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RE: How to avoid bad campgrounds

My family and I just begun our trip down the 101 on the west coast? We've just left a Campground and found it rather sketchy. There appears to be a number of people who live full time in some of the spaces, and many of them were worry some looking. Very intimidating. Just wondering how to avoid these types of campgrounds in the future? Looking for tips from more experienced campers then I. Also looking for 101 campground suggestions!ThanksJosh The state of the economy over the past years has had CG owners looking for more ways to increase revenue and CG's are allowing more and more residents into their CG's. And sadly over time this usually brings the CG down and not desirable/safe for RV'ers and their families. What I do is call and ask how many 'residents' they have in the CG. Don't get this confused with the term "seasonal". Those are RV'ers who leave their RV parked all year and only use them seasonally. So short answer is call and ask how many "residents" the CG has.
rockhillmanor 10/21/14 05:45am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Does rooftop AC need charging?

My first MH someone tapped into the lines to recharge it. I found this out when I had a licensed AC guy come out to check something else out on the AC. He took one look at the added valve and came back down the ladder and said he couldn't work on it because it had been altered. In some states licensed HVAC guys can not work on an altered sealed unit and can loose their license if they do. I got down south and it was not a problem there. But then again union licensed workers and EPA spies are not in abundance there! Just saying.
rockhillmanor 10/21/14 05:38am Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Help needed finding ramp for Class C

I'm looking for a ramp that I can place at my Minnie Winnie door for my pups to come up and into. Age and size hinder several when entering. THANKS!!!! The tri fold and telescoping ramps are the best. They are rated for larger dogs so they are built better and fold up for ease of storing in the RV. Your little ones might not need the sturdier one but it IS the best buy. The ones rated for little dogs are very flimsy and poorly made for the use it will get going in and out of the RV. Take your pick here! :C http://www.petco.com/N_22_10437/Dog-Steps-and-Ramps.aspx
rockhillmanor 10/21/14 05:32am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Gaudy colored and striped RV's

I hope the manufacturers are listening. Sadly I doubt it. I can get over the outside stripes and colors but I will never get over the 70's looking material they use on the furniture. On my first MH I searched and searched for decent looking interiors on a new unit and gave up and decided on a used MH just to get a nice looking material on the couch and dinette.
rockhillmanor 10/21/14 05:24am General RVing Issues
RE: Florida December Vacation

Gulf coast is GORGEOUS!.... We have stayed at Holiday Cove which is an RV RESORT ($120+ a night!!!).... Try as I might and I certainly could afford to do so.....I just can not get past paying $120.00 a night for a "CG site". :W
rockhillmanor 10/21/14 05:20am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Sources for Used Mohos

I use the Escapees forum classified. Well known and respected full timers RV club. You don't have to join the club to view or use their classified. Just join the forum if you want to contact a seller or post. It is really pleasant to deal with real RV'ers from this forum when purchasing or selling an RV. http://www.rvnetwork.com/ Scroll down to > RV Marketplace
rockhillmanor 10/20/14 09:46am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Snowbirds heading south?

Gas is now around 2.80. I suspect there will be plenty more RV's heading south this year. Sadly when I sold my house to full time gas was almost 6.00 a gallon.:( Boy did that suck filling up the beast to get to Florida!
rockhillmanor 10/20/14 09:39am General RVing Issues
RE: Free Kindle RV book

Stress free? Must be fiction... Ever try to leave the Chicago area at the end of December to, hopefully, arrive safely in Florida for a month and then make it back early February? :B Did it ONCE. Yup dodging snow storms both ways in a MH was sure a lot of fun.
rockhillmanor 10/20/14 09:34am General RVing Issues
RE: Florida December Vacation

If a pool is on your must have list. Be sure to call ahead and see if the CG pool is open. I ran across a lot of them that they shut the pool down for 'their winter'. :R A. they don't have a pool heater or B. they don't want to turn it on for what THEY call the colder months. Yup that was an eyeopener for me. Not saying all of them do but I stayed at quite a few that did close the pool. The big resort CG's usually have them open.
rockhillmanor 10/20/14 09:30am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions

Wish I would have spoke with you folks earlier. While T Mobile has no service contract we do have a purchase contract for the phones so switching probley not realistic. Thanks anyway So you don't get caught without service again:.... All of these providers now have additional maps of coverage where you can put your actual address in and it zooms in to show if there is coverage or not, what the signal is, AND what Speed is available. I wanted to jump ship to T-mobile for my Winter destination and the big coverage map shows coverage. Put address in and hit search and it showed a 'huge' void of NO coverage where I will be parked and 50 miles around the area. They hide these searchable maps within their web site. Dig around you will find it buried somewhere (or google it) and be prepared to see how much it differs from the large map when you get down to town to town and even your home address! Don't listen to a rep and get caught in a contract you don't want. Search you address or zip first on the map that zooms in to the actual area. Here is T-Mobile's: https://www.t-mobile.com/coverage/pcc.aspx/
rockhillmanor 10/20/14 08:52am Family Camping
RE: Do Ice Cubes in the RV Black Tank Really Work?

Do ice cubes really work? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iH6acEmqvcw&feature=youtu.be Richard You know how many hundreds of bags of ice you would have to put in a REAL SIZE black tank for it to even reach the first sensor near the bottom? He is using a tank that is about 2 x 4. Far cry from the size of an actual black tank. This is where size DOES matter when trying to simulate a test. This one of all the quick fixes I've heard really takes the cake.:R
rockhillmanor 10/20/14 08:35am Tech Issues
RE: Gaudy colored and striped RV's

Here's a full body paint MH that was parked next to me at a dog show. Yellow and Black?? Wonder how many buyers he will have for this when it comes time to sell? http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v664/RVn05/FUNMOVER2.jpg
rockhillmanor 10/20/14 08:29am General RVing Issues
RE: Big rig friendly gas stops

Why go I-65 to I-20? Unless you have a reason to stop along that route you are adding an extra 100 miles. I always run I-24 to I-75. I want to avoid the climb out of Chattanooga and drop into Atlanta. X10!! I did that Chattanooga drop off ONCE and never again. Taking 20 across to Atlanta makes for a much more pleasant RV trip.
rockhillmanor 10/20/14 08:23am Towing
RE: Electrical issue, exploded battery

What fried my coach battery was the converter. Battery was boiling over due to the converter running wild. Check the output at the converter and leave the tester on after it reaches the correct output to see if it still keeps climbing. The converter had a blown out capacitor. Also check all the fuses on thew converter. Shut them all off and then back on again.
rockhillmanor 10/18/14 05:57pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Big rig friendly gas stops

Newly retired and taking our Alpine 5the wheel to the Jupiter, FL area from the St Louis, Mo area via I-64 to I-24 to I-65 to I-20 to I-75 into Jupiter. Any advice on diesel stops that easily accommodates a 40' 5the wheel towed with an extended cab 2500HD? I take the same route from Wisconsin with a MH towing. There are plenty of big fuel stops along the way don't worry. Just make sure you fill up before you hit Paducah,KY that's a lonely stretch of road before you pick up 65.
rockhillmanor 10/18/14 05:54pm Towing
RE: where do you put your bikes?

Front or back mounted receiver and buy a $50 cargo carrier from Tractor Supply. Personally I like the back mounted receiver. They sell small tire mounts that clamp on the carrier to carry bikes. http://i50.tinypic.com/xnycs6.jpg IMHO Grills are so small on trucks now a days you have to be careful how much air flow you might be restricting with a front mount and stuff placed on it.
rockhillmanor 10/18/14 09:23am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Gaudy colored and striped RV's

Why is it so popular to design trailers and motor homes with huge, bright stripes and decals. I call it gaudy and over the top. I don't know how many people would want just a solid color RV but why not more subtle. I equate it to the old days of cars which were covered in chrome, stripes and fins and many of us started to "customize" to get a less flashy look..... Exactly. That's just it. RV's have fads too. First the only color they had was beige. TT's had metal siding type walls. Now they are all white and gel coat. Beige MH's and metal sided TT's seem to look old to us. MH's used to have just a few swipes of stripes . Now they have complete body paint. Even all black! And lately I have seen TT's with full body paint too just like the MH's. All these wild stripes and full body paints will go by the way side also and they probably will bring back the beige RV's :B It's generation driven. Remember the kids won't want to buy something that looked like what their parents had.....so they 'will' change them but once again. What is old will become new to them.
rockhillmanor 10/18/14 09:16am General RVing Issues
RE: Millenicom sold/bought/shafted by Verizon?

Boy these data usage costs is really getting expensive! I figured it would just be a matter of time till these mifi/hotspot's got greedy or belly up'd. Guess I am going to have to get a double lined velvet box now to store my very old mobile broadband so it doesn't break when traveling so I don't loose my "unlimited data". :C
rockhillmanor 10/18/14 08:52am Tech Issues
RE: Cost of staying connected.......

We just returned from a trip around the country and up to Alaska....For too many of those days we were devoid of any contact with the digital world. While at home it cost around 300 bucks a month for cable, internet, and cell phone service........I am thinking I can reduce that cost by going with satellite tv and a different cell service plus a mobile hot spot. I think these options would work great at home but am not sure about how they would work out while traveling. I just need to reduce our costs.......Some real life experiences would be appreciated..... FREE over the air reception for TV. Mobile broadband unlimited data for internet. 65.00/mo No tethering. Dedicated on line from provider. Cell Phone unlimited data text and minutes. 45.00/mo Used in both the home AND the RV. IMHO NOTHING is worth $300 a month to stay connected and/or entertained.! :B
rockhillmanor 10/18/14 08:06am General RVing Issues
RE: Where do you get service work done

Have to admit that a gasser is far more easier to get repaired while on the road. It is the reason I choose gas after watching my diesel friends sit for days broken down. That said. I use Ford Truck Division first. ALL car dealerships have a truck division within a short radius of the car dealership. You just have to ask them where it is. If not close to a town it's the local semi truck repair shops. **Had my parking brake hang up and it is part of the drive train and got excellent repair at a semi shop. Part came in in 15 minutes and they took it out and replaced it and I was back on the road in no time. All other minor repairs and maintenance I have done right at the CG I am staying at at the time by the recommended local RV Mobile Repair. Once I learned all this, it made full time RV'ing a much more pleasant experience.
rockhillmanor 10/18/14 06:48am Class A Motorhomes
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