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RE: Ovenight in a Truck Stop

I only stay at RV parks and campgrounds and fail to see the attraction of truck stops and public lots for RVers. Add in all the noise/distractions and there is nothing "recreation" about it. If time is that much an issue wouldn't it be better flying than pushing it down the highway with an occasional quick nap in a lot someplace? Lou 05 Travel Supreme Envoy
sailor_lou 08/31/15 01:38pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Tire pressure monitoring system

I also have been pleased with the TST system for about 5 years now. I opted for the model 507 due to the smaller size of the wheel transmitters and the ability to change the batteries myself. Lou 05 Travel Supreme Envoy
sailor_lou 08/25/15 06:52am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Window awnings

I got mine from Camping World and installed them myself, not real difficult. Same here. At the time Camping World provided the best on-line price I could find. Lou 05 Travel Supreme Envoy
sailor_lou 08/14/15 07:20am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Front end alignment cost??

If your tires are wearing fine and you are not pulling to either side, don't waste you $$$. In the past I always paid for an alignment when I replaced my tires on my cars and trucks. Then finally an honest tire dealer asked me why do I want an alignment if everything is wearing evenly. They typically put it on the rig, do no adjustments and charge you anywhere from $49 to a $99+ for their time. I've never aligned a MOHO and the only alignments I have had on my cars in the last 10 years is after I replaced the ball joints. Unless you have an issue, I wouldn't be concerned. Good luck. Lou 05 Travel Supreme Envoy
sailor_lou 08/13/15 06:34pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Driving time

Typically we start out about 10 AM and around 2 PM we are thinking Happy Hour. We then search for a local full hookup campground with good ratings and usually stop between 3 to 4 PM. No long days or parking lots for us. Lou 05 Travel Supreme Envoy
sailor_lou 08/10/15 11:32am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Do you crawl under your lifted coach

I never go under the rig without properly rated jackstands or solid wood blocks. Lou 05 Travel Supreme Envoy
sailor_lou 08/04/15 05:14pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Diesel Engine Coolant

please remember that antifreeze is toxic to animals and humans. do not just dump it on the ground if you or your neighbor has pets. It will kill them if they get into it. Thanks. Good point. Luckily for me the town transfer station takes both waste oil and antifreeze. Lou 05 Travel Supreme Envoy
sailor_lou 08/04/15 12:47pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Diesel Engine Coolant

I agree to try to flush it out. If it were me I'd start by removing the radiator hoses, T-stat(s) and coolant filters (if applicable) to see if you can purge it through both the radiator and engine block with a garden hose. If successful I would then do the same thing with heater core. After that I would try filling the system with water (leave the T-stat out) and start the engine for a short time. Keep flushing until you feel you have everything out and then follow Brett's (wolfe10) excellent procedure for changing coolant. He has posted it around here a few times and if you cannot find it I'm sure he will be glad to post it again. Last point, before you do anything check the engine and xmission dipsticks for normal color and levels to be sure there is not something else going on and don't forget to replace the T-stat(s) and coolant filter (if you have one). Good luck. Lou 05 Travel Supreme Envoy
sailor_lou 08/04/15 07:35am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Spartan Factory Service - First visit (Long read)

I'm glad I do my own maintenance. It seems excessively high for what they did and I'm sure there was a premium for the parts. Lou 05 Travel Supreme Envoy
sailor_lou 08/03/15 06:42pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: converting basement storage doors

I've never heard of anyone doing it, but my rig was manufactured with some doors that open vertically and some horizontally. The doors are all the same so it's probably do-able (if that is even a real word), but the problem may be that the lock will be in the wrong place. Typically the lock is opposite the hinges so if you move the hinges the lock will be on the side and the door may not close securely. Lou 05 Travel Supreme Envoy
sailor_lou 08/03/15 06:30pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Diesel Engine Coolant

I'm not sure knowing the make and year of the engine makes any difference on this. Typically, a blown head gasket either allows water into the crankcase (if the leak is between the water jacket and the oil passage) and your oil will look like a chocolate milkshake or you will see steam (white smoke) if the leak is between the water jacket into the cylinder. Also a leak into the cylinder has a tendency to pressurize the coolant such that the coolant in the radiator seems like it is boiling. I'm not sure how coolant reacts with xmission fluid, but I do know if you run your tranny with a large quantity of water in the fluid you'll be looking at a rebuild. I would start by looking at both the engine and tranny dipsticks for abnormal color and/or levels. Another thought may be two different types of coolant were mixed together that were not compatible or possibly not diluted properly with demineralize water (although I've never seen improper dilution result in the solidification of the coolant). Please keep us informed in what you find and good luck. Lou 05 Travel Supreme Envoy
sailor_lou 08/03/15 06:04pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Which one ? Tiffin, Newmar, Prevost, Monaco?

I believe if you are sleeping in a parking lot you get what you get. If the guy next door is hot and wants to run his genset, more power to him (pun intended). I must be one of lucky ones because I have never met a "rude" RVer. Then again, we are pretty friendly neighbors, from multi-million dollar rigs to tents we usually share an appy and/or a drink with everyone around us. What we do is not camping, we are RVing. Safe travels to all. Lou 05 Travel Supreme Envoy
sailor_lou 08/03/15 07:20am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Tru Vision wiper arm

I've had good luck with these guys for wiper parts: Mill Supply Lou 05 Travel Supreme Envoy
sailor_lou 08/01/15 09:31am Class A Motorhomes
RE: What did you do to your Class A MH today???

Although I didn't do the work (just paid for it) I had six new tires installed yesterday. Lou 05 Travel Supreme Envoy What brand did you go with? Mike, I am tired of the Michelin sidewall cracking issues so based on my research I was going with Hankook AH-12's. The tire dealer told me to call him a week before I was ready to install so he could get the latest date code possible. When I called he informed me that Bridgestone was having a pretty good sale (ended the last day in June) and recommended Bridgestone R283 Ecopia. They sell a lot of large truck and RV tires and were knowledgeable when answering all of my questions, so I took his advice. I got six 295/75R22.5's (16 ply) that were <2 months old for $2891.24 out the door. So far I've only driven a few miles around town so I can't speak about the any changes in handling, but I believe they will work out and it looks like the price was pretty good. Lou 05 Travel Supreme Envoy
sailor_lou 07/20/15 12:00pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Residential Refrigerator – What to do with the side Vent?

I sealed the top with a sheet of plexiglass and insulated the opening. On the side I installed a piece of Styrofoam that is removable. I did this to keep the summertime hot/humid air outside of the rig and to also provide access to the ice-maker water line and solenoid valve. This makes winterizing the ice-maker an easy job. I also removed the copper gas line back to the black iron pipe in the basement and installed a gas valve and cap. Eventually I'm going to add a gas line quick disconnect to the valve so I can run a propane hose to the gas grill as needed. I'm tired of dealing with small propane bottles. Lou 05 Travel Supreme Envoy
sailor_lou 07/20/15 11:31am Class A Motorhomes
RE: How do I find the right part number for a A/C blower fan?

I pulled the fan and motor and there's the part number on the motor so I ordered one from RockAuto for a whole $27 delivered. Glad you were able to easily find a replacement. Just out of curiosity, was it a Ford part? Lou 05 Travel Supreme Envoy
sailor_lou 07/18/15 07:42am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Generator Replacement

If you can wait to perform the repair, I would remove it and bring the stator and rotor to a motor rewind shop. Usually they can be repaired or rewound for a fraction of the cost of a new one or even new parts. I had an Onan rotor repaired for $40 after an incident with mice and the replacement was around $900 online. Maybe use a portable generator in the meantime. Good luck. Lou 05 Travel Supreme Envoy
sailor_lou 07/17/15 07:15am Class A Motorhomes
RE: How do I find the right part number for a A/C blower fan?

If you are referring to the dash fan it could be almost anything. When the dash blower failed on our previous rig (97 Winne Vectra, F53, 460 CID w/ E4OD) I removed the motor and stopped at several Ford dealers looking for a replacement. Everyone gave me a blank stare and said they would need a part number. We were in SD at the time and then someone suggested I try NAPA. In New England the NAPA stores are pretty much as helpful as any of the large chain stores (ie: Autozone, Advance Autoparts, etc) so I thought it would be a wasted effort. However, I was pleasantly surprised to find a real parts store in SD setup for large machinery, most likely to support the farmers. The guy at the counter looked at the motor and in less than 5 seconds said it was a Chevy motor blower and handed me one within a few minutes. Just because it's a Ford chassis doesn't mean too much when it comes to the coach parts installed by the MOHO manufacturer. Good luck. Lou 05 Travel Supreme Envoy
sailor_lou 07/17/15 07:06am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Lost our little traveling companion

My wife and I also have no children, so our pets are truly fur-kids to us. We are sorry to hear about your loss (to all the pet owners). Also, try to take comfort in knowing you made their life a better place just like they did for you. Jan & Lou
sailor_lou 07/16/15 02:35pm RV Pet Stop
RE: OK to mix tire brands? (Front/Steer tires)

If you look at the manufacturer's spec you find dimensional differences between tires even though they may be the same size according to the sidewall numbers. As a matter of fact, you'll find different dimensions between models within a single manufacturer (Michelin ZXA-1 vs. ZXA-2). That, coupled with different handling characteristics I would not recommend mixing tires on the same axle. Front to rear, no problem. Lou 05 Travel Supreme Envoy
sailor_lou 07/08/15 02:35pm Class A Motorhomes
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