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RE: Have you replaced the awning of your Class C?

I do appreciate the input. I'm in the process of contacting RV companies in the area. There are some who have responded immediately and some who haven't. Will keep y'all posted: especially as to costs. Stay AWAY from the RV dealerships and/or repair shops. They are a total rip off!! I would never bother doing it myself. That spring loaded tube can be a killer. Call a CG in your area. Ask for who they use for their "Mobile RV Repair". Call the Mobile RV repair guy! They do so many of these they have the old one off and the new one on in what seems like seconds!! They also have a hot line right to the companies that sell the fabric and will get better prices then you will ever get buying it from CW or n RV dealership and it will be installed right where you are at and for a reasonable fee. The one tip I will tell you is there are TWO types of fabric. I was not aware of this. The replacement awning I had put on was the lesser quality and within months it started bubbling and ripping. The original awning was on for 10 years and looked like brand new, except for the tornado ripping it off it would have lasted another 10 years. So make sure you order the better one. I can't remember the name of the two different fabrics but someone here can chime in with the names of the 2 types and which one to stay WAY away from using.
rockhillmanor 10/30/14 09:13pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Renting A Car

All I know is the first time I came down to Florida I was SHOCKED at what the car rental prices were compared to the Midwest. I 'assumed' the franchise car rental rates/deals were the same across the states. It most certainly is not true for Florida. As the rental manager of one told me: "the rental rates are based on what the market will bear especially if you are within driving distance of the mouse house." :( So make some phone calls before you decide so that you will have a reasonably priced rental available at your destination. I bought a toad a week after searching for a rental that didn't cost me an arm and a leg and finding out that doesn't exist in Florida!
rockhillmanor 10/30/14 09:02pm Snowbirds
RE: Dogs and wildlife

We just sold our home in central Oregon. We didn't/don't have a dog, but our neighbors directly behind us have 2 dogs that bark at ANYTHING (grr) and a neighbor at an angle behind us have 2 dogs (who also bark at ALMOST anything). We had tooooo many deer in our yard!!!!! ..... If only I had big wildlife that my dogs barked at! Been in Florida over a year now and all 4 of them start barking like a giant intruder is outside when a tiny lizard walks across the driveway, sigh. http://i59.tinypic.com/2a85fza.gif
rockhillmanor 10/30/14 08:47pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Quiet Gulf coast RV park

X2 on the panhandle weather. Can get cold and icey a lot during the winter months. I would move down just a little further south. I am just outside Ocala on the west side and the weather in north central florida is only around 10 degrees cooler than let's say Ft Lauderdale but it is REAL nice area. I use to to further south but once I found out about this area I have never gone back! Rock Crusher CG is also very close to Dunnellon where Rainbow Springs is. Just spectacular and you can kayak, canoe or raft down it. They also have a CG. There is also Goethe SP, etc. There are a lot of hidden gem CG's in this area. And just an hour or so trip to the Gulf Shores. Shhhh, don't tell everyone!
rockhillmanor 10/30/14 07:35pm Snowbirds
RE: Bugs in the RV

Camco screens for hot water heater and furnace. Find them at any camping store and even at walmart. http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/514oOs5rLAL._SL500_SR91,100_.jpg http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/51hL%2BaBiPkL._SL500_SR85,100_.jpg Why they don't put these on at the factory is beyond me. For the fridge unit I just bought the same type screening from a hardware store and cut it to fit and taped it on the inside of the louvered vent cover. Your air cond roof top unit should have a factory screen cover on the back of it. Check to see. I have seen them pulled off by going under tree branches and the owner doesn't even know it. Looked at a lot of used units where it was gone.
rockhillmanor 10/30/14 07:25pm General RVing Issues
RE: 7-Pin No Running Lights

I had no running lights. No one could figure it out. One day I was under the RV looking at something else and saw where they ran the running light wires from one side to the other up and along the frame. The wires had come apart where they spliced it. It was hidden because they had used zip ties so it was not hanging down where it had come apart. :R
rockhillmanor 10/30/14 07:08pm Tech Issues
RE: Class A vs Class C: Maintenance and Towing

Towing capacity is based on the chassis not the year of the coach. So don't be so quick to write off an older coach. DP Class A is a whole different animal, yes 'they' can tow heavier toads. That said. It is easier to get a Class C into a repair shop while on the road RV'ing. It is nothing more than a truck/van so the repair shops and Ford/Chevy dealerships are not so hesitant to take you in. That was the main reason I choose a Class C for my first MH. I traveled with friends with Class A's and saw first hand the difficultly they had getting repairs on the road while I did not. They often where held hostage by having to use very costly RV dealerships. Just saying.
rockhillmanor 10/30/14 07:04pm Beginning RVing
RE: Do Cable Companies Fake Data Useage

I don't have cable. But I did just buy a phone with unlimited data with a lot of verbiage about throttling you back if you use too much. I do NOT use any data. I actually shut the data button off. Within the 10 days it was showing I was nearing my data cap for the month! Try it. Do not use any data and watch how much is used. If you go into the settings it shows that google, apps and a whole bunch of other stuff USES the data whether you have it turned on or not. What I am seeing is these guys are paying for the data usage and the companies are allowing them to access our electronics and use the data. Many of the settings I tried to shut off access to data to stated I could not turn off their access to data. I found this out to be absolutely true when I bought my first iPhone WITHOUT a data plan and was charged for data "I" did not use. The bill was 6 pages long of all what accesses your data in the foreground and background other than you. At that time I probably was the only owner of an iPhone without a data plan. My provider was as shocked as I was and didn't know what to do with the charges. So when I hear complaints about how quick everyone is reaching their limits? My guess after seeing my printed bill of data on my first iphone and now on my new straight talk phone I am experiencing a good 1/3 plus of the data is being used by the apps and phone function applications on the electronic device itself. I'll note here that the walmart smart phone I have now is made in China and they DO show you all WHAT is using your data AND HOW MUCH each one is being used right in the settings. There is a pie chart of data used by each one!! And it allows you to shut it off foreground and background. EXCEPT when it comes to the google stuff, can't stop them from using the data in the background because it's tied into everything and functions of the phone itself. Google is your biggest sucker of your data. You will NOT find this info showing 'how much' data is being used by each application in the settings of an iphone....THEY don't want you to know!:W
rockhillmanor 10/30/14 06:20pm Technology Corner
RE: Windshield washer fluid in low temps?

Wow. This is so weird for me. I live in a cold place and never even considered that winter winshield washer fluid wouldn't be available in some places. Standard fare here - everybody sells it and some go down to -50 below freeze protection. X2! I have never been out of the Midwest until I started RVing. 'ALL' windshield washer fluid sold in the Midwest is good for below freezing period. You don't even think about it. My first trip down to Florida I ran out of fluid. Picked up a bottle at the gas station and put it in my truck. Spent a few months in Florida and headed back home to Wisconsin. 2 months later during a blizzard in freezing temps I was on the interstate and hit the windshield washers to get the salt off. In a split second my ENTIRE windshield froze over!! Blinded I could not see a thing I almost died that day. Fortunately I found my way to the side of the road without hitting anybody and it took me awhile to figure out what just happened. Yup they DO sell windshield washer fluid that does NOT have antifreeze in it. They sell it in Florida and that was the last bottle I put in. :S
rockhillmanor 10/30/14 05:55pm General RVing Issues
RE: posted pages

is it me or just my settings that show only 5 pages of posts when I sign in. it used to be much more than just 5 pages Noticed that too. Used to be way more pages. I just thought that they were trying to save bandwidth by not carrying all that they used to. But then again the postings are way down since I joined. Over the last year I started thinking there was another forum that everyone has switched to?
rockhillmanor 10/30/14 05:36pm Technology Corner
RE: New Microchip Registry - just FYI

rockhillmanor -- I'm so sorry. I did not realize that the owner's information is visible to the general public. I agree with you. I just thought that it would be a local number to call for people in AZ. I do know that many, many people never register the microchip when they acquire a dog that is already chipped. And as far as I know, an owner has to pay to register the info or transfer ownership. X2 The problem I keep running into with rescues is that you can't change the chip info unless you have the password/original owner info. The first registration if free with the chip. They usually charge for any changes after that. And of course that with the existing chip it's obvious if the dogs in a shelter being adopted, the original owner has not registered it or its outdated. Otherwise he would have found his original owner and not be in the shelter. We re chip the dogs and put our info on it. That way we 'know' it is registered. Both chips are readable and any reputable shelter/vet will try both numbers to find the owner. What do the rest of you do with a chipped rescue before you adopt it out?
rockhillmanor 10/30/14 05:25pm RV Pet Stop
RE: New Microchip Registry - just FYI

I'm not quite sure why one would register their 'already registered' chip with this company? When you buy a chip it is registered with that company with all your info. Lost dog, read the chip, owner info on file. This website shows this: "Found A Lost Pet? Search For Microchip" People that 'find pets' do not have readers. They take the dog to the vet or shelter and 'they' scan the dog and up comes the dogs info. So I don't see the need to put your dogs micro chip number on a public website where anyone joining the site can get personal information. :?
rockhillmanor 10/28/14 08:23pm RV Pet Stop
RE: used RV - carfax shows driven 50,000 miles in one year

Travelaire...no longer manufacture RV's but when they did, one of Canada's top. They have insulated tanks and lines. I don't know if they had gone to thermal windows. Chances are it WAS a rental. Travelaires were very popular for that and with no mtce records, I'd have to say it was. I had one and I thought it was well built. Think of it as two distinct components. The house and the truck. You have been given really sound advise on the truck part. If I have missed the house part...take it to another RV shop and have them test it. It's just a wise move. Everyone of the gizmos inside that cost over a grand to replace. Furnace, hot water tank, fridge. You need to have the inner walls and bed areas inspected for water ingress..which means rot..which would mean, not this RV. Wood rot is a killer for $'s. So, a seal test is required. The one issue I did have in mine was poorly supported shower area. Which required removal and structural work then new tub. Go stand on the shower base in your bare feet. If it feels all soft and nice under your feet? It's not properly supported. It will crack and leak and then more troubles. Of course, if the RV shop you are buying from would open that up and replace..cool! X-rental is not a bad thing. These RV's like being used. If they just sit around and look nice...like us..we/they live longer if we exercise. Plus..that is good price. So..do your due diligence. Spend 4-500 for inspections. It really is wise. Gary Haupt Thanks Gary. My husband and father-in-law (an avid camper and HVAC repair guy) spent about 2 1/2 hours yesterday inspecting everything on the RV. It was well worth their time. My gut believes that it wasn't a rental. The coach itself doesn't seem to show the same type of wear and tear that I would expect from a rental. The Travelaire does seem solidly built, but it is great to hear from a former owner! Just a thought. This RV could have been owned by a Canadian Snowbird! That would account for the high mileage and great shape this RV is in. Canadian snowbirds travel to Florida each and every year!! :C How many miles DO you Canadian snowbirds put on your RV's a year?
rockhillmanor 10/28/14 07:10am Class C Motorhomes
RE: used RV - carfax shows driven 50,000 miles in one year

2004 Travelaire Class C 22ft built on a Ford E350 chassis with 133,000 miles. I have never heard of Travelaire MH's so googled it to see what one looked like and I think this is your ad that came up! has 133,000 miles on it! http://www.rvusa.com/rvs/2004/travelaire-travelaire-tc220-hms-class-c-used-west-chester-pennsylvania-1311817 http://www.rvusa.com/rv-directory/alberta/travelaire-canada-4371 I hope all the inside parts/appliances you might need are comparable to the ones sold here in the US. These RV's are made in Canada. Best of luck. It likes nice. :C
rockhillmanor 10/26/14 08:58pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Temperature Question

It depends a bit but I would fill the on-board fresh water tank and drain the city water supply hose (disconnect and drain it)Normally, this is now I winter. And....take off the in-line filter if you have one connected to the hose. I didn't and the temps sniffed 32 while I was in Kentucky for one night and blew that little blue filter tube to bits because the water didn't drain out of it. :R
rockhillmanor 10/26/14 06:07pm General RVing Issues
RE: used RV - carfax shows driven 50,000 miles in one year

My husband and I have a sale pending on an 2004 Class C Ford E350. We were a bit worried with the high mileage (133,000), but the engine sounded great when it was turned on. We came home and ran a carfax on it and found that it was driven 50,000 miles from June 2013 to June 2014. Now, we are really worried about the miles. Any advice? Thanks for your help. We are excited about getting into the RV life with our two boys! What are they asking for it? If you can tell us most of us here will be able to tell you if it's too high priced compared to what you COULD buy for the same price. If this is your first RV you looked at you might not know that you might be paying way to high a price for a MH with that many miles.And something the salesman is hoping for. In today's market there are thousands of RV's out there for sale that are newer and with much lower miles for incredibly low prices. Would hate to see you get burned on your new RV'ing experience you are embarking on. As mentioned in one of the reply's it may drive great but all those parts that need replacement as a coach gets those kind of miles on it could spring up on you each and every time you hit the road. I know I sell most of my vehicles right before it does come time to start replacing worn parts.
rockhillmanor 10/26/14 06:01pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: FireFox error

It can be caused by an installed add-on extension, corrupt profile, or a stalled Javascript function from a website. As mentioned, you should be able to close it in Task Manager. This could be it. My java script plug-in is 'disabled by FF' and doesn't work. I have to manually click it on by the red icon in the browser bar on each website that needs it. My bank needs it to show me outstanding debits and to deposit checks. While on that topic. It says on my java plug-in 'disabled alert' that "java is known to be vulnerable and use with caution"... So I did not click update. So what's the deal with that? Should I update it?
rockhillmanor 10/26/14 05:49pm Technology Corner
RE: HBO to sell streaming without cable ties

I just bought property down in Florida. All I wanted was a place to put the MH for the winter months. With the price of foreclosures down here I ended up with a bonus of getting a real nice house on acreage along with the place for the MH for the price of an empty lot! That said. I have a coax cable running from the TV IN the house to the MH antenna.:B I'm dieing laughing how many channels I get for free. So I'm just sitting back enjoying no resort CG fees and yes watching a lot of TV so I have noticed how this signal strength is working when stationary. I am here to tell you they DO amp up the signal. You can't honestly believe they follow the law to a tee do you? It's like the old complaint about the commercial volume being so loud, they are not allowed to increase it so the stations they advertise on reduce theirs a little so when the commercial comes on it sounds louder. There is a way around everything. Signal strength variance Happens every week. The antenna doesn't move and if an event like sports or big award shows is scheduled. If it is on a channel I don't receive 24 7's normally it will come in loud and clear when these shows are on. And the president announcements? He came over a station I have NEVER been able to receive. Yup the FCC does do it. Next week off to walmart to buy a residential roof mount to get my free channels. The antenna is the size of a book. Probably will get even more free channels. I still just can't believe how many people do NOT know that you don't HAVE to have cable to get TV reception in your house.
rockhillmanor 10/26/14 09:06am Technology Corner
RE: Bye, bye storage facility!

I am originally from up North and I was shocked to see how cheap you can get a full metal building down here. I know you are in tampa but Ocala has one of the biggest metal building companies. I think they even service down south too. Give them a call at least for the quote. I think you will find the metal building to be less expensive. AND you won't have so many code hoops to jump thru like you will if you start using block. Check it out first 'before' you go block. You will end up with ALL the inspectors there and most likely needing an COO. Don't check with the county though that just gives them a heads up what you might do and they will be watching you like a hawk because it involves an RV. Find a friend or neighbor that might know the codes. I just found out they are even starting to charge a permit fee AND reguire inspection just to put up one of those portable car ports. :R Good Luck sounds like you found a nice place for the RV!
rockhillmanor 10/26/14 08:47am Travel Trailers
RE: FireFox error

It's a Toshiba laptop. Nothing shows up in the task manager. Thought there might be a firefox fix I was missing somewhere. I close my browser a lot after banking and after using other sensitive info sites. So I am experience this more than I care to. I know it's no big deal to hit restart but it's more about loosing my internet connection each time. I'm also using mobile broadband and when I finally get a good signal I just hate to have to close it to restart the computer and 'hope' I get a good connection again. And once you start turning it off and on sometimes the chances are slim and none.
rockhillmanor 10/26/14 08:35am Technology Corner
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