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RE: Finding Quality Maintenance

We are full timers and have been for about 3 years. One of the issues we run into is finding quality service in the many ah parts of the company we traveling in. Someone suggested we use Camping World as they have locations almost everywhere. What has been others experiences with Camping World service? Is there alternatives? Thanks I will sound like a broken record to many on the forum. But when I went full-time I worried about service on my RV while traveling in areas I was not familiar with. UNTIL I found out about RV Mobile Repair. Every CG has a RV mobile RV they know and trust. Just ask the owner of the CG for their number. I have ALL my repairs done in CG's now. Major, minor and maintenance. All from the ease of my camping site. I find these repair guys have WAY more experience working on RV's than any RV shop tech that promptly checks out at 4:30 whether your RV is done or not. RV mobile repair have 99% of any parts you need right on board their truck or back at their shop. What would most likely take a week to repair on your RV at a dealership takes 2 hours right at your site. I just can't say enough good things about RV mobile Repair. Took all the worries out about RV'ing full time, repairs and maintenance, for me!
rockhillmanor 08/31/14 04:29pm Full-time RVing
RE: Winters on Mississippi Gulf Coast

Central Florida and lower is the best bet for warm winters and even there, there is a chance of a couple of days of freezing, but down here in Florida that freezing temp only happens for a whole whopping 2 or 3 hours just before dawn! Certainly not like up north that when they predict cold temps? Boom you have them the minute the sun goes down and for ALL night long! Gotta love Floridians they get all flustered about cold temps predicted that last for a whole 2 hours! They need to spend just on night up North in the winter to appreciate how good they have it! :B
rockhillmanor 08/31/14 04:22pm Snowbirds
RE: Toilet Stain

Along the waterline and below in our "Wet Toilet" we have a brown stain that perhaps is hard water calcifying that usually wipes clean with a clorox or lysol wipe. In cleaning for our upcoming trip we can't wipe it clean. Is it OK to use comet or Ajax powder. We are hesitant to use Bleach as we don't want to risk damaging any componets of the black water system. NO. On the comet/ajax cleansers. Use "soft scrub". Found at all grocery stores. My toilet actually came with a label saying to use only this product. It will NOT scratch the surface like ajax cleanser will. Has worked for me for all types of stains. I stayed 2 weeks at a CG that turned my bowl brown and the water inlet from the iron in the well water.:( My usual cleaning agent is bleach and it would not touch the iron stains. Soft Scrub took it right off.
rockhillmanor 08/31/14 04:15pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Radio/TV gone bad, Replacement?

Is this in your RV or house? If you don't get any good answers here all I would add is there is a GREAT TV repair in Wildwood, FL. I took a couple of my first cheap flat screens that either lost their sound or coax connection to him when everyone else said to just throw them out and buy new ones because no one would fix them. He fixed both of them and for a real low price. He does a lot of work for the all the snowbirds TV's. I highly recommend him.
rockhillmanor 08/31/14 04:09pm General RVing Issues
RE: Mounting an outside TV

Luck have it. Here is the link to the thread AND pictures of his TV installation DIY. http://forums.woodalls.com/index.cfm/fuseaction/thread/tid/27897136/gotomsg/27897296.cfm#27897296 With this set up you could mount ANY size TV and watch it outside! :B https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/23876240/R%20Vision/2012-06-21%2015.53.05.jpg height=312 width=230
rockhillmanor 08/31/14 03:59pm Technology Corner
RE: Mounting an outside TV

There just was thread where a forum member put a whole entertainment center in his bay. He installed an extending arm from the center in the bay to attache the TV to which put it outside the bay. REAL SLICK DIY. I'll try and find the thread with pics....the search function and me don't play nice together, but I'll try to find it for you.
rockhillmanor 08/31/14 03:50pm Technology Corner
RE: GPS Garmin

Check your settings. Maybe there is a setting to request mainly interstates. Ditto x2 I have been on the road with the same GPS for 8 years. IMHO you don't need a 'special' GPS for RV's. That salesman should have showed you how to set it for 'fastest' route. Shortest route will take you every which way but sunday. Your settings may use a different word than shortest or fastest but ALL GPS's have this setting to keep you off the secondary roads if you choose. As a newbie GPS user on my first trip out. All it took was one time going around and around within a subdivision with a 31 ft MH towing to get back up on an interstate for me to get REAL serious about knowing how all the the settings work on my GPS!:B
rockhillmanor 08/31/14 03:24pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Winters on Mississippi Gulf Coast

It is one of the coldest areas for snow birding to in the winter.
rockhillmanor 08/31/14 03:18pm Snowbirds
RE: talking to other owners of the same motorhome

You have come to the right place. You don't need a specialized forum to gain knowledge of all about RV'ing and motor homes. Motor homes are so 'similar' especially on everything inside/appliances that any MH owner can help you out. And of course there are many Four Winds owners here also. MPG will vary but most get 10 or 11. I'm biased.....think Four Winds is the best! :B Welcome to the forum. :C
rockhillmanor 08/31/14 03:16pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: CB's and RV's

http://www.buytwowayradios.com/products/images/cobra/HH-ROADTRIP_l.jpg Comes with additional mag mount antenna. Although I never had to use it. I bought at a truck stop a small piece of cable with a fitting that worked on that unit with the rubber ducky removed and had a standard CB cord fitting on the other so I could use my standard CB antennas. bumpy Slick tip. Isn't great all what you can find at the gas stations if you go back into the truck section?!
rockhillmanor 08/31/14 03:11pm Technology Corner
RE: From the Land of the Misfit Dogs...

This says it all! http://i1297.photobucket.com/albums/ag38/b_cafaro/JacksonWornOutAfterHisBigAdoptionDay8-29-14_zps965723cc.jpg height=310 width=220 He is just happy to be finally in good hands and in a nice caring home. Large breeds, let alone a Senior in a shelter, rarely if not ever are ever fortunate to find an owner as special as you guys. Thank you for rescuing this Senior. :C
rockhillmanor 08/31/14 08:24am RV Pet Stop
RE: TV antenna for permanent site?

We are moving out TT to a permanent site with a great patio cover. Bad news is antenna can't be raised because go the cover. Any suggestions on how to add a traditional tv antenna (probably mounted to the wooden patio cover)?Thanks! I have seen a lot of RV'ers put up antenna's on their sites. They use conduit pipe and mount a regular residential antenna on top of it. Just like you would for a bird feeder or bird house installation. They just put it into the ground where the best reception would be.
rockhillmanor 08/31/14 08:13am Travel Trailers
RE: A happy puppy story!

If only they would accept the idea that spaying and neutering your pet makes such a difference in the personality. Takes the focus off reproducing and makes a better pet. As mentioned in the south there are few laws and they are 'breeding' for bucks. So neutering is not on their radar. Breed them sell them is. I swear it seems like every household down here in Florida is breeding dogs for money. It's an accepted way of life and it's not just the low income demographics either. :( Albeit I still do not condone shipping shelter dogs out of state.
rockhillmanor 08/31/14 06:34am RV Pet Stop
RE: CB's and RV's

http://www.buytwowayradios.com/products/images/cobra/HH-ROADTRIP_l.jpg Comes with additional mag mount antenna. Although I never had to use it. Even when driving the Class C where I thought for sure laying it on the dash it would never work with the cab over blocking it. But it worked great with excellent reception with just the antenna on the CB itself. No drilling holes and mounting antenna's in the MH was my reasoning. Turned out it was real easy to use and the same strength as the old installed ones. IMHO even better. And the volume as loud as you wanted!
rockhillmanor 08/30/14 08:34pm Technology Corner
RE: RVs and the migrant elderly workers of our times

Ran out of room on the last post!!! I see many young folks in their 30's who still live with thier parents because they refuse to work for minimum wages. ..... That's because they can get WAY more money on assistance. Why get a job and take a cut in income? I was at one CG where a woman came up to me because she saw I had a car and asked if I would drive her husband to a doctors office. I agreed to help the couple out. Well, they went to one of the top back doctors that would take you and me 2 months to get an appointment and they got in in one call because they were on medicaid. 20 minutes later they walk out of the doctors office pills in hand, an xray taken and all they had to pay was 60.00 with a payment plan of 10.00 a month. The same visit at this top specialist would have cost us a minimum of 800.00 and I am sure they would not allowed 10 dollars a month payments either! Then they asked if I could stop at the grocery store on the way back to the CG and the DW buys 100 worth of food (and not healthy items) with a credit card from the gov that represents food stamps. It WAS an education for me WHY these people do NOT work. :(
rockhillmanor 08/30/14 08:24pm Workamping Forum
RE: RVs and the migrant elderly workers of our times

I don't see anything horrifying about this picture of these so-called poor folks! It looks like the RV parking area at my sporting events! And we all have money to burn!:B http://www.alternet.org/files/styles/story_image/public/story_images/rc.jpg
rockhillmanor 08/28/14 08:39pm Workamping Forum
RE: CB's and RV's

They've come a long way with CB's. Years ago we had to have huge antennas kickers and the like. Not any more. I picked up a "hand held" CB for remote and emergency purposes to have on board in the MH. Works as good as any CB I have every had. It came with an optional use external antenna, but I never had to use it. I just threw the handheld with the attached antenna on the dash and go and receive just like the old big boys CB's. No drilling holes in my MH or mounting antennas on the roof. And the built in weather alert in the CB that actually is for WHERE you currently are driving is priceless for safety sake. It's called the Cobra Road Trip CB.
rockhillmanor 08/28/14 08:30pm Technology Corner
RE: generator exhaust tube

I used my gen only for many sporting events trips. No, gen fumes are not enough to set off the detector but there is a slight smell. You don't realize just how much until you get the genturi and realize it eliminates any smell. When its windy the exhaust goes right under your MH and seeps in that way too. My gen exhausts along side a large window which is where the couch is. Which is where I end up sleeping 99% of the time. For months I thought my headaches in the morning where just from all the activity from the prevous day. Once I started using the Genturi the headaches went away. I believe because it eliminated the slight amount of fumes from coming in. I just wish ALL sporting events and ALL CG's without power would REQUIRE exhaust stacks. Just spend 5 days at an event with hundreds of MH gens running, whew, everything smells like exhaust! BTW: just beware that homemade ones get VERY hot and can melt the side of your coach and/or burn anyone passing between RV's. I've seen numerous pics posted of melted RV sideways from a DIY exhaust pipe. Genturi specially made pipes are NOT hot to the touch. You can run that gen all week long and when you are ready to leave you can wrap your hand around those pipes to take them down.
rockhillmanor 08/28/14 07:10am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Internet and TV for full time rv

"TV..crank up the roof antenna....aim it at the direction of transponder towers and watch free TV" Question: how do you know the direction of the transponder towers? Question: why wouldn't this type of set up work at home for free tv? A. Real easy way to determine which direction to turn the RV antenna? When you pull into the CG take a look at which direction ALL the RV's have their antenna pointed! And....Point yours in the same direction! Will save you a lot of time spinning and tuning in the batwing antenna!:W B. Yes it works in a house also for FREE TV. Walmart has TV antenna's for digital TV starting at 19.99 to 65.00. Some inside some outside antenna's. Last house I had I bought the 40.00 outside mount antenna from Lowes. Make sure to read the box label and get an 'amplified' antenna. I just bought a house in Florida that I am remodeling. >>I am right now running a coax from the MH antenna to the house TV! :B:B 24 channels for FREE! And this week they just added another movie channel!
rockhillmanor 08/27/14 03:14pm Beginning RVing
RE: Can't find Calgon powder

... we were told NOT to use a lot of detergent since detergent or soap will develope a film that will make your tank sensors useless, ... The GEO method specifically calls for the original Dawn.. Ok, so I've read multiple places that using Calgon powder water softener helps clean the black tank. But I can't find Calgon powder. All Walmart has is the liquid. Will that work? How about water softener pellets? Will they work like ice while they dissolve to break up the solids? Adding water softener does NOT break up waste solids in a holding tank. Nor will it control odors. All it will do is soften your "waste water" and foul your sensors. :R Using detergents like Dawn that are concentrated in a holding tank in a moving RV, FOAM up, which will render your gauges DOA. Holding tank chemicals that have been used for eons in Marine and RV holding tanks are sold for a reason. Control odor, actually break down waste to eliminate any clogs that can and do happen when gravity dumping thru a 4 inch pipe. Just saying. mystical mystery treatments found on the internet for holding tanks are just that!
rockhillmanor 08/27/14 09:49am Fifth-Wheels
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