stop
RE: Class C cap cover

This pesky problem of bug splatter and the inability/difficulty to reach/clean and remove the bug goo after traveling. Got to be a better way ???? I wax the heck out of the cab over. Every time I'm parked in a CG the cab over AND hood gets another coat of wax. Mothers or Mequires. Wax Keeps the bugs from really sticking. If your coach is not waxed they stick and you won't ever get them off. For cleaning just go to any RV stove and buy the big brush with the telescoping handle. that reaches the cab over all the way to the top for washing. They even make them now where you can hook a hose up to it. I found the "Full Timers Choice Professional Strength" RV soap does the best to remove bug splatter. And it puts another layer of wax on. and btw it does a great job of washing the whole coach and adds a nice shine to it. http://tse4.mm.bing.net/th?id=OIP.AajUuWKunoIxA-bXLBGOKAHaHk&w=185&h=189&c=7&o=5&pid=1.7___https://i.imgur.com/wtV5ovwl.jpg height=200 width=200
rockhillmanor 06/13/18 07:31am Class C Motorhomes
RE: FlexSeal

It does not stand up to the UV rays outside. We have used it for a few small outdoor projects and it usually only lasts for about 4-5 months. It works GREAT for those 4-5 months, though. We even used it to repair a commode tank and it worked great for about the same length of time, but then it eroded and started leaking again. It did help us to lengthen the time we could use the toilet and I wanted a specific replacement, so we had enough time to order one. X2 I used it as a temp patch on my residential roof. Does stop the leak but it does NOT last long. The sun drys it out and it cracks and you have the leak back.
rockhillmanor 06/13/18 07:22am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Camping Etiquette

Or time for my favorite: drivers of cars who pick the only gas station aisle with diesel and go into the station to pay, get coffee and use the facilities.Consider for a moment. If you had bought a gasser instead of a diesel you wouldn't have that problem. I'm sure the old lady pulling up to the pump isn't doing it for the express purpose of ensuring you have to wait longer. So who really made the bad decision? The old lady who pulled up to the first available pump closes to the gas station door or the guy that bought the diesel? Actually neither; life happens, get over it. I can tell we are now evolving into a new subject, but I can't resist this one! Actually, this is my favorite pet peeve. It's not the little old lady that pulls up and fill up using the island with the ONLY diesel pump. Now, she is not the problem. Most "little old ladies"... and "little old men" too, are curious enough, when done pumping to move out of the way if they want to go inside the store. The problem is with younger - much younger - folks that pull up with a gaggle of people and every one has to use the bathroom and buy their own things. Meanwhile, the driver leaves the vehicle sitting at the pump, and is usually the very last one back. The problem is with those folks that park, go inside to pay for the fuel first, come out, pump, then go back in and buy more stuff, leaving the car sit at the pump. The problem is with those folks who pump their gas, pay with a card at the pump, then go inside for 20 or 30 minutes while their vehicle sits at the ONLY diesel pump isle. When they come out, they have a half eaten sandwich in one had, and a half drunk soda in the other. The problem is with those who will pull blocking the ONLY diesel pump, located in the middle of the island with gas pumps on each end of the same island. Yet, they have lots of room and space behind them, if they would have just stopped 3 feet farther back, everyone could have gotten fuel. The problem is when you've been waiting in line with a 35 foot trailer and your total length is 55 feet. You've waited for 2 others to finish pumping their gas, as you are now next in line. You begin inching forward to take your spot, being careful not to clip any other cars or the island itself, and then about the time you get up there, some moron zooms right in front of you and stops in front of the pump. You slam on your brakes and give yourself whiplash they barge in so fast. And, in every situation, there are multiple open bays with gas pumps only. These are the morons... not the little old lady who has common sense and believes in courtesy. Well then get ready to get angered if you pull in behind me! Because...I pay cash for my gas. So yes, I am going to pull up to the pump with my MH and toad and go inside to pay. And yes, there may be a line at the register and I will have to stand in it and wait my turn. I am not shopping inside the gas station, etc. to make you mad. Just exercising my right to pay cash for my fuel instead of a credit card transaction at the pump. So don't be so quick to judge. :W
rockhillmanor 06/13/18 07:18am General RVing Issues
RE: Camping Etiquette

Dear inconsiderate Campers, Please take note of this thread. If any of this sounds like you, please listen. We just returned home after a long weekend camping trip at the Indian Creek RV Resort in Geneva On The Lake, Ohio. It's a very nice private campground with several full hookup, pull through sites. Mostly seasonal campers but there are many sites available for us weekend warriors. It's a pet friendly park and I would guess 75% of the weekend campers had dogs. All of them we encountered were very friendly and well behaved. Very little barking when they were outside and none of them were aggressive but there were some issues. Keep in mind that I like Dogs so this isn't a dog hating complaint, but please understand that I don't want to listen to your dogs bark for several hours because you decided to go out drinking and left your dog cooped up inside your camper. I also don't want to have to pick up your dog's business because in the morning, you let them out unleashed and they wandered off to our site to do that while I was sitting quietly enjoying a cup of coffee at my picnic table. Another issue I want to address is when a campground's rules lists a quiet time of 11pm, that means 11pm. It doesn't mean that because you've been drinking since Noon, that those rules don't apply to you. Not everyone in the campground wants to hear you whoop it up because your favorite song started playing. I'm pretty sure everyone understands that it's a song you like because if it wasn't you wouldn't be playing it. Understand also that not everyone in the campground listens to the type of music you enjoy, at a decibel level that can be heard 10 miles away. Especially not at 2AM! So please understand that I like to have fun as much as the next camper. I enjoy drinking beer, playing music, laughing, carrying on etc. But I do it within the rules of the campground I'm at and do my best not to impose my idea of fun on the campers next to and around me. I'm asking for a little consideration and to understand that when you paid money to spend a few nights at a campground, so did everyone else. You did not receive the right to do whatever you want because you've had a bad week at work or are under a lot of stress and you need to unwind. Be considerate of others. If that's not possible, please consider holding your party out in the woods where no one will care or be able to hear you rather than at a family friendly campground. Thank you. Don't hold your breath waiting for any of that to happen. For yourself? Don't stay at popular weekend CG's, or CG's near an attraction, or CG's in or near a resort town. Don't stay where there are 'seasonal' sites. Those campers are out to have a good time for the weekend no matter what! And probably earned the right to do so! I do NOT stay at those types of CG's. I avoid them at all cost. I find out of the way, off the beaten path CG's. There are thousands of them out there in every state just waiting to give an RV'er a nice peaceful stay. And BTW...You will NEVER know about where these CG's are at if you use any of the CG apps, or CG review sites. :W
rockhillmanor 06/11/18 06:04pm General RVing Issues
RE: Help finding drawer hardware requested...

That's just the dealership talking stupid. :R Google RV supply stores near you and/or mom and pop RV dealerships with a parts store inside. I found everything I needed for an older MH as I traveled by just stopping in the small rv parts/dealership stores. That RV was a 99 and I found 'all' the parts needed for repairing drawers. These little RV parts stores and dealerships carry what sells the most and what sells the most is older parts for older RV's! :C
rockhillmanor 06/11/18 05:58pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Swapping Hitch Ball just because?

Careful what ball you use. Walmart sells some in that size with only a 5000 LB rating. Don’t assume a 2-5/16” ball is rated at 10k+ due to its diameter. X2 Been there done that. Just grabbed the size I needed off the shelf. When I got home I saw on the carton that it was rated below what I needed. Gotta read all what's on those cartons. :R
rockhillmanor 06/03/18 11:10am Towing
RE: Outside camping lights

Campers, Please turn off your outside lights when you go to bed as a courtesy to other campers who would like to sleep with the windows open. Full timed RV'd for 10 years and it ain't never going to happen. Especially since they started installing those huge scare lights on the fifth wheels. Regarding the Blue lights? Well this sure didn't keep me awake because he was parked behind me. BUT when I went to let the dogs our around midnight when I stepped out it scared me half to death. I thought the dang aliens had finally landed!! :B http://i46.tinypic.com/2ntek4o.jpg inferno at night http://i45.tinypic.com/lfa1k.jpg inferno day http://i45.tinypic.com/35nam2s.jpg inferno lugs I guess when you need spiked lugs on your truck you need to light up your TT in blue at night also! Gotta admit though I would have liked a tow vehicle like the one that went with this TT! :C http://i45.tinypic.com/16gzzv7.jpg
rockhillmanor 06/03/18 11:03am Beginning RVing
RE: Sealant hell

All I can add to this conversation about sealants is what NOT to do!! I had a handyman come out and caulk the connections on my awnings on my house. Still leaked a little so I called him back to fix it. Well today when it rained the leaks had turned in to flat out Niagara falls at every connection. The goon sealed first with silicone and then came back with that spray flex stuff. Boom, chemical reaction, either the flex ate thru the silicone or the silicone blew up and ate the flex spray. :R
rockhillmanor 06/03/18 10:54am Tech Issues
RE: Another FAKE service dog gives birth in airport

We often go to RV campgrounds where RV folks have two, three and even four dogs. Why would anyone need that many dogs to go camping? :) It depends on how cold the nights get.....LOL! Ed calls our two his "leg warmers" X2 Have you ever heard the phrase "Three Dog Night"? Here's where that originated regarding keeping warm. ....originated in the Australian outback or the northern reaches of North America with the Eskimos. The meaning, however, is quite clear. The phrase is a rudimentary nightly temperature gauge. Dogs huddled with humans at night for the warmth. On really cold nights, three dogs were called into the bed to keep the owner from freezing to death. The phrase was cemented in literature by Jane Resh Thomas’ book Courage at Indian Deep Now if you google "Three Dog Night" all that comes up is the rock band of the same name! If you want to see where the saying "have to see a man about a dog" comes from and others click here! :C https://iheartdogs.com/6-common-dog-expressions-and-their-origins/
rockhillmanor 06/03/18 10:37am RV Pet Stop
RE: Best place to get new fabric for the roll up awning?

Just bought a 2003 Trail Lite Bantam and the fabric for the roll up awning needs to be replaced. Any suggestions on a good place to buy? And what is involved in replacing it? Thanks! I will just tell what happened to me so you don't make the same mistake. Mine got ripped off from a tornado touch down in a CG. I called a mobile repair right away and just said get me an awning replacement asap so I could get out of the CG and away from all the damage and severe weather. Well I will come to find out there are TWO types of awning fabric. The original one mine was like a fabric. It still looked like brand new even though my coach was older. The replacement awning was more like a plastic feel AND within months started bubbling and tearing. I was soo ticked off. :R Soooooo, FYI, do some research on what type of awning fabric you are purchasing it does make a BIG difference.
rockhillmanor 06/03/18 10:24am Hybrid Travel Trailers
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