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RE: toad

It all has to do with the type of tow bar used. Since they flex in and out. Just like when towing anything it becomes second nature that you HAVE to look ahead before entering to make sure you can get in and out. No one wants to have to back a trailer out either. 8 years on the road full timing towing a toad. I have had to unhook 2 times. Both not my fault. Burger King in Marrietta Who would of thought that there is an entrance that goes into a tight round parking lot behind the building with NO exit? Kentucky Horse Park CG Pulled in at night and CG host waved me into the wrong site in the dark that when I pulled in I was met with a concrete parking bumper and a now MH and Toad at a complete 45 degree angle. :R Talk about jammed tight tow bar hitch pins! That's were I learned how to use a small socket wrench extension and a hammer. :W
rockhillmanor 12/19/14 04:58am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Utility trailer conversion to an RV trailer!!

I really like the idea of "stealth" campers. That's a nice re-make there. But I don't see an air-conditioner ... and this "camper" originated in Florida! oh boy ... I think I'd be sleeping in the truck with the air conditioner running! Isn't that a floor A/C in the last picture? http://images.usa4sale.net/400px_14814959340_6.jpg width=250 Had no clue that was an air-conditioner. I've never seen one like that before. Lowes sells them. They are residential portable air con. I looked into them for my winter home. Everyone says they work great. You can vent them thru a window with a window adaptor.
rockhillmanor 12/19/14 04:47am General RVing Issues
RE: Class C vs. Class A engine access...

It is much harder to find someone to work on a Class A. It is THE reason I choose a C. I traveled with my friends in A's and can't tell you how many times they were stranded because they could not find a repair shop to work on it. Leaving them (I.E Class A's) as victims to the manufacturer dealership ... This seems like a touch of hyperbole. The Ford dealer may not be the cheapest in town, but they typically have well-qualified mechanics. If I were stranded somewhere unknown, I'd probably WANT to be at the local Ford Truck Center. Just to get a sense of this, I called Horizon Ford in Seattle. The guy there said they can handle 90% of the problems they run into. Some issues do require cutting into the motorhome, where they'd have to send to you a motorhome place to do the cutting. Let me clarify my post. My statement about manufacturer dealership refered to >Class A 'Coach Dealerships'. not engine dealerships, 'coach builder' dealerships. For the Class C I always hit the Ford Dealership first when possible. Depending on the size of your C, the size of their bays and what type of work you need, they will refer you to their truck division, which where there is a Ford Dealership....there is a truck division close by that can take care of everything. They have been very good to me each and every time I needed repairs. AND of course they know the Ford inside and out and have no problems getting parts asap. And I know I can find one in almost every town. Example my friends had a leveler that would not come up on an A. No one locally wanted to touch it. I sat with that couple for 2 days after a sporting event was over waiting for the manuf to come out to repair it. They opened up the entire dash which looked nothing short of Houston we have a problem launching computer. It was unbelievable. He pushed a bunch of buttons, redid some wires and rebooted the computer and the leveler came up. Which is why most repair shops don't want to take in an A. Just saying "IMHO" it is far easier to have repairs done on the road with a Class C.
rockhillmanor 12/19/14 04:40am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Class C vs. Class A engine access...

Unless you are doing your own engine work and are proficient at it. ... The major difference between the 2 is that with a Class C, which is nothing more than a standard van, you will be able to have repairs done practically anywhere you travel. From the chevy/ford dealerships to a small mom and pop auto repair. They have no problem working on a C. It is much harder to find someone to work on a Class A. It is THE reason I choose a C. I traveled with my friends in A's and can't tell you how many times they were stranded because they could not find a repair shop to work on it. Leaving them as victims to the manufacturer dealership and or worse CW with 200.00 an hour rates. :( Just saying. Sadly there is so much computer stuff on engines today that what most of know of repairing engines is outdated.
rockhillmanor 12/18/14 10:29am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Intermittent Problem with Fridge

Check your converter and coach batteries first. The fridge needs good constant 12 volt for the thermostat to work irregardless of what mode you are using. My fridge would come on and you think it was working but then later on it would not cool. What happens is the fridge reaches the temp set and shuts off like it should. Only thing is if there is a 12volt problem the thermostat won't work and the fridge can't come back on. Fools a lot of dealership repair shops. Doesn't get past a good mobile RV repair guy though. Mine was low 12 volt from bad converter that actually was boiling my batteries. Henceforth my AC and fridge would come on but couldn't come 'back on' when the thermostat called for it. Dealership just wanted to replace both.:S Mobile Repair guy said otherwise. Was a big learning experience for me how things work in an RV and how to always call a Mobile RV repair man! :B
rockhillmanor 12/18/14 10:12am Tech Issues
RE: Avoiding Atlanta and Nashville?

When I had south from Illinois/Wisconsin border I go thru Atlanta and Nashville all the time. It's all relevant. I am from Chicago and when I inquired about going thru these 2 towns I heard all the horror stories. Trust me if you've been thru or around Chicago both of these cities are a walk in the park! :B Like any city it makes for a more pleasant drive if you do not go thru during rush hour times. Nashville doesn't doesn't have enough road for the traffic so if you go thru during rush you will end up sitting stuck in traffic as the roads merge in. Try and time that city avoiding rush. Atlanta, I use the southern by-pass route. I would be more concerned with the 7% grade in Chattanooga. I did that ONCE and NEVER EVER again. I take 65 south out of Nashville to Birmingham and then east on 20 to 75 this puts you outside Atlanta for easy on to continue south on 75. Thereby avoiding the dreaded drop off in Chattanooga!:W Ya a couple of miles more but a VERY pleasant stress free drive in an RV.:C
rockhillmanor 12/18/14 09:55am Roads and Routes
RE: The death of a motorhome

..... He looked frazzled. Anyway, this motorhome was a sweet, great looking Monaco. It's now been sitting in the same spot since that day. The tires are mostly flat, the green mold and mildew is growingon it........It's getting to the point where it may not be saveable. Not necessarily. I just bought a house here in Florida for my winter home. My MH is parked right out front. I am here to tell you that that black and green mold and mildew starts right up on your MH within the first month!. I was shocked how quickly that stuff can cover your MH when it's parked. :( I've stayed in CG's for over a month and it didn't happen. I guess it matters where you are parked? By trees etc? Or that the ac or heat is not on inside like when you are using it 24/7's? Good news is that it comes right off with a good power washing. Thank God.
rockhillmanor 12/18/14 08:48am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Black Tank Treatment - taken off the market . . . .

I found out the hard way it will. I emptied a cat litter box and instead of using water I poured straight bleach into the 'empty' box and when it hit the residue of urine it sure did create a big poof of fumes. ""This toxic twosome creates another noxious, irritating gas called chloramine. Also, believe it or not, chloramine will be generated when you pour bleach on your pet’s urine. The symptoms of chloramine are very similar to those of chlorine gas,..""
rockhillmanor 12/18/14 08:35am General RVing Issues
RE: Utility trailer conversion to an RV trailer!!

I like the idea that you could pull the bed out and still use it as an everyday utility trailer when needed. OR.... Throw a couple of slant stalls in for the horses where the bed is and you have an inexpensive LQ TT! :B
rockhillmanor 12/18/14 08:21am General RVing Issues
RE: Utility trailer conversion to an RV trailer!!

No I am not advertising it! :C Just thought it was a pretty good job of converting a utility trailer which there's been a few posts asking if anyone has done it. Only reason I posted it. I deleted the link so I am legal now! :W The air cond unit is against the wall on the floor. They sell that type of portable ones for houses at lowes. I hear they work real good.
rockhillmanor 12/18/14 08:17am General RVing Issues
RE: Black Tank Treatment - taken off the market . . . .

I think he's SORT OF right. Urine will tend to contain some ammonia and ammonia + bleach will give off a toxic gas (but NOT the explosion his exploticon shows). Sort of like . . . Since uranium is used in some nuclear bombs . . . then if you banged two pieces of uranium rocks together, you could set off a nuclear explosion! :E I think rockhillmanor is that "sort of" right. Ah come on guys, you gotta admit that was a great little animated gif!! Been waiting years for the opportunity to us it!!:B:B Of course it won't blow up but it 'will' give off a toxic gas. A long day drinking beer and a black tank with bleach in it instead of water? I think I will pass on using that toilet!
rockhillmanor 12/18/14 07:47am General RVing Issues
RE: Anyone ever hear of a Vogue III Luxery motorhome?

remember no slides could mean hard to sell and make sure you and your wife like it that way. I full time without slides. I want to be able to use and get to everything in my MH while traveling without having to open slides to get to it! I think they are overrated! JMHO I have never had any problems selling any of my MH's without slides.
rockhillmanor 12/18/14 07:41am Class A Motorhomes
RE: S&B preperations

Hi OP here. Washer water hoses disconnected - thank you. Re selling - can't sell till DW agrees - I am ready. Re exit plan - got one. Re water off - I'm told not a good idea with water well and septic system. :? I'd seriously ask another 'experienced' plumber about not shutting the water down. One water leak and that pump is going to pump and pump water into your house and suck the well dry or at best suck up all the sand into each and every thing in the plumbing system in your house. Don't ask me how I know this!:( And I was only gone for 6 hours and forgot to shut the hose off to the horse tank and the well pump sucked sand into EVERYTHING in the house and I had to replace all the valves it killed AND the most expensive part replacing the well pump. A broken pipe or leak in your house and it will produce the same results. A real plumber would tell you to shut the water off to the house AND turn the breaker off for the well. As far as the septic goes it isn't good for it not to be used for real long periods of time. So unless you have someone use the bathroom regularly for you, not sure what you can do for that! :B
rockhillmanor 12/18/14 07:36am Full-time RVing
RE: I'm amazed

I do not need all the programming that is available on cable tv but I could not do without the Fox News channel. Without it one has no idea what the news is. X2- watching OTA news is very one sided. Wish we could get Fox for free I get 2 channels of Fox news for free OTA.
rockhillmanor 12/18/14 07:26am Class A Motorhomes
Utility trailer conversion to an RV trailer!!

While looking for a small used TT to pull behind my MH I ran across this for sale...... How to turn a utility trailer into an RV! Seller is calling it the perfect "MAN CAVE"!!:B http://images.usa4sale.net/400px_14814959340_1.jpg height=340 width=150 http://images.usa4sale.net/400px_14814959340_2.jpg height=340 width=150 http://images.usa4sale.net/400px_14814959340_3.jpg http://images.usa4sale.net/400px_14814959340_4.jpg http://images.usa4sale.net/400px_14814959340_6.jpg Gotta admit it's a Pretty slick conversion. It's for sale down here in Florida. 2012 Totally converted 12' Utility trailer to a comfy Man Cave!
rockhillmanor 12/18/14 07:23am General RVing Issues
RE: I'm amazed

It made me laugh this summer when traveling out west CA.ect how many comerchels wanting teach you how to get FREE TV. They were going to revel that TV was being broadcast "for free". I think it's kind of sad but funny that some of these people have grown up and think you have to have a box to get tv. Bill X2 Those commercials are a stitch. I am shocked how many people I meet here that that don't understand how I can watch TV without cable or satellite. My guess is unless you are an RV'er the rest of the "uninformed" public does not know about free TV over an antenna. Sadly it's all part of the dumbing down of America. :( dverstra I recently put an antenna on the roof of my house and am enjoying free TV shows... What 'type' of antenna did you buy?
rockhillmanor 12/17/14 06:05pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: S&B preperations

Going out for 4 months and having a house to return to is not the same as going out and not having a house to return to. When the house is gone the “security blanket” is gone. If you have an Exit Plan, which btw every full timer 'should' have....there is no need for a security blanket.....such as a house not occupied/leased or rented sitting and costing money with taxes etc. does nothing more than eat into your retirement funds while you are on the road. Most of us Full Timers who do come off the road never go back to their home state. We end up buying a new house and living in the warm state we liked the most while full timing.:W
rockhillmanor 12/17/14 05:19pm Full-time RVing
RE: This is gonna get moved

I don't go to the tech site but here is my question before it gets moved. I boondock and use Natl Forest CG's 98% of the time. My TomTom which is about eight years old is time for a trip to the shelf. I like some features but it never showed me CG's and found it was difficult to find Natl Parks. In fact it doesn't even get me to my house. I need a new GPS that will get me to these CG's. One that is easy to use as I'm not very tech savy. The TomTom you already have can do that for you!! My TomTom is over 8 years old and it STILL works just fine. I have it programmed to show me any and all CG's within 10 miles of my position as I am 'driving' down the road. A tee pee icon comes right up on my screen and beeps at me when I am driving anywhere near a CG or state/national park. It beeps and if I touch the tee pee icon it provides me name, address and phone, directions. AND it will also list all the CG's within 50 miles of that one. I find hundreds of them not even listed any where else! There is also a list in the menu of your TomTom of all CG's and parks that you can bring up manually. Go to best buy and have one of the techs show you how to look into the menu on your TomTom and show you how to use these great features. And BTW:.....NO one in the tech forum cares what type of RV you have they are there to help EVERYONE and do with great skill.
rockhillmanor 12/17/14 11:37am Truck Campers
RE: S&B preperations

Typical trip for us has been about four months. About to leave on a ten month FT test So this will be a first time four season absence. If all goes well we will sell S&B. Looking for the more unique things you do preparing S&B. Renting out of the question, no relatives want or need free living and security is not a problem (I own a security co.) yard work and frequent inside house checks handled. What do or would you do? NOT do a 10 month test. A few months down south for the winter will tell you if you like the life style. You mention you have already done four months at a time trips. What more do you need to know if full timing is for you? Traveling for the four seasons to experience it really means nothing. You will follow the sun anyway just like you did as a snowbird. As a real estate agent I'm hear to tell you if you rent your home out you will have trashed your investment. Leaving it empty in these days is an invitation to have it vandalized and again there goes your investment. Probably not what you want to hear but it's the cold hard truth. If you like RV'ing and have planned for retirement living in an RV? Sell the house first. All problems solved and you hit the road without a care in the world except which way to head on down the road! :C
rockhillmanor 12/17/14 11:27am Full-time RVing
RE: What's her name to be

http://i.imgur.com/1FlwnPi.jpg Her registered name will be Chantelle's Rocket Red Glare, in keeping with the litter's theme. We're cut the list of call names to two choices: Nike and Razzmatazz (Razz).Which would you choose?Tom Rockette
rockhillmanor 12/17/14 11:14am RV Pet Stop
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