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RE: Toad....4 wheels down

I have a 2000 Chevy Tracker 4 wheel drive, but its rusting out. I really like my Tracker!!!! I need to start looking for a replacement. I really don't want a new car!!!!! Anybody now where I can find a list of towable cars, that aren't new? Best thing to do is go over to the well noted full-timers club Escapees marketplace forum. They have a 'plethora' of toads for sale 'all ready to go'. Base plates, wiring. Many times tow bar and brake system go with the car also. Lot of real responsible full-timers coming off the road or upgrading and they sell their well maintained toads there. I sold my Tracker all set up in one day after listing it there. Don't have to join Escapee's club to use the classified on their forum. Just join the forum only. http://www.rvnetwork.com/ 1. Scroll way down near the bottom of page to RV Marketplace 2. then open RV Accessories for Sale Good Luck!
rockhillmanor 10/08/15 06:03pm Class A Motorhomes

If you can schedule a trip NOW - IMHO this is the best time to RV - ............ weather is GREAT Most if noT all Locations are not crowded. The sky is as Blue as it gets and the air is clear -- If you can GET OUT SIDE NOW. For the next few months it's as GooD as it Gets.Am I alone in this feeling?jmho, Nope whole heatedly agree. The FIRST time I ever drove the MH south of the mason dixie line in summer was the LAST time I ever did it. Boy does it get hot. Since then I never took another run with the MH during the summer months in the south. It's just not any fun. Between trying to keep the dogs cool and having to leave early to hit the road so you can come off the road before the mid day hot sun tries to cook you, I only travel in the south 'after' October 1st! And get back off the road by May 1st. :B
rockhillmanor 10/08/15 05:42pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: What are You Putting up for Later Use?

I grew these while I was traveling in Florida last year. Put them outside to soak up the sun whenever I stayed more than a day in a CG. Man do they grow LARGE in the Florida sun! :B They are Cayenne peppers. Then I picked them and hung them up on a string in the MH. When they were dried I crushed them and put them in a shaker. Dried FRESH grown Cayenne peppers taste out of this world as a seasoning on food. Tastes nothing like the ones in a store bought bottle. http://i62.tinypic.com/wujzpc.jpg
rockhillmanor 10/08/15 05:33pm Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: Toaster Oven in an RV?

Thanks. All your help saves me from going thru that ole learning curve of buying and throwing out until I figure out what works best in the MH. Sounds like the convection toaster oven is the way to go. Thanks for your input, appreciate it. :C
rockhillmanor 10/08/15 05:24pm Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
Toaster Oven in an RV?

Real tired of using the micro for quick meals. How many of you have a toaster over in the RV? From your experience which ones to stay away from and what ones work the best "in an RV"? Electric draw cause any problems?
rockhillmanor 10/08/15 04:16am Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: What are You Putting up for Later Use?

...I also turn leftovers into frozen meals, by lining foil pans with parchment paper and freezing, for nights I don't want to cook. Great for camping, too. With the parchment, they are also microwave ready, by lifting out the parchment wrapped meal and popping it in, or they are toaster oven ready, in the foil pan. Could even go into a Dutch oven..... That's a great tip. :C I really don't like freezing/cooking in those plastic containers made in China!
rockhillmanor 10/08/15 04:13am Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: Changed Insurance from NG to Progressive

Just read the 'entire' policy small print. Many of these companies give you a lower rate and buried in the policy it states rate good for 'one' year. Then bam they jack it up and many end up with a cost higher than their original policy was. Just saying seen it happen to quite a few of my senior friends looking to reduce their policies.
rockhillmanor 10/07/15 03:29pm Good Sam Insurance
RE: What are You Putting up for Later Use?

I flash froze 15 lbs of peppers the last week of September since they are historically less expensive then and I use about that amt throughout the winter. Flash froze 10 lbs of onions sliced in a variety of cuts. Not enough for the entire winter but might get me through December. Thank goodness for whoever invented the food processor and sealer! Also found a good deal on quartered chickens and dedicated the majority of 'em to replenishing my stock/broth supply. Finally, put up a full bushel of tomatoes: some were confitted; others roasted and of course, various forms of tomato sauce were made and stuck in the freezer. What are you doing on your end? My, my don't you have the energy and time on your hands to to ALL that, wow!! :B I'm lucky if I find the time or energy to pull in a CG for the night and make a big stock pot of chicken soup and put it in containers and freeze for quick easy healthy meals while on the road.
rockhillmanor 10/07/15 03:25pm Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: Tow Feature on Ford E450

I never use it towing the toad. Although I do not RV west of the Mississippi!. I've used it a couple of times when climbing steeper grades when the trans starts searching for gears. Short answer is it takes it out of OD. And BTW if that tow light comes on without you engaging it? Common problem with that coach is a loose wire in steering wheel or torque converter shot. Hope for the loose wire. Mine was not.:(
rockhillmanor 10/07/15 03:22pm Tech Issues
RE: Propane on while driving- refrigerator

I will just add that for those with MH's. And TT owner's that have their tanks filled while still on board.......... Do not forget to shut the fridge OFF 'before' having your propane tank filled. For everyone's safety during the fill. Trained/certified operator will have everyone leave MH and will verify propane vapor valve is closed prior to filling. x2 Yes. Flying J and propane companies make you leave the vehicle. I stopped going to Flying J when they recently started 'insisting' I remove my dogs from the MH before they would fill it. :R Kinda a joke though because you and the filler guy are standing just feet from the RV. Everyone is going to fry if anything goes wrong. I now only fill up at CG's and although they should they don't always make everyone leave the RV. Fridge thermostat can come on and spark not correctly and if there is any low lying propane I would be concerned. Most usually always do ask if the fridge is off when filling though. I just turn it off as an added safety.
rockhillmanor 10/07/15 03:15pm Travel Trailers
RE: Jeep Cherokee wobble while towed

yes I am aware, have read some of the complaints about it. And after my problem that NO one wanted to believe it was the tow bar arm, I've run across many RV'ers that ultimately found it to be in the tow bar arms whether new or not and NOT the toad itself. Most mechanics were positive it had to be in the steering of my MH not the toad or it HAD to be the toad. :R Just saying it sure doesn't hurt to check the tow bar arms out before OP dumps his toad and takes a bath financially. If it were the OP I'd invest in a new tow bar which is what I was going to do to prove my point. And the the OP should take the toad out on the road with the new one. Jeeps are 'very' popular toads so one could point fingers at the brand of toad but I experienced the same thing the OP did and it was one of the arms. just saying.
rockhillmanor 10/07/15 03:04pm Dinghy Towing
RE: Packing the kitchen

..sdianel..I would start off with "less is best" plan and you can always add more items as you see you need them. Dollar stores are great for picking up storage items. Ditto X 2! Took me all of 2 months on the road full-time to realize I had WAAY too much stuff. That I would never use. I took it 'all' out and put it in a CG rec. room marked for 'Free'! This is all I have, and all I ever use.:C 1 Frying Pan 1 Stock Pot 2 heavy drinking glasses and 2 good sturdy coffee cups, coffee maker. 2 forks, 2 spoons, 2 knives-one butter and one steak Box of plastic utensils, stack of good heavy Dixie paper plates and bowls. For guest and when I don't feel like washing dishes. 2 flat folding easily stored and quick to use cooking stoves. One for grilling and one for using the stock pot to make homemade soups and stews for freezing for quick healthy meals on the road. The KISS theory will catch up to you the longer you are on the road.:C BTW, JMHO: :W Crook pot- sucks after awhile, everything tastes like mushy stew. And I don't want to wait 10 hours to eat anything after pulling into a CG after a long day of driving. And no, I will not run the gen just for a crock pot while driving. Correlle dishes? - all you have to do is drop one of those ONCE and you won't ever own it again. They 'shatter' into a million slivers of glass.
rockhillmanor 10/07/15 11:09am Full-time RVing
RE: Jeep Cherokee wobble while towed

We are very unhappy with our 2015 Cherokee as a tow vehicle. The wobble that we and others have experienced has caused us to question the safety of continuing to tow the Jeep. (Chrysler denies there's a problem) We're looking into buying something that doesn't unexpectedly oscillate so violently that it shakes the RV. It will be a financial hardship but preventing an accident is worth the money. The options are getting more limited every year but I don't think the Cherokee is a safe choice. Been there done that! Did you check your tow bar arms? Sure sounds like one of the tow bars is not locking in properly. My toad would wobble and shake the MH 'DANGEROUSLY' specially when passed by semi's. Most were sure the problem was in the front end of my MH and not the toad. :R It was one arm of my 'brand new' tow bar that was not locking properly. Looked locked, tested lock when hooked up but did not always 'stay' locked in. On my tow bar there is a cover over the locking mechanism itself so you can not readily see it engaging. I complained over and over to BlueOx. Pulled into every dealer while Full-timing saying something had to be wrong with the tow bar.They all looked at it and said it was fine. The last Ox dealer I pulled into I just was going to bite the bullet and buy another new tow bar just to stay alive. He could not believe that I was going to buy another new one. So he came out and looked at it. THAT guy knew how to look inside the lock mechanism and sure enough it didn't lock solid and would come in and out sporadically making the toad wobble back and forth wrenching my MH back and forth. He called blueox personally and they 'gave' me a new one. Got back on road with new tow bar. Problem solved. No more treacherous driving.
rockhillmanor 10/07/15 10:52am Dinghy Towing
RE: Front glass rock chip repair?

Anyone know if the front glass on Lances are tempered, or laminated? I have a rock chip I'd like to have fixed, and they can't drill tempered. 2001 Lance 915 LiteThanks! DRILL? Just call SafeLite Repair. They come out and use suction to fix chips. I have had them come out three times. Once on the RV and twice for a vehicle. Real inexpensive and when they are done you can't even see the chip or where they did it. Repair, replacement and best part they are MOBILE, they come out to you. Can't say enough about this company when it comes to 'anything' glass. Not just windshields. https://www.safelite.com/windshield-repair/ good luck with your fix get it done before it takes off running!
rockhillmanor 10/07/15 10:35am Truck Campers
RE: Sewer compartment on 2002 Itasca Suncruiser

Yup the hole in the bottom of the sewage bay is too small. Also the cover for it does not stay in position. Don't even bother trying to use it. And even if you had a hose that did fit thru it...... Think about it you would have to get on your knees to feed it in from the beginning end of the hose up to hook up. OR Feed the 'whole' darn sewer hose thru the hole from the top down. :R The whole idea of using that hole in the bottom of the sewage bay for dumping is just ridiculous! 1. Cover that hole up!! The cap (if you even have it)does not stay seated and dirt, road debris, critters etc get right into your bay thru that opening. I got a square piece of hard plastic and screwed the corners down on the floor of the bay using real wide washers for a tight fit that covered that useless hole up. 2. Buy a rigid hino collapsible sewer hose. Open bay Hook up Rhino Sewer Hose to dump valve, run out the bay door and run to septic. Done. :W Your coach will always be higher than the dump station so trust me it will dump out. The Rhino sewer hose will show it the way.:B
rockhillmanor 10/07/15 10:23am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Anyone regret full-timing?

.....solar also has me interested and we are checking into that for our rig. ... Definitely check out the Boondocking forum on this site. http://forums.woodalls.com/index.cfm/fuseaction/listings/forum/35 Those people know EVERYTHING there is to know about putting up solar on an RV. :B
rockhillmanor 10/07/15 04:32am General RVing Issues

I purchased my rv for touring, not for camping. Camping is not my family's style. We want the benefit of driving comfortably around the country while we continue to stay in vacation homes or resorts at our destination. Money is not in question. We know the costs of a vacation home. All I need is a place around Disney to park the rv while we rent a car to zip around the area. I'm going to look into a Camping World for rv parking. Thanks everyone KISS Theory for a parking spot for MH: 1. Locate a CG near your destination. 2. Go into a local CG. 3. Pay for one night stay. 4. Open door of MH and leave to go to Disney in rental car. 5. Go back and pick up MH and then go on to where ever you plan to stay with the family for the evening since you don't want to camp. Problem solved, MH easily parked in a safe area, hooked up to electricity to keep your fridge/food cold. There are no rules that say you have to stay the night and/or stay inside your MH while you are paid and parked in a CG. :W Beware though. When you get back to pick up your MH you might just find that hanging together relaxing around your MH and having a few drinks and food at your picnic table......you might just like staying in a CG. :C
rockhillmanor 10/07/15 04:28am General RVing Issues
RE: driving to dealer without signal lights

I wouldn't do it with out one of your friends/family members behind you. IMHO just not worth getting a ticket and dealing with a postal cop. BTW. Why pay rv dealer costs to have it repaired? Call a local CG in your area and ask who they use for RV Mobile repair. They will come out to your house and fix it for WAAAAY less than a dealer is going to charge you and most likely they will have your TT for weeks when all it takes is probably 10 minutes to fix.
rockhillmanor 10/06/15 07:40am Travel Trailers
RE: Fire Alarm Sensitivity

Just either pull the battery slide out or cover the whole unit with a shower cap. Both ways you will 'see' it and notice it and remember to push the battery slide back in or take the cover off when done cooking.
rockhillmanor 10/06/15 07:35am RV Lifestyle

if your going to rent house, why drive rv? If you are a full-timer then I can see that you would drive the MH but if not then I have the same question. Try to find a storage lot but if you have all your stuff/food in it then it is not a good thing to leave at a lot. I have been to Orlando area many times and would not take the RV there if I was not going to camp at one of the RV Parks. X2 Renting a house near the mouse house will cost you a fortune if you can even find one during peak season. "IF" you are driving your MH why don't you just find a CG in an outlaying town and rent a car from there. RV parked problem solved. There are TONS of CG's within less than 45 minutes drive from Disney. Google Leesburg, Clermont, etc.
rockhillmanor 10/06/15 06:52am General RVing Issues
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