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RE: K2500 and 12,500 lb Keystone Raptor 3712

So if i upgrade the hitch is it possible that it will use the same rails if i get another reese pro series? It would be nice to keep the new rails to install on a new truck in December. I would think so. I know that is the case with the Pullrite hitches. Tho the rails are the cheapest part of the hitch. rocmoc n AZ/Mexico
rocmoc 09/14/14 04:08pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Changes @ KM21 and other border areas.

This type of corruption happens at KM21 in Sonora all the time. Only it is Mexicans who are the victims. In every town and village in Sonora there are local residents with second hand stores. Most of the goods come from yard sales in Tucson and beyond. Typically the owner of the store travels to AZ every week. He will usually have a 1/2 ton and maybe a trailer. When he gets to 21 the vehicles are loaded as high as is legally possible. Every nook and cranny is filled with goodies: furniture, appliances, clothing, small appliances and more. One of the aduaneros will examine the list of goods and come out to inspect the goods. At this point the driver is given a choice: Pay a "fee" to the audanero and carry on or unload the truck and trailer so the goods can be examined. The driver usually takes option one. Cost is between $100 and $150 usd. Option 2 is a disaster. At least 4 hours and the goods are scattered all over the parking lot. I have been told( not verified) that there is a system similar to tips in a restaurant. All of the "fees" are pooled with the shift boss taking the biggest share. Great business model. Moisheh X2. See it all the time on I19 in AZ. They are incredible packers! rocmoc n AZ/Mexico
rocmoc 09/14/14 08:14am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: K2500 and 12,500 lb Keystone Raptor 3712

I had a 3612. Pulled it with a Dodge Ram 2500 heavy duty, Quadcab 4x4. No problems with the Ram in over 110,000 miles of pulling. I did install 5,000 airbags in the rear to level because of the pin weight of a Toyhauler. Pulled it in Mexico over grades you will not find in USA. The only other upgrade was drilled brake disc on the front when it came time to do the brake job to the Ram. The only problem I ever had was with the triple axle setup; the rear axle scrubs the trailer tires and causes failures. After 11 Maxxis tire failures I upgraded the 15" rims & tires to 16" and used LT tires. Problem solved but then moved on to a DP Motorhome & car trailer or toad. Our Keystone was a 06 and they had delim problems which were repaired on warranty at the time. Look the sides over and ask present owner if they have had any problems. Believe they had the delim problems addressed by 07. Also I used a 19,000 lb Pullrite Superglide hitch. The hitch really takes a beating and one area I would not short cut. Good Luck! rocmoc n AZ/Mexico
rocmoc 09/14/14 08:01am Tow Vehicles
RE: Forbes Magazine spotlights Mexico's auto manufacturing boom

qtla9111, How can cost of living remain cheap if fuel prices are at USA levels? Fuel cost get passed on to almost every product. If labor wages rise also because of education justifying higher wages, cost of living will again take a upward hit. IMHO, With the standard of living coming down in the USA and rising in Mexico, soon we will be very near the same point. rocmoc n AZ/Mexico
rocmoc 09/12/14 06:12am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Cell signals in Mexico

rocmoc 09/09/14 04:40pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: backing up your toad

Not worth the risk. Just unhook! rocmoc n AZ/mexico
rocmoc 09/08/14 06:45am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Magna Goes Over 13 pesos

= ps. regular gasoline here in Tucson is $ 3.21 today $3.15 to 3.19 per today's gasbuddy, http://www.tucsongasprices.com/GasPriceSearch.aspx rocmoc n AZ/Mexico
rocmoc 09/07/14 08:46am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Magna Goes Over 13 pesos

Just heard on Business News this morning, Gas in the USA is suppose to drop $0.20 per gal as we move into the winter gas season... Um ...20 cents from what? Fuel prices lowered over the summer months here, got down to about $3.20 ish. In the last couple weeks, it's gone back up to about $3.60 again .... so..... what's the baseline for the 20 cents? 20 cents lower than today's prices per Business News on NBC. Over the last couple weeks the prices has gone down in AZ. In CA the price will go up this winter as State Gov passed a new higher gas taxes to support the state's Green program. Have read price could go up from 15 cents to 70 cents a gal depending the parties position on the tax. Will not really know until it goes in effect. rocmoc n AZ/Mexico
rocmoc 09/07/14 08:44am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Magna Goes Over 13 pesos

Normalized to US gallon / US dollar for Q2 2014, Mexico's gasoline buying cohort spent 12.14% of their income (the country's average income) on this fuel type. By comparison, the US gasoline buying cohort spent 2.5% of their incomes on gasoline in Q2 2014. UK gasoline buyers spent 6.87% of their income on gasoline in the same Q. Venezuela is the World's lowest cost for consumers, at only 0.13% per buyer. The highest is the Philippines, at 55.72% of income is spent on gasoline per buyer! Argentinians pay a whopping 20.22% of their incomes on gasoline. But Mexican gasolne buyers are still WAY better off vis gasoline cost per average 2014 income than the Chinese. Of the World's 61 polled countries, Mexico is just about in the middle of gasoline affordability. BTW, the official Mexican unemployment rate was (05/2013) at 4.9%; while the US unemployment rate at the same time was 7.6% (makes you wonder how Mexico compiles statistics). Saudi Arabian gasoline buyers pay 0.65% of their income. Luxembourgers who buy gasoline pay a measly 2.21% of their income HOWEVER, their US dollar normalized price per US gallon in that country is $7.02 ! But check this out: Denmarkers pay $9.14 a US gallon, however this only represents 5.39% of their income for their gasoline buying population cohort. The above from Bloomberg L.P. financial services 2014 silversand, did Bloomberg state anywhere what Normalized means? How many gals per month used or miles driven? How do you compare a small island to a larger country? A country with a larger rural population could have persons driving more miles using more gals. A country less developed compared to a over developed would use less fuel. rocmoc n AZ/Mexico
rocmoc 09/07/14 07:41am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Magna Goes Over 13 pesos

Just heard on Business News this morning, Gas in the USA is suppose to drop $0.20 per gal as we move into the winter gas season. When the Mexican Gov decided to raise the prices at Pemex, wasn't it suppose to be normalized with the USA prices? So now they are charging more, will they drop the prices? My guess is NO since Pemex profits fund the General budget of Mexico. Someone know better? rocmoc n AZ/Mexico
rocmoc 09/07/14 07:37am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Magna Goes Over 13 pesos

Just crazy for the Mexico population! For comparison, I paid $3.19 for Magna & $3.65 for Diesel in Tucson this last week. Magna was down to $3.09 in a couple of spots in Tucson but driving time would have eaten any savings. rocmoc n AZ/Mexico
rocmoc 09/06/14 07:12pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Winter in Arizona - Tuscon to Phoenix corridor

Any particular reason why you want to be between Tucson and Phoenix? Keep in mind that the only major town in that area is Casa Grande and they get horrific dust storms because of all the cotton farming in the area. We were in one in December and driving it's the scariest thing you'll ever encounter. Semis plow right into one another and other vehicles. There are plenty of resorts in the greater Phoenix area and Tucson. I don't think I'd zero in on Phoenix itself but there's Mesa and Apache Junction to look at and they're all connected. The Phoenix area is huge but it's very easy to get around and there's so much to do there. Tucson is much smaller and a more laid-back western town. BS I was there last winter starting Thanksgiving and our park had NO DUST STORM. The Picacho Peak area gets the dust storms you refer to. Please be accurate and quit scaring people for no good reason Casa Grande gets plenty of dust storms. 3 years ago (IIRC) there were people killed on I-10 IN Casa Grande during a dust storm. We came through the next day and the wrecked was still visible. Check out the Cal-Am parks in Mesa area. All of the amenities you could possibly want, easy to get around, great shopping, great nearby arts centers, easy access to the Superstition mountains, etc. Barb DARSBEN: Well, we were in this one in December 2009 traveling from the Tucson area to our daughter's in Phoenix. Perhaps nothing happened in your RV park but it surely happened on the highway. Read all about it here: Dust Storm People are talking about two different things. Unfortunately the report of your story used a bad choice of works. Blowing dust across the road as in 2gypsies' post are not the same thing as a Haboob. Haboobs rarely if ever occur in the winter while dust blowing across a section of road can occur anytime it has been dry. The dust blowing across the road are localized events while the Haboob travels many miles. I10 has several locations where dust blows across the road, Lordsburg, NM, Wilcotts, AZ and Picacho Peak, AZ. The Haboobs normally start near Casa Grande and travel northward to Phoenix as a result of the summer Monsoon rains and winds. rocmoc n AZ/Mexico
rocmoc 09/03/14 08:00am Snowbirds
RE: Winter in Arizona - Tuscon to Phoenix corridor

Tucson more cultureNow thats a real leg slapper.. Durn it, I just spewed my beer all over the computer screen...:B Then again if you consider those velvet paintings or dogs playing poker as culture you could be right. :B :?
rocmoc 09/02/14 06:08pm Snowbirds
RE: Follow-up to our troubles at Freedom Shores (Isla Aguada)

Yup! When I ran over the hookup ped one time it was all plastic. Plastic water pipe, wood support & plastic pipe holding the wires. rocmoc n AZ/Mexico
rocmoc 09/02/14 05:47pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Securing my stuff - Outside storage.

Speaking for only myself. I try to maintain a level of security similar to cable locking a bike on anything loose. I cable lock the Kayak to the Jeep rack and maintain the locked status when on the ground. My side MH compartments are audio alarmed. This is my level of security in Mexico or the USA. I have always said, "If it is loose it is community property. Locked it is mine!" I have never lost anything in Mexico or USA. rocmoc n AZ/Mexico
rocmoc 09/02/14 05:42pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Winter in Arizona - Tuscon to Phoenix corridor

The traffic in Tucson is worse that Phoenix in our opinion. Shopping is not as easy to get to. I live in AZ and this is not even close to being true. There is no comparison to the traffic in Phoenix except in an out of state location, eg LA, Miami & ect. The Tuscon area is 1/6th the size of the Phoenix area at best. Best comparison between Tucson & Phoenix is; Tucson is like SF as Phoenix is to LA. Tucson more culture and Phoenix is BIG! Also because of the size differential, Phoenix controls the politics of the state! rocmoc n AZ/Mexico
rocmoc 09/02/14 03:04pm Snowbirds
RE: Mexican TV goes digital

I like the game shows!!!! rocmoc n AZ/Mexico
rocmoc 09/01/14 06:49am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Color Marino is apparently Cerrado!

VILLAS CLOSE. August 30, 2014 to the (s) 5:15 Esquinapa, Sinaloa to August 20, 2014. Dear customers: First of all Color Marino Seaside Hotel appreciates your preference and your visit to this house, hoping you enjoyed your stay as we did to address them. On the other hand; the country and in the region are undergoing changes that force us to make business decisions that we would not be presented, but for reasons of force majeure, the board of this property has taken the final decision to inform the villas will be closed to public from the 20th of August this year, so sorry to no longer offer this service option for your trip. To be a more favorable scenario certainly invite them again enjoy our facilities and service that we provide and gladly we meet favored with your kind preference. We reiterate our sincere appreciation for your friends Color Marino Seaside Hotel, said goodbye and wish them the best for you and your family. Yours truly. Management.
rocmoc 09/01/14 06:47am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: VPN software?

anonymoX works great but the free version limits monthly use. Now trialing Cyber Ghost. rocmoc n AZ/Mexico
rocmoc 09/01/14 06:42am Technology Corner
RE: Fusion Hybrid Toad tail light setup

For my Ford Cmax Hybrid, the installer ran separate wiring back to the tail lights. They pulled the tail lights, drilled a hole and installed a bulb & socket in the hole. He would not cut into or use the factory wiring for fear of messing electrical up in the car. Works great, even if the car battery goes dead! Don't forget you will also need a power charge line to keep the car battery charged. This is a regular style battery used to start the car & run the electronics of the car, not the hybrid batteries. The hybrid batteries are used only to power the electric drive motors on the wheels. rocmoc n AZ/Mexico
rocmoc 09/01/14 06:38am Dinghy Towing
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