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RE: mosquitoes...the VA state bird

This is what we have. bug fogger
rolling_rhoda 12/16/14 08:29am General RVing Issues
RE: National disgrace

Horse manure is excellent fertilizer. In fact, our big box stores sell horse manure and sheep manure in 30# bags in springtime.
rolling_rhoda 12/15/14 08:10pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Torn between full time RVing and aging parents.

We hope to snowbird next winter and spend a few weeks back home over Christmas. Every time it comes up, though, Mom makes negative comments. Her favorite remark is about us abandoning our kids (who are adults). She also talks about how we won't last long in an Rv, missing a real bed, and on and on. She just doesn't get it, and deep down doesn't want us to go. We are so tired of cold and ice, and are really looking forward to enjoying the outdoors in a nicer climate, seeing new things, and meeting people along the way. It's going to be a problem, I think. We can't see sitting here in five months of below freezing weather just in case she needs us. She has a busy social life with good friends. None of us are getting any younger, and we'd like to enjoy our good health and not be stuck in the house all winter.
rolling_rhoda 12/15/14 07:38pm RV Lifestyle
RE: Prime Rib and ???

So many great ideas, thanks!! The lefse suggestion made me chuckle. For the first time in over a decade we won't have any for the holidays. I missed the local church festival where I get my winter supply. I grew up in a tiny North Dakota town where most people were so Norwegian they spoke with a brogue. Sunday's after church, everyone went for dinner at the town cafe. No menu; you just ordered "the dinner", usually with coffee. One Sunday, old Mrs. T's daughter-in-law from Chicago joined her for dinner. She was a bit surprised by our small town ways. And we were very surprised when she unrolled her lefse, put it on her lap, and used it as a napkin, scowling of course.
rolling_rhoda 12/14/14 09:15pm Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
Prime Rib and ???

Where has the time gone? Going to the butcher tomorrow, and Tuesday I start dry-aging the prime rib for Christmas Eve. Seems like I was just brining the Thanksgiving turkey! Any suggestions for what to set beside it for a small family celebration? Something delicious and easy? I'm going to stay away from potatoes, because that's what every restaurant around here serves, steak and five iterations of potatoes. We're vegetable lovers.
rolling_rhoda 12/14/14 02:06pm Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: mosquitoes...the VA state bird

Our town does a pretty good job of treating standing water and running sprayers up and down the streets (thank you West Nile Virus). However, we live next to water and brush. When we entertain, DH gets out the propane fogger morning and evening for a couple of days before company comes, and while they're here. Everyone still uses bug spray, and expects to get bitten if sitting in the shade, especially at twilight.
rolling_rhoda 12/13/14 07:05am General RVing Issues
RE: Anyone made naturally fermented Pickles like "Bubbies"?

My mom made some in September. First time in decades. She had them in a clean mayo jar with the lid just sitting on top, not screwed on. She told us to leave them be on the countertop for a week, then try one. If it seemed "done enough" screw on the lid and store in fridge. If not quite ready, let them sit another couple of days with lid unscrewed. They were crispy and good, mild.
rolling_rhoda 12/03/14 03:41am Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: Does buying that 45' rig do it for you?

Why so many large DP on the market? Not sure, but among owners we know, they trade MH every few years, just like they do with cars, jet skis, etc. Why did we go bigger? We had a list of deal breakers and desires for our next RV, and wouldn't buy unless we found what we wanted. That included a tag axle. Our current rig came along (not in my signature yet) and we had an eager buyer, so it was done. Its our second one over 38 feet. They drive beautifully, set up with a few button pushes, and fit our definition of comfortable, whether we are boondocking at the fair for a week with our +6' tall sons, or hitting the road for a few months. Yes, there is more to maintain and more that can go wrong. A previous poster spoke very fondly about his pop up because it suits him so well. I guess that's me and my MH, too. Alone on the road, I don't need to go out the door except for safety checks. The kitchen, a hot shower, and a nap in front of the TV are all steps from my captain's chair and all I have to do is pull over. I prefer to hit the road early, then stop after about 100 miles, make breakfast, shower up, and get back on the road. To each her own.
rolling_rhoda 12/02/14 01:26pm Class A Motorhomes
13 below and I'm smiling

Winter set in hard in our region. It's been dang cold several times and it's still early in the season. Even my husband is griping and he's a farmer, loves winter, snowmobiling and all. I really hate the cold and ice, but I'm smiling. This is our last full winter in the deep freeze! When I step outside and the warmth is blasted away from my head, and my jeans freeze on my legs, when the cold goes right through me, I smile and think: Bring. It. On.
rolling_rhoda 12/01/14 09:53am Snowbirds
RE: Canada Geese doing damage during our snowbirding down south

For planter boxes, a couple strings of fine wire or fishing line across the planters should do the trick.
rolling_rhoda 12/01/14 09:05am Snowbirds
RE: What's your favorite recipe using turkey leftovers?

X2 on turkey tetrazzini!! Love it! Also x2 on mashed potato patties. Sautée some onions in butter, then move onion to the side and add the patties, salt and pepper.
rolling_rhoda 11/29/14 05:46pm Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: RV for use as a cabin

Hi and welcome! If you haven't already, please check local ordinances. Our neighbors did as you are planning to for a few months. One day a police car pulled up and informed them that they were breaking the law and had three days to move. On our lake we can't have utilities without a fixed structure that includes living quarters. We lake dwellers were unaware of the ordinance, as more than ten lots were used this way, but it was enforced for everyone after one cranky person complained.
rolling_rhoda 11/25/14 03:30pm Beginning RVing
RE: RV Sayings

When taking corners with the MH, before turning the steering wheel: Get your hips past what you don't want to hit. Drive the road in front of you, and don't worry about the guy behind you.
rolling_rhoda 11/25/14 03:07pm Beginning RVing
RE: Owning CLass A or C vs buying a vacation home

Or, sell your city home, buy a retirement home out in the boonies and buy an RV. The best of both worlds. Sort of what we did. x2.
rolling_rhoda 11/23/14 03:06pm Beginning RVing
RE: Watergate Salad

Here's another salad my in- laws like. Me too. 1 3ounce pkg lime gelatin 1 9 ounce can crushed pineapple, drained 3/4 cup cottage cheese 1/2 cup chopped walnuts 1 cup Cool Whip Prepare the gelatin using half the water indicated on the box. Set aside to cool for 15-20 mins (so it doesn't melt the Cool Whip). Then stir in remaining ingredients. Chill two hours before serving.
rolling_rhoda 11/17/14 05:49am Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: Licensing questions

Farm vehicle But that seems to apply, but it refers to an exemption...:h To the OP..what State was your friend licensed in, and was the combo plated in the same state? Thanks...Dennis Drivers, truck and trailer licensed in South Dakota.
rolling_rhoda 11/17/14 04:27am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Licensing questions

OP here. Our friends were required to park in a lot and not move without a CDL licensed driver or face $25,000 fine. Yes, patrolman asked them to get the alcohol out of the suitcase that was in the truck box and then he dumped it on the road. Where does one go to learn about vehicle length and CDL requirements? Apparently it doesn't matter how the truck or trailer is titled, used, or whether it was carrying anything for commerce. X length = commercial according to patrolman. I'm getting frustrated trying to find it online. Finding lots of info but not that stuff. You all have been quite helpful. Thanks so much.
rolling_rhoda 11/16/14 01:08pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Licensing questions

Hi, OP here. Thanks for advice so far. I thought Inwas right on the rv questions, and it seems you all are in agreement. As for the trailer question: it's a 35- foot gooseneck pulled by a non-dually pickup. Hauling four calves plus equipment like fans, haters, brushes, and feed to a calf show in Ohio. The calves are not for sale. No one in the vehicle had a CDL, not required at home. Both truck and trailer are registered in same individual's name and he doesn't have a CDL. Hipo said that its length made it commercial in Iowa. Fined for operating without CDL, no commercial vehicle inspection stickers, failure to stop at weigh stations. Hipo asked if they were carrying alcohol. Sure, two sealed fifths of Black Velvet in one guy's suitcase in the truck box....which the hipo demanded and poured out on the side of the highway. No one was speeding, everyone cooperated including paying the fines. Hipo was not friendly. In all our travels with livestock (ND, SD, MT, WY, CO, MN, IA, NE, KS, IL, IN, KY) they've never been pulled over for anything, so this was a real shock.
rolling_rhoda 11/16/14 05:07am Class A Motorhomes
Licensing questions

1. If I am licensed to drive my RV in my home state, I am licensed when I go to other states, true or false? So I can't be pulled over and fined for lack of air brake endorsement, for example, if it's not required by home state, true or false? 2. Try this: personal pickup pulling personal livestock trailer, no CDL required in home state. Crossed into Iowa, and hipo says that livestock trailer is commercial here, due to its length, regardless of use. Driver must have CDL. vehicle must have commercial inspection stickers. None of that is required in our home state. Can they do this? 3. I know some will say find an attorney. Suggest one to call and I will, thank you.
rolling_rhoda 11/15/14 02:16pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Watergate Salad

My mom makes a Watergate cake that I LOVE. It's a pistachio cake with "cover up" frosting (cool Whip + pistachio pudding). We used to have it for St. Patrick's day, and I'd request it on my birthday. To NYCGirl-- The first decade of our marriage, I was amused and a little frustrated that my in-laws always turned up their noses at my salads. MIL explained that to their family a salad was either coleslaw or something made with macaroni or jello or Cool Whip. Hmmm, at my house jello and cool whip were dessert. Sorry to veer off topic. Was just hoping you'd enjoy a laugh at my goofy in-laws.
rolling_rhoda 11/10/14 11:53am Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
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